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ASOS windbreaker, $75.
Tim Coppens sweater,
blue parka (around
waist). L.L.Bean socks.
Stuart Weitzman boots.

Reads 35 Unedited
Paris Hiltons take
& Hot on tiaras, and why
Haim is OK with 110 Regarding
Topics being uncool People Who
Dont Have
Youve got one life. 45 Denim Period Sex love who you love,
Live it! How to: Every Day Alanna Lauren and see more
Quit your day job Your size and Greco wants to badass women 142 Where the
and move to Bali your style are stop the shame onscreen Women Were
(page 148) here, in our fall On the twentieth
Shut down the denim guide. Plus, 124 Dont Kill 136 We Found Your anniversary of
body shamers try pairing the Her Vibe Next Haircut Lilith Fair, Glamour
(page 99) go-to staple with Cara Delevingne Stylist Garren looks at how this
Rewrite your love something sheer wants you to gives you four all-female festival
story (page 105) (page 152) be who you are, power-cut options changed music 9
berry lips
page 86
page 102 and Rihanna
This month, were forever.
into epic cuts Canadian page 66
page 136 tuxedos
page 152 (and
54 We Made page 162!)
Plus-Size Jeans!
Glamour editor
Lauren Chan
Fashion designed an 66 Dior and Me
option for women A BTS look at Beauty
45 Denim, sizes 14 and up 62 Our Fall the West Coast
Your Way Favorites cruise show 73 Our Favorite
Our guide to 58 Twice? Nice! A sneak peek Hair & Makeup
the best jeans Two ways to at the styles 130 Into the Wild Looks
and what to wear that denim our editors are Time to mountain Stolen straight
pair them with mini we know lusting after up your wardrobe from backstage
you have a little at the shows
52 Shop the Look 64 The
Raise your hand 60 Outfits for Days Accessory Edit 162 Jean on Jean? 80 Your Hair
if theres room Model Paloma New Mary Janes: Genius! Lookbook
in your heart Elsesser beats perfect for parties! Glamours Dos & Glamour staffers
for another the heat with Plus, teeny-tiny Donts takes on rock knots
denim trend seven chill looks purses (page 70) the double-dip for any texture

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82 No, I Wont
Color My Hair
One blogger is
99 What Before-
tired of being
called brave for
Pictures Dont
going gray
Tell You
Those weight-
86 Not Your
loss images
Average Lipstick
never reveal the
Try out next-
whole story
102 Aussie Invasion
and balms
from the continent Plus: daring
88 Why Im for musicians like
that brought
Gym Makeup Alessia Cara
you avocado
Elissa Velluto page 142
has words for
anyone who
thinks its vain
Life 112 Want Your
Boss to Say Yes
90 Beauty
Adventures 105 A Girl, a Guy to Flextime?
in Japan & a Coma These pros can
What Glamours Emily V. Gordon help with that
Ying Chu learned and Kumail and a
about skin care by Nanjianis love 114 This Is My Job bold bag
going east story has Nadia Lopez is page 62
Hollywood-level a middle school
twists and turns principal; she
may also be a

Talk Everything 28 @Glamourmag

Else You
117 Life With ISIS 33 A Woman
& After ISIS Need Made This
Photojournalist Thanks to the
Erin Trieb met 24 From Me to You handiwork of
the women of Abigail Ybarra,
Mosul, Iraq, as 26 Friends of rock legends
they broke free Glamour found their sound

ON OUR COVERS Cara Delevingne was photographed in Paris by Patrick

Demarchelier. Fashion editor: Jillian Davison; hair: Ward at Artlist; makeup: Lisa Eldridge
at Premier; manicure: Christina Conrad at Calliste Agency; production: Iris Laverdant at
PRODn Paris . Cover 1: Prada top, skirt (BTW, those femme fatale prints were pulled from
sixties pulp fiction book covers drawn by Robert E. McGinnis, the illustrator behind
the iconic Breakfast at Tiffanys poster). Repossi ear cuff, multiband rings. Cover 2:
Gypsy Sport shirt. Cover 3: Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello tank, jeans, aviator
sleeves, belt, boots. Cover 4: Burberry capelet, dress. Ring at top: Eddie Borgo. For
Delevingnes cool look, try Rimmel London Brow Shake Filling Powder ($4), Moisture
Renew Lipstick in Red Alert ($7), Shake It Fresh Mascara ($7), and Garnier Fructis
Beach Chic Texturizing Spray ($4.30, all at drugstores). Read all about Cara Delevingne
on page 124. Go to for more shopping information.


(Incorporating Self and Mademoiselle)


Creative Director PAUL RITTER

Executive Editor WENDY NAUGLE
Digital Director LAUREL PINSON
Fashion Director JILLIAN DAVISON Executive Beauty Director YING CHU
Entertainment and Special Projects Director ALISON WARD FRANK
Managing Editor ERIN HOBDAY
Deputy Fashion Director SASHA IGLEHART
Bookings Director RICHARD BLANDINO Fashion News Director FLORENCE KANE Accessories Director ELISSA VELLUTO
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From Me to You

Random Acts of
Editing this issue reminded me: Were all braver than we think.

Such a Gutsy Girl!

Yeah, thats
not me. Im at the
uick: Whats the bravest thing youve bottom of the
ever done? page in the floatie.
If you drew a blank, I get it. Most of
usyou amazing firefighters and heroic
soldiers excepteddont think of our-
selves as particularly courageous on a daily
basis. After all, heres a list of things Ive
never done and never will do:
Bungee jump
Drive a race car (or, in fact, drive any car
over 80 miles per hour)
Quit my job and move to Fiji (although see
the women on page 148 who have)
You get the picture. Im not a classic taker of
risks, especially the physical sort. If you look
closely at the image on the bottom right, of me
swimming in the Amazon, youll see Im grip-
ping a pool floatie. (There were piranhas!)
On the other hand:
I single-handedly sold the house I grew up
in at age 19.
I hitchhiked through California one sum-
mer on a whim.
I wrote a letter to Gloria Steinem at age
23, telling her I thought she should hire
me to edit Ms. magazine. (She didnt take
the bait.) think they suck at politics. For that reason, its powerful to
I almost gave birth alone in a moving taxi in New York City remind ourselves that everyone fails, all the time, and life goes
but still had the presence of mind to tip the driver when he on. Duckworth herself lost her first race for Congress but then
screeched up to the emergency room to throw me out. ran again and won; you may now address her as Madam Senator.

I was born shy but can now talk to pretty much anyone about But its also powerful to remember that were probably guts-
pretty much anything. ier already than we give ourselves credit for. Risks, after all,
In other words: We all get wherever we are in life through come in all shapes and sizes. Make your own list of accomplish-
little acts of bravery. And as I edited this issue, I was struck by ments and then sit backin a pool floatie if necessaryand be
how very many ways there are to show our mettle, from per- impressed by it.
sonal ones (our cover star, Cara Delevingne, chose to be open Life is, as the Pinterest memes say, available for a limited
about her sexuality at 22) to the almost superhuman (witness time only, subject to change without notice, and (this is the
the dedication of conflict-zone photographer Erin Trieb and good part) the sole responsibility of the recipient. That would
the astonishing Iraqi women she profiles on page 117). be you, and I think youre freaking fearless.
Much has been made of how women may avoid taking risks
because were more afraid of failure than men are. As war hero
and public servant Tammy Duckworth once observed to this
magazine, When men [running for office] lose a race, they Cindi Leive, editor-in-chief
think the electorate made a mistake. When women lose, they @cindi_leive

Friends of Glamour

Whats the
Biggest Risk Youve

Ever Taken? Our August contributors are
Because I photograph
in regions of conflict,
I take big risks regularly.
Its scary, but the
idea of looking back
seriously gutsy. and thinking what could
have been is much
more frightening.
Erin Trieb, who
photographed Life With
ISIS & After ISIS, page 117

Going to a concert in Paris with

my best friend at age 16. We
had enough money for the flight
and tickets but not the hotel. It
was so fun! Ive been on crazy
Afrodita Dorado, left backpacking trips
and accepted
Competitive horse jumping; jobs in which I had
every time you get on the horse, zero experience,
its a risk, so when it works, its but honestly the
the most beautiful thing. answer is probably
Kenya Kinski-Jones, center having kids. Best
Moving to New York with decision of my life.
barely any money. But it was Melissa Maerz, who
right for my career! wrote the tribute to
Ebonee Davis, right; she and the Lilith Fair on page 142
other two models work the
seasons new denim on page 152

Starting my YouTube
channel. It really
wasnt the thing for a
professional makeup
artist to do at the time.
But I believed strongly
in the future of digital,
so I took a leap. I left college and
Lisa Eldridge, the decided to give my
makeup artist who modeling career my
created Cara all. Now Im getting
Delevingnes cover look educated in ways
college couldnt offer!
But I do hope to finish
school one day.
Paloma Elsesser, who
shows off her style in
Outfits for Days, page 60


The Power of
Bare Glamours June issue was
about owning your outer
and inner beauty. Cover star
Priyanka Chopra led the way.
OMG this photo
shoot will be
the death of me,
@syel_in wrote
on Instagram.

I love @priyankachopra! So proud of you for sharing your L OU DER FOR T HE

experience of overcoming insecurities & loving yourself FOL K S I N T HE BACK
@ms_slaysalot, via Twitter So much YES!
@sophiabush, via
@priyankachopra is on the cover of @glamourmagI wish Instagram
middle school me could see this. @pmantha08, via Twitter
Wow, Janet [Mock]. Beau-
Seeing @priyankachopra in @glamourmag front cover in tiful and gutting. @settle
small town of Illinois makes my heart proud. @humdono _us, precious, via Twitter
via Twitter
My daughter is 10 years old.
And Elsewhere in the Issue Shes taller and heavier than
In her editors note, Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive wrote her peers and already wor-
that our Bare Issue intentionally contained absolutely no instruc- ries about body image. Its
tions for getting a bikini body (Do you have a bikini? Do you heartbreaking. But when
Love that
have a body? Great! Youre done!). Instead, our stories featured she gets down on herself, Im bag and that

insight from women including Janet Mock, Ashley Graham, and going to show her the June confidence.
Patricia Lockwood on what it means to bare yourself physically issue, especially Nothing
and emotionally. but Bags [above]. That model has a tummy! And stretch marks!
Thank you for including photos of beautiful women who are not
BRAVA! Groundbreaking (crazy to have to say that at this day & skinny. Jen Nelson, Federal Heights, Colo.
age, but its true)! @amandakraemer, via Instagram
Ive been so impressed with Glamour in the last few months.
WHERE HAS YOUR GLAMOUR BEEN? Youre addressing issues beyond lipstick and hair color. Im in
my midthirties, and although I love lipstick, my friends and I are
Trekking 42 kilometers in searching for help with the issues were facing: how to negotiate
Peru all the way to Machu raises, manage people, be politically active. This is the kind of
Picchu! We hiked the Inca Trail magazine women need. Jeannine C., Seattle
and camped for three nights
along the way, a lifetime dream
adventure for us both. Missed any of the stories in our June issue? Download the
Rachael Foggo, far left, digital edition from your devices app store.
and Robyn Blackburn,
both 42, New York City
GOT AN OPINION? Sure you doand we want to hear it. Email us at; tweet to @glamourmag; comment on facebook
Gone someplace special with .com/glamour; or write us at Glamour, One World Trade Center, New
York, NY 10007. Submissions and comments become the property of
your Glamour? Send or tweet us a the magazine and wont be returned; they may be edited and can be
photo! See details at right. published or otherwise used in any medium.

A Woman Made This

A Quick
Lesson in
Meet Abigail Ybarra, 81, the unsung
guitar guru integral in honing
Hendrixs and Claptons sounds.

In 1958, 23-year-old Abigail Ybarra got a job hand-winding

guitar pickups, the sensors that turn string vibrations
into electrical signals, for 90 cents an hour at the California
factory of legendary manufacturer Fender. When I started,
there werent many women working there, Ybarra, now
81, says. They needed my hands because they were
smaller and quicker. Though her peers found the work
of coiling ultrafragile magnetic wires to be tedious,
she enjoyed experimenting with wire tension and
shapes. Her pickups became so hypersensitive to
chord changes that Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett, and
Eric Clapton all started to request her guitars
for live performances. (After training her
own replacementJosefina Campos, one
of many undercelebrated women who have
done this kind of technical work over
the decadesshe retired in 2013 at age 77.

Keith Richards owns the last guitar

Ybarra helped build.) When you look
at the artists from the sixties and
seventies who requested Ybarras
guitars, says NPR producer and rock
journalist Allyson McCabe, their
guitar tone is unmistakable. Shes
called the Queen of Tone because
she literally helped
change the tone
of rock music. Cue
Why His Guitar Gently Weeps the kickin solo.
Abigail Ybarra, right, helped build Faran Krentcil
this Fender Telecaster for
former Beatle George Harrison. 33
Unedited by Justine Harman

Everything were binge-talking about this month
Made These!
by East Village
Shoe Repair
in Brooklyn

n o p e , i t s n o t # T B T.
Me g a - pl a t f or m s a r e
having a renaissance.
And whether you prefer
just a little (Gigi Hadid is loyal to her
almost-two-inch Ash lace-ups) or a
whole lotta lift (Ciara gets down with

four-inch chunky-striped Guccis),
theres an easy way to make the look
your own. In search of my own perfect

Sneakers Are
pair, I went to Brooklyn to find Boris
Zuborev, the cobbler who became a
local legend after an on-the-rise Chlo
Sevigny modeled the trend in Sassy

in 1992. (Zuborevs East Village Shoe
Repair has collaborated with the likes
of Marc Jacobs, Rihanna, and
Photograph by Josephine Schiele 35
Drake.) The Gucci platforms are hot
now, Zuborev says, but the first time I
made platform sneakers was for nineties
club kids. We used to take Converse and
get them hiiiigh. The shoes, I mean!
To get my own Converse low-tops hiiiigh Brave New Heights
(see previous page), he applied eight lay- A London showgoers
ers of rubber foam sole to the bottom of rainbow Guccis,
each sneakertwo half-inch pieces for left, and blogger
Chiara Ferragnis
each stripeand secured the whole stack
own design, above.
with Jet Set, an adhesive. Worry not:
Just because these babies were made in
Brooklyn doesnt mean you cant get the
look in Boise. Zuborev says any decent
shoe repairer can source stackable rubber
foam soles from their wholesale supplier
(and a call to The Shoe Guy repair shop

in Boise confirmed this). With labor, the
DIY mission should cost you between $70

and $150 total. Not bad for one-of-a-kind
shoes that will up your fashion cred,
right? Faran Krentcil

Hail the Queens From

above left: Maisie Williams,
Rita Ora, and Janelle Mone
rule the look; far left, Hilton
in her Tink-Barbie stage.
Join the Party Icing tiara, left

Platforms arent the only back-in-the-day myself or with my sister and find these
comeback. Tiaras are popping up every- really cool pieces. I didnt even have a styl-
where from fashion runways to the ist; I just wore what I loved. I probably have
festival circuit. We asked Paris Hilton, OG over 200. I keep them in these glass crystal
tiara enthusiast, to explain the lasting
cases with the light coming in. When I was
appeal. Take it away, Paris. in that Tink-Barbie stage, I wore them all
the time, but Ive evolved in the past few

and Tiaras Ive been wearing tiaras my whole life. I

think I was born with one on. I love being
years. The looks no longer about that little
tiara I used to wear. Its more like a crown

Too?! feminine and sparkly and confident, and

when you wear a tiara, you feel even more
that way. You feel like a princess. I see so
or a headband that looks like a tiara. And
now its only for special occasions, like a
birthday, New Years, a wedding, a rave
Yes, says Paris Hilton, who many people wearing them now, but back maybe. Coachella. But I would definitely
never stopped wearing em. then, no one wore tiaras. Id go to [cult New say that you shouldnt wear a tiara to a
York City stores] Patricia Field and Hotel funeral. That would be very inappropriate.
Venus or other random little places by as told to J.H.


Everything Is
25 This Summer Im turning 25 soon, so naturally I assumed
2017 would be my year: the Year of Chris. But
while planning a parade in my own honor, I
uncovered something startling: You could
almost say pop culture in its entirety came from
the summer of 1992. There was A League of
Their Own, Penny Marshalls unexpected
blockbuster about girls playing baseball like
dudes. Mary J. Bliges debut, Whats the 411?, hit
stores, and her hip-hop verses layered over soul
tracks changed how we define mainstream
music. (Youre welcome, Drake.) Twenty-five
years ago we also got Cole Sprouse, the lispy kid
from Big Daddy turned Riverdale standout;
Super Mario Karts first solo female character,
Princess Peach; the Mall of friggin America;
oh, and our first intro to a would-be First Lady
named Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yup, the cul-
tural goodies from 92 are pretty legit. So cheers
to you, my birth-year brethren. Youre all
invited to my parade party. Christopher Rosa

Born in 92
All celebrating the Big 25: Who
knew Mary J. Bliges first album
and A League of Their Own
are the same age as (clockwise
from left) Cara Delevingne,
Demi Lovato, Frances Bean
Cobain, Karlie Kloss, Selena
Gomez, and Cole Sprouse?!

Haim Doesnt Want to Be

how we play them,
Alana, center left,
tells me. If anyone even
tried to change us, we would
be like, F-ck you, no. Este, far
After sisters Este, 31, Danielle, 28, and Alana left, who often fields criticism for
Haim, 25, released Right Now, the first track her bass face, is done internalizing the
from their long-awaited sophomore album, feedback. When I was conscious about the
Something to Tell You (out now), New York magazine way I looked, my playing suffered, she says.
asked a question: Is it corny to like Haim? (Said my Guys [make faces] all the time. And people are
best friend when she was sent the link, I always worry like, Oh, hes really feeling the music. But the second a
about this.) We rarely hear this about female soloists, but woman does, it just feels like, Shes not pretty-looking, so
when you get an all-female band together, their cool factor is I dont like it. Shes got a point: Family band Kings of Leon
suddenly questionable. (Never mind that Haim writes and makes music that is both endlessly listenable and undeniably
coproduces its own music and has a Grammy nod.) Thankfully, emotional, but we dont worry about whether liking Sex on Fire
Haim itself has zero interest in chasing cool. We make the music makes us corny. We just know how it makes us feel. Lets give Haim
that we make, write the music that we write, play our instruments the same courtesy, shall we? J.H.


The Glamour Do:

Realists rejoice! Lacquer-free nails
are now black-tie appropriate. The
end of sitting around and waiting
for your digits to dry? Hard yes.

Suck It, ManiCam
From bottom:
The hands of Sarah
Paulson, Leona
Lewis, and Megyn
Kelly go polish-free.

