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34 Vocabulary 4000

dudgeon resentment, indignant effete worn out
efficacious effective
duenna governess
efficacy effectiveness
duet twosome
effigy likeness, mannequin
dulcet melodious
effloresce to bloom
dupe one who is easily trick, victim
effrontery insolence
duplicity deceit, treachery
effulgent brilliant
duress coercion
effusion pouring forth
dynamic energetic
egocentric self-centered
egregious grossly wrong
E egress exit
ebb recede ejaculate exclaim
ebullient exuberant eke supplement with great effort, strain
eccentric odd, weird elaboration detailed explanation
ecclesiastical churchly elate raise spirits
echelon degree, rank electorate voters
éclat brilliance eleemosynary pertaining to charity
eclectic from many sources elegant refined, exquisite
ectoderm top layer of skin elegiac sad
ecumenical universal, promoting elephantine large
unity elicit provoke
edict order elide omit
edifice building elite upper-class
edify instruct ellipsis omission of words
editorialize express an opinion eloquent well-spoken
educe draw forth, evoke elucidate make clear, explain
efface obliterate elude evade
effeminate unmanly elusive evasive
effervescence exuberance emaciated underfed, gaunt