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Modern laboratory technique requires porcelain ware in which high mechanical strength is combined with maximum thermal and chemical resistance. Of equal importance is the character of the workmanship




and the glazing. These essential requirements are characteristics of "COORS" brand porcelain ware. Coors Porcelain Ware is subjected to two firings in modern continuous tunnel kilns which insure uniformity. Close control is given to all branches of production, from the mining of the raw materials to the ultimate inspection of the finished









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Everything entering into the Coors Porcelain body and glazes is of the highest quality, consequently Coors manufactures only one grade of porcelain ware-the best.



aS 8eeond-e7las matter Jully 18, 1923, at the Po8t Office at Ijanea8ter, Pa., under the Act of March 8, 1879.

Published by BIOTECH PUBLICATIONS Box 299. Its monographic publications are placed in the principal libraries of the world. 5 0 each for volumes 1 and 1 1 $2..00 Order through your bookseller. STAIN TECHNOLOGY is the official organ of the COMMISSION ON STANDARDIZATION OF BIOLOGICAL STAINS Volume 15 1940 STAIN TECHNOLOGY A JOURNAL FOR MICROTECHNIC QUARTERLY CONTENTS ORIGINAL ARTICLES Microscopic Technic Nature and Uses of Biological Stains New Staining Methods Subscription price $2. 2339 VOL. 12 LABORATORY HINTS FROM THE LITERATURE $2.A. 1-14 (if cash accompanies the order) Note: Biotech Publications was formerly the Book Service of the Biological Stain Commission. C. The author's theme is that theory and history are everywhere two complementary approaches to natural knowledge and that each is -equally of general application. i .22 . or direct from THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS LITERATURE MATHEMATICS NUTRITION BIOLOGY BOTANY CHEMISTRY ECOLOGY ECONOMICS EMBRYOLOGY GENETICS GEOLOGY PALEONTOLOGY PALEOGRAPHY PHILOLOGY PHYSICS TERRESTRIAL MAGNETISM ZOOLOGY Descriptiv6e Iwt with prices may be obtained by addressing L BERKELEY :: CALIFORNIA CARNEGIE INSTITUTION ef WASHINGTON WASHINGTON. Geneva. N. SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS Hugh Minler's VOL. No. Y. $2. 90. which has been publishing this journal for 14 years.00 for vols.2 5 for other volumes $33. Copies can be purchased at nominal cost.2 5 per year BACK NUMBERS AVAILABLE AT FOLLOWING RATES: $ 3.75 for volumes 4. D. These publications comprise studies in the following fields: ARCHAOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY ASTRONOMY HISTORY An important contribution to current philosophical controversy. 90. Price. 10. 2339~~~ History and Science A Study of the Relation of Historical and Theoretical Knowledge CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON Is a research organization working in many felds. U. NO. cloth.S.

1939 SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS 3 3 to . Stewart & Jeffer plates may be used under the Petri dish.00 Consult your laboratory supply dealer or write Dept. which glow brightly without glare over the dark background and its contrasting dividing lines. COLORIMETERS SPECTROMETERS PROJECTORS .OCTOBER 27. 1939 OCTOBERW 27. The eye readily detects the colonies.$30. Complete with counting plate . Pin-point colonies are easily distinguishable.eae'et w. Woliffhuegel. X2 for complete details Spencer Lens Company MICROSCOPES REFRACTOMETERS MICROTOMES PHOTOMICROGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT I IuIirrALOI .dA t4e w te Spencer Quebec Colony Counter Greater accuracy. greater efficiency and increased comfort are the results of the improved visibility afforded by the Spencer Quebec Colony Counter.

