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Hi-Tech Security Solutions leads to secure decisions CCTV Handbook 2017 1

From the editors desk ....................................................................4 Cybersecurity

Be prepared for these three cyber threats.............................................. 30
CCTV Round Table When talking about information security, CIA stands for
Condentiality, Integrity and Availability.
Securing your security .................................................................................. 6
The digital age has not only seen the security industry migrate to IP,
Cybersecurity an electronic security distributors view .................... 32
but is now forcing it to be aware of the latest cyber security risks.
Cybersecurity is a physical security problem, and vice versa.

Trends Weaponised IoT attacks: what does the future hold?........................... 36

The rst Mirai attack was a portend of the new, dark era in cybercrime.
There is no Internet of Things. Its all the Internet of Things. .............. 12
The physical security industry is receiving a baptism of re Cybersecurity starts with the manufacturer .......................................... 38
into the world cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is not someone elses problem. You need to take charge.

Insight ROI & TCO

Is Hikvision spying on its customers? ...................................................... 18
The elusive ROI and TCO............................................................................. 40
Some would have you believe Hikvision is spying on you through
Surveillance projects are expensive, and it is this cost
its cameras and NVRs, Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks if this is true.
that often persuades people to make purchasing decisions
according to price. Bad idea.
Axis launches new IP camera running at
three frames-per-minute ........................................................................... 20
The ROI and TCO of surveillance ............................................................... 44
Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke with Dr Martin Gren about the
Managing surveillance costs is possible with the correct
history of the network camera and what is important to consider
planning and partners.
when buying an IP camera.

Managed services or rats in a trap ........................................................... 45

Opinion A monthly fee for a set term is preferable to a big lump
sum payment, mostly.
How the types of surveillance impact on control room
and workstation design ............................................................................. 22 Something old, something new ............................................................... 46
The type of surveillance operation will determine the Budget conscious surveillance buyers can upgrade in phases
optimal control room setup required. if they do their homework.

Digital transformation
Camera Selection Guide 2017 ..................................47
Digital transformation comes in waves................................................... 24
Will you sink or surf?
DVR/NVR Round-Up ..........................................................60
The future is software (and IoT) ................................................................ 28
The Internet of Things will have a signicant impact on
the surveillance industry, and security as a whole. Remote monitoring & control rooms

Considering a remote off-site monitoring facility................................. 65

Roy Wyman advises on what goes into a remote
monitoring control room.

Latest trends in control room design ...................................................... 67

Aesthetics and ergonomics are key to an ecient operation.

Empowering the CCTV installer ................................................................ 68

Dierentiate yourself by oering remote monitoring as a service.

2 CCTV Handbook 2017


Management platforms
Management platforms in view................................................................ 70
It goes without saying that the VMS is critical to surveillance installations.
However, which VMS to choose is always an issue.

Crisis management with a wall ................................................................. 74

Eective crisis management depends on making the right
information available to the right people at the right time.
Wireless works for CCTV ............................................................................. 92
Managing event information effectively ................................................ 76
Wireless networking is a reasonable choice for surveillance,
The management of security-related data and information
as long as one uses the right technology and plans correctly.
acquired in CCTV control rooms.

Wi-Fi for large surveillance systems ......................................................... 94

Thermal imaging Wi-Fi network deployment can provide up to 50% nancial
savings compared to wired solutions.
A market on fire ........................................................................................... 78
Thermal cameras are shrinking, as are their prices. Addressing smart city communications ................................................. 95
Smart and safe cities depend on a reliable communications infrastructure.

Power management
Power management for surveillance ....................................................... 81
Power management is a critical element of surveillance solutions. Do you have a plan for data storage? ...................................................... 96
Storage is the biggest surveillance cost, so choosing the
right solution is vital.
Body-worn cameras
Body-worn cameras to surge?................................................................... 84 Case Studies
Body-worn cameras have become popular around the world,
but South Africa is lagging. Axis supports the first fully automated drill fleet in Africa ......................... 98

VIVOTEK drinks to success ...................................................................................... 99

Power over Ethernet
Protecting residents at Eldoglen Estate ..........................................................100
Power over Ethernet primer ...................................................................... 87
Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a hit in the surveillance world,
Hardened cameras watch the pier ....................................................................101
with still more improvements in the works.

Security for South African school ......................................................................102

Analogue HD
Entertaining surveillance......................................................................................103
Analogue still pushing higher resolutions .......................................88
High denition analogue may not get much attention, Surveillance is a fishy business ...........................................................................104
but its a reasonable alternative for many installations.

Product news
Multi-sensor surveillance
Extreme performance with new chipset ........................................................105
The multi-sensor advantage ..................................................................... 90 Smart Car Park Solution ........................................................................................105
Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to Johan Crause, regional
manager for Arecont Vision in Africa, to nd out what makes UTCs integrated video road show ....................................................................106
multi-sensor cameras a must-have.

Public surveillance security ....................................................................... 91 Directory of CCTV product, solution

Maximum coverage and situational awareness to proactively address crime. and service providers.....................................................107 CCTV Handbook 2017 3
from the editors desk

Open season on IP The CCTV Handbook

is published by

surveillance solutions
Who would have guessed that IP surveillance
equipment would become such a player in
the cybersecurity world? Never mind the Mirai
botnet that made use of some sloppy coding Published by
from a Chinese manufacturer last year, many Technews Publishing (Pty) Ltd
of the leading camera brands have had the 1st Floor Stabilitas, 265 Kent Avenue,
displeasure of having security vulnerabilities in Box 385, Pinegowrie 2123
their kit exposed to the public. Tel: 011 543 5800
A couple of weeks before writing this, an Fax: 011 787 8052
IPVM newsletter contained news of vulnerabili-
ISSN 1562-952X
ties in IP cameras from Geutebrck, Hikvision,
Dahua and Siemens (which was bought by Editor
Vanderbilt in 2015). And at the same time, Andrew Seldon:
there was some kind of bot targeting older
Hikvision equipment using the default pass-
Dr Craig Donald
word and locking users out of their systems
Allyson Koekhoven
(later kit forces installers to change the admin
Brett van den Bosch
password on installation). And the latest news
is there are more vulnerabilities from more Business Manager
manufacturers. Youd think we worked in IT. Vivienne Dorrington:
And there are other companies that have
been called out for vulnerabilities before this Advertising sales
particular week. Then theres the war of words take a look at what is happening in the sur- Tracy Wolter:
between Genetec and Hikvision in which veillance world with a particular focus on the Laura Dorrington:
Genetec will only allow users to hook up to new annoyances the industry has to deal with:
Subscription Services
Hikvision cameras if they sign a waiver absolv- cyber security and the IoT. Even if you dont To subscribe to Hi-Tech Security Solutions
ing the VMS software developer of any prob- care, even if you ignore them, you cant escape including the annual
lems resulting from a possible back door in their influence. CCTV Handbook
Hikvisions systems. Hikvision obviously denied So, no matter what camera brand you have contact:
any back doors exist and its safe to say the installed, do yourself a favour and search their Design and layout:
companies are not best of pals right now see websites for new versions of firmware. Its a Technews production department
inside for Hikvisions response. schlep, but nowhere near as much of a schlep
One may wonder why this is all happening as explaining why your corporate network and
now? Its all to do with the Internet of Things data were so easy to compromise through your
(IoT) in which everything is connected. That surveillance installation.
sounds good, but really its simply the result of There has been so much to include in the All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be
reproduced, adapted, stored in a retrieval system or
moving to IP surveillance. Cyber criminals, who CCTV Handbook 2017 that we couldnt fit it all
transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic,
are just criminals with a cool name, always opt in the pages that follow. There will, therefore, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise,
without the prior written permission of Technews
for the easiest target and as the IT world makes be additional articles online along with the
Publishing (Pty) Ltd,
it harder to gain access to corporate networks, articles in the handbook as soon as the publi- Reg No. 2005/034598/07
so the bad guys have looked for an easier mark, cation hits the street.
which is IP equipment (as well as a host of other We hope you enjoy the CCTV Handbook While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of
the information contained
IoT devices which are even less secure). 2017 and find something of interest on every
herein, the publisher and its agents cannot be held
It was only the paranoid who thought page. Your comments, criticisms and sugges- responsible for any errors contained, or any loss incurred
as a result. Articles published do not necessarily reflect the
about hacking a network via an IP camera five tions are always welcome. Please send them to
views of the publishers. The editor reserves the right to alter
years ago, but how right they were. or cut copy. Articles submitted are deemed to have been
In this issue of the CCTV Handbook, we
Andrew cleared for publication.
Advertisements, inserts and company contact details are
printed as provided by the advertiser. Technews Publishing
(Pty) Ltd cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR veracity of supplied material.
Letters to the Editor should be addressed to Andrew Seldon at
Sending material to this publication will be considered automatic permission to use in full
or in part in our Letters column. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, city and
postal code. We reserve the right to edit all letters.

4 CCTV Handbook 2017



Securing your security

By Andrew Seldon.

The digital age has not only seen the security industry migrate to IP, but is now
forcing it to be aware of the latest cyber security risks.
Weve heard about how the Mirai botnet on purpose. Therefore, any complete solution non-engineers), the FPGA (Field Programmable
used surveillance equipment to launch DDOS will require an understanding of all of those Gate Array), which is mounted on its own
attacks on certain servers, and we know the components. printed circuit board (PCB).
software for Mirai is now available to purchase Hi-Tech Security Solutions hosted a round This technology is in its fifth generation and
or rent even for Windows machines. And table to discuss the issue of securing surveil- can be tailored for the particular camera func-
there are many others out there looking to lance (and security in general) installations tionality the company requires since it devel-
exploit weaknesses in connected devices, and find out what the people in the market are ops its own code. More than this, Crause says
including security devices connected to the doing and advising these days when it comes this makes it impossible for the system to be
Internet, for malicious purposes. to protecting systems from these types of hacked and used to launch cyber attacks. This
Despite the nonchalance in some areas attacks, and from more sophisticated ones we means that Arecont does not host analytical
when it comes to securing your physical secur- havent seen yet. applications on the cameras, but has decided
ity infrastructure, the areas of cyber security The round table was made up of three to stay with server-based analytics to ensure
and physical security are closer and more vendors, Arecont Vision, Bosch and Milestone, performance and security.
integrated than ever before. How long before a complemented by two integrators, G4S and Neil Cameron is the GM for Johnson
surveillance installation is the subject of a ran- Johnson Controls. Controls in Africa. As a systems integrator,
somware attack all your video is encrypted Johnsons is product agnostic. Cameron
and if you want it back you have to pay? Its all digital explains that this allows the company to have a
Securing anything in the technology world Johan Crause from Arecont vision says his broad view of the products available and their
naturally requires technology in the form of company understands that we are in a digital various security strengths and weaknesses.
hardware and/or software, but it also requires world that is inherently vulnerable to mali- This allows it to select products that match
a wetware solution in the form of people. cious attack. From a technology perspective, their clients risk levels or appetite. It may not
Technology can be unbreakable, but someone Arecont has therefore taken its own path and be a problem if someone can hack a camera
will find a way to break it, either by accident or built its own integrated circuit (or chip for the and see a companys gate, for example, but

6 CCTV Handbook 2017


you wouldnt want to give them access to your installers to change default passwords. But in a
network. complex network situation, how much can one
Another issue that impacts security, accord- force them to do before they simply choose a
ing to Cameron, is the different levels of instal- product with fewer restrictions?
lation and the various skills levels of installers. Tim Timmins from G4S Secure Solutions,
Some installations are quite shocking as the the system integration arm of G4S, adds that
installers use the cheapest equipment they can the risks we face in poor installation practices
find, leave default passwords unchanged and are massive. There are websites that can give
similar issues that should not be issues anymore. you the default passwords to almost every
On edge devices, for example, there are camera or router and who knows what other
no biometric login or encryption options, so devices. And there are sites that have lists of
the only option one has is a decent password. thousands of cameras from all around the
Leaving the default in place is unacceptable. world, both in residential and commercial
Cameron says about 60% of the sites today settings that can be streamed over the Internet
still use the default passwords and are open to because the installer left the defaults in place.
attack. And then theres the issue of integra- These sites only show the video, but what of
tion: just because you got it to work doesnt criminals who want to get more than a picture?
mean it is working properly. He even relates an experience with a camera
vendor where the control room lost the signal
If you touch it, you own it to various cameras because the vendor decided
Milestone Systems Armand Steffens agrees to use a different port, which the IT department
with Cameron, noting, if you touch it, you own had restricted as a common security procedure.
it. The problem, apart from ignorance and The camera manufacturer was more focused on
laziness when it comes to changing passwords convenience than security.
and following basic security processes is that
many security integrators or installers lack Convenience beats common sense
the network knowledge to secure a surveil- We all know how it is, especially when we
lance solution properly, especially in the IP set up Internet-connected devices at home.
world. However, he says it goes beyond only Instead of coming up with a complex pass-
surveillance. word, we opt for the easy route because its
And as more companies are using their too much hassle to remember the complex
CCTV systems for business intelligence password and to change configuration settings
these days, there is a lot of information to be to be more secure. The question is, how does
obtained from them. If you can get access to the industry manage to get people past this
a camera, you effectively have access to the convenience issue to a place where the under-
network if the camera is not set up correctly. standing of what you should do becomes more
And if the network is yours, you can potentially important than being too lazy to remember a
access anything. password beyond your dogs name?
Steffens advises that security starts at the I think the only way people are going to
physical level, securing the cabinets in the back learn is when there is an email that comes to
rooms where its not unusual to see the keys them and says I have all your data, it is going
left in the cabinet for easy access. Then secure to cost you $10 000, pay it into this bank
the switching infrastructure and so on. account and I will give you your data back.
It would be wrong to say that the capabili- That, unfortunately, is what is happening in the
ties to secure surveillance installations are not market at the moment, says Crause.
available in todays higher-end products. Jason He believes the manufacturers have a
McGregor from Bosch Security says many responsibility to make sure their products are
of the leading manufacturers have security as protected as they could possibly be, even
system and processes in place, but they are in the default state. Additionally, the manu-
often not used, as its a rush for the technicians facturer should also ensure that using their
to get the stuff installed and move on to the systems, including the security component is
next job. Its similar to using antivirus on your as foolproof and easy as possible.
PC, its not important to get the paid version or Steffens is of the same mind that manu-
to get an up-to-date version until something facturers have the responsibility to make sure
happens and then its too late. their products are easily installable, and that
Basically, he says users, installers and we educate our installers. On the other hand,
integrators need to understand the need for our SIs [systems integrators] have the respon-
more secure systems and to implement it. The sibility to ensure that their staff is educated or
only alternative is to force people to comply allow them to be educated.
as many manufacturers are doing by forcing Continued on page 8 CCTV Handbook 2017 7


Tim Timmins, G4S. Armand Stephens, Milestone. Jason McGregor, Bosch.

