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ron 990-PF | Deparment Ttuy For calendar year 2075 of tax year beginning CHICK-FIL-A_ FOUNDATION, Return of Private Foundation 2015, and ending INC. > toformation about Form 990-PF and it separate instructions is at ww.ira govformS90p (OMe No_1545:0082 Employer eviction number 26-2343206 ‘umber and sve (o°P © boxnumber mati nl debra owl ees) 5200 BUFFINGTON ROAD Teephone number Gan vations) (404) 765-8000 ‘iy oF town ate of prownes, county, and AP a fragn posal Sos ATLANTA, GA 30349 inital retort & Check all that apply: 7 Tnival return of @ former public charity Final return [Address change ‘Amended return Name change ° zo H Chek ype of rganzaton: [X ] Section S0V(e)@) exempt private foundation =1 [| section 4947(2)(1) nonexempt chantable inst ther taxable private foundation Si S 2 Fair market value of all assets at fend of year (trom Part I, col. (c), ne br Accouning methoa'| | ash [_X) Accrual Other (specty) 16) S 637, 634. Pat, cotuma () mst on cash basis) op lal eta te, cer nn ST cco» eau oer sro) onvew - L_] an al tate a fe tong is of Revenue and Expenses (The] {otal oramountsin cours 2) (9. and (dh ‘qual ho amounts {() Revenue and expenses per books (@) Net investment (orrgust TH Daburomens Hor ehantatie purposes ass on) sort Bes a 2 ‘ Goss rents Net real acome ress) edocs Dnadends and interest rom secures . . . T, S71, 215 Sse Sandee Net ga or (oss tom sl fasts noon ine 10 é 3 2 Not short-term captal gan, {coms modicaons Capra gain net income (rom Part IV, ine2) Less Catt gods ott ‘Other income (attach schedule) . “otal. Ads ines through 11 {Gross prot or oss) attach schedule)... 757i, 2154 ‘Compensation of crs, deers, rustes, ‘Other employee satanes and wages. Pension plans, employee benefits ‘Accounting foes (attach schedule)ATC| Interest ‘anes (atach sched) (eoe nstucion ceupancy « fe ‘Travel, conferences, and meetings Printing and publications on ‘Add lines 19 through 23. Contnbutions, git, rants pad. Operating and Administrative Expenses ‘Logal feos (attach schedule) ATCH ther protessiona ees (attach schoo) Depreciation (attach schedule) and depleton. panses (attach echedule) ATCH 4. Total operating and administrative expenses. Taegan on uberis Ads ines 24a 25 of 75, 330, 74,730. 14, 904 | 14,904. 1,503 7,286. 44,501 | 8, 001. #2 ot) 3,725, 3,725. 238 3765 3,738. 1,276, 363 1,251,978. 1,432, 389 | 1,452,359. 6,110, 226 | 6,420,227. 7,542, 615 | 7,872,586. ‘Subtract 26 from ine 12 1b Net investment income (f negatve, Adjusted net income (negative, etee-0-) 28, 600,| ) oF sa For erwork Reduction Act Notice, eee instructions Ten BO PF PAGE vp om 00 eos CHICK-FTU-A_FOUNDATION, 26-2343206 rage Taheosem sages | Sognnnd yar Taser aaa Sea treat | a) Bok Valve (Book Vas | to) FarMarktVabe 1 Cash - non-interest-beanng . . 328, 426] 328, 426. 2. Sangean temporary cash esrnents 3 Aecums recto Less: allowance for doubtful accounts Pr 305, 100.| 305,100. 4 Plage ocoate Cee lowance for ob cous | Game ee re © Recenales due Wom otic, Gracin, tntee, and er disvatved person (aac sched) (eects) 7 Otner notes enone reel tach ached) tees! alowanee for dvi accounts 8] © venoretor sl cruse. «« usp ae | 9 Prepaid expanses and detered charges... . ATCH |S 3,750, 3,750. 100 vestments an ingress, Investments corporate sock atch sche) © mestnente corporate bona (atch sea) ae etn imeem > 12 vermont morgage lane. 13 tracert ie aac hei) 4 ue mang . RICH Eee ameney ase, 358. 18 Other ant (Cserbe ) 16 Total aneets (obo cOnped by wi Was > woe The ietrctane Alt eo age 637,634, 637,634. 47 Accounts payable and accrued expenses ria] Grats pao 3 Deterred revenue. seen een enes ler oranges aa ier ots payee fatach sched Slz2 Oinortabinos ecto» 23, Tota bites (a 9817 tough 22) ai] Foundations that follow SFAS 117, chock here PL] g| sna complete lines 2¢ through 29 and tines 30 and Blas Unresant 25. Temporary restos Bee pemmaneny rested F) Foundations that do not follow SFAS 117, = check here and complete lines 27 through 31. lar comasecn wasismeph ocorontunts ns las roan ocapioep ot yo ergnnt 3/29 Retained earnings, accunwiated mcome, endowment, oF other funds 526, 520.) {20 Tetsnetaceeortnd tonne re nevuctos)- 526,520, ls Tevet eit ana. net" testuund, balances “(eo ae cee ee 637, 634, ‘Analysis of Changes in Net Assets or Fund Balances 1 Total net essts or fund balances at begining of year - Par I column (a ine 90 (sl agree wih end-otyear figure reported onproryears tun), ss 1 497, 920 2. Enter amount fom Part ine 27a 2 7-600. 3 Other moreases not ncled mine 2 (temas) 3 4 Add ines 1.2, and < 36,52 5 Decreases not cluded inne 2 tei) 5 6 Total net asses o lund balances at ond of year ine 4mmus ne S)- Pa, coum Wine 30 . 3265. Fon 90-PF 15} PAGE 2 CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 Foxm 990.96 2015) [11 Capital Gains and Losses for Tax on Investment Income. {() List and describe the kinds) f property sald (eg . realestate, BS] aos, 2 story neh warehouse; oreommon scl 200 sh MLC Co) nee] ee ie > @ aa (WOepreaaven alowed (Woot ate Tanna to) ‘erate ss eperse ts cee fy . 