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Winners from Our 2017 Photo Contest Page 7

Urban, Third Place:
Dale Fehr, Hampton IL (“The Bench”)
“This photo was taken at Vista Hermosa Natural Park in Los
Angeles. It has a great view of the LA skyline when sitting on
the iconic bench featured in many movies. So I set up my tripod
and took a unique selfie with my wife.”

Todd Martin Stafne
(1950-2017) – Page 3
Breaking Their Mold:
The Dawn’s New
‘Wooly’ – Page 5
What’s Happenin’: ‘Zombie
Prom,’ Laurie Berkner, and ‘The
Caucasian Chalk Circle’ – Page 12
Mettle to the Pedal: Schulz
on ‘Baby Driver’ and
‘Despicable Me 3’ – Page 17
July 6 - 19, 2017
2 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •



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Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 3

Remembering Todd Martin Stafne
(August 24, 1950-April 11, 2017)

t is with a heavy heart that I write I met Todd as a scrawny journalism and starting an
these words. One of my oldest and 14-year-old kid. I was all independent newspaper.
dearest friends, Todd Martin Stafne, teeth, hair, and bravado. He There are only a handful of
passed unexpectedly at his home on was 18, perfectly handsome, people that profoundly influ-
April 11. and drove a yellow Camaro. ence your life, and Todd was
Todd was part of the circle of lifelong I was on a typical empty- near the top of that list for me.
friends in Bettendorf (three of whom headed path to teenage-hood, Todd, his brother Scott,
preceded him in death – Chuck High, caring mostly about hair, and his father Albert became
Dave Glynn, and Dave Halverson) that clothes, and boys when Todd family. My little brother
cornered the market on being the most took an interest in me (to adored Todd and emulated
fun, the best looking, the most popular, my utter astonishment) and him growing up, and Albert
and the most fiercely loyal. I have com- changed my path forever. befriended my mother and
mented before that this special group of Not only was Todd Stafne they had wonderful times
friends was a cut above in every respect, handsome and hilariously together, as well. We all navi-
cool as hell and just as kind. All still are. funny, but he possessed a bril- gated life together, remaining
Describing Todd as another total liant mind and liked to talk. If Todd Martin Stafne close friends over the years.
Bettendorf original and force of nature I was going to keep his inter- There was no way that Bet-
(while entirely true) is putting it mildly. est, I needed to listen, and comprehend. Todd forced me to expand my mind tendorf could have contained someone
He had a thunderous presence. His joie He was completely atypical (as were most and thought process, to become intel- with a spirit such as Todd’s, so he eventu-
de vivre was underpinned by a fabulous of his friends in that amazing circle) in lectually curious, to develop critical- ally left to attend Thunderbird business
sense of humor and the ability to tell a what occupied his mind. He wanted to thinking skills, and to be unafraid of a school in Arizona. He graduated with a
story that none could rival. He rocked know (and pontificate) about everything. healthy skepticism of authority. I later master’s and was fluent in Spanish. He
the house every time. Laughter is one of He questioned life incessantly, and I was realized that his influence provided the made his way to Chile then Panama,
the things I most cherish about growing basically a vessel for downloading his foundation for so many of the endeavors
up with him. stream of consciousness. that interested me later in life, including Continued On Page 16

The sandwiches of summer...a cool choice. We start with our
famous bread — baked daily in The Hobo Bakery — then heap on
the sliced-to-order meats and cheeses, and the freshest veggies.
So irresistibly cool on a hot summer day.

4 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •


Leadership Change Could Mean
a New Dynamic in Senate

hristine Radogno was the first room didn’t vote for all 10, they’d have a
female leader of a state legislative “f---ing problem” with him.
caucus in Illinois when she took The governor also warned his audience
charge of the Senate Republicans in 2009. not to leak anything about the meeting to
That alone puts her in the history books. me. Anyone who talked, he said, would
But she’s also a decent human being, have a “f---ing problem” with him.
something that often seems in short The Statehouse tradition is that a
supply around the Statehouse. governor can try to influence legislators
When she held a press conference last but can’t try to control them, particularly
week announcing her July 1 resignation, against the wishes of their own chamber
the fact that several Senate Democrats leaders. But Rauner showed right away
showed up and then took turns hugging that he wasn’t concerned with such nice-
her after it was over demonstrated the ties. And when Radogno started working
deep well of respect and admiration she with Cullerton, Rauner wouldn’t allow
had built in the building. She even got a any legislation to pass without his bless-
hug from House Speaker Michael Madi- ing. And he didn’t bless much.
gan after she told her fellow legislative Because of Rauner, the grand bar-
leaders she was resigning in two days. gain turned into something it was
Madigan isn’t the hugging type, at least never intended to be. It was sparked last
not at work. December after yet another horrible
Legislative leaders, even minority meeting with Rauner and the equally
leaders, have big offices, large staffs, and intransigent Madigan. Their idea was
usually egos to match. But Radogno was to find a way to get things moving after
genuinely surprised at how many report- a year and a half of total governmental
ers showed up for her resignation press and legislative impasse. Radogno and
conference. Cullerton wanted to come up with a
Her retirement was huge news because Senate-centric, bipartisan solution for
she has sparred behind the scenes with Fiscal Year 2017 (which ended June 30),
Governor Bruce Rauner all year, and work out some stuff on the governor’s
reporters figured that had something to non-budget agenda including a property-
do with it. Rauner, a fellow Republican, tax freeze and workers’ compensation
repeatedly derailed Radogno’s efforts reform, and launch it all over to the
to devise a “grand bargain” with Senate House as a way of putting pressure
President John Cullerton that was sup- on Madigan.
posed to end the stalemate Rauner created But the governor figured that Madigan
by refusing to negotiate or even present a would drastically water down anything
balanced budget. Tellingly, Radogno did that emerged from the Senate, and he
not mention Rauner in her resignation wanted the Senate to come up with a
letter, but she denied to reporters that solution for Fiscal Year 2018 as well. It
her differences with the governor had was simply too high a bar. In the end, the
anything to do with her leaving. Senate Democrats just weren’t willing to
Rauner always treated Radogno and go along with all the governor’s demands.
her Senate Republican caucus with a The Senate Republicans have elected
heavy hand. Just weeks after he was Senator Bill Brady (R-Bloomington)
sworn into office in 2015, he met with to replace Radogno. Brady ran against
Republican senators in a back room at Rauner in the 2014 Republican guberna-
Springfield’s Saputo’s restaurant and torial primary, but he and the governor
delivered a couple of stern warnings. are fairly close. The governor probably
Rauner reportedly referenced the $20 won’t have many f---ing problems from
million sitting in his campaign fund at Brady, but he has a new role now, so
the time and said he wanted to be their we’ll see.
partner in the upcoming session and Radogno and Cullerton had their
would support those who supported him. fights, but they did their utmost to
And then the hammer came down. remain civil. Brady is a very likable
Multiple credible sources told me the fellow, so we’ll see how this new relation-
governor informed the Senate Republi- ship works out.
cans he would ask for their votes on 10
issues and that he absolutely needed all Rich Miller also publishes Capitol
of their votes on all 10 items. Not five, Fax (a daily political newsletter) and
not seven. Ten. And if anyone in the
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 5

The most comprehensive events calendar in the QC

Since 1993
Vol. 24 · No. 938 Submit your event listings to
July 6 - 19, 2017 MUSIC By Jeff Ignatius

River Cities’ Reader
532 W. 3rd St. Breaking Their Mold
Davenport IA 52801
The Dawn, Wooly; Headlining the Dawn & On Festival on July 8

(563)324-0049 (phone) he title-track instrumental of The
(563)323-3101 (fax) Dawn’s new Wooly functions as a
prelude and an epilogue, bookend-
Publishing since 1993 ing its seven proper songs and gently
The River Cities’ Reader is an independent laying the groundwork for the album.
newspaper published every other Thursday, Layers of boldly bright keyboards and
and available free throughout the Quad soulful sax sit prominently up-front
Cities and surrounding areas. beside the guitar, all contributing to a
© 2017 River Cities’ Reader casual and welcoming atmosphere.
The message seems to be that one
AD DEADLINE: should expect something a little differ-
5 p.m. Wednesday prior to publication ent from the Quad Cities-based band,
a departure from its good-natured,
PUBLISHER Americana-based jams. And The Dawn
Todd McGreevy delivers that throughout with an impres-
EDITOR sively broader palette and an emphasis
Kathleen McCarthy on soul and funk.
EDITORIAL But the real kick comes on the record’s The Dawn. Photo by Laura Heath.
Managing Editor: second half, and it’s a revelation. When
the band not only expands its style but vibe of an emergence from sleep, while and flowing in a coherent whole that
Jeff Ignatius •
messes around with structure, the results “Let Me Be Your Man” is breezy funk needs all of its seven minutes.
Arts Editor, Calendar Editor:
Mike Schulz • are bracingly good. heavy on bass and keys. (A minor com- Those two tracks represent the album’s
Contributing Writers: Amy Alkon, Jeff Ashcraft, Hannah Like “Wooly,” the album eases listen- plaint on pairing those tracks: The use of poles – one defiantly rural and the other
Bates, Rob Brezsny, Dee Canfield, Rich Miller, Frederick ers toward a more-expansive sound. For Ryan’s falsetto on consecutive songs has fully urban – and it’s unfortunate that
Morden, Victoria Navarro, Brent Tubbs, Bruce Walters a while – perhaps too long – the opener the effect of emphasizing their similari- they’re both placed on Wooly’s second
seems more like a tease than a promise. ties rather than their differences.) half. The song order means it takes
ADVERTISING Following the title track, Wooly – due But Wooly really takes off when the quite some time for the band to spread
Account Executive:
July 7 from Cartouche Records, a day band, on the back end, throws its basic its wings.
Lauren Wood recipes out the window. But the album’s final stretch really before the band’s Dawn & On festival
Advertising Coordinator: in Moline – sticks skillfully to familiar There’s “A Little Peace of Mind,” a sings – a function of some divergent
Nathan Klaus territory. jaunty, country-fed shit-kicker that material, the sequencing, and especially
Advertising rates, publishing schedule, Singer/guitarist Sean Ryan and his starts with the tension fully ratcheted the breathing room The Dawn gives it all.
demographics, and more are available at band bring plenty of good cheer in two up in its interplay between guitar, piano, There’s open space built into “Watch Me warm, mid-tempo formulas: quickly and drums. When the gate lifts at the Fly,” and that exclamation point of a song
established and maintained grooves, and 45-second mark, off they go. For once, is followed by a brief reprise of “Wooly,”
DESIGN/PRODUCTION songs that build steadily toward explo- the tempo gallops, and the song finds a which segues into the airy solo-sax outro
Art Director, Production Manager:
sion. The album’s musical styles shift from perfect home somewhere between the of “End of Session.” It took a while to get
Spencer Rabe • saloon and church. there, but the promise of Wooly’s begin-
track to track, meaning there’s plenty of
Graphic Artist: Two tracks later – after “Dance All ning is definitely fulfilled.
Nathan Klaus • variety to keep things interesting.
The Dawn remains particularly Night” – is the album’s shocker, the
strong during its instrumental jams, in angular, hard-edged funk of “Watch Me The Dawn’s Wooly will be available from
Business Manager: Kathleen McCarthy full evidence on the yearning but light Fly.” The keys and guitar – in separate Cartouche Records (CartoucheRecords.
Office Administrator, Circulation Manager: “1984” and the up-tempo country rock channels – are a dirty combo, balanced com) on Friday, July 7. The album will
Rick Martin • of “Dance All Night” – both seven-plus by the smooth sounds of the bass and sax also be available at Ragged Records (418
Distribution: Cheri DeLay, minutes in which Ryan’s deft guitar solos in the middle. The density and arrange- East Second Street, Davenport).
Greg FitzPatrick, N. Ingalls, H. Keyser, segue into full-band cacophonies. Their ment of clearly articulated instrumental
N. Rice, Jay Strickland long runways toward liftoff, however, textures is impressive: There’s room for The Dawn will headline the Dawn & On
undoubtedly work better in a live context keyboard curlicues, and in one break the Festival (
than on record, as both here feel like they rhythm guitar subtly shifts toward the html) on Saturday, July 8, at Len Brown’s
amble their way to rocking. front of the mix to show off its own bit of North Shore Inn & Marina (700 North
On the more concise side of things, the voodoo. But most importantly the song Shore Drive, Moline). The noon-to-mid-
doo-wop-y “Stay (Won’t You)” has the lives, with the music moving elegantly night event will feature more than a dozen
and naturally from place to place, ebbing bands, and admission is $5.
6 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Avenue of the Saints Event Center, Camp & Fairgrounds - St. Charles, Iowa
Purchase Tickets, Sponsorships, Camping-RV or Vending Slots & Donate Online
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 7