All replicas except the elementary grade are supplied in substantial plush-lined cases. Grade "B" available in 25 x 30 mm and 23. x x x WV. Grade "A" (4. A HISTORY OF WOMEN'S EDUCATION IN THE UNITED STATES By THOMAS WOODY Professor. Stains and Reagents carefully made and tested on actual cases. $2.75 m focal length. We manufacture a high grade GIEMSA STAIN. M. GRADWOHL LABORATORIES 3514 Lucas Avenue St. S. 891 Liniden Ave. Illinois. interesting pieces 2:5 Nos. 100 100 snm. PA. INC.4 4 VOL. . WELCH SCIENTIFIC COMPANY Established 1880 x 1517 Sedgwlck St. TAYLOR pH SLIDE COMPARATORS trol and for control -of phosphates in Aboiler water.50 mm. Louis. NO. 50 mm sizes. TAYLOR & CO. Chicago. LABORATORY SUPPLIES AMERICAN-MADE GIEMSA STAIN for blood smears. :00 Full information on Comparators and Colenman Glass Electrode. 0 _ ..00 for 2 W. Y. GRAND CENTRAL TERM1INAL NEWV YORK.000 items for Science WRITE FOR and IT Includes many new La)oratories. A. W.440 lines) will separate the sodium "D" lines up to eight times the width of the line when used with a lens of 2. U. N.00 Write for Catalogue. ounces. A Molded from plastic. work on the slide with Non-Fading Liquid Standards are ideal for general pH and chlorine con- L principle. Missouri THE SCIENCE PRESS LANCASTER. 3794A to 37981-Grades "A" available in sizes 30 mm.0.00:. Grade "A" (14. Baltimore. WOOD of Johns Hopkins University.9. WlRlIITE FOR COM1PLETE LISTING Catalog lists over 10.. 90. Grade "B" less perfect than grade "A" but still capable of separating the D lines. give ten to fifteen times the intensity in the first order of any replica commercially available. 2339 SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS TIEETVO.N. Md.23 CEC-AV By actual measure "BRIGHTLINE" RE P L I C A GRATINGS Produced from matrices made by R. 25 . History of Education University of Pennsylvania Two Volumes 1338 pages Price $10.800 lines) will separate "D" lines under the same conditions to two or three times the line width. A.

Polychrome Co. center agate being relieved of weight of beam and pans when arrested..I..I.....* ACCURATE * SENSITIVE tories and hospitals. as found in the OFFNER Electro.... We can help solve your electricalI problemsl Write today for further information..... weights and measures.. .thimaniv axnrovdi BALANCE ink-writing cardiograph..00 See our catalog for complete listings of all types of balances.. on 10 days' approval. ..95 ¢ompleto less 20% to schools file for otf"eils1 Holds 300 stencils Legal or Letter * The design.. *Now manufactured under license by Herz-Laalcer Corp......OCToBzR 27..... Stirrups have.. $22.41 ..... OFFNER equipment is now in use at leading physiological labora..I... PRICED M ** STURDY .... _ I ~ ~ ~ ~ AI~ PolychromefElliot - $3. Beam is 9 inches long and fitted with adjusting screws. LOW the opening of our new laboratory for the development and production of bioelectric equipment... I. It is equipped with Bakelite base (15x6 inches) with leveling screws and plummet. .... an exclusive.. 1. Pans are of stainless steel..... Electroencephalographs available with CRYSTOGRAPH recorder ... NO.rmrI... substantial construction and performance features of this new sensitive balance make it ideal for all routine laboratory work involving weighings up to 250 grams..V-grooved agates and double specific gravity hooks... 1939 SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS OCOE 27 99SINEAVRIEET -5 N w ..... patented feature. Bows are 9 x 4% inches.. 40252-PRICE Sample File with directions...^arm"h*.. .. I A new answer to an old problem New York City 331 4th Ave. The beam lifting mechanism is operated by a thumb wheel mounted on the front center of base. Agate bearings and knife edges throughout assure a sensitivity of 2 milligrams.. 4 inches in diameter..

convenient support for the instrument. They make possible not only greater convenience but also permit the handling of a wider range of subjects and materials. No. BAUSCH & LOMB FOR YOUR EYES. and at small cost add to its value as a teaching tool. 2339 No. 90.6 6 SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS VOL. To learn how B&L Balopticon Accessories can be used to advantage on your present equipment. THE.. INSIST ON BAUSCH A LOMB EYEWEAR. ADDITIONAL PROJECTION LENSES enable you B&L Accessories complement the usefulness and adaptability of a Balopticon. 90. 2339 B&L ACCESSORIES ADD TO YOUR I A . Paul St.BALOPTICON'S ADAPTABILITY THE B&L FILM PROJECTOR ATTACHMENT converts lantern slide balopticon into stil film projector. a a .. Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. B&L MICRO-PROJECTOR ATTACHMENT allows use of microscope slides for projection materiaL to obtain an image of the proper size. VOL. Rochester. A BALOPTICON TABLE provides a substantial. Through their use many and varied teaching problems can be solved. MADE FROM BAUSCH A LOMB GLASS TO BAUSCH & LOMB HIGH STANDARDS OF PRECISION . Y. write for B&L Catalog E-ii. 642 St. a a a a * . N.

