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What does The Powers of Imagination .. mean to us?

In connection to .. belief - The First Thing, that most people state - is DANGER:
"I am Napoleon!"

But .. if we write a book .. then it is posistive: "He is a good author, because he has a
good imagination".
A artist that makes paintings .. is never "warned" .. about his imagination, but is
incouraged to develop it.

Daydreaming .. is "a neutral area", because all people do it.

If we had been warned about danger .. in this connection .. TOO MANY people
woul have commented it - in books, newspapers, radio, tv .. and to-day, on
internet - so the "falsification" would have been revealed by too many people,
too fast.
That "a coin has two sides" - we accept immediately.
But when it comes to - The Consequences - then we are .. more often .. "blind".

That ONE of the sides .. can be negative - while the other side .. is positive, we
often forget.
The result (called "falsification" over) .. is that - one of these sides .. is made "The
Whole Truth" - IF there is something we don't want people .. to search for a greater
understanding of (or we don't want people to go deeper into something).

For those who sees "The New World Order" as a part of this connection - then .. yes,
there can absolutely be a connection.
They control most newspapers, schools, and other media (radio, tv etc), so what they
don't want us to understand - they will have a rather great success .. in achieving.
But that was a small sidestep, so we continue.

If we .. in stead .. look at what the science has come to .. in connection to - what

we call - reality .. they claim that: "Reality is created .. through our subconsciounce
read : subconcious mind)".

Again we find people .. that make this truth into - "That each one - is resposible for
their own reality".
Of COURSE .. the reality will be .. a result of what we make - together.

EVEN if .. this is only a part of the truth .. it has merit - in the connection we now
are working with.
Let us repeat .. one of the promises to Jesus:
Mar 11:24 "Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that
receive [them,] and you will have [them.]


Since nothing is hidden for Jesus (exept when this creation shall be destroyed [Matthew
24:36 and Mark 13:32]), He has no problems of using such knowledge .. in his teaching.

So .. the important thing is: We must belive .. that we will receive .. then it will happend.
What Jesus is talking about .. is "our power of imagination" (which HE probably look
upon as .. belief --- something that we could think about).
Maybe we have so many expressions .. that our language MAY be one obstacle .. to
understand The Bible.?.?
We let the question "rest" and continue.

What we can conclude, is: The Teaching of Jesus .. encourage us .. to use our abilities,
in our search for understanding.
And .. just to be sure:
Mat 7:7 " Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be
opened to
(I include this verse .. because I have heard "the claim" .. that Jesus never has encouraged
us .. to search [seek]
So .. just to be on the safe side). :-)
We can conclude .. that we FOLLOW His teaching .. by using the abilities that is necessary
for us .. to reach the result of - what we search.
Let us elaborate .. the things we have looked at now.

What is .. The Subconscious?

A part .. connected to consciousness .. that works independent of The Consciousness.
Well .. since God created it - I am sure .. it was not meant to wasted away.

What is the purpose of the subconscious?

ONE thing .. that we humans - immediately - can tell .. about the subconscious, is - that
it is "a problemsolver".

If we have a problem, that we don't find answer to - we can stop working with it.
The subconscious mind - will then take over .. and .. very often find a solution to the
If we don't stop here .. but look at the effect of this .. we will experience, that we can
learn new things - when this happends.

The next question, that would be natural to ask - is:

Where does - the subconscious mind - get its information from?
If we now - try an answer .. and say: "From the universe".

It will be necesssary to ask: What .. in the universe .. does provide such answers?
"The Universal Mind" .. would be the answer.
Is there really .. a Universal Mind?

That is the same .. as asking: "Does a computer - really needs - an operating-system
(like i.e. Windows) to work" ?
The answers to both questions - are: "Yes".
I am sure .. that it should be .. common knowledge - that: "God is present, in all
In us .. He is present as : The spirit He let live in us.
In the nature .. He is present as .. The Nature Laws.
He is present .. everywhere.
Since The Universe .. also is one of His creations .. He is present here also.
The Universe is ruled (and controlled) by .. His Conscience.
Since God has thought .. every thought that exist (in His creation) .. then our
subconscious has "a well of information", to choose from - when solving problems.
Our subconcious is in continues contact with .. The Conciousness of God .. in The

Think of: Our prayers .. can change .. our reality.

It is not .. the prayer - that changes anything - but .. The Consciousness of God.

Among things, we have read about here, is .. promises from Jesus - where we can see,
that something strong must be in action .. to make those promises - possible.
This must be .. a part of the foundation we build on .. when we shall do the last
meditation that will be described here.
-Make the pictures.
-Have the feelings.
-belive that it will happend .. even if it should take 5 years.
(I am sure .. it will happend in less than 5 years - but what I encourage you to, is
to have belief - even if you should experience .. what you would consider - failure.
It is not.)
Then we begin with the last part.

In the lowest boney (or knuckle) in the spinal - there is a power, that we can consider,
In the areas this power is known .. it has the name .. "Kundalini" - as one of them.