Continued from page 7 It is like a car manufacturer putting For people who say all this security talk
Milestone runs a number of courses seatbelts in a car, McGregor explains. That is isnt necessary, Cameron points out that there
throughout the year, and found that it needs the first step, but the second step is to educate are innumerable people who would hack
more. The company therefore has various people on the risks so they understand why your system just for fun, that is the reality of
online properties where partners can learn, not they need to wear a seatbelt. the digital world we live in. You get points for
only Milestone-specific issues, but industry- being a cool hacker dude. And these are the
related information, including security. Of The IT manager cometh ones who arent after money, the real criminals
course, it is up to the partners to attend the As the IP market has matured, security install- are an additional, more dangerous threat. So
training and to learn for themselves, which can ers and integrators find they are not only the fact is, you will have attempted hacks. The
be a problem in a world where we are always talking to a security manager anymore, but question is what you plan to do about it and
rushing from one thing to another. also to the IT department, which requires more how will you react.
Education and skills is critical for Timmins. in terms of network knowledge and skills. What it comes down to, repeats Timmins,
He notes that while you always get one or two IT tends to be very prescriptive of what can is education. Educating integrators and end
people who are the whiz kids, most of your or cant go on its network and how it should users is key to ensuring everyone understands
employees need to be trained properly and behave. what is needed and why, and then adding the
continually in the issues that matter to deliv- Unfortunately, many IT leaders, if they how in terms of the technology they use. As
ering what the customer requires whether are involved in the security installation, still the Internet of Things (IoT) gains more trac-
this is camera or network specific training or prefer to see it on a separate network that tion and more electronic devices come online,
anything else. The same applies to the end wont impact their business communica- there will simply be more opportunity to find a
users, they need to know what is and should tions. Cameron says that the result of this is weak spot and get into the network if it is not
be going on, although perhaps not to the in- that using Active Directory, for example, to secured.
depth technical level their integrators do. control access is not common, nor is seeing
Bosch is focused on security-related the IT manager controlling the network as Trust is key, not price
training on many platforms, adds McGregor, long as it doesnt hamper the IT departments Of course, when speaking of vendors and
whether its talking about it on YouTube or functioning, it can carry on. The result, often manufacturers, it should be clear that not all
writing white papers about it. The manufac- the network does not include the normal IT companies turn out the same quality products.
turers job, he says is more than creating trust encryption protocols or whatever they put in Cameron says security starts by selecting cred-
between devices (something Bosch is making place as standard security principles. ible suppliers, those with accreditation courses
happen in its security efforts) and making sure He notes that when the security system for their products and not those who offer
that its products are secure, it is also about is integrated into the companys IT platform the cheapest price. Some people still do buy
education. This ranges from simple top 10 and it is looked after by IT, it is generally more on price, and they often come to regret that
lists about security best practices in various secure with forced password changes and decision when they see the results or find they
environments, through to technical informa- Active Directory use and so on, and it is easier cant extend the use of their systems beyond
tion needed when installing IP systems. to use. basic video streams.

8 CCTV Handbook 2017


Johan Crause, Arecont Vision. Neil Cameron, Johnson Controls.

Bosch is dealing with this issue by creat- Legislate or cooperate?

ing a network of trusted devices. The idea is When discussing the need for cyber security
that each device, like a camera, incorporates in both the physical security and information
a safe (unhackable) module with its encryp- security worlds, the round table agreed that
tion certificates and so on. These devices will we are likely to see some form of standards
only communicate with other devices with the coming out in the near future. In the spirit
correct authorisation credentials. The idea is to of openness and integration, vendors have
have a network of trusted devices that com- adopted standards in almost every sphere to
municate securely, only with each other. This enable cooperation between various prod-
could, of course, be extended to include any ucts. If a similar approach is not taken when it
devices connected over the Internet. comes to securing connected devices, whether
When it comes to encryption, all the they are CCTV cameras or any part of the IoT,
individuals around the table agree that it has there is a good chance that governments will
become a necessary part of the surveillance and intervene and force standards, which in all
general security business. This does not mean reality are likely to impede the progression of
encrypting business data at rest and in transit technology rather than enhance it.
(which one should be doing already), but also When it comes to standards and coopera-
the security information transmitted to and tion, the question may crop up as to whether
from cameras, NVRs, servers and storage. imposing security-based restrictions as to what
Steffens advises that Milestone supports talks to what and how it does it may be the
end-to-end encryption. This means data is opposite of openness. We have seen the idea of
encrypted from the edge to the database. open systems touted for many years along with
Even if someone does hack the network, they the advantages of integration and so forth.
would only end up with encrypted data they Cameron does not believe these standards
cant use. would impede openness and integration,
McGregor adds that the devices in ques- using the example of ONVIF or even Ethernet
tion cover everything that can be used in a communications. These are open standards
surveillance project, including mobile devices. that allow cooperation between many devices
You will look hard to find a surveillance vendor and anyone can use them, but what is closed
that does not offer mobile access and manage- is the encryption that keeps the communica-
ment capabilities today. As with everything tions secure and the authentication protocols
else, these mobile devices and apps need to be that ensure the flow of communications is
secured and operate as trusted devices before secure. In the same way, security standards will
they can be allowed access to sensitive data. Continued on page 10 CCTV Handbook 2017 9


Left to right: Johan Crause, Neil Cameron, Armand Steffens, Jason McGregor, Tim Timmins.

Continued from page 9

still permit openness in terms of connectivity have some form of assurance that they are not update them when vulnerabilities are discov-
and integration, but allow users and integra- an open target for hackers? What can they do ered. In addition, the integrator and installers
tors to ensure their installations are secure. and what questions should they be asking of also have a responsibility to ensure they have
Another example is Internet banking. One their service providers? the skills to implement solutions correctly, and
uses the open and unsecured Internet to con- McGregor says the first step is simple, since to actually do it.
nect with your bank, but the protocols used you are looking for a trusted partner, you need If something goes wrong and a breach
ensure your communications are encrypted to ask them if they can educate you in terms occurs, its likely that the manufacturer will
and safe. A standard such as this has not of what the best options for your environment be the one blamed, even if the installation
been adopted in the security world, apart are. This does not necessarily mean technical was botched. Similarly, if an integrator gets
from companies creating their own secure education, but more insight into what to do (or a reputation of installations that are easy to
environments, but the alternative of continual not do) and how to do it for the best, or most penetrate, they may find themselves last on
breaches and losses will force their creation, secure results. the list in future.
either via legislation or industry cooperation. Expanding on this, Timmins notes that Nevertheless, at the end of the day, the
Both Cameron and Timmins note that this often the users dont understand that some biggest loser in all of this are the users. They
would be an ideal setup, but at the moment, brands may be vulnerable or that certain are the ones paying for a solution as well as
integration depends on what the client wants accepted practices are insufficient for good losing whatever the hackers take or do, as well
and the systems they want integrated. Some security, even though they carry a low price. as paying for the clean up after the breach.
systems, which could be in the IT, security, Moreover, larger clients often retain the To date there is no law in South Africa that
building management or any other space, use services of a consultant and it is also worth it makes it compulsory to make any kind of
protocols that were designed before security for integrators and manufacturers to develop cyber breach public, but with the approach
was an issue and hence were designed for effi- relationships interfacing with the consultants of the PoPI Act this will change as disclosure
cient information transfers and not, for exam- to share information and advice. is legislated. When it is enforced, there will be
ple, for encryption. This leaves the integrators Another issue to consider is who is no hiding away and leaving your customers
having to write special drivers or add-ons, involved. Steffens says the IT crowd has much to deal with the fallout as is mostly the case in
adding to the complexity and cost. Once again, more experience in the cyber security game South Africa now. There will be a reputational
a rethink is required to develop protocols and and can offer invaluable assistance such as cost for the users to deal with as well as a
standards with security as a foundation rather insisting each server is equipped with antivi- financial cost.
than an afterthought. rus software (which, for some reason, doesnt It is therefore critically important for users
And as more of the world moves to cloud- always come standard). The old divisions to be educated. In fact, the end user should
based services, the information flow becomes between what is security and what is IT should make the decision that they will not rely on
incredibly large and even more difficult to not be a hindrance anymore. And should the certifications or advice from their vendors or
manage. Here again we will see significant IT service provider not want to cooperate, or integrators, but will keep themselves abreast
progress over the next few years in creating vice versa, the customer needs to insist they of current security trends and risks. This does
secure, yet open cloud solutions for everything do because in todays integrated world, poorly not require in-depth technical knowledge, but
from tiny sensors communicating yes or no secured security solutions will impact on the enough information to know what to ask for,
messages to cameras pumping out constant network and other IT territories, not to men- what to insist on from installers and integra-
high-resolution video streams. tion finances and potential legal repercussions tors, and to understand that a camera isnt
is a breach occurs. simply a camera.
Ask the right questions In the end, it seems there is no clear As with all things security related or not,
Talking about what should happen and what answer to the surveillance security question. you get what you pay for. When the whole
vendors may or may not offer is one thing, but Manufacturers have a responsibility to make supply chain is focused on secure installations,
what can the end user do today if they want to sure their products are secure by design and to the whole supply chain wins.

10 CCTV Handbook 2017



There is no Internet of Things.

Its all the Internet of Things.
By Andrew Seldon.

The physical security industry is receiving a baptism of fire into the world
of cybersecurity.
With the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming a there are those who have made cybersecurity with a password or to use a user-friendly
hot topic in the media and cyber attacks being a priority as you will see in this publication. default password, as a sophisticated pass-
launched through security equipment, such But others seem to be lagging. So whats to be word will require some technical knowledge
as with the Mirai botnet, the physical security done? on the users side, with an accompanying
industry is receiving a baptism of fire into the Perhaps its worth starting at the beginning setup and configuration process not exactly
world of cybersecurity. Just as the shoemakers and asking whether these cyber problems are plug-and-play.
kids are the ones without shoes, it seems the the way of the future? Will cyber security be This, he says, is exactly the vulnerability that
physical security industry is the one without part of the surveillance manufacturers skill set Mirai and its numerous new offspring are now
security. going forward in order to prevent incidents exploiting. On the positive side, Furter says it
Users hold some of the responsibility for such as those caused by Mirai? also acted as a wake-up call and he anticipates
insisting and ensuring their installations are Gerhard Furter, head of innovation at we will now find decently engineered IoT
secured, but they have other priorities as well, Naxian explains that Mirai was the first public products with a balance between security and
so the integrators are the ones who need to revelation of something that engineers have convenience hitting the market.
keep abreast with whats happening in the known for quite a while, that the openness of At Naxian were already conducting new,
market and best security practices both IoT brings with it a tax, as all technology does. aggressive R&D to address this specific issue.
cyber and physical. The manufacturers also I refer to it, egotistically, as Furters Law of Synapse ( will now
have a responsibility to design systems with Security: Security is inversely proportionate to take the hassle of setting up secure IoT net-
security in mind. convenience. The more convenient, or easy, works away from the user and into the realm
Obviously that is not happening right now. it is to use a system, the greater the sacrifice of automation, or plug-and-play. Our platform
In the week of writing this article, vulnerabili- in security, Furter says. As an example, the will allow an unskilled user to buy a secure
ties in over six camera brands have been made market requires that it be very easy to install a end device and install it, without the hassle of
public. Some severe, others not too bad, but new lighting controller in a normal home. The knowing how to set it up in detail.
all are at risk. To be fair to some companies, easiest way to do so is to not issue the device Continued on page 14