Winners and
Favorites from

2017 Photo Contest
he River Cities’ Reader’s 2017 photo
contest received more than 100
entries in four categories: “Uniquely
Quad Cities,” “Reflection,” “Urban,” and
“Rural.” Here are our winners and favorites.
Many thanks to all who entered our

Rural, Second Place
Dale Fehr, Hampton IL (“The Farm”)

“I took this image in northern Wisconsin
while on a fall leave tour.”

Urban, Second Place
David J. Genac
Moline (“Minneapolis”)

Reflection, First Place
Dale Fehr, Hampton IL (“Mountain Reflection”)
“I captured this image of Banner Peak reflecting on Thousand Island Lake on a hiking
trip. The water was very calm in the morning, allowing for a clear reflection.”
Reflection, Honorable Mention
David K. Sebben
Rock Island
Continued On Page 8
8 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Continued From Page 7

Uniquely Quad Cities, First Place
Aric Keil, Davenport
“The Arsenal bridge from River Heritage Park.”

Rural, Third Place

Reflection, Second Place
David J. Genac, Moline
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 9

Reflection, Third Place
Margaret Sherwin, Moline

Uniquely Quad Cities, Second Place
Dale Fehr, Hampton, IL (“Ice Bridge”)

“I took this photo of the iconic I-74 bridge at sunset last winter. I
really wanted to get as much ice in the picture as I could, so I got
down so low I had to lie on the ice and rocks to see throughout the
viewfinder to line up the shot, but it was so worth it.”

Continued On Page 10
10 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Continued From Page 9

Exit strategies
for business
Nothing lasts forever and that includes
you in your business. Marigold Resources
can help make the most of that shift for
you, your family and the grateful people
who will think warm thoughts about you Uniquely Quad Cities, Third Place
when you are long gone. Margaret Sherwin, Moline

Visit our website and follow the Value
Builder video and quiz links. Within
minutes you can get your Value Builder
score and a report ranking your business
on eight key value drivers for your
industry. It’s the first step in building
value, and increasing your exit options.

Reflection, Honorable Mention
Kevin Yuskis, Moline

“Cloud reflections captured on the Hennepin Canal east of the
Quad Cities.”

Reflection, Honorable Mention
Kathy Nice
Orion, IL
308 E. River Drive Davenport
“Fall colors and an Amer-
ican White Pelican show
their reflections in the
water at Nahant Marsh in
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 11

Uniquely Quad Cities, Honorable Mention
Brennen Tope, Davenport

“It was my first time trying steel-wool photography. Steel-wool photography is the
burning and spinning of steel wool. The spinning wool emits sparks and can be
captured by a longer exposure on camera. I knew the hill at Centennial Park was
the perfect place for the photo with the bridge peeking out on the side.”

Reflection, Honorable Mention
Brennen Tope

“Taken on a February eve-
ning just off the bike path.
There had been no barges
on the Mississippi, making Urban, First Place
Miranda Igo,
the water perfectly still. How-
ever, with no clouds in the
sky, I knew the sunset would
be drab and plain, so I threw Milan
rocks into the water to see
what unique splashes and
ripples would emerge.”
Continued On Page 15
12 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

What’s Happenin’
of Wait Until Dark and Brighton Beach
McKinley, whose credits include
directing Hugh Jackman to a Tony
Award in The Boy from Oz and taking
over the reins for Spider-Man: Turn Off
the Dark before its official Broadway
opening, will again direct Zombie Prom,
and says he’s glad to revisit this satiric tale
of an Eisenhower-era school, a charming
ingénue, and her undead beau.
“As much as we loved it,” he says, “I
think the authors and I always felt that
it wasn’t quite finished. That’s one of
the reasons we wanted to do Zombie
Prom with the Mississippi Bend Players,
because the authors wanted to try this
whole new prologue; the first 12 pages
are new, and they’ve re-written and
adjusted lines all through it. And that’s

something I would love to see this [the

MBP] develop into: a regional theatre that can eventually work-
shop new works and send them on.
Zombie Prom “But I also wanted to choose a piece that I thought other
companies wouldn’t necessarily do,” adds McKinley, “because Laurie Berkner
Augustana College’s Brunner Theatre Center that’s a mission of the Mississippi Bend Players. We want to Deere-Wiman Carriage House
Friday, July 7, through Sunday, July 16 do things that aren’t well-known, or that maybe didn’t get off Wednesday, July 12, 6:30 p.m.
the ground the first time around, or that haven’t been done in

I n April of 1996, a new show by the creative team of Dana
P. Rowe and John Dempsey opened off-Broadway. Titled
Zombie Prom, the song-filled comedy was described by the New
recent memory. It’s important to us that we not step on the toes
of other groups, and every night we’ll announce from stage
what’s going on with all the companies in the area, and let
York Times as “a girl-meets-ghoul musical set in the atomic people know what’s available and what they should make sure
1950s,” and praised for the “clever variations on a theme in Mr. to see. We want to be an ‘addition to,’ not an ‘instead of.’”
Dempsey’s book and lyrics” and “Mr. Rowe’s tuneful checklist With Zombie Prom, McKinley says the company – members
of period pop styles.” But as that production’s director Philip of which include Associate Artistic Director Corinne Johnson
Wm. McKinley explains, there’s a reason you may not be famil- (a St. Ambrose University professor) and Education Director
iar with it. Jeffrey Coussens (an Augustana professor) – is also fulfilling
“It was one of those frustrating things,” says McKinley. “We its goal of uniting for their stage productions a healthy blend
had these great workshops, and we opened, and people said, of professional actors, local talents, and area students. “I think
‘This is gonna run forever. ... You’re gonna run as long as Little one of the biggest misunderstandings is that people think it’s
Shop of Horrors.’ And then this little show called Rent came Augustana College’s theatre department that’s doing the MBP.
along – kind of like this little show now called Hamilton. And And we do have Augustana people involved” – which, beyond
it took all the focus. We were this really fun musical comedy, Augie graduate McKinley, include fellow alumni Ron May
but if a show didn’t have the gravitas of Rent back then, it just (music director) and Susan Holgersson (scenic designer), plus
wasn’t considered viable.” current theatre major Keenan Odendirk.
Leave it to a musical titled Zombie Prom, however, to find a “But that was a bonus,” says Zombie Prom’s director. “We
way to be reborn. also have students from St. Ambrose University, students from
“What’s interesting,” McKinley says, “is that it now has WIU [Western Illinois University], a technical director from
this cult following, with hundreds of productions being done Bettendorf, an actress who’s coming from New Jersey, a stage
around the country.” It also has an award-winning 2006 manager who’s coming from Germany ... .”
short-film adaptation starring RuPaul, plus a feature-film Adding familiar local performers including Don Denton
version currently in development. It also, in May, was cited and spouses Tom and Shelley Walljasper, choreography by

by under the headline “15 Off-Broadway frequent Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse director Ann Nieman,
Musicals You Wish Moved to Broadway.” (Theatre nerds must and additional on- and off-stage talents, the MBP’s debut, says
know, huh?) McKinley, “is taking a big team effort to make happen. And it’s
And from July 7 through 16, Zombie Prom has the distinc- been great to combine all these facets and put ’em together, and The Caucasian Chalk Circle
tion of being the first production in the inaugural season for hopefully come up with a diamond.” QC Theatre Workshop
the Mississippi Bend Players (MBP) – a debuting summer- Zombie Prom runs Fridays and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 14, through Saturday, July 22
theatre company, with McKinley serving as producing artistic and Sundays at 4 p.m., and more information and tick-
director, whose works will be staged at Augustana College’s ets are available by calling (309)794-7306 or visiting
Brunner Theatre Center. (Full disclosue: I’m fortunate enough
to be a cast member in the MBP’s forthcoming presentations
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 13
By Mike Schulz

performing a Music on the Lawn concert Known and widely admired for her
at Moline’s Deere-Wiman Carriage
House. If you attend the event and see
smart, up-tempo songs that helped popu-
larize the current kindie-rock genre, What Else
someone frantically rushing the stage, I
promise there’s no need to panic; I just
want to give her a hug.
Berkner’s talents have been regularly
featured on several Nick Jr. TV series
and showcased on the Sprout network’s
Is Happenin’
As will, I’m betting, loads of area par- animated series Sing It, Laurie! She has
ents whose children have been delighted written two children’s books and per-
by the musical output of this beloved formed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day
singer, songwriter, and guitarist. A Parade. And as any parent, or hanger-on
France-born American whose profes- of a parent, can likely tell you, the lady
sional career began in 1992 with the sure knows her dinosaurs.
all-female rock band Lois Lane, Berkner Meanwhile, just how well do you know
(pictured with her Laurie Berkner Band) her discography? Find out by filling in
segued into children’s music when writ- the blanks to the following six out of
ing and performing songs for East Coast many dozen hit songs written and/or
birthday parties in the mid-’90s, a side sung by Laurie Berkner. Mary Sarah @ Walcott Truckers Jamboree
career that led to the release of her 1997 - July 13
1) “ I Know a      ” A) Monster
album debut Whaddaya Think of That?
Within four years, Berkner would go
2) “I Love My      ”
3) “      Boogie”
B) Chicken
C) Mouse
on to form her own independent record Friday, July 7, and Saturday, July

