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Date : 5th. November 2012


Date : 5th. November 2012.

Time : 10.30am ~12.00pm.
Venue : Meeting Room.

a) Action items from last meeting

Management Representative presented the data from last meeting and informed that last
actions taken are completed and effective.

b) Process performance and product conformance

MR informed that no corrective and preventive request issued from September 2011 ~
October 2012.
Administration presented customer delivery performance with 100 % meet customer
delivery requirements
QC presented receiving inspection report, in-process inspection report and final packing
report, results were accepted by management
After reviewed management requested production to take necessary improvement to
reduce the rejection percentage, the results shall to be reviewed with action plan from
time to time.

c) Internal/External quality audits:

Management Representative informed that no audit nonconformance report issued in

year 2012. The internal audit finding can be referred to internal audit finding report dated
2nd November 2012.
The results:
Sales = 0 NC
Admin. (Purchasing/ HR) = 0 NC
Store / Shipping. = 0 NC
Production / Maintenance = 0 NC
QC / QA = 0 NC

MR proposed the internal audit for next audit to be conducted on October 2013. The
audit plan distributed to all related department head for action.
d) Corrective and preventive actions:

Quality Control presented the most important corrective and preventive actions
implemented through the periods of September 2011 ~ October 2012:-

Monthly Number of CPAR Issue Table

Type Customer Internal Suppliers Total

October 2011 ~ 0 0 0 0
Dec 2011
Jan 2012 ~ 0 0 0
October 2012
Total 0 0 0 0

MR informed that no CPAR issue from September 2011 ~ October 2012.

e) Customer feedback and complaints:

MR informed that no customer feedback and complaints received within September 2011
~ October 2012.

f) Customer needs, expectations, and satisfaction:

Sales presented the following customer satisfaction surveys records.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Data
No. Customer Points
1 Wheels 90
2 Tokutam 80
3 Askoma 80
4 SH Chooi 80

All the customers are satisfied with our product quality and technical services.

g) Training:

Administration reported on the company employee training programs. All the training
records are up-dated by HR
Head of department conducted training evaluation. After training the records
forwarded to HR department and up-date the training information into Personnel
Training Record.
h) Changes that could affect the quality system:

Management Representative informed no changes that affect the quality system.

i) Review the Quality, Policy, Objectives and resources need for the quality
management system.

a) Top Management reviewed the following company quality policy and objective:-

i) To Achieve Delivery Performance > 90 % per Month - achieved. Sales

informed no delay of shipment form September 2011 ~ October 2012
ii) To Achieve < 3 Written Complaints per Month achieved. From September
2011 ~ October 2012 no written feedback and complaints.

b) Management would like to set the same policy and objectives, policy and
objectives remain unchanged.

c) Also, management reviewed the resources or year 2012, company may increase
more man-power when order increase in middle of 2013

j) General matter arising

No general matter arising.

Management Representative Prepared: __________________________________

Date: 5th. November 2012

Managing Director Approved: ________________________________________

Date: 5th. November 2012