12 CCTV Handbook 2017



any remote access, whether to a file server or

a surveillance device needs to be configured
and managed properly. Focus on phishing and
ransomware filters, and that entails training
and educating your employees.
Furter notes that the smaller, less skilled
security companies do not have the skill to
address this issue, and as such, cannot offer
comprehensive solutions. The answer to the
IoT questions does not lie in traditional secur-
ity, but rather in logical security, and as such
it requires that a security company has this
skill set to be able to address ICT challenges in
addition to physical security challenges.
As a matter of fact, some companies are
perpetuating the issue by continuing to use
device brands that have a known and docu-
mented association with foreign intelligence
agencies, or that have been compromised,
repeatedly, to date. As late as November last
year it was widely publicised how a large and
respected surveillance device manufacturer
Doros Hadjizenonos MJ Oosthuizen had been proven to be providing video foot-
age to some Eastern governments this brand
Continued from page 12 achieve this, he says there needs to be coop- is still being installed in our country despite
Check Point Softwares country manager, eration between multiple parties govern- this knowledge.
Doros Hadjizenonos extends the bad news ments, telecommunications operators, device Taking a practical approach, Hadjizenonos
a bit further, noting that Mirai was just one manufacturers, businesses and the public its explains that the biggest challenge in dealing
type of possible IoT attack. There are many not just up to the security industry. with Mirai or other DDoS attacks is how to
different attack methods that hackers can use Closer to the security home. PinnSecs MJ separate malicious traffic from legitimate traf-
to target IoT devices and the services that are Oosthuizen, who has many years experience fic. Security vendors offer anomaly detection-
linked to them. Attacks can vary from using IoT in the industry, says it all starts with a proper based security solutions that solve this prob-
devices as launch pads, to getting data from design of where your device(s) will be sitting lem, but if a link connecting a DDoS victims
the devices, to actually controlling the device. on the internet. Many users go the easy route network to their Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Unfortunately, there is no single solution to to set their devices up without proper fire- and, moreover, a link between the victims ISP
cover the continually evolving attack methods wall rules or even having a firewall available. to an upstream ISP is saturated with attack
that hackers use. Variants of the Mirai botnet will become more traffic, then it may be too late and the security
In the case of Mirai, he continues, it wasnt frequent as more users are engaging remote solution may not be effective.
necessarily the users of the IoT devices that connectivity. Its very much like supporting a But once Tier-1 and Tier-2 ISPs start cooper-
were affected, but the organisations whose street vendor at the corner everyone says its ating among themselves, it is possible to dra-
websites were targeted through these devices wrong, but everyone keeps on doing it. matically reduce the number of DDoS attacks.
and suffered denial of service (DDoS) down- Let me explain, he continues. The Internet
time. The security response in this instance is a mesh of networks. At the core are about
would be different than if these Internet- Furters Law of Security: six Tier-1 operators whose networks span the
connected cameras were hacked with the
purpose of accessing the video of that camera,
Security is inversely globe. Connected to them are about 25 to 30
Tier-2 ISPs, which are in turn connected to a
in which case it becomes the users problem proportionate to number of other tiers and local ISPs. If they all
and an issue of privacy.
Hadjizenonos believes that in future we are
convenience. cooperate, they could stop the attack at the
source, rather than protecting the targets.
likely to see more Denial of Service attacks and Gerhard Furter Lets say you have a camera at home that is
those attacks will use different launch pads, launching an attack. The attack is going through
which could be PCs, mobile devices or all kinds What to do and how to do it? your local ISP, which is often connected to a
of IoT devices. The attackers will choose the So what are the options when it comes to Tier-2 ISP, which is connected to a Tier-1 ISP. If
launch pad that is the easiest to access and protecting your surveillance devices, or to be the attack had been blocked at the source by
gives them the widest reach. The more launch more realistic, any electronic devices that com- either the Tier-1 or Tier-2 ISP, then the attack
pads they have, the bigger and more distrib- municate over a network and/or the Internet? would practically be deemed useless.
uted the attack. The reality, says Oosthuizen, is that every- As such, fewer than 50 Tier-1 and Tier-2
As is often the case, the security industry one is looking at remote connectivity, seeing providers together have the technical capacity
has solutions for many of the attacks, but these their devices remotely or monitoring what to stop most global DDoS attacks (and in many
need to be implemented and maintained. To their staff or kids are up to. Unfortunately cases, country-level attacks) at the source. To

14 CCTV Handbook 2017


do this, accurate attack patterns need to be

Everyone says its wrong, It is still, however, the users responsibil-
identified and agreed upon, but most impor- ity to follow this advice, and the advice of the
tantly, there is a need to define how this can be but everyone keeps on skilled consultant or middle-man that may be
done in an effective and legitimate way, while
doing it. involved in the setup of the IoT system. The
maintaining data privacy. installation fees charged by dependable install-
MJ Oosthuizen ers are so low that it is actually worth it for a
Stopping the tsunami user to simply contract an installer to manage
Of course, getting such cooperation is not all appeared because a number of organisations the complete process on their behalf.
that simple, so we have to look at other means were hacked through their network cameras Unfortunately, many Internet-connected
of dealing with these types of threats. because the installers didnt bother to change products are not designed with security in
The nature of our networks and the pro- the default passwords due to being in a hurry mind, adds Hadjizenonos, and some of them
tocols we use does not offer much in the line to get to the next job, laziness or pure igno- contain very basic flaws that allow attacks such
of defence against ultra-large scale attacks for rance. IP cameras are great, but if they are as Mirai. Public awareness of these security
now. I agree that the solution lies with the attached to a network and they are vulner- oversights is rising, as cyber attacks targeting
systems being exploited and the users who own able to exploits, the network and everything well-known services are becoming common,
said systems, notes Furter. If end-users secure attached to it is also vulnerable. so users also need to understand the role that
their IoT networks and devices, the potential for Without the vendor forcing the user to they play in the security ecosystem in terms
abuse is greatly reduced as the greatest weak- change the default settings, the responsibility of patching devices, having strong passwords,
ness of the criminals exploiting IoT systems lies on the individual who installs this device etc.
is their dependence on open IoT networks. onto the Internet, adds Oosthuizen. The Apart from strong passwords, users should
Remove the source of these open networks and trouble is, even if one changes the password identify which of the services they use are
the threat is reduced exponentially. on the devices Web interface, the same default exposed to the Internet. If they dont need
Hadjizenonos echoes (as we all know, but credentials may still allow remote users to log something to be exposed to the Internet like
never do), that corporations and individuals into the device using telnet and/or SSH. a connected kettle, for arguments sake then
using these devices need to ensure that they My basic advice to everyone is to put your they should rather configure their firewall
have adequate levels of internal security, that camera behind a firewall, blocking all ports accordingly and only allow that device to con-
is, good authentication mechanisms. They except the ones required for audio, video and nect on the home network.
need to make sure that theyre using strong to access the web-based administration panel. Manufacturers do have a responsibility
passwords rather than the default passwords This is a fairly straightforward way that vulner- to design products with security in mind and
that are available on the devices, and they able IoT devices can be safeguarded, making incorporate good security controls but this
need to make sure that access to these devices them unavailable for exploitation. is not easy to achieve, considering there are
is controlled and authorised using standard thousands of manufacturers out there.
practices. They should also apply segmentation But really, whos to blame?
and have a VPN were applicable, etc. As humans, we love to have someone else to Dealing with convenience
One of the reasons these cameras were blame for our problems. In this case, however, The principles we can all use to deal with the
attacked [by the Mirai botnet] is because they the blame is spread over all the players, from threats posed by cyber attacks are relevant, but
were using default passwords. If people were the manufacturers and consultants, to the they are not always practical. In todays world of
changing their passwords, it would have been installers and integrators, and the users. choice, very few things are unique and there is
more difficult to hack them. I would gauge the responsibility ratio to always an option for a cheaper or better-looking
The surveillance industry has seen a be 80/20 in favour of the supplier, says Furter. solution, no matter what you are buying. Simply
dramatic shift over recent months in the area The supplier is responsible for the manufac- look at the number of people that by cheap
of passwords. Most if not all major brands turing and supply of secure technologies that surveillance cameras as an example. The fact is,
now require administrator passwords to be do not take a great effort to install and setup. these devices are cheap for a reason, and that
changed at installation, not giving users the Small features such as nag screens asking the will almost always include a lack of security
option of leaving a default password in place. user to change default passwords makes the thinking in their design.
This change happened primarily before Mirai world of difference. Continued on page 16 CCTV Handbook 2017 15

iLEGAL 2016

Continued from page 15 likely to slow down the pace of innovation that software, was mentioned at a recent event by
How can your average user, who is not a we enjoy today. Genetecs regional sales manager, Brent Cary.
technical expert and wants things that simply A more practical solution would be for He spoke about creating a network of trust
work, get around the different designs and the grid to protect itself, however, this would in which each component of the network is
motivations, proprietary protocols and other require trust and entails some risks, and yet it a trusted part of the whole. In the IoT world,
issues that will have an impact on the security can be potentially done by the cooperation I this means you have confidence in your own
of their devices, whether cameras, baby moni- mentioned earlier. devices because you have secured them to
tors or whatever else? a certain level, as well as in others devices
From a corporate point of view, Furter says So what can I do? as they have also secured them to the same
this is simple: implement a suitable IoT man- Another way to look at securing ourselves, level. Additionally, the way the devices interact
agement platform. our cameras and other devices, including and share information is also standardised to
He says the management platform acts ensure a secure environment.
as the common denominator between the Its like going to the airport. Anybody whos
What is Mirai? been on a flight recently has been asked Did
different IoT devices, and should be sufficiently
According to Wikipedia: Mirai (Japanese
brand agnostic to allow sustained functional- you pack your bag yourself? when checking
for the future) is malware that turns
ity irrespective of the brand. Devices are now in. The right answer, of course, is yes. In other
computer systems running Linux into
reduced to functional resources, and can col- words, you have taken care to ensure that your
remotely controlled bots, that can be
laborate with opposing brands with very little baggage (your device or application in the IoT
used as part of a botnet in large-scale
effort. It is the purpose of the IoT management world) is secure, while the other passengers
network attacks. It primarily targets
platform to be the nexus of the IoT solution, have done the same to ensure they are secure
online consumer devices such as remote
and to manage the various processes involved and dont have any issues security flaws or
cameras and home routers.
in a manner that is transparent to the user, but careless set-up errors in the technology world.
The Mirai botnet was first found
still under the users control. The airline or airport company then does
in August 2016 by MalwareMustDie, a
Linking millions of devices over a network of the rest of the security work to ensure that
whitehat malware research group, and
cables is nothing new though. As Hadjizenonos only authorised and vetted people are able to
has been used in some of the largest
points out, the most widespread grids in the get onto the plane, including those flying it
and most disruptive distributed denial
world, alongside the Internet, are the electrical and the ground staff. ACSA may have missed
of service (DDoS) attacks, including an
grid and the telephone grid. Both are designed this part of the class, but thats the simple
attack on 20 September 2016 on com-
for high resilience and require every device theory behind being safe when you fly and
puter security journalist Brian Krebss
connected to them to be certified and to meet behind a trusted network.
website, an attack on French web host
various standards that ensure that it will not For the vast majority of the readers, inking
OVH, and the October 2016 Dyn cyber
pollute the grid. Manufacturers are not allowed an agreement between the Tier-1 global ser-
attack. According to a leaked chat log
to sell electrical appliances or telephony equip- vice providers is not something we would have
between Anna-senpai and Robert Coelho,
ment without the appropriate certification, and a chance of being involved in. At the same
Mirai was named after the 2011 TV anime
authorities enforce these certifications. time, however, out systems, whether they are
Mirai Nikki.
Some people suggest that a possible corporate surveillance installations, home
The source code for Mirai has been
solution could be to require certification of any cameras and routers (and TVs that record every
published in hacker forums as open
equipment that is connected to the Internet word you say), or even our mobile devices are
source. Since the source code was pub-
ensuring that it will conform to basic security connected and at risk.
lished, the techniques have been adapted
and other standards. This may end up being A pragmatic approach is simply to adapt
in other malware projects.
necessary and may develop over time, but to current realities and plan accordingly. As
would also be a very complicated process. It Oosthuizen points out, We have to face the real-
For more information, go to https://
will take a long time to agree on the standards ity: were trapped in a system in which everything
and then implement them. But mostly, it is we do is monitored and logged, and in which

16 CCTV Handbook 2017


privacy is a thing of the past. Everything that you Wi-Fi, and to ensure that all connected comput-
do with modern communications equipment ers have powerful and up-to-date antivirus
leaves a digital trail. And this trail is followed tire- software. Lastly, it is good governance to follow
lessly, not just by giant corporations, but also by the manufacturers stipulations on security and
governments and their security services. control, as this will effectively close the loop.
If our devices are used for a botnet attack Oosthuizen notes that the user is not totally
on someone else, it means that our devices are without control. One important difference
compromised and whatever private informa- between digital, Internet-based communication
tion we hold or transmit is at risk. And when techniques and more traditional methods is
this includes financial details or methods of that the former often allows you to determine
finding and accessing family members, it your own level of security. If you send emails,
becomes more serious than a flippant com- instant messages and VoIP conversations using
ment or an oh well shrug of the shoulders. insecure methods, they are almost certainly less
Hadjizenonos offers more insight: People private than letters or telephone calls.
should understand that an IoT device is a small Gerhard Furter The flexibility of Internet communication
computer, so the same practices and precau- tools and the strength of modern encryption
tions they would take with their computer common sense and some basic logic, in that can now provide a level of privacy that was once
apply to IoT devices. You wouldnt let anyone most security practices are simple and obvious available only to intelligence organisations.
access your computer from the Internet with- enough that even an untrained user will be Ultimately its your choice whether you utilise
out having a firewall (hopefully), so the same able to comply. encryption or choose to shoot from the hip.
applies for IoT devices. Maintain a good password regime, do
You should make sure that your PC is patched not discuss the details of your IoT network with For more information:
with the latest software that includes security strangers, and do not grant strangers access to Check Point Software:
fixes; the same applies for IoT devices. Make sure your IoT resources. Just like with your banking Naxian:
they are patched with the latest software from the PIN and cellphone password, ensure that you PinnSec:
vendor to solve any security issues. change the defaults at installation. Refer to Hi-Tech Security Business Directory
From the perspective of the everyday user, It is already a fairly common practice to ( for further details on these
Furter says security is mostly a function of control access to a network resources, such as companies. CCTV Handbook 2017 17


Is Hikvision spying on its customers?