Thandie Newton:
goddess gown,
emerald eyes,
no-fuss nails

The 3 -Minute

It used to be hard to separate
Ansel Elgort from the sweetly
that her ballet company is doing
well. When she comes home
arrogant teens he played in hits glowing with confidence, thats
like The Fault in Our Stars and attractive to me. As you grow up,
Divergent. But as a mild- you realize all the little details of
mannered getaway guy in Kevin what makes you like somebody.
Spacey and Jamie Foxxs goon GLAMOUR: Is it hard for you to
squad in Baby Driver, Elgort, play the strong and silent type?
now 23, is embracing man- AE: No, because Ive been that
hoodand the wisdom that guy. Sometimes Im talkative, but
comes with it. Hell explain sometimeslike when Im in a
GLAMOUR: So whats it like to room with Jamie Foxx and Kevin
play a dude named Baby? SpaceyI let them do the talking.
ANSEL ELGORT: Im excited for GLAMOUR: You can tell usdid
everyone to call me Baby! But my they ever give you a hard time?
girlfriend, Violetta, isnt thrilled AE: Obviously you get made fun
about it. Shes like, Now I cant of for being the young person
call you that anymore. sometimes, but guys always give
GLAMOUR: You two met in high each other shit. Its our way of All Grown Up
school. Whats changed since? not needing to talk behind each Elgort eyes
AE: Recently shes been excited others backs. Jessica Kantor new horizons.

Edited by Florence Kane


Meet Our Models
Our guide to the
From left: Sustainability
activist Stevie Van freshest fall jean
Horn (@stevieyaaaay), stylesplus, what to
DJ Dylan Ali
(@dylanthegypsy), wear with all of them
and blogger Maria
Alia (@mariaalia)
On Van Horn: 7 For All
Mankind dress ($229,
On Ali: Levis shirt ($70, Current/Elliott
jeans ($268, current On Alia:
Stella McCartney top
($735, similar styles at
Stella McCartney, NYC)
and skirt ($715, select
Neiman Marcus).

Photographs by Sunny Shokrae 45

Fashion / Shop the Trends Edited by Shilpa Prabhakar Nadella & Amy Hou

Z a ra b lo ct
e le
($ 4 0 , s
re s)
Z a ra sto

Sta u d
7 5 , s ta u d
($ 3
th in g)
.c lo

spirati is
Your In d e n im
le g
W id e - te d , s a o
ys l B lu s h
sop h is ti c a
a ls C h a n e ct in Twe e d
. I d E ff e
rn , 2 9 Twe e d lo s s o m ($ 4 8 ,
Va n H o e w ith a B
e s C h e rr y e l. c o m)
we a r th it . chan
b o d ys u
v intag e ca Tay lo r
Rebec r
L a V ie , re b e c c atay lo
19 5
to p ($
n d x B e ll a
B ra
.c o m). J n s ($ 24 8 ,
Fre u d je n s .c o m).
jb ra n d je
je a n s
Guess ,
($ 10 8
o m)
g u e s s .c

l Come
Rache 34 5 ,
Wid ders
je a n s ($
o m)
o m ey.c
ra c h e lc

i ng je a n an d a
A sweep It works! Jus
op ? a
f low y t the blouse for
tuck in ed waist.
def in

N in e W 9 9 ,
tf o rm s ($
p la .c o m)
a m a zo n
p ($ 3 9 5
n e C o n sta s to m)
C a ro li a o p e ra n d i. c o

Fashion / Shop the Trends Edited by Shilpa Prabhakar Nadella & Amy Hou

B e a u ty
M a rc J o n ic M u lti-
Eye -C ow
ye s h a d
F in is h E m a rto ri a l
in S
Pa lette a rc ja c o b s

($ 4 9 , m .c o m)
b e a uty

A Fre
Coa tle t ip t
ea r
o tr y: W er
St y jacket o
a longer ger skir ts.
even lon

spirati c ke t
Your In o f th is ja
n g th
T h e le m o d e st
fits w ith y p e rs o n a l
fa s h io n e cts my
ke t
G a p ja c o m) at re s p
sty le th li a , 2 5 .
($ 9 8 , g
a p .c , s ays A
re li g io n t ($ 4 2 5
n ja c ke
H u d s o a n s .c o m).
u d s o n je 295 ,
d re s s ($
Th e o r y m).
th e o ry.c

To p s h o 15 ,
rr in g s ($
p .c o m
to p s h o a r) g
il Mr ba
fo r s im C u e ro & e ro a n d
5 , c u
($ 4 9 m)
m o r. c o

l Rache )
Rache r ($ 7 9
e a te
R oy sw t ($ 8 9 ,
a n d s k ir .c o m)
ra c h e lr

e ll
M a d ew 8 ,
k e t ($ 17
ja c
d e w e ll .c o m)

rs ($ 8 5 ,
e sn e a ke
C o nve rs rs e .c o m)
con ve
Fashion / Shop the Trends Edited by Shilpa Prabhakar Nadella & Amy Hou

s k ir t
($ 5 ,
p .c o m) N a d ri
shopbo 40,
h o o p s ($ a le s
m in g d
b lo o
.c o m)
c a M in
R e b e c t ($ 5 8 ,
-s h ir
T ff.c o m)
a m in ko
re b e c c

e En e rg
b la ze r L a n c m in ati n g &
AS O S .c o m) ie Il lu m
de V n it a
, a s os in g G ra
($ 8 7 S m o oth l ($ 3 9 ,
E y e G e
o m)
e -u s a .c
la n c o m

A s t he
Ruf fle

s a y o p posites
They ally,
r a c t . S o natur
att s
illy blue
these fr ith cool,
go grea c pieces.
Your In e a r baggy
y w
I u s u a ll h o o d ie s ,
ith li p Lim
je a n s w 1 . R uffle d 3 .1 Ph il 4 5 0 ,
,2 tc h ($
s ays A li y n ew way c lu
p li m .c o
d e n im is m 3 1p h il li
d d a tw ist.
to a 328 ,
b la ze r ($
A r g e nt rk .c o m).
n tw o
a rg e V ir g il
ite c/o
O ff-W h ir t ($ 6 3 2 ,
A b lo h m).
h ite .c o
off-- -w

s of
C it ize n y
u m a n it
24 8 ,
je a n s ($ m)
fw rd .c o

11 9 ,
b o ots ($
G e n e rati o n o m )
BCB .c
e rati o n

Own It.
Shop online for an unparalleled
vintage photography collection.
Exquisitely printed and framed.
S i st
EN es wa )
s s iz ) 0, om
SK ize 8 , om 60 er.c
EY ts $ 6 r.c $
f ( rt
a i s m)
, w
s ( ylo
an ta
ie -po
c h t- a
11 8 v Je nd
om d
R is
IE ($ , l e i e rd a M , ne
V s 3 1 ns , lo nd 32
ro en

LI vi 4
O Le 2 K e 1 4 s a 5
is 2
Bl es h tr

ug im
s iz

no en

se rd

ay the

alw no

es a es

er or
s i z m) s iz
es i st c o f i s t m)

s iz ) wa s .
th t)
i st c o m 4 , an 80 wa c o

5 , ll.
wa s .
8 , an
15 je
($ 9 9
9 el
($ )
rs om if se
o 1 3 we
l ($ d e
nd cl
19 je te . c
($ a n d l 9 l ev fit a e el ma
ut ng ,
ha nd
nd br ve 2 , ew 2 ,
ra 2 , j Le 4 3 e O lo ad 3
gl 20
ur (a
2 M 23
J B 43 E a r t
an ho
yo art
ic s
er 00
A m ize s ise he
Ra our
s 2, ,
3 24
23 4
es s1
, s i z m) ize )
i st . c o , s om
s0 wa n s 90 ii.c
ize 8, a i ($ q u
, s m) 19 agje ui elo
11 0 . c o ($ oq
($ o p AG El
op sh
p s h to p
ed Ju


e N

id A

br als


Fashion / Shop the Look





a i s m)
s , w .co
ize 5 0 rd
ts $2 ea
a i s m) d ( ab

, w .co ar nic EY
B e e ro
88 s T
$1 am ca , v R
s ( d re ni 2 A
a m ht ro 3 C
re eig Ve s 24 M
t D 31 , s iz
8 h 24
Fashion / Style Your Size
Good Jeans
The author,
We Made Plus-Size Jeans!
wearing Glamours
superdenim in
3x1s New York
City factory.
3x1 jeans ($255,
sizes 1424,
Eloquii blouse
($60, sizes 1424,
Eriness earrings

with your
a t a recent dinner party, my
fianc caught me undoing
the top button of my jeans at
the table. Maybe not my fin-
est moment, but it was that or
turn down a second helping of
gnocchi. (Which was not going to happen.)
Truth is, that fashion adjustment is com-
mon for me; Ive never found a pair of jeans
made to fit my round-through-the-middle
shape. Instead Ive had to settle for ones that
fit my legs but cutsometimes painfully
into my belly.
I need an ankle length that doesnt
ride up because its too small through
the calf.
As for style, women told me they crave
the vintage-looking straight-leg cut pop-
ping up all over Instagram, not the skinny
jeans that have reigned supreme in the
plus-size market for years:
I want straight legs that arent skin-
tightand dont look like I spent half
an hour squeezing into them, please!
Its time for stiffer denim that doesnt
rip in the thighs. Ill pay any price.
Glamour editor
Lauren Chan After that I asked my friends who wear Where do I find looser, nonfrumpy,
above a size 12 whether they have similar boyfriend-esque jeans?
designed a new denim woesand received a resounding While many brands do make plus-
denim option yes. A few comments I heard: size denim, most dont fulfill the above
for women sizes I cant find jeans for my proportions; my requests because they focus only on
waist is a size 22, but my legs are an 18. ber-stretchy skinnies that feel, IMO,
14 and up. Can someone make a waistband that like leggings. I get it: Bigger bodies carry
Read and buy! smooths my stomach? Im over covering weight differently, and stretch fabric best
it up with long shirts. ac com modates those differences.
54 Photographs by Lexie Moreland
Fashion / Style Your Size
Denim Test had elastic panels inserted where the take in the rest. You can also add a but-
Chan in one of pockets would be, like maternity pants; ton extender (from for
the runner-up
though they felt amazing, they slid down more room in the waist.
after a few laps around the store (and we Cut too-long hems with scissors, then
decided anything inspired by pregnancy pull out some of the weft yarns (the
silhouettes could be insulting). Third was white fringe) for effect.
the sample we crowned the winner. It had Keep your favorite pair from stretching
a contoured waistband that pulled in at out by washing and machine-drying
the high hip with an interior compression jeans every two wears, or spray the
panel over the lower abdomen, to smooth insides with starch, then iron for a
and ensure the jeans stay upright. stiffer look.
The best part: You can now buy our Im down with however you get your
superjeans at! And if youre not into hands on (butt in?) your perfect jeans. Just
them? My feelings wont be hurt. But I do be prepared for compliments!
insist you learn these denim tips:
Buy for your biggest part (generally Lauren Chan is Glamours fashion
your waist or hips) and have a tailor features editor. Follow her @lcchan.

But they often sacrifice quality. From a

The Jeans We Created for You
garment-construction standpoint, stretch and the details youll love about them.
denim doesnt have to fit perfectly because
the material is so forgiving, says Scott Hidden compression
Morrison, founder of luxury denim brand panel for smoothing
3x1. According to Morrison, 100-percent-
cotton denims, found in most vintage
Straight- Enlarged
jeans, are much more rigid than todays
cut hips belt loops,
blends. That can create an on-trend look
for wide pockets, and
but poses fit problems for curvier frames.
waists J-stitch for
Still, this is 2017we have driverless cars,
for Gods sake!there must be a way to pleasing
improve options, and I wanted to make it. proportions
So with my friends requests in mind,
Morrison and I set out to create a better
mousetrap. Why him? Through its
bespoke program at the store in New York
City, 3x1 is able to make personalized jeans
in any size. We open the door for anyone Channel seam
to come in and play designer, he says. We to protects
once made a pair with a 60-inch waist. I against rips
went through that programs steps to cre-
ate a perfect pair for youwell, us. 3x1 jeans
We started with three prototypes. ($255, sizes
1424, 3x1
Each was the cropped straight-leg every- .us, while
one told me they coveted, designed to fit Stiffer supplies last)

women who are widest through the waist 98-percent-

and made with 98 percent cotton and 2 cotton fabric
percent spandex. (Id suggested we make that sits
a jean with 100 percent cotton legs and a away from
stretch-denim waist but was quickly shot the leg
down. You cant create a Franken-jean (unlike
made out of different fabrics, because spandex)
they each shrink at different rates, Mor-
rison explained. Wherever those two
pieces of fabric joined, there would be
some gathering.)
Each of the samples had different fit
solutions. The first had a fully elastic
waistband, but once I tried it on (above), I
saw that the gathering Morrison warned Shorter-than-average crop that both Raw hem
against created an odd pouf. The second petite and tall shoppers can wear for style points

Fashion / Double Take Edited by Shilpa Prabhakar Nadella

Twice? Nice!
Two ways to wear that denim mini we know you have hanging around.
d Ja ,
n a n 6 9 5 o m)
He ir th
L e 5 , h a m) a b e c h ($ u s . c
i n z n c
l va ( $ 6 . c o E l i tre n m a r
e S y e t te c e s s i m a
ky rr c ne
n S u it ba igna
n s
Fl y o d ys , de
b $ 9 3 ye
( sk
nn )
fl y c o m
cti ,
n n e ($ 9 8 )
o m
h C bag .co
r e n c o d y cti o n
F ss nn b e
c ro c h c o

or ,
y Sp 228 )
r $
r To te r ( t . c o m
ea , ea r
y ew 1 6 9 ) sw ys p o
E ( $ m to r
d i d s e s r. c o
H a g l a s we a
n e
s u i d ey

ng , ra ,
Wa 2 3 5 Za $ 50
s a $ i r t ( o m)
ri k ( m) s k ra . c
Pa p a c p . c o
c k o za
ba hopb

...and All
Fall Long
Transition to jacket
weather with a
sweater and trench.
o A r Yo u
e ri t s )
ad po se I gio om
e S p rk Em cau , gior usa .c
t o e
B $ 6 9 ut y-
K a e w Y 9 8 , m) ( ea
N ($ 2 . c o ib
to p p a d e m an
te s ar
k a

For the Rest of h
T tru
rt o
e A ct ion
I n s ot a n ( $ 1 3
R a 5 0 , m)
the Summer... ds 40
Ke r s ( $ )
b als f 3 ,
rn o
j o u r s et u rc e
fo e r s o )
a de
Pr E au 20,
m rra
r 3
ef f s ($ l l . c
Lo ule nda

Start with a bodysuit (a swimsuit works too), e y 1 f fl e

ea .co
m p
pa .com n d ( $ m) loe
then layer on a floral top and other extras. s n ke d s C a r fu m a . c o
Pa p h o r

58 Photograph by Claire Benoist Stylist: Alex Brannian

Fashion / Style Trial

Elsesser, 25,
the model, Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Pat McGrath Silk dresses are the key For me its easier to mix I like beige and yellow
to a lot of my summer textures instead of patterns. together, with the pop of
muse, and face outfits. But they can be too Here, I combine overalls orange in the shoe.
of Nikes first simple on their own, with a mesh top and a nylon And the T-shirt and bustier
plus-size line, so I sometimes tie shirts
over them (as I did here).
wind breaker. I would
wear this at nightsince
transform it in a subtle
way. Id wear this
beats New York And I love statement I added wedge heelsto a to afternoon tea with
Citys summer earrings; theyre a really barbecue with friends. my boyfriend.
easy way to spruce up Augusta Sportswear jacket Tucker skirt ($295,
heat with seven a neutral outfit. ($23, Tucker, NYC)
chill looks. Vince dress ($275,

60 Photographs by Leslie Kirchhoff Stylist: Sarah Slutsky

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
I am really into red, white, and Camo is like a color to meits Track pants under a Adding some pointy
blue together because its all about balancing the feminine mesh dress are great for heels and a ladylike bag
such an ode to summer. This with the masculine, like a day of running errands to this look means I can
high-waisted gingham with this sheer top. And I added but I could take off the pants take the casual outfit
is classic, but mixing it with this mustard beret that I and put on a black high- into nightits really
a skin-baring halter gives got in Paris! waisted swim bottom for an authentic to my style.
good balance. Carhartt WIP jacket event at night. Gap jeans
Glamour x Lane Bryant pants ($148,; ATM Augusta Sportswear pants ($90,
($70, Anthony Thomas Melillo tank ($25,
top ($98, 61
Fashion / News Flash

Star-Kissed Mules
Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia
Tordinis Attico is known
for its beautiful robes and
dresses, but at their fall pre-
sentation in Milan I made a
beeline for these velvet mules.
I want to wear them with
cropped flared jeans to work,
and a long, cozy sweaterdress
at night. Florence Kane, Our
fashion news director
Fashions Love Letter to England
I fell in love with Sarah Burtons Alexander McQueen
day bag, inspired by the Wishing Tree in Cornwall,
England (google it!), the moment it went down the runway.
Then the recent tragedies in England made it seem
prescient; yes, its an investment piece, but it makes me
think of love and hope. Elissa Velluto, accessories director
Attico mules ($845, Alexander McQueen bag ($2,090,
Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC)

Rebel Denim
Comedian Rebel
The New Wilson launches her
Strong Suit new fashion collection,
I found a new in sizes 14 to 24, this
appreciation for month. As a 14, I did
pantsuits as a the happy dance over
Hillary Clinton how well the pieces
supporter last year. actually fit me. My
And while I usually first purchase: this
stick with standard LOL-inducing jacket.
black, when I Lauren Chan,
new in-your-face

version, I knew Glamour

I wanted to make editors give
it mine. Theres
something to
you a sneak
be said for embrac- peek at the
ing whats long season to
been considered come.
masculine and
reclaiming it with
an unapologetically
feminine color.
Perrie Samotin,
deputy online editor
Rebel Wilson x Angels jacket
3.1 Phillip Lim blazer ($119,
($725) and pants ($550,

Fashion / The Accessory Edit
On Point! Edited by Elissa Velluto

Gucci ($980,

Zara ($50,

The new
Mary Janes
are one
part classic,
one part
In other

Prada (prada
.com for stores)

64 Photograph by Claire Benoist Stylist: Alex Brannian

Fashion / Insider

Picture Perfect
The setting in Upper Las
Virgenes Canyon Open Space
Preserve. Left: Iglehart with
Rashida Jones.

and Me

Well, us, actually. Jillian Davison


and Sasha Iglehart give you
a look at the wonderfully OTT
Christian Dior cruise show. Desert Roses Diors
Chiuri, center, with Freida
Pinto, left, and Camilla
Belle. Left: Photographer
our Instagram feed Justice Apple captured
may have been full the show for Glamour.
of snapshots from the
Christian Dior cruise
2018 show back in May
outside Los Angeles; it
was a social media dream,
after all (those hot air bal-
loons! Solange! Rihanna!
The clothes!). But what was
it like to witness the first cruise
collection presented by Diors
artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, in
person? Two Glamour editors took that California Dreams
trip out West. Our team stayed in
JILLIAN DAVISON, fashion director: Every- Santa Monica, and
one kept talking about how we were in Dior gave us rides on
Calabasas, a.k.a. Kardashian country, but the Ferris wheel there.
Left: The collection
all signs of that kind of suburbia eventu-
was inspired by cave
ally dropped away. We were in the hills. paintings, Georgia
SASHA IG LE HART, deputy fashion direc- OKeeffe, and tarot
tor: Yes, that was for sure. Wed been card artists.