Pp. Pp. CLARENCE P. the Necturus and the Cat. mobile. $1. simple and easy to use. xvi + 301. Macmillan. $1. G. y = Cp/Cv = ratio of specific heat at constant pressure to that at constant volume (y for oxygen is 1. for helium it is 1. A small correction. 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 0 10 90 80 20 changes in the temperature affect the velocity by changing the density of the gases and by changing the proximately ± 0. G. 2 on graph paper is used. Pp.5 "-" indicates substraction for correction to 240 C. 15 figures.7 +8.0 -2. $3. EALES.0 +1.14 ±0. (range of variability).0 per cent. P = pressure in dynes per square centimeter. (range of variability) and to determine the percentages of helium and nitrogen in amount of water vapor in the mixture. Special corrections for velocities of 900 meters per second and over: 180 C. OLIVER and JOHN P. meters to 650 per second 1' C. A chart (Fig.0 +6. TURNER. 143 figures. Guide to the Study of the Anatomy of the Shark. 2) has been constructed on the basis of computation of the theoretical velocity of sound for many different mixtures of helium. Pp. TABLE 1 CORRECTION OF VELOCITY OW SOUND FOR VARIATIONS OF TEMPERATURE FROM 240 C Velocity of sound. viii + 408. oxygen and nitrogen.401.3 Add or subtract with rise in temperature subtract subtract add low) add 100 -4. Second edition. points of resonance (accentuation of the hum of the tuning fork) are found.2 +3. a Handbook for Collectors.7 -0.1 -3. $3. oxygen and nitrogen. The apparatus V- FIG. PARKER.5 per cent. D. Pp. WHITEFORD. Bruce. JOHN B. . which may have to be interpolated. An Introduction to Physiological and Pathological Chemistry.5 +5. Biology. No attempt has been made to control all the sources of error.4 -1. CHARLES. It is possible to determine the velocity of sound with our apparatus with an accuracy of ap- and method are intended for practical use in medicine or industry where this degree of accuracy is satisfactory. $3. Mosby.6 -3. WILLIAM B. Illustrated. most of which are small and may offset one another.75. and d = weight of gas in grams per cubic centimeter. The Littoral Fauna of Great Britain. to the determined percentage of oxygen. EARLE. equals (meters per second) ±0. 555. 163 figures.66). thence vertically to the percentages of helium and nitrogen in that portion of the gas remaining after deducting the oxygen.72. This distance times two. N. which is rarely significant.50. DUBLIN WALTER M. Wiley. "+" Indicates addition. corrected for temperature. for nitrogen it is 1. The distance between two adjacent points of resonance is half of one wavelength. vii + 100. 90. CLARKE.1 +2. 2339 of limited quantity is to be analyzed.5 750 850 900 and over special corrections (see be- ±0. a large-sized replica of Fig.50. L. An Introduction to Animal Biology. COFFIN. Mosby. 30 40 S0 60 X10 70 60 S0 40 30 VolumQ % in (100-% 80 2O) £0 900 oo HQlium O Nitrogm 10 IYP d' where V=velocity of sound in centimeters per second.. 503. Pp. Essentials of College Chemistry. In using the chart one can read horizontally from the experimentally determined velocity of sound. The formula for the velocity of sound in a gas is the whole mixture with an accuracy of approximately ± 1. 24 plates. Cambridge University Press. in mixtures of helium. and JOHN J. Chart showing the velocity of sound at 240 C. is made in the velocity for variation in laboratory temperature (Table 1). and R.400 SCIENCE VOL. B.9 0. No. BROTHER H. A tuning fork whose frequency of vibration per second is 512 is placed over the upper end of the tube. SAMUEL. BOOTHBY MARViIN M. saturated with water vapor. WILLIMS THE MAYO CLINIC BOOKS RECEIVED ARNOW. In practice.404. the apparatus can be clamped shut at the proper moment. 2. EDDY. 534.50. The apparatus is inexpensive. Mosby. By striking the tuning fork and raising and lowering the column of water. Illustrated. multiplied by 512 (the frequency of vibration of the tuning fork) equals the velocity of sound per second. H.

