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Our Honored and Respectful, Prof. A. Amjad, who provided us with endless and invaluable guidance. 

We thank the management of Holiday Inn for giving us their valuable time and cooperating with us. They treated us with courtesy and provided us with all the information we needed. 

We also would like to thank all the individuals who have contributed towards the completion of this project.


In this project we have tried to observe an organization and see how it is running. The main objectives were: y To practically observe the managerial functions, skills and roles.

y How the managers performs his managerial functions, skills and roles.

y Learn how the manager controls his staff using his skills.



Achieve Quality Excellence and Serve Customers with Quality Products


They value & respect their customers. They communicate openly. They have integrity. They are committed to winning.


Holiday Inn is an international hotel and resort chain, having hotels and resorts in every known big city in the present world. The head office of Asian subcontinent is located in Mumbai (India). There chains includes       Intercontinental Hotel & Resorts Crown Plaza Hotel & Resorts Express by Holiday Inn Stay Bridge Suites Holiday Inn Express Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts

Holiday Inn Lahore started its operation and functioning in July 1995. Holiday Inn Lahore is a perfect place, comfortable and luxurious. It is a four star hotel. They offer a variety of services and amenities such as full service restaurants and swimming pools. Credit card guarantee required for all arrivals- Deposit may be required during special events. Holiday Inn Lahore, franchise of the Inter Continental Hotels Groups family is striving to achieve new landmarks on roads to success. They are always in rent less pursuit of excellence ensuring the social privacy of our valuables customers and guests. We know that they are always there to add value to our prestige and enhance our reputation in the world care, comfort and hospitality. Intercontinental hotels group (IHG) is the world·s most global hotel company and the largest by number of rooms. They group has more than 3700 owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels and over 600,000 guest rooms across nearly 100 countries and territories. Their strategy is the aim to provide all their guests outstanding quality and comfort with genuine friendliness and professional warmth, surpassed by none. Holiday Inn is located on Egerton Road Lahore 25-26. It is a 4 star hotel with all amenities if a 5 star hotels. It is conveniently located in central Lahore and is close to all business centers. Currently total man power is 400 which is working in

three different shifts.The owner and Chairman of Holiday Inn Lahore is Khawaja Tariq Latif. MD is Khawaja Khurram.

Holiday Inn Lahore has the following features:             120 Guest Rooms 8 Suites 15 non- Smoking Rooms 68 Double bed Rooms 52 single bed Rooms 1 Special Rooms for disabled Downtown /City Centre 9 Floors Cocktail Lounge 3 Restaurants (China grills, Lahore gates & roof Barbeques) Airline Desk: World Travel Rental Car Desk: International Tours (PVT)

Ahmad Salman is the Deputy Direct or of Sales & Marketing at Holiday I nn. He graduated from Pun jab Un iversity in MP A. He started h is career in 1988 with an assignment, where he got responsibility of Over the counter (OTC) pro ducts, l ike Johr-Joshanda, there he worked for 3 ½ years, then he jo ined Avari in 1991, t ill 2005 in Sales & Market ing department . Then Mr. Ahmad jo ined Serena Hotel, after which he jo ined Un i-Lever in I slamabad as a Regional Sales Manager of the North Sector for a durat ion of 2 ½ years.He then joined Telenor Pakistan as a Manger of Profit & Sales in Faislabad. Last year in September 2009 he moved to Lahore and jo ined Hol iday I nn and now he is presently working as a Director of S ales & Market ing.

FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT: y Planning y Leading y Organizing y Controlling

Long term plan:
y The long term objective of Holiday Inn is to earn revenue.

y Becoming the leader in hotel industry in Pakistan.

Short term plan
y y The short term objectives are to provide courteous, friendly, caring and best services to its customers. Making guests feel welcomed by providing unquestionable service and care.

