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Bulletin boards keep people informed and can serve a variety of purposes. Its can also get

information as well as encourage participation. It can serve variety of purposes, saved time and keep

people informed about some information. We can also provide information about a certain topic that we

wanted to share about by using bulletin board. An example is a college bulletin board.

Background of the Study

As a student in of PUP Bian with a course of Diplomacy in Computer Engineering Technology,

LED Display Board is the application that is a perfect solution for having an announcement or

advertisement nowadays. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor which makes it universal fit for any

announcements or event. Without any personal contact, The LED display board is very efficient and gives

effective way to spread messages to many. LED is a solid state light source with several attractive

properties for display application. LED display board is more efficient compare to others.

Theoretical framework

LED is an electric component that emits light when connected to direct current. Due to the fact

that led is an electric, it is essential that it is usable for all applications in forming letters, numbers and

animations.. The solid-state lighting (SSL) industry grew out of light emitting diode (LED) technologies

that evolved for half a century, with participation by tens of thousands of researchers in universities,

national laboratories, and firms. Using data on publications, patents, and firms combined with business

history and trace the evolution of SSL through a succession of market niches. At times a few researchers

with unorthodox research approaches made breakthroughs that greatly advanced particular technology

trajectories and pushed LED research in unexpected directions. A succession of LED market niches

advanced the technology and provided profits to incentivize continuing research.

Scope and Limitation

Power Led Display is the only application suitable for the Led Display Board.
To avoid over use, LED Display board is advisable for 8 to 12 hours of use only.

It only allows text information and simple animation that is only based from the application uses.

It is also refers on the programmer/user to create information as much as the user wants to.
Since it is a Led Display Board, it only allows text simultaneously scroll text by and by.

The LED Display Board is the device responsible to display output about the program style. Since

it is accompaniment by the memory circuit to be able to understand by the Led Display Board from what

the program is. So the program file itself exists from the flashdrive that serves as the container of the

program files. The program is depending on the PowerLed Application which is consisting of a lot of

instruction and effects needed by the program for the better and attractive announcement design.

The Power Led Application initialized the program whether it is simple or a different effects to

apply according to the user. By the other side of the program it is state a lot of instruction yet beyond the

Led Display Board is design to accept graphics based on the text created in the program. At the same

time, Led Display board allows any effects and animation that is sufficient for the Led Display Board.

To show information on majority in terms of announcement in a good and effective way,

weve decided to have LED Display board as our main solution. This LED Display board was inspired by

the traditional bulletin board. It has a benefit of a good and less printing device of any post

announcement. This prototype is also resourceful and a user friendly. This project LED Display board was

very helpful on us in terms of having a huge announcement display.

Testing 1

The first testing is design by the animation of a clock and the word Polytechnic University of the

Philippines display on the LED board. The scrolling of text is set on the speed of 7 edited on the

application program and it display horizontally. The sliding of each word on the Led board is smooth and

the speed itself is normal and easily to read. The clock animation is presented by the tri-colour.

Second Testing

The main purpose of this project is to display announcement and after encoding of

announcement and the testing proceed. The word scroll simultaneously by and by so it is depend for the

announcement detail for it to consume time to scroll horizontally. As much as possible that the

announcement detail doesnt consist of unnecessary word to avoid too much time to preview all the

announcement details.

Third Testing.

Since the previous testing display an animated clock and announcement, it is followed by the

third testing including to post a lot of announcement into this third trial. The sequence of the

announcement our properly arrange and preferably able to see and read it clearly at a time.

The following recommendation is based on the findings and conclusion. This would be the

suggested for a possible improvement needed by the Led Display board.

1. It is a less hustle to user to control Led Display Board in a wireless condition.

2. Study all about the deficiencies of the program which is not allowable to display by the Led

Display Board.
3. When it comes to announcement, it is much better for a less use of unnecessary word which is

not needed in announcement.

4. It is possible for the Led Display board to display outdoor for the better placement and

attractive to read before entering in main door.

5. The design of the Led Display Board is limited in terms of images and videos, thats why it is

better to have an appropriate one which is sufficient for the Power Led Application.


We therefore conclude that the existence of the PowerLed Application tools and other specify settings

may affect and create such announcement in a better and attractive one.

1. Based on the program of the PowerLed application, it has a chance to elevate the functionality

when it comes to RF controller.

2. PowerLed application is a software consisting of a lot of data, set of instruction, features that

enable the user to create and produce on its own output unless there are some application tools

are not required to LED Display Board.

3. There is much easy way to the software application to communicate to the device at the same

time. It is a less hustle to user to control Led Display Board in a wireless condition.
4. Make sure that the program files is completely save and allowable to display by the Led board.