O ne of the most joyous sights I’ve seen
in the past several years was that of
my friends’ daughter Avery – who wasn’t
company, release a pair of additional
albums, receive a Parent’s Guide to
4) “Do the      ”
5) “      on Her Head”
6) “      in My Toolbox”
D) Rooster
E) Pig
F) Dragon
8 – 80/35 Music Festival. Tenth-annual
music celebration featuring nearly 50
bands performing on several outdoor
Children’s Media Award, and appear on
yet two years old – marching and danc- stages and concerts with headliners
NBC’s The Today Show – a gig that would Admission is free to Laurie Berkner’s The Shins and MGMT. Western Gateway
ing and grinning ear-to-ear in a living- land her appearances at Carnegie Hall, 6:30 p.m. Music on the Lawn concert,
room performance of Laurie Berkner’s Park (1330 Grand Avenue, Des Moines).
Lincoln Center, and the annual White and more information on the evening $42-50 one-day pass, $65-90 two-day
“We Are the Dinosaurs.” On July 12, House Easter Egg Roll. Whaddaya think is available by calling (309)743-2700 or pass. For tickets and information, visit
the children’s musician herself will be of that?! visiting
Saturday, July 8 – Dawn & On Music
deeply upsetting ... but that would suggest I’ve ever opened my toolbox.
Festival. Third-annual outdoor music
Answers: 1 – B, 2 – D, 3 – A, 4 – F, 5 – E, 6 – C. I’d admit that finding a mouse in my personal toolbox would be less delightful than
festival with scheduled performances by
more than a dozen bands including Old

T hree summers ago, in the Prenzie Players’ produc- by his mother. For two years, she raises the boy as her own Shoe, Miles Nielsen & the Rusted Hearts,
tion of Doctor Faustus, actor Aaron Sullivan’s title amidst much national strife, but is devastated when soldiers Chicago Farmer, The Candymakers, and
hosts The Dawn. Len Brown’s North
character took a piece of chalk, drew a circle on the finally find the missing Michael and – at his mother’s request –
Shore Inn (700 North Shore Inn, Moline).
stage floor, and summoned a terrifying demon. In the Grusina is charged with kidnapping. What results is a tremen- Noon-midnight. $5 at the gate. For
Prenzie Players’ new production of The Caucasian Chalk dously affecting morality play exploring themes of maternal information, visit
Circle, Sullivan’s Azdak character takes a piece of chalk, responsibility, political upheaval, thwarted romance, and law festival.html.
draws a circle on the stage floor, and directs a young boy versus justice – and, as admirers of Brecht’s The Threepenny Thursday, July 13, through
to stand in the center while the women fighting for his Opera will particularly appreciate, one with songs and unex- Saturday, July 15 – Walcott Truckers
custody are instructed – Judgment of Solomon-like – to pected comedy, to boot. Jamboree. Annual celebration
pull on his arms. Kate Farence, who also helmed the Prenzies’ 2015 produc- featuring an antique truck display, the
Just thought I’d mention this if you ever see Aaron tion of Antony & Cleopatra, serves as director for this new Super Trucks Beauty Contest, more
Sullivan, in real life, approaching you with a piece of Caucasian Chalk Circle. Mattie Gelaude, who performed in the than 175 exhibits, the Iowa Pork Chop
Cookout, carnival games, live country
chalk. You may wanna head in the other direction. group’s As You Like It this past December, portrays the heroine
music with Mary Sarah and Collin
Lovers of epic theatre, meanwhile, will no doubt want to Grusina, while Sullivan plays her eventual judge. And with
Raye, the Trucker Olympics, fireworks,
head in the direction of Davenport’s QC Theatre Work- Genesius Guild veteran Tim Miller making his Prenzie debut, and more. Iowa 80 Truck Stop (755
shop, where the Prenzie Players will stage Bertolt Brecht’s the rest of Farence’s cast boasts numerous talents familiar from West Iowa 80 Road, Walcott). Free. For
The Caucasian Chalk Circle July 14 through 22. One of the previous roles for the troupe: Angela Rathman, Matt Moody, information, visit
best-known and most-celebrated of the legendary German Andy Curtiss, John Turner, Alaina Pascarella, Payton Brasher, trucker-jamboree.
author’s works, this revered stage parable is one of the Chris Sanders-Ring, Andrew Bruning, Virginia Atwell, Dani Tuesday, July 18, through Saturday,
Prenzies’ rare forays outside the realm of William Shake- Helmich, Elizabeth Sager, Kitty Israel ... . July 22 – Rock Island County Fair.
speare, and an even rarer one for having been written less than a Wait a minute. In Doctor Faustus, Israel played the terrifying Annual outdoor festival featuring
century ago. Yet fans of the verse-theatre troupe needn’t worry that demon that Sullivan’s Faustus conjured. Now, as the accom- carnival rides, games, live music,
the company is straying too far from its roots with Brecht’s 1948 panying photo proves, they’re being reunited. I blame that pageants, a demolition derby, truck and
tractor pulls, a talent show, vendors, and
masterpiece. The structure is still classical in nature. Numerous freakin’ chalk.
more. Rock Island County Fairgrounds
Prenzie veterans take part, several of them in multiple roles. And, The Caucasian Chalk Circle runs Thursdays through Sat- (4200 Archer Drive, East Moline). $1-5
y’know ... Sullivan draws a scary circle. urdays at 8 p.m. (with a “social-media preview performance” gate admission; $5-10 grandstand
Before he does, though, The Caucasian Chalk Circle tells on July 13) and Sunday at 3 p.m., and more information and
the tale of Grusina, a kitchen maid who, during an uprising in tickets are available by calling (563)484-4210 or visiting
Russia, saves the life of a royal child inadvertently abandoned Continued On Page 14
14 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

