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UDL Critique

For this UDL critique, we will take a deeper look into the use of IXL. The IXL program has become a
widely accepted and respected online tool for learners to refine their skills in all core subjects. Their
primary functions are for math and language arts skills.

Criteria Unacceptable Needs Improvement Meets Criteria

Technology aligns with UDL guidelines of representation

Audio not available for all subjects and
grades. Cant enlarge text except
Perception through zooming in your browser.

Images and symbols are used across

multiple questions. Acceptable color
Language, expression Upon answering the question, the student is
given an explanation. This explanation provides
and symbols
vocabulary support. Multiple mathematic
representations used in questions.
IXL is strong in this regard. In the event that a
student may not know the answer, IXL provides
Comprehension a link for them to go back and review
background knowledge that relates to the
question. They also remove distractions to
allow students to focus on the question at hand.
Technology aligns with UDL guidelines of action and expression
IXL is simple in the fact that
Physical action you respond by typing in the
answer. Users are limited with
regards to physical action and
Expression and Very few opportunities available
to use multiple strategies to
solve answers. Very few extra
tools provided.
Scaffolding is provided in regard to
help students build knowledge.
Executive function Feedback is provided in the form of a
difficult to understand scoring
algorithm. Students can earn trophies
for their progress as a way to encourage
them to continue.
Website aligns with UDL guidelines of engagement:
No real individual choice allowed aside
Recruiting interest from choosing individual SOL strand.
Questions are relevant to students
IXL seems to miss the mark in
Sustaining effort and regard to these guidelines. No
real differentiation or
opportunities to individualize
learning. No opportunity to
Self-regulation Rapid feedback and scaffolding allows
students to quickly see their progress.
Progress is understandable and timely.
Suggestions for improvement

Representation: Incorporate audio for all content. Allow easy option to enlarge text.

Action and Expression: Addition of calculators for math problems on screen. Allow multiple ways for questions to be answered.
Create a more user-friendly scoring metric to give students a scoring scale they are more familiar and comfortable with.

Engagement: Add an element of individual choice for the student within strands. Creation of collaborative space to help students
share their tips and insights.