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Evaluation and Recommendation Report

As per your letter No. Ph.D. Cell/2097 dated 09/02/2017, I evaluated the
thesis entitled ^^'kkjhfjd f'k{kk ikB~;eksa esa izkS|

ksfxdh ds mi;ksx ij fo'ys"k.k ,oa v/;;u** by mohd. Babar

Mohd. Ayub for the degree of doctor of Philosophy in Physical education,
Faculty of Education, R.T.M. Nagpur University Nagapur.

The observation are as follows.

1. The research work accomplished by Mohd. Babar Mohd. Ayub is up

to the mark in respect of prescribed format as well as contents. In
this work. Schalar has selected a very useful research problem as it
deals with the uses of information communication and Technology
(I.C.T.) in Physical education Curriculum. Main aim of the present
research work is to stufy and analysis of the uses of I.C.T. in
Physical Education curriculum.

2. In the 1st chapter (Introduction) scholar has ably discussed about

uses and Importance's of I.C.T., computer and software in Physical
education field and curriculum. In this scholar covering all the
necessary background of the study.

3. The 2nd Chapter (Review of Related Literature) the scholar has

mentioned both allied and critical review related to the study.

4. In the 3rd Chapter (Methodology) the scholar has given details about
his research area. In this work total five hundred Physical education
Teacher, student and Non-teaching staff of Nagpur were randomly
selected as subjects (250 male Physical Education Teachers and 250
Students and Non-teaching staff were selected) to determine the
Uses of I.C.T. in Physical Education curriculum two types of
collages of Nagpur were taken in to consideration. One was aided
collages and second was non-Aided collages. In this chapter scholar
has elaborated the procedures in details and systematically.

5. In the 4th Chapter (Analysis of data & Interpretation of data) In this

Chapter Scholar shows the result of the study are presented after
analysis of the collected data. The obtained data was analysed by
calculating mean, standard and 't' test at 0.05 level of significance.
The results are presented using appropriate table and graphs.

6. The 5th chapter (Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations) the

scholar has well concluded and summarized the work with utmost

7. The scholar has mentioned the Bibliography in systematic order.

Therefore, I recommended to conduct Viva-voce examination for the

award of Ph.D. Degree in Physical Education. I agree to be the examiner
for the viva-voce of the research scholar.

Thanking you.

(Dr. Anand Prakash)