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Kuldeep Singh

Email: Phone No.: +91 9920756698

Supply Chain Professional with 6.5+ year experience in FMCG & OTC Sector
Expertise in Warehouse excellence, Route Planning, Logistics, Sales & Supply Chain Commercial, Customer Service,
Process Transformation, Replenishment Strategy, Demand Planning, Production & Distribution Planning, New Product
Development, Budgeting
Heading Supply chain & sales commercial of leading pharmaceutical firm
Ensured Supply Chain support in portfolio growth by 24% and Marico achieving Leadership in value Added Hair Oils
Directing Cross-Functional projects integration of Order Management, Production planning in SAP APO, Factory to Depot
Replenishment, Design of food supply chain, Value Creation
Closely worked with Consultants from IBM, Capgemini, Miebach and A.T. Kearney

Functional Process Mapping & Improvement, KPI Definition & MIS, Order Management, Customer Service, Inventory
Management, New Product Launch, Network Optimisation, Planning Demand Production & Distribution, Master Data
Management, Cost Control & Management
Technical SAP-APO/ R3/ BIW, MiNet, MDM, Tableau, MS Office, Minitab

Senior Manager, Supply Chain , Wings Biotech, New Delhi, India May16-till date
Strategise and execute process improvements in Production Planning, Warehousing, Logistics & Commercial
Prepare yearly budget of warehouse, logistics and supply chain and perform expense analysis to identify outliers
Heading transition of S&D module to SAP
Creating and rolling down Process & Policy for Sales Return, CFA appointment & Distributor appointment
Forecast demand for next 3 months, analyse and maintain Inventory basis norms
Timely & Correct Payout of VAT, Freight, Commision, CFA Expenses, Entry tax
Auditing all CFA locations to validate compliance to set Commercial, Supply Chain, IT and regulatory parameters
Establish & Chair S&OP Process
Divisional Supply Chain Manager West, Marico Ltd, Mumbai, India
Handled Commercial Manager Role from July-Dec15
Customer Service & Planning
Review of Demand Plans at Distributor Product level to improve Forecast accuracy
Predictive analysis of block wise availability basis projected orders
Fill Rate Improvement
Ensure timely fulfilment of orders generated by 200+ distributors on daily basis
Achieve Best in Class Service Levels for Modern Trade, General Trade & CSD channel
Warehouse Excellence & Freight
Managing 2.26 Lac sqft Warehouse space & 8.6 Crore Secondary freight
Perspective space planning for 3-year horizon & evaluating new/ existing warehouses
Continuous improvement in Space Utilisation & Goods-Non Goods Ratio
Closure of secondary freight cost and service level agreements with existing vendors
Torchbearer of Best practices in Quality, GHK, Material Handling & Safety at Depot & Distributors
Closed budgets of FY 16-17 for Warehouse, Logistics, Sales, Regional Office
Ensure timely and correct payout of trade tie-ups, sales expenses, sales incentive, warehousing & logistics cost
Projects Manager Supply Chain, Marico Ltd, Mumbai, India April14-June15
Driving Projects for Process Reengineering, End to End Replenishment & Availability improvement across Business
Order Management Module- General Trade & Modern Trade
Designed Process Map, Common Logics and Roles & Responsibility Matrix for Order Management through GPM
Migration from manual to automated order generation through Order Page to capture Pristine Orders
Central Trouble-shooter, Maintainer of master data and Approver for deviations beyond agreeable limits
Prioritisation Logic, Norm Computation, Fair share rules & Generating Distributor- SKU plans
Process Reengineering
Mapping End to End Processes - Material Planning, Production Planning, Distribution, Demand Generation,
Forecasting, Order Management & Master Data Management and align the same to Global Best Practices
Defining Rules, SOP and standard exception lists to facilitate migration to SAP driven planning
Enhancing KPI Compliance
Ascertaining Key Results Area and Key Performance Indicators to achieve key SCM deliverables
Automated Computation & Alerts of 15 KPIs and Customised visibility to users via Tableau Dashboard
Designing Hierarchy, Loss Trees, relations and Cuts of KPI data to identify root cause & pinpoint area of action
Production & Distribution Planning
Block-wise Release and Review of Plans through SAP APO basis changes in demand- Migration to Replenishment
Common Logic across Business Units & Geographies for Requirement Computations, Business Continuity
Planning, Resource Utilisation, Fair Share Allocation, Production Smoothening and Truck Load Building
Central MDM of related SAP R3 & APO Masters SNP & PP
Supply Chain Planning Manager, Marico Ltd, Mumbai, India June10-
Handled Demand Planning from August- December 2012 March14
Supply Chain support in portfolio growth by 24% and Marico achieving Leadership position in Value Added Hair Oils
Production Planning, Material Planning, S&OP Closures & Dispatch Planning for 30+ brands Pan-India
Increased Supply Assurance of a portfolio of 150+ SKUs across 32 depots in India from 84% to 88% in FY 13-14
Unlocked Savings of Rs 35 Lacs in Primary Freight Costs by optimization of Network Lanes
Championing S&OP Meetings to evolve Consensual Rolling Sales Plan
Implemented Replenishment Driven Dispatch Model to ensure Dispatches in Line with Sales Rate at each Node
Quarterly and Annual Capacity Planning & Augmentation- CAPEX and Depot space planning & built-up for Next FY
End-to-End coordinator for Repacking - Vendor selection, Labour deployment, Scheduling & Legal Compliances
First Portfolio to Migrate to SAP APO based Production Planning in May 2011
New Product Development
Supply chain SPOC for NPD
Timekeeper & Reviewer to ensure NPD passes through various innovation gates in time
Front End Planning
Mid-Month review of production and dispatch plans and agreeing on additional requirements
Closing long term rolling plans and align capacities, procurement and transportation
Cost Management
Minimising mal-distribution, Unplanned Transfers, & Non-Moving stocks and Detentions across depots
Reduction in Supply Chain COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) at All India level by 22% in FY 13-14
Championed 32 Pack changes, 210 COs, 40 repacking activities & 20 New Product Launches

