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Muntinlupa Science High School

Senior High School Department

Course Code: ENG116
General Description: 21st Century Literature from Philippines and the World aims to engage
students in appreciation and critical study of 21st Century literature from the Philippines and the
World encompassing their various dimensions, genres, elements, structures, contexts, and
Introduction to 21st Century Literature from Philippines
Course Description: Study and appreciation of the literature of the region where the school is
located in relation to the literature of the other regions of the country. (40 hrs.)
I. Overview of the 21st Century Mindset (2 hrs.)
a. Definition of Literature
b. The Significance of Literature
c. The Development of literature in the Philippines
- Definition of 21st Century Literature
- The aim of the 21st Century Literature
- The known 21st century authors and their works
d. Prevalent themes
Activity: Diagnostic test on Literature
Assignment: Create a timeline of the significant events from 1900s until today.
Choose 3 significant events you wanted to emphasize, and answer the following
1. Why are those significant?
2. How does it affect you and the society?
- Min. of 1 page; Max. of 3 pages
- APA format
- 2.0 spaced
- No plagiarism
II. Philippine History and Literature (4 hrs.)
Philippine Literature: Writing in the Region
Reading: Third World Geography (poem) by Cirilo F. Bautista (Manila)
Representation and the Philippine Canon
Reading: The Safe House (Fiction) by Nicole Roldan
III. Philippine Realities (6 hrs.)
Lengua Para Diablo (The Devil Ate My Words) [Excerpt from Banana Heart
Summer] (Fiction) - Merlinda Bonus
Preludes (Fiction) - Daryl Delgado
Justice (Poetry) - Ralph Semino Gal an
IV. The Philippine Diaspora (6 hrs.)
Turban Legend [Excerpt from Leche] (Fiction) - R. Zamora Linmark
Waiting (Drama) - Ron Darvin
Cronulla (Poetry) - Jose Wendell
V. Philippine Speculative Fiction (4 hrs.)
FlickerFadeGone (Fiction) - Carl Joe Javier
Introduction to 21st Century World Literature
Course Description: Study and appreciation of literature of the world originally written in the
21st century. (40 hrs.)
I. World History and Literature (6 hrs.)
A Low Art [Excerpt from The Penelopiad] (Canada) - Margaret Atwood
Silk [Excerpt] (Italy) - Alessandro Baricco
The Strangeness of Beauty [Excerpt] (USA) - Lydia Minatoya
II. Real World Issues (4 hrs.)
The Valley of Amazement [Excerpt] (USA) - Amy Tan
The Good Boy [Excerpt] (USA) - Eve Ensler
III. World Identities (6 hrs.)
The Silence of Snow [Excerpt from Snow] (Turkey) - Orhan Pam UK
A Thousand Splendid Suns [Excerpt] (Afghanistan) - Khaled Hosseini
The Folded Earth [Excerpt] (India) - Anuradha Roy
IV. Speculative Fiction (4 hrs.)
The Boy Named Crow [Excerpt from Kafka on the Shore] (Japan) - Haruki
The Forest of Hands and Teeth [Excerpt] (USA) - Carrie Ryan
Course Requirements: Portfolio; Literary Analysis; Documentary Film;
Written Output: Reflection paper; Essay; Literary Analysis
Performance Tasks:
First term: Literary Analysis
Second Term:

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