Fashion / Insider

Best Western More than 800 guests

turned out to see the show. Right: A
models pretty prairie braid.

Night Light Solange,

below, had a message
for fashion about be ing
T he loc ati on wa s
inclusive: F-cking alm ost like an ex plo
hil ls, says Davis on rers ca mp in the
keep at it. We see it, we of the lan ds ca pe
at the sh ow.
see the change.

warnedno stilettos, and dress warmly.

And the clothes echoed the setting; the
show was timed to sunset to really ref lect
the environment.
J I LLIAN: Maria Grazia Chiuris collection
was so in spired. She repeated her full-
skirted look from previous seasons, but the
embellishments really caught my eye. The
feathered dresses were standoutsand the
fringed pieces! They moved so beautifully
in that light.
SASHA: There were so many fun little details,
like the Jadior shoelaces on the sneakers
J ILLIAN: And the food trucks and mini hot
dogs, burgers, and cakes. And then Solange
performed after the show.
SASHA: It was dark by that time; she con-
gratulated Maria Graziaand thanked the
fashion industry for making strides to rep-
resent women of all different backgrounds.
That got major cheers.
J I LLI A N : In that white lace and with her
backup singers also in white, they were a
female force up there. Looking back on the
trip, I love how Maria Grazia took her typi-
cal Dior girl to another world. And I want to
shoot one of those feathered dresses!

All Terrain Guests were

transported to the show
in ATVs. Left: Rihanna
on-theme in her Georgia
68 OKeeffestyle hat.
Fashion / The Accessory Edit Edited by Elissa Velluto

Think Small Our favorite new-season bag?

These boxy, too-tiny-for-your-phone
minis. Bring on the tech detox!

Furla bag ($178,

Eddie Borgo
wristlet ($390,

Valentino Garavani
minaudire ($895, for stores)

70 Photograph by Claire Benoist Stylist: Alex Brannian


e a t b a si c a l l @bas ically A new b ra nd f ro m B o n A p p ti t L i ve Jul y 18

Edited by Ying Chu

Hey, Bright Eyes

Pair magenta with powder
blueworked for Bella Hadid on
the Oscar de la Renta runway.

Our Most-Loved

Hair & Makeup

Looks for Fall
Stolen straight from
backstage at the shows.
By Jennifer Mulrow 73
Beauty / Try the Trends

Two-Toned Eyes LOral Paris Infallible

Paints Eyeliner
in Intrepid Teal
($10, at drugstores)
Play with makeup, play with color, urges makeup artist Tom Pecheux at Oscar de la
Renta. Good goal! But to keep it wearable: Use a creamy gel or liquid liner (like one of
these) in two contrasting colors and apply each shade in distinct sections. No blending!


Make Up For
Ever Aqua XL Ink
Liner in Lustrous
Yellow ($24,
Marc Jacobs Beauty
Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon
in Deja Blue 57

The just-went-for-a-swim look can be intimidating, but its actually

Slicked Hair easiest to do on dry hair: Spritz roots with a light styling spray and
comb hair back with fingers, creating an easy texture at the crown.



Color Wow Dream
Coat Sealant ($28, WARM SHIMMER
Too Faced Papa
Dont Peach ($30,
Peach makeup warms up any skin tone.

A New Neutral Go full monochrome and apply the color


everywhereon eyes, lips, and cheeks.




By Terry Sun Designer Palette in
74 Savannah Love ($82,
Beauty / Try the Trends

Looks easy, righta simple ponytail? These get style points cause

Low Ponies they sit way down by the nape of your neck. For an extra-polished
look, use a drop of silky oil at the ends for shine.


Nexxus Oil Infinite Hair Oil
Clarins Instant Light
Lip Comfort Oil
in Candy

Rosebud Lips
For a fresh stained lip, dab on a sheer raspberry shade or a saturated gloss
and use fingers to blend out. Per Grace Lee, makeup artist at Public School,
its meant to look as if youve been out all day and [havent] touched up.


PORTS 1961

Chanel Rouge
Coco Lip Colour
in Jackie

Blast hair with dry shampoo and use a boar-bristle

Brushed Volume brush to gently separate strands for a vibe thats

very forties, says Garren, hairstylist at Anna Sui.

Philosophy Amazing
Grace Dry Shampoo


Christophe Robin Detangling
76 Hairbrush ($97,
Beauty / Love Your Hair
Tip: Prep hair with
a curl cream to
control flyaways
on a classic

I love twisted
styles that still let
me honor my
natural curls.
Anastasia Walker,
Tip: Stack three
small buns for
a faux-hawk Tip:
effect, left. Twirl hair
into a low ponytail,
left, and tie
two strands into a
bow over the elastic.

Your Hair Lookbook

Twist it! Glamour staffers rock knots for any texture. By Jennifer Mulrow


Tip: Tie a loose
half-back knot,
right, and pin ends
under for a Im
seamless obsessed with
finish. the double-knot
pop-star look
[ below].
Kate Friedman,
Tip: Braid three
sections back
into a twisted bun,
left, and hold
with a hair

three tightly
wound sections at
the nape of your
neck, bottom right,
with bobby pins.

Photographs by Lexie Moreland

80 Hair by Mia Santiago




Beauty / Its My Thing

No, I wont color my hair

But blogger Ty Alexander is over being called brave for that decision.

t here hasnt been a day

since my twenties that
people dont question
me about my gray hair. The
one comment that bothers
me the most: Youre so brave!
I could never do that. This
is usually followed by And
youre so young! Im 40 now, but I was almost entirely gray at
25, and most people just cant wrap their head around someone
being young and gray. But, for the record, my color is 100 percent
pigment, does cool things
when you layer other colors
on top, creating a highlighted
effect. But the chemicals in
the dyes along with the heat
styling I was doing were
too damaging, and my hair
started falling out.
So at 25 I fully embraced my color. Ive seen a lot of women
who end up fighting the natural process because, in some way or
another, society tells them aging is bad. Think about it: So many
my own, not from a bottle, and Ive always been proud of it. products on the shelf encourage women to cover their grays
My love for gray started early because of my mom; she was (though a few silver-care lines, like the ones here, are thankfully
my idol. When I think back to my first memory of cropping up). And when Rihanna dyed her hair gray
her, she was in her thirties, and I can picture a few years back, it popularized the color but led
her shiny, glorious silver hair vividly. Peo- even more people to think that anyone young
ple would swarm herat the mall, in the and gray must be dyeing it. I found myself
supermarketand I would watch in constantly explaining my natural color,

awe. Gray hair runs in our family; most A CONDITIONER... and that got on my nerves.
of my aunts and uncles and cous- AG Hair Care Sterling Seven years ago, after watch-
ins have it too. There was actually Silver Toning Conditioner ing an encouraging Today show
a part of me that used to think, If I segment on gray hair, I started a
dont turn gray, does that mean Im blogging project about my jour-
adopted? Then, at 14, it happened: ney and called it Gorgeous in
my first silver hair. It was a bit Grey. Ive connected with so many
shocking at first, but also like a rite women, both young and old, whove
of passage, a realization that I was decided to start really owning their
going to be as beautiful as my mom. color. When I think of themand,
All that positive reinforcement of course, my momI dont see some
stayed with me. I never wanted to defiant act of bravery; I just see beau-
cover up my gray, but I did experiment ...AND A CLEANSER tiful hair. as told to Janell M. Hickman
Oribe Silverati
with a lot of different hair colors in my Shampoo
early twenties. The gray, which has no ($46, Hickman is a freelance writer in Brooklyn.

Beauty / Impulse Buy

A S i n Wa , S e p h
rs $26
TAT rm or
E l i k ($2


E M E Lea a)
A U t h A r iz a b et
be 0, el

N T th e r
N I V den har

M A et t
E R S in P den

A L am .co
C O R p e m)
A L ring

L in

N U D ruth

A B lu m ($
-T O T h e

O L D 34
N n
S K I n i m)
L L- Q uee lta .co

E R , ys l
N k

B A L bea
A t i c 24 , u
s ($

M ut y
Li p

E R R $7,
I N I S s to
Y F drug
re s)

A l in G
FA el
D B l Yes (

ips s.
Co lm

G L v ynae uc
o in .c
et a

G 0
I V E ($ 3
E C T Gold
O L D , ke

ver t ion

La 22,
E F L r a
ene el

nc lan
A R in Ros

A M e in Ki e - us
m co
in t- g

AT T ss M a .co
nex Rei



E S e C m)

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w i y Er in


TA I h

a ri

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s in
A M a l acti

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E T A c Fo


L L I il ($

yo u
C P 10

N a
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T dru
to r

M o ra .
R E A eph
Y C 4, s
V E T e ($2


A V fu s

in I


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e Be

B it
A S l in Se

A B S h o re
u re
O P H pia

R I G s ($
H T 36
I S T ($ 37

T I N , to
ICA , c

T E D han

e d.c
U E R oo fa c

A C Q($2 1 , t

E R m)

D E ti c
rd .

NU n
H Y oma

E A Cess R

A P le
H op
d in
o Fa
D U O In Ro
P p t m)
A M ul o
A V i n S c o ra . c
y h
n ch sep
ve $ 3 8 ,
86 Gi (
Beauty / Insight

Why Im for Gym Makeup

Elissa Velluto has a few words for anyone who thinks its vain.

m akeup at the
gym ispolar-
izing. Google
it, and youll find all sorts of
shouty, opinionated articles
on why women do it (makes
me feel good!), why they
to the classic brand. Know
that this is not your Insta-
gram, going-out makeup; the
vibe is natural and low-key.
So if youre suddenly inter-
ested in giving gym makeup
a go, here are my best tactics.
shouldnt do it (its a little You can do more or less from
shallow), and just exactly here, and I wont judge.
what it does to your skin
(breakouts and smeared 1. Only use breathable

mascara). Personally, Im a complexion products.
gym-makeup wearer through and through, always have been: While Ive always liked a little something to cover undereye
I studied ballet for 15 years, where warming up in blush and circles and curb redness, traditional long-wear foundations
liner is the norm. make me break out after exercise. Swap in fragrance-free
Thats why the stereotypes around women who wear makeup stuff that doesnt irritateIm into the CliniqueFit version at
while exercisingthat theyre not that serious about their left; its so lightweight it feels like Dri-Fit for your faceand
workout, that theyre looks-obsessed (as one New York Post apply only where needed.
columnist recently wrote)kind of piss me off. I actually push
myself harder when Im feeling good about what I catch in 2. Keep your workout flush going.
the mirror. But I do think differently about what Dabbing a little color on my cheeks and lips
makeup Ill wear while sweating, which is why gives me an instant boost. Just keep the
the new trend of specific non-pore-clogging for- shades in the same color family to make the
mulas meant to be worn before, during, rosiness look believable, not painted on.
and after exercising makes sense to MAKEUP FOR SWEATING
CliniqueFit Workout
me. (Its an outgrowth of the concept of Makeup SPF 40 ($30) and 3. Avoid raccoon eyes.
athleisure: clothing that works at the Post-Workout Neutralizing Its never a good look. Waterproof mascara
Face Powder ($29, both
gym, and then lunch, and maybe for some seems like an obvious fix, but certain
exclusively at Ulta)
shopping later.) Fitness-oriented makeup formulas can read too evening. Clinique-
products already out there include SportFX Fits Workout 24-Hour Mascara passes
Performance Powder and Bronzer Com- the test: It lengthens and darkens in a
pact Duo and Rae Cosmetics Climate tinted-lash wayplus its not going any-
Control Moisturizing Mineral Tint. where. I like it on nongym days too.
And beauty giant Clinique has just
launched CliniqueFit, the yoga- Go to to see Glamour
loving, cycling-enthusiast sister line editors put gym makeup to the test.

88 Photograph by Anairam

Beauty / Girls in the Beauty Dept.
Beauty Adventures in Japan

The Japanese Way

Skin care is an art in
Japan! My tools: facial
massagers and
Shiseidos new line.

I went east to try out the

over-the-top typical Japanese
skin care routineheres
t wo minutes, 17 seconds. Thats how long I spend on my skin
in the morning. This involves splashing my face with tepid
water, haphazardly blotting it with a towel, then applying
moisturizer and finally a BB-creamsunblock cocktail using
my fingers. At night things get a little more involved (eye makeup
remover, cleanser, a whirl with a Clarisonic brush now and then,
toner, face oil), but still my routine might take five minutes max, for a
total of seven minutes a day devoted to my skin. Pretty typical, right?
what I learned. By Ying Chu I should qualify that: pretty typical for an American. In Japan

some women spend three or four times this on their complexion,

using upwards of 16 products in a sitting. As a beauty director Ive
always been in awe of this level of commitment. So when I got the
chance to join Shiseido on a journey to the companys homeland to
experience Japans latest skin care advances firsthand, I was in.
My goal while I was there: to live a true Japanese routine. So
before packing my bags, I asked Shiseido to introduce me to Maki
Kaneko (@mtmmaki), 32, a Tokyo-based blogger who could swap
regimens with me and teach me her over-the-top ways. I liked
Kaneko because were both in our thirties, were both reporters, and
were both new(ish) moms to boys under two. Her routine, I thought,
My Skin Guru cant possibly be that outrageous.
Thats me on I thought wrong. The first night in my Tokyo hotel, Kane-
the left, with kos products arrive at my room: a human-being-sized shopping
Japanese bag spilling over with serums, tools, and masks, accompanied by
blogger Maki instructions for how and when to use them. I can hardly wait to play:
Kaneko. There are luxurious creams and oils, a microcurrent facial roller
with silver massage balls (pictured above right on tray)handy for
90 deflating puffy eyes after a 13-hour flightand an enormous
Beauty / Girls in the Beauty Dept.
My Spa Pit Stop
Hanging out at the
onsen (Japanese
thermal bath) at the
Amanemu Spa

Kleenex-style box of citrus-avocado sheet masks (Kaneko does

at least one mask a day). I fill my tub and cycle through Kanekos
nine nighttime steps. All in, it takes me roughly 27 minutes. My
face does look surprisingly glowy, rosy even. But now its mid-
night. Departure is at 7:00 A.M., the products are all over my
bed; how am I supposed to fit everything into the single rolling My Day Essential
carry-on I have with me? I set my alarm for 5:45 to make time for Shiseido Future
Kanekos seven daytime steps, but in the morning I hit snooze Solution LX Total
twice, skip the sheet masks, and end up leaving them in my room Protective Emulsion
in a mad packing frenzy. Its official: Im already failing. SPF 20 ($260,
Many hours on the bullet train later, we reach the Amanemu
Spa in Shima, where I get my formal lesson on Shiseidos inno-
vations. The new line is called Future Solution LX, and its built
around the healing benefits of a green herb called enmei, which
Shiseido lauds for its ability to smooth lines and zap brown spots
when blended with green tea and sakura leaf extract. In total
there are seven new products; five are part of Kanekos rou-
tine and hence mine (among them: a balancing softener, for a
postcleansing step that makes babylike skin achievable for
grown-ups, and a rich-not-greasy night cream). This turns out My Beauty Food
to be the most Zen leg of the trip. I hang out in thermal baths and In Japan, beauty
get a sublime facial that leaves my skin bouncy and bright. I feel starts with what you
happy and confident, and vow to give up makeup, a convenient eat, so I tried the
healing enmei herb in
excuse to ditch Kanekos makeup remover before we move on.
food and tea, right.
Next: Mount Koya, where we stay in a monastery (that sells
Asahi beer in vending machines; U.S. hotels, take note!) and I
learn that Id rather meditateor sleepthan spend an extra 30
minutes on my skin. I unload the toner and oil cleanser.
When I return to Tokyo five days later, I finally meet Kaneko
face-to-face. At this point Ive (regretfully) dropped four of her
products, but she, apparently, has gained one: My routine was
too bare-bones for her, so she sneaked in an extra night cream. My Happy Place

She also has an enthusiasm for my Clarisonic and exfoliating A pair of handcrafted
toner (the tingle! I felt it working!), and I realize that, while Ill porcelain tools are used for
never be able to fit in her whole routine, a little more time spent the massage in the Yutaka
enjoying my own care would be beneficial to mind and skin. facial treatment (at select
Back home in New York, I use the very American practice Shiseido counters in
August)and its bliss!
of multitasking to pull this off: I start applying the balancing
softener while warming my sons milk, using a face roller while
binge-watching Billions, masking while writing this story. Im
up to 12 minutes a day, and I think Kaneko would be proud.
Skin Care Swap

My American A.M. P.M.

1. Splash with water 3. Sunblock and 1. Eye makeup remover 3. Exfoliating toner
7 minutes 2. Moisturize BB cream 2. Foaming cream 4. Clarisonic treatment
a day cleanser 5. Face oil

Kanekos A.M. P.M.

Japanese 1. Foaming cleanser 5. Facial rolling 1. Eye makeup remover 6. Evening mask
Routine: 2. Toner massage 2. Oil cleanser 7. Facial rolling massage
3. Skin softener 6. Day cream 3. Foaming cleanser 8. Night cream
25 minutes 7. Sunblock
a day 4. Morning sheet 4. Toner 9. Eye and lip contour
mask 5. Skin softener cream

Edited by Sara Gaynes Levy

Feb. Oct. March

2013 2016 2017

What Before-and-After
Pictures Dont Tell You
Side-by-side images of weight loss are addictive to scroll through.

But let the women in them tell you what you cant see.
As told to Bari Lieberman

efore-and-af ter photos Im not. Im fat. (The photo above on the

have become a f ull-on
social media phenomenon.
It was never left was taken around that time.) I couldnt
believe Id said that to her, and I didnt
But these kinds of images
can never really show you a
about having a want to go on feeling like I wasnt taking
care of myself. So I started making sure I
start point and an end point to anyones perfect body. was moving more each day, I cleaned up
weight or health journey. Theyre just Joanne Encarnacion, 33, my diet, and I lost the weight. I felt good,
part of a storyoften a lifelong one, with and I wanted to see what I could do next.

