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Bengal Act XIV of 1946'

.. The Indian Indcpendencc (Adapla-
tion of Bengal and Punjab ACE)
Ordcr, 1948.
[12rh Ocrober, 1946.1
An Acr to vest a Commission of Enquiry wirh cerrain powers.

WIIEREAS a Commission of Enquiry has been appoinled lo cnquirc

into and report on thc causes ol and he rneisures takcn Lo dcal with the
disturbances which occurred in thc town and neighbourhd of CaIcurla
in Ihc rnonlh or August, 1946; I

h v WEREAS ii is cxpCdicnL LO vest the said Co,mmission of Enquiry I

with powcrs or a Civil Coun;
Ir is hereby enaclcd as ro1lows:-
1 (I) This Act may be called thc Calcutra Disturbances Shon ritlc
Commission of Enqu jr Act, 1946. and cxlcnt.
(2) JI cxtcnds lo he whoIc of 2[Wcs~ Bcngalj.
- 2. The Commission of Enquiry appintcd under the Rcsolulion of Powcrs or
the Government or Bcngal in the Hornc Dcparmen~.No. 4309P.. &lcd
thc 11lh Scp~cmber,1946 as amended from time lo Limc (hcrcinafkr ph;i$
referred m as thc Commission) shall have all the powers of a Civil
Cour~for lhic purposes of receiving cvidcncc, administering oalhs.
cn forcing h e attendance of witnesses, and compelling thc discovery and
production of d m u r n e n ~ ,and shall be deemed lo be a Civil Court
ACI v of within thc mcaning of seclion 480 and 482 of the Code of Criminal
1896. Procedure. 1898. Thc Commission shall furthcrmorc have he same
powcrs or dmling with conlcrnpl of the Commission or any of i&
members or of, or in rcspecr of, any proceedings of he Commission as II
if he Commission wcrc a High Caur~cs~~blished by Let~ersPaknL
3. Exccpi in a prareculion lor giving l a l x cvidcncc, no statement ~~~mb'Y
made by a pcrson in h e coursc of giving evidence beforc lhc pcmms
Commission shall subjert him lo, or bc uscd againsl him in, any civil or [ O ~ C
criminal proceedings: ssim.
Provided h a 1 such smrcmeni-
(a) is one which the Commission permils or rcquircs to be
madc kfore it by such pcrson; and
(b) is relevmi Lo Ihc subjecl inalter of b e inquiry.

or Surancnt d Objcds and Rcasms, see thc Calculfa Garcnc, Liraordinory,

daicd the l l l h SE anbcr. 1946. PI. IVB. p c fii): Cor P m c d i n g r d he Bcngal
Lcgidatirc Couocfsc:rr Ihe Elmgal Lcgirhiivs & u n d i l t u KO.18 (pgss 319-325).
No. 22 +gcs 367-381) and No. 23 (pagcs 3 9 1 a ) , d a t d Ihc 17h. Imh and 2ah
Scplanbcr. 1946. rcspcuivcly: and Tor Pmcccdings 01h c Bmgal Lcgislaiivc Assembly.
xce Ihc k c d i n g s 01h c metring or h c Bmgal Lcgida!ivc Asscmbly held m h e 28h
Scpmbcr, 1946.
%e words wilhin squam braeas wcrc subs~i~u~cd For lhc word "Bcngal" by pan. (2)
of An. 3 of h c Indian Indcpndmrx: (Adaplatiun of Bengal and Punjab Acts) Ordcr. 1948.