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Human beings are only borrowing their place on Earth. So it’s our responsibility to take care of the
environment in which we live by nourishing and sustaining the finite resources that the planet provides us,
keeping it healthy for generations to come.

That’s why after witnessing the deterioration of our environment by some of our modern synthetic
landscape materials, we’ve chosen to go back to the basics, living out our responsibility as stewards of
the earth. At BioGreen Organics, our mission is to be an eco-pioneer in providing a true, 100% certified
organic alternative to treat turf and landscape soils, creating beautiful lawns and landscaping in an
environmentally friendly way.

We believe in educating the public about the benefits of choosing organic

landscape services and products. By implementing small fundamental changes in
the choices we make everyday, together we’ll have a large impact on the future
of healthy families around our country and protect Mother Earth.

By treating our yards, playgrounds, parks, golf courses, ball fields, and all public grounds organically, we
can create a healthier environment – free of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that contribute
to air, ground, and water pollution – that is safe for our kids, pets, and all of us to enjoy.

Take the Step: treat your landscape organically and be proud that you do!


50 to 75 percent of homeowners store synthetic pesticides, herbicides 60 to 90 percent of
and fertilizers in unlocked areas within reach of children, and 50
percent do not read the warning labels before use.
earthworms are killed
by regular applications
of traditional pesticides,
} Back to
the Basics:
herbicides, and fertilizers. uses only
Of the most commonly used lawn pesticides: Earthworms are invaluable sustainable,
• 13 can cause cancer for healthy soil production.
• 14 can cause birth defects materials
• 11 can interfere with reproduction; provided
to us by
• 21 can damage the nervous system
WATER Mother
30 percent of water Earth
consumed goes to watering
111,000 Americans become ill each year due to pesticide, lawns.
herbicide, and fertilizer exposure. Worldwide, three million people
are affected. Yet most hospitals and clinics still use pesticides and 10,000 gallons of water
fertilizers to treat their grounds. (EPA) are required per summer
to maintain a “green” look
DDT, a chemical banned over 30 years ago, still lingers in the on a 1,000 square-foot
interiors of homes, proving that chemicals don’t always break lawn (U.S. News and World
down over time. Chemicals added to your lawn may stay on your Report, 10/28/96).
lawn, may be transferred to interior carpets via foot traffic, may
come in contact with your kids, your pets – anyone who spends More than 10 percent
time in your grass. of drinking water wells
contain detectable levels
Pesticides linked to cancer, birth defects and neurological disorders of traditional pesticides,
contaminate almost all of the nation’s rivers and streams and most herbicides and fertilizers
fish found in them. (Associated Press, 2006) (National Wildlife

60-70 million birds are poisoned each year in the U.S. due to HABITAT
pesticide and fertilizer use. (EPA) In many watersheds, a
study found nitrogen and
While less than ten percent of all insects are harmful to plants, most phosphorous applied to
pesticides are harmful or lethal to all insects. (EPA) lawns end up in water
ways, causing significant
Animals that drink run-off water in street gutters are ingesting the environmental problems.
pesticides and herbicides used to treat those lawns. You should
think twice before letting your four legged friend take a sip on your
neighborhood walks.

} Our Goal : Our goal is to create and sustain a healthy soil ecosystem that will not pose a health threat to you, your
family, your friends, your co-workers, your pets, or the environment, and help you learn how you can do your part. We are
a proactive company. Our objective is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about
caring for your landscape. We believe in our 100% organic alternative to synthetic chemical lawn treatments and hope you
see the value of our service and commitment to the environment.

Our Process : In the process of improving your soil, we bring back the good bugs, worms, and microorganisms
that are essential to maintaining rich and healthy soil. In turn, nutrient-rich soil germinates deeper roots, which lead to
a healthier, lush landscape. Not only will the grass be greener on your side of the fence, our process will typically save
you time and money because a chemical-free turf is more resilient and self-sustainable, requiring less water and lower
maintenance in the long run.