San Jose, California (above)

ups, downs, and U-turns. Glamour asked I began working out harder, doing more
three women with widely viewed before- About four years ago I set out to lose the 20 strength training, and eating even less.
and-afters to share the real deal on their pounds Id put on during my second preg- I didnt take rest days. When I posted my
personal odysseys and what they learned nancy; my older daughter had told me I after photo (middle), people said I was an
that we all should know. looked beautiful, and Id responded, No, inspiration, which should have been 99
Wellbeing / Health Insight
motivating for me. But I wasnt happy,
at least not in the way I wanted to be.
I had no balance in my life. Its heart-
breaking to look back and think that
I couldnt enjoy playing with my kids
because I was so concerned about the
love handles I thought I had. So last
year I changed my views. The most
important thing, I realized, isnt my Jan . March
weightits staying true to who I am. I
2017 2017
have stretch marks. I have loose skin.
Im never going to be perfect. When I
shared this part of my story, it turned
out that my failure was even more
inspiring to people. Sure, on my lat-
I didnt think Id
est photo (previous page, right), some
people have said, So you got fat. But
still be dealing with criticism.
thats OK. I bounce back because I Amanda Roberts, 24, Temecula, California
know Im the happiest Ive ever been.
I can cope with my anxiety, my mar- About a year after I had my daughter, in early 2014, I reached my heaviest weight of 330
riage is stronger, Im a better mother, pounds. I had back pain, and I wasnt able to be the mother I wanted to be, so under the
and I found a new career path as a advice of my doctor, I received bariatric surgery. After about 18 months I lost 150 pounds.
health coach. I spend more time with I had all this excess skin, so much that I thought Id done something wrong, because no
my kids, and Im present for it. To the one else was talking about this part of their weight loss. I later realized its entirely normal.
negative commenters I say: Fitness Because Id started with unrealistic expectations, I decided to document my journey first on
doesnt have to be one thing. My goals Tumblr and then Instagram (@mandas_muffintop), hoping that my photos, like the two
arent to get more and more defined above left, would make other people feel less alone. It was painful: When I was plus-size, peo-
or lose weight; I want to be fitter and ple told me I was unhealthy and looked terrible; with these pictures some people made fun
happier as a whole. Ive learned I cant of my loose skin (saying things like Your stomach looks like an old man). After I got surgery
evaluate fitness using someone elses to remove the excess skin (right), I thought that would be the end of the criticism, but now
definition of health. And you cant people come at me asking how I could be body positive if Ive had skin-removal surgery. I did
evaluate someones health by look- it to improve my quality of life: I dont have to worry about moving my skin around to sit. Of
ing at a photo, either. No ones opinion course Im body positive; how else could I put myself out there like this? Sometimes I think it
about my body matters besides mine. would be easier if I shut down my Instagram, but then I remember the positive feedback Ive
I lost sight of whats important: Its gotten. My followers tell me they feel more comfortable in their body because of me. I want
not how I look. Its how I feel. people to love themselves no matter what stagebefore, after, or in betweentheyre in.

People body-shamed me.Michelle Spindler, 32, Boise, Idaho

Until two years ago, I was a smoker, I ecstaticuntil I read some of the com-
drank, and I didnt eat well. I was a crash ments. People said I looked better before,
dieter and would look in the mirror and put I looked sick now, and I must be unhealthy.

myself down. I wasnt happy with where For two days I obsessed about reading the
I was emotionally, and Id heard work- posts. I was so confused and hurt. I knew
ing out could help with that. Then I found I had made healthy changes in my life. I
Kayla Itsines community online and was reminded myself that people didnt know
inspired by the supportive women there. that I used to eat poorly, drink, and smoke.
I signed up for her plan and went from I focused on the mental progress Ive made
years of not exercising to logging six work- too, something people cant tell by look-
outs a week. I was stronger and treating ing at a photo. One person implied I was
myself with more respect. I was proud of romanticizing anorexia but later reached
what I had accomplished, so I decided to out to me and apologized; she said she
July March post some before-and-after photos (far didnt realize I was a real person. I thanked
2015 2017 left, from my dieting days, and left, after her. That apology meant a lot to me. People
I started working out). The next day Kayla will always say judgmental things. Im not
featured my photos on her accounts. I was doing this for them, but for me.

Wellbeing / Eat, Drink, Repeat

Aussie Invasion Three about-to-be-huge

superfoods from the continent that
brought you avocado toast.
By Shaun Dreisbach

h, Australia. Youve given us

the Hemsworth brothers, Kylie
Minogue, Nicole Kidmanand
so many of the pretty food trends
on our Instagram feed, from acai bowls to
avocado toast. Its our lifestyle, explains
Australian health and fitness guru Emily That mega-pink color
comes from pitaya.
Skye. We live in such a beachy, active,
Breakfast goals!
health-conscious country. As her 2 mil-
lion Instagram followers know, Skyes got
a knack for scouting whats nextso we
bowl, whisk tahini, olive oil, lemon zest
got her prediction on the ingredients well
soon see trending stateside. The answer?
Tahini-Lemon and juice, and garlic. Season to taste with
Turmeric, sorghum, and pitaya. We asked Sorghum Salad salt and pepper. Add sorghum, tomatoes,
cucumbers, onion, and herbs to the bowl;
Chicago nutritionist and chef Sara Haas, Sorghum tastes better and has a nicer
toss to combine. Serves 2.
R.D.N., to work them into recipes: consistency than quinoaits going to be
a super-sought-after grain, Skye predicts.
Turmeric Lemon Latte Plus, its gluten-free. Tropical Pitaya Bowl
cup sorghum, rinsed Australians adore pitaya for breakfast.
Turmeric may seem like an odd thing to
(find on Amazon or in the rice aisle) Pitaya, a.k.a. dragon fruit, is a step up
put in a hot drink, but I love the flavor,
1 cups water from acai, says Skye. It packs more vita-
says Skye. Plus, it has been used medici- 1 tbsp. tahini min C and iron, and it can help good gut
nally for a long time, says Haas; research 1 tbsp. olive oil bacteria flourish. You can find fresh pitaya
shows it can help reduce the risk of diabe- 1 tsp. grated lemon zest at most supermarkets or buy frozen packs
tes, depression, IBS, even acne. Wellness 1 tbsp. plus 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
at Whole Foods.
types love these lattes as a jitter-free alter- 1 clove garlic, minced
native to coffee. Haas adds lemon peel to Salt and freshly ground black pepper 3 oz. fresh or frozen pitaya

brighten the earthy flavor of the spice. cup diced tomatoes (also called dragon fruit)
cup diced cucumbers ripe banana
cup plain unsweetened almond milk 2 tbsp. chopped red onion cup frozen pineapple chunks
cup light coconut milk 2 tbsp. chopped fresh dill cup coconut water
1 tbsp. peeled and grated fresh 2 tbsp. chopped fresh mint
turmeric, or to 1 tsp. ground Place the pitaya, banana, pineapple, and
turmeric Place sorghum and water in a medium coconut water in a blender, and puree
tsp. (or to taste) turbinado sugar saucepan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat; until smooth. (If using fresh fruit, you
or honey simmer, covered, 50 to 60 minutes, may need to add a few ice cubes to get the
1 two-inch slice lemon peel until tender and chewy. (You can make right smoothie consistency.) Pour into a
In a small saucepan, whisk milks with tur- it ahead, or make extra for future use by bowl, and add toppings: cup granola,
meric and sugar. Add lemon peel, bring doubling the sorghum and water; refrig- berries, sliced almonds, or hemp seeds
to a boil, then reduce heat; simmer for 15 erate up to four days.) Drain and cool. work great (see above: intricately cut
minutes. Strain and serve warm. Serves 1. Meanwhile, make dressing: In a medium banana flowers optional!). Serves 1.

A Girl, a Guy
& a Coma
Emily V. Gordon and Kumail
Nanjianis love story has
Hollywood-level twists and turns.
(Which is probably why it inspired
a movie, The Big Sick, out now.)
Here, their real life drama.

w hen Kumail and I met, I

had no idea that hed be
the love of my life. I had
no idea that we would go
through a ton of breakup-worthy dilem-
mas, including family expectations,
cultural differences, and health scares. I
had no idea that our meeting would even-
tually be dramatized in a movie. I just
thought he was cute and funny. Im going
to try and tell you about our relation-
ship, but Im guessing Kumail is going
to butt in too.

We met 11 years ago at a stand-up

show in Chicago, where he was a come-
dian just starting out and I was working
as a therapist. Onstage, he asked a ques-
tion of the audience, and I woo-hood
Emily and Kumail Today
because no one else was responding Weve made a pact to
OK, yes, that question was Is anyone else live in the moment, says
here from Pakistan? and Im from North Gordon, 38, here with
Carolina, but still! I was helping! Nanjiani, 39. 105
Life / You, Me, We

The real Emily,

near right, on the
set of The Big Sick
with Zoe Kazan,
center, who plays
her in the film

Kumail plays
himself: The movie
feels like another
step in our very
journey, says Emily.

Kumail butting in here: You werent helping. You were distract- I remember shushing you when my parents called. I felt bad.
ing for a couple of reasons. ;) Kumail would tell me that it was complicated, and I would
We met that night, and within a couple of weeks we were dating. sigh, with a childish desire to be good enough to make him
I asked you out, you said no, then you texted me for a platonic stand up to his parents. I tried to be understanding of his fami-
dinner. After, we kissed on the sidewalk outside a falafel lys wishes, even though the rebellious American girl in me would
restaurant. occasionally suggest he tell his parents to stay out of his business.
To be fair, I initially said no because I was trying not to date any- Thats how I rebelled against my parents, but I was raised here in
one, but something about Kumail made me miss him even though the States, with a different set of values. Here youre supposed to
I barely knew him. He wasnt like other guys I datedI tended to rebel against your parentsits part of growing up.
go for meek men whom I could steamroll because I thought that We dont have the narrative of rebellion against parents in
was easier than being in a real relationship. Kumail didnt let me Pakistan. Thats not part of growing up. Generally, parents live
run his life, and that intrigued me. But he wasnt perfect. with the oldest son and his family their whole lives.
OBJECTION! In retrospect, how egocentric was it for me to think that his
He was a commitment-phobe, but his phobia had a twist: His familys traditions had anything to do with me? He wasnt feed-
was cultural. His parents were expecting him to participate in ing me a line; he had been grappling with his familys expectations
an arranged marriage and were sending him photos of potential well before we met. We never came to any resolution because it
brides the whole time we were dating. wasnt really our issue, but his own.
I had been deflecting them for years, but by this point they were And then I almost died.
ramping up their campaign and getting more insistent. I couldnt I had been sick with flulike symptoms for a while and getting
imagine marrying someone they found for me, but I also couldnt diagnoses and medications that didnt help. When I woke up one
imagine defying my parents. I felt like there was truly no solution. day unable to catch my breath, I was rushed to a hospital in respi-
He was open, saying he couldnt fall in love with anyone, so he ratory distress. I called Kumail to tell him, and thats the last
set weird parameters to our relationship, like the two-day rule, thing I remember clearly. I became so ill I had to be put in a medi-
meaning we couldnt hang out for more than two days in a row. He cally induced coma. Kumail had to be the one to call my parents,
was also wary about going out of town with me or calling me his whom he had met once as my friend Kumail, and tell them their
girlfriend on social media. daughter was very sick.
We did beat Halo 2 together, though, so I dont think we were Not a fun phone call.
missing anything major. I was hospitalized for about a month, eventually diagnosed with
We had fun together and approached life similarly, even though a rare condition called adult-onset Stills disease, which causes the
we were from opposite corners of the world. Once, at a restaurant, organs to become severely inflamed. I had to have lung surgery.
someone said something ridiculous about where germs really I remember seeing you lie there and thinking, If she ever gets
come from, and Kumail and I exchanged a look that encompassed out of this, I want to marry her. Then the words if she gets out of
an entire conversation. Id never had that kind of connection with this struck me. If. How could I think that?
anyone before. Kumail spent every day with my parents, and when I was

I felt the same way. I was terrified and didnt know what was finally participating in the world again, my entire life changed.
going to happen, but I couldnt stop. I had almost died, and my body was a numb, weak mess that I
At the same time, even though it felt like he was falling for me, barely recognized. I had to spend weeks strengthening my mus-
there was a constant stream of objections playing in my brain. cles enough to be able to walk or dress myself. It took a while to
Occasionally Id bring up this deadlock. Our relationship had no emotionally catch up to the severity of what had happened too, but
chance at a future, but we really liked each otherso now what? I realized I never questioned whether or not Kumail would still
Arguing wouldnt help, so I tried discussing it with him. A lot. be there. I knew his heart, even if his mouth had been say-
Life / You, Me, We
ing typical commitment-phobe things. We had the toughest part is fleeting and we must live it to the fullest, or anything like that.
down, which was connecting with each other, and the cultural But looking back, clearly some part of me had processed that.
differences we could work out over time. Being sick teaches you Our wedding was at City Hall, followed by a formal Muslim cere-
patience, apparently. mony attended by our families a few weeks later. The ceremonies
One other result of Emilys being sick is I told my parents were intimate and romantic but also felt like a public declaration of
about us while she was in the hospital. I had to tell them. I was what we already knew: We were in it for the long haul.
just too tired not to. Disappointing them suddenly wasnt the WE GOT MARRIED!
scariest thing in the world. It was the second scariest. I had been As newlyweds we decided to make another big change. Kumail
avoiding their phone calls all week. I just couldnt deal with it. wanted to try stand-up full-time, and I had always wanted to live
Then, one night after a particularly rough daymight have in New York, so thats what we did.
been the day the doctor casually mentioned, She might have leu- We quit our jobs and moved to New York because I wanted to
kemia, before strolling out of the roommy mom called and I pursue comedy as a career. How ill-advised was that?!
told her everything. Her immediate reaction was to take care of We were dirt poor when we moved, with most of our meager
me. She said shed f ly out that day. I told her not to, of course. salaries going toward rent and health insurancewe couldnt
But my parents called multiple times every day until Emily was skimp on that!
out of the hospital, checking on the woman whom their son was We still played video games, just not Mortal Kombat because it
in love with. The whole thing was too intense for Emily. Rip-
has been a process, but I real- ping out someones lungs isnt
ized I didnt give them enough as appealing while your own
credit. Your parents are chang- lung surgery scar is healing.
ing and growing just like you. About five years after my ill-
Nobodys ever done. Anyway, ness, we started talking about
seeing how distraught I was turning our love story into a
over Emily made them under- movie. Wed trade scenes wed
stand how I felt about her and written and balk at how events
that they basically had to were portrayed. Slowly we
accept her. Which they did. My came to a deeper understand-
grandfather even wrote a poem ing of each others point of view.
rhyming Emily with family. It One night from the hospital
helped that Emily is so damn comes to mind (this isnt even in
likeable. the movie; its a bonus scene!):
My health scare scared us Kumail stayed overnight with
both. It sounds clichd, but its me, and he brought movies and
clichd for a reason: I realized was so excited. For him, it was
how scary it could be to have Im still falling for a happy, weird date night. For
her, says Kumail.
your life disappear and have the me, I was in pain and embar-
people you care about not know rassed about how difficult it
how important they are to you.
I had been this tough, cool girl, I remember thinking, was for me to take a bathroom
break. Essentially, the hospi-
but suddenly I was crying out tal time when Kumail and my
of gratitude, holding my par-
ents hands, telling friends how
If she ever gets out of this, family were the happiestme
being off the respirator and
much I loved them. And when
it came to Kumail, I didnt care
I want to marry her. awakewere when I was most
confused and terrified.
where our relationship was We understood we experi-
going anymore. I cared about where it was in this moment. Kumail enced a major shared event in our lives in very different ways. We
and I had endless conversations about his guilt for not real- realized wed never truly know what it felt like for the other person,
izing how sick I had gotten and my guilt for not letting him see but that realization in itself was big.
how sick I was. I was afraid I wasnt worth being around if I was Writing the script, we had more tough conversations. We
difficult. I promised to be honest about my health if he prom- argued some. We cried. We laughed more.

ised to not think it was only his job to keep me well. My condition And were back to playing Mortal Kombat! At some point,
is managed with self-care and treatment, so it will never be as months and months after this whole ordeal, we decided to give it
bad as when I was hospitalized, but the possibility of relapse still a shot again. And this time Emily didnt flinch. She won! But only
frightens us years later. because I let her. Least I could do. Marriage is a compromise.
I still find myself looking at her too long when she coughs. What Now weve been married 10 years. These days were working
signs did I miss? Could I miss them again? Im trying to not let constantly. We still play video games and watch horror movies. Its
every cough mean something massive. But I do think and worry. a high-pressure, sometimes stressful time, but weve seen worse,
A few months after I got out of the hospital, Kumail and I and weve made a pact to live in the moment. So we are.
decided to get married. We tried to pretend that it wasnt related to
my being sick, but of course it was. Emily V. Gordon is a writer and producer, and Kumail Nanjiani
Yeah, I dont remember a specific moment when I thought, Life is an actor on Silicon Valley. They cowrote The Big Sick, out now.

Life / The Provocateur

Regarding People Who Dont
Have Period Sex
Alanna Lauren Greco is determined to stop the shame.

ne recent Sunday morning I was leaving My theory: Most period-sex aversion relates to period
the apartment of a guy Id been casually shame. Its one thing to nix it when you have terrible
seeing. Putting on my shoes, I noticed a crampstotally get it, see you in a week. But its another
brownish spot on his bed, no doubt the to avoid sex because you think menstruating makes you
result of our having sex the night before undesirable or is embarrassing. I suspect mess objections
while I was on my period. are about women wanting to be a perfect, uncomplicated
Want me to wash your sheets? I offered. partner. Period sex forces a hookup to see you as more than
Nah, he replied. Ill take care of it. a sexy sex person: You turn into a real person with real
Honestly, thats probably the hottest thing a guys ever bodily functions. But if a guy thinks those functions make
said to me. you too much trouble, maybe dont f-ck him? Imagine if
Period sex isnt exactly mainstream. I dont know you got pregnant or an STIsomeone icked out by
any TV show or movie where both parties are periods probably cant help you through that.
into it (in I Love Dick its too much for even Speaking of guys: I asked their feelings
a middle-aged man to handle), and Id on the subject too. Period-sex resistance
never discussed it with friends until I generally boiled down to Ew and
told them about the sheet incident. Periods are scary/not my problem.
Many of them admitted they bang (One told me, Two equally hot
while bleeding only in serious girls, but a dude knows one is on
relationships; most said they opt her period. Hell pick the other
out altogether because of the nine out of 10 times.) Bros: Not
mess, and one had been trau- seeing vaginas as having any
matized during a hookup after purpose besides your pleasure is
a guy noticed her tampon and dehumanizing and rude. Do you
made a comment about chunky think its OK to be grossed out by

marinara. Another summed it female body fluid while were sup-
this way: Getting blood all over posed to be A-OK with your, ahem,
is off-putting. I was stunned. How body fluid on our chests, butts, and,
much blood are we talking about? Is for the daring, faces? (Note: Jizz also
it actually so much a towel wont pre- stains, and Ive never heard of a guy lay-
vent mattress stains? How nice are your ing down a towel to spare the sheets.)
sheets? Are they really more important than Ill concede if a guy is a germophobe or faints
having an orgasm? Youre not painting each other at the sight of blood, he can get a period-sex pass.
with menstrual blood, anyway; usually itll only coat his (Obviously sex should be enjoyable for all involved.) But
Paint the
shaft. Throw down a towel, orif the flow is too heavy or Town Red to the others: Get with the program. Also, dont you dare
you arent about the cleanuphead to the shower instead. Just kidding think of periods as an excuse to expect a blow job.
Team, this isnt the dark ages, when women on their its not that And to period-sex-reluctant ladies: Some woke men
periods were thought to be sullied and sent into isolation, messy. are willing but assume we arent. I just figure shell say
forbidden from even touching the same cutlery as men. no, one guy told me. So the first step to getting laid with
And while weve made it from those sad times to tampon O.B.s in your bag: Approach with confidence. Second:
ads with ladies in white skirts triumphantly hitting ten- Disclose sometime before P in V.
nis balls, the stigma persists. We spend our menstruating So if you arent currently a period-sex haver, ask yourself
lives trying to hide our periods existence (see the ninjalike why. Internalized shame? Asshole partner? $1,000 sheets?
tactics used to conceal tampons en route to the bath- Make some changes. You deserve to have sex whenever
room). But if Im now supposed to be able to climb Mount you damn well please.
Everest while my uterine walls are shedding, why cant I
reverse-cowgirl (or at least missionary)? Alanna Lauren Greco is an assistant editor at Glamour.