3 emt Tras own gn Gu (an owed bythe Tou oa TORS joan eu Womans sid tase ses ec. es tare (FMV, as of 12/8160 Oost ers68 ‘eres ean hasestromea tm) . a T gan, ao enter Pan mo7 2. Captal gan net ncome or (nat captal oss) ioss),ener-O-m Par ine? | 2 3 Net short-term capital gain or (loss) as defined in sections 1222(5) and (6): If gain, also enter in Part |, ine 8, column (c) (see instructions) If (loss), enter -0- a} Parti ines 3 - ‘Guailfication Under Section 4940(e) for Reduced Tax on Net Investment Income (For optional use by domestic pavate foundations subject fo the section 4940(a) tax on net nvesiment income ) 1 section 4940(6)(2) apples, eave ths par blank Was the foundation table forthe section 4942 tax onthe disinbutable amount of any year inthe base penod? yes no IE*Yes," the foundation does not qualify under section 4940(e) Do not complete this par. “7_Eniar the appropnate amount in each column for each year, see tha instruchons before making any enines ® 2, © Deel te 1 ong | Adustes quaking dstrowtens | _ Net vue cf nonchanablese assets rein 2014 2013, 2012 2011 2010 2 Total of ine 1, column (a) 2 3 Average distnbution ratio forthe 5-year base penod - divide the total on ine 2 by 5, orby the number of years the foundation has been n exsstence less than Syears........... [9 4 Enter the net value of nonchantable-use assets for 2015 trom Part X, ine 5 oe 4 5 Multiply ine 4 by ine 3 5 6 Enter 1% of net investment income (1% of Part |, kne 27b) . - - 6 7 Add ines § and 6 z 8 Enter qualtyng distributions from Part XIl, ine 4. IW ine 8 1s equal to or greater than line 7, check'the box in Par Vi, ine 1b, and complete that part using a 1% tax rate, See the art Vi instructions. = Fom 990-PF (2015) Flea 0 aa ox 900-9 2015) CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 pao Excise Tax Based on Investment Income (Section 4940(a), 4940(b), 4940(e), or 4946 - see instructions) 1a Eowp! conan tansnes cron yea sc ews oe [_] ander WA Date of ruling oF determination iter 06/06/2012 {ottach copy of eter i necessary see instructions) Domenic egndatoe that meet ihe baci A646) Yequremets mPa. check : °. tere ® LJ andenter 80 PONL 00270... vesseeessttecrsterevecees ¢ AY other mente founders enler 2% of tne 27> Exam lrogn erpanzabon ener of Partin 12,291 ©) ‘2 Tax under section 511 (domestic section 4947(a)(1) trusts and taxable foundations only Others enter-0-) , , , | 2 3 Addiines tand2.. 2. . . ee wee BB 6 4 Subtitle A (income) tax (domestic section 4947(a)(1) trusts and taxable foundations only Others enter-0-) . . . | 4 _ 5 Tax based on investment income. Subtract line 4 from line 3 Mt zeroor less, enter-O- 2... 2. eee LS ld & CretaPaymons 2 2018 estimated ox payments and 2014 overpayment crested 2015... | 6a Exampt orn organzatons taxed al scuce nm ‘Tax pad with application for extension of time to file (Form 8868), ., , , , , | 6 Backup withholding erroneously withheld»... . . eee LEE 7 Total credits and payments. Add lines 6a through Bd... . ae 7 ween eee LD oO. & Emeranypenanyloruncerpeyment ol esmutesta Creator [lu Fam 2é20 wateciad 000128 9 Tax due. If the total of lines 5 and 8 1s more than line 7, enter amount owed 5 mle oO. 10. Overpeyman fine 718 more than lle! nes Sand®.enarine amount ovepes |. PLA 14 nar noanont of tn 0 abo rede’ to 2016 stint wt rsiued pl 4 Statements Regarding Activities Dummy the tx yuu, ed th foundabon alin fo rilznce any nalonal Wale or bea! bgalabon 6” a @ me participate or intervene in any political campaign?, 6... ee sees oe js x b Bd spond more. than” $100 durmg” the ‘yatr (oor drecty or wdc for a Instructions for the detiniion)?. 6... 0 ee ee seas wees LOD x tthe arener © "Yo" to 18 or 1b, alach a dated doscoton of no aces and copes of ayy mairals publhed or dstnutedytoloundatan m conrecton wih to acnaes ‘© Did the foundation fle Form 1120-POL for this year? coco ts. 13 4 Ener the amount ( nyo ton plea expends (eon #985) pao uh yr (ion etwnnan D8 (oy On ronown ances © S, Emer te roman anf) pod by the Toundaton durmg the Year lor pulical opendioe Wr erposed on foundation manag. $ 2 Has the foundation engaged in any activities that have not previously been reported tothe IAS?,. 2 x ir ves" atcha dees dseroton oe ates Has the lounésten made any changes, nol premoudy repated 10 the IRS. me governing mstromet, ares of incorporation, or bylaws, or other similar instruments? If "Yes," attach a conformed copy of the changes... . . 3 x 4a Did the foundation have unrelated business gross income of $1,000 or more dunng the year?...... fa x Dives: hee eceum on Form 990-7 ers year? [1x 5 Was there a hquidation, termination, dissolution, or substantal contraction dunng the year?, ee ee es x {Yes atch he satorent eqredby Genera coon 7 Are ne requremensof scion 508) (lang to secone 4941 tough 4945) sass eer By language he governing ten or © by slate legeaton thet elfecey amends the govetnng wstument £0 Met no mandy recto. that ‘conflict with the state law remain in the governing instrument? . wees . s |x -_ 7 Did the foundation have at least $5,000 in assets at any time during the year? if "Yes," complete Part #, col (c), and Pat xv | 7 | X Entre sate och the eundeon reporter wih whch ti regs (ensure) i tho ananor io "Var" To ine 7 has te ToundivonTurshed @ copy of Pom 990 to he Alomey Ge (or designate) of each state as required by General Instruction G? if "No,* attach explanation»... . ~ poet x © ts tne founditon camng sta a pete opeaing foundaten wv the mesnog ot secten 4B#2()(9) oF 49424) for calendar yar 2015 of he laale year Beguung i 2015 ce metucions lor Pat HN I Yen" complete Part XIV. ee . . oo . 