Some would have you believe Hikvision is spying on you through its cameras and
NVRs, Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks if this is true.
Genetec surprised the industry with its with Detektor magazine, Pierre Racz proclaims Interestingly, the Genetec leader appears to
announcement last year that its customers that governments have told us they are lack understanding of how the systems work,
would be required to sign a waiver if they extremely concerned with the origin of these and he appears to have very little respect for
wanted to use Hikvision products with its [Hikvision] products. Racz does not specify the infosec professionals who protect their
management platform. Since then there have which governments are concerned, but those companies.
been many news items about Hikvision and governments must have their proverbial heads A video surveillance system is comprised of
the Chinese government having a backdoor in the proverbial sand, because there are no front-end devices, backend devices, network
into all Hikvision equipment. secrets about the origins of Hikvision products. devices and a system platform. This is where
Understandably, there has been some All Hikvision products are proudly made in the CISOs and other infosec professionals
consternation about the allegations and this China. come in. If any change is made to an edge
decision by Genetec. Adding fuel to the fire, Hikvision products are manufactured, device like a camera it would immediately
additional comments made recently by the inspected and tested in world-class factories in be detected by the network devices and secu-
CEO of Genetec, Pierre Racz, in an article at Hangzhou, China, a city that Westerners often rity platforms. refer to as the Silicon Valley of China. Hikvision
Business-News/genetec-speaks-out-on-why- regularly hosts security integrators and security False claims: Pierre Racz is fabricating disin-
Genetec-sees-Hikvision-products-as-security- professionals from the West and all over the formation about Hikvisions ownership and
risks#.WMonj2997IU, have raised the stakes globe for tours of our factories. Our visitors are financing. He says that Hikvision is owned
even higher. interested to see our industry-leading cyber by the government and has been given a $6
In this interview, Pierre Raczs comments security best practices at work, and how we billion subsidy.
reflect similar comments on continually increase efficiency by using robots These claims are false, misleading, and irre-
Hikvision refers to the site as an American blog- and other sophisticated processes, and theyre sponsible. Hikvision is a publicly traded com-
ger site, whose sole business goal appears to also interested in witnessing the sheer scale of pany, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
be instilling fear, uncertainty and doubt about our operation. As of 30 September 2016, our shareholders
Hikvision because it is a Chinese company. include government entities (42 percent of our
To try and understand more about the issue Chinese government access: Genetecs leader stock is held by two state-owned enterprises).
and whether Hikvision customers need to be regurgitates insinuations about Hikvision prod- Major stockholders include a Hong Kong
worried, Hi-Tech Security Solutions sent a few ucts providing access to the Chinese govern- businessman, and common-shares investors,
questions to Hikvision SAs MD, James Dong, ment. This claim is absurd. There is no motive including international institutional investors.
regarding the public disagreement between for a commercial company to provide access UBS AG and JP Morgan are among Hikvisions
the companies. At the same time, Hikvisions to a government, whether it is an American or top 10 shareholders.
corporate marketing team sent Hi-Tech Security Chinese company. Hikvision has sold tens of Also, the subsidy myth has been debunked
Solutions a statement concerning the com- millions of network-connected devices IP cam- repeatedly. Like other major corporations,
ments made by Racz. eras and NVRs that sit on the Internet. There is Hikvision uses different types of financing
We have printed the statement below, no report anywhere that such access has taken channels such as an IPO, bank credit facilities
which are followed by Dongs answers. place. Any claim otherwise is just hogwash. and bond issuances.
Furthermore, anyone who knows anything In August 2016, Hikvision closed a credit
Hikvision responds about technology and engineering under- facility of more than $3 billion with the Export-
Governments are concerned: In the interview stands that these arguments are laughable. Import Bank of China. In November 2015,

18 CCTV Handbook 2017


Hikvision secured approximately $3 billion line our product development processes. In addi- available on our website for anyone to see
of credit with the China Development Bank. tion to our Network and Information Security since our IPO and dbut on the stock market
These are lines of credit. If and when Lab, The Hikvision Security Response Centre in 2010. Hikvision is a global, publicly traded
Hikvision takes a loan on a credit line, the (ISO/IEC 27001 certification), and Hikvision company. There are four major shareholder
entire amount must be repaid with interest. It Security Centre. We are working with CISCO groups in Hikvision: state-owned enterprise
is not a subsidy or free gift. It works the same and other top-notch companies to benchmark shareholders (SOEs); an individual inves-
way as the other lines of credit that Hikvision product security requirements, security design tor; company founders and executives; and,
has with other international financial institu- and security testing. common-share/international institutional
tions including Citibank, HSBC and Deutsche We regularly invite international organisa- investors. So, while Hikvision has shareholders
Bank, among others. tions, such as Ernst & Young, to further evaluate who are SOEs or government controlled enti-
Genetec also makes assertions that Hikvision and advise on our security system. We have also ties, Hikvision itself is not an SOE.
is not a commercial entity or is somehow not worked closely with renowned security compa- Please refer to the above answers on False
interested in commercial success. We are the nies such as Symantec, Synopsys and IBM. We Claims about Hikvisions current shareholder
worlds leading video surveillance provider are willing to cooperate on enhancing product structure.
with extremely strong growth. Our preliminary safety with companies from all over the world.
2016 financial results, released last week show Fortunately, Hikvision works with a number Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What would
year-over-year overall revenues increased 26 of excellent, and truly open VMS providers. Hikvision say to its customers in Africa
percent and overall profits increased 24 percent. Were in touch with our customers and part- who may be concerned that their Hikvision
Were also establishing a Research Institute in ners and can always discuss options. installation may be insecure or that third
Silicon Valley in California and an R&D Centre in parties may be able to access their surveil-
Montreal, where Genetec is located. Hi-Tech Security Solutions: In your opinion, lance equipment?
what is the reason behind this sudden
James Dong, MD of Hikvision SA uncertainty and the allegations against James Dong: Hikvision is a security equip-
responds Hikvision? ment manufacturer. Hikvision products are
sold through authorised distributors to system
Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What is James Dong: Those allegations are baseless integrators and installers. Authorised system
Hikvisions comment on the claims that it and irresponsible. Hikvision is the largest integrators and installers install, maintain and
has a backdoor into its equipment? video surveillance provider in the world, with service Hikvision products. We work with our
the largest R&D team in the industry. Weve integrators, installers and end users on best
James Dong: please refer to the above created thousands of good jobs around practices for cyber security.
answers: Chinese Government Access. Its impor- the world in the regions where we do busi-
tant to consider the source and motivation of ness and weve made significant, positive Hi-Tech Security Solutions: If anyone is con-
anyone who would make this kind of baseless contributions to the communities where we cerned about the security of their Hikvision
allegation. Those who promote the absurd idea do business. Helping security professionals equipment or installation, where can they
should be asked to provide facts rather than combat terrorism and criminal behaviour is go, or who can they speak to for clarity?
sensationalist headlines and innuendo. why were in this business. We are focused on
working with leading systems integrators and James Dong: As aforementioned (in your
Hi-Tech Security Solutions: How does their end-user customers to safeguard people, second question), Hikvision has the industry-
Hikvision respond to Genetecs decision property and assets. leading cybersecurity practices. Besides,
to restrict access to its equipment? Are There are a few industry people who Hikvision Security Centre, (www.hikvision.
other software providers doing the same? intentionally downplay Hikvisions engineering com/en/list01_435.html) on the Hikvision
Given the number of Hikvision cameras and capability and capacity in the blogosphere. website provides up-to-date security notices,
recorders in the market, what do you think Perpetuating the idea that China-based engi- tips for best practices, and contact informa-
prompted this unprecedented move from neering and innovation is not as advanced as tion to report a security concern or potential
Genetec? Western countries is fundamentally wrong and vulnerability. Additionally, the Security Centre
discriminatory. has detailed instructions on how to change
James Dong: We believe this is an unfortu- We try to answer any questions that may passwords and upgrade firmware on Hikvision
nate move by Genetec, which purports to be arise from this kind of article from legitimate IP cameras and recorders.
ONVIF compliant and an open platform. Its news outlets such as Hi-Tech Security Solutions, This year, in our road shows and seminars
also unfortunate for integrators and end-users. but mainly were focused on running our which will be held throughout Africa and in
Genetec has not produced any evidence that business. other regions/countries, we will have our
this decision is based on product technol- cybersecurity expert to speak on cyber-
ogy. We believe it is politically motivated and Hi-Tech Security Solutions: One of the com- security best practices and keep our distribu-
designed to negatively influence perceptions ments made is that Hikvision is owned by tors, integrators and end users informed about
about Hikvisions approach to cyber security. the Chinese government. Is this true or is potential cybersecurity risks.
At Hikvision, we always stand up and take Hikvision listed on the stock exchange like
responsibility and we always will. While some any other company? For more information contact Hikvision South
do a lot of talking, were taking action every Africa, Evan Liu, +27 (0)10 035 1172,
day to make Hikvision products as secure as James Dong: Im happy to discuss Hikvisions,
possible. Constant improvement is built into ownership as this is public information, readily CCTV Handbook 2017 19


Axis launches new IP camera

running at three frames-per-minute
By Andrew Seldon.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke with Dr Martin Gren about the history of the network
camera and what is important to consider when buying an IP camera.
The headline you just read is somewhat mis- Hi-Tech Security Solutions was able to speak the company taking responsibility for the per-
leading. It would have been more appropriate to Gren during a recent trip to South Africa in formance of the hardware solution, although
for an article published around 1996 when Axis which he spoke about IP cameras, both old Axis only operates through its channel.
Communications launched the worlds first and new, and what the company is focusing With the official advent of the IoT, Axis is
IP camera, invented by the companys Martin on today in a world where a camera is rapidly also taking care to ensure its products are as
Gren and Carl-Axel Alm. becoming a commodity. secure as the manufacturer can make them
Martin Gren is one of the founders of Axis Axis itself started out making print servers in order to assist users in preventing their
Communications and is currently the chair- for IBM mainframes in the 1980s, and in the equipment from being used in attacks such
man of Axis Communications. Gren studied 1990s moved to connecting things via TCP/ as we saw with the Mirai botnet in 2016. This
advanced computer science and electron- IP. In todays terms, that makes Axis a pioneer includes hardening the kit against hackers
ics, and in 2015 he was appointed Honorary in the Internet of Things (IoT), but that term and ensuring that the phone home capabili-
Doctor at Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund wasnt invented until much later. After coming ties are switched off by default, among other
University. up with the first IP camera, even at a frame functionality.
rate of 1 frame per 17 seconds, the company One of the biggest risks users take is when
understood the potential of the technology they buy OEM cameras that are sold under a
and became the Axis Communications known brand that does not have the manufacturing
today. skills to make their own. With OEM products,
Having made its own chipsets for its customers generally dont know what they
print servers, Axis continued the habit in its are buying or whats inside their devices. The
cameras, launching its own chip in the late original manufacture will be responsible for
90s. This allowed the company to focus on developing updates and security patches, and
optimising the performance and scalability they will do it for their own equipment first
of its cameras. Roy Alves, regional business before rolling it out to OEM partners assum-
development manager for Axis in South Africa ing they pay proper attention to their OEM
and the Middle East, remembers installing 200 customers. This leaves users compromised for
cameras with these first chipsets for a hotel in longer and at greater risk of attack.
2001, running at 15 frames per second (fps)
with a 340 x 480 resolution. Some of these More than a megapixel
are still working today. Axis also developed When it comes to selecting a camera for your
its own Journaling File System, which it later requirements, people often look at the resolu-
open-sourced. tion to determine what meets their needs.
Four years later the company produced its In todays world, users have a wide choice of
second chip and PoE (power over Ethernet) cameras offering any number of megapixels,
technology was introduced to power cameras, but we often find the camera doesnt do the
and allow users to install cameras without job we want. One can buy a camera promis-
requiring a certified electrician to handle the ing the same resolution from various vendors
electric cabling. and easily see the difference in the images
Beyond cameras Gren says the choice of a camera is no
Today, Axis looks beyond manufacturing longer about megapixels, but the image you
cameras and the related accessories. Gren get at the other end. When considering the
says that about three years ago the company quality of the image, resolution is only one
found that customers were looking for more component of a good and usable image.
and more integrated solutions, which is why Naturally, some situations require a high
Axis now also supplies access control, inter- megapixel count, such as stadium surveil-
coms and audio equipment, as well as analyti- lance, but for many other uses there is much
cal software. more to consider.
Alves says partners can now buy a solution The ability to see the scene you are looking
Roy Alves incorporating these aspects from Axis, with at clearly and make decisions based on that

20 CCTV Handbook 2017


image is critical. With a good image, you can products in a commodity (or almost com-
do so much more than just have a picture on modity) market, intelligence counts. We can
the screen. see many companies competing to deliver
To accommodate the security industrys intelligent algorithms that enable people to
needs for image clarity without requiring mas- rely on computing power to monitor video
sive bandwidth and storage upgrades, Axis feeds and trigger events. In this area, image
developed an image algorithm specifically for quality is incredibly important as the more
this market. Called Zipstream, it reduces both the intelligent algorithms have to work with,
the bandwidth and storage required for high- the better they perform.
resolution video ( The improvements in facial recognition,
Zipstream determines which areas of the for example, clearly demonstrates how
image are of interest and which are not, and intelligent analytics has improved. Today,
then compresses the not of interest regions we can not only recognise a face, but even
of the image dramatically, while leaving the determine demographics like gender and
areas of interest, such as a person, less com- age from an image. These advances will
pressed or uncompressed. continue and accelerate as software is used
Other issues that impact the quality of to deliver more, faster than ever and more
the images captured include WDR (wide accurately than ever. And Axis is already
dynamic range) which balances out areas of leading the way in these deep learning initi-
high or low light, reduces glare and so on to atives, as well as in making cameras more
deliver a clearer image. LightFinder is another versatile by allowing users to load analytical
Axis invention which allows its IP cameras to apps onto its cameras to suit whatever situ-
produce colour images in conditions of almost ation is required.
total darkness. Gren mentions that in terms of
seeing in the dark, LightFinder cameras actu- For more information contact
ally operate better than the human eye. Axis Communications,
+27 (0)11 548 6780,
Intelligence counts,
When it comes to differentiating your Dr Martin Gren CCTV Handbook 2017 21


How the types of surveillance impact

on control room and workstation design
By Dr Craig Donald.

