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Advanced PLC Training System (Rockwell Automation)

LabVolt Series 3355

Programming High-End Automated production lines can be Benefits

Rockwell PLCs and quite complex to design and The system uses Rockwell
Touchscreen assemble, but there is even more software and hardware that are
to consider. The PLCs that are at used in actual factories.
the center of all the tasks must be Comprehensive curriculum with
programmed to ensure safe and hands-on exercises accompanies
reliable operation. each system.
The system is mounted in a
Programming a PLC efficiently rugged suitcase with casters.
requires a strong familiarity with The system can be used alone or
the specifics of the programming in conjunction with existing PLC
environment and languages. applications.
Communication between devices
This is exactly the purpose of the is accomplished using either an
Advanced PLC Training System industrial Ethernet switch,
with high-end products from Rock- SysLink connectors, or 2-mm
well Automation. Students learn jacks.
how to establish communication,
program, and transfer projects to a
PLC and a touchscreen.

Didactic Short Information

71-20931 Rev. A
Advanced PLC Training System (Rockwell Automation)
LabVolt Series 3355

Learning objectives Inside the suitcase

This training system allows The system comprises industrial
students to acquire hands-on components of the latest
experience with industrial control technology:
equipment. Realistic examples are CompactLogix 5370 controller
used to motivate students. These (1769-L24ER-QBFC1B)
examples are displayed on the PanelView Plus 7 graphic
graphic terminal, and correspond terminal
to real PLC applications that can be Stratix 2000 industrial Ethernet
interfaced with the trainer.1 switch

The provided curriculum promotes The following inputs and outputs

resourcefulness in the achieve- are accessible from the front panel
ment of the learning objectives: using 2-mm test leads:
Familiarization with Studio 5000 16 digital inputs
and FactoryTalk View Studio2 16 digital outputs
Using standard PLC instructions 4 universal analog inputs
Programming in four different 2 configurable analog outputs
IEC 61131 languages with focus 3 high-speed counters
on ladder logic 2 high-speed counter output
Designing human-machine points
Troubleshooting The following controls and lights
can also be connected:
2 NO push-buttons
2 NC push-buttons
4 toggle switches
2 potentiometers
8 indicator lamps

Eight switches allow the addition of

electrical faults during trouble-
shooting exercises.

Festo Didactic Inc.

607 Industrial Way West

Eatontown, NJ 07724
PLC applications are sold separately. USA
Studio 5000 and FactoryTalk View software are sold separately.
Phone: +1 (732) 938-2000
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