Life / Ask a Boss

Want Your Boss to Say

Yes to Flextime?
Let Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean, cofounders of the job board
Werk, help you get that win. By Wendy Naugle

When Annie Dean, 31, my second pregnancy until

returned to her job as a cor- I was seven months. Then one
porate real estate attorney day I was late to work after
after having a baby, she hit a getting off the subway twice
wall. I had billion-dollar to throw up in a trash can.
deals on my plate and a I was like, I can no longer hide
10-month-old I never saw, this. I went into the partners
she says. My life had funda- office, crying. But you want
mentally changed, but my to be forward-thinking and
ambition had not. You think say: My life is changing;
you can work through it, but here is how it will impact my
there is no way when the business schedule. I have
structures arent set up for anticipated meeting those
you to succeed. After she needs in x, y, and z ways.
found a new job (and had
another baby), the question Always communicate.
of how to solve that problem ANNA: Once you get a flexible
kept nagging at her. She con- Meet the Bosses schedule, the burden is on you
nected with Anna Auerbach, If all else fails, create your own flexibility hacks: Manage your to overcommunicate. [The
34, a former McKinsey con- calendar ruthlessly, says Auerbach, left, with Dean. world] still operates in a struc-
sultant and also a new mom, ture that is about face time.
and together they launched People think if they see you,
Werk, a job board that posts then youre doing work. Send
opportunities across the are working, where your butt Make it all about an end-of-day or end-of-week
country that have flexibility is when youre doing the the business. summary of what you did.
baked in, with the goal workthose should be flexi- ANNA: Self-reflection is step ANNIE: Constantly provide

of keeping more women in ble. But if youre performing a one; it helps you figure out feedback; itll prove how good
the workforce. These full-time role, just with those how you work best. you are at your job and build a
trailblazersfast talkers modificationswhether its ANNIE: Have a glass of wine culture where people can rely
who finish each others unconventional hours or a and write down: What does my on arrangements like this.
sentencesshare advice on work-from-home dayyou [typical] day look like? What
how you can find a sane, suc- shouldnt be paid less. objectives do I have? What do And, dont let anyone
cessful schedule. Their rules: ANNA AUERBACH: Historically, I need [to reach them]? flex-shame you!
flexibility has been associated ANNA: And then position ANNA: There will always be
Flexibility isnt a with a pay cut because it was any request for flexibility as a naysayerswe call it flexibil-
perkand shouldnt treated as a perk. You asked business-first negotiation. ity shaming.
involve a pay cut. for something special; its a This is not just about you as a ANNIE: Sometimes you have
ANNIE DEAN: As we were give-and-take. But thats a person. A business exists to to sit somebody down and
launching Werk, we realized misunderstanding of flexibil- create value for shareholders. be like, I want to let you know
there is no standard defini- ity! Companies get more You have to put it in those why Im doing this. We need
tion of flexibility. We decided research shows that workers terms always. to have these uncomfortable
it means any modifications to with flexible schedules are ANNIE: Sell it to the company conversations...
a full-time role that increase more effective, more produc- in a way that shows how it will ANNA: ...and we need
the compatibility between the tive, less likely to quit. They increase their bottom line. companies to make these
needs of an employer and an just work harder because And dont have the conversa- policies open [so] theyre
employee. The time of day you theyre happier. tion in a crisis moment. I hid less misunderstood.

Life / Working It

Is My Every day I
Get to school around
7:30 A.M. Im greeting

Nadia Lopez, 40, is a
scholars, observing classes,
talking with parents, maybe
even teaching. I call our
students scholars because
I want them to know theyre
learning even when they
middle school principal leave. I like to wear our
colorspurple, black, or
in a crime-ridden gray. If I expect the kids to
neighborhood. She may wear uniforms, I should too!
also be a superhero. How things have
With the money we received,
we bought more computers
and can pay for college
visits and fund our summer
program. What didnt
change? Poverty. Some kids

own only the clothes we give
them, or the only meals they
eat are at school. But they
win trophies for athletics and
academics; they have clubs.
Im teaching them that they
can do anything.
Im a Brooklyn native who became a teacher over 14 years ago. Ive seen children from disenfran-
chised communities be treated like they dont have value. So in 2010 I opened my own middle The hardest part
school, Mott Hall Bridges Academy, with 24 students in one of New York Citys poorest neigh- about my job
borhoods, Brownsville, Brooklyn. My staff, my scholars, and I are faced with lack of funding and You become a parent, a
mentor, a psychiatrist, a
gang violenceduring dismissal its not uncommon to hear gunshots, and many of our kids have
home provider. People think
incarcerated family members. Two years ago I was feeling burned-out. Im a single mom, and I leaders are superhuman, but
wasnt spending enough time with my teenage daughter, Cenn. I prayed in my office and asked I need support too. I have
God to reveal my purpose, and that night I found out that my scholar Vidal Chastanet had been to be inspiring, even though
featured on the Facebook page Humans of New York, and that hed said I was his biggest influ- I get overwhelmed and
ence in life! The post went viral. My mother said to me, And you thought you werent making a exhausted. But I show up;
difference. After that, Vidal and I went on Ellen and Good Morning America and were invited to at the end of the day, no one
the White House; a fund-raiser for my scholars received $1.4 million. I felt like Brownsville was can say, Miss Lopez didnt
finally being given a voice. Its now two years later, and with more than 200 students, my job isnt come to school cause she
done. I want to keep inspiring my kids to pursue their dreams. didnt want to.
My best work
At another job, I took on
a main role when both
principals went on maternity
leave. I didnt have a title,
but I became someone
people could trust. Be self-
motivated, be solution-
oriented, and be a team
playerthose are qualities
of a leader. Leadership
never requires a title; it
requires action. as told
Making Change Lopez, above, to Jessica Militare
meeting President Obama with
her student, and right, celebrating
114 a mentor to her scholars
Talk Edited by Liz Brody

Life With ISIS

& After ISIS
For nearly three
years, women
in Mosul, Iraq,
were stifled
by terrorist rule.
Erin Trieb met
them as they
broke free.

Miami, near right,

and Hojran
on their phone
10 days after
liberation. Top,
the girls with
Hojrans mother,
dressing the way
they were forced
to under ISIS. 117
Talk / In the News

Many families lost their livelihoods and their
men to prison; phones and the Internet were
banned. Worse, these injustices were shad-
ows of a much darker violence. ISIS has been
a horror story, man, said one woman who
managed to flee the city. Wed see corpses
cut in two [on the street]. It was normal for
children to play with severed heads. Theyve
turned our neighborhoods into ghost towns.
Nearly three years later, the terror lock-
ardly any acronym strikes more horror in down has taken its toll on Mosuls civilians;
American hearts than ISIS, the extremist Iraqi forces rallied to liberate the city last
group that boasts of bombing teens at con- October, but the situation remains deadly. At
certs, driving trucks into holiday crowds, and press time the massive liberation operation
beheading journalists. But in 2014, when most was still inching along, with U.S. air support,
of us were first learning of ISISs signature winning block by block even as ISIS soldiers
savagery, women in Iraq were already well- staked themselves out in peoples yards, using
acquainted: The militants were at their door. the families as human shields. When photo-
It was June of that year when ISIS captured journalist Erin Trieb, 35, arrived in Mosul for
Mosul, a city of 2 million thats the second Glamour in mid-March, neighborhoods were
largest in the country, in a move intended to erupting in gunfire, and bombs screamed
establish a caliphate or Islamic state. Vir- from the sky. Residents were terrified that
tually overnight, according to reports, its ISIS would come back and retaliate. But Trieb
gunmen roamed the streets, and religious wanted to know what it felt like for women to
police lurked in the alleyways. Women, who taste their first moments of freedom. These
had worked as doctors and dentists and freely womens stories were so much more harrow-
Wearing Colors
gone to school, were forbidden from studying ing than I expected, she says. They had hit
For the first time
and allowed outside only if shrouded in black rock bottom, were starving to death, trauma- in three years,
clothevery speck of skin, including their tized. And yet, defiantly, they survived. Here Miami and
eyes, covered. A forgotten glove or veil was she tells the stories of three women just begin- Hojran dont have
suddenly punishable by beating with a stick. ning to enjoy their independence. to dress in black.

Feeling the Sun

Hojran, in blue,
and Miami,
center, in pink,
rejoice with
family at being
able to bare
their faces.

We thought wed
be burned alive.
On a block of crumbling houses in west Mosul
this spring, I met two cousins: Miami Fares,
18, and Hojran Adnan, 16. I saw the girls wav-
ing from across the street, motioning me over.
They invited me in for tea and began telling
me what life was like before ISIS. Miami had
been in school, and Hojran stayed at home
with her parents. Both girls loved to dance
and take selfies. When ISIS came three years
ago, we learned quickly there were no jobs, no
schools, no work, Miamis mother told me.
Hojran and Miami spent their days inside
going out could mean being confronted by
militants. They can cut your head off if you do
anything wrong, Hojran said. And this was
no exaggeration: I learned of many families
whose relatives were beheaded for break-
ing ISISs rules, like owning a cell phone. But
when the cousins did leave the house, they
would often lift the black veil that concealed
their eyes if they thought they were safe from
militants and the Hisbah, the ISIS religious
police. If I got scared, Miami said, Hojran
would tell me, ISIS wont do anything to you;
they can go to hell. The more we spoke, the
more I realized how courageous these girls
are. Its uncommon for teenage girls in Iraq to
speak their minds freely. Hojran and Miami
were fierce, as were their opinions.
In February the Iraqi army finally reached
their neighborhood. But liberation did not
come quickly: ISIS was positioned in their
front yard. During the fighting, the fam-
ily took cover in a basement for 10 days. We
thought theyd burn us alive, Hojran said.
When I met the girls, it had been only a week
since theyd come out; their neighbors were
throwing a party. As they played music, sang,
and danced for the first time in three years,
every act of freedom felt new. We let out three
years of anxiety! said Miami. Hojran said,
laughing, We cant even describe it.
While life without ISIS means a return
of certain liberties, the cousins know there
are still limits. Even now if I want to visit a
friend or walk down a street alone, my family
wont allow it, said Miami. But a boy can do
whatever he wants. Why is it like this in our
culture? We want to remove these restric-
A Time to Celebrate Dancing and tions. We want to live a normal life.
playing music were crimes under ISIS.
After being liberated, we acted silly and
sang, says Hojran of her neighbors. 119
Talk / In the News
Coming Home
Ghofran, center, carrying
her newborn baby on the way
to reunite with her mother.
Fighting had separated the
family for four months.

I had my baby as the planes

were striking. again. This time, after walking hours in
Ghofran Ammar Diab, 19, had been walk- she could find was a packet of powdered the rain, they made it to safety. Ghofran
ing all night when I met her. ISIS came drink mix. She grabbed it and ran, but first was so weak that Sahars daughter carried
and destroyed our lives, she told me. she sought revenge: I just started smash- the baby.
You should have seen the state we were ing their dishes, throwing things out the I met Ghofran as she was almost home;
inthe hunger, the poverty. The worst of window, even flipping over a table out of she had not seen her mother for four
her ordeal had started almost half a year spite, she said. It was difficult to imagine months. ISIS had imprisoned her father
earlier: At five months pregnant, shed this tiny girl raging against her persecu- and likely killed her husband. But her
traveled with her husband from her village tors. The packet she stole contained 10 mother was anxiously waiting. Ghofran
about 20 miles outside Mosul into the city grams of orange-flavored sugar, which she had kept herself and her baby alive amid
for a maternity checkup. While he waited made last four days. When I asked if shed immense chaos and hardship. When I
outside the clinic, fighting erupted. When been afraid, she said, Not one bit. I was asked how she had endured, she said her
Ghofran came out, people were running happy to destroy their belongings. reason was Naba.I wonder how she came
everywhere. Amid the chaos, she shouted When Ghofrans contractions started, to life under such danger. It was a miracle.
her husbands name but could not find Iraqi forces were bombarding ISIS posi- She is our hope.
him. Ghofran went from street to street, tions nearby; warplanes f lew overhead.
knocking on doors, asking for help. Finally Unable to get to a hospital, they hurried to Erin Trieb (@erintrieb) photographs
a woman named Sahar took her in. Sahars sisters house a mile away, where womens issues in the Middle East. To
I lived in Sahars house for four a neighbor assisted with the birth, cut- help women in Mosul, go to
months, thinking Id never see my family ting the umbilical cord with a
again, Ghofran said. With ISIS forbid- kitchen knife. I was in so much
ding phones, she could not even call them. pain I couldnt think, Ghofran
Everyone at the house suffered from the said. The baby weighed less than
food shortages. My only meal each day three pounds. Ghofran named
was tomato paste Id mix with water, her Naba, the great news.
Ghofran said. Id just cry, thats how Ghofran and Sahar had tried
hungry I was. Toward the end of her preg- to escape their ISIS-held neigh-
nancy, starving and desperate, she and borhood before, but they had
Sahars two young sons ventured out and run into snipers. The families
found a house occupied by ISIS militants. ahead of us were killed, she said,
Once it was empty, Ghofran smashed a so we turned back. Ten days Girl Power I want Naba to go to school so she
window and crawled inside. The only food after Nabas birth, they tried can choose whatever she wants to become,
says Ghofran; when Glamour checked on Naba
in June, she was thriving.
Your Life, Your Terms
Turn the page to meet women
following their dreams, tuning out the
haters, and generally winning.

Find your happy place. (And dress accordingly!) Belstaff cape. Adidas Outdoor fleece, $69. L.L.Bean hat, $45.
Strapworks belt, $9. Aigle boots, $279. Go to for more shopping information. 123
Damsel in Distress?
Valerians not saving
Laureline at any point,
says Delevingne of the
male and female
characters in Valerian and
the City of a Thousand
Planets. They save each
other, which is beautiful.
Gucci shirt, bodysuit, mesh
leggings, pumps, silver rings.
Pinkie rings, from left: Eddie
Borgo, Tom Wood. Opposite
page: Delpozo embroidered
hooded sweater. For bold, full
brows like hers, try Rimmel
London Professional Eyebrow
Pencil ($4, at drugstores).

Cara Delevingne wants you to be who you are, love who you love, and
watch more badass women doing their thing onscreen. She tells
her friend Adwoa Aboah all about the Delevingne Doctrine.

Photographs by Patrick Demarchelier Fashion editor: Jillian Davison 125

Attitude Adjustment
Each of us has to look at
why we cannot feel good
about ourselves often enough
to celebrate ourselves,
says Delevingne. Its
a self-confidence thing.
Michael Kors Collection coat,
blouse, trousers, belt. Into
her piecey texture? Try Garnier
Fructis Pixie Play Crafting
Cream ($4.30, at drugstores).