Specifics : We only use 100% organic materials listed by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI). These
certified organic materials replace the “traditional synthetic” lawn care pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. A first in the
industry, BioGreen Organics is truly breaking new ground in taking the organic approach to landscape and turf care. We’re
currently in review with a third party USDA certifier to provide organic certification. We’re excited to lead the way toward a
new kind of thinking, hoping that one day landscapes and properties will be recognized as organically certified.

BioGreen Organics offers a true organic alternative when it comes

to treating your landscape. When you make the ecologically wise
choice to take part in promoting and sustaining a healthy, bio-
diverse environment free of toxic chemicals, we guarantee it’s a
choice you’ll be proud of.

The Benefits : Because you’ve chosen to use an organic landscape product, you’ve taken a step to further sustain
the health and purity of not only our environment and water supply, but everyone and everything affected in the circle of
life. It’s a commitment to clean up our environment, one step at a time. So go outside and roll around in your lawn, take
a picnic, play ball, teach your kids to whistle with a blade of grass. Most of all, be happy knowing that it’s completely safe
to live in your yard.

“Herbicides have become so ingrained in our culture that we may not think other methods are effective. Trading the ease
of applying herbicides for hand pulling weeds and improving your landscape’s health takes effort, especially at first. But
one day the “perfect landscape” may be redefined as one that is pleasing to look at and safe to live with. An ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of herbicide.”
- WM Scullin
} You Can Make
A Difference

STEP 1 : Treat yourself and your soil to an analysis. Once we review the data, we
will implement a customized program to balance the nutrients of your soil, based on the
recipe specifically designed from your soil test results.

REASONS TO GO ORGANIC STEP 2 : As part of getting you to think differently, we want to educate you and
members of your community on maintaining organic turf and landscape by properly
It’s a great way to have peace so that managing watering habits and not mowing turf too short or during droughts. We will help
you, your family, your co-workers, improve your maintenance and watering habits by using bio-friendly organic materials.
your pets and your friends safely enjoy
your lawn and landscaping. STEP 3 : We will implement our Soil-Building Program – BioGreen Organics’ proven
........................... key to a safe, natural, healthy, organic lawn and landscape.
It doesn’t contribute to air, ground,
and water pollution. Our Soil-Building Program includes:
........................... • One-on-one consultation
It makes time spent outdoors among • Seven soil-building treatments, covering your lawn, landscape, trees, shrubs & beds
the landscaping more pleasant, • A complete chemical-free, all natural 100% organic landscape fertilization and
whether outside on a lunch break, treatment program for one year
with friends in the back yard, or in the • Soil analysis and corrective treatment regimen for one year from the time of
garden reading. the analysis
........................... • Regular assessments to check the over all health and progress of your lawn
It’s good for the future of organic and landscape
businesses. The more we know as a • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) & disease prevention management
general public, the more responsibility • Guaranteed organic results
we take of our contribution to the
environment, and the better off we BioGreen uses 100% organic fertilizers – they are nature’s way of supplying nutrients to
all are. both turf and plants through the soil. Organic fertilizers meant to stimulate and feed the
........................... beneficial microorganisms in the soil contain raw materials, which consist of a combination
It’s healthy for the turf, soil, trees, and of organic micronutrients, Fulvic and Humic acids, fish emulsion, seaweed, kelp, and a
flowers, making for a more beautiful compost tea. (Note: No fish are killed for the purpose of creating this fish emulsion. It’s
and safe environment. derived from fish by-products and processes.) Best of all, the results of our Soil-Building
........................... Program are achieved 100% organically.
It helps create sustainable landscapes.
STEP 4 : BioGreen uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as a proven method
It encourages governments to respond
of pest control that emphasizes simple, inexpensive prevention practices that are safe to
with more appropriate legislation.
people and the environment. IPM focuses on eliminating the causes of pests by minimizing
their access to food, water, and hiding places.

STEP 5 : Enjoy a healthy thick landscape that crowds out unsightly weeds without
the use of harmful synthetic herbicides.

Six Important Questions to Ask an Organic Service Provider or

Lawn & Landscape Care Company
Organic service companies come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few questions to ask to help you make an informed

1 : How long have you been involved with and using true 100% certified
organic materials?
BioGreen has been using 100% proven organic materials in Western Colorado for the past seven years. We’re also the
first in the U.S. to have our products and services reviewed by a USDA third-party certifier, hoping to offer 100% organic
certification on all treated landscapes and properties.

