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The Sustainable Development Goals

and Universities

Prof. John Thwaites,

Monash Sustainable Development Institute

1. Why the SDGs are important for universities

2. The UN Sustainable Development Solutions

Network (SDSN)

1. How do universities implement the SDGs?

All countries have signed up to the SDGs
Why universities are critical to the SDGs

Knowledge, Solutions



Why universities need the SDGs

Demonstrate impact

SDG-related Education

New partnerships

New funding

Globally aware and

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)
Key activities of SDSN

National and Regional Networks

Support for 2030 Agenda

Thematic Groups

research and projects

SDG Academy Solutions Initiatives

We can use the global network of universities, your
university, my university, a thousand-and-more
universities around the world, to be an active
solutions network to help governments, business,
and civil society to chart out the pathways to
successful sustainable development, and also to be the
incubators for the rapid development and rapid fusion
of sustainable development technologies. Universities
around the world should be in the lead of helping
society to find the technical solutions to achieve these
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University
How universities can implement the SDGs
How universities contribute to the SDGs
Integrating the SDGs into universities

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

Map what you Build capacity and Identify opportunities, Integrate, Monitor, evaluate
are already doing ownership of SDGs priorities and gaps implement and and communicate
embed SDGs

Recognition Opportunities 0rganising principle

Monash and the SDGs


Green Chemistry

Art, Design and Architecture

SDSN Youth