The type of surveillance operation will determine the optimal control

room setup required.
People often speak about CCTV surveillance as relatively clear and violations are easy to spot. in viewing such behaviour, and early detection
a relatively simple thing. In a sense, installing a A car in a bus lane, for example, is difficult can allow a prediction of what is to come.
control room and cameras is seen as a one size to miss if you are monitoring the screens
fits all process. However, there are many aspects and they have been laid out effectively. Use General behaviour
to surveillance which impact on the infrastruc- of blank screen technology where motion General behaviour of people such as move-
ture, control room design, monitor configura- detection is used and screens are activated is ment in a plant, on a street, access points
tion, controls, and people and training that are another example of this. Viewing and classifi- for estates, or shopping area that is useful in
needed for delivering performance. cation of presence issues is relatively simple that deviations from more obvious behaviour
The sites or areas, situations, targets, and the size of the camera image displayed highlight that something is going on. Problem
camera profiles, and information usage will can be relatively small. situations characterised by bunching of
all impact on the type of surveillance done. people, delays in processing of vehicles, obvi-
The types of crime and manner in which they Movement and positioning ous movement away from threats, and blatant
are carried out will define what needs to be The detection of movement or positioning crime situations like armed robberies stand out
looked for, and the type of camera would also becomes slightly more complex than mere in this scenario.
change how things should be displayed. presence. For example, movement of people Similarly, where timing is changed, or
The use of thermal cameras introduces towards a fence line rather than along it. Also, speed of movement is different, such incidents
additional complexity in some aspects. Even stopping of movement at particular points can be detected. Screen displays should be
the range of a camera can impact on what which are known risk areas. of a sufficient size to observe general behav-
is displayed and needs to be identified on People waiting near high risk or vulner- iour, although it needs to be considered that
monitors. In some cases, video analytics may be able areas where subsequent actions may predication of crime behaviour is sometimes
used effectively, while in others it may pro- be directed at such areas. People moving in difficult when observing general behaviour.
duce excessive false alarms and detract from a pattern which indicates that they may be
effective performance. Ive highlighted a few looking at a way through or over a perimeter Crime behaviour
surveillance types below to highlight how what area rather than moving past in a conven- Behaviour linked to a particular type of crime,
is being viewed can influence the workstation tional way. for example shoplifting, or theft of gold bear-
design and types of equipment being used. Times of day have a big implication in ing material, usually requires some closer
this respect, and use of thermal or infrared viewing of people. This requires a view of the
Types of surveillance cameras for detection at night or use of con- person and surroundings in order to observe
Presence ventional cameras in lit up areas are common the behaviour and put it in context. The gen-
Presence relates to whether a particular applications. Video analytics for such activities eral body language of an individual needs to
object or person exists in a place where it needs to be relatively complex. It is not just be observed in this context.
shouldnt be. This is usually related to time, movement detection, but directional move- The screen display size should allow for this.
but can also involve types of areas. ment, or even lack of movement from people The surveillance approach in the City of Cape
Camera patrols is one aspect of this where staying still in a particular area. Town provides a good example of this where a
the operator switches camera on one screen, In many of these cases, having larger spotter in the control room identifies potentially
or systematically views a set of screens for camera images on large screens or having suspicious activity in an area, and then hands
any presence. In CCTV traffic monitoring, dedicated monitors are necessary. Some this off to an operator who then views the sus-
congestion and illegal use of roadways is anticipation and interpretation are necessary pect more closely on a dedicated monitor.

22 CCTV Handbook 2017


Subtle crime behaviour Reviewing

Crime characterised by small and subtle Reviewing of video either takes place when
behaviours in a working place or town centre auditing previous surveillance footage, or
environment requires close up monitoring specifically looking at an event or behaviours
of people and a sensitivity to small and that have been identified for closer inspec-
subtle body language. Something like tion, or when an incident has been identified.
diamond theft, street exchanges of drugs, Investigations personnel would also use this
pick pocketing, food and beverage theft, approach to examine footage.
and some shoplifting examples fall into this Dedicated camera views, if necessary on
category. large screens, need to provide clear views of
There is a need to check hand movement areas and body language. As in profiling, it
and placement, quick movements and inter- may also mean that groups of camera views
actions, and specific body clues. Usually, full can be used on a large screen. Given that
monitor viewing of suspects is required for there is a combination of both crime and
detection in these kinds of conditions. subtle crime behaviour being looked at,
there should be the possibility of clear views Dr Craig Donald is a human factors special-
Profiling of individual behaviour, including subtle ist in security and CCTV. He is a director of
Extended viewing of particular suspects behaviour cues. Leaderware which provides instruments
requires tracking of people and their activities, Control room and workstation design for the selection of CCTV operators, X-ray
interactions, work and personal habits over should therefore be fit for purpose. It is screeners and other security personnel in
extended periods. This usually requires dedi- important to clarify exactly what kinds of sur- major operations around the world. He
cated monitors, or in some cases, the veillance you are wanting to do, and you may also runs CCTV Surveillance Skills and Body
use of grouped camera views in order to have several different workstations within the Language, and Advanced Surveillance
Body Language courses for CCTV operators,
track people between areas seamlessly. same control room with different functions.
supervisors and managers internationally,
Use of large screens with a set of clearly The nature of the layout, screens, access to
and consults on CCTV management. He
viewable camera views is the ideal for these. features can all have a significant effect on
can be contacted on +27 (0)11 787 7811 or
The ability to use PTZ cameras is also an the success of the type of surveillance work
element of this. being performed. CCTV Handbook 2017 23


Digital transformation comes

in waves
By Lars Nordenlund Friis, VP, Incubation & Ventures at Milestone Systems.

Will you sink or surf?

The time to reinvent your business is now. venturing into a new avenue of success. And a result, companies are shifting from selling
Cloud-driven digital transformation and the that increasingly comes not from battling products to offering services-based subscrip-
Internet of Things (IoT) are emerging as major competitors, but from creating blue oceans of tions that create more value for customers.
drivers of change across entire industries like untapped new market spaces ripe for growth. Even your doctor can be a cloud service in
public safety, retail, transportation, hospitality, Your company could be the one to break the the future. IBM is working on a way to make
manufacturing etc., with massive implications value-cost trade-offs, redefining your industry its Watson supercomputer a far more effective
on business models, workflow management, by eliminating the factors the industry has medical tool for flesh-and-blood doctors by
systems and people. taken for granted, but create no value for analysing medical imaging data to learn what
As I described in an article Everything customers. a healthy set of insides looks like. If this data is
Connected ( merged with each patients medical records, it
everything-connected-now-time-reinvent- could mean faster and more effective treat-
your-business-lars?trk=prof-post, short URL: Edisons electric light did ment for serious conditions.
www.*lars1), the innovation not come from the con- On the same mission, CognitiveScale is a
drive and opportunities are huge. Incremental cloud-based startup in Austin, Texas, founded
updates on well-known frameworks will not tinuous improvement of by some people behind IBMs Watson. They
be enough to maintain your competitiveness candles. develop big data interpretation and machine
or even remain relevant in your market. This learning systems for better decision-making.
Oren Harari
might be time for a big strategic change. Last year the company launched a health-care
Imagine how you can design services and group to apply its technology to managing
Blue Ocean innovation opportunity business models that introduce new factors data from patients with chronic conditions
To take full advantage of new, cloud-based never seen before, or elevate the factors that such as cancer and respiratory ailment.
IoT opportunities, todays companies must truly create value beyond current standards. This Blue Ocean innovation is just one part
fundamentally rethink their approach to Its not easy to do, but if you are not doing it, of the technology waves that can transform
value creation and customer-centric offerings. someone else is probably doing it to you. your companys value proposition, technology
I view the innovation effort and approach strategy and operational process model.
in cloud IoT as a major Blue Ocean market Anything as a service
opportunity. The internet has enabled the as a service busi- Enabler of businesses
The Blue Ocean strategy concept is all ness model for IT infrastructure and software. Digital transformation expands businesses.
about leaving the bloody red ocean of rivals The IoT enables anything as a service business For example, todays video security camera
fighting over a shrinking profit pool and models for all kinds of traditional products. As Continued on page 26

24 CCTV Handbook 2017



Continued from page 24 systems. Deep learning techniques can dra- market research paper from Forrester,
performs surveillance to prevent crime and matically improve the video search experi- 58% of the respondents say that customer
provide evidence for investigation. In a cloud ence in evidence handling, just as advanced analytics is the most important technology
and everything-connected future, companies behavioural analytics can enhance video investment in the next 12 months, and 31%
can scale much further into business opti- surveillance to prevent incidents like terror mention cloud as the preferred deployment
misation and value creation for customers. attacks, city crime and public safety at events. option. This will happen in a big way with
Beyond security. Makers of industrial equipment like the traditional analytics and machine learning
Camera sensors can monitor activity like redefined GE, The Digital Industrial Company, aggregation, as mentioned earlier.
people, cars, situational awareness at multiple can shift from selling capital goods to selling The advantage and reason for acceler-
customer sites, aggregating data analytics their products as services. Sensor data will ated market adoption is that the cloud
not possible in todays dispatched on-premise tell the manufacturer how much the machin- infrastructure scales without limits across
ery is used, enabling the manufacturer to sites and geographies by enabling distrib-
charge by usage. Service and maintenance uted cloud-interconnected systems that can
could be bundled into the hourly rate and ensure the right level of data on the edge
change the entire business model. as well as in the cloud. The limiting factors
The service model also enables automatic at this stage of evolution are, of course,
upgrades of software in an always-on sce- bandwidth constraints and security con-
nario, introducing design and optimisation cerns. Also the fact that even after enabling
of new process flows where value is created cloud integration for storing, archiving and
for customers. This data will ultimately help processing video sensor data, it can prove
the manufacturer, transportation, hospital- difficult to convert it into useful actionable
ity service provider or retailer to save on intelligence.
cost of operations and increase revenue But that is a challenge that currently
through cross-selling additional products is being addressed by many startups and
and services. established corporations. We see early
How is this transformation going to adopters ready to enter the enterprise seg-
play out? There is a lot of uncertainty, and ment with entirely new Blue Ocean value
I see the IoT evolving in the way that many propositions based on Video Surveillance as
technology trends do: at present, were at the a Service (VSaaS).
peak of hype, topping the inflated expecta- The third wave of transformation is
tions on the Gartner curve. Were still a few The IoT on unified platform. At this stage
years away from the IoT as a pragmatic, we just add more IoT sensors to cloud
productive reality. video management and provide a unified
integration and presentation of data. This
Digital technology waves platform is the lead into a business optimi-
The first wave is On-premise analogue and IP sation scenario where the video IoT creates
video management. Since the 1950s and the significant value for customers and expands
traditional analogue CCTV video application, market opportunities for systems integra-
security cameras capture an analogue video tors and manufacturers, to provide better
signal and transfer it over coax cable to the business optimisation and customer-centric
digital video recorder (DVR). Then IP video businesses.
started to take over in the late 1990s, with
Milestone Systems as a pioneer, because of Let the transformation begin
better image quality and scalability in a dis- Those who understand IP, cloud and the
tributed architecture. It has been a very slow digital transformation opportunities will be
market transition. in demand for providing new game-chang-
Today the IP market has just surpassed ing services, installing and integrating IoT
the analogue video equipment share with with video at the core to visualise, manage
60% IP vs 40% analogue. The trend toward and verify it all. Just jump onto the wave or
IP dominance is clear, and in massive on- start creating it yourself. Then take the fast-
premise deployments its expected to be the swim lane to market leadership.
preferred solution in most industries for a
long time. This article was first published on LinkedIn on
The second wave is Video surveillance December 1, 2016.
as a service and big data analytics. This will
accelerate the transition from analogue. For more information contact Milestone
It centres on video cloud computing, the Systems, +27 (0)82 377 0415,
Lars Nordenlund Friis, VP, Incubation & management of data aggregation and,
Ventures at Milestone Systems. presentation of video analytics. In a recent

26 CCTV Handbook 2017



The future is software (and IoT)

By Andrew Seldon.

The Internet of Things will have a significant impact on the surveillance industry,
and security as a whole.
Think the Internet of Things (IoT) has noth- International Data Corporation (IDC). This which, at the time, made history due to the
ing to do with the surveillance industry apart compared to 18.1% growth seen in 2016. volume of the attacks (see www.securitysa.
from enabling cyber attacks from unprotected The MEA IoT market is becoming increas- com/7723r).
equipment? Think again. ingly competitive, enabling organisations to Since then, the idea of cybersecurity for
Most people are aware and have some source a range of innovative digital solutions security equipment has become an issue with
kind of understanding of the Internet of aimed at transforming business operations, companies seemingly struggling to enforce
Things (IoT), what it is and what it will even- improving the customer experience, and even basic security protocols on cameras and
tually do. In a nutshell, Wikipedia describes enhancing employee engagement, says Wale recorders. For example, a basic protocol would
the IoT as the internetworking of physical Babalola, research analyst for telecommuni- force users to change the default passwords
devices, vehicles (also referred to as con- cations, IoT, and digital media at IDC MEA. that are globally known (usually the username
nected devices and smart devices), buildings, Indeed, IoT now offers a myriad of industry- is admin and the password is also admin,
and other items embedded with electronics, specific solutions that can be easily deployed or maybe 123456) before they can set up a
software, sensors, actuators, and network con- by organisations in a bid to stay ahead of camera.
nectivity that enable these objects to collect competition. Of course, that is only one process among
and exchange data. Numerous smart city projects are already many to improve security in the surveillance
These devices can include sensors that underway across the region, and the propaga- industry and security industry in general. It
relay simple information, such as tempera- tion of such initiatives will continue to fuel IoT must be noted that while security issues like
ture, or more complex devices that control adoption by both public and private sector this have improved dramatically, there are
industrial plants after collecting information organisations, continues Babalola. Saudi still some companies lagging behind, and
from various simpler devices. It also includes Arabia and the UAE are leading the charge others that implement the easy fixes and try
the fabled smart home where everything in a when it comes to smart cities, so it makes to ignore the more complex issues perhaps
home is connected, as well as buildings where sense that these two countries will account for in order not to make things more difficult for
information from systems such as lights, air the highest contributions to overall IoT invest- installers.
conditioning, access control are used for ment in MEA during 2017, with a combined
management and cost saving purposes. The value of more than $1.6 billion. Opportunities already in the
list goes on. making
McKinsey & Co expects the IoT to have Security and IoT But there is also good news for the surveillance
an economic impact of between $3.9 trillion Realistically, anything and everything can be market when it comes to IoT. Another article
and $11.1 trillion a year by 2025 (http://www. slotted into an IoT definition in some way. by McKinsey & Co ( The surveillance industry is itself an IoT player industries/high-tech/our-insights/video-
mckinsey/our-insights/the-internet-of-things- since a bunch of cameras connected to a meets-the-internet-of-things) highlights how
the-value-of-digitizing-the-physical-world). central location forms a type of IoT setup. In video analytics already a fast growing seg-
The Middle East and Africa (MEA) Internet 2016 this became very obvious when cyber ment of the surveillance market is finding its
of Things (IoT) market is expected to grow by criminals used surveillance equipment (NVRs place in the IoT landscape and transforming it
19.6% in 2017 to $7.8 billion, according to a and cameras) that were not secured (along by creating new opportunities for end users,
recent update to the Worldwide Semiannual with other devices that were connected to the companies and system integrators.
Internet of Things Spending Guide from Internet) to launch Denial of Service attacks The article notes that the greatest scope