2 x 10 Did any persone become substan connbutrs Gung the Wx yer? W "Yen" alach a sheds Ising thor ee ee 10 x Fom 980-PF (2015) PAGE 4 om 390-6 18 CHICK-FLL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 _ rae [ENRUIEN statements Regarding activities (continued) WAL any ime dung tho yer. did the foundaton, crcl wavecly, own @ conalod ery wihn we | [¥e8] No meaning secon 200137 H"en uj} x 12 Did the foundaton make a dolriuion to 2 doror edveed lund ove whch the foundation of sduaited person had adwsey pees? Hes alach atement ate stctons) : wl |x 13° Did the foundation comply with the public inspection requirements for {ts annual rows and exemption applicaton? [13 | X Wevstoaatees Be Wi .CHICK-PIL“APOUNDATTON ORG 14 The books aren care of & BRENT RAGSDALE sphone nob 404-765-8000 Uciawaet 5200 BUSFINGTON ROAD ATLANTA, GR ieee» 30388 15. Secon 4847(eK)ronexenpt chntable uss ing Form @5DPF w Tou of Form THT > Check here >LI te ener he smote of tweet ees record or aun fe Yoor ; rls 16 At any time dunng calendar year 2015, did the foundation have an interest in or a 2 eaatire ‘or other authonty bid aces vera bank stcntas, orth andl account atorogueninny?. ss sees : v1 | x Sev the sauciene for exceptone and ing equranents for FROEN Farm 114 11 "en? enter thw rane of the oro couny Statements Regarding Actives for Which Form 4720 May Be Required File Frm 4720 if any item is checked in the "Yes" column, unless an exception applies. Yes] We 18 Dunng he yard the foundation (ter dete ney) (1) engage m he sale or exhange, or easing ol prope wih & dag pron? {2) Soro veney tran, lend efovey to, oF ere end ead 6 for expt da) 8 dequlledperin ses vss eesceserastenstneses (3) Furnish goods, sernces, or faciities to (or accept them from) a disqualthed person? (4) Pay compentaton oor pay or rebut he expences aguaied pers? (6) Tneter any ctne oases $2 8 Saeed peroon fr take any ocr croible tor tho ensitorusedl adsquatiedperton?. vss sete cere eee (8) Agree 10 pay manoy or propery to a goverment tical (Exception Check “Not i the foundsten agreed tomate a grant 10 o Wo emgky the sifcal for a pared. al inom of grvaminant seen daring wun 90 Ga). s+ « : Cove Ene A any anewor “Yor fai}(@), ded any of te_acts la to ual und the escapone described in Regulates. - sacton 59 4941(9-9orim acura note agting dsr asesanc (so nacona?) = == Teese [ae] | x Crpanzaten eying on a eurrent note repurdng sale’ aseslance checker >L ¢ id mo foundshon angage i pror year m any of th eis descebed tn Yo, cfr thon cocptod ecb, that arial cored Ddngueha oe/ct te exrex Oren onion cet se] | x 2 Taxes en faire 10 asinule income (sockon 4342) (Goes not apy for years the toundaton was. povte perating foundation dened secon 484249} 0 4042(K5) At the end of tan year 2016, dd tho foundaton have any undsinbuted income (nes 64 and 6, Pa Xl) for axa) begin bere 20187 ves Wet th years b Ae there any yea hated Ba Tor wich the fundaion wnat epping We prowsons of seston 4242(0K2) (rota incorest valvaton of aes) to the yours undtntuled mone? (tapping secton 40423)2) to yas inte ares Nan atch tere -tn0 TMD) se ees et cetcstneeea see 2b 1 the prowsone ot secton 4942(a2) are bung apphed to any i to are led 2a, tt the your hae > 2 Dri the foonduion hak ore than & BW avec or west wevel m any busnest enterpéa at ary tne dunn he ea? ves bit "Yenr did have excess business holange in 2015 at a casut ct (1) any purchase by the foundaon or diaqualied persone aftr May 26, 1089, (2) tho lapeo of tho Sear penod {or longer penod approved by the Commanoner under secton 4943(7) to dspose of hotinge acqured by git or bevel, or (2) the laps of the 10, 1S, or 20-year test phase oking perai? (Use ‘Steaua G Fam 4720, 10. detmine the foundaton had excess sess hating m 2015) - ab 42 Did the foundation invest during the year any amount in @ manner that would eopardize sts chartable purposes? | 4a x 1 Oxd he feundabon make any nvesimen! na pror year (but ale Decerbr 31, 1668) at could yeopardze ts haribo purpee tal had ol been removed lem jeeparty belts the ws Sey of the tax yew tprnng mn 2015" [ab | |X Fam 990-PF (2015), PAGE 5 Fm 90-7015) cuICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 pape 6 Siatements Regarding Activites for Which Form 4720 May Be Required (coniinued) 30 During the yard the foundation poy or incur any amount to (1) Carry on propaganda, or otherwrse attempt to influence legsation (section 4945(0))” Dives (2) lnltuence the outcome ol ny space public secton fone sesien 4858), 0% 16 ery on director ndrety, any voter retain sve? ves [no (3) Provide a grant to an nda for ravel sty, er simi prpes? ves [Jno (3) Provide grant to an organaton other than a chants, fe, ganaton dosed in section 4945(0K44) (ee8 nstcdons), Ene (8) Prone Jor any pure oer than rigs. Cartsbi, scene, ier, of edveaondt purposes, oor te preverion ol cwoly ocean oranmak? Cvs Ei]ne any anower ss "Yee to So0}(5), hd any of the taneaclos fa Wo Guay under ine scepbone dterbed m Regulate secten 59.4945 ori acutant note regarding dealer asstanc (ee msinctonsy? = w»| |x Crpanzatene reg on acumen oie euringemarer susurca ethos ss... ; -oO Whe answer "Yee" to queston Sa), does the foundaton clam examin Wom the tax ‘because it maintained expenditure responsibilty forthe grant? weet cece eee Dives [Jno If -Yea" aac te sttorent equred by Regulators secon 53 4845-50) + Dud the foundan, dunag the yea. recone any funds, eet oF inde, 10 pay remams cnapeaolbeneeotad? snes ween sree ee eee Clver [i] no Didthe foundation, dunn the yer bay premiums, chor oct, on pero beet nist? w| |x 1 "Yea" to, oF 8670 74 At any ime dung he ax yea, was the foundaton a pay toa prodtxahetrvansacton?, . (—]vex [X] no besa rd nce ay cet rave ayn eae ae t» Tafgrmation About OHicers, Directors, Trustees, Foundation Managers, Highly Paid Employees, T_Lstall officers, directors, trustees, foundation managers and their compensation (eee matrucions) nan an aoe Ceie™| Cmte” | oSoctcss. | pecan 2 scien | ines | remem, | “oneraioancer xT a | 0. 2 Compensation of five highest jd employees (other than those Included on Tne 1 ~ eee Instructions). Wf none, enter Siow ager SE ee eee ee ra729| 19,413 0. Totalnumbor ol oar employees paw ower SS0000.. ooo z Fan DOPE Ga CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 Form 960-06 2016) Page 7 Information About Officers, Directors, Trustees, Foundation Managers, Highly Paid Employees, and Contractors (continued) '3__Five highest-paid independent contractors for professional services (Gee instructions). nono, enter "NONE." (]) Name and adress of eaeh person pad mete an $50,000 (©) Type of aren (@Ganeeneaon wR 59,300. ‘Total number of others recewing over $50,000 for professional sermeas ‘Summary of Direct Charitable Activities ‘Sgunastona and her enecare seed cnleretescanveedsswexpepes presets ENN MOTIMOE S| Spence YZ FROUDE Summary of Program-Related investments (oo harucior acres io bre oly tenn nade bw Eanes ory ary ore + NOWE "Ai Bhar program iad wwaaimans Soe nawicbone 3 _NONE ‘Total. Add ines 1 through Fam 980-PF (2075) PAGE 7 CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 Fam 0.76018) oe 8 EENEY — Minimum investment Return (All domestic foundations must complete this pan Foreign foundations, see instructions.) 1 Far market value of assets not used (or held for wse) Greclly in carnng out chantable, te, purposes: ‘8 Average monthly far market value of secu, 10 Average of monthly cash balances. nu 1b 2 asa ST © Fair market value of all other assets (see instructions), || |. - bnboboesouDEds te Total (add ines 1a, , and) a PEERED © Rediction claimedior blockage o ther factersreportedonines taand 16 (atach detaied explanation) pelie 2 Acquiston mdebtedness apphcabie'6 ine Vassets sw. vv 2 3° Subtract no 2 rom ino 1d. ee RE 725, STh 4 Cash deemed held for chav activites’ Eitor'¥ 12% ot tne 3 ior ‘great’ amcunt, soe MSUUCION) eevee eee vc ee tee eee 4 33,094. 5 Net value of nonchartablo-use assets. Subtract ino 4 irom line 8 Enter hore and on Par Vine 4 [5 7225, 680 & Minimum investment return. EnlerS% ole .v1:0-s.sscstsreseeeeees é Ti, 264. Distributable Amount (see instructions) (Seaton 4942()(0) and ()(@) prvate operating foundatons and certain foreign organizations check here m [| and do not complete this part ) 1 Minimum mvesimentretumn from Pant X,ine 6... 0.0 vscvesyerce 7 TH; 280 2a Tax on investment income for 2015 trom Part VI, ine S . . pee b Income tax for 2015. (This does not include the tax from Part Vi), , L2b © Add ines 2a and 2b . 2° Distrbutable amount before adjustments: Subiract ina 2c rom tne 1 Tir, 254 4 Recovenes of amounts treated as qualtyng dsinoutons 1s. § Add ines 3 and 4, T1784 & Deduction from distabutable amount (ae instructions 7 Diarbute amount ab ested. Suntact Ine 8 tom ines. nar bre nd on Pa i We Yee eee ee eeeseee eee z 111,204. FETEMI cuattying Distibutons (coe nsructions) 7 Amounis pard(nciodng admmsiratwe expenses) to accompian charable, et, purposes 1 Expenses, conirbutions, gis, etc. - total trom Part |, column (ine 26 10 7,072,586. »Program-related vestments total trom Pan 1-8 1b 2 Amounts pad to acquire assets used (or held for usa) directly i carying oUt charitable, et, purposes 2 3,750. 2 Amounts sot aside for spect chaniabie projets tat sat tho 4 Suttabity test (nor IRS approval equeD) eee eee ee eee aa Cash dstnbution test attach the requred sctieduie) | 3b 4 uotiying atbuions. Add ines a trough 8 Ent’ here and on Pat V, ine & and Par ine 4 [a TraT6S5E- 5 Foundations that quality under section 4940(0) forthe reduced rate of tax on net investment income, Entor 1% of Part, line 270 (see structions)... s °. 0 7,876,336. 