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The Words 45

hidebound prejudiced, provincial hygienic sanitary
hideous horrible hymeneal pertaining to marriage
hie to hasten hymn religious song
highbrow intellectual hyperactive overactive
hirsute bearded hyperbole exaggeration
histrionic overly dramatic hypertension elevated blood
holograph written entirely by hand
hypocritical deceiving, two-faced
homage respect
hypoglycemic low blood sugar
homely plain
hypothermia low body temperature
homily sermon
homogeneous uniform
homonym words that are identical in
spelling and pronunciation ibidem in the same place
hone sharpen ichthyology study of fish
horde group iconoclast one who rails against
hortatory inspiring good deeds sacred institutions

hospice shelter idiosyncrasy peculiarity

hovel shanty, cabin idyllic natural, picturesque
hoyden tomboy ignoble dishonorable
hubris arrogance ilk class, clan
hue color illicit unlawful
humane compassionate illimitable limitless
humanities languages and literature illusory fleeting, deceptive
humility humbleness illustrious famous
hummock knoll, mound imbibe drink
humus soil imbue infuse
husbandry management immaculate spotlessly clean
hybrid crossbreed immaterial irrelevant
hydrophobia fear of water immense huge