It belongs to another power, which is in The Pineal Gland.

When these two powers are united - they will make a new power .. that is - special.
Why is not .. this - known to us?

Because .. Those who have ruled the world .. for thousands of years - have made
expressions of it .. and given those expressions - negative meanings.

So - when we are listening to our Spirit .. we have schizophrenia.

How many .. who has reached this level - and had to suffer for it .. is difficult to
say :: BUT :: it is many.
We have been held back, because .. if we should discover, what they (who have REALLY

ruled the world, "behind our backs") have known .. all the time - they would have lost
their power over us.
Now we have a wakening .. that is substantial - so "The New World Order", the
5 families and a few more - are about to loose their grip over us.
So .. before I come to the meditation .. let us take a summary:

-We are A Soul .. occupying a body of flesh.

(Read: "We are borne of flesh" [Meaning: We have a personality, that is faulty]).
-We have a Spirit - with the purpose .. of .. Teaching The Soul.
(Read: "We have a conscience.")
...So - this little part - looked upon "The Old Way":
If we learn .. from our consience .. we improve our personality...
...THE SAME .. said "The New Way":
If we learn from our Spirit .. our Soul will become .. a Spirit.

What I .. in effect .. have written here - is:

Joh 3:6 "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is

1Co 15:50 Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of
nor does corruption inherit incorruption.
The salvation .. can only happen .. Through Jesus.
What you read about here - is an important part - of that.
-We must also "Take up Our Cross" .. and follow Him.
...These things are necessary - to "Be Born Again"...
We have a Spirit .. we can consult .. when we learn to communicate with it.

I have earlier written about a meditation that can be used - to achieve this.
Since I don't remember the name of this document - I will add this meditation
as an addition to this script.
-We shall not be born as humans, but as Gods.
...To be born as Gods (plural) - is NOT the same as - To be born as God...

Here we must learn from The Bible:

Psa 95:3 For the LORD [is] the great God, And the great King above all gods.

...So, like a Human King - rules over humans... God - rules over Gods...
And THIS is the way we must understand it .. so we don't mix:
-The Teaching of Jesus. (We began as Gods .. and .. are meant to be Gods again.)
-The Teaching of Satan (We are GOD. [which IS blasphemy])

In The Garden of Eden .. there was only ONE sin:

"Don't eat the fruit, from "The Tree of Knowledge of God and Evil".

When Jesus suffered .. for "The sin of The world" .. He suffered for this sin.

We were divine (read godly .. if you wish) beings.

Jesus suffered .. so that we could get our divine nature (read Godly nature,
if you wish), back.

What does it mean .. to a Divine people .. when God says:

"Those who eat from this tree, shall surely die."
It means:
"Those who eat from this tree, shall loose their divine nature."
...IE: We are dead, now .. and must understand The Bible, out from this

Then we see .. this statement .. "in a light" - we never have done before.
Rev 1:5 and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and
the ruler over the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our
sins in His own blood,
This is not the only place .. "The Firstborne from (or ' of ') the Dead", is used,
in The Bible.

- In 1 Chor 2:11 - we find a convincing statement about our Spirit.

We can see .. at the same time -- A Part Of .. what it means "To be born in
The Image of God" (in The same verse).
[We are not The Only One .. who has a Spirit...]

We shall learn from The spirit - until The Soul .. is a Spirit - as well.
Then we have the foundation, for being born again.
-The Birth is also described - in The Bible .. as:
1Co 15:51 Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be
changed --

1Co 15:52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the
trumpet will sound, and the deadwill be raised incorruptible, and we shall be
This is .. being born again.
Now we can ask: Why do it now. We can wait until Jesus comes back
and do it together with the others (at the last trumpet).

You can! - if you wish!

But if we think about all the mis-inforamtion - that we are warned about,
will come - at the end of time .. AND .. since we live in that time now, there
are many considerations to take:
Here is one serious:
Mat 24:24 "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and
wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

Many congregations (read: churches [if you wish]) say that they have groups
who shall inform .. the rest - what is wrong and what is right.
They shall do the praying .. on behalf of the others.
"deceive, even the elect - if possible" (ok, this is the sequence of words, The
Norwegian Bible use) .. is pretty serious.
If those who shall guide .. doesn't belong to "The Elect" .. they CAN be led
The possibility is present - and therefore the warnings about this time, is more
serious - that in general.

If we take a verse from Daniel, here - we can see .. the same seriousness again:
Dan 12:7 Then I heard the man clothed in linen, who [was] above the waters of the river,
when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven, and swore by Him who lives
forever, that [it shall be] for a time, times, and half [a time;] and when the power of the
people has been completely shattered, all these [things] shall be finished.
We DO NEED an awakening .. and those who can rech The Goal - NOW .. will
be able to help .. because they know .. what the others is going through.
The beginning of this awakening (to come back to "your beginning" again), is
to be CRUSHED (or shattered).