28 CCTV Handbook 2017


for video analytics by 2020 will be in city, High-value analytics incorporates the intel-
retail, vehicle and work-related settings, where ligent software used to make sense of and
it will be used for anything from optimising extract information from video footage for
operations and enabling autonomous func- either security or business benefits. Those
tions (in vehicles, for example). Because of companies able to leverage of both in future
the richer data that video analytics is able to business models will find themselves in prime
analyse, IoT applications using analytics will position.
be able to offer organisations more value than
vanilla IoT. Who wins the game?
For example, in the city environment it The question for the security industry in all
will assist in public safety, traffic control and this is: how can the industry play a part in this
resource management, while in the retail envi- IoT world? After all, we have all been talking
ronment it could be employed in areas such as about integrated solutions for years, and now
self-checkout, layout optimisation and smart integration is taking on a new format and
customer relationship management. Other it seems that players from other industries,
areas to benefit could be factory settings the ICT domain particularly, want to control
where predictive maintenance could become everything not that this is new.
simpler and more reliable, or in-home environ- The fact is, the IoT is an opportunity
ments where energy management, security waiting for those who understand it and are
and chore automation would benefit people. willing to grab it. Incorporating IoT solutions
The driver for being able to achieve these and added value to surveillance solutions
benefits is the fact that video analytics in the is another arrow in the system integrators
surveillance market has grown into a reliable quiver. Integrators can expand their current
solution over the last few years. As software business model without moving into a com-
and processing power improved, analytical pletely new environment, enhance their com-
engines have been empowered to make a petitive advantage and deliver far more value
real difference, especially when it comes to to customers (and themselves) than ever.
autonomous decisions which the security Since many integrators sub-contract with
market would probably refer to as the black specialists in large projects, the IoT will also
screen approach, or allowing the software to assist companies focused on the IoT to find
make decisions which are then used to alert more business in partnership with larger
human operators. integrators as they apply their knowledge to
McKinsey highlights the most important areas like video analytics, providing the best
advances video analytics has made as follows: of the surveillance and IoT world to customers.
The ability to process high volumes of video At the end of the day, the customer will obtain
footage in real time, allowing immediate the security solution they required as well
action to be taken when something happens. as enhanced intelligence by being able to
The improved accuracy and intelligence of analyse and make sense of the mountains
analytical applications as compared to only a of data they have collected for ages, but have
few years ago. never had the opportunity to really under-
The ability to go beyond pure security and stand or make use of.
offer business insights, for example, demo- Then there is also an additional role for
graphics and customer behaviour in retail consultants who can elaborate on how analyt-
environments. ics and IoT can enhance customers businesses
The ability to collect and collate data from in terms of workforce productivity, customer
multiple sources and make sense of it with retention, resource optimisation and so forth.
more intelligent processing. It is still early days for IoT-based video ana-
The McKinsey article highlights examples lytics applications (or video analytics-based
of video analytical IoT applications in retail IoT applications), but the trend is already
and city environments, among others, high- there and this is a market that will grow over
lighting how these applications will not only the next few years as the IoT itself squirrels its
improve security, but add value to businesses way into every aspect of our lives. The security
and save money. Video analytics will play a industry, especially the surveillance market,
more important role in this arena in future. will have to climb on board and lead the way.
As a bonus to the security industry, at least If not, almost every aspect of the surveillance
those able to take up the challenge, McKinsey market will become a commodity governed
also differentiates between low-value IoT by price, while good profits are made by those
which consists of low-complexity sensors and developing and implementing solutions
binary data systems most people associate harnessing the value-add and intelligence IoT-
with the IoT, and high-value video analytics. linked systems can and will deliver. CCTV Handbook 2017 29


Be prepared for these three cyber threats

By J.O.S. Svendsen, Milestone Systems.

Protecting your VMS is a necessity.

When talking about information security, securing the system even further. Biometric
CIA stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and identification in combination with a password
Availability. It is a model designed to guide gives an extra layer of security.
efficient information security policies within
an organisation. The inside factor
Confidentiality is roughly equivalent to People are an organisations biggest asset. In
privacy. This means ensuring that the VMS some cases, they also pose a risk. As organisa-
infrastructure is only accessed by the right tions implement increasingly sophisticated
people. physical and cybersecurity measures to protect
Integrity entails maintaining optimal con- their assets from external threats, the recruit-
sistency, accuracy, and trustworthiness ment of insiders becomes a more attractive
throughout the entire data life cycle. option for those attempting to gain access.
Availability is best ensured by designing the An insider is a person who exploits or
entire infrastructure to be as robust as pos- intends to exploit their authorised access
sible. It also means maintaining a correctly to an organisations assets for unauthorised
functioning operating system and continu- purposes. It could be a full-time or part-time
ously updated application environment. employee, a contractor or even a business
A person or organisation with malicious partner. An insider could deliberately seek to
intent can harm or sabotage a VMS system in join your organisation to conduct an insider
several ways. This means that people or assets act or be triggered to act at some point during
J.O.S. Svendsen, Milestone Systems.
could be at risk. their employment.
to the latest versions, as all serious software Employees may inadvertently trigger security
Hijacking can happen vendors will update it as new security threats breaches by ignoring rules or through non-com-
A VMS system can quite easily be hijacked, by are discovered. pliance due to the work pressure or an oversight.
form of remote control with malign intent or It is important to remember that this not Physical access controls to VMS-systems
for ransom or espionage purposes. A breached only goes for computers: All cameras, mobile should be in place, as should procedures for
VMS-systems data and recordings can be clients and NVR systems need the same level screening personnel. It is essential that all staff be
used in an array of negative contexts. User of attention and precautions. In these cases, it is trained in security measures. A second security
accounts, camera placement or general VMS vital to be able to document the entire security system securing the primary security VMS
data can be used as a stepping stone to get infrastructure to ensure that no devices or system is becoming a more relevant option as
closer to an organisations total infrastructure. computers have slipped under the radar. VMS systems turn increasingly business critical.
If the location and capabilities of all Any system functions not needed for visual It is important to harden all VMS systems
cameras and alarms are known, it is easy to security should be shut down, like browsers, as much as possible, by following the general
plan a break-in. And youre not likely to dis- mail clients and file transfers. Again, if you guidelines as outlined by CERT (https://ics-
cover it in the process: Spies do their utmost cant access a function, you cant harm it.,
to avoid detection, as this would lead to This also means that access to the Internet short URL:*ics) and the
countermeasures. should be avoided for any device in the VMS Milestone Hardening guide (http://news.
Some of the biggest cybersecurity risks infrastructure. In the case of mobile clients,
include the following. ensure that the mobile server is secured. hardening-guide-for-deploying-milestone-ip-
video/, short URL:*msys1).
Systems with bad perimeter defences Stolen identities A good place to get more informed about
Todays VMS systems are often part of a busi- It does not help to have a well-defended VMS all aspects on cybersecurity is the Microsoft
ness IT infrastructure. A successful attack in one system if anyone can guess user accounts and cybersecurity blog (
part of the infrastructure might lead to confi- corresponding passwords. A password policy com/microsoftsecure/category/cybersecurity/
dentiality breaches in other parts. Therefore, for VMS systems and mobile devices needs cybersecurity-policy-cybersecurity/, short URL:
it is generally recommended to isolate VMS to ensure that all necessary passwords are*mscs1).
systems from the rest of the IT infrastructure: If changed regularly.
you cant get to a system, you cant harm it. Depending on the system, stronger types For more information contact Milestone
If the VMS system needs integration to of user identification might be used. Two-level Systems, +27 (0)82 377 0415,
other systems, it should be done via a secure authentication (where a user is identified,
bridge. Software should always be updated by more than just a password) is a way of

30 CCTV Handbook 2017



Cybersecurity: an electronic
security distributors view
Cybersecurity is a physical security problem, and vice versa.
By Niall Beazley, Vision Catcher

During 2014, the FBI investigated 1,402 of electronic communications or information integrator/installer and ignore the realities that
complaints of ransomware attacks (a virus that systems, including any device or the Internet we have mentioned above; what questions are
holds systems hostage until victims pay for a or any one or more of them. really being asked in this area?
key to regain access) costing those targeted According to Eyewitness News, cybercrimes The details of the Tyco Cyber Protection
more than $23 Million. In 2015 FBI agents cost the SA Economy R35 billion in 2015. Programme are listed in the November 2016
investigated 2,453 complaints costing targets edition of Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine
over $24 Million. A cyber protection programme and are available at*tyco1.
A recent cybersecurity article highlights Tyco Security Products launched its Cyber Products include Illustra cameras, exacqVision,
that over 79% of South African internet users Protection Programme in 2016. This was after American Dynamics including VideoEdge and
who have lost money at the hands of cyber years of providing critical solutions for the US Victor, Kantech, CEM and Software House.
criminals have only got some, or none, of their government and other large multinational
stolen funds back. customers, holding several industry firsts, A camera-specific view
Cybersecurity refers to preventative including FISMA-ready access control and Adding IP cameras to a network requires their
methods used to protect information from video solutions (Federal Information Security own security application as per any network
being stolen, compromised or attacked. It Management Act). device. A key element of the Tyco Security
requires an understanding of potential infor- The six-part programme is designed to Products Cyber Protection Programme is
mation threats, such as viruses and other mali- assist distributors and integrators with a better inclusive protection ensuring that every
cious code. Cybersecurity strategies include understanding of cybersecurity and the steps device has been designed with the features
identity management, risk management and taken to combat current risks both from a and capabilities it needs to be allowed on the
incident management. hardware and software point of view. network.
In South Africa a National Cyber Security The days of worrying only about admit- When evaluating any new video surveil-
Policy was finally approved by cabinet in ting/denying access and recording video are lance camera, we suggest that you not only
March 2012. This defined a cybercrime as long behind us. There is now the concern consider the features you need, but also the
an illegal act, the commission of which about cybersecurity and cyber attacks as there cybersecurity considerations because most
involves the use of information and com- is about threats against physical properties IP cameras use a web interface for setup and
munications technologies. An updated because the two are inextricably linked. The control of the camera, these are listed for
definition was approved through the need for security manufacturers, distributors simplicity as:
Electronic Communications and Transactions and integrators to be cyber-savvy is more Protocols
Amendment Bill of 2012 in October of that important than ever before. However, why Logging and backup
year. Cyber-crime means any criminal or other is it that some manufacturers/distributors Access and session security
offence that is facilitated by or involves the use seem to believe that the problem lies with the Continued on page 34

32 CCTV Handbook 2017



Continued from page 32

Table 1: Protocols

Consideration Description
Web Access HTTP and HTTPS provide access to the cameras web interface and more. HTTP, which stands for Hypertext Transfer
(HTTP/HTTPS) Protocol, is not encrypted and shouldnt be used for communication with the camera. HTTPS, which stands for
Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL, or TLS is an encrypted protocol used to transfer data securely.
Security Protocol Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), both frequently referred to as SSL, are
(SSL/TLS) protocols that encrypt internet communication. Ensure that your camera uses TLS 1.1 or greater, as SSL has not been
considered secure since the announcement of the POODLE vulnerability.
Remote Access Telnet and SSH provide remote access to the cameras operating system. Telnet is not encrypted and shouldnt be
(Telnet/SSH) used for communication with the camera. If it isnt disabled by the manufacturer, it should be disabled during integra-
tion. If remote access to the camera is required, SSH should be used because it provides encrypted communication
with the camera.
File Transfer FTP and SFTP provide file transfer to and from the cameras operating system. FTP is not encrypted and it should be
(FTP/SFTP) disabled for transferring files with the camera. If it isnt disabled by the manufacturer, is should be disabled during
integration. If file transfer with the camera is required, SFTP should be used because it provides encrypted communi-
cation with the camera.
Network Management SNMP, which stands for Simple Network Management Protocol is used to manage and monitor network devices.
(SNMP) Depending on the camera you may be able to use SNMP to modify its configuration or report status back to a central
network management system. SNMPv3 provides more security features than SNMPv2 or SNMPv1.
Port-based 802.1X is the networking protocol that provides port-based authentication for devices to connect to the network. The
Authentication protocol requires the device to authenticate before being connected to the network. This provides much stronger
(IEEE 802.1X) security by preventing rogue devices from connecting to the network.

Table 2: Logging and backup

Consideration Description
Security Event Log Security Event Log supports reliable, fine-grained, and configurable logging of a variety of security relevant system
events, including logins, configuration changes, and file and network access.
Log Security A log should be protected from inadvertent or malicious changes. Its access should be limited to a small group and
require proper authentication before it can be accessed.
Date and Time Accurate date and time are critical parameters for auditing and backup to enable auditors and investigators to know
when events occurred. You need to ensure that during device set up that the date and time is either automatically
set to the workstation or that the device uses Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronise the camera to Coordinated
Universal Time (UTC).
Logs by Default With the importance of a log to detect and uncover malicious activity, a log should not be optional, but created by
default as part of the device setup.
Backup/Restore To be able to quickly restore the system to operation after an incident, it is important to help maintain your security
posture. You need a way to backup working camera and then to restore the data on the current or replacement

Table 3: Access and session security

Consideration Description
Authentication The web application requires good authentication practices to help ensure that only authorised users have access to
the device. Consider practices such as unique user accounts, use of complex passwords and requiring authentication
to view video.

Requiring Current Requiring Current Password Before Change is a good practice as it prevents unauthorised users from using an exist-
Password Before ing session to change a users password.
Session Timeout Session Timeout reduces the risk of an unauthorised user using an open web session to reconfigure the device. This
feature is especially important if the web session does not include the ability to logout.

Log-Off A Log-Off button or menu should be available. It reduces the risk of an unauthorised user using another users open
session to access the device and perform unauthorised changes.