both biological and physical. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Revised by H. It now contains the complete story of scientific development from the number systems and early astronomical notions of ancient Islam to our twentieth century conceptions of the behavior of Throughout the book the atoms and hormones. and the theory of functions. T. and to show how studies in algebra. To be ready in November. W. numbers.OCTOiBER 27. The present extensive and thorough revision brings the book up to date. ok . Illustrated. 1939 OCOE 7 93 SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS CEC-DVRIEET 7 -Alew ok THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MINKOWSKI GEOMETRY OF NUMBERS By Harris Hancock Professor Emeritus of Mathematics." The Sedgwick and Tyler History of Science has been for years the standard college text for orientation courses in the sciences../lvemiemllant -~~~~mt /le' w. $3. Bigelow Professor Emeritus Technology of Zoology. From this standpoint I have given the entire theory. c.00 ." Professor Hancock again makes an important and original contribution to mathematics. a sequel to his "Foundations of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers.510 pages. and ascertains further the teleological nature of such realms. well balanced knowledge of the historical background of modern science. this book is a preeminently satisfactory answer. his work is far more difficult of comprehension than if he had first derived his results in a two or three dimensional geometry with illustrative figures. Sedgwick Late Professor and Head of the Department of Biology. Massechusetts Institute of Technology and H. "Due to the limitations of a manifold in three dimensions he presented his theory in a purely analytical manner. and an equitable treatment is given to all branches of science." writes the author in a Preface. By thus making use of the concepts of geometry he is able to broaden the substructures of the generalized realms that are founded on algebra. "Minkowski came to his theorems through special intuitions. and then presented the general theory analytically with the use of expressions indicative of geometric concepts. Massachusetts Institute of In this new volume. geometry. For anyone seeking a clearly understandable. W. and geometry.1 $12. progress of scientific methods as well as of concepts is traced. intuitive geometry. He uses the theorems of Minkowski to develop and clarify the relationships between the number theory. and arithmetic are harmoniously interrelated. Tyler Late Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics. 864 pages Z-0 . P. Thus while he was able to treat manifolds in any order.75 (probable). University of Cincinnati A SHORT HISTORY OF SCIENCE By W. Tyler and R.

illustrated. 1939 OCTOBBM 27. illustrated.00 Finding New Subjects for Your Camera By JACOB DESCHIN. $2. shutter testing.50 Intended to supplement the many volumes available covering elementary. 586 pages. dye and pigment processes.C. $3. London. $2. Illuminating Engineer.OCTOBER 27. University of Wisconsin. and MIIES J.2 . 1939 SCIENCE-ADVERTISEMENTS SOIENOE-AIJVERTISEMENTS 9 9 McGraw-Hill Books in Photography THE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESS By JULIAN ELUs MACK. $5. illustrated. Milwaukee Extension Center.50 Lighting Ideas in Photography. and supplies. illustrated. and JACOB DESCHIN. The manual section of the book gives working directions for a variety of specialized operations. New Ways in Photography. 330 West 42nd Street. 54 x 8. this book presents a comprehensive. N. W. INC. A Working Manual By JACOB DESCHIN. All phases of the subject are described in detail. 278 pages. Making Pictures with the Miniature Camera.75 Whittlesey House Publication. Publication. New York. Whittlesey House Publication. Camera Editor. $7. etc. yet with sufficient scope and scientific rigor to justify its use in a course in photography at the college level. 281 pages. 7 x 9A. illustrated. filters. negatives and exposures. illustrated. comprehensive treatment of photography. Whittlesey House Publication. COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE AMATEUR BY KEITH HENNEY. MARTIN. University of Wisconsin. 6 x 9. 5i x 8. including lens testing. or purely artistic phases of the subject. 5i x 8.00 Here is a unified. illustrated. color photography. 1000 pages. A Book of Methods for the Amateur By WILLIAM HERRSCHAFT. Editors. 307 pages. specialized. 5i x 8. authoritative treatise on the technique of the photographic process and the scientific basis underlying photography and its applications. Whittlesey House Publication. the use of polarizing discs. transparencies and paper prints. 240 pages. $3. Scientific American. Photo Technique and Electronics. sensitometry. HANDBOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHY By KEITH HENNEY and BEVERLY DUDLEY. and complete practical information is given on lUms. etc. $2. presented simply enough for the student who is not trained in chemistry. 6 x 9.50 In this book the author provides a practical manual of field and laboratory procedures in color photography.75 Whittlesey House Send for copues on approval McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY. Aldwych House. Y. Ideas for the Amateur By JACOB DESCHIN. 251 pages.

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