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cnPilot Home & Small

Business Wireless Router

Release Notes
For R200x and R201x

System Release 4.2.3

Sections Included:
Supported Platforms
Supported Features
Problems Corrected
Known Issues and
Technical Support

This document provides information for the Cambium Networks cnPilot R200/R201 System Release 4.2.3.
The release 4.2.3 offers the same features and functionality as 4.2, with several important bug fixes that will
be noted in Problems Corrected (System Release 4.2.3).

The information in this document is subject to change without notice. The recommendations, technical data,
configurations and statements in this document are believed to be reliable and accurate, but are presented
without implied or express warranty. Users must take full responsibility for their applications of any product
specified in this document. The information in this document is proprietary to Cambium Networks Ltd.

The cnPilot Home & Small Business router with VoIP is a managed device (that yet has the ability to act as
a stand-alone router if desired). In addition to WiFi, this product provides high quality voice calls as well as
the optional ability to power Cambiums ePMP series subscriber module or the PMP450 series subscriber
module by supporting Cambiums (Canopy) PoE. For voice calls, the product is fully compatible with the
SIP industry standard and is able to interoperate with many other SIP devices and software on the market.

1. Telnet is disabled from the WAN IP as well as from the LAN IP.
2. Downgrade from 4.2.3 to a lower version is not allowed as it checks for
signed certificate.

Supported Platforms
The following table provides details on the supported platforms:

cnPilot Home cnPilot cnPilot Home cnPilot Home cnPilot Home

Port / Interface
R200 Home R200P R201 R201P R201W

WAN 1xFE in RJ45 1xGE in RJ45

LAN 4xFE in RJ45 4xGE in RJ45

2X2 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n 2X2 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n (300 Mbps)
No 2X2 5GHz 802.11ac (867 Mbps)

USB 1X USB 2.0 1X USB 2.0

VoIP 2xFXS in RJ11 2xFXS in RJ11 No

Cambium PoE (Power

No Yes No Yes Yes
over Ethernet) Out

Power Adapter 12V/2A 12V/3A 12V/2A 12V/3A 12V/3A

cnMaestro Managed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Features Supported in 4.2 Release

The following table lists the features that are supported in this release of cnPilot R200/201:

802.11 b/g/n/ac
Wireless PSK (AES), Mixed mode
4 per radio
AP isolation, MBSSID AP isolation, WMM, MAC Filter, WDS, WPS
Call IP Signaling
SIP V2 (RFC3261/3262/3263/3264)
G.711 (A-law, -law), G.722, G.723, G.729
Real Time FAX over IP via T.38
T.30 Fax with G.711
VOICE Features
Adaptive jitter buffer management
Voice Activity Detection
Comfort Noise Generation
Echo Cancellation
Complementary Features
3-way Conference
Call hold, Call forwarding, Call transfer, Call waiting,
Speed dial, Hotline, Dial plan
Caller ID, Black list, Call log

Features Supported in 4.2.3 Release

cnMaestro On-Premises

cnMaestro On-Premises is a standalone version of the cnMaestro Cloud application that can be installed in a
data center. Its functionality is nearly identical to Cloud though compacted into a single package that can
execute on a virtual machine.
There are multiple methods to register ePMP1000 and cnPilot devices to cnMaestro. The different options
are the following:
Configuring cnMaestro URL
DHCP Options
o Option 43
o Option 15

pmp-1412 000v003 June 2016 3


For more information on cnMaestro documentation, see

Configuring cnMaestro URL

To configure cnMaestro URL:

1. Navigate to Administrator > cnMaestro tab.

2. Enter static URL in the cnMaestro URL field.

DHCP Options (Linux)

A DHCP Server can be used to configure the IP Address, Gateway, and DNS servers for Cambium devices. If
you administer the DHCP Server, you can also configure DHCP Options that will tell the devices how to
access the cnMaestro (so the URL does not need to be set on each device). Cambium devices support DHCP
Options 43 and 15 for setting the cnMaestro On-Premises URL.

The priority order for determining the cnMaestro URL is the following:

1. Static URL manually set through the Device UI.

2. DHCP Option 43
3. DHCP Option 15
4. Default Cambium Cloud URL (

Features Supported in 4.2.2 Release

Australia and NZ regulatory changes are implemented for VoIP. Now if a user selects FXS > Preferences
->Tone types as Australia then automatically the Tone type and other parameters required are pushed.

a. If country-code is selected as AUSTRALIA :

For each FXS port if a user selects Australia as Regional Tone Type, configure the following:
Tone Type must be set to Australia and Ring Voltage to 55.
Handset Input gain: 4. Handset Volume: 3.

pmp-1412 000v003 June 2016 4


b. If country-code is selected as New Zealand:

For each FXS port if a user selects New Zealand as Regional Tone Type, configure following:
Tone Type: New Zealand
Handset Input Gain (dB): 0
Handset Volume (dB): 4
Impedance Matching: India, New Zealand

Problems Corrected (System Release 4.2.3)

This section lists the problems corrected in 4.2.3 release of cnPilot R200/201:

Tracking Description / Workaround

The encryption key was displayed as a clear text.
The wireless 5GHz channel was displayed incorrectly as channel 1 in the
RBN-175 PPPoE Keep alive was not working as expected in R200 with Mikrotik router.
The SIP Registration failure, Session Timer, and Session Expire problems
were experienced in R200/R201.
In R201 devices, the vendor class should to be Cambium-cnPilot
R201Psimilar to R200 devices where it was CAMBIUM-cnPilot R201P.
RBN-198 DHCP static allotment was not accepting any MAC address format.

The hostname recovery/protection mechanism should be implemented to

add hostname again in the configuration file.
RBN-200 Youtube video was not playing smoothly and continuously and the video
should switch from one to another.

Problems Corrected (System Release 4.2.2)

This section lists the problems corrected in 4.2.2 release of cnPilot R200/201:

Tracking Description / Workaround

CNSDA-75 Device is disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times if it is connected to

the network via ePMP SM.

RBN-23 Partial config push is not working for cnPilot without changing the DB
versionID parameter.

RBN-26 Cambium ID password in cnPilot is not accepting special characters.

RBN-126 In Multi WAN setup, the static IP and DNS settings are randomly

pmp-1412 000v003 June 2016 5


Tracking Description / Workaround

RBN-131 cnPilot devices are not sending the configured PPPoE "Service Name" to the

RBN-142 Ability to use special characters in the password field.

RBN-110 No image for Australian certification pertaining to DTMF level issues fix.

RBN-174 The SIP calls are getting dropped in R200 after 120 seconds.

RBN-176 NTP server when enabled or device is synced with the host, C3VOIP should
not take cnMaestro time.

Known issues (System Release 4.2.3)

This section lists the known issues and limitations in this release of cnPilot R200/201:

Tracking Description / Workaround

RBN-044 The 5GHz wifi signal is not stable. The signal disappears in between and
comes back.
RBN-178 The Security > Content filtering feature is not working properly.
RBN-183 Due to security vulnerability, the RSA keys and device certificate needs to be
generated on first boot up.

Known issues (System Release 4.2.2)

This section lists the known issues and limitations in 4.2.2 release of cnPilot R200/201:

Tracking Description / Workaround

RBN-122 In cnMaestro, the RSSI values are shown as positive instead of negative
under Troubleshooting > WiFi Anlayzer page.
RBN-127 Secondary DNS value at LAN side is not getting updated properly if it is left
RBN-148 On creation of New Connect (WAN), the default VLAN ID is shown as 0
instead of 1.
RBN-150 Default configuration of PPPoE Password should not show any value for

HTTPS web access works with Mozilla and IE (Internet Explorer) browser only.

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Technical Support
For technical support, see

Cambium Networks Community Forum

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