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What Else Is Happenin’
admission. For information, call (309)796- show. Sunday: 4 p.m. buffet, 5:15 p.m. pre-
1620 or visit show, 5:45 p.m. show. Wednesday: 11:45
a.m. plated lunch, 1 p.m. pre-show, 1:30
MUSIC p.m. show. $44.94-51.73. For tickets and
Friday, July 7 – Here Come the information, call (309)786-7733 extension 2
Mummies. The Daiquiri Factory’s 13th- or visit
anniversary party featuring an outdoor
concert with the tightly wrapped rockers COMEDY
and openers 10 of Soul. District of Rock Friday, July 14 – Tig Notaro. An
Island. 8 p.m. $25. For information, visit evening of stand-up with the touring comedian and star of Amazon’s One
Friday, July 7 – The Texas Tenors. Mississippi. Englert Theatre (221 East
Concert with the Emmy-winning classical- Washington Street, Iowa City). 8 p.m. $35.
crossover trio composed of country-music For tickets and information, call (319)688-
singer J.C. Fisher, pop singer Marcus 2653 or visit
Collins, and opera singer John Hagen. The
University of Dubuque’s Heritage Center VISUAL ARTS
(2255 Bennett Street, Dubuque). 7:30 Friday, July 7, through Sunday, July
p.m. $20-45. For tickets and information, 30 – Shadows & Shapes: Photography
call (563)585-7469 or visit by Laura Heath. First public showing of
heritagecenter. works by the artist and owner/operator
Wednesday, July 12 – Heartbreak Josh Ritter @ Codfish Hollow Barn - July 16 of Trash Can Annie Vintage Clothing.
Hotel: A Salute to Young Elvis. Concert Rozz-Tox (2108 Third Avenue, Rock Island).
tribute with Robert Shaw & the Lonely
Hearts Band. Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse
THEATRE Thursday, July 13, through Sunday,
July 23 – Rounding Third. Two-man
Tuesday through Friday 2 p.m.-1 a.m.,
Saturday 11 a.m.-1 a.m., Sunday 11 a.m.-11
Thursday, July 6, through Sunday, July
(1828 Third Avenue, Rock Island). 6 p.m. baseball-themed comedy by Richard p.m. Opening reception July 7 at 5 p.m. Free.
23 – Footloose. Tony-nominated stage-
doors, 7:15 p.m. show. $25-30. For tickets and Dresser, directed by Dana Skiles. Richmond For information, call (309)200-0978 or visit
musical adaptation of the 1984 Kevin Bacon
information, call (309)786-7733 extension 2 Hill Barn Theatre (600 Robinson Drive,
movie. Clinton Area Showboat Theatre (311
or visit Geneseo). Thursday through Saturday 7:30 Thursday, July 13 – Curator Talk with
Riverview Drive, Clinton). Thursday through
Thursday, July 13 – The Beach Boys. p.m., Sunday 3 p.m. $12. For tickets and Chad Pregracke. Event held in conjunction
Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday and Wednesday
Iconic surf-pop musicians and Rock & Roll information, call (309)944-2244 or visit with Pregracke’s Message in a Bottle
3 p.m. For tickets and information, call
Hall of Fame members in concert. Adler exhibition, featuring 40 bottle-held missives
(563)242-6760 or visit
Theatre (136 East Third Street, Davenport). Thursday, July 13, through Saturday, collected on his annual cleanup campaigns
Thursday, July 6, through Saturday,
7:30 p.m. $65-95. For tickets, call (800)745- July 22 – Scapino! Slapstick burlesque along rivers including the Mississippi, Illinois,
July 8 – Cinderella ... After the Ball.
3000 or visit comedy by Frank Dunlop and Jim Dale. and Ohio. Figge Art Museum (225 West
Family-musical comedy in which Cinderella,
Friday, July 14 – Hank Williams: The Timber Lake Playhouse (8215 Black Oak Second Street, Davenport). 7 p.m. Free.
Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty fight
Lonesome Tour. Tribute to the country and Road, Mt. Carroll, Illinois). Tuesday through For information, call (563)326-7804 or visit
to save their kingdom from a villainous
honkytonk singer/songwriter starring Obie Saturday 7:30 p.m.; Sunday, Wednesday,
Pinocchio. Timber Lake Playhouse (8215
Award winner Jason Petty. Circa ’21 Dinner and July 15 at 2 p.m. $17-25. For tickets
Black Oak Road). 11 a.m. $8. For tickets
Playhouse (1828 Third Avenue, Rock Island). and information, call (815)244-2035 or visit
and information, call (815)244-2035 or visit
6 p.m. doors, 7:15 p.m. show. $25-30. For Monday, July 10, through Sunday,
tickets and information, call (309)786-7733 Friday, July 14, through Sunday,
Friday, July 7, through Sunday, July July 16 – John Deere Classic. Annual
extension 2 or visit July 23 – The Dixie Swim Club. Southern
16 – West Side Story. Quad City Music Guild professional golf tournament on the PGA
Saturday, July 15 – David Dondero. comedy by Jamie Wooten, Jessie Jones,
presents Stephen Sondheim’s and Leonard Tour. TPC at Deere Run (3100 Heather Knoll,
Songwriter, guitarist, and former lead singer and Nicholas Hope, directed by Jacque
Berstein’s musical classic adapted from Silvis). $25-550 daily and complete-tour
of Sunbrain in a Moeller Nights concert. Cohoon. Playcrafters Barn Theatre (4950
Romeo & Juliet, directed by Bob Williams. packages available. For information, visit
Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel 35th Avenue, Moline). Friday and Saturday
Prospect Park Auditorium (1584 34th
(304 East Third Street, Davenport). 7 p.m. 7:30 p.m., Sunday 3 p.m. $13. For tickets
Avenue, Moline). Thursday through Saturday
$12. For tickets and information, visit
7:30 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m. $11-16. For tickets
and information, call (309)762-0330 or visit EVENT
and information, call (309)762-6610 or visit Saturday, July 15 – Rivers Edge
Saturday, July 15 – Chuck Mead & Friday, July 14, through Sunday, July Homebrew Festiv-ale. Event featuring
His Grassy Knoll Boys. Concert with the 16 – Church Basement Ladies. Lutheran-
Saturday, July 8, through Sunday, samples by more than a dozen homebrew
Nashville-based rockabilly and Western- themed musical comedy by Jim Stowell,
July 16 – The Trojan Women. Genesius clubs from around the Midwest, with over
swing musicians. Rock Island Brewing Jessica Zuehlke, and Drew Jansen, directed
Guild’s production of Euripides’ ancient- 50 different brews available. Rock Island
Company (1815 Second Avenue, Rock by Richard Hall. Ohnward Fine Arts Center
Greek tragedy. Lincoln Park (11th Avenue Brewing Company (1815 Second Avenue,
Island). 9 p.m. $10. For information, call (1215 East Platt Street, Maquoketa). Friday
and 38th Street, Rock Island). Saturday and Rock Island). 2-6 p.m. $20 includes tasting
(309)793-1999 or visit and Saturday 7 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m. $15-21.
Sunday 8 p.m. Donations encouraged. For glass and 15 sample tickets. For information,
Sunday, July 16 – Josh Ritter and For tickets and information, call (563)652-
information, visit call (309)793-1999 or visit
Brett Dennen. Concert with the folk 9815 or visit
Sunday, July 9 – Royal Shakespeare
and Americana singers/songwriters. Wednesday, July 19, through Saturday,
Company: Antony & Cleopatra. An HD
Codfish Hollow Barn (5013 288th September 16 – Seven Brides for Seven
screening of William Shakespeare’s tragedy,
Avenue, Maquoketa). 7 p.m. $35- Brothers. Tony-nominated frontier romance
directed by Iqbal Khan. Englert Theatre
40. For tickets and information, visit based on the 1954 movie musical, directed
(221 East Washington Street, Iowa City). 3 by Ann Nieman. Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse
p.m. $15-18. For tickets and information, call
(1828 Third Avenue, Rock Island). Friday,
(319)688-2653 or visit
Saturday, Wednesday, and July 19 and 20:
6 p.m. buffet, 7:15 p.m. pre-show, 7:45 p.m.
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 15
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Uniquely Quad Cities, Honorable Mention
David Butler, Davenport

Rural, First Place
David J. Genac, Moline (“Balltown”)
“When I looked out over the landscape with the sun low in the sky, I had a recollection
of Grant Wood and the unique style with which he is identified. I also identified the scene
with John Deere, and knowing that Grant Wood pieces are a part of the John Deere
Art Collection, I decided to play with the color a bit in processing to make the green
approximate John Deere’s trademark color.”

Reflection, Honorable Mention
Steven J. France, Davenport
16 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

WORDS FROM THE EDITOR Continued From Page 3 By Kathleen McCarthy

Remembering Todd Martin Stafne TCH IT
(August 24, 1950-April 11, 2017) WA
where he thrived, scuba-dived, and made Washington. For Mayumi, there is no
new lifelong friends from different cul- consolation for her grief in losing her life
tures and backgrounds. mate. But she will always have a welcom-
He eventually found his way back to ing host of friends here in Iowa whose
the States and settled near Seattle, where love for Todd includes her, too.
his brother Scott is an attorney. Most Todd stayed in touch with many of us
people interested in property ownership back here, always coming back to check Schulz’s Review of
buy a lot, or an acreage; Todd and Scott in and reaffirm his roots. But he chose the Latest Movies On Demand
bought a mountain. They developed it to stay close to Scott because of the deep
from scratch, making it completely self- bond that defined them both in many THE BOSS BABY
This animated treat looks terrific,
sufficient with roads, a water supply, and ways. Todd was loving and attentive, and especially when a villain’s origin
electricity generation. They divided it overcame challenges that would cripple story is visualized as an incredibly
into parcels of 25 acres or more and sold most. He secured lasting relationships all ornate pop-up book, and it sounds
them, providing magnificent mountain along his journey, and, for those of you even better, due to the hilarious
properties for a handful of people who who knew him well, you understand this script and winning vocal
enjoy stunning vistas of waterfalls, terrible loss. The world is not only less performances of Miles Bakshi and
forests, lakes, and all the beauty that God interesting without him; it is less a lot of the incomparable Alec Baldwin.
(Same day as DVD.)
has created in such places. other things, including truest friendship,
Nature in such a pure state as Twin palpable affection, humor personified,
Falls is the one thing that Todd found and an amazing sentimentality that THE FATE OF THE
intellectually stimulating, as well as inspired uncommon loyalty and devo- FURIOUS
calming. Working the land, creating tion to the people he loved. You really Director F. Gary Gray stages
something epic for himself and his can’t have a more meaningful legacy beautifully ridiculous set pieces and
brother was Todd’s life work. Twin Falls than that. gravity-defying stunts, yet proves just
is a testimony to the creative talent, the Todd’s obituary can be read at as adept at keeping the proceedings
hands-on labor, the collaboration of bouncy through the comic acting
and sharply edited banter – why
two visionary brothers, and the years Stafne/Bellevue-WA/1719878, and can’t most Bond movies be this
of enduring dedication to a spectacular a remembrance and a collection of awesome? (Same day as DVD.)
project that will stand for generations photos from his brother can be found at
to come.
But mountains can be lonely places my-brothers-life-in-pictures-aug- GIFTED
Beyond his topnotch work with a
without a partner, and happily Todd 24-1950-april-11-2017. cast led by the wonderful Chris
rectified that with his wife of five years, Evans, director Marc Webb brings
Mayumi – a lovely Japanese woman who tender melancholy to this custody
completed the dream for Todd. Together, drama’s overall mood and
they enjoyed both Twin Falls and a more south-Florida setting, and
cosmopolitan residence in Bellevue, screenwriter Tom Flynn provides
conversation as dryly hilarious as it
truthful. (Same day as DVD.)

Catch your favorite movies
and shows from ABC, NBC, CBS,
FOX, STARZ®, ENCORE® and more.
Plus, watch over 19,000 titles
at the press of a button!

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 17

Movie Reviews By Mike Schulz •

Mettle to the Pedal (Elgort, in an ingenious and graceful per-
formance, enacts a guy who’ll never walk
in a straight line when he could instead
is almost obscenely entertaining. See it
with the utmost haste.