6 Adjusted qualifying distributions, Subtract line § from ine 4 Note. The amount on line 6 will be used in Part V, column (b), in’subsequent years when calculating whether the foundation {quali for the section 4940(e) reduction of taxin those years, Fom 880-PF (2075) PAGE 8 CHICK-FTL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 For 90-76 018) on GERIEMI_Uncietributed income (ee naructons) @ @ © @, 1 Distributable amount for 2015 from Part XI, Corpus. Years prior to 2014 2014 2015 tne?» Ta, 284 2 Undid cae ay. hee ot 2018 ‘ Entor amount or 2014 on, bb Total tor por years 20_13 20 a2 20. ii” 3° Exeas dninbutons caryover, i any, to 2018 2 From 2010 brrom aot... c From 20%... From 201 ss © From 2014... . 5,150,255 | 1 Total of ines 3a though + 5,150, 255,| 4 Qualiyng dsinbutons for 2045 from Pat inet BS 7,876,336 1 Applied to 2014, but pot more than line 2 » Appia to unnuted come of pr yas (Election requred see nstrucions). € Treated a¢ dsinbutions out of corpus (Election required sooinstuctons) oe 4 Applied 102015 dstebutable amount... . . iii, 284. ‘¢ Remaining amount cstributed out of corpus. 7,765, 052. 5 Bicess disinbutons carryover applied to 201 (ian amount appoars im column (9, the same ‘amount must be shown column (a) } 6 Enter the net total of each column as Indleated below: - - = 4 Corpus Add tines 3t, de, and ae Subtract ine 5| 12, 925, 307 | Por years! undisinbuted income Subtract line 4b from kine 20, ‘© Enter the amount of por years? unisinbuied tncome for which & notice of deliciency. hes been issued, or on which the secton 4942(a) taxhas bean prewously assessed 4 sumract ine 66 tom ine 60. Tanabe Wisinbuted income for 2018” Subiract ino ‘ine “Sa Taxable amount = ose Undisinbuted income for 2015. Subteact tines 4d. and 5 trom ine 1. Ths amount must be. @stnbated im 2016. : 7 Amounts treated as dstnbutions out of corpus to sataly requirements imposed by secton #70(0I(F) oF 4942(g}(9) (Election may de required -seemstructons) ee. eee 8 Geese distnbutions carryover from 2010 not applied on ine Sor ine 7 (sae nstructons) , 9 Excess distributions carryover to 2016. Subtract ines 7 and 8 trom ine 6a... 10 Analysis of ine 9 Excess from 2011 Excess from 2012 12,915, 307,| © Excess from 2018 4 Excess trom2014 | | | TSU, -e Excess trom 2015 | 7785, 052.) Fom 990-PF ois) PAGE 9 rom sore ani CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 p10 Private Operating Foundations (see instrucions and Part VFA, quesion 8) NOT APPEYCRBLE ta the fondaten fas fecwved & nang of dtermnaton Teter tel tm & prea oseaing foundation andthe wing tective for 205, ent edt of tong > bb Check box to indicate whether the foundation is a private operating foundation desenbed in section eagee | | e208 2 er tha lester ofthe a- Texyeat Por 3 yeare usted net income rom Pa 2015 mn hase a yewtateg bosmotineze. ss. 1 Anco nan ine 54 ‘ie acy tree tant 3 Compute 34 867 & for (2 veda te (2) itn or msn ges ep... (8) Tom supe nan Porn "on cos toon et (etienpatcers! pentane EREEDI Suspiersontary Information (Complete Ths pat only W the Toundation had $5,000 or more in aavata at any lime during tne year ses neeuctions} 7 Taraion Regarding Foundation Managers a Let any managers ofthe foundavon whe have contnbued more than 2% ofthe toll contshubons recewed by the foundation bot ho elon olay tax Year out on Rey have Gemieatd me an 88.000) hue soc SOS} wa eeerrr——“‘“i—i—sO—OOOS—SOCOCSCOCOC™CON Cunerchp ole parershp or ter ani) ol wich the Toundehon hes a 10% ot grater meta N/a Tatormation Regarding COnTIBUBN, Gran, Gi, Loan, Schoraip et, Progam! Cchacknere® [_] the foundation only makes contrbutions to preselected chantable orgenzations and does not accept Gnsokered requests for funds th foundation makes pi, gras ete. fee notuctons)(o'maweuas oF erganesios wet ther condone, compete Tem 20, b ond Tha name aes, and Tlephonehutiber oF a eGares oI Te pash iowa appicatons Hod be wairosed nrc 10 Tia To whch aPDRGATONS SoU Be wed ad wTarmaTan ahd Malena Wy shoud TOURS ATCH 11 ‘Any submission deadines! SEE_ABOVE, ‘Any resinctions or Wmitations on awards, such as by geographical areas, chanlable elds, kinds of mstiuions, or other factors: ATCH 12 Farm 990-PF (2016) PAGE 10 CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 Fm 290015) age 14 Supplementary Information (continued) 3._Granfs and Contributions Paid During the Year or Approved for Future Payment Reopent “wormyaoomes [Farmer] rupowtgana mou Name and address rome orbusness) | cacmname | ‘dpm oi @ Paid dunng te year ATCH 13 Total b_ Approved for future payment PUBLIC BROADCASTING ATLANTA, pc | HOMEWORK HOTLINE 75,000. 740 BISMARCK ROAD NE ATLANTA, GA 30324 > 8 6, 420,227, Tota ee eee eee reer peer ab 75,000 a Fom 990-PF (2015) PAGE 11 Foum 990.9 2016) xv CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 Page 12 “Analysis of Income-Producing Activities ‘amounts unless otherwise nacated, Unrelated business nome [Eveluded by section 512, 678, 0514] Oo} En 1 Program seruce roverue o ® © O elated oF exempt Tunctin ineome (Seo metucion ) Membership dues and assessments Interest on sanngs and enparty ash rvesnents = DDrvidends and mterest trom secuntes Net rental income o (loss) rom real estate: 8 Debt-nanced property. Not debt-tnanced property Net rental income o oss) Rom personal peer. « ‘Other investment ncome ‘or of Hom sala of asst ner hen averion Net income oF (oss tom special events = {Gross prot oF oss) rom sales af ventory. 