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MYPIN Connections (If any changed, refer the label on the meter).

L Series Weighing Batching Controller Measuring value/Parameter code display Parameter setting(pressSET for 3 seconds to enter or quit)
Parameter value/Peak /control value display SET3S +12V 90-260V AC

Sum Rst mV GND

Instruction Manual

Weight unit lammp Alarm 1 setting,range -

Thanks a lot for selecting MYPIN product! Alarm 1 /2/3 / output lamp 0AL1USP
12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Parameters Select / Confirm key up or down key SET

Before operating this instrument, please carefully read this manual and
fully understand its contents. If any problems, please contact our sales or
Shift key / tare weight Clear key Alarm 1 mode setting RXD TXD
H:High output
distributors whom you buy from. This manual is subject to change without Specifications L: Low output LA8 4 digits 48*96*80
prior notice.
Power 90-260V AC/DC OR 15-30V AC/DC Alarm 2 setting,range
Application +12V
5VA GND SGmV 80-265V AC

Power Consumption RST


LSPAL2USP,factory setting: 70.0 -


The instrument provides isolated load cell power (regularly one 12V/40mA), Accuracy 0.3%F.S2digit
connect with load cell directly,up to 6 outputs controll for groups of batching Sampling speed LA8:16times/sec LP5: 16-128 times/sec SET
Alarm 2 mode setting 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

or single ; Data/Peak value holding function for choice. RS485 communication Relay Open contact 250V AC 3A or 30V DC 3A COS=1 H: High output
interfaceprovides remote link with computer/PLC. Besides, you can Start/Pause/ 420mA/0-10V
Input Regular: mV(Load cell) Others:mA/V or special order L: Low output
Accumulate/Clear tare weight/average/clear zero,etc. with external control
Analog output 4-20mA/0-10V DC
terminal. Alarm 3 setting(Hiden when no AL3) LAP 5 digits 48*96*100
AuxiliaryPower Supply Isolated DC24V / 12V / Max 4 0mA or 12V/,ax 150mA range:LSPAL3USP
Code Illustration Application examples
L - Input Signal: load cell, mA,V,mV,or others
Communication RS232 or RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol SET
Alarm3 mode setting(Hiden when no AL3)
Communication interfaceBlank:none Mounting dimensions: 91+0.5 x 45+0.5mm H: High output 1Used with 2 wire transmitter. The instrument can supply DC
2:R232 4:R485 L: Low output 24V auxiliary power, and isolate analogue output 4-20mA. Select input

Auxiliary Power:A: DC +12V /40mA

Parameters setting SET signal mA.

B: DC +24V/40mA C: 12V/150mA Hysteresis value setting for all alarms. AL2 AL1
1.Parameter setting: In displaying estate, AL3
80-260V AC/DC
AL3: R:relay S: SSR/LOGIC Range: 50.0 12V

A.Press and hold SET key > 3 sec, enter / quit parameters setting menu.

1 4
1 3





N:none B. Press /Rst key, LED flashes,
AL2: R:relay S:SSR/LOGIC C. Press Up / Down key to modify, Tare value, Net weight(PV)=the actual weight-tare
Load cell
N:none D. Press SET key to confirm. weight(PVF). It can be setted by panel RST key or

AL1: R: relay S:SSR/LOGIC E. Press SET key to read and repeat B, C, D steps to modify. SET terminal RST too.The factory setting is 0.






N:none The added value when making adjustment,
well connected wires and sensor, turn the power on,

Analogue : Blank: none

Range: 0-9999 or 0-99999

I : DC 4-20mA V: 0-10V set USP=Standard weight ( that equal to 20% load cell scale or more), B A SG(mV)
Power Supply: Blank: 80-265V AC/DC cell scale is 10KG, then set USP=3.000( the unit SET Decimal point display setting: 0-3
E: 15-30V AC/DC is KG) or USP=3000(the unit is Gram) 2Used with LOAD cell . The instrument can supply DC 12V
0:0000 1:000.0
L series Weighing Controller Without any weight on the load cell,press DOWN key >5s until OK auxiliary power, and the sensor output is 2mV/V. Select input signal mV.
2:00.00 3:0.000,
Dimension: LA8: 4 digits display, 48H x 96W x 80L flashes.Thats to set the zero point and it displays 0.0; SET