To achieve short term or long term objectives plans are made. Plans regarding financial matters are made entirely by the exclusive management. To make a plan for achieving any short term objective the executive management takes decisions from middle management and the employees as they play a huge part in achieving the desired goals. As according to DSM ² Ahmad: ´I have a team of three sales managers. We plan on weekly basis. We use frequency charts which are updated every day of daily records. We develop a strategy, then rule the specific strategy and then wait for the desired outcomes.µ

Contingency Planning:
The restaurant has contingency plans for every department. For example in HR department the contingency plan is that in case if the chief chef leaves the job for some reason or expires the restaurant will hire a trained chef from somewhere on contract basis until it finds a chef of its own. The advantages of contingency plans are that: y Helps getting into a better position to cope with unexpected developments.


Avoid the shock of complete surprise

y Avoid halting of operations during emergencies. LEADING
Holiday Inn leads, motivates and inspires its workers by providing them different incentives and fulfilling facilities and incentives. When he (Ahmad) joined Holiday Inn his staff was already on their target, he himself also decided to work with his staff to accomplish that target. Mr. Salman said,µ if u don·t want to waste time and just do real business, then I advise you to only meet with the top managers of the organization , like decision makers of the organization.µ Mr. Salman·s employers say that he has provided them a very friendly environment, in which they feel comfortable to give their opinion relating to anything. They all work very hard as a team and individually because the markets are changing dynamically day-by-day. For motivation Mr. Salman goes into the market with his teams. He says he takes off his coat and tie and works side by side with his teams, unable to differentiate between manager and employee.

When we talk about the organizing, Holiday Inn organizes its management in a very authentic way. They organize rooms, banquets, weddings and arrange for trainings, seminars, conferences and any desired functions. They also organize for cultural events, multinational seminars, political lectures or debates or any type of business briefings. For example, during the international cricket season, Holiday Inn prepared itself in a very impressive way to facilitate the foreign cricketers. They provided them the comfort and relaxation, so they could feel at home. Holiday Inn has organized their rooms in three different categories which are i) ii) iii) Standard Rooms Exclusive Rooms Family suites

In a total they have 120 rooms. They do their unsurpassed to provide an outstanding environment to make their customers feel at ease.

The organization chat of Holiday Inn hotel reveals that the structure in the hotel is     Vertical structure Centralized Power Defined Reporting Relationships Formal Control System

These essentially indicate that there is:  Routine tasks  More formalization  Emphasis on rules and regulations

general manager

financial controller

front manager

director sales and marketing

accounts Manager

asst. of manager

Credit Manager

deputy manager

Controlling means evaluating results and taking corrective measures against them. The hotel practices control in every department. For employees, employee appraisal form is filled by the supervisor after every 3 months evaluating the performance of the employee. If the supervisor feels employee satisfactory and if not then the employee is instructed by the supervisor until his performance is improved.

Q.2 How do you perform three managerial roles?

Mr. Ahmed Salman has very effective strategy to welcome the customers, they have a team to greet people and their duty is to receive customers with great care and happiness, they show delight at every one·s arrival. They provide very kind environment to the customers. They allow their customers to comment on their services or suggestions are always welcomed. They make customers feel free and at home. Dealing with the suppliers or anyone how is linked up with the hotel in a very friendly manner, they listen to all the requirements of every one whether he is an employee or a customer. For all these services, first they train their employees in a very good manner; they guide them in ways to provide excellent services.

He said that providing information and receiving information is really very important part of the running business. It includes so many things; they inform people about all the new arrivals in the hotel by displays of the products, so as to attract the people, T.v ads, banners, pamphlets & brochures. He said that usually he makes 10 to 15 calls per day. They implement new strategies such as- how to approach market trends, they also refer to attract foreigners and cricket teams, including sponsorship and discounted packages to attract more customers and make them aware about the offers. They try and use every way possible just to get the word out about any new-coming or happening.

Decision making is the most important role among the three managerial roles as described by MINTZBREG ´It is the first responsibility of a manager to understand the environment and make new decisions.µ Mr. Ahmed Salman said the profit as their revenue of this year fell down from 30% to 25%, so he used his set of authorities to minimize the extra staff, cut down the extra costs to maximize the profits without incurring high costs. He makes his own decisions according to the situation; he has high authority to make decisions without any one·s consent and consultation. He said that he has ´set of responsibilities with the authorities.µ Mr. Salman says he has been given ´authority with limitsµ, so he makes decisions on the spot which he feels comfortable with and he knows that will result in benefits.