8a 0 Other revenue a » 12 Subtotal, Add eotamns (0), (9) and (e) 13 Total. Aad ine 12, columns (0). (8) and (@) in ine 13 instructions to vnlycaiitahons (See workshs Relationship of Activities to the Accomplishment of Exempi Purposes Line No. | Explain below how each actvty for which income is reported in column (e) of Part XVLA contributed importantly to the ¥ | accomplishment of the foundation's exempt purposes (other than by providing funds for such purposes). (See nstructions.) Fam 990-PF (2015) PAGE 12 Form 990.96 2015) CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 _ page 13 EME Information Regarding Transfers To and Transactions and Relationships With Noncharitable Exempt Organizations. 1 Did the organization directly or indirectly engage in any of the following with any other organization described Yes! wo. in section 501(c) of the Code (other than section 501(c)(3) organizations) or n section 627, relating to political ‘organzations? ‘Transfers from the reporting foundation to @ nonchantable exempt organization of: (1) Cash lraun| |X. (2) Other assets (2 ts b Other transactions (1) Sales of assets to @ nonchantable exempt organization, - fen} _| X (2) Purchases of assets trom a nonchartable exempt organization, + fuweil (3) Rental of faciites, equipment, or other assets. = foal (4) Reimbursement arrangements - roa] (3) Loans or loan guarantees, e = fees] |X (6) Pertormance of services or membership or fundraising solicitations . a 22 fuego © Sharing of facitnes, equpment, mailing lists, other assets, or paid employees | 1c x 4 If the answer to any of the above is “Yes,” complete the following schedule Column (b) should always show the far market value of the goods, other assets, or servces given by the reporting foundation ‘if the foundation received less than fair market value in any transaction or sharing arrangement, show in column (d) the value of the goods, other assets, or services received. Titnene. [ (wyAnount mores | _(e)Name of nonenanabioswmpt oganzaten | (6) Desenpon of vars, vesactns, and samng wargemeni N/A WIR 2a IS the foundation directly or indirectly afflated with, or related to, one or more laxcexempl organzations described i section 601) of the Code (other than section 504(c)(3) orn section 6277... Lives [#] no bb I1"Yes," complete the folowing schedule {e) Nae of orginsaton (@)lipe oogewaton TS Fe ee |p x Y Lhe. all B—1b Dsecrerany/rrensure: Here | 'sgnaler oor or toes Tie Panty preparers cae Preparers sanaure Dae Joneex [Jar TPO scence Preparer |Fowsaane > Fans ENP Use Only [Fems assess > Fam 980-PF (2015) seven 00 _— Schedule Schedule of Contributors ous elibieetzz= (Form 990, 990-2, or) > Attach to Form 880, Form 99:62, or Form 20-F 2015 ibaa Revenue Sarves,” | P_tnformation about Schedule 8 (Form $90, 990-2, or 990-PF) and its instructonsis at wire. gov/torm90, fare ofthe exgsneon Enelon CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. fentiicaton number 26~2343206 ‘Organization type (chock one}: Filers of: Section: Form 990 or 990-E2 01(e}(3 (enter number) organtzation 4947(a)(1) nonexempt chantable trust not treated as a private foundation 527 political organvzation Form 990.PF '501(c)(9) exempt private foundation 4947(a)(1) nonexempt chantable trust treated as a private foundation 501(c)(3) taxable prvate foundation Check if your organization 1s covered by the General Rule ora Special Rule. Note. Only a section 501(c)(7), (8), or (10) organization can check boxes for both the General Fue and a Special ule, See instructions. General Rul For an organization filing Form 980, 990-EZ, or 990-PF that received, during the year, contnbutions totaling $5,000 fr more (1m money or propery) from any one contrbutor Complete Parts | and Il See mstructons for determining @ Contributor's total contributions. ‘Special Rules For an organization descnbed m section 601(c)(9) fing Form 990 or 990-£2 that met the 33 1/3 % suppor test ofthe regulations under sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(w), that checked Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-€2), Part I, na 13, 16a, or 160, and that received from any one contnbutor, during the year, total contributions of the greater of (1) ‘$5,000 or (2) 2% of the amount on (i) Form 990, Part Vill, Ine th, or (i) Form 990-€Z, ne 1, Complete Parts | and I 51 For an organization described n section 501(¢)(7), (8), oF (10) hing Form 980 or 880-€2 that recewed trom any one contributor, duning the year, total contributions of more than $1,000 exclusively for religious, charitable, scienttic, literary, or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or anumals. Complete Parts I 1, an ii Z1 For an organization described in section 501(¢)(7), (8), oF (10) filing Form 980 or 890-E2 that recewed from any one ‘contributor, dunng the year, contnbutions exclusively for religious, charitable, etc , purposes, but no such Contributions totaled more than $1,000. If this box's checked, enter here the total contributions that were received ‘during the year for an exclusively reuigious, charitable, etc., purpose. Do