God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Ps 46:1 July 2017
Celebrating Artesia’s One Year Graduation!!
of all the ways God has blessed me this past year...He’s
given me a second chance at life.
March 2017
The following lyrics by Christian song writer, Morgan
Harper Nichols, mean a lot to me:

“When you start to feel like things should have
been better this year, remember the mountains
and valleys that got you here. They are not For people serious about getting well!
accidents and those moments weren’t in vain.
You are not the same; you have grown and you
are growing. You are breathing, you are living.
Journey On!
Cheryl Langie Artesia Donna
You are wrapped in endless, boundless, grace. If you’ve been traveling this summer already to graduations, “Sovereign Commander of the universe, I am sadly harassed
“When I first arrived at the Refuge a year ago, I came with And things will get better. There is more to you weddings, family reunions and even fun vacations, you may by doubts, fears and unbelief, in a felt spiritual darkness. My
a sense that I was too broken to be used by God. I was than yesterday” be ready to go back home for a rest. I invite you to come heart is full of evil surmising and disquietude, and I cannot
extremely insecure, anxious, and could barely speak, or with me now in the comfort of your home as we take a jour- act faith at all. My heavenly pilot has disappeared, and I
look anyone in the eye. I remember the first couple of I thank God for the Refuge and all who have supported ney into the past and the present happenings, and even ven- have lost my hold on the rock of ages; I sink in deep mire
months being here, sitting around the dinner table me.” ~ Artesia ture into what awaits us in the future. Playing Beethoven’s beneath storms and waves, in horror and distress unutterable.”
every night...hands shaking, head down, so 5 Secrets on YouTube by The Piano Guys helps set the stage.
My past was painful, but pur-
ashamed of who I had become. Someone said, “It is like a
poseful. The Refuge is here in
musical journey composed of
Since being here, I’ve learned that God not only this present time because the
sounds from another place.”
draws near to the brokenhearted but that my Lord used my past suffering and
brokenness may be the very thing He uses to glori- We all have memories from our countless others’ painful pasts to
pasts that we would like to for- come together to help those
fy Him. I am now able to accept myself exactly the
get, but they tend to hold on as coming up behind us.
way I am, and to see my imperfections as gifts
we travel into the present life.
from God, instead of burdens to bear. I have faith “Help me/us, O Lord, to throw
A lot of people who come to
that God will always be with me, no matter what. Marissa, Artesia, Arsha, Shelsea ourselves absolutely and wholly
the Refuge’s doors are seeking
And that there’s no reason for me to be afraid on You, for better, for worse,
a way to get rid of them. They
anymore. I can’t help but smile every time I think without comfort, and all but
are weary from trying to free
hopeless. Give us peace of soul,
themselves from the emotional pains such as anger, fear
Ashlee’s Two Weeks Pamela’s One Month and guilt. And the pains of abandonment, confusion and
confidence, enlargement of mind and morning joy that
comes after night heaviness; water our souls richly with di-
hopelessness are strongholds, also. I know. This
vine blessings; grant that we may welcome Your humbling in
“I came with unforgiveness and bitterness in my heart “God has opened my eyes to what it truly means to have combination was overwhelming in my life. I went towards
private so that we might enjoy You in public.”
which caused me to be emotionally sick. I understand psychology for answers. Others go towards codependency,
my identity in Christ. I’ve come to understand that upon
forgiveness now. And I understand how I got myself in- addictions, achievements and many other relief stations The Women’s Refuge is publicly known in Vero Beach, Indi-
salvation, I was transferred into His Kingdom and my along the way. For some, the traumas from the past and the
volved with what I did and was able to truly forgive my- an River County, somewhat in Florida and other states now.
spirit is already seated with Him in the heavenlies. I present are too much for them to handle and they resort to
self and my offenders. When I forgave myself, a heavy We have had women come to the Refuge seeking help from
learned that I’m not just covered by God’s righteousness, physically hurting themselves like this recent counselee, Australia, Germany, England, Austria, South Africa, China,
weight was lifted off of me. I plan to stay on top of any
but I became righteous the day I accepted Christ. I who said: “I wound up in a psych hospital after trying to Africa, Korea and over 150 from South American countries.
bitterness and hurts so that I do not become emotionally
learned what it truly means to be loved and accepted by commit suicide. I couldn’t take any more pain!” Why do they come? Because of their pain
sick again. I have learned tons of amazing information
Him. I learned what true for- and suffering. How do they find us? God
that I am able to take back and These words have plagued us humans forever, “I can’t/
giveness is and that I no longer draws them through the internet, church-
apply to my life. I want to take couldn’t take this pain any longer.” Way back in the 16th and
es, doctors, families and graduates from
the discipline from this pro- need to carry guilt and shame. 17th centuries, the Puritans wrote their prayers down in
the Refuge. What is here? GOD IS! PLEASE
gram and apply it to my life. I’ve learned the importance of their times of anguish and despair. Here is one that has been
I’ve learned that prayer not refuting misbeliefs and replacing echoed by millions of people over the years, including me:
Love, Donna
only impacts my life but those them with God’s truth using
around me and I am now scripture. I learned that my
confident to pray aloud in front identity is in Christ.” ~ Pamela
of people.” ~ Ashlee ●
Today’s Prayer by Donna Robart Upcoming Events
My journey is heading towards my final destination, but not before I go on a cruise with Ted, four children and two of
their spouses. It is in celebration of my 80th birthday on July 12th. My health is better now than 10 years ago. I wrote this
prayer years ago and have recently updated it to share with you.
Mark your calendar!
“Approaching New Horizons”
(It’s exciting. Turn up the music and close your eyes. It’s really true for all of us who know what our future is.)

“Having just read another book about God’s grace I have to admit that there is so much more about truth, about love,
about freedom, about life, about Him that I don’t know, much less, experience. The sheer joy of just touching this vast-
ness of His unexplored Essence sends thrills in my soul. Yet I fear it. I feel like a helium balloon tethered by a string, yet
straining constantly to be free to soar upward. A thin string is all that holds me from total abandonment to somewhere
else. His gentle pressure keeps me tied down, but the fierce urging within me surely must be from Him as well. This de-
sire…these desires are for more. Love? Freedom? Pleasure? Wisdom? Meaning? Joy? I think that these are indeed de-
sires I felt or feel at times, but I believe that the strongest, or truest, or actually the only lasting one…is belonging. This
one aches…there is pain and sorrow mingled with an inexpressible emptiness needing to be filled.”
~ Donna

To end this journey into the past, I want to share this portion from our Puritan brethren: Say it out loud.

“I ask great things, expect great things, and shall receive great things. I venture on You fully, my wind, sunshine,
anchor, defense. Your voyage is long, the waves high, the storms pitiless, but my helm is held steady, Your Word 1105 58th Ave, Vero Beach
secures safe passage, Your grace wafts me onward, my haven is guaranteed. This day will bring me nearer home, grant
me holy consistency in every transaction, my peace flowing as a running tide, my righteousness as every chasing wave.
Help me, protect me in the moving sea until I reach the shore of unceasing praise.” Amen and amen Come celebrate with us!

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