34 CCTV Handbook 2017


1. Communication Protection
refer to table 1 Protocols Cybersecurity reality
Communication is an obviously critical capa-
5 February 2017: Two arrested in London over hacking of Washington CCTV
bility for surveillance cameras. You need to
days before President Trumps inauguration Hackers disable 123 of 187
ensure that the camera has the necessary and
security cameras in Washington as a possible dry run for a cyber-attack during
appropriate protocols to meet your networks
the presidential handover. Enterprise level brand named products identified
security requirements.
as part of $1.2 billion project. (

21 October 2016: Massive DDoS Attacks cause outages at Twitter, Spotify and
2. Logging and backup
other sites Chinese CCTV firm threatens Western accusers with lawsuits after
refer to table 2
findings published about its hardware being used in the attack.
Log monitoring is a detective control that can
20 September 2016: One of the biggest web attacks ever seen hits a security
be used to identify when vulnerabilities have
blogger who exposed the names of hackers Ex-Washington Post writer Brian
been exploited. It records details of activity
Krebs and his website Krebs on Security was attacked using numerous brand
on the camera and can be used to detect
incidents. Backup is a corrective control that is named cameras at 620Gbps of data throughput.
used to ensure that data can be restored if it is 28 March 2016: Virus infects MedStar Health systems computers, forcing an
lost or corrupted. Used together, these controls online shutdown In a similar attack a Los Angeles hospital was forced to pay
help you to detect and recover from a vulner- cybercriminals $17 000 in bitcoins.
ability that has been exploited.

Conclusion further information at +27 (0)11 463 9797,

3. Access and session security Vision Catcher is a Tyco Security Products spe-,
refer to table 3 cialist providing Illustra cameras, exacqVision
It is important that the camera uses good, and Kantech access control security solutions.
secure web application practices to We provide technical support and a range of For further information on Tyco cybersecurity
reduce the risk of being a source of services applicable to cybersecurity within go to
device vulnerability. our field of expertise. Please contact Niall for cyberprotection/cyberprotection.aspx CCTV Handbook 2017 35


Weaponised IoT attacks: what does

the future hold?
The first Mirai attack was a portend of the new, dark era in cybercrime.
The explosion of connected devices onto our a number of worrying trends for the future, Automation and agility
networks is fuelling our imaginations and Anstee adds. What really made the likes of Mirai and its
inspiring incredible visions for the future. So, just how will these attacks evolve? derivatives successful was the release of the
There is limitless potential in being able to Metasploit module, which made automating
connect and integrate our cars, houses, appli- Increased use of reflection the recruitment and weaponisation of devices
ances, and everything else we own. amplification far easier, he explains.
Were falling in love with the so-called The first wave of IoT botnet attacks may not In the future, well see attacks that lever-
Internet of Things (IoT): from the simple exam- have used DNS amplification or reflection, age automation at every layer and constantly
ple of a connected fridge reordering the milk but as companies raise their guards, these morph their approaches to get the best
when its running low; to the more sophisti- advanced techniques will be woven into the possible result. For example, while the original
cated business realm of connected trucks that botnet attacks, allowing attackers to multiply Mirai code looked for 61 different usernames
process inventory, firing off automated chain attack traffic multiple fold. By continually scan- and passwords, future iterations may try mil-
reactions within the operations. ning networks for new, insecure IoT devices, lions of different passwords.
Gartner expects well see over 20 billion and then amplifying their presence, hackers Ultimately, these types of threats are likely
connected devices by 2020 promising to are able to flood their victims networks with to thrive over the coming years. They exploit
fundamentally change the way we live and incredible force. weaknesses in two major areas (the hardware
work ( Weaponised IoT attacks will become more of the connected devices themselves, and the
id/3165317). But on the other side of the coin, subtle and stealthy than the bold and ground- lack of DDoS resistance tools within the tar-
it thrusts us into a new realm of cyber threats. breaking Mirai bot which was more about geted victim). Because of the nature of these
Suddenly, its possible to weaponise hundreds making a statement than it was about actual vulnerabilities, it is very hard for governments
of thousands, millions, or even billions of IoT financial gain, notes Anstee. and ISPs to come together in coordinating an
devices creating marauding zombie armies effective response.
that haul servers down with sustained DDoS Lower barriers to entry Its a matter that has received attention
attacks. IoT attacks are actually not that difficult to pull in senior political echelons, with former US
Darren Anstee, chief security technolo- off. For this reason, theyre popping up at a rapid president Barack Obama quoted as saying that
gist at Arbor Networks, explains that: IoT rate. From universities that are taken offline by future presidents face the challenge of how
botnet cybercrime capitalises on weak default breaches to their connected light bulbs and do we continue to get all the benefits of being
passwords of many mass-market surveillance vending machines, to the devastating attack in cyberspace, but protect our finances, pro-
cameras, routers and digital video record- which temporarily took the whole of Liberia tect our privacy? What is true is that we are all
ers, infiltrating them with malware and then offline, there are reports every day of new attacks. connected. Were all wired now (http://www.
using them to launch well-orchestrated DDoS Systems can be easily compromised with
attacks. publicly available exploit kits and related ddos-attack-shows-dangers-of-iot-running-
Last year we saw the first expression of information, reveals Anstee. Barriers to entry rampant.html).
the now infamous Mirai botnet attack. Mirai are lowered by the relative ease that someone
represents a new high-water mark in the can develop their own army of botnets, or rent For more information contact Bryan Hamman,
cyber criminal community. It points towards others armies within the dark web. Arbor,

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electronic security equipment




x time
Workforce ngeen Souons
Securing your e n resources 031 263 1487 CCTV Handbook 2017 37

Cybersecurity starts with

the manufacturer
By Jeffrey Barkley, product manager, Tyco Security Products.

Cybersecurity is not someone elses problem. You need to take charge.

In the physical security industry, the percep- process? You may find that if they conduct a In the design phase, the requirements are
tion is often that cybersecurity is someone security assessment at all, many manufactures reviewed by the product team and are clari-
elses problem. From the end-users perspec- dont conduct it until after the product has fied as necessary. Then the architecture and
tive, the integrator is required to install and been developed. At that point its hard to fix the overall design of the device or software
configure equipment that meets their security security-related issues in the product itself is established. Threat modelling is conducted
policy. From the integrators point of view, the the fixes tend to be workarounds or restric- and architecture and design are iterated as
end user is responsible for specifying their tions placed on how the product is installed, necessary to reduce the attack surface and to
specific cybersecurity requirements and if they configured or used. prevent or mitigate threats.
dont specify anything, that may be what they A secure development process starts with During the coding phase, the team is
get. For many manufacturers, cybersecurity is security and includes it in every step of the careful to avoid the accidental introduction
left up to the integrator and the end-user to development process. As a result, the product of vulnerabilities. Like other quality issues,
consider and configure during installation and is designed to: coding defects are typically the cause of many
maintenance of the equipment. Include the necessary security features and commonly exploited software vulnerabilities.
The truth is that everyone owns a part of capabilities. A team will typically use a combination of
delivering a cybersecure system. The news is Reduce the attack surface. training, static analysis tools and code reviews
constantly reporting on new cyber attacks for Minimise product vulnerabilities. to reduce the vulnerabilities that result from
security and the Internet of things (IoT) prod- There are a number of different models these coding defects. There should also be
ucts. The more IoT devices you have, the more that can be used, but in general, the process is strict source code control secured servers,
targets you offer. As the recent distributed something like the following: revision tracking to log changes and appro-
denial of service (DDoS) attacks demonstrate, Requirements include security require- priate access control to ensure that only
these are not just targets, but are potential ments and risk assessment. authorised personnel can modify code. When
platforms from which hackers can launch cyber Design identify design requirements from found, vulnerabilities should be entered into
attacks against others. A physical security security perspective, architecture and design the tracking systems like functional defects for
system needs to be specified, designed, config- reviews and threat modelling. evaluation and resolution.
ured and maintained in the manner that meets Coding coding best practices and static The testing phase would target in-depth
a companys cybersecurity policy and reduces analysis. vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
its vulnerability to attacks. Testing vulnerability scanning, penetration to validate the security of the product. Other
As an integrator or end user, you need to testing and fuzzing. techniques such as fuzzing may also be used
configure, deploy and maintain the system in Release open security issues are part of the to test for problems that result from invalid,
a secure manner. To do that you need to not release decision. unexpected or random input injection that is a
only understand the capabilities of the manu- The requirements phase starts the process. common approach used by hackers. Similar to
facturers equipment, but the processes they In addition to the typically product require- the coding phase, vulnerabilities and defects
have in place to facilitate the products security ments the development team would include should be entered into the tracking systems
posture. The key areas to learn more about are security requirements and controls that for evaluation and resolution.
the manufacturers processes around: maximise the protection of device or soft- Release of the device or software cannot
Secure development. ware in its operating environment while still be approved until after the assessment and
Independent testing. providing product functionality and usability. evaluation of open security issues. Critical
Response support. The product team would also conduct a risk security vulnerabilities would prevent release
assessment thinking about how someone of the software or device.
Secure development might try to exploit the software or device and
Does the manufacturer develop their products what they need to do in the products design Independent testing
using a secure development lifecycle (SDLC) to reduce or mitigate that risk. Does the manufacturer have the product

38 CCTV Handbook 2017


tested by an independent party? You may find In addition to this ongoing testing, security
that many manufacturers dont have anyone researchers may report suspected vulnerabili-
outside of the company to evaluate the prod- ties to the manufacturer.
uct. It is good practice to have an independent If a vulnerability is found, the manufacturer
third party look for and identify weaknesses should use a method such as the Common
and then demonstrate if they are exploitable, Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), which is an
leading to a compromise of the software or open industry standard to assess the severity of
device. The testing is typically conducted by an the vulnerability. The score is a value from 0 to 10
independent party using a team with exten- that is derived from several factors which take into
sive experience as security researchers, ethical account the ease and impact of an exploit. Then,
hackers and penetration testers. depending on the score, a manufacturer should
There are three approaches to penetration take action as specified in their vulnerability
testing: policy. For example, with a CVSS score of:
Black box testing where the third party has 9: The manufacturer may issue a patch or
no information about the environment. They update for the current version of the affected
approach testing in a similar way to how an product as soon as is reasonably practicable.
attacker would. This is perhaps more realistic, <9 to 7: The manufacturer may include a
but it also means that it can take longer to fix for the vulnerability in the next release or
find the vulnerabilities that do exist. firmware update.
White box testing requires the third party to < 7: The manufacturer may include fix for
have complete information of the environ- the vulnerability in the next major release or
ment. They typically have access to product firmware update.
documentation, source code and other For those vulnerabilities that are criti- Jeffrey Barkley, product manager, Tyco
Security Products.
information. The additional information often cal, a quick response is required to minimise
allows them to find vulnerabilities more the opportunity for hackers to exploit it. A To help everyone to be successful, cyber-
quickly than black box testing. response team comprised of security, develop- security will need to start with the manufac-
Grey box testing is a hybrid type test where ment and quality assurance engineers who are turer. Its more challenging to add security to
some, but not all information is available to the knowledgeable about the software or device a device or software which wasnt originally
third party. should evaluate how to address these critical designed with a security mindset. As an
Once vulnerabilities are identified and security issues. The team should determine integrator or end user, you need to have an
demonstrated, the testing team may provide what immediate resolution may be available to understanding how the manufacturer follows
recommendations to help the manufacturer fix mitigate the vulnerability. cybersecurity best practices to the design,
the issue. The manufacturer may resubmit the For example, attack vectors often rely on testing and support of their products. There
software or device for validating a fix and creation specific protocols, so an immediate resolution are many detailed questions you may want to
of a final report. The report provides transparency may be to temporarily disable that protocol ask to understand the manufacturers practice,
and independent evaluation of the software or until a patch can be developed and made but the following three questions can help to
device for integrators and end users. available. The team should create an advisory start the conversation:
to notify integrators and end users about the What are your development practices and
Response support vulnerability and its resolution. If a more perma- where is security included in the process?
Does the manufacturer have a process to nent solution is required, the team should begin What evidence can you share?
respond to critical issues with installed to develop, test and Q/A the necessary patch What are your practices around independent
products? You cant stop thinking about or update. When its available, the advisory testing of products? Do you have any reports
cybersecurity once the product is released. is updated, letting integrators and end-users that you can share?
Cybersecurity is constantly evolving with new know that the patch is available. This notifica- What do you do to stay up to date with
attack techniques being developed and new tion can be critical because some industry current vulnerabilities and how do you
vulnerabilities being discovered and exploited regulations require that end users evaluate and alert integrators and the end user to critical
all the time. The manufacturer should, on a install critical security patches within a specified issues? Do you have some examples that you
continual basis, perform vulnerability scans on number of days of them being available. can share?
the software or device using a variety of tools, With these questions, you can get an
databases and security sources looking for Conclusion understanding of the capabilities and pro-
and resolving new vulnerabilities as they are As compared to the traditional network IT cesses the manufacturer has in place to
uncovered. supply chain, physical security manufacturers, develop, test and support the products you
For example, in the United States there integrators and end users have often lagged need. Then as an integrator and end user you
is a government repository of standards- behind in supporting, configuring and deploy- can better know how to configure, deploy and
based vulnerability information known as the ing cybersecure systems. No one group on maintain the system in a secure manner.
National Vulnerability Database (NVD). The its own can guarantee the cybersecurity of a
NVD is updated whenever a new vulnerability system, but by working together to cover all For more information contact Tyco Security
is added to the Common Vulnerabilities and requirements, capabilities and responsibilities, Products, +27 (0)82 566 5274,
Exposures (CVE) dictionary. The product should it can be possible to provide a robust cyber-,
be checked against the updated database. security solution. CCTV Handbook 2017 39


