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CITY OF ZAMBOANGA.. . . . . . . . )S.S.

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I, SIMEON R. ARQUIZA, of legal age, married, Guisao, Zamboanga City,

Philippines, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby
depose and state:

That, I am the registered owner of a Isuzu Elf Cargo Truck with Engine No.
4HF1-439714 and bearing Plate No. YDP 155;

That on April 19, 2012 at around 3:40 in the afternoon, my said vehicle driven
by Elizer Arquiza Perez met an accident along the national highway at Barangay
Divisoria, Zamboanga City, with the harvest truck of Hermosa Chicken with Plate No.
JBP 731 registered under the name of Gilda Y. Chiong and Rosalinda M. Yu and was
driven by Enerio Partosa Miranda which resulted to the damages to my vehicle
above mentioned;

That after a careful deliberation over the case and considering that the
incident was purely accidental and that the owner of the harvest truck, Gilda Y.
Chiong has fully settled the repair expenses of my vehicle in the total amount of
Seven Thousand Pesos (P7,000.00), I am now voluntarily declaring that I am
no longer interested in filing any criminal or civil case against Hermosa
Chicken and its incorporators, Gilda Y. Chiong and Rosalinda M. Yu, and
their driver Enerio P. Miranda in connection with the said vehicular
accident, and further manifest that I will no longer file any case in the

That I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truthfulness of the foregoing

facts and for the purpose of requesting the police authorities assigned with the
Divisoria Police Station 5, Zamboanga City to release the harvest truck of Hermosa
Chicken bearing Plate No. JBP 731 impounded at the said station, and also the
Professional Drivers License of Enerio Partosa Miranda which was confiscated after
the accident.

That I have fully read the foregoing statement, and the contents thereof which
I understand and that the contents are true and correct to best of my knowledge
and belief.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affix my signature

this _____day of May, 2012, at Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Signed in the presence of:

Representing Hermosa Chicken

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this______day of May, 2012,

Zamboanga City, Philippines.


I, ROSELLE SARIP y LEE, of legal age, married, Filipino, a resident of Navarro Court, Sta.
Maria, Zamboanga City, after having been duly sworn in accordance with law, do hereby depose and say:

1. I am the complaining witness against Manson Sarip y Macrohon in the case

entitled People of the Philippines vs. Manson Sarip y Macrohon, with criminal case no.
28880, filed before the Regional Trial Court, Br. 15, Zamboanga City;

2. After a thorough analysis of the case, I found out that the above-mentioned
accused who is my husband, at that time of incident in question, who only carried
unintentionally by emotion as happened usually during marriage when a couple engage in
petty quarrel; that he did not cause me to suffer mental emotional anguish nor to expose me
to public ridicule;

3. And, after a clearheaded assessment of my complaint which gave rise to the

filing of this case in court and after consultation with my family and relatives, and after
entering into and executing a compromise agreement in relation to the aforesaid criminal
case, I am WITHDRAWING my complaint and desisting from prosecuting the said case
against the accused. I will not appear and testify anymore in court or any government
entity or agency in connection with the said case.

I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of all the foregoing facts, and to
respectfully request the Office of the City Prosecutor and the court wherein the case is
pending that the above-mentioned criminal case be DISMISSED.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto signed this affidavit this __________________________, in

Zamboanga City, Philippines.



Subscribed and Sworn to before me this__________________________, in Zamboanga City, and

hereby certify that I personally examined the affiant that she voluntarily executed and understood the
contents of her affidavit