BABY DRIVER scoot, slide, or twirl into one.) DESPICABLE ME 3
Halfway through writer/director Edgar But also unlike Drive, a movie I love, When a long-running series finds it
Wright’s comedic action thriller Baby Baby Driver isn’t self-conscious. Self- necessary to introduce a secret twin that
Driver, we witness a weapons sale gone aware, yes, as its nods to cinematic one of the regulars never knew existed –
south and a bloody shootout with accom- inspirations – just like in Wright’s blissful be it on daytime drama or that unsettling
panying car chase, and the whole thing is “Cornetto trilogy” of Shaun of the Dead, Brady Bunch episode in which Peter
scored to that 1958 mambo-rock classic Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End – are right bumped into his doppelgänger at school
“Tequila.” This shouldn’t, of course, be there for the plucking. (After Baby briefly – it’s usually a sign of creative fatigue.
anything new or surprising, even if that Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver escapes the clutches of blackmailing Hey, guess what Despicable Me 3 is all
diminutive 1970s fixture Paul Williams boss Spacey, he gains legitimate employ- about! But even though the arrival of the
does play a white-suited arms dealer nuts when the final blast occurs and ment with the eatery GoodFellas Pizza & no-longer-despicable Gru’s bumbling
nicknamed “The Butcher.” Underscoring Jamie Foxx, as one of Baby’s more lunatic Wings.) Yet while Wright will probably lookalike Dru gives us twice the Steve
violent melees to familiar radio hits – at traveling companions, utters a perfectly always be show-offy, he also gives every Carell, at least in voice, it doesn’t provide
least since the early days of Scorsese – is timed “Tequila.” It has no traditional indication that his talents are forever in the guy with with any inspiring mate-
what movies do. showstopper numbers or crooning service to our pleasure – and his latest is rial in directors’ Kyle Balda’s and Pierre
This particular underscored melee, chorus kids, and Baby Driver might still positively teeming with pleasures. Coffin’s follow-up. Nor, sadly, is there any
though, is different. Because while prove to be the movie musical of the year. Foxx and Hamm more scary/funny for Trey Parker as new nemesis Baltha-
we’re privy to the tune pulsing from the Its plot could fit on a cocktail napkin, than you thought movies might ever zar Bratt, a former ’80 child star whose
earbuds of our getaway-driver hero Baby and with room to spare, as it’s basically a allow them to be. The comically breath- every crime is accompanied by musical
(Ansel Elgort), every gunshot, every One Last Heist flick in which the apolo- taking convenience of identical red riffs from “Sussudio,” “99 Luftballoons,”
door slam, every squeal of tires lands getic criminal Baby – a brilliant speed Subarus showing up just when our hero and the like. Nor, really, is there any in
on a precise beat from that über-catchy demon whose accident-caused tinnitus needs them most. Baby, in a junkyard, about 90 percent of this sadly tired (albeit
song by The Champs, as if the sequence’s makes earbud tunes mandatory – gets listening with melancholy rapture to The beautifully animated) exercise that did
direction and editing were orchestrated lured into Just One More. Its cast, mean- Commodores’ “Easy” – a tune that pays make the many kids at my screening spo-
by some eerily cognizant, mid-tempo while, features Lily James as the wide- enormous dividends toward the film’s radically giggle, even if adult-companion
metronome. By this point, Wright – in eyed ingénue who becomes Baby’s chaste finale. Not-yet-10-year-old Brogan Hall laughter was scarcely heard. It is what
only his fifth feature film – has more than beloved, and assorted lowlifes, ranging stealing his scenes as a Mini-Spacey. it is, I guess. I was just grateful that the
prepared us for what he’s pulling off here; from mild to psychopathic, portrayed Spacey himself, attacking Baby’s weak Minions were back in supporting roles
similar diversions, from breakneck high- by Foxx, Jon Hamm, Eiza González, apology with a pointed “Don’t feed me after their iffy solo outing two summers
way pursuits to the act of a man stacking Jon Bernthal, and Kevin Spacey. This, any more lines from Monsters, Inc.” ago, and that the film found a way to
wads of cash on a table, have found aural however, is like 2011’s Drive with a happy Literally everything done and said by allow them a glorious, expectedly garbled
equivalents in music that only Baby, and face. Instead of a brooding Ryan Gosling, González. (She and Hamm play spouses, rendition of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “I Am
we, can hear. Yet this mid-film explo- we get Elgort, who may brood, but who’s with “Hers” tattooed on his neck and the Very Model of a Modern Major-
sion of sight and sound – a scene that’s also quick with a smile when partnering “His” on hers. Ah, modern love.) And General.” It’s the closest the critters
about as enjoyable as any that 2017 has James (and who wouldn’t smile?), and always the propulsive, narrative-minded ever come to being truly, recognizably
yet provided – is the bravura fulfillment affectionate when signing conversation soundtrack – some of it boasting inten- “Banana-a-a-a-as!!!”
of nearly an hour’s worth of expectation. with his deaf foster father (C.J. Jones, tionally laid-back tunes – and wizardly
I saw Wright’s latest at a minimally popu- doing wonders with little), and unafraid technical skills of Wright and editors For reviews of Transformers: The Last
lated Wednesday-afternoon screening, to dance when iPod accompaniment Jonathan Amos and Paul Machliss. The Knight and other current releases, visit
and pray that larger crowds go justifiably takes over and demands that he boogie. legitimately fast and furious Baby Driver
18 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Plenty of Dead Fish your inbox. Because online-dating success is
shaped more by personal context (and plain old
My girlfriend and I broke up recently, so
luck) than by the particular site you’re on, you
I’m back in the dating pool. Do you think
might experiment with two or three. If things
online dating is a good way to meet people? If
go poorly, use online dating as a supplement
so, which are the best dating sites?
to meeting women the retro way, such as at
– Diving in
cocktail parties, where you won’t be competing
Asking “Which dating site is best?” is like with the 362 more genetically blessed males
asking “Is pro basketball a viable career?” That within a 35-mile radius. This vastly increases
question can only be answered by asking other your chances of dazzling the ladies with your
questions, such as: “Aren’t you a 47-year-old, personality. That is, distracting them from how
five-foot-two, Ashkenazi Jewish woman with Mother Nature zoned out when she was hand-
20/80 vision and bad knees?” ing out necks to your family.
To put this another way, context matters –
which isn’t what they tell you in Datingsiteville.
Save for specialty sites – such as those for farm-
Man on the Flake
This guy asked me out and suggested we
ers, the disabled, and people who relish a good
meet up after his dentist appointment. He
flogging – the advertising for these venues tends
said he’d call around 2 p.m. Well, at 9:30
to be context-free: “Hey, everybody in the entire
p.m., I got a “Hey” text from him and didn’t
galaxy, get your lasting love here!”
respond. A friend said I shouldn’t write him
Annoyingly, though most of us have a sense
off so fast. Am I being too harsh?
of what context is, nobody’s done a very good
– Dependability Fan
job of defining it – either in the dictionary
or in Researchville, where I found a herd of Individual bits of behavior are like cock-
dueling definitions, all so unhelpfully worded roaches. You might see just one lonely roach
that they seemed to be in secret code. So here’s twerking atop the toaster oven, but its presence
my definition: Context is a combo platter of suggests a whole colony of the buggers gluing
the particular situation at hand – such as pro sequins to their exoskeletons and practicing
basketball, online dating, being a bad dancer, or their moonwalk behind the baseboard.
being sexually attracted to woodchucks – plus No, you can’t always judge someone by a
the details relevant to it that affect how you single thing they do, but this guy’s one-word
understand or experience the situation. text – seven hours after he said he’d call – speaks
In the context of online dating, the relevant volumes: “Holy moley, wouldya look at the time.
details include age, sex, the quality of the com- It’s 9:30, and I could use some sex.”
petition, and one’s desired situation, as in: Do How a person behaves is driven by their
you just want casual sex, or are you holding out personality traits, which social psychologist
for something a little more, uh, black tie? Brent Roberts describes as habitual patterns
There are sex differences in when people of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that are
are at their most appealing, because men and relatively consistent across time and situations.
women tend to be at their highest “mate value” Granted, there are occasions when impulse
at different ages. This comes out of how male gets the best of us, and we’ll say something like,
sexuality evolved to be visually driven (because “That wasn’t really me.” But at least in some way,
the features men find beautiful – youth being it really was, because even impulsivity is part
the biggie – are associated with fertility). of personality.
Women, however, evolved to go for “providers” People can resolve to act more conscien-
– men with high status and earning power. So tiously, but personality has a strong genetic
online dating tends to be more fruitful if you’re basis, so they’re unlikely to be as motivated to
a hot 23-year-old female espresso jockey or a be conscientious as those whose genes make
43-year-old male VP of a successful startup, but them feel icky when they aren’t. In other words,
it can have some challenges for the 43-year-old you were probably wise in nixing this guy, who
female startup star or the 23-year-old dude couldn’t even be bothered to fake respect for
who’s the senior vice barista. your feelings by supplementing that “Hey” with
So the question is not whether dating sites “Carjacked!”, “Carried off by a raptor!”, or “Still
work but whether the qualities you have and high on anesthesia in my blanket fort, having a
the situation you’re seeking add up to more tea party with G.I. Joe and my dog Steve.”
than a few tumbleweeds blowing around in
Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica CA 90405, or e-mail ( Weekly radio show: Order Amy
Alkon’s book, Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F--- (St. Martin’s Press, June 3, 2014).
©2017, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved.
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 19