not complete any ofthe pars unless the General Rule applies to this organvation because i recemed nonexcluswely religious, chartable, etc , contributions totaling $5,000 or more dung the year . LPs Caution. An organization that 1s not covered by the General Rule andlor the Special Rules does not fie Schedule 8 (Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-PF), but t must answer "No" on Part IV, line 2, ofits Form 990; or check the box on Ine H of ts Form 990-EZ or ants Form 990-PF, Part |, ine 2, to certty that it does not meet the filng requirements of Schedule B (Form 990, 990-E2, or 990-PF), for Form 990, 99042, 07 S90. ‘eheduta B (Form 990, O90 EZ, 0 80 PF BUTS) PAGE 14 ‘Sched @ (Fam 990, 980-£2 or 90: (2018) Page 2 Name of organization CHICK=FIL=A_FOUNDRTTON, INC Employer deniication namber '26-2343206 EMMI Contributors (see instructions). Use duplicate copies of Part I f addtional space is needed. @ © ©, @ No, Name, address, and ZIP + 4 Total contributions Type of contribution ILra, INC person [X Payroll 5200 BUFFINGTON ROAD s 7,397,465. | paren, (Complete Pan or ATLANTA, GA 30349 toneua conus) @ Cc @ Ne. Name, address, and ZIP + 4 Total contributions ‘Type of contribution NATIONAL CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION person [X Payrolt 11625 RAINWATER DRIVE, SUITE 500 s 260,000. | pereren (Complete Parti for ALPHRETTA, GA_30009 oncash contnbutens ) @) C ©. @ No. Name, address, and ZIP + 4 Total contributions. ‘Type of contribution 3_| DON s CYNTHIA cATHY ro 8 (e Payrott 2095 LAKE PARK DRIVE $ 10,000. | Noneash — (Complete Pati for JONESBORO, GA 30236 oneash contnbutons) (a) © ©), @ No. Name, addres: Total contributions Type of contribution —————————————————————— Person Payroll s Noncash (Compete Pati for roncaeh contnbutons ) (@) © ©). @ No. Name, address, Total contributions ‘Type of contribution (a) ©) © @ No. Total contributions Type of contribution SS Person |_| Payroll $ Noncash (Complete Pati for honcash contnbutons) S002, oF 0-7F) (2018), PAGE 15 ‘Schedule 8 (Ferm 090,290.62, 90.7) 2015) Name of organization CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. Page 9 Employer ericson number 26-2343206 Noneash Property (see instructions). Use duplicate copies of Part If addtional space 1s needed. (a) No. (©) from = (or esti @ ‘rom Cee nen oe ruevioresinate) | oyu Saves fa ° 2 @ ‘rom Cesare ocean eee oe wv iorestinate) | oa (aves (ne. ® my {a) No. © from (o) FMV (or estimate) (a from Description of noneash property given ‘MY (or entimate) Date eveived (ome © trom (bo) (or estimat (a aS © irom ) FIAV (or estimat (a ‘rom eee nel ieee eer ee tv orestint®) | aig ives 7 Senseo eee PAGE 16 Schau 8 (Fumo, 9020 007018 am ame of rganaston CHIGK-FIL-A. FOUNDATION, INC Epa eT TORT 26-2343206 ExciusWely religious, charitable, etc, coniribullone to organizations described in section SO1()(7), (6) oF (10) that total more than $1,000 for the year from any one contributor. Complete columns (a) through (e) and the following line entry. For organizations completing Part Ill, enter the total of exclusively religious, charitable, etc., contributions of $1,000 or less for the year. (Enter this information once. See instructions.) > $ Use duplicate copies of Part Ill it additional space is needed. on ‘rom () Purpose of git (6) Use ot git (4) Description ot how git is hold Te) Teansler of git /9 name, sddess, and ZIP + 4 Relationship of transtoror to transteree TRE ‘vom (©) Purpose ot git (6) Use of git {€) Description of how gts held (@) Teanater of git Transtoroe's nam Relationship of ar TayRe tom (©) Purpose of sit (6) Use ot git (4) Description of how git is held ote Transforee's name, address, and ZIP + 4 Taye: fom () Purpose of git (c) Use of git (4) Description ot how git ie held “Teansteroe's name, address, and ZP + 4 a “Schedule 8 (Form 990, 99062, or 607A) UTE) PAGE 17 Bt ova 1 GNGWHOWLLY 98 = == E0S'T, "98z'L “e0s'T sasoduna ‘SWOONT ‘GHOONT Soo wad STSWLIUWHO Lan ANWLS3ANT SESN3dXa agusaraw aN any BONGAgY INGWHOWLIW sozever-92 ST¥LOL ATI SUZQNYS NYNLOOUL “saad TwaT — “ONT aTT Guia 3 NOLSTY NOILdTwosaa T tava ‘44066 WHOs *NOTAMANNO3 W~TTd-HOTHS 61 gova 2 INSWHOWLIW "Too 6y "TOS ¥P STWLOL “100 ‘8b “LOS ‘bb ASNOYONTa¥O Sasogund ‘SWOONT “GWOONT Sw00e Wad NOTLaTwOSaG aT@WLIvHo TaN INSWLS3ANI SASNaaX agusacaw aN any SONIASY ‘Saad ONIINGODOW - I duvd “ad066 WYOd Z_INGHHOWLLY sozerez-92 “ONT ‘NOILWGNQO W~TI3-¥OIHO oz aova © ENGHHOWLLY "Sze = “SZL's sasoaund aTeWiTUWHO €_INSWHOWLIV gozevez-92 ars “Stu's Sxo0d Wad SaSNaaxg any SONaAgY STWLOL SXWL YIHLO SSNAXa WOT YIAOTAWE NOTLATHOSaT SEXWL — T duva ‘34066 WYOr "ONT ‘NOLLWGNAOS ¥-7L3-¥OTHO 12 gova b UNGWHOWLLY “8L6 "162 "T FEET ~CiCSTWLOL, "092 *09z SQOSNVTTSOSIN "665 ‘€8 “16E ‘SS iuoaans WIGaW 2 Yad "09416 "09416 S3OIAWSS LOWYLNOD 3aIsino 109 ‘09 Sad NOILWYISIOgY "8b9 ‘CTR “L275 'b08 SASNSdXa WWHDOUd *s9 *s9 SNOTLaT¥OSaas 7000 ET *000°ET SONWUOSNI ALITIGWIT "9626 “Tes '6 sana *229/er *EL6 ‘TL “aXd 9 SONILSIW GuvOs AVOSTAGY “yet /T9Z "862/582 SASNAdXa ONISILYSAGY “00€ “bes SNOHA3TSL “pez's “pL6'b SGY¥O SSENISNG 3 AYWNOTLWLS sasodund ‘SwOOe Wad NOTLaT¥osad STGVLTEWHO S3SNIdXa any SONATE