a dwoa Aboah and Cara Delevingne are at The Bowery
Hotel in New York City reminiscing about old times.
Though Aboah, 25, cant remember the first time she
met Delevingne, 24, she does know one moment long
ago when her friend made a lasting impression. You were walk-
ing around on the street in London in a cardboard box, Adwoa
remembers. The two, then teen models, had just finished a day
of castings when Delevingne found the box lying around, poked
eyeholes in it, and put it on over her head. The prank totally killed.
Delevingne, of course, grew up in London. Shes from a prom-
inent family: Her grandmother Jane was a lady-in-waiting to
CARA: Or driving to Burning Man, our first time. We had no idea
where we were going. The girl who drove was pregnant and blind.
ADWOA: She wasnt wearing her glasses, was she? What Ive real-
ized is a lot of our first times have been together.
CARA: The first time we had sexIm joking. Kidding!
ADWOA: Thats not real. [Laughs.] We havent had sex. What do
people get wrong about you and me?
CARA: Everything? Nothing. I dont know. I tend not to dwell on the
things people say. Ive learned how bad that is for your well-being.
ADWOA: [People call us] model best friends, but we were friends
before. What Ive always been grateful for in our friendship is that
Princess Margaret. Though Delevingne studied drama in high we expect absolutely nothing from each other, just friendship.
school, she wound up following her older sister Poppys exam- CARA: You get paranoid that people are going to make friends with
ple and began modeling at 16. In 2011 an 18-year-old Delevingne you for a reason, that they want something from you. But never
landed her first major gigwalking Burberrys fall runwayand have I ever thought anything other than that we love each other.
by 2012 shed been named Model of the Year at the British Fashion ADWOA: Yeah, exactly. [My question list says] you made the trans-
Awards. Over the next few years, she started trends (bushy brows), formation from modeling to acting a few years ago. How did it feel?
landed magazine covers (Vogue), and consistently ranked as one CARA: I hate this question. The word transformation is odd.
of the worlds top-paid models (in 2014, 2015, and 2016). But Dele- ADWOA: I bet you do. I always have people go, So youre acting
vingne, in time, found her way back to her passion: acting. After now? But actually I went to university for it. It feels like, You once
making her debut in the 2012 film Anna Karenina, she landed again think Im some dumb model that now wants to be an actress.
a lead in Paper Towns in 2015 and joined a star-studded cast in CAR A: Exactly, right. I always say, modeling is something I do,
2016s Suicide Squad. This summer shes front and center in Luc whereas acting feels more like what I [am]. I have felt better than
Bessons sci-fi film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I felt in years, and thats purely from doing what I love. Especially
But back to the box incident: What has endeared Delevingne because, while Ive been doing this film [the upcoming Life in a
to friends like Aboah, more than 40 million Instagram fans, and Year], Ive been sober. Being completely clean and clearheaded has
big brands like Rimmel London is her idiosyncratic personal- been so helpful with getting into character.
ity. Her motto is Embrace your weirdness. Shell stick out her ADWOA: Its been two years since Paper Towns. Youre in another
tongue or cross her eyes in photosand share them. Delevingne
also isnt afraid to get real: At 22 she talked about her attraction
to both men and women. She dated musician Annie Clark (stage
name St. Vincent) for a year and a half, a relationship that taught
I tend not to dwell on
her what love wasreal love. In a rap battle with James Corden
and Dave Franco, she joked, Ive hooked up with hotter girls than things people say. Ive
both of you combined. And many women identify: I love Cara
Delevingne, one fan wrote on Twitter. Her openness about her
sexualityhelped me accept myself. Last year she took on another
learned how bad that is
stigmatized issue, depression, talking about her own diagnosis in
a series of interviews. Mental illness goes unseen, she said, but I
for your well-being.
dont want it to be unheard.
Delevingnes feminism goes deeper than words: She knows leading role in Valerian. Do you feel more established?
that many of her fans are teen girls, and she wants to break down CARA: Its not like, Oh, Im more established; its like, Im doing
barriers for them. She chose Valerian in part because of how her a Luc Besson film. I grew up loving his films. Meeting him, I
character, Laureline, a special operative tasked with saving the thought, Ill be professional. Instead I was like, Im such a big fan!
universe from a dark force, is represented. She goes headfirst into ADWOA: Thats endearing. So many exciting things are going on in
battle and saves her partner, Valerian, as much as he saves her. your life, yet its all still exciting. You have to keep that flame!
Delevingne is also hosting a girl-power docuseries with global CARA: Oh, yeah. But that also depends on how happy you are: Some
sports brand Puma this summer, releasing a coming-of-age novel days you can do the coolest thing, and you couldnt care.
about teenhood this fall, and working with the U.N. Foundations ADWOA: I have to work on sitting in each accomplishment
Girl Up campaign, recently visiting Uganda to advocate for girls CARA: Instead of being like, on to the next!
education. Shattering barriers? Embracing authenticity? Say- ADWOA: At my poetry reading everyone said, Well done. It kind
ing what she thinks? Thats the Delevingne Doctrine. She tells of annoyed me. They were being nice, but I was like, Theyre lying.
Aboah all about it, starting with some in-the-vault memories. CARA: Isnt that the weirdest thing when you get pissed off [at a
compliment]? Personally I take it as they are 100 percent lying. A
ADWOA ABOAH: Whats the most fun weve ever had together? man said to me, Paper Towns is my favorite movie. I thought, I
CARA DELEVINGNE: When we went to see Kelis at Glastonbury. We do love that movie, but I know youre lying. He was a 35-year-old
lost everyone man! I was confused: Does he just want to see if I believed him or
ADWOA: And we found ourselves in the dance field at Kelis. not? I just said, Its my favorite movie too. 127
ADWOA: Its a massive inability to take compliments. Youre kidding me? I couldnt care less. That was funny. Luc said
CARA: I think each of us has to look at the root of the issue as to we were similar in that, once the trust was there, we became clay
why we cannot feel good about ourselves often enough to cele- he could mold.
brate ourselves. Its larger than whats happening in the moment of ADWOA: That makes sense. Youve been working with the U.N.
receiving a compliment. Everyone has to figure out why they dont Foundations Girl Up. What has been the most powerful experi-
agree with whats being said. Its a self-confidence thing. ence for you thus far?
ADWOA: Yeah! OK, lets talk about Valerian. You play Laureline. CARA: Going to Uganda. What those girls want is so simple, an
What about the character attracted you to the project? education. And with this Puma docuseries, I met a woman in
CARA: Shes a badass. She and Valerian are basically the only peo- Toronto who does classes for women in self-defense. She asked
ple on Alpha, the city of a thousand planets, and we have the task me, What is your strongest weapon? I said, The fists? The
of keeping the planets safe. Valerian is all brawn, no brains. Laure- head? The elbow? She said, No, your voice. I was like, Wow,
line does the intelligent work. She makes sure he doesnt f-ck it up. I feel so stupidthis is what Ive been trying to talk about! She
ADWOA: Did you have to train for this film? said, Run at me. I ran at her. She was like, Stop! with so much
CARA: We trained every day. Ive never been so strong. You want to intention I flew backward. She told me, You do it. I did, and I
feel like you could actually kick a massive alien down! I meditated, felt so strong.
I practiced yoga, I ate well, I slept a lot. You cant embrace anything ADWOA: One of the girls I work with through [my girls initiative]
wholeheartedly without a clear head. Gurls Talk emailed me the other day: Im thinking Im attracted
ADWOA: Luc said you were perfect for the role, which makes sense to women. You started talking about your sexual fluidity publicly
with how you described Laurelineyou are badass. when you were only 22.
CARA: Hes lying. CARA: When you were only 22. Thats old to me.
ADWOA: Thats what I mean, this girl is 15.
CARA: I know 13- and 15-year-old girls who are like, I dont know

People were like, if I like a boy or a girl yet. I havent decided. And its like[imag-
ine] if I was able to comprehend [that at their age]. I am very
So youre gay. happy how sexuality has become easier and freer to talk about,
especially for kids.

Im like, No, Im not ADWOA: What happened when you spoke out?
CARA: Once I spoke about my sexual fluidity, people were like, So
youre gay. And Im like, No, Im not gay.
gay . Im fluid. ADWOA: During Fashion Week many young women [were] in
same-sex relationships. They would be like, Im surrounded by
the most beautiful women. Theyre not gay; theyre not straight.
ADWOA: Hes not. How do you think you won him over? But people would be like, Oh, shes a lesbian now.
CARA: He told me, I need to know that, if I was to consider you, CARA: A lot of the friends I have who are straight have such an old
you would give me everything, that we have complete trust. In the way of thinking. Its So youre just gay, right? [They] dont under-
audition process I realized how much Inot wasnt trusting him, stand it. [If] Im like, Oh, I really like this guy, [theyre like], But
but was like, Is he judging me? Do I look really stupid? youre gay. Im like, No, youre so annoying!. Someone is in a
ADWOA: Yeah. That embarrassment. It holds you back completely. relationship with a girl one minute, or a boy is in a relationship
CAR A: It has to go. I had to get clearheadedand learn how to with a boy, I dont want them to be pigeonholed. Imagine if I got
trust. It starts with trusting yourself first, then you can begin to married to a man. Would people be like
trust other people. Luc made a safe environment. And I wouldnt ADWOA: She lied.
leave until I got it right. He liked the fact that I was just relentless. CARA: She lied to us! Its like, no.
ADWOA: What example do you hope Laureline sets for women? ADWOA: You just shaved your head. Did you do it for Life in a Year?
CARA: Laureline did the job as [well] as Valerian. Hes not saving CARA: Yes. No, I did it because Im gay. [Laughs.] I didnt. Im not

her. They save each other, which is beautiful. gay. I am. Im not. Im fluid! I like fluid.
ADWOA: Rihanna is in the movie. What was it like with her on set? ADWOA: Im whatever I want to be. When I shaved my hair, I did it
CARA: Ive seen her work in the studio, in concert, in meetings. But on a whim. How did it feel to shave yours?
to see her act was incredible. There was a moment where Luc was CARA: Totally liberating. But it does feel like people read my mind
trying to make her cry, to be emotional. He was like, Imagine that more. I feel like people see my thoughts.
you get told that your song hasnt gone ADWOA: You have nothing to hide behind.
to number one and your performance So whats next? Where do you hope to be
is really bad. I knew she wasnt going in five years? Well still be friends.
to give a shitthats not the way to get CARA: Whats next? Just living life. Who
into her emotion. And she literally said, knows? For the first time, Im happy with
not knowing.

Aboah and Delevingne at Adwoa Aboah is a model and the founder

Glamours 2016 Women of of the girls initiative Gurls Talk. Follow
the Year Awards gala her on Instagram @adwoaaboah.

Caras Future
Whats next? Just living life.
Who knows? says Delevingne.
For the first time, Im happy
with not knowing.
Maison Margiela peacoat, top,
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magazine for more shopping
information. Hair: Ward at Artlist;
makeup: Lisa Eldridge for Lancme;
manicure: Christina Conrad at
Calliste Agency; production: Iris
Laverdant at PRODn Paris. 129
Meet Gorpcore
Yes, thats actually the
name of this trend. The term
is a hybrid of normcore and
gorp, which is the name of the
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Outward Bound
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Photobomb Production.
Photographed at Double
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Fresh Start
This is exactly how model
Janice Alida (@janicealida)
arrived on set. Ever since
I first cut my hair short in
2012, she says, Ive
thought about going back!
Palmer//Harding shirt.

How short should she go? Superstar hair guy Garren gives her
(and you!) four power-cut options. By Ying Chu
This is a story about haircuts. Normally in the magazine world, Glamour and Vogue covers for over four decades. Hes also given
models rarely want to lop off 15 or so inches of hair for the sake of a designers and celebs (remember that boyish-but-feminine pixie on
few photos (spoiler alert: Wigs or extensions are involved in most of Victoria Beckham?) their most memorable crops and is one of the
the stories youve seen). But when Janice Alida, 28, heard who was guys behind cult-y, cool product line R+Co.
doing the cutting for this story, she leaped at the chance to sit in his If youre even considering going shorter, start with the inspo on
chair: With Garren, Im like, Do whatever you wanthave fun! these pages and go for it. Alida didsee her final look on page 141.
And who can blame her? Garrens been styling supermodels And dont overthink it, Garren advises; a cut can always grow and
like Christie Brinkley, Linda Evangelista, and Karlie Kloss for morph into something else beautiful. Its hair!

Photographs by Marcus Ohlsson Fashion editor: Jillian Davison 137

Rock, Refined
How to modernize a
rumpled shag? Pair with
taupe eyeshadow and
a black mascara like
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Look 1: The Long Shag

This is my homage to Patti Smith and the legendary hairstylist coarse with a soft wave, other hair types can do this look too. For
John Sahag, says Garren, who used a razor (no scissors!) to shape medium to thick hair, use a styling cream like R+Co Jackpot ($25,
Alidas look here. Tell your stylist its a top-heavy shape with an when damp, then mess things up with fingers. For
intentionally stringy bottom, he says. And while Alidas hair is fine hair, add weight with a texturizing shampoo first.

Wave Runner
Play off the swoop of your
hair with graphic liner. Try
Chanel Stylo Yeux
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Eyeliner in Fervent Blue
Jil Sander Navy coat.

Look 2: The Angled Bob

Garrens muse for this look? Bianca Jagger. To nail the shape, anchor it with a clip on the opposite side, and air-dry. (You can clip
ask your stylist to go shorter on the sides and longer in the back and smooth out bangs this way too; a diffuser can speed the pro-
so it creates a sexiness around the face, he explains. Styling this cess.) Just skip this look if your hairs fine and thin, he warns: Itll
soft wave is easy: Apply mousse to damp hair, part it on one side, hang like curtains without any movement. 139
This cut brings all the
attention to your eyes. To
light them up, try LOral
Paris Lumi Liquid Glow
Illuminator in Ice ($13, at
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Gucci tank top, blouse.
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Look 3: The Graphic Bob (with Bangs)

Most women dont think they can do short bangs; not true, says texture), cutting blunt sides and bangs with a razor, then shaping
Garren. Just do something graphically interesting. For his take, the ends with scissors. For fine hair, stick with scissors (to avoid
Garren channeled early film star Louise Brooks (for the angled split ends) and use a lot of product: Garren likes R+Co Badlands
shape and bangs) and, believe it or not, Raggedy Ann (for the Dry Shampoo Paste ($28, to make the hair swell.

Pretty Short
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color: Andr Viveiros at Serge
Normant; production: D+V

Look 4: The Cool Pixie

A big selling point with this cut: It takes 30 seconds to style. All it texturize fine hair; if you have a lot of cowlicks or pin-straight hair,
needs is a bit of shine serum added with your fingers (to keep puff- go longer with bangs to avoid a spiky effect. Also, no need to cut too
iness at bay) and youre set. But know that this pixie is most ideal often. Send a photo to your stylist before going in, adds Garren:
for medium-thick hair with a slight wave or curls. Use products to Ill tell my clients when they actually need to trim it! 141
Where the
Crowd Pleaser
Paula Cole playing to a
sold-out audience in
George, Washington,
in 1997

men Were

Before there was Gaga or Taylor, before

pussy hats or Beyoncs girls in formation,
there was an epic all-female music festival
created by women fed up with sexism. As we
mark Lilith Fairs twentieth anniversary this
summer, Melissa Maerz explores the secret
history of this very 90s movement.
Theres Something
About Sarah
Lilith Fair cofounder Sarah
McLachlan at her music

studio in West Vancouver
in April 2017. Below, from
left: Tracy Chapman,
Suzanne Vega (both
backstage), and Paula Cole
in the back of a limo in 1997
in George, Washington.

magine many of the countrys most influential women BONNIE RAITT (singer): Promoters
all gathered together to stand up for gender equality on felt in pop and rock you couldnt
a national stage. There are stars performing before a put women on the same bill.
massive crowd, Planned Parenthood booths (along TERRY McBRIDE (CEO of Nettwerk
with protesters), and reporters from news outlets analyzing what Music Group, McLachlans long-
this event says about the state of womens rights. Sounds like a scene time manager, and a cofounder
from the Womens March on Washingtonbut it actually occurred of Lilith Fair): Sarah had writers
20 years ago this summer with the debut of Lilith Fair, a music fes- block, so I was trying to get her to
tival designed to give women the same lucrative touring gigs as do a couple of weeks of summer
men. Cofounded by singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan, this mul- shows and enjoy herself. She put
ticity tour broke new ground, from the all-female talent lineup that a challenge to us. OK, Ill do it if
promoters said would never work, to the controversies it ignited in you can put together a show thats

the media about race and feminism. Here McLachlan and some of all female artists.

her fellow Lilith performers talk candidly about a cultural move- M c L A C H L A N : I thought, L ets
ment lauded by fans for its feminist ideals and lambasted by critics ask a bunch of gals if they want to do some shows. We did three
for its lack of diversity. And a new generation of performers reflect shows. The biggest one [in Vancouver] was like 10,000 people. We
on the legacy of Lilith Fair and why their own fight for equality in thought, Holy crap!
the music industry continues. SUZANNE VEGA (singer): It went really well except for one of the
truck drivers had a run-in with police. The truck was impounded,
Im thinking of having a including all of our equipment. We were playing [outside of San
kind of girly show next year. Francisco] and had to postpone to the next day.
The 1990s were a strange time for women musicians. On the one McBRIDE: Sarah had a great time and said, Id like to do that next
hand, the singer-songwriter movement was ushering in young year.
female stars like Tori Amos, Tracy Chapman, and McLachlan. McLACHLAN: I got to listen to all these amazing women every night
But women still had to fight harder than the guys for radio air- and be part of a bigger community. It felt really good.
time and touring slots. In 1996, McLachlan was 28, still climbing VEGA: At the end of that tour, I got this lovely note from Sarah, say-
the charts with singles from her breakthrough album, Fumbling ing, What a great run. Im thinking of having a kind of girly show
Toward Ecstasy, and struggling to write the follow-up, Surfacing, next year. That girly show turned into Lilith Fair.
which would become her best-selling record. Searching for inspi- MARTY DIAMOND (talent booker and a cofounder of Lilith Fair): We
ration, she organized a mini festivala gathering that would knew we had something. Sarah felt women didnt have a real pres-
ultimately morph into Lilith Fair. ence in Top 40 radio and wanted to build that spirit up a little bit.
McLACHLAN: Id never felt an ounce of sexism from any of the guys
SARAH McLACHLAN (singer, cofounder of Lilith Fair): We looked at my record label. The first time I felt sexism was the pushback
around [at other tours] and thought, Wow, theyre just full of men. from radio stations [in the midnineties]. Theyd say, We added
And yet theres all this amazing music being made by women right Tori Amos this week, so we cant add you. Or: We added Tracy
now. So why is that not being represented? Chapman this week, so we cant add you. And Im like, Were

144 Portrait by Brian Higbee

doing completely different [things]! McLACHLAN: Lilith was just this beautiful idea where women could
VEGA: Its not as if anybody was as blunt as that to me, but I knew all come together and be stronger as one united force. We didnt
the quota of male-to-female artists [on the radio]. have to compete [with one another]. We came from a place of love,
MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO (singer whose new album, Ventriloquism, joy, and a need to create.
will be out this fall): I dabble in the jazz world, which is male-
dominated. [If you had two women playing together], it became a The violence and disrespect that could loom at
shtick. It becomes a girl group, and it has to be something cutesy. any other concert was just absent.
Thats hard to contend with. Before Lilith Fair began, the most well-known female-driven
McLACHLAN: We made the plan to do it full-on the next summer. music festival had been the Michigan Womyns Festival, a
And promoters were saying, You cant put two women on the radical-feminist gathering. So Liliths 35-city tour, featuring
same bill. People wont come. I was like, Well, weve done it! So McLachlan, Crow, Tracey Chapman, Jewel, and more than 60
you can either support us or get left behind. other female acts, was unprecedented. At the first show in George,
McBRIDE: It was a foreign concept to most promoters. Washington, Lilith drew 27,500 fans (most of them women), a
McLACHLAN: I put together a huge wish list, then I handed it off few vocal critics, and an SNL parody featuring a character
and said, OK, go see whos in, whos gonna say yes. named Cinder Calhoun singing a song called Sausage of Pain.
McBRIDE: The first year was difficult. Lilith hadnt been proved. CROW: One of the things that made me so excited was that I was
The agencies were like, Im not going to put my megastar there. I not only going to get to see people I wanted to see play but getting
dont believe its going to work. No ones going to show up. to build a relationship with the people during the summer.
McLACHLAN: Paula Cole [said yes immediately]. Lisa Loeb. Emmy- VEGA: I was the first one on the main stage [at the Gorge Amphi-
lou Harris was in like a dirty shirt right away. theater]. It really felt like a momentous occasion. My first song
McBRIDE: It was really difficult to get a country headliner, an urban was Rock in This Pocket, a David and Goliath song from Davids
headliner, and a pop headliner. point of view. I felt like, This is a rock at the head of the main-
McLACHLAN: I was talking to a friend about the concept and said, stream corporate thinking.