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Unless earth opening up and swallowing me, instead of Put another way, you should return to the roots
you were raised by a pack of feral the flames of hell fire licking at my knees of a triumph to find a hidden flaw that might
raccoons or a fundamentalist cult, now – nothing happened. And I was free.” I suspect eventually threaten to undo your success.
is a perfect time to dive into your second you may soon be blessed with a comparable Correct that flaw now and you’ll make it
childhood. Is there a toy you wanted as a kid but liberation, Leo. Maybe you’ll be released from unnecessary for karmic repercussions to
never got? Buy it for yourself now! What were the having to live up to an expectation you shouldn’t undermine you later. But please don’t get all
delicious foods you craved back then? Eat them! even live up to. Or maybe you’ll be criticized in a solemn-faced and anxious about this assign-
Where were the special places you loved? Go way that will motivate your drive for excellence ment. Approach it with humorous self-correc-
there, or to spots that remind you of them. Who for years to come. tion and you’ll ensure that all goes well.
were the people you were excited to be with? Talk
with them. Actions like these will get you geared VIRGO (August 23-September 22): CAPRICORN (December 22-Janu-
up for a full-scale immersion in innocent Nineteen of my readers who work in ary 19): Are you familiar with the
eagerness. And that would be just the right the advertising industry signed a psychological concepts of anima and
medicine for your soul. petition requesting that I stop badmouthing their animus? You’re in the midst of being intoxicated
field. “Without advertising,” they testified, “life by one of those creatures from inner space.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): What I itself would be impossible.” In response, I agreed Though you may not be fully conscious of it, you
wish for you, Taurus, is toasted ice to attend their re-education seminar. There, women are experiencing a mystical marriage
cream and secrets in plain sight and a under their tutelage, I came to acknowledge that with an imaginary character that personifies all
sacred twist of humorous purity. I would love for everything we do can be construed as a kind of that’s masculine in your psyche. You men are
you to experience a powerful surrender and a advertising. Each of us is engaged in a mostly going through the analogous process with a
calm climax and a sweeping vision of a small but unconscious campaign to promote our unique female figure within you. I believe this is true no
pithy clue. I very much hope that you will get to way of looking at and being in the world. matter your sexual orientation. While this
take a big trip to an intimate turning point that’s Realizing the truth, I now feel no reservations awesome psychological event may be fun,
not too far away. I pray you will find or create a about urging you Virgos to take advantage of the educational, and even ecstatic, it could also be
barrier that draws people together instead of current astrological omens. They suggest that confusing to your relationships with real people.
keeping them apart. you can and should be aggressive and ingenious Don’t expect them to act like or live up to the very
about marketing yourself, your ideas, and real fantasy you’re communing with.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In Dr. your products.
Seuss’s book, Horton Hatches an Egg, AQUARIUS (January 20-February
an elephant assumes the duty of sitting LIBRA (September 23-October 22): 18): As a recovering save-the-world
on a bird’s egg, committed to keeping it warm In 2003, the American Film Institute addict, I have felt compassionate
until hatching time. The nest is located high in a announced the creation of a new prize skepticism toward my fellow junkies who are still
tree, which makes the undertaking even more to honor acting talent. Dubbed the Charlton in the throes of their obsession. But recently I’ve
incongruous. By the climax of the tale, Horton Heston Award, it was designed to be handed out discovered that just as a small minority of
has had to persist in his loyal service through a periodically to luminaries who have distin- alcoholics can safely take a drink now and then,
number of challenges. But all ends well, and guished themselves over the course of long so can a few save-the-world-aholics actually save
there’s an added bonus: The creature that’s born careers. The first recipient of the award was, the world a little bit at a time without getting
is miraculously part-bird, part-elephant. I see oddly enough, Charlton Heston himself, born strung-out. With that as a disclaimer, Aquarius,
similarities between this story and your life right under the sign of Libra. I hope you’re inspired by I’m letting you know that the cosmos has
now, Gemini. The duty you’re carrying out this story to wipe away any false modesty you authorized you to pursue your own brand of
doesn’t come naturally, and you’re not even sure might be suffering from. The astrological omens fanatical idealism in the coming weeks. To keep
you’re doing it right. But if you keep at it till it’s suggest it’s a favorable moment to create a big yourself honest, make fun of your zealotry every
completed, you’ll earn a surprising reward. new award named after you and bestow it upon now and then.
yourself. As part of the festivities, tell yourself
CANCER (June 21-July 22): It’s prime about what makes you special, amazing, PISCES (February 19-March 20): The
time for you to break through any and valuable. potential breakthrough I foresee for
inhibitions you might have about you is a rare species of joy. It’s a gritty,
accessing and expressing your passion. To help SCORPIO (October 23-November hard-earned pleasure that will spawn beautiful
you in this righteous cause, I’ve assembled a 21): Here’s your riddle: What questions you’ll be glad to have awakened. It’s a
batch of words you should be ready to use with unscratchable itch drives you surprising departure from your usual approach
frequency and sweet abandon. Consider writing half-crazy? But you’re secretly glad it drives you to feeling good that will expand your under-
at least part of this list on your forearm with a half-crazy, because you know your half-craziness standing of what happiness means. Here’s one
felt-tip pen every morning so it’s always close at will eventually lead you to an experience or way to ensure that it will visit you in all of its
hand: enamored, piqued, enchanted, stirred, resource that will relieve the itch. Here’s your glory: Situate yourself between the fabulous
roused, enthused, delighted, animated, elevated, prophecy: Sometime soon, scratching the contradictions in your life and say, “Squeeze me,
thrilled, captivated, turned-on, enthralled, unscratchable itch will lead you to the experience tease me, please me.”
exuberant, fired up, awakened. or resource that will finally relieve the itch. Here’s
your homework: Prepare yourself emotionally to Homework: What was the pain that healed you
LEO (July 23-August 22): Matt fully receive and welcome the new experience or most? What was the pleasure that hurt you the
Groening, creator of the cartoon series resource. Make sure you’re not so addicted to worst? Testify at
The Simpsons, says that a great turning scratching the unscratchable itch that you fail to
point in his early years came when his Scoutmas- take advantage of the healing it’s bringing you.
ter told him he was the worst Boy Scout in Go to to check out Rob Brezsny’s
history. While this might have demoralized SAGITTARIUS (November EXPANDED WEEKLY AUDIO HOROSCOPES
other teenagers, it energized Groening. “Well, 22-December 21): The best way to go & DAILY TEXT MESSAGE HOROSCOPES
somebody’s got to be the worst,” he triumphantly forward is to go backward; the path to The audio horoscopes are also available by phone at
told the Scoutmaster. And then, “Instead of the the bright future requires a shadowy regression. 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700
20 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

WATCH THIS · July 6, 2017
Crossword June 22 Answers: Page right
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June 22 Crossword Answers

And follow Mike on Twitter at

ACROSS 76. And the rest: Abbr. 35. Saber-rattling: 3 wds.
1. Wind 77. Entertainer’s strong suit 36. Crazed
5. Spurts 80. Poke 37. Chinese, Japanese, etc.
9. “_ la vista, baby!” 81. Buck’s mate 38. A pronoun
14. Prevent 82. Funny fellows 39. Voting event: 3 wds.
19. Word in geometry 83. Natural depression 40. Pin
20. Basic French verb 84. Dark and draft 41. Crystal-gazers
21. Flower extract 85. “Space Odyssey” computer 43. Bright
22. Asinine 86. Indispensable 44. Battle in WWI
23. Son-et-lumiere element: 2 wds. 87. Wound seriously 47. After
25. Home to some Midwesterners: 3 wds. 88. Dressed like a chef 49. Huxley’s “_ of Perception”
27. Sundry 92. Old classmate, for short 51. Engagements
28. Kerfuffle 93. Dire 52. Begat
29. Slander anagram 97. Hard act to follow 53. The shank
30. Film spool 99. Exposition: 2 wds. 54. Cautious
31. Look 100. Call 56. The Pine Tree State
32. Greeting for Caesar 101. “Common Sense” author 57. Loudness unit
33. Notice 102. Threshold 58. Oodles
36. Watery trenches 103. Effortlessness 60. Seraglio
37. Air: Comb. form 104. Fish genus 61. Soak
39. Some students: Abbr. 105. Settled 62. Did a kitchen chore
42. Pines 106. Bunch of flowers 63. A Muse
43. Music hall entertainment: 2 wds. 107. Brit. money 64. Prospects
45. Rush 65. Finch family member
46. Like a horse in a race DOWN 66. Spin doctor’s concern
47. Furrowed 1. Apple variety 67. Attendants
48. Supporting structure 2. Genus of honeybees 69. Ornamental fastening
49. Peacenik’s emblem 3. Pins 70. _ obstat
50. Cut down 4. Urged 73. Country house
51. Bette or Jefferson 5. Entertainer of old 74. State in India
52. Buzz off! 6. Mertz or Merman 75. Conjectures
54. Quail 7. Stepped on 77. Port city in Wales
55. Redolent 8. Baste 78. Eisenhower’s hometown
57. Eellike salamander 9. Spear-shaped, as a leaf 79. Good- _ (pleasant)
58. Young plants 10. Eager 80. Bete _
59. Doomed 11. Supply 84. Almost not
60. Falcon-headed god 12. Cousin to an aggie 85. Laughs
61. Kerchief 13. “_ and the Man” 86. Bland
62. Uncooperative one 14. Repudiate 87. Expense report items
64. Weathercocks 15. _ nous 88. “Thin Man” pooch
65. Means of interplanetary travel 16. False god or idol 89. Collins or Donahue
68. Shackles 17. Money for a pot 90. Printing process, for short
69. Set off 18. Wetlands plant 91. Dummy
70. Like a mendicant 24. Special surgeon’s “patients” 93. Performing group
71. “I _ _ Camera” 26. Captivate 94. Dal _ (Indian food)
72. Worry 28. Sedate 95. Forfeit
73. First Nations group 31. Furuncles 96. Pitcher
74. Buenos _ 33. Old Ottoman title 98. Criticize
75. Catch 34. Yellow pigment 99. Cookbook meas.
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 21

Live Music Live Music Live Music
Email all listings to • Deadline 5 p.m. Thursday before publication

