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Material Properties Chart

Tensile Machine- Weld- Corrosion Form-

Type Common Uses Strength ability ability Resistance ability Notes

Engine Blocks,
Cast Iron Industrial Machinery 40,000psi High Low* Low Low Forms can be made to cast any form desired.
and Equipment
Engine blocks, Forging Has a low shrink ratio, excellent dampening
Gray High Low Low Low
presses properties, and elasticity
Railcar wheels, Chilled cast iron is produced by rapidly cooling
Chilled Crushing rolls, stamping Low Low Low Low molten cast iron, making the surface very hard and
dies brittle
Structural Weldments (I-
Carbon beams, Angle Iron, C.S. comes in many grades that give it unique
79,800psi Medium** High Low High
Steel Channel), Automotive chemical properties and physical characteristics
Gears, Shafts, Axles, Responds well to heat treating, flame hardening and
1045 bar Medium High Low High
Bolts, Studs induction hardening
Bridges, Buildings, Structural quality carbon steel used in welded,
A36 plate General structural Medium High Low High bolted, or riveted construction of bridges and
applications buildings

Stainless Storage Tanks, Kitchen

Grade Appliances, S.S. is general used in the construction of products
Steel Decorative Structures,
73,200psi Medium High High High
that require both strength and corrosion resistance
(304/316) DeLoreans
Pump parts, Machine
Combines high strength and hardness with excellent
17-4PH components, Nuclear Medium Medium High Medium
corrosion resistance
processing equipment
Pumps, Valves, Textile
Excellent corrosion and pitting resistance as well as
316 Plate equipment and Medium Medium high Medium
high strength at elevated temperatures
Chemical equipment

Cans, Foil, Siding,

Alum. Is an element that is usually alloyed with other
Doors, Windows,
Aluminum Electrical Transmission,
45,000psi High High High Medium elements for products that require light weight and
corrosion resistance
Aircraft fuel tanks,
5052 us alloyed with 2.5% magnesium, giving it very
5052 utensils, electronic High High High Medium
good corrosion resistance and weldability
mounting plates/panels
Engineering/structural 6061 is alloyed with 1.0% magnesium and .6%
6061 items, boats, High High High Medium silicon giving it good formability, weldability, &
transportation equip. corrosion resistance
Tensile Machine- Weld- Corrosion Form-
Type Common Uses Notes
Strength ability ability Resistance ability
Food Containers, Plastics are commonly used for non-structural, high
Appliances, CDs, 6,000- volume, corrosion resistant products. There are
Plastics Electronic Equipment, 11,000psi
High Medium*** High Medium
many classifications: thermoplastic, thermolset,
Contact Lenses, Siding elastomer, etc

Ballistic vest, climbing UHMWPE is a thermoplastic polyethylene,

equipment, biomedical highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, and 15
UHMWPE High Medium*** High Medium
components (hip & times more resistant to abrasion than carbon
Bakelite is a thermosetting plastic, it was the first
Billiard balls, camera plastic made from synthetic components. It
Bakelite bodies, early machine High Low High Low
guns was used for its electrically nonconductive and
heat-resistant properties
Wood is a natural resource that is readily available,
Construction, Frames,
Wood Musical Instruments,
175-1400psi High N/A Low Low inexpensive, light weight, strong, durable, and is still
the material of choice for many construction projects.
Boats, Fuel

Boat construction, Mahogany has a generally straight grain and is

Mahogany furniture, musical High N/A Medium Low usually free of voids and pockets and resists
instruments wood rot
Pines are fast-growing softwoods that will grow
furniture, window
in relatively dense stands, their acidic decaying
Pine frames, paneling and High N/A Medium Low
needles inhibiting the sprouting of competing

* Cast iron can be successfully welded under carefully controlled conditions. The main problem with welding cast iron is that the cast and the
material being used to weld have different properties and will cool at different rates, causing separation.

** Carbon steel is readily machined but different grades and alloys give different machining results, for example you can buy lead impregnated
steel that machines very easily, but loses strength due to the mild properties of lead.

*** There is a process for thermally fusing plastics but it is not a common process that anyone could perform.