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West Bengal Act X M of 1956'


,411 Acr to ttrake ~ ~ - O V ~ S ; Ofor

J I S alvards aud orders nlade before rlre 3151

day of Marcli, 1956. by Bhag Chas Coriciliarior~Boards.

WHEREAS il is expedient to make provisions for awards and orders

made before the 31st day oof March, 1956,by Blrag Clrus Concilialion
Boards under [he West Bcngal Bargadurs Act, 1950;
IL is hereby enacred in thc Sevcnrh Year of thc Rcpublic of India, by
the Legislature of West Bcngal, as follows:-

1. (1) This Acl may be called h e Wesr Bengal Bargadars Act. shod 1i1Ic
1956. and
\Vest Bcn. -
(2) Tr shall come inro forceirnmediatcIy on Ihc WeslBcngalBargadars nxnl-
Ordinance, 1956, ccasing lo operalc.

Wes~Ren. 2. (1) Notwithslanding anything contained in [he W e s ~Bengal Provisions

ACIX of rcla~ingto
1956. Land Reforms Act, 1955,or i n any notificalion issued hereunder, where. awuds or
under the West Bengal Bargadars Act, I950(hereinaflerreferred to as [he orders made
bcforc 31st
said Act),- Much,
(a) (i) any appcal or any appIication for rcvision, or
(ii) any applicalion for revicw bcforc an Appellare Officer,
(iii) any application for execulion of an award or order,
was pcnding immcdiatcly bdorc rhc 3 1 st day of March, 1956,
such appcal or applicalion for rcvision or applicalion for
review or application for execution shall be conunued,
(b) any award or order was made before [he 31st day of March,
1956, by a Bhag Cl~asConciliation Board, an appeal shall
lie againsl such award or ordcr and such award or order, or an
award or order on an appcal rhercfrom or an award or order
passed on revicw may bc cxccutcd,
as if [he said Acr and h e rules and nolificarions issucd and ~ h appoin~-
men1 madc lhcreundcr had conlinucd in force:
'Wr rhc Slalcnicnt of Objccls and Rcasons. see lhe CalcrrtfuGaietrc. Errraordi~~ary,
dntcd lhc 29th Junc, 1956. Pan IVA, pagc 1588; for proceedings or the Wcs~Bcngal
kgislniive Asscn~bly,.Fee thc pmnrdings of the meling o l l h c West Bengd Legislative
Asscmbly held on rhc 1 1 IhJuly, 1956: and lor proceding of h e Wesr Bengal Legislarive
Council, .we rhc proceedings of the mccring of fhcWcsr Bcngal Lcgisla~ivcCouncilheld on
~lic17th July. 1956.

soa The West Be~igaIBargadars Act. 19.56.


[West Ben. Act XIX of 1956.1

, -
Providcd [hat in computing dlc pcriod for filing an appcal, the time
; \
begining wirh the 3 1 sl day of March, 1956, and ending with rhc 30th day
artcr thc con~menccmenrof [he Wcst Bcngal Burgudurs Ordinance, 1956, West Ben.
sbull bc cacludcd: Ord. 11 of
Providcd furlher that whcrc an order was ~nndcby a lilfag CIras
Concilialion Board before the 3 Is1 day o i Marcl~,1956, terminating Ihe
cullivation of any Iand by a bargadar and such order is that datc
reversed on appcal or on applicalion for revicw by an Appellale Officer,
[he bargador may, notwithsranding the provisions or sub-secdon (3) of
section 12 of [he said Act, apply lo such Appellntc Officer for an order
dirccting irnmediare restoralion lo cul tivation of 111cland by hc bargndar,
no such order shall be made unlcss such Appellate Officer has givcn thc
owncr of 111cland and any person othcr lhan lhe bargadur, who may hhavc
e an opportunity of being heard and unlcss the
grown any crop on d ~ land
hut.gadnrpays such sum or its cquivalen t in paddy ro rllc pcrson who may
havc grown any crop on [he land, as ~ h Appellate
c Ofiicer kinks 10be hc
fair and reasonable cost of growing such crop.
(2) The S~arcGovcrnmcnr may, by ordcr publishcd from rime 10
umc in thc OfliciolGazerrc, provide for the removal of any difficulty
~ h amay
l arisc in carrying our 11lc provisions OF this Acr. Such ordcr may
provide for thc mendmenl or rescission orrhe rules and the norifica~ions
issued including notifications relating lo appoinlments made under the
said Act.

Savi~igs. 3. Anylhing conlinued, any order or award made, any pr~ceedingsin

exccurion taken or anything whatsocvcr done under [he West Bengal
Barg(1111irsOrdinance, 1956, shall upon h e said Ordinance ceasing to
opcrare, be dccmcd to have been conunued, laken or done under lhis Act
as if this Act had come into force on the 22nd day ool June, 1956.