I saw a movie on "Youtube" were one described .. the way HE was crushed - and
he didn't seem to understand .. that this was a part of the process.
I meant to warn him. but closed .. by mistake .. that movie - and I cannot remember
its title.
(I hope he reads this.)

I was crushed .. by being told .. that God was bored of me - and that damnation
was my only way.
I started to belive that this was true.
BUT - there was a voice .. in me .. that said: This time .. you should pray and ask
God .. for a confirmation.
I did - and THAT prayer .. was answered - less than 24 hours .. after I had prayed
it. (And it was answered .. through .. what one of my friends had learned on a
BibelStudy .. that day.)
The claim (That Satan tried to make me belive in) - was not true (to make a long
story .. short).
So belive me, when I say: I do know - what you are experiencing - in this period.
Here you can compare:
-Job .. was crushed.
-Jesus .. was crushed. (First in The Desert - Satan tried to crush Him, then - on
the Cross.)
-The Apostles were crushed.
-Many people had to die on The Roman Arena.

What we get .. if we don't give up .. is the ability to test spirits.
We communicate with our Spirit .. as we communicate with one another.
False spirits .. must answer - if we ask them a question.
Oh, yeah - The Spirits exists .. and so does - Both Satan and Hell.
Believing something else, is believing in a lie.
And .. the people with REAL power, wouldn't hesitate to put us on
a pedestal, glorify us, so that other people could cherish our
posistion - beliving that .. if the took OUR values .. it would bring
them powerful friends .. and maybe - even .. to come in the same
position as we have.
AND .. IF it had gained their purpose - they would even have
sent out people to attack .. our position - so that more people, would
have supported us .. out from "a sence of justice" .. and a "sence of
feeling sorry for us", because we are attacked of people that "doesn't
The most genious thing, that Satan has done - was to make people
believe, that He didn't exist .. AND .. That Hell didn't exist.
Then we can continue:

-All these things are connected.

Our Soul .. shall merge with .. "The Original Soul".
"The Original Soul" .. is the person - described in Eph 1:4.
This Soul has "A Holy Name" (possibly The same Name, as you get - on
"The White Stone". [Rev 2:17] But this I CAN NOT SAY for sure).
(Just to mention it: I am sharing .. a part of .. "The Hidden Manna" with
you, now. [and .. just to mention: That doesn't make ME great, because
I have only received a gift. The one who can GIVE it - IS great.])

When we come to the meditation .. I must say that it is an advantage to have

done .. some meditation - earlier.
The reason for this, is - that you will be more open to .. how much the
imagination means .. in this connection.
As I have said earlier : We have learned .. from those who have subjugated us,
for some thousand years (all in all) - that imagination is something that doesn't
have value.

I will teach you .. that: Imagination .. is one of the strongest powers .. given to
humanity. (And .. read: "one of the strongest", as - Love, is stronger.)
But .. then I am NOT talking about .. the exeptions: (I am Napoleon. God has
told me / us .. to kill ... etc.)
This is actually NOT .. imagination - but we have learned this so long time, that
we are not able to part between it .. any longer.

(Just to elaborate .. a little bit:

What you are LED to belive .. through manipulation .. is not the same - as what
you actively search up .. for the purpose of - trying to understand.
We should have used another expression .. for the first one.

Since we don't - we have a problem.)

So .. we can see - more and more .. how difficult it is - "To Wake Up".
Even the language .. sabotage it - through the understanding - we have of the words.
And here is the meditation I promised.

Find a comfortabel posistion, sitting or laying.

Close your eyes.
Wait some seconds .. to half a minute - while you are consentrating of seeing
a long entrance .. in front of you.
It is filled with a white light.
The ceiling is white.
The walls are white.

You can barely see .. that there are doors - on these walls, but they are also
white .. and doesn't have a handle .. to open them.

You start walking along this entrance.

It takes time .. as it is around 1000 metres (1 Km) long.
After a while .. you see that it ends with a wide door opening, but without a
You pass trough the opening .. and come into a room with many old things.
To the left you see a spinning wheel - and an instrument they use to make
floor mats - with. [I cannot find an English Word, for that instrument .. or
whatever I shall call it. (Maybe: Weaver.)]

Ahead of you .. a little to the left, you see a door .. with glasses (very often
used .. as a door to a balcony). But this leads to a garden - and through the
glasses in the door, you can see a lawn with grass and some flowers.

You walk toward that door .. and come to a table.. on your right hand side.
On each side of that table. there is a short bench.
You sit down .. with your back - to the (last) door (described).
You think: "I want to talk to my spirit".
Then .. you wait.
Maybe The spirit comes the first time you try.
Maybe you must do this - several times .. before the spirit shows up.
BUT .. THE SPIRIT WILL COME - if you don't give up.
(And .. as an indication: It is seldom you have to try, more than three times.
But IF you must, I encourage you to do it. It is worth it.)

Greetings Aage.