The elusive ROI and TCO

By Andrew Seldon.
Surveillance projects are expensive, and it is Additionally, the choice of partners and network can function for 5 to 10 years while
this cost that often persuades people to make their skills, the brands and the installers skills good switches, with the cabling could last up
purchasing decisions according to price and in those brands, the backup and support of the to 20 years. As such, the TCO is vital in terms of
buy the cheapest cameras they can find and hardware and software, and the skills of the durability of equipment, lower maintenance
the cheapest service provider they can con- team that will be responsible for the day-to- costs, less downtime and higher efficacy in
vince to beat anothers quote. While they prob- day operations also play a part in the projects ROI and observation models. Quality systems
ably believe any camera will do the job, they success. The white paper printed in this pub- definitely stack up better with the discerning
may not realise that the camera is not the most lication offers more insights into the various customer.
expensive part of a surveillance operation. issues affecting a project. Gary Swart from Rhyco Risk Projects adds
These people are also probably the first to Despite the complexity of a surveillance that customers usually make the mistake of
tell you that surveillance cameras and projects project, organisations invest a lot of money focusing on the upfront costs. Unfortunately,
never work, the video images are poor, or that and want the assurance that their investment he says a percentage of customers are so
their storage system isnt worth the money. will not only deliver their requirements over focused on upfront costs that they overlook
The clich of you get what you pay for is as the long term (the ROI), but that the costs very important facts about the equipment they
true in the surveillance market as it is any- over the life of the installation wont escalate plan to purchase:
where else. dramatically, but that it is possible to calculate Warranty. Some of the equipment manu-
On the other hand, companies that have a reasonable total cost of ownership (TCO) for facturers only provide a one-year warranty.
shelled out large sums of money on their sur- the whole project upfront. Others provide three- to five-year warran-
veillance projects, hired the best consultants Of course, to calculate the TCO, one must ties on equipment. This is a very important
and integrators and only bought recognised have a reasonable expectation of how long the factor to consider. When making the original
brands are not always happy with the results installation will run for. Yet, with technology purchase, the client has to ensure that the
either. They may also complain about the advancing rapidly all the time, can users put equipment should last at least five years and
image, or hidden costs or poor performance, a long lifespan on their installation when in a the backbone or cable infrastructure should
poor service or many other bugbears. year or two there will probably be technology last much longer.
As can be seen in this section on TCO (total that makes yours look antique? Availability. Is your supplier a sole supplier,
cost of ownership) and ROI (return on invest- or can the equipment be purchased from
ment), a surveillance solution is not simply How long is a piece of string? several suppliers? Should the latter be true,
about a camera. A successful solution relies on Ian Downie from Xone Integrated Security says then after-sales service should not be an
quality from the network cabling and connec- that typically, the head end will function for issue. Some product manufacturers have
tors used, includes the cameras, servers and over five years, but become outdated within local offices in the country and this becomes
storage, and ends at the video management three. Quality cameras will last 5 to 10 years, a huge plus when after-sales service is
system (VMS). while inferior cameras last 1 to 3 years. The needed.

40 CCTV Handbook 2017


Installation. The most important part is that will last longer than a more aggressively Inland, a quarterly maintenance contract
the backbone. The backbone must last for designed product. Compare past reliability might be applicable. The customer should
many years as this ensures equipment can of equipment as well as the specifications ensure they dont pay monthly for a quarterly
be upgraded without changing everything. between manufactures when considering contract, unless the contract is inclusive of all
Thus, cabling, fibre, power, etc. must be lifespan and total cost of ownership. ad hoc services.
installed in the applicable conduit. This Ad hoc services must be defined into an
will ensure that less damage occurs taking The services required hourly rate, distance travelled etc, should this
into consideration factors like rats, rust, UV As noted above, a projects success depends not be part of the scheduled maintenance
damage and so on. on many factors, and the SLA (service-level contract. The reaction time must be specified
Tim Timmins, from G4S Secure Solutions, agreement) is one that can make or break the as part of the contract on ad hoc services.
adds that the longevity of surveillance systems project and the bank. Downie notes there are SLAs will have yearly escalation amounts. The
varies widely. There are so many variables that multiple factors that play a role, but specific client should be aware on this in advance.
affect this and make it hard to make general criteria to consider when setting up the SLA Timmins expands on this, noting that
statements. Total cost of ownership will vary include time, skill levels, uptime, analytical within the SLA, it is important that the provider
from project to project. functionality, stock-holding and technician/ outlines the level of service the customer
He explains that electronics that are subject company certification are crucial. should expect to receive. This may include:
to high temperatures will have a severely reduced Swart advises customers to define the Frequency of service/maintenance visits (e.g.
lifespan. Cameras that are installed outdoors in expectation required from the maintenance annually, quarterly).
hot climates will never last as long as cameras team, stressing that full maintenance proce- Service response times.
installed indoors in temperature-controlled dures must be defined. It should be specified Associated charges related to billable service/
environments. Moreover, engineering and under each category, for example, alarms, maintenance requests (if applicable).
marketing decisions play an important role. access control, CCTV, electric fence, UPSs, bat- Promptness of emergency notifications.
If a device is designed with a 10% voltage teries and so on. Monitoring centre availability.
tolerance, as an example, it will not last as long He is also adamant that the costs must be Physical vs. virtual support features (eg,
as one with a 50% tolerance. Although most predefined: phone, chat, site visit).
companies tend to build products to specific Usually in coastal conditions or extreme Hours of normal operation and associated
price points, the best companies engineer conditions, a monthly maintenance contract fees for after-hours or emergency service.
those products with conservative designs might be applicable. Continued on page 42 CCTV Handbook 2017 41


Continued from page 41 Operational or capital expenditure? not different from any other project as it is
Within this scenario, there are three There has been a definite move in many still vital that an SLA must be in place, adds
common types of contract: industries towards what is called the Swart. Experience has proved that systems
Preventative only. Subscription Economy. The idea is that which are serviced regularly tend to not let
Preventative and reactive. instead of paying a huge lump sum for clients down when it really matters. The client
Fully inclusive where the client has no something, such as a surveillance system, the can insist that the maintenance contract must
additional costs even if the equipment goes customer agrees to subscribe to the system be reviewed yearly and can also ensure that
faulty. and pays a set monthly fee for a determined escape clauses are part of the contract should
period and this covers the cost of the hard- the installer or integrator not deliver. Should
After the costs, wheres the return? ware, software and services over the length of the unforeseen happen and the services are
We all know these projects will cost a lot of the contract. not performed as requested and clearly laid
money and its easy for a slick salesperson to The terms of the contract can vary with out in the contract, the client should be able
promise returns, but unlike a financial transac- the client owning the hardware after a certain to move to the escape clause.
tion where returns can easily be quantified, number of years, or getting a technology Furthermore, Downie advises that a
surveillance returns are not always about refresh every few years. The terms could also lease agreement should be placed by the
money. How does one actually measure ROI include financing. The question is, are leased integrator with a reputable finance house
in a surveillance project? And by measure, we or subscription models beneficial in the sur- to mitigate the risk. The services can then
mean how can you show your board of direc- veillance market? easily be replaced and the equipment simply
tors that the spend on surveillance is worth it? The basic question, according to Timmins, remains on site, as the finance house will be
A client can consider several options when is when the system has been selected, does the owner.
the ROI is considered, contends Swart. The the customer buy the system outright or does When it comes to costs and returns, a sur-
recommended option is to enrol the expertise the customer rent or have a managed service veillance project is like any other. There are
of a consultant to assist in making the decision for the system over a period of time? ways to determine the long-term costs and
as to what the best solution will be overall and If the decision is to rent, then the customer the returns expected when the solution is
determine the best route and the best cost gains an advantage because the solution is: planned carefully and rolled out profession-
saving model. Affordable and more suitable than Capex ally. To avoid any management panic attacks
Downie agrees, noting that the ROI depends budget will allow. about the cost of a project, a managed
on the industry in which the project is deployed. Tax deductible. services, or lease option can also be consid-
However, a percentage reduction of theft and Off the balance sheet, no depreciation. ered which will allow the company to make
breakages, improvement in health and safety, It allows the customer to upgrade to latest smaller, regular payments over a period of
less litigation, better insurance pricing due to technology easily at the end or during the time instead of lump sum payments. The
lowered risk, improved productivity, less down- term of the contract. lease option will also assist in ensuring your
time and greater efficiencies should all be added Managed services allow for turnkey service providers adhere to the SLA since
into the equation when calculating the ROI. accountability with a consistent cost that they dont hit jackpot with a big payday, but
Getting to these calculations means the avoids spikes and unforeseen expenses, states receive their payment over time, as long as
customer has to know they have selected the Downie. It is very appealing as it becomes they are doing their job efficiently.
best system for themselves, says Timmins. transparent and avoids budget issues.
This doesnt mean that the cheapest solution Although it does not result in significant cost For more information:
is always the best. Has the technology been saving, it can be structured to allow increased G4S Secure Solutions:
proven? In other words, has the customer payments at a time when more money is avail- Rhyco Risk Projects:
done a proof of concept or has the customer able in the future. It is also typically off-balance Xone Integrated Security:
spoken to other clients as a reference? Would sheet and can be combined with insurance to Refer to Hi-Tech Security Business Directory
a low- to medium-end solution suffice, or is an limit risk in one measurable cost. ( for further details on these
enterprise-level system required. A rental or managed services contract is companies.

42 CCTV Handbook 2017



The ROI and TCO of surveillance

By Neil Cameron, Johnson Controls area general manager, Building Efficiency Africa.

Managing surveillance costs is possible with the correct planning and partners.
Organisations spend a lot of money on their In order to effectively manage the costs
surveillance systems and want the assurance of an SLA, service providers should build a
that their investment will not only deliver their proactive assessment of risk into the SLA. This
requirements over the long-term, but that will allow them to ensure they deploy suitable
the costs over the life of the installation wont equipment for their client. For example, very
escalate dramatically. With technology advanc- specific approaches will be applied to manage
ing rapidly, organisations need to consider the access, protect the business from pilferage,
expected lifespan of a surveillance installation protect assets and even protect the business
and how to make sure it gains a return on its from disgruntled employees.
investment while managing the long-term cost This will enable the surveillance system to
of ownership. do what the organisation needs it to do in terms
of managing risks, performing at a high level,
Typical surveillance system and ensuring that costs remain predictable.
Like any technology-based system, a CCTV Lets talk ROI
solution will require an initial layout, with Its easy to talk about a return on investment
ongoing investment for maintenance and to (ROI), but organisations need to be able to
ensure appropriate upgrades in identified show their board of directors that the spend
high-risk areas. on surveillance is worth the money it needs
A CCTV solution comprises the peripher- to be measurable.
als the cameras and technology deployed in In South Africa, crime is a reality and the
the field and a server, the network record- threat to property, assets and people is tangible. Neil Cameron
ing system. The network recorder will need Surveillance and security systems are an essen- other anomalies occur; or integrates external
to be upgraded regularly as patches and OS tial part of every responsible business. The ROI intelligence, such as Twitter feeds, to provide
upgrades are released. can be found in the form of protection against, real-time alerts of potential threats, such as
As for the peripherals, the technologies prevention of, and early detection of threats. strike action.
used will determine the lifespan of the equip- However, surveillance equipment that It is important to note, though, that when
ment. Newer IP cameras that are interoperable is sufficiently advanced can also be used to using a subscription service, organisations
typically have a 10-year lifespan, but technol- directly add value to a business. With the right need to remain aware of the risk and ensure
ogy is advancing rapidly, which may prompt intelligence driving them, cameras can be used they keep their options open. By financing the
upgrades. In high-risk areas, for example, to identify specific behaviour and trigger alerts. security equipment separately, for example, and
advanced features such as HD and 360-degree For example, alerts can be triggered when building SLAs and exit clauses into the subscrip-
viewing, motion detection and intelligent queues in a retail store become too long, or the tion contract, the business is not tied to any one
learning algorithms can be highly beneficial. movement of customers in a store indicates provider. At the same time, building a relation-
Organisations looking to extend the preferences for certain goods, leading to the ship with a security provider is important. Over
longevity and optimise the performance of decision to stock them more often. time, a specialist provider will get to know the
their systems need to ensure they have suit- business, assisting it to identify risk and address
able maintenance agreements or service-level Surveillance as a service it, applying the most suitable technologies
agreements (SLAs) in place. Organisations not looking to make a heavy technologies that may well add considerable
investment into infrastructure can look at value to the business.
Service-level agreements subscription-based solutions, which offer the Risk and reward clauses based on the
SLAs are a key requirement in the implementa- option to make security and surveillance an objectives of the customer can be built into the
tion of any CCTV solution, helping to optimise operational expenditure (OpEx) item. contract, incentivising the provider to perform
performance and functionality. There are In order to maximise the effectiveness well and add value to the business. As with any
usually three phases that need to be taken into of the solution, it will be critical to ensure service provider contract, the business should
consideration: the initial installation; system that upgrades are part of the agreement. ensure it is can quickly recover and remedy the
refinement, which occurs as occupants move At a more advanced level, a software-as-a- situation in the case of the provider not deliver-
into a facility and identify their high-risk areas service solution could also give the business ing on the contract requirements or going out
(e.g., the finance office, areas reserved for spe- access to solutions that may otherwise be too of business.
cialised personnel, or where high value assets expensive to deploy. For example, access to
are kept); and the system enhancements that a platform that integrates analytics, monitor- For more information contact Johnson
are triggered when a breach or incident occurs. ing facility performance and systems, and Controls, +27 (0)11 921 7141, neil.cameron@
This last phase is reactive. alerting the right people if equipment fails or,

44 CCTV Handbook 2017


Managed services or rats in a trap

A monthly fee for a set term is preferable to a big lump sum payment, mostly.
Managed services are the bomb. Or at least who has been on the service side of the the contract is running. It is therefore a critical
it seems so: your operational expenditure security industry knows that, while an annuity aspect of any managed services deal that the
is capped at a specific amount for a certain income is great, there is always the potential requirements and responsibilities of all parties
number of years and you get an all-singing- for a customer who is never happy to upset the are spelled out in detail in the contract, as well
and-dancing security solution that your applecart. Moreover, sometimes the technol- as the mechanisms for its termination.
integrator/service provider takes care of. All ogy one chooses refuses to cooperate and, in Regardless of the terms and conditions of
you do is pay the bill and enjoy the service. either case, the integrator spends far too much the contract, Senekal believes the shortfall in
But does it really work that way? The idea is time sending people to site, fixing and replac- terms of these contracts are typically based on
a good one for integrators looking for annuity ing technology, to the extent that the whole the fact that there is no performance manage-
income over the long term, but is it the best contract becomes a loss-making exercise. ