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Case questions for advance preparation and Group submission on campus 360

Case 6

Hanover Bates Chemical Corporation

1. Identify the key issues for the company.

2. Will Jim Sprague be able to deliver?
3. Should Hank Carver been made the District sales manager?
4. Identify the best and worst district. What criteria will you use?
5. How do you compare the districts? North east with North central district comparison
in particular.
6. What do you recommend as a solution to the problem?

Case 7

Snacko India Limited: Leveraging trade promotions

1. How is the trade promotion related to the nature of the product market? (General &
Specific for Snacko)

2. What are the objectives of a trade promotion scheme in FMCG and in case of Snacko?

3. What considerations to be taken in account before launching a trade promo scheme?

4. How to evaluate a trade promo scheme? Evaluate Snackos scheme.