2nd Ave., Rock Island IL The Texas Tenors – University of Raye Zaragoza – Lewis Knudsen –
Dawn and On Festival Pre–Party: Dubuque’s Heritage Center, 2255 Dan Saulpaugh – Rozz-Tox, 2108
The Blackbirds – Bass Street Landing Funk Odyssey – A Tribute To Bennett St., Dubuque IA Third Ave., Rock Island IL
Plaza, Moline IL Jamiroquai – Still Shine – Cycles – Tri-County Community Band – Bill Roger Carlson (noon) – Skeleton Key
Cherry Gun – Riverside Casino and Bent River Brewing Company - Rock Bowe Memorial Bandshell, Middle Art and Antiques, 520 18th St., Rock
Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Island, 512 24th St., Rock Island IL Park, Bettendorf IA Island IL
Riverside IA Doug Brundies Big Acoustic Show Ron & Dave Acoustic (2pm) – Dirty
Daniel Haughey – Herbert Hoover
National Historic Site, off I-80 at exit
– Baked Beer & Bread Co., 1113
Mound St., Davenport IA SATURDAY 8 Water Boys (4pm) – Service Station
Bar & Grill, 432 1st Ave. W., West
254, West Branch IA The Fez (6:30pm) – Weatherdance 3rd Annual Dawn and On Music Milan IL
Ed James – Valley Inn Ale House, 24575 Fountain Stage, outside the Festival: The Dawn – Old Shoe – The Roosevelts – CSPS/Legion Arts,
Valley Dr., Pleasant Valley IA Sheraton Hotel, 210 S. Dubuque St., Miles Nielsen & the Rusted Hearts 1103 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids IA
Moeller Nights: Jessica Lamb – Iowa City IA – Chicago Farmer – Miles Over Sawyer Fredericks – Gabriel
Native Harrow – Triple Crown Friday Live @ Five: Rude Punch Mountains – The Candymakers – Wolfchild & the Northern Light
Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 E (5pm) – RME Courtyard, 131 W. 2nd J.E. Sunde – Flash in a Pan – The – Haley Johnsen – Gabe’s, 330 E.
Third St., Davenport IA St., Davenport IA Velies – Earth Ascending – Ellis Washington St., Iowa City IA
Molly Conrad (6:30pm) – Bettendorf Funktastic Five – 11th Street Precinct, Kell’s Blues Camp All–Stars Steve Morris: Have Drums, Will
Public Library, 2950 Learning 1107 Mound St., Davenport IA (noon) – Len Brown’s North Shore Travel (11am) – Freight House
Campus Dr., Bettendorf IA Gosh! – Maggie5 – JSO – Rozz-Tox, Inn, 700 N. Shore Dr., Moline IL Farmers’ Market, 421 W River Dr,
Molly Durnin – The J Bar, 4215 Elmore 2108 Third Ave., Rock Island IL Angela Meyer (4pm) – Mississippi Davenport IA
Ave., Davenport IA Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (5pm) River Distilling Company, 303 N. Raye Zaragoza @ Rozz-Tox - July 9
Pete & the Stray Dogs – Uptown Bill’s – Mississippi River Distilling
Company, 303 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire
Cody Rd., LeClaire IA
Bobby Ray Bunch – Green Tree MONDAY 10
Coffee House, 730 S. Dubuque St., Songs You Never Sang in Grade
Iowa City IA IA Brewery, 309 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire IA Gray Wolf Band – Moline Township
School – Uptown Bill’s Coffee
Waldemar – Sleeping Jesus – The ION & Romulan – Soultru – The Mill, Cherry Gun – Riverside Casino and Activity Center, 620 18th St., Moline
House, 730 S. Dubuque St., Iowa Bob Dorr & the Blue Band (6pm) –
Mill, 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa City 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa City IA Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, IL
City IA Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical
IA J.E. Sunde – CSPS/Legion Arts, 1103 Riverside IA Moeller Nights: Canyon Spells –
The Knockoffs – Riscky’s II, 108 Main Gardens, 3800 Arboretum Dr.,
3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids IA Craig Michaels Myth – Baked Beer Jared & the Mill – Triple Crown
St., Reynolds IL
John Franco (6pm) – Milltown Coffee, & Bread Co., 1113 Mound St., Dubuque IA Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 E
Lipstick Slick – Harley Corin’s, 1708 Buddy Olson (3pm) – Ducky’s
3800 River Drive #2, Moline IL Davenport IA Third St., Davenport IA
State St., Bettendorf IA Lagoon, 13515 78th Ave W., Taylor
Angela Meyer – The Faithful Pilot Cafe Kickin Back (6pm) – Hy-Vee Market Dirt Road Rockers – River House, 1510

Moeller Nights: Hamish Anderson Ridge IL
& Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd, LeClaire IA Grille - Silvis, 2001 5th St., Silvis IL River Dr., Moline IL
– Waldemar – Sleeping Jesus – Jim Ryan (2pm) – Len Brown’s North
Buddy Olson (5pm) – Missipi Brewing Lauren Mitchell Band – Flatted Fifth FY5 – The Mill, 120 E. Burlington St.,
Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Shore Inn, 700 N. Shore Dr., Moline IL
Company, 107 Iowa Ave., Muscatine Blues & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue Iowa City IA Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – New
Motel, 304 E Third St., Davenport IA Jordan Danielsen (11am) – Baked
IA IA Funktastic Five – Kavanaugh’s Hilltop Windsor Depot Park, Main St.
The Night People (5pm) – Rivertown Beer & Bread Co., 1113 Mound St.,
Bugeye Sprite – Downtown Coal Moonshine Run – River House, 1510 Tap, 1228 30th St., Rock Island IL between S. 4th Ave. & S. 5th Ave.,
Grille & Bar, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA
Valley, Coal Valley IA River Dr., Moline IL Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – Jim’s New Windsor IL
Davenport IA Kickin Back (4pm) – Judy’s Barge Inn,
Cherry Gun – Riverside Casino and The Night People – Rhythm City Knoxville Tap, 8716 Knoxville Rd.,
Soul Storm – 11th Street Precinct, 1107 600 W. Front St., Buffalo IA
Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Milan IL
Mound St., Davenport IA Moeller Nights: I’m Glad It’s You –
Riverside IA Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Jerry Barlow (11am) – LeClaire
Tej’ai Sullivan (8pm) – Final Mix Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon
Daiquiri Factory 13th Anniversary Roger Carlson (6pm) – Cool Beanz Community Library, 323 Wisconsin
(9:30pm) – Rhythm City Casino Motel, 304 E Third St., Davenport IA
Party: Here Come the Mummies – Coffeehouse, 1325 30th St., Rock St, LeClaire IA
Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore
Island IL Keith Reins & Tara McGovern: Folk
10 of Soul – Daiquiri Factory, 1809 Ave., Davenport IA Continued On Page 22
22 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Live Music Live Music Live Music
Email all listings to • Deadline 5 p.m. Thursday before publication
Continued From Page 21 Rock Island IL
Joe & Vicki Price – Flatted Fifth Blues &
The Jason Carl Band – 11th Street
Precinct, 1107 Mound St.,
Dowie – Rozz-Tox, 2108 Third Ave.,
Rock Island IL
BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue IA Davenport IA Jordan Danielsen (11am) – Baked
WEDNESDAY 12 Live Lunch w/ Tony Hoeppner
(noon) – RME Community Stage,
Karl Beatty – Baked Beer & Bread Co.,
1113 Mound St., Davenport IA
Beer & Bread Co., 1113 Mound St.,
Davenport IA
Burlington Street Bluegrass Band – 129 N. Main St., Davenport IA The Knockoffs – Sergeant Major’s, 213 Josh Ritter – Brett Dennen – Codfish
The Mill, 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa The Manny Lopez Big Band (6pm) – 6th Ave. W., Andalusia IL Hollow Barn, 5013 288th Ave.,
City IA The Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 1818 Third Larger Than Life (8pm) – The Maquoketa IA
Eric Lugosch (6:30pm) – The Faithful Ave., Rock Island IL Breakfast Club (9:30pm) – Rhythm Molly Conrad – John Franco – Iowa
Pilot Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd, Playlist – 11th Street Precinct, 1107 City Casino Resort Rhythm Room, City High & Friends Jazz Combo
LeClaire IA Mound St., Davenport IA 7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA – Ferdinand the Bull (2pm) –
Heartbreak Hotel: A Salute to Young The Re cliners (6:30 pm) – Lonesome Fugitive (6:30pm) – Uptown Bill’s Coffee House, 730 S.
Elvis – Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse, Weatherdance Fountain Stage, Casey Muessigmann (8:30pm) Dubuque St., Iowa City IA
1828 Third Ave., Rock Island IL outside the Sheraton Hotel, 210 S. – Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, Third Sunday @ 3 Concert – St. John’s
Laurie Berkner (6:30pm) – Deere- Dubuque St., Iowa City IA 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA United Methodist Church, 109 E
Wiman Carriage House, 817 11th Sarah Allner & Friends (6pm) – Michael Charles – Flatted Fifth Blues & 14th St, Davenport IA
Ave., Moline IL Creekside Vineyards Winery & Inn, BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue IA
David Dondero @ Triple Crown Whiskey Bar MONDAY 17
Moeller Nights: Hunterchild – Triple 7505 120th Ave., Coal Valley IL Moeller Nights: David Dondero –
Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Ten Strings & a Goat Skin – CSPS/ Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon
Motel, 304 E Third St., Davenport IA & Raccoon Motel - July 15 Legion Arts, 1103 3rd St SE, Cedar Motel, 304 E Third St., Davenport IA Moeller Nights: The Speedbumps
Rob Dahms & Gary Pearson Rapids IA The Stone Flowers – The Mound, 1029 – Oh Jeremiah – Triple Crown
(5:30pm) – Rivertown Grille & Bar, John Lindahl (6pm) – The Vice Squad Bettendorf Park Band – Bill Bowe Twist of Fate – Baked Beer & Bread Mound St., Davenport IA Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 E
2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA Band (7pm) – Bass Street Landing Memorial Bandshell, Middle Park, Co., 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA Walcott Day: Buddy Olson (2pm) – Third St., Davenport IA
Plaza, Moline IL Bettendorf IA Walcott Truckers Jamboree: Tony Downtown Walcott, Walcott IA The Tailfins – Moline Township
THURSDAY 13 Lojo Russo (6:30pm) – Bettendorf
Public Library, 2950 Learning
The Breakfast Club – Riverside Casino
and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22,
Justice (5pm) – Collin Raye (7pm)
– Iowa 80 Truck Stop, 755 W Iowa 80
Walcott Truckers Jamboree: North
of 40 (1pm) – Iowa 80 Truck Stop,
Activity Center, 620 18th St., Moline
The Beach Boys – Adler Theatre, 136 E. Campus Dr., Bettendorf IA Riverside IA Rd., Walcott IA 755 W Iowa 80 Rd., Walcott IA

Third St., Davenport IA The Recliners – The Chataqua Casey Muessigmann – Rhythm City
Bill Chrastil – Riverside Casino and Brothers – The Mill, 120 E. Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077
Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Burlington St., Iowa City IA Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Moeller Nights: Johnny P – The
Riverside IA Sheltered Reality – Herbert Hoover The Color Morale – The Plot in You – 50 Shades of Rock – Harley Corin’s, Buddy Olson (3pm) – Ducky’s Good Company – Triple Crown
Bobby Ray Bunch (6pm) – Go Fish National Historic Site, off I-80 at exit Dayseeker (6pm) – Gabe’s, 330 E. 1708 State St., Bettendorf IA Lagoon, 13515 78th Ave W., Taylor Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 E
Marina Bar & Grill, 411 River Dr., 254, West Branch IA Washington St., Iowa City IA Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys Ridge IL Third St., Davenport IA
Princeton IA Walcott Truckers Jamboree: Dani Eric Lugosch (noon) – Moline Public – RIBCO, 1815 Second Ave., Rock Charlie Painter Trio Jazz (5pm) –

Christopher Paul Stelling – Milk & Lynn Howe & Band (5:30pm) – Library, 3210 41st St., Moline IL Island IL Flatted Fifth Blues & BBQ, 300 Potter
Eggs – Rozz-Tox, 2108 Third Ave., Mary Sarah (7pm) – Iowa 80 Truck Friday Live @ Five: 3rd St. Villains Dan & Faith – Uptown Bill’s Coffee Dr., Bellevue IA
Rock Island IL Stop, 755 W Iowa 80 Rd., Walcott IA (5pm) – RME Courtyard, 131 W. 2nd House, 730 S. Dubuque St., Iowa Ed James Acoustic (2pm) – Service Bobby Ray Bunch & Brad Brenny
Eric Lugosch – The J Bar, 4215 Elmore St., Davenport IA City IA Station Bar & Grill, 432 1st Ave. W., (6:30pm) – The Faithful Pilot Cafe

Ave., Davenport IA Gray Wolf Band – River House, 1510 Funktastic Five – River House, 1510 West Milan IL & Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd, LeClaire IA
Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (6pm) River Dr., Moline IL River Dr., Moline IL Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (2pm) – Chastity Brown – CSPS/Legion Arts,
– Riverside Grille, 1733 State St., An Evening with Ray Bonneville – Hank Williams: The Lonesome Tour Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – Circle Len Brown’s North Shore Inn, 700 N. 1103 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids IA
Bettendorf IA The Mill, 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa Starring Jason Petty – Circa ’21 Tap, 1345 W. Locust St., Davenport Shore Dr., Moline IL Tobin Sprout – Elf Power – The Mill,
JC/jp – Uptown Bill’s Coffee House, 730 City IA Dinner Playhouse, 1828 Third Ave., IA Har-di-Har – Sister Wife – Gabriel 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa City IA
S. Dubuque St., Iowa City IA



Black Dolls from
the Collection of
Deborah Neff
This exhibition was organized by the Mingei
International Museum, San Diego, California,
and curated by Christine Knoke Hietbrink.

Kara Walker:
The Emancipation
sponsored by

Artist Unknown, American, Startled Woman
with Bonnet, late 19th century, mixed fabrics,
leather, and mother of pearl, collection of
Deborah Neff, courtesy of the Mingei
International Museum

The Figge is FREE through September 3 thanks to the Bechtel Trusts and John Deere Classic

Davenport, Iowa • 563.326.7804
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 938 • July 6 - 19, 2017 23

DJs/Karaoke/ Comedy
Jams/Open Mics
Locust St., Davenport IA Songwriters’ Round Table & Open Mic Night – Broken Saddle, 1417
Karaoke Night – The Grove Tap, 108 S. Showcase (July 8, noon) – River Fifth Ave., Moline IL
Cross Creek Karaoke – Hey Bryan’s, First St., Long Grove IA Music Experience, 129 N. Main St., Open Mic Night – Cool Beanz Bix Beiderbomb Presents (8pm) – Stand- Bix Beiderbomb Presents (8pm) – Boozie’s
1140 15th Ave., Moline IL Karaoke Night – K & T’s Bike Rack Davenport IA Coffeehouse, 1325 330th St., Rock up Open Mic (9pm) – Boozie’s Bar & Grille, Bar & Grille, 114 ½ W. Third St., Davenport IA
DJ Night w/ 90s Music – Thirsty’s on Sports Bar & Grill, 3303 Brady St., Twisted Mics Music & Entertainment Island IL 114 ½ W. Third St., Davenport IA ComedySportz (7pm) – The Establishment,
Third, 2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA Davenport IA – Barrel House Moline, 1321 Fifth Tuesday Blues Jam w/ Mark Avey ComedySportz (7pm) – The Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock Island IL
Karaoke Night – Bier Stube Moline, 415 Karaoke Night – Miller Time Bowling, Ave., Moline IL & “Detroit” Larry Davison – 220 19th St., Rock Island IL Stand-up Open Mic (9pm) – Boozie’s Bar &
15th St., Moline IL 2902 E. Kimberly Rd., Davenport IA Ukulele Social Club (July 15, 4pm) – Cabana’s, 2120 Fourth Ave., Rock Michael Thorne (8pm) – Penguin’s Comedy Grille, 114 ½ W. Third St., Davenport IA
Karaoke w/ Double Dz – Purgatory’s Karaoke Night – Roadrunners Uptown Bill’s Coffee House, 730 S. Island IL Club, 208 Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA Studio Series: It’s Your Fault (9:30pm)
Pub, 2104 State St., Bettendorf IA Roadhouse, 3803 Rockingham Rd., Dubuque St., Iowa City IA Underground Open Mic w/ Kate Stand-up Open Mic (9pm) – Boozie’s Bar & – The Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock
Open Jam Session – My Place the Pub, Davenport IA Kane – Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S. Grille, 114 ½ W. Third St., Davenport IA Island IL
4405 State St., Bettendorf IA
Open Mic w/ H.C. Wallace – Boots,
Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third,
2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA SUNDAYS Linn St., Iowa City IA Studio Series: 309 (9:30pm) – The
Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock Island IL
Tig Notaro (8pm) – Englert Theatre, 221 East
Washington St., Iowa City IA
2228 E. 11th St., Davenport IA Karaoke Night – V.F.W. Post 9128, 2814 Catfish Jazz Society Jam Session
Rock the House Karaoke – Bottoms State St., Bettendorf IA (July 9, 3pm) – Knights of Columbus
Up on 7th, 1814 Seventh St., Moline IL Karaoke Night w/ Mike Matthews Hall, 1111 W. 35th St., Davenport IA Acoustic Jam Night w/ Steve McFate
Thumpin’ Thursdays DJ Night – – Hollar’s Bar & Grill, 4050 27th St., Karaoke Night – 11th Street Precinct, – McManus Pub, 1401 Seventh Ave., ComedySportz (7pm) – The Establishment, ComedySportz (7pm) – The Establishment,
Rascals Live, 1414 15th St., Moline IL Moline IL 1107 Mound St., Davenport IA Moline IL 220 19th St., Rock Island IL 220 19th St., Rock Island IL
Open Mic Night (5pm) – Lynn’s BBQ & Hump Day Wing & Sing w/ Marybeth Michael Thorne (8pm) – Penguin’s Comedy Leonard & Donna’s Ol’ Timey Vaudeville

FRIDAYS SATURDAYS Saloon, 1151 E. Iowa St., Eldridge IA – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N Grill,
4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport IA
Club, 208 Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA
Open Source Improv (8pm) – Circa ’21
Variety Show: Jessica Misra – Alosha
Robinson – Eric Persoon – The
Cabana Karaoke Night – Cabana’s,
2120 Fourth Ave., Rock Island IL
Community Folk Sing (July 8, 3pm)
– Uptown Bill’s Coffee House, 730 S. MONDAYS Karaoke Night – 11th Street Precinct,
1107 Mound St., Davenport IA
Speakeasy, 1818 Third Ave., Rock Island IL
Studio Series: Full Disclosure featuring
Heartland Bombshells (9pm) – The Mill,
120 E. Burlington St., Iowa City IA
Cross Creek Karaoke – Firehouse Dubuque St., Iowa City IA Karaoke Monday w/ Pierced Karaoke Night – Circle Tap, 1345 West Don Hepner (9:30pm) – The Open Source Improv (8pm) – Circa ’21
Bar & Grill, 2006 Hickory Grove Rd., Cross Creek Karaoke – Jim’s Knoxville Productions – Grumpy’s Saloon, Locust St., Davenport IA Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock Island IL Speakeasy, 1818 Third Ave., Rock Island IL
Davenport IA Tap, 8716 Knoxville Rd., Milan IL 2120 E. 11th St., Davenport IA Karaoke Night – RIBCO, 1815 Second Studio Series: Survivor (9:30pm) – The

DJ Dolla – RIDRS, 1722 Second Ave., DJ Dolla – RIDRS, 1722 Second Ave., Musicians Jam w/ CJ Lomas (July 17, Ave., Rock Island IL Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock Island IL
Rock Island IL Rock Island IL 6pm) – Theo’s Java Club, 213 17th St., Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third,

DJ K Yung – Barrel House Moline, 1321 Karaoke Night – The Grove Tap, 108 S. Rock Island IL 2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA Circumstantial Comedy Show (10pm) –
Fifth Ave., Moline IL First St., Long Grove IA Open Mic w/ J. Knight – The Mill, 120 E. Open Jam w/ The Channel Cats – Bent BREW, 1104 Jersey Ridge Rd., Davenport IA
DJ Lacey – Hawkeye Tap Sports Karaoke Night – K & T’s Bike Rack Burlington St., Iowa City IA River Brewing Company, 512 24th St. Circumstantial Comedy Show (10pm) –

Bar N Grill, 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Sports Bar & Grill, 3303 Brady St., Rock Island IL BREW, 1104 Jersey Ridge Rd., Davenport IA
Davenport IA Davenport IA
TUESDAYS Open Mic Night – Boozie’s Bar & Grille,

DJ Menos (July 14, 5pm) – Mercado on Karaoke Night – Miller Time Bowling, 114 1/2 W. Third St., Davenport IA Honeycombs of Comedy (9pm) – Iowa City
Fifth, Fifth Ave. between 11th & 12th 2902 E. Kimberly Rd., Davenport IA Acoustic Music Club – River Music Open Mic Night (July 12, 5:30pm) Yacht Club, 13 S. Linn St., Iowa City IA
Sts., Moline IL Karaoke Night – Roadrunners Experience, 129 N. Main St., – Milltown Coffee, 3800 River Dr., Honeycombs of Comedy (9pm) – Iowa City

DJ Simeon Talley (July 7) – The Mill, Roadhouse, 3803 Rockingham Rd., Davenport IA Moline IL Yacht Club, 13 S. Linn St., Iowa City IA
120 E. Burlington St., Iowa City IA Davenport IA Karaoke Night – My Place the Pub,

Fresh Wax: Garden of Earthly Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third, 4405 State St., Bettendorf IA Comedy Open Mic (7:30pm) – Penguin’s
Delights w/ Ryan Simpson (July 2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA Karaoke Night w/ Okeedokee It’s Comedy Club, 208 Second Ave. SE, Cedar
14, 9pm) – Rozz-Tox, 2108 Third Ave., Karaoke Night w/ Jim Harker – Karaoke – Lynn’s BBQ & Saloon, 1151 Rapids IA Comedy Open Mic (7:30pm) – Penguin’s
Rock Island IL Hollar’s Bar & Grill, 4050 27th St., E. Iowa St., Eldridge IA Comedy Club, 208 Second Ave. SE, Cedar
Karaoke Night – Circle Tap, 1345 West Moline IL Rapids IA
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