LP5:5 digits display,48H*9W*100L 80-265V AC
Then add the weight equal to setted USP(3kg), press UP key>5s until


OK flashes.Thats to set the high value. And it displays the added Reserves





If big error occurs, just repeat the operation once again. SET


AL1 3: Clear tare weight :in display state, press /Rst or external RST Response for 4mA/0V output low value 0-10V OUT
AL2 more than 2 seconds to clear, then displays 0; setting,range:0trLUSP
OUT Zero point clear: If there is fluctuation in display when no weights added
on the instruments, please enter the menu and set PF2 = displayed value.
Then it will display 0 when the display value is below PF2. Response for 20mA/10V output high value Complete products contains


4.The instrument will return to the measuring estate without any operation 1 copy of user manual,
for 25 seconds.
1 inspection QC label,
5.When accumulated/average function is needed, the accumulate value will 2 installing brackets,
communication address : 000-200, Baud rate:
be in the Low LED. Press external terminal RST to reset, SUM to add up
regular: 9.6KBIT(hidden when there is no output)
the value will be added when each operation to SUM . We are responsible for the overall repairment for the failure
AL1 T SET of manufacturing quality within 12 months since the date of

AL2 K g Operation process LCK=010,is for read only. purchase.Repair fee will be charged accordingly for damage caused by
LCK=000 means the parameter can be momodified. improper use.
AL3 g Self check Password selection,range:0-200

Power ON
SET <</Rst


all LED on PV display

Output value display
On displaying estate, press UP and DOWN key for more than 3 seconds to access to parameter SEL setting.The operation steps
are the same as the other settings. After setting, press UP and DOWN key to quit.This operation is to modify SEL value ONLY. Other
parameters are fixed by manufacturer. Please do not make any change.

Clear zero value setting.When no weight added, the Adjustment for large-tonnage scale load cell:
display is 0 if the inner value changes within the range of
PF2.The data remains if it is larger than PF2. A. Set USP=the total weight of all input load cells(eg. each load cell is 1000KG, 3 load cells in total, the
SET total weight is 3000kg.Then set USP=3000.).
For LH85 weighing meter only)
Filter constant, range:0-3. 0 is the fastest,1-3, much Set PVF=0.000,
slow, but stable measurement.
B. Record the displaying value(PV1) when no weight on the load cells(eg.100.5kg).
Weighing rate setting for large-tonnage weighing.
C. Add the standard weight (the weight should be larger than 20% of the total load cell weight,eg.500kg).
Factory setting: 1.000 Recorder the displaying value(PV2)(eg. 630kg).
SET D. Calculation: The actual weight added(eg. 500kg)/(PV2-PV1) eg.500/(630-100.5)=0.9442.
Calibration password. Factory setting is 015. Set it to 020 E. Set weight ratio parameter Ct=0.944.
when you want to do calibration.
F. Clear tare weight. After the setting, take away the weight on the load cell. Then clear the tare weight by
pressing RST key on the panel or RST terminal on the backside. The value displayed is the tare weight.
Zero point adjustment for current/volt output, 4mA/ 0.1V

adjustable. Available when have analog G. Lock the operation. Press UP and DOWN key at the same time to set SEL=X1XX,
output. Factory setting,do not make modification.
SET Full point adjustment for current/volt output,20mA/
10V adjustable. Available when have analog
. output.Factory setting,do not make modification.

of no use

of no use

of no use

Shielding parameter menu setting If SEL=XXX1XX,
Refer to SEL details
. that means the user cant do on-site weight adjustment by pressing UP/DOWN key.
that means the user can do on-site weight adjustment by pressing UP/DOWN key.
*** X means the original data. Do not make modification.
***Just make modification to data 1/0
***Factory setting is XXX0XX.
After on-site adjustment,make sure SEL=XXX1XX.This is to avoid incorrect display by users inappropriate key-pressing operation.