2008-201 0 | PGDIE, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai
8.35/10 |F irst Cla ss
2004-200 8 | B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tiruchirappalli
8.56/10 |F irst Cla ss wi th Distinct ion


AP ICS C PIM Cert ific ati on in Master P lanning of Resou rces
Leader ship Traini ng o n S up ply Chain Manag ement by CII
LE AD Talen t P rogra mme by DDI
Lean manag ement and Six Sig ma Tr aining by Indian Statistical Institute , Pune
Relat ionsh ip Man age ment by Homi Mulla
Network ing and Influ encing Sk ills b y Mi cheal S Da vi d
Finance by Gir ish Ja kotia
Negot iation Skills by N egoskill s In dia (Jesse Gil l & R anj it C houdha ry)

Supply Chain SPOC, Process Reengineering Project- Worked with Capgemini
Marico Team Lead, Migration of Production planning to SAP APO- Worked with IBM
Limited Team Member, Marval- worked with AT Kearney to Co-create value of Rs 1.2 Crore
Team Member, responsible for efficient and successful Supply Chain integration of acquired brands
Student Placement Coordinator, Batch of 2010
Relationship Management with 50+ companies, 16+ Companies visited campus
Media Coordinator for Outlook Magazine & CNN IBN- NITIE ranked 5th Best for Placements


Best Planner Award by CEO for FY 2011-12
Star of the Month Award for exemplary performance in managing integration of New Acquisition
Innovation Award, 2012 for Mass Entry into Skin Care Segment
Excellence Award, 2012 for Implementation of Replenishment Model in Dispatches
Innovation Award, 2013 for Launch of Summer Fresh Body Lotion
Excellence Award, 2014 for reenergising Cub Brands

Design of Food Supply Chain (Received Pre-Placement Offer)
Supply Chain Identified KPI for food supply chain and did performance benchmarking vis--vis industry standards
Design Scientific inventory norms & Optimisation of production and dispatch plan using Solver model
Determining alerts and actions and designing liquidation policy to increase freshness of stocks
Optimisation of CFC Packaging (6 Sigma Project)
Studied CFC making process to identify controllable and non-controllable variables
Production Six Sigma techniques (CTQ, VOS, CE-Matrix, FMEA, Fishbone) used to identify critical variables
Planning & Annualised savings of Rs 22 lacs realised
Manufacturing APO Automation of Production Planning
Integrated complete planning process from Demand Planning to Production Planning in SAP
Build in various business scenarios in APO to optimise the production planning
Depot PDP Rationalisation & Secondary Freight Optimisation
Geographically clustering distributors, Identifying optimal fleet & maximizing vehicle utilisation
Proposed model scaled to 12 depots with savings of Rs 45 lacs per annum
Superdistributor Network Optimisation
Distribution &
Computing redistribution cost, Evaluating alternate methods of transportation & Benchmarking SDs
Implemented in South Region- annualised savings of Rs 15 Lacs
RDC SKU Rationalisation
Redefining Transport lanes of SKU taking Handling, Transport and Storage Cost into consideration
Annualised savings of Rs 35 lacs
Reducing Accident rate of workers during manual Material Handling at HLS Asia- Awarded Pre-
Placement Offer
Mathematical model of railway Track and boiler vessel using Hamiltonian and analytical approach, IIT
Metallization of ceramics using electro less deposition and its characterization, IIT Kanpur