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Technical Data Bulletin

CMX/2- 30198

Control Module

The Chemetron Fire Systems CMX-2 Control Mod-
ule is used with the Micro 200-I, 300-I, & 400-I
Control Panels to provide a single Notification Ap-
pliance Circuit (NAC) or Form-C relay.

P Built-in type identification automatically identifies
this device as a CMX-2 to the control panel.
P Internal circuitry and relay powered directly by 2-
wire SLC loop. NAC configuration uses second CMX-2 Control Module
loop for notification appliance power.
P Integral LED blinks each time a communication is
received from the control panel (optional feature
available with the Micro 200-I, 300-I, & 400-I.)
P High noise immunity (EMF/RFI).
P May be used to switch 24 volt NAC power, Audio
(up to 70.7 VRMS) or telephone.
P Wide viewing angle of LED.
P SEMS screws with clamping plates for wiring
P Direct dial entry of decade address (01-99).
P Built-in magnetic test switch.
P Speaker, audible/visual, and telephone applica-
tions may use wire Style Y or Z.

P Face Plate made of LEXAN with off-white color. Face Plate

P Controls include two rotary switches for Direct

Dial entry of DECADE Address (01-99).
P As shipped, configured for a single Style Y (Class
B) or Style Z (Class A) Notification Appliance
P Used to switch 24 VDC audible/visual power, high
level audio (speakers), or telephone devices.
P May be modified in the field to provide a single
Form-C (SPDT) dry contact. P May be programmed to operate dry contacts for
door holders, air handling unit shutdown, etc., and
to reset 4-wire smoke detector power.

1998 Chemetron Fire Systems All rights reserved (3/98). MANUFACTURED BY NOTIFIER
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Technical Data Bulletin
CMX/2- 30198
Rotary switches set a unique address for each module.
The address may be set before or after mounting. The
built-in TYPE CODE (not settable) will identify the module
Mounting the CMX-2 to a to the control panel, so as to differentiate between a
4" square, 2-1/8" deep module and a sensor address.
junction box. A built-in magnetic test switch is provided to simulate a
short circuit on the NAC to test the CMX-2.

Operating Voltage: 15 28 volts DC (Peak)
Current Range: 5 mA for LED latched in alarm
Standby Current: 300 FA maximum plus super-
Pulsing Current: 30 mA for 15 mS.
Supervision Current: 0 FA OPEN
Contact Rating: 2.0 Amp @ 30 VDC (resistive)
1.0 Amp @ 30 VDC (inductive,
0.6 PF)
OPERATION 0.3 Amp @ 110 VAC
0.6 Amp @ 30 VDC (pilot duty,
0.35 PF)
Each CMX-2 uses one of 99 possible module addresses Temperature Range: 0E to 49EC (32E to 120EF)
on a SLC loop. It responds to regular polls from the Humidity Range: 10% 95% Relative
addresses on a control panel and reports its type and Weight: 5.0 oz. (150 g)
status including the open/normal/short status of its
Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC). The LED blinks with Relay Contact Ratings
each poll received. On command, the CMX-2 activates its
internal relay. The CMX-2 supervises Style Y (Class B) or Resistive: 2 Amp @ 30 VDC
Style Z (Class A) notification or control circuits. Inductive: 1 Amp @ 30 VDC (0.6 PF)
Pilot Duty: 0.6 Amp @ 30 VDC (0.35 PF)
Upon code command from the panel, the CMX-2 will 0.3 Amp @ 110 VDC (0.35 PF)
disconnect the supervision and connect the external pow- 0.3 Amp @ 120 VAC (0.35 PF)
er supply in the proper polarity across the load device.
The disconnection of the supervision provides a positive
indication to the panel that the control relay has turned PRODUCT LINE INFORMATION
ON. The external power supply is always relay isolated
from the communication loop so a trouble condition on CMX-2 . . . . Analog, Intelligent Control Module.
the external power supply will never interfere with the rest CB 500 . . . . Control Module Barrier, required by UL
of the system. for separating power limited and non-
Relay control with Form-C contacts is obtained by break- power limited wiring in the same junc-
ing off tabs J1 and J2. tion box as CMX-2.
70100740 . . Surface Mount Backbox

Ordering Information

Shipping Weight
Stock Number Description lbs (kg)
70100725 CMX-2 Control Module .6 (.27)
70100755 Control Module Barrier CB-500 .6 (.27)
70100740 Surface Mount Backbox .6 (.27)

1998 Chemetron Fire Systems All rights reserved (3/98). MANUFACTURED BY NOTIFIER
4801 Southwick Drive Matteson, IL 60443 708/748-1503 FAX 708/748-2847