2 : Do you specialize in organic services or is it an alternative or side

BioGreen provides a 100% organic fertilization service; therefore, our equipment never becomes cross-contaminated with
synthetic chemicals. Our business is providing plant health care – we do not cut or maintain lawns or have a garden center,
so our BioGreen clients are our only clients.

3 : Do you use compost or aerobically brewed compost tea?

Compost and compost tea are the perfect soil and plant amendment. Both contain beneficial microorganisms and help
with the nutrient uptake that is essential for plant and soil health. BioGreen uses certified compost tea because it has a
higher concentration of microbes.

4 : Do you use soil tests; and if so, what would you do about the deficiencies
and excesses found in my soil?
BioGreen has analyzed many soil samples throughout Western Colorado. We have the experience in soil science and the
knowledge to build your soil’s fertility through biological and nutrient supplement applications. We mix all the nutrients
needed specifically for your soil based on the test results for seasonal applications.

5 : How will you control crab grass and dandelions?

BioGreen provides a strictly chemical-free landscape program that uses no synthetic herbicides. We use all organic tools
available to treat each property.

6 : What kind of guarantee do you offer?

BioGreen’s Soil-Building Program is guaranteed. We stand behind our service and guarantee you’ll notice improved soil
results with the correct organic turf maintenance program. If at any time your landscape needs additional feedings or
treatments, just give us a call. We take pride in our organic products and work and know you will too.

What happens when I call BioGreen Organics?
We’ll answer any questions you may have about BioGreen’s 100% organic landscape service.
Then, we’ll make an appointment to visit with you and evaluate your property.

What happens during the first appointment?

A professional BioGreen Organics representative will visit you and your landscape. After
discussing your landscape needs, we will conduct a thorough examination of your property.
Since soil conditions vary from property to property, we need to know what we’re working with
so we can properly treat it. We will perform soil and compaction tests and send core samples of
your soil to a professional soil lab for testing. This generally takes about 10 working days. The
results of your soil test will give us the “recipe” that we will follow to return your soil to a more
natural, healthy condition. The cost for this initial service is $155.00*, and the analysis is yours
to keep. We will also leave you with a fixed quote for further treatment of all soil and plants
If you choose not to use our on your property. If you do not wish to use our service, please review the seven questions we
service please be aware of recommend you ask before interviewing another lawn and landscape company.
* Price subject to change, based on soil lab fees
the following:
• If another service claims Okay, I’m ready to go 100% organic. Now what?
to be organic, ask if their When you choose to use our service, we’ll discuss and record your specific landcare needs and
products are OMRI listed set up a schedule. Before your initial organic treatment, we’ll ask the following questions: What
and if their services are time of day is least interruptive to your home or business? Do you have pets in the yard, and,
USDA certified.
if so, are they friendly? Do you wish to be present during the applications? Do you prefer to
• Take note: many pesticides be notified in advance?
persist in lawns and soil
long after the posted 24-72 After each application, we’ll leave an invoice detailing the work that was completed and make
hours re-entrance time notes that may be helpful to you. Every application will be completed by an experienced
period. And remember pets technician who will answer any general questions you might have.
and small children can’t
read the warning flags. After the initial treatment to my landscape, what
happens next?
• Beware if a lawn service
tells you a chemical
The technician will return and inspect your property at various times of the season, depending
application is safe (please on your specific landscape needs, to determine if any changes are needed.
ask them). Federal EPA
regulations prohibit What if I’m not satisfied or I have a problem that needs
manufacturers from making to be addressed?
safety claims, even if used
as directed. All pesticides BioGreen guarantees 100% satisfaction. We guarantee results and promise to answer your
must be treated with questions and help resolve any problems that may arise. If necessary, we will meet with you to
caution. further explain any issue that you might have.
• Refuse routine
application of pesticides.

• Be aware that chemicals

listed as inert ingredients
can be highly toxic.
Know what’s on your lawn.


Choose to know. Grow green.