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Class: B.Tech Semester: VI Branch: CSE- G2

Name of the Staff: D.Meenakshi Academic year: 2016-2017

Subject: Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (AIES)

No. of Lecture
Unit Topic Remarks*
I What Is AI? 2
The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, 2
The History of Artificial Intelligence. 2
Intelligent Agents:
Agents and Environments 1
II Good Behavior: The Concept of Rationality, 2
The Nature of Environments, 1
The Structure of Agents. 2
Solving Problems by Searching:
Problem-Solving Agents, Example Problems 2
Searching for Solutions 2
III Uninformed Search Strategies 2
Informed (Heuristic) Search Strategies
Greedy best-first search 1
A* search 1
IV Memory-bounded heuristic search 2
Learning to search better 2
Heuristic Functions. 2
Beyond Classical Search:
Local Search Algorithms and Optimization Problems 3
V Local Search in Continuous Spaces 2
Searching with Partial Observations 2
Introduction to Expert System:
What are Expert Systems, Features of Expert system 1
Features of good expert system 1
Role of human in Expert system 1
Expert system organization 1
Difference between expert system and conventional program 1
Basic activities of expert system and the areas in which they 1
VI solve problems
Prospector system features working 1
Total 40
Note: 1. The entire syllabus has to be included and can be expanded /detailed if necessary
2. The number of periods for covering any topic shall not exceed 3
3. Additional Teaching Aids used may be specified in the Remarks* Column

Head of the Department Staff Member