I need a name. She goes, Have you heard the story of Lilith? INDIA ARIE (singer whose new album, SongVersation: Medicine,
In Hebrew mythology Lilith is Adams first wife, before Eve. He will be out this summer): I wasnt signed, and I was known only in
asked her to lie beneath him, and she said, No, were equal. She the Atlanta music scene. So I really wanted to do Lilith Fair [when
left, and she was made into a cautionary tale. I thought, Perfect they asked me].
protagonist! Obviously words are important to me, and Lilith on SKYE EDWARDS (lead singer of Morcheeba): My understanding was
its own didnt seem like enough. I loved the play on words of fair that it was all solo female artists. And I was obviously a female, but
being the sort of old-fashioned fair, and fair being equal. I was in a band with two guys. So [when they booked us] I kind of
AMBROSIA HEALY (publicist for Lilith Fair): I dont know that peo- felt like, What the hell? They want us? How do we fit in there?
ple thought Sarah was crazy, but it was a new idea for certain. I ANN POWERS (music critic): My first impression was, there was
remember sitting down with her team to figure out the Lilith Fair a field full of women music fans, sharing blankets, sunbathing.
mission statement. The intent was to create an inclusive and sup- And there was this overwhelming feeling of safety and con-
portive community based on the celebration of women in music. fidence. No one was going to wolf-whistle or cop a feel as you
McL ACHL AN: Terry really wanted corporate sponsors. I said, I walked by or shove you down to get to a mosh pit. Here was a
want them to do something for the community. We wanted to space where the violence and disrespect that could loom at other

leave something beyond the music, which is [why we donated] a concerts was absent. That was as important to me as the per-
dollar for every ticket sale to a local womens shelter. formers onstage.
McBRIDE: Those checks were sometimes the difference between CROW: You would be surprised at how many guys were there [in the
the shelters staying open or closing down. audience] too. It really wasnt just all women.
SHERYL CROW (singer whose new album, Be Myself, is out now): DIAMOND: I saw a bunch of college-age guys, and I said, Why are
The fun thing about it was, it redefined what the [DJs and] pro- you here? They said, Dude! This is where the girls are!
moters believed about female touring. It immediately sold out NDEGEOCELLO: Touring with all women was communal. I didnt
everywhere. have anyone barking at me at sound check. I know that
Go to Get video interviews with Sarah McLachlan and Alessia Cara, plus more on the state of women in music. 145
sounds stereotypical. But maybe its [also] because Sarah is Year Bitch or Elastica? Why isnt Lauryn Hill or Missy Elliott on
Canadian. It was just like a really chill vibe, you know? Im sure this? Going in, [a lot of women at Rolling Stone] had reservations
if I did a festival with Courtney Love as the head, that would be about Lilith because it was taking the most passive thing in popu-
a different vibe. lar music that women were doing and putting it forth as the united
ARIE: [Folk singer Victoria Williams] had some sort of a neu- front of women in music, and it wasnt united at all. It wasnt inclu-
rological disease. [Williams has multiple sclerosis.] She had sive of everything that was going on, and it wasnt showing the
tremors in her body. She was standing by the side of the stage, innovation in music.
and Bonnie Raitt said, Hey, you want to come out? And she POWERS: Do I remember specific ways that Lilith was covered that
walked onstage with a harmonica and started playing. I remem- were sexist or just unfair? Well, nicknames like Breast Fest were
ber thinking, What is this lady going to do with this harmonica? certainly unfortunate!
Her hands are shaking! She played beautifully. McL ACH L AN: All of a sudden [the press was casting me as] the
H E ALY: Everybody f lew out to Washington State to cover this daughter for the new feminist revolution, and Im either too femi-
thing. Lorraine Ali was there to do a big feature for Rolling Stone. nist or not feminist enough, depending on who was firing the
Christopher Farley and David Thigpen came from Time maga- questions. And every day it was like, Why do you hate men? Why
zine. VH-1 and MTV were there with crews. This is the middle of dont you have men on the bill?
nowhere, two hours outside of Seattle. MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN (lead singer of the all-male band Tool): I
LORRAINE ALI (music journalist): I remember at the time think- asked our booking agent to request an offer to play. He did. They
ing, in my snarky, rock-critic-y way, Why does this have to be so declined. I wanted the thank you but no thank you letter to
crunchy and folky? How come you dont have Courtney Love or 7 frame. Never got it.

My First Lilith

by Lena Dunham

ve always loved art that is created for and had no friends to invite to the show. We arrived
by women. When I was a little woman while the first act was still setting up on the
perusing the video-rental store, the first main stage: my mother, her assistant Helen (a
question I would ask about any VHS tape dead ringer for Courteney Cox in a white belly
was, Are there ladies in it? I was interested only shirt and acid-wash jeans), my five-year-old sib-
in paperbacks whose covers depicted groups of ling, and me (with baby bangs and a collection
teen girls curled in a union of smiley, hushed of friendship bracelets I made for myself). We
chatter (holler, Baby-Sitters Club!). As soon as wandered the parking lot, where I took stock of
I was old enough to advocate for my own music all the shaved heads, tattoos, and armpit hair
choices, our car rocked out to Wilson Phillips, oh, the armpit hair! At this amphitheater I was
Joni Mitchell, and the first cassette I purchased, witnessing as many ways of being a woman as
Alanis Morissettes Jagged Little Pill. Which is there are women. When the music started, as
why, at age 11, when I heard a group of girls at I remember, with Paula Cole taking the stage
theater day camp (all far cooler than I, despite in a f lurry of goddess force, I stared more at
the words theater day camp) discussing the the concertgoers than the acts themselves.
upcoming Lilith Fair and its all-woman lineup, I Everyone was spinning, arms wide toward the
knew I had to be there. So I did what any utterly heavens (a.k.a. the smoggy sky of industrial New
friendless dreamer wearing a Hola From Mex- England) and laughing with abandon, enliv-
ico T-shirt as a dress would do: I lied. Oh, Lilith ened by the beauty and safety of the collective
Fair? Yeah, I have tickets. Tons of tickets. we became. Women pranced, stretched, bowed,
I rushed home and admitted to my mother rolled in the grass, ate churros, kissed with
the yarn I had spun. Not only did I not have tick- tongue. My younger sibling Grace danced in tiny
ets; Id never even been to a concert nor had I brocade overalls and would later tell me it was a
heard of any of the acts that would be perform- pivotal moment in their understanding of them-
ing. In my mind a festival was a town gathering selves as gender f luid. Helen was in her early
where elderly women sold jam and gourds, and I Will Remember You thirties, impossibly cool and tan on our gingham
welcomed autumn back again. Lena with her mother, blanket, nodding along. My mother realized how
What happened next was either a test case of photographer Laurie Simmons, amazing it felt not to watch hawkeyed over her
terrible parenting or the deepest kindness imag- and sibling Grace at children the way she had been trained to do in
inable. My mother told me lying wasnt coolbut Lilith Fair in 1997. male-heavy environments.
she also wanted me to be able to face the camps And me? I didnt care about running into the
most in-the-know clique. The July 24, 1997, Lilith Fair in Hart- cool girls anymore. As Tracy Chapman sang later that night: I
ford, Connecticut, was sold out, but using the services of some wily had a feeling I could be someone, be someone.
scalpers, my heroic mother acquired four tickets.
Despite my best efforts to bond with the other camp kids, I Lena Dunham is a writer, actor, and director.

NATALIE MERCHANT (singer-songwriter whose album, The Natalie of back-to-back tour stopsand a more diverse range of musi-
Merchant Collection, is out now): [The questions] were exhaust- cal styles, including artists Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, and
ing. I thought, Were just people making music, you know? Erykah Badu.
McLACHLAN: I grappled with the fact we were being so successful
[while] people were saying negative things or trying to pull us McLACHLAN: Lilith was becoming this crazy-big phenomenon that
down. We got a lot of flak for being a white-chick folk fest. [Only everybody was so excited about.
two of the headlining acts were women of color: Tracy Chapman McBRIDE: It became easier [to book artists] in years two and three.
and India Arie.] McL ACH L AN: [The second year] we had to show managers and
McBRIDE: We knew the media would come at us hard for that. And record labels that we could be diverse and still make it work as a
we tried, but I think you festival.
should question the artists POWERS: The second- and third-stage artists were always my
who said no. favorites. I saw so many people for the first time at Lilith.
McL AC H L AN : That was not NDEGEOCELLO: When Erykah Badu played, I had to hold her baby
for lack of trying. We asked for the first two songs. She was like, Here, hold Seven. I have to

everybody. go on.

E DWAR DS : I didnt pick up McLACHLAN: [Erykah] was pretty quiet. I mean, she was intimidat-
on [the lack of diversity]. Im ing, holy crap. Shes like a queen, very regal.
a black woman fostered by CROW: I used to go out and watch other bands. Chrissie Hynde and
white parents. I live in Sur- I would put on these hats that had wigs attached to them, and we
rey, [England,] and theres would go sit out front and no one would recognize us.
not many black people. I McL ACHL AN: When I first met Chrissie, she was pretty aloof. A
dont feel like a black art- little bit older, very established, rock n roll, right? And she was
ist. Im a singer-songwriter like, You little folk bitches! So the last night, I had a hot-pink tube
that happens to be black. top on, and I thought, I need to (continued on page 160)
P OW E R S : In truth, Lilith
wasnt a genre- spanning
womens music festival. It
was a singer-songwriter
festival focused on women. The question is,
Why is the category of singer-songwriter cast
as white?
ALI: I had taken the [tour] bus down [from
George, Washington] to the next stop [in
Salem, Oregon] with [jazz artist] Cassandra
Wilson, and she was upset because they put
her on the second stage. She was unhappy
about it, and she was justified. Most of that
bus ride was spent talking about how she got
f-cked over. The more I think about it, the
Cassandra Wilson thing probably was cut
along color lines too.
M c L AC H L A N : That was the thing we had to
defend more than anything else, more than
our feminism, more than our choice to have
just women. It was: Why you dont have more
black artists, more R&B artists, different kinds
of music, representing everybody?
A R I E : I know why they called it the white-
chicks folk fest, but I love that music.
McL ACHL AN: I dont think Perry Farrell was
taken to task for those things [when he put
together Lollapalooza]. We were doing some-
thing that really hadnt been done before,
so anytime theres anything new happen-
ing, there is the desire to tear it down or find
holes. Especially if youre trying to do some- Passing the Torch
thing good. It pisses people off. Alessia Cara, whom
Sarah McLachlan calls
Lilith was this great vehicle for the the future of Lilith Fair.
discovery of women artists. Says Cara, We see
women supporting
Lilith earned $16 million gross in 1997,
other women because
making it the most successful touring festi-
of things like Lilith
val that year. So by 1998 many more artists Fair. Above: Lilith Fair
wanted to perform. There were three months memorabilia.

Portrait by Brian Higbee 147

We all talk
about quitting
our jobs and
traveling the
world. But a
growing number
of women are
living the
dream. Meet
the roamers.
By Amna Shamim
My brother tells every- Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (which U.S. citizens can
one Im homeless, and get if they spend at least 330 days over 12 months in other
hes not wrong. I make a countries), my taxes are much lower. Once I pay off some
fine income, but I work medical bills in the next few months, I should be able to
on a laptop and live out of start saving.
in Lima,
Peru a suitcase, moving from
town to town, country to
country, wherever Im in the mood to land for a while.
How do you deal with health issues?
About those medical billsonly five months into my trav-
It started in October 2014. I was going through a rough
els, I was in a motorbike accident in Vietnam involving
period in New York Cityroommate problems, feeling
bad brakes, a blue truck, and, thank God, a helmet. I ended
stuck at work, a terrible breakup (bad things come in
up with a fractured skull and brain bleed and spent nearly
threes). The plan was to take a breather and explore the
a week in a local hospital. After seeing a great neurosur-
world for a few months. But the break from my life turned
geon in Singapore, I visited my family to reassure them I
intomy actual life. Through a guy I met in Malaysia,
was OK, and then I got back to Thailand as fast as I could
I ended up joining a Slack group for people known as
to recuperate. It was a painful way to learn that unless
nomads, and just like that, I discovered a whole subcul-
you add on adventure coverage, travel insurance usually
ture of women who choose to be location independent,
wont pay for something like this. I have it now.
work remotely, and call no single place home. One of
When it comes to less urgent matters, were constantly
them, Eunji Choi, was earning a ton and having the time
trading advice in our lady-nomad Slack groups on femi-
of her life. The way that she had put whats right for her
nine issues like finding tampons in Cambodia or going for
ahead of what society thinks she should do really inspired
an IUD because the Pill is a pain to get on the road.
me. So after I figured out how to support myself remotely,
I took to the road.
There are definitely more male nomads than female, but How often do you move?
there are more of us every day. It does take self-motivation My average time in a place is between three and six weeks,
to work when your office is a caf looking out over a gor- and I go back to the States about once a year to see friends
geous beach in Varadero, Cuba, which (hi!) is where Im and family. Often I just cant wait to leave again.
writing this. But minutes after Im done, Ill be splashing
around in that crystal turquoise water. Thats a happy hour
that was hard to come by in my former life in the city.
Is it dangerous?
As Ive roamed21 countries and countingIve asked I feel as safe traveling alone as I would in the United States.
and answered many questions about this lifestyle, so let me Im just careful, like not walking on dark streets by myself
cover some of the most popular: at night. My family has access to my itinerary on TripIt so

they can keep an eye on me.

Do you have a home base? Is dating on the road hard?

No. Ive learned that my home isnt a place (although I do
In a word, yes. I wish I were better at taking advantage
use my moms Pennsylvania address for passports and vot-
of the (for once!) in-my-favor ratio of guys to girls in the
ing) or the objects insideif only because I cant bear the
nomad community. Theres a Facebook group for loca-
thought of having more stuff to schlep around!
tion-independent singles, but actual dating is tough. That
said, Ive had some righteous f lingsI spent a few days
How much stuff do you actually have? with a great guy drinking and eating our way around Bue-
All my belongings fit into a single suitcase and a backpack; nos Aires, but we didnt hook up until an hour before he left
they include a foam roller, yoga mat, snorkeling mask, for the airport (because Im an idiot). Another man I met
and Kevin, my stuffed-animal alligator who doubles as a in Asia I would have loved to date seriously, but it didnt
pillow. (In fact, I recently added Sam, a dragon, because happen, in part because he settled down for his job and
Kevin was lonely.) Im a nomad!
And I wouldnt trade that for anything. So much has
changed from when I started, from my Spanish fluency and
Do you work? chopstick skills to being so much more open-minded and
Yes. The same is true of all my nomad girlfriends. We pay confident. Best of all, Ive made friends with other nomads,
our own way, and some of us are even saving money. Ive like these four women (including Eunji), who are some of
found I can earn anywhere from $100 to $10,000 a month the most badass and inspirational ladies Ive ever known.
through writing and digital marketing for U.S. companies. Turn the pageIll let them speak for themselves.
And from rent (you can get a hotel room in some parts of
Asia for $200 a month) to food ($5 amazing taco meal, Amna Shamim, 33, is a location-independent writer who
anyone?), everything is cheaper on the road. Plus, with the also does marketing for cannabis companies in the U.S. 149
I spend Everything
350 days a I own
year on fits in a
the beach. backpack.
Eunji Choi, 32, software engineer Ellie Day, 23, software engineer
SHOW N ABOVE IN: Catalina Islands, Costa Rica SHOW N ABOVE IN: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I used to be the quintessential New Yorker. Five years ago I I am a super-minimalist. I travel with only a purse [above] and
was a software engineer at a subsidiary of AOL. I bought high- small backpack, which isnt even full. It holds my MacBook (for
heeled shoes and bags, went to clubs, had the social calendar that my freelance work), my Kindle, iPhone, batteries and chargers,
makes people anxious. I was that person. toiletry bag, sleep mask, and my inflatable neck pillow. As for my
Most of my life now is spent in flip-flops. Ive been in about 20 clothes? Usually they are on my back.
countries and wont go anywhere under 77 degrees. Im happy at I can walk on a plane wearing my entire wardrobe. All my
105 if theres an ocean nearby. I love Rio and Barcelona because clothes are made of very thin wool by Icebreaker. They keep me
theyre major cities on the coastgood food, museums, and night- cool when its 90 degrees and warm when its cold. Usually Ive got
life, plus a friendly, laid-back Latin culture. And Ksamil, a little one outfit on while Im cleaning the other (you can wash this wool
village in Albania, has an unbelievably gorgeous beachfront with in the sink, and it dries really quickly). But when its freezing, Ill
a couple of tiny islands you can swim to (OMG, Im craving Alba- layer everything I have: two shirts, two pairs of leggings, a skirt,
nian doughnuts just talking about it). Often I go to the beach all day wool socks, wool shoes, and a shawl. Its amazingly insulating.
and spend evenings working remotely at my full-time job at a U.S.- I love my office. Whenever I get to a city, I use my Work Hard
based company, Splice, which makes digital tools for musicians. If Anywhere app to find coffee houses and local spots where you can
I didnt have the pricey habit of going business class on long flights, plug in and get Wi-Fi. Its one of my favorite things to do because I
Id be saving more. As it is, I put away a few hundred to a thousand get to see places I would have walked right past.
dollars every month and contribute to my retirement account. Im cautious but havent had problems. Ive been a nomad for
I carry an eight-inch knife. We nomads joke about the weirdest three years and lived in 12 countries. I always know in the back of


thing we travel with. For some people its a surfboard. For me its my mind that in some places, if someone found out I was part of the
a chefs knife. Ive honestly never thought of it as a weaponI LGBTQ community, that could be an issue. But thats true of living
love to cook, so I also pack a honing steel, herbs and spices (saf- in the United States too.
fron!), and silicone oven mitts. This is my home. My parents divorced when I was in the third
And I pack 13 bikinis and counting. I check two bags and carry grade, and I moved around a lot growing up. Back then I didnt see
on a thirda lot for a nomad. Aside from the cooking gear, Ive got it as a good thing, but now its a positive. I flew more than 100,000
a few books, a plushy bunny named Felix, and a teddy bear named miles last year. Ive seen amazing fish while snorkeling in Thai-
Toby (he has his own Instagram handle, @tobytheteddybear). land, worked from a caf in a converted art museum in Singapore,
Then, on top of the bikinis and flip-flops, which Im in 98 percent and volunteered for Women Who Code in between. When you sep-
of the time, I also lug wedges and spike heels, because when youre arate the comfort of your home from a physical locationand find
going to a fancy party, a girl needs footwear! it within yourselfa lot of really cool things can happen.


Obviously, being flexible on dates can lower Plan some layover relief. What keeps me
WHAT NOMADS KNOW your airfareour nomads use sites like and Scotts Cheap Flights
sane traveling, says Ellie Day, is having access
to the airport lounges, which I get free through
Budget-minded tips from newsletter. Also in big cities, you can often save my credit cards. Theyre quiet, and I can often get
the ultimate experts by flying into a suburb or nearby town. a shower and free food between flights.

