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The Words 35

emancipate liberate encompass contain, encircle
emasculate castrate, dispirit encore additional performance
embargo restriction encroach trespass
embellish exaggerate, adorn encumber burden
embezzlement theft encyclopedic comprehensive
emblazon imprint, brand endear enamor
embody personify endeavor attempt, strive
embrace accept, adopt endemic peculiar to a particular region

embrangle embroil endocrinologist one who studies
glands of internal secretion
embroil involve with trouble
endoderm within the skin
embryonic rudimentary, nascent
endorse approve
emend correct
endowment property, gift
emergent appearing
endure to suffer without giving up
emeritus retired, but retaining title
enervate weaken
eminent distinguished, famous
enfranchise liberate, grant the right
emissary messenger to vote
emote to display exaggerated engaging enchanting, charming
engender generate, prompt
empathy compassion, sympathy
engrave carve into a material
employ make use of
engross captivate
empower enable, grant
engulf overwhelm
emulate imitate
enhance improve
enact decree, ordain
enigmatic puzzling
enamored charmed, captivated
enjoin urge, order, forbid
enate related on the mother’s side
enlighten inform
encapsulate condense
enlist j o i n
enchant charm
enmity hostility, hatred
enclave area enclosed within another
region ennoble exalt
encomium praise ennui boredom, world-weariness