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The Words 51

Quiz 17 (Matching)
Match each word in the first column with its definition in the second column.
Answers are on page 101.
1. INCONGRUOUS A. harden
2. INCONSPICUOUS B. relentless
3. INDECOROUS C. hostile
4. INDIGNANT D. cannot be fully understood
5. INDURATE E. out of place, absurd
6. INEXORABLE F. not noticeable
7. INIMICAL G. unseemly
8. INSCRUTABLE H. resentment of injustice
9. INSOUCIANT I. nonchalant
10. INSUPERABLE J. insurmountable

interloper intruder introspection self-analysis
interlude intermission inundate flood
interminable unending inure accustom, habituate, harden
internecine mutually destructive invalidate disprove, nullify
interpolate insert invective verbal insult
interpose insert inveigh to rail against
interregnum interval between two inveigle lure, wheedle
successive reigns
inventive cleaver, resourceful
interrogate question
inverse directly opposite
intersperse scatter
inveterate habitual, chronic
interstate between states
invidious incurring ill-will
intervene interfere, mediate
invincible cannot be defeated
intestate leaving no will
inviolate sacred, unchangeable
intimate allude to, hint
invocation calling on God
intractable unmanageable
irascible irritable
intransigent unyielding
irate angry
intrepid fearless
ironic oddly contrary to what is
intricate complex expected
intrigue plot, mystery irrational illogical
intrinsic inherent irrelevant unrelated, immaterial