Now a day·s our country is economically facing a down fall, most of the businesses are declining, so there·s a need to make decisions quickly. He said that ´who react first will take over the businessµ.


Q.3What would you suggest us to be an effective manager?
Mr. Ahmed Salman suggested us very effective strategies to adapt, so that we can be an effective manager. There are Six basic suggestions which he gave us, as stated below: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) MARKET INTELLIGENCE COMPETITION ANALYSIS PROVIDING SERVICES WITH EMERGING MARKET TRENDS STRONG FOLLOWER BUSINESS MATERIALIZATION CUSTOMER RETENTION

To be at the top and to fulfill all the managerial roles, initially you should be aware of each and every thing out in the market. You should have the knowledge of all upcoming events so that an organization can present itself in a good manner, to attract the customers. In these days the market is revolutionizing day by day, so we should also keep pace with the changing market. We should know all the pros and cons of the market which we are entering.

You should be conscious of your competitors, so that you can analyze and develop the strategy to maximize the profit. It is very important to be one step ahead of your competitor in any way possible. As a manager you should have full knowledge about the competitor·s strategies.

Providing up-to-date, high-tech services to the customers is a very innovative way to attract them. Now a day·s our society is changing so rapidly and everyone is the search for greater heights. If you stick to one kind of service and don·t change you will encounter great loss. Therefore, to change according to the arising demands is the sign of a good management. So it is necessary to provide maximize facilities to your customers to gain profit and to satisfy your customers.

The stronger your challenger is, the more you will compete and you will be more passionate for your firm·s success. You should have faith in your own decision, and if you believe that all what you are doing is profitable and within the resources of the business, then you should go for it! You should work enthusiastically and motivate your subordinates to accomplish the targets set.

For the betterment of your job you should conduct different seminars so that you can be aware of all the effective activities which are going around you, should give presentations to increase your communication skills, and then last but not the least, you should also attend all official meetings so that with the help of it you can interact with different people.

We know that the customers are the backbone of every business·s success. So the customers should be provided facilities in a very organized manner with hospitality; services should be cheap and at the same time good in quality and which should be provided efficiently. These qualities will attract customers who will always place you on their top most priority list. Fulfilling the consumers needs not only will provide you with business but also superiority in the market.

**************************** Q.4 what type of skills you utilize most for performing the functions and roles in the organization?
Mr. Ahmed Salman utilizes all the major skills at his position. Conceptual skills are used to solve and analyze the critical situation. With the help of his mental ability he is able to take the correct decisions at the right time. He (Mr. Salman) has 15 years of experience, which enhances his ability to handle every type on problem. Due to his experience his concepts are crystal clear and he can easily handle the difficult situations by posing better and improved solutions. Mr. Salman organizes the tasks knowing what should be done first and what should be done after some time. Conceptual skills are very important in this field of job. As a manger of sales and marketing, Mr. Salman identifies the opportunity for innovations and recognizes problem areas and implements solutions to eliminate the problem. Mr. Ahmad Salman uses his human skills, which is the

ability to work well with other people individually or in a group, although he is on high post i.e. Director of Holiday Inn but he still considers himself a normal middle-class human being, who also started his career from the initial stages. He is a down to earth type of person, who knows and respects his cultural and moral values due to which he has the ability to understand the needs of his people. He is kindhearted and polite to his subordinates; he said that ´he works with his staff as if he is one of them.µ On the other hand, Mr. Salman has very high communication skills which can easily influence his communication and understanding with others. He motivates his staff and gives them full support. He is role model for his subordinated, who guides them and shows them the right path to follow. A good leader can express himself by his effective skills, he has the ability to manage the time, to divide the task in proper way and maintain the discipline. His work does not end by imposing the tasks on the employees, but his duty is also to check whether the work is being done properly or not. Last but not the least; he uses his technical skills as well. Although he is a manager but it is also his duty to be aware of all the basics first. Mr. Salman has a clear understanding of his job-specific needs, so that he can teach his staff without any difficulty, what to do and how to do. As a manager, who leads and appoints jobs, his own technical skills need to be well defined. Mr. Salman has all the qualities for a being an excellent manager in his field.

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