SaSNadxa WGHLO - I Lua ‘4d066 WHOS b_INSWHOWLLW sozever-9z ‘ONT ‘NOILVANAOE ¥-TId-NOTHO zz sowa § ANGRHOWLEY 0s h:taaeeaeens S00 et eames ST¥LOL “ose'e “Ose ‘e SaSNadxa dIvaaua ‘AWE aOTWA w0OE NOTLATWOSAT ONIONS ONIONS SHOUvHO OaYuaIGd ONY SASNEdxa Ciwaa¥d - II Lava ‘ad066 WHOT S _INSWHOWLLY sozerez-92 ‘ONT ‘NOTLVGNNOS W~TTS-¥OTHO = — = bz gova 1 GNSWHOWELY sozerez-92 1 INSHHOWLIW waunswaus/93s 1 oo-t worogura o0"t OLDTATA/LNGATSA¥E SOTA o0't wouoguIa/ingarsaua | “NOTETSOa O% GaLonaG waaM ‘ga SunoH aoWegAY GNY STLIL SaGuSHUE GNY SHOLOTRTO SWGoIgIO FO USTT - IIIA weWa 6be0e WO ‘VENWIZY vox NouoNTaane 007s gTvasove iNawE peor WO ‘WENWIEY avou Nogouraang 0026 ANEW “L waUONY 6pe0e WO ‘WENWTLY avou NogoNTaane 00zs AHIWO “W Nod e6veoe vO ‘WENWTEY ayou NoJONTaana 0025 XHIWO “L NWO ‘Ssaucaw GNY aAWN Ea066 WHOS ‘ONE ‘NOILVGNNO W~TTa-¥OTHO sz gova 8 INSWHOWEIN “ETb ‘er SuwId LIgaNae SEROTENG OL SNOLLOGTYLNOD 8 INSWHOWLIV “6ZLbL NOTIWSNGEWOD NOILYSNSaWOD TYLOL 00"0F MOLOAYIG ILWIOOSSY NOTLISOd OL GaLONIT MIGM Ed S¥OH SOWUIAY ONY STLIL 6Pe0e vO ‘WINVTLY dvo¥ NOLONTSING 0025 NOANWYa INOL Ssauddw ONY SHEN TIIA dvd ‘44066 sozever-92 ‘SESAOTANS diva ISSHOIH GAIS HL dO NOILWSNAWOD — “OnE *NOLIWANNOS ¥~TEd-NOTHO CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 Q90PF, PART VIII- COMPENSATION OF THE FIVE HIGHEST PAID PROFESSIONALS NAME AND ADDRESS TYPE OF SERVICE COMPENSATION P/R SUPPORT 59,300. HOPE-BECKHAM, INC. 1900 CENTURY PLACE, SUITE 250 ATLANTA, GA 30345 TOTAL COMPENSATION PAGE 26 CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 ATTACHMENT 10 FORM 990PF, PART XV - NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE FOR APPLICATIONS CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION 5200 BUFFINGTON ROAD ATLANTA, GA 30349 404-765-8000 ATTN: MELONIE FLAVIN PAGE 27 CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 ATTACHMENT Q90PF, PART XV - FORM AND CONTENTS OF SUBMITTED APPLICATIONS _ INFORMATION ABOUT OUR TRUE INSPIRATION AWARDS CAN BE FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.CHICK-FIL-AFOUNDATION. ORG PAGE 28 CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION, INC. 26-2343206 ATTACHMENT 12 990PF, PART XV - RESTRICTIONS OR LIMITATIONS ON AWARDS THE CHICK-FIL-A FOUNDATION ACCEPTS REQUESTS FOR FUNDING THROUGH OUR TRUE INSPIRATION AWARDS PROGRAM. THOSE REQUESTS MUST PERTAIN SPECIFICALLY TO THE FOLLOWING AREAS (AS DEFINED ON OUR WEBSITE): ORGANIZATIONS THAT SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE YOUTH ENTREPENEURSHIP, PROMOTE INNOVATIVE EDUCATION, AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF EMERGING LEADERSHIP. PAGE 29 “oo0ror 000"001 wranas TevaKa9 00's? sora oH wes ™ o09'er saves an aE sano a a acd SSS ve soa fr eanowse i 000"0t ‘omcasne Teesne9 1 = ‘ 000" ‘omranne revana9 a 000'5 swe aoowoenora8 : 2 ‘ 000° 9 ava cr macosne ose saows ona saa009 | | “0082 | | | | ose uous ota tstme | cos'e soarou ota trum =a ee aa 0082 soacous sataeas astameioa 3 ous’ soarous aormas sns89 a 008 soaress 29rA98 JNO a ' 0082 oacoua sorawas .22areios o | sosnereanoo wwruavisaas 01 artenonsiay aces ad sozevce-se Se ST TS OT ct MSY ost soucoud stags A2raB09 oss soagoua sounnas A:tuco109 parsed ct Eee " soacoua aornias sxeT=I09 i o 0081 i 08 soacoea aorneas 1rene809 ™ TT ——_ « 008" toacoua otnias ALrANAOD ' a cod TOHTATILOS WIAD 10 ORT 7 a aE sozenez-9e “ont ‘woruvoNaos ¥etEs-x91H9 o0s'2 norwpee aK es 40 ec stu19 » S108 seamou MIL 2581 ost vent ma 40 ena o 1 oEevaNnO WIDHoRo . 008 soacosa aotmas arseN09 ” | £20 w> “ovoesanoe RT RTS OTR ETS WT 000° cnn anuseetonoe es \vroweao 40 NoTA¥Io0sS¥ zé009 STERGANE 005°2 saruseeronos aasve sazax : ea 1 sozeeez-sz nr ‘woravoRnO W1ts-391H) cant ‘sivreaivé ssaroxa ¥oauK0T04 o 0392 bxvoransa aris¥sow a TERE 000't ‘uranna eana9 06s 000° as atusercane ™ 0082 roms Tests 2 : ST STS a AE “000052 000% SSE ST TTT TS OE | 200" ‘ouronna revana9 = 000 's2 xroxna Terana9 1 a 000s ‘roxas reese39 M os seve ct neaoune 000s vow gna 0238 vaso o own sana soz autos 0s" wana eax29 2s ct nemo nouns Teesn29 | Mu | 00006 soro¥ouxt 20419 vou wanksa : = | costes swroune weona9 eo crete sazouna wants a ws a 00"0r taxed evaK29 2 ‘00's ‘eros ages ™ 00's eras na M 000"08 ‘wrasna Teana9 ~ ST TATE TTT GA RS CTE TT 0006 xronng TweaHa9 2 | osa's2 swnona neesua9 By 00's swronne wants a ' *000'st bepeioranaa arusuaowat 40 aznszzest a “00's wrarns Tes9 3 000" axes Teenea9 = 1 RE SS ART TS OE 00's wraxna wevaHa9 i Ey i 000°001 aromas mas a on0'0t eran nese ~ | 0081 peromns Teese39 | Ey pad Read 6s aoa 000"0 uraios Twene29 j oe 000 puns Teens a Se sozesee-s2 “ont ‘NoruwaNHOd ¥128-H91K9 009't anaes socente-92 © Dewy 99008 wo “wesanwe “000"02 ‘owranns ass o 00" eras Tess a 000't eran TeseaD a 000" proms ners M red SST TT 00't anne ean29 ses xoa -o'e -o00't araxns ea j a | soos-exe | | | SS A TS OT 000" 000 0ee o00't 000°? 1 00062 ariseoanavaneana Hos a o00't wanna an29 . - = WT TEL BENT SRST LRT CY BOS = CLINE OEE PT ' Ft cea ' ' ' 00st sxgugoranaa anuseaost . on 00's seouomia srasvsovst 1 o 00°99 weaoranae erususoret ™ Read 20126 vo ‘ons seams soma oc0¢ cata wvs so aev us SSS STOTT 00's otavooas aATa¥hOuN a remo id oe wrcins Teea9