I never for a year
feel were
lonely. $11,623.
Pauline Kucharew, 28, Web developer Mandy Moore, 43, software developer
SHOW N ABOVE IN: Salar de Utuni, Bolivia SHOW N ABOVE IN: Oaxaca, Mexico

I do what we call slow travel. Right now Im working for the Some might call me the O.G. of nomads. Ive been on the road
goal-setting site Bucketlist. (I earn $45,000 to $65,000 a year, for nearly nine years and lived in more than 50 countries.
and so far Im breaking even.) Ill spend more than a month in one Im a wanderer at heart. As soon as I got my drivers license at 16,
place and take weekend trips to explore other parts of the coun- I took off on a solo road trip. In 2002 I settled in Washington, D.C.,
try. Ive lived in five countries over the year and a half that Ive with a good job as a consultant to Congress, but after three years I
been a nomad. I definitely have a thing for Latin culturestop on felt stuck. I taught myself how to build and monetize websites and
my list being Seville, a beautiful Spanish city with great old started getting freelance clients. Once I was consistently making
architecture, delicious restaurants, and awesome weather. Often $600 a month, I went to Mexico, where I figured I could live on
I stay at a hostel first, make friends with locals, and through that. It was only supposed to be for a year, but now I am still travel-
them find someone with a room to rent. Thats much cheaper ing the globe, and I dont see it stopping anytime soon.
than a hotel or Airbnb, which Ill do for many of my short trips. When I told people I was spending under $12,000 a year
Heres my one horror story. I went out for a few beers with a they said, You must be dumpster-diving for food. So I started
nomad meet-up group in Thailand. People joined us, somehow I posting every receipt on my blog, Vagabondette. I save a lot: One
got separatedI think my drink was drugged because I blacked thing I do is find house-sitting gigs where I care for the owners
outand ended up on the side of a street. Luckily, a tourist found pets (which I love and cant have on the road) and pay absolutely
me. My credit cards were stolen and money withdrawn from my no rent. I can make $12,000 on one good freelance projectand
bank, but otherwise I was safe. A relative wired me funds until the I might have anywhere from three to 10 a year.

bank reimbursed me. Im a lot more cautious now. I have so many favorite places. I fell in love with Sarajevo.
Ive also had some life-changing moments. I spent a week There is nothing better than sitting in the Old Town, sipping
sweating in the Bolivian jungle doing a shamanistic cleanse. There a cup of tea, watching the people. Its set in a green valley with
I was, in a wooden hut, detoxing from salt and sugar, devoid of stim- a tragic history you can see all around you. Everyone is amaz-
ulation, and alone with my thoughts. I came out so clearheaded. ingly friendly, and I can eat my weight in cevapi (a meat dish) and
Some of the realizations I had in there (too personal to describe!) krempita (dessert).
have gotten me through stressful situations. When youre con- What do I miss? The last time I was in London, I saw a group of
stantly seeing new things, your eyes open. You cant help but grow. friends arriving for a party and felt a pang of homesickness. I do
Its easy to make friends. Ive had a few relationships on the road. sometimes miss dinners, wine tastings, and nights out with my
Now Im going out with a guy I met in Spain. (I hope to show him close buddies. But Im also living a life I love. So when I get those
around my hometown, Toronto, this summer.) I may want a family pangs, Ill message my friends, have a chat to catch up, and soon
someday, but I also want to keep exploring the world while I can. all is well again.


Some of these roamers favor hostels. But for local flavor with Our renters often email the owner beforehand to ask
more privacy, try, where you can rent where to eat, shop, and hang out, says HomeAway travel
everything from a villa with a pool in Pattaya, Thailand, (about expert Melanie Fish. Buying food at the local market
$78 a night) to a thirteenth-century castle in Pcy, France, [and] cooking a few of your meals at home can reduce costs
that sleeps 18 ($120 a night per person). and give you a more immersive experience. 151
The new way to wear
tough denim?
With something sheer.
Let models Kenya
Ebonee Davis, and
Afrodita Dorado
Photographs by Victor Demarchelier
Fashion editor: Jillian Davison

Into the Deep

A structured dark
denim jacketlike
the one Afrodita,
25, wears here
can take you from
day (with jeans
and a tee) to night
(with a skirt and
heels) in a flash.
Gap jacket, $70.
In-House Atelier top,
belt. Brunello Cucinelli
skirt. Jennifer Fisher
hoop, $275 for pair.
Alexander Wang ball
earring, $395 for pair.
Ben-Amun by Isaac
Manevitz brooch,
$395. Off-White c/o
Virgil Abloh boots.

All Dressed Up
Going out? Try replacing
a tee with a megawatt top.
My style is luxury rock,
says Ebonee, 24, far right.
I dress like a musician
because thats how I feel
in my soul.
On Afrodita: Off-White
c/o Virgil Abloh top, belt.
ASOS jeans, $61. Carbon
& Hyde choker. Martine Ali
silver necklace, $150. On
Ebonee: Matthew Adams
Dolan jacket, $660, jeans,
$490. In-House Atelier top.
Kenneth Jay Lane long
earring, $120. Jennifer Fisher
circle earring, $295 for pair. 153
Mix Masters
When it comes to style,
says Kenya, 24, here, Im
attracted to masculine and
feminine pieces. Pairing
a gauzy top with denim
anything definitely applies.
Y/Project jacket, jeans, $850,
belt, $370. Sami Miro Vintage
bodysuit, $210. Ben-Amun by Isaac
Manevitz earring, $195 for pair.
Jovana Djuric long earring, $365.
Alexander Wang boots, $850.
Opposite page: On Kenya: Frame
jacket, $349. In-House Atelier
top. Cosabella bra, $85. Jovana
Djuric hoop, $175. Oscar de la
Renta earring, $435. On Ebonee:
Balenciaga jacket, $995.
Annelise Michelson hoop, $415. 155
Balancing Act
Liven up classic silhouettes,
like straight-leg jeans
and a blazer, with fresh
patchwork denim.
Dries Van Noten coat, pants,
$950. Titika Active shirt,
$68. Cosabella bra, $85.
Dior beret. Jovana Djuric
hoop, $175. Erickson Beamon
earring, $253. Martine Ali
bracelets, $150, $200.

Double Take
Id never worn denim on denim
before, but I loved this look, says
Kenya, right. For a Canadian
tuxedo, less is more. Pro tip:
Matching washes and hues keeps
the effect streamlined.
On Ebonee: Stella McCartney jacket,
top, $880, jeans. Maria Black earring,
$162. R.J. Graziano brooch, $85. On
Kenya: Calvin Klein Jeans Established
1978 shirt, $495, jeans, $495. Calvin
Klein 205W39NYC turtleneck, $295.
Sorelle hoop, $230. Ben-Amun by Isaac
Manevitz earring, $195 for pair. 157
Its a Cinch
Afroditas rule for jeans:
Look for a high waist, she
says. It always works. The
style is very 2017 in an
exaggerated shape and
faded black.
Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh jacket.
Soma bodysuit, $68. Isabel
Marant jeans, $435. Ambush
key earring, $450. Kenneth Jay
Lane earring, $120. Jennifer
Fisher ring, $265 for set of two.
In-House Atelier belt.

Role Reversal
Unexpected is always inflip
your favorite jacket and wear
it backward.
On Ebonee: Levis shirt, $55.
Carhartt WIP jeans, $135. Cline
pendant, $820. Off-White c/o
Virgil Abloh boots. On Afrodita:
Sacai top, $645, skirt, $815.
Kenneth Jay Lane earring, $120.
Dries Van Noten boots, $650.
Go to
for more shopping information.
Models: Ebonee Davis, Kenya
Kinski-Jones, and Afrodita Dorado,
all at The Lions; hair: David
Von Cannon at The Wall Group;
makeup: Justine Purdue
at Streeters; manicures: Rica
Romain at LMC Worldwide. 159
Lilith Fair
(continued from page 147) do something a few years. Lilith came out during a time TEGAN QUIN: We were genuinely excited. A
to freak her out. So I went out onstage, when all the music was male-dominated. bunch of our friends and my mom stayed
and I f lipped her my boobs. Her drum- Then it went the other direction, where afterward and watched all the big acts. I
mer dropped his sticks. I brought Chrissie it was all women. Suddenly, if you were a mean, it was really exciting.
Hynde to her knees! male rock band, you werent getting the McL ACHL AN: At some point we had, like,
M E R C H A N T: I saw all of these perfor- same attention on the radio. 133 [acts] out on the road with us. So there
mances from the side of the stage. I was always a drama. An artist wasnt
remember Erykah Badu. I remember I dont want you here, so you showing up or something was happening.
Meshell Ndegeocello. I remember run- can go outside and picket. It was a crazy, frenetic day every day.
ning to see Morcheeba every night. And The summer of 1999 featured more R&B K AREN EDEN (lead singer of Eden A.K.A.,
Sinad OConnor was amazing. acts, the small-stage debut of Christina which will release a new album this fall):
A S H W I N S O O D (drummer and Sarah Aguilera, and a surprise performance It [became] a little more corporate. I have
McLachlans then husband): We all wor- from Prince. But suddenly the same things photographs of us standing around differ-
shiped Sinad OConnor. that made Lilith a successincluding its ent booths.
M c L AC H L A N : Oh, Sinad, that brat! goal of catering to all womenstarted to M cB R I D E : Sarah was a big supporter of
[Laughs.] I remember I had food poison- work against it. Planned Parenthood, and there was push-
ing right before the show. So Sinad went back [against their booths] in certain
out there and [told the crowd], Oh, Sar- McLACHLAN: After three years we were at parts of America.
ahs backstage puking. Its probably from our peak. [Lilith Fair] was changing the McL ACHL AN: One of the biggest lessons I
morning sickness. Then there was a big way the industry was looking at women. learned was, You cannot be everything for
rumor that I was pregnant. The bugger. [They started to see] us as a force that they everybody. I tried! And I realized that I
VEGA: I remember seeing Missy Elliott in didnt see before. will continue to fail if I try to please every-
her [inflatable] suit, running up the aisles POWERS: Sheryl Crow played [in Jones body. Which is kind of where I got to when
going, Yall better show me some love Beach, New York], and she rocked so hard pro-life [activists] were picketing [our
because its really hot in here! during her set. Its the best set Ive ever booths]. I finally stood up and said, You
McLACHLAN: We got to hang out with all of seen from her. She covered Sweet Child know what? I dont agree with you, and I
these amazing musicians from all of these o Mine and invited Chrissie Hynde and dont want you here, so you can go stand
other bands, you know? Meshell Ndegeocello onstage to guest outside and picket. Sorry, its my festival,
R AITT: On the last day of Lilith, my tour the camaraderie of the tour was clearly and I get to choose.
manager went out with some of the male pushing her in great directions. McB R I D E : For three years Lilith was the
crew to the thrift stores and bought SOOD: I was playing percussion in Sheryl biggest traveling festival inside North
sundresses for all the crew, and did the Crows band. At that time Prince was hang- America.
load-in and load-out in work boots and ing out with Sheryl and would show up EDEN: But in 1999 the Latin-music thing
sundresses. They came out at the end of at her shows. Earlier in the day, we heard came on board. Ricky Martin exploded.
Whats Going On and did a chorus line Prince was coming to the show, and then Suddenly it was all about J. Lo. So the
like the Rockettes. For the men to be in Sheryl had gotten us all together and said, singer-songwriter vibe that Sarah made
dresses with no explanation was badass. Hey, so were gonna do a little rehearsal so popular had had its day. It was still a
SOOD: Christina Aguilera was just break- in the dressing room. And at this point in great turnout, but it had a different energy.
ing [in 1999]. She was playing on this Princes career, he was going by The Art- McL AC H L AN : Everybody wanted more.
little village stage at Lilith. And watch- ist. So we all go to Sheryl Crows dressing I was like, No, now is the time to
ing someone like that for the first time room, and we put a superband together to stop. Lets leave on a high note. I was
someone whom nobody had heard of do her song Every Day Is a Winding Road exhausted. The record label wanted a
my jaw was just on the floor. that Prince was going to play guitar on. So new record. I said, Ive been on tour for
LIZ PHAIR (singer-songwriter): One of the I get into the dressing room, and there he three years! Ive got to go home. And I
most vivid memories for me was joining is in a gold lam suit from head to toe. Hes have to have a life. People have been
the other performers onstage at the end wearing gold seven-inch heels. And Sheryl having babies and getting married and
of Sarahs set for a communal song [at the introduces me: This is Ashwin. Ashwin, divorced, and Ive missed it all. Thats
end of the night]. The impact of sharing this is The Artist. He looks at me, and the the price you pay.
a musical moment with iconsexcep- only thing that comes out of his mouth is
tional artists whose voices Ive loved and You must be The Husband. Lilith could still happen today.
new artists Id discovered on tourleft T E G A N Q U I N (singer-songwriter of the And it probably should.
an indelible impression on me. Imagine band Tegan and Sara): Sara and I played In the decade that followed the final
blending your voice with voices so familiar in 1999. Lilith Fair came to Edmon- year of Lilith Fair, pop and hip-hop acts
to you and looking out into the darkness, ton that year, and we played on a village largely replaced singer-songwriters on
where people were waving lights and stage. We got a 20-minute set. It was the charts. Music festivals exploded in
singing along, and you get a sense of the pouring rain, and there was a woman popularity, thanks in part to newcom-
exhilaration of the moment. sweeping huge pools of water. [Laughs.] ers such as Coachella and Bonnaroo.
POWERS: Lilith was a great vehicle for the There was no one there. In 2010, after repeated requests over
discovery of women artists, something SARA QUIN (singer-songwriter of the band the years from artists and fans alike,
that wasnt so easy when women werent Tegan and Sara): I was thinking, Well, this McLachlan agreed to headline a revival,
being included on other festival bills. is where the people would go if we were but it failed to meet expectations.
HEALY: Sarah changed popular music for even remotely popular. [Laughs.] SA R A Q U I N : The original Lilith Fair, it

was something my mom and her friends Airplay chart, there was one woman in but thats what the music industry is like.
were excited about. I was a punk teen- the Top 10: Alessia Cara. Theres only one EDWARDS: When I was releasing my first
ager taking drugs and going to raves. I was [female] rapper, Nicki Minaj, who gets solo record in 2006, I was told by the A&R
not listening to that music. When Sarah significant airplay. guy in the U.K., Theyre not going to play
approached us about doing a few shows in BANKS (singer): Lilith Fair was an attempt it. The box has been ticked by Corinne
2010, we were like, Sure, sign us up. But I to bring social change through cultural Bailey Rae. They already had a black
want to be included in all the festivals. activities that empower women. That female artist with a British accent.
McL ACHL AN: I was finishing a record [in would definitely hold up today. BETHANY COSENTINO (songwriter, singer,
2010]. I left it completely to [Terry and SARA QUIN: I dont know. I look at a lot of and guitarist of Best Coast): I shouldnt
Marty] to organize. festivals and think, I dont want to pee in a have someone roll their eyes at me
M c B R I D E : Concert tickets were down trough, and I dont want to wait for 45 min- because I asked where the plug is on a
and it wasnt just Lilith. The venues had utes for a bottle of water, and I dont want stage Ive never been on. It sucks to feel
become very difficult, with add-ons that to stand next to bare-chested people and like a monitor guy is giving you attitude
drove a $25 ticket to be a $50 ticket. mosh and be sweaty. The only kind of fes- because he thinks youre just some dumb
McLACHLAN: All those women who came to tival I want to go to is where I dont have girl that doesnt know what shes doing,
see us now had mortgages and three kids to touch anyone, and I can be in a cold, and then you see your [male] bandmate
and werent going to stand in a hot field for sterile, modern environment and watch ask the same question and he gives him a
$150 all day. It flopped, and I take respon- music. I basically just described my office, straightforward answer.
sibility for that. It hurt when the press where I streamed Coachella last weekend. NAS H : Youre treated like a child some-
would say, Your ticket sales suck, and POWERS: I think a new festival should be times. Youre talked down to, and the
nobody cares anymore. led by young women, be diverse at its core, attempt at control is quite strong.
MERCHANT: But Lilith could still happen and be more confrontational than Lilith. SZ A: We should let women be multifac-
today. And it probably should. I see a bill with Solange headlining, with eted. Women should be a boss without
McLACHLAN: Lilith could work today, but Angel Olsen, Anohni, Jamila Woods, Hur- being [labeled] arrogant or being a bitch.
Adele, Taylor, or Beyonc would have to ray for the Riff Raff, Xenia Rubinos, the They should be able to ask for what they
spearhead it. And when it comes to the rapper NoName. This is fun! want, they should be reinforced and sup-
ugly financials, artists arent getting as ported without being the damsel. You
much money [from a festival] as they Women should be able should be able to have no limits.
would if they went out by themselves. to ask for what they want, and TEGAN QUIN: Ever since we started in this
ALESSIA CARA (singer): I was one year old be supported, without being industry, we were told you never want
[when Lilith began]. I heard about it as I the damsel. too many women on the same bill. You
got older, and I started watching inter- Despite global stars like Beyonc, Tay- dont want women opening for you. Peo-
views with all these great women that I lor Swift, and Adele selling out stadiums ple encourage you to stay away from being
looked up to, and Sarah McLachlan was around the world and pushing their per- pigeonholed as a female artist who only
one of them. Now we see women sup- sonal brand of feminism, the performers plays for women. Sarah did that at the
porting other women, which is because of say the sexism Lilith Fair was designed to height of her career, and that was a pretty
things like Lilith Fair. combatand the racism it ignoredstill bold move.
McL AC H L AN : I love Alessia Cara! I met permeates the industry. RAITT: Theres a generation of women that
her [at the Juno Awards], and I said, You dont remember Lilith, and it needs to
should be so proud of yourself for being SZA (singer-songwriter whose album Ctrl be remembered. It wasnt just about the
such a great role model. The things you is out now): People write you off as being music; it was crossing all kinds of issues
believe in, my girls are hearing it, and it emotional because youre a woman. But and causes, and the whole vibe of it was
really helps, because its a tough time for if you were a man and passionate, youre so powerful. Remember that Lilith Fair
girls right now. I have to pull down pic- either a d-ckhead or like, Wow, you have was revolutionary.
tures of my daughters ass off Instagram so much power, I want to be like you. McL ACHL AN: I was raised with a mother
every other day. Its like, Honey, is this CARA: People dont care what men wear or who told me that I wouldnt succeed,
what you want the world to see? Because how they look. Unfortunately for women, that I wasnt good enough. Even at the
thats what they are seeing. You are f-ck- [the music industry] is very visual and pinnacle of my success, shed come to a
ing smart, and you are a leader. Show me objectifying. The objectification of our show, and thered be, like, 10,000 people
that on Instagram, you know? bodies and using our bodies to sell things screaming. And shed say, I just dont get
KATE NASH (singer whose new EP, Agenda, needs to change. A lot of this marketing it. I think she had so little faith in her-
is out now): I think we definitely need stuff comes from men, so we definitely self and her abilities as a parent that she
all-female festivals because most of the need [more] women behind the scenes. couldnt imagine any offspring of hers
festivals are predominantly male. It hasnt ARIE: When youre a black woman, you deal could do so well. And all that did was
changed. with both racism and sexism. I did a song drive me to push back. If someone says,
SARA QUIN: Pitchfork did a survey of 23 of with John Mellencamp, and I heard him You cant do this, Im like, F-ck you!
the top festivals this year, and 74 percent say [in a 2017 interview] he left his label Oh, yes I can, and I will.
of the bills are men. because someone there said, I dont know
POWERS: Top 40 has changed somewhat, how were going to get him on the radio
because there are so many major women when hes doing this music with these Melissa Maerz has written for The New
stars, but its not as much as youd think. n----rs. I was like, Whoa. You dont always York Times, Wired, and Rolling Stone.
When I recently looked at the Top Radio see [racism] as blatant as this all the time, Additional reporting by Ilana Kaplan. 161
Glamour Dos & Donts

Jean on Jean? Genius!


Long ago, in a land overrun with stuffy style rules, wearing denim on denim was considered
a Glamour Dont. These days, the Canadian Tuxedoa term coined after crooner
(and Levis enthusiast) Bing Crosby was bounced from a Vancouver hotel for being
underdressedis reigning supreme, with everyone from Kylie Jenner (top, third from right)
and Rita Ora (top, far left) joining the double-dip ranks. Once and for all: Its a Do.