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The ultimate household steam cleaner

Please read all instructions carefully before use.

General Safety Warnings:

Please note that when changing the angle of the Steam Genie,
a short delay may occur in steam ow.
Never use your Steam Genie without water.
Never point the Steam Genie at people or animals.
Instruction Manual for Do not immerse the Steam Genie in liquids or expose to rain.
Steam Genie Ensure hands are dry when using your Steam Genie.
Only use attachments supplied by the supplier of this product.
Do not use this machine near naked ames.
Steam Genie is a home appliance for cleaning. It can be used for
Turn off the power connection after use and before changing
cleaning bathrooms, toilets, glass, windows, furniture, kitchenware and cars
wheels/upholstery etc. It can efciently remove dirt and bacteria that cannot attachments.
be seen. Ensure the unit is upright during use. Keep attachments away
from heat.
Disconnect the plug when not in use. Be aware that attachments
should not be changed until they have cooled.
The safety cap must be attached while the product is in use,
keep the steam away from people and electrical objects.
Keep out of reach of children. If the steam runs out when in use
disconnect IMMEDIATELY and wait for the unit to cool down
before adding water and reusing. NEVER use this product without
water inside.
The body of the unit will feel warm while in use. Do not attempt
to ll this product with anything other than water. Use only two
measuring cups as directed.
Ensure there are no blockages in the hose each time you use the
unit. Ensure voltage is compatible with supply.
Should any imperfections of performance occur return directly
to the suppliers.
Never open the unit when in use.
Do not use outside without a circuit breaker.
Only use this product on heat resistant surfaces.
Ensure safety cap is screwed on tight before use.
Not recommended for use on ne glass.
The red heating light will turn green when unit is ready to
emit steam.

2 - Steam Genie Steam Genie - 3

Usage: Warning when using attachments:
1. Fill the body with water:
Always ensure that the steam switch is turned off and there is no steam being
1. When using for the rst time, please unscrew the safety lid, insert
emitted from the steam outlet before changing attachments. Always ensure
the funnel and pour two measuring cups of water into the body (do
that the tools are cool prior to removing or use oven gloves or a towel to
not try to over ll).
handle them as they will be hot.
2. When the water needs to be relled, switch the machine off, and
press the buttons to discharge the steam completely. Unscrew the
safety lid slowly and rell according to the above. How to install and use the spare parts:
ATTENTION: the steam buttons must be pressed until the safety lid
is opened. Take care as the body and parts of the cleaner may be hot 1. Straight Nozzle: Align the nozzle with the steam dispenser and slide over
to touch. the attachment button ensuring it clicks into place. This piece can be used
2. Install the spare parts: choose the suitable parts according to your need to deliver steam directly onto an area.
(please refer to How to install and use the spare parts on page 5). 2. Round Brush or Bent Nozzle: These attachments can be applied to either
3. Connect with the power supply and check that the red indicator is on. the straight nozzle or hose. They can be used for cleaning small areas such
4. Allow approximately four minutes before use. Indicator will turn green as corners and window edges. The brush is ideal for more stubborn marks
when unit is ready to emit steam. Do not press the steam buttons or greases.
continuously as this will reduce the steam pressure. Press for a few 3. Floor Attachment (can be used with either the rubber blade, brush blade
seconds and release. Pressure will return to normal after approximately or cloth cover): The oor attachment is applied directly onto the hexagonal
10 seconds. end of the hose attachment. There is a long slot in the oor attachment in
which the rubber blade or brush blade can be inserted. These combinations
or the cloth cover can be used for cleaning large areas such as glass,
ooring, furniture and upholstery.
4. Hose: Attach the hose to the unit in the same way as the straight nozzle.
Ideal for cleaning ovens or difcult areas where access may be restricted.

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9 8 1 2

1. Measuring Cup 7. Cloth Cover 12. Hose

2. Funnel 8. Round Brush 13. Steam Buttons
3. Floor Attachment 9. Straight Nozzle 14. Main Body
4. Rubber Blade 10. Shoulder Strap 15. Power Indicator
5. Brush Blade Clips 16. Power Cable
6. Bent Nozzle 11. Safety Cap 17. Shoulder Strap

4 - Steam Genie Steam Genie - 5

Only use clean water in the Steam Genie. Using ltered or distilled water will
prolong the life of the unit.
Never add detergent or any other cleaning agent into the product - as this
will affect its operation.
Always ensure that the steam outlet is clear from any obstructions.
Always ensure that the steam outlet and accessories are cool before
touching. Alternatively use oven gloves when handling.

After use:
After usage, unplug the machine and release the steam entirely by pressing
the buttons (please refer to number 13 on page 5). Allow at least twenty (20)
minutes for the water to cool down and then carefully unscrew the cover
(please refer to number 11 on page 5) completely. Place the body upside
down to drain the water. Only attempt to clean the product and accessories
after the unit has cooled down enough to touch. Ensure the products steam
outlet is free of blockages. Ensure the product is stored in a cool dry place.

6 - Steam Genie Steam Genie - 7

If you have any queries about this product or
would like to know more about JML products
please contact us at:

John Mills Limited

JML House
Regis Road
Tel: 020 7691 3800
Fax: 020 7691 3801

Power Supply: 230v 50Hz
Power Consumption: 800w
Rated Voltage AC220V~240V

Includes Accessories:
Measuring Cup, Funnel, Floor
Attachment, Rubber Blade,
Brush Blade, Bent Nozzle,
Cloth Cover, Round Brush,
Straight Nozzle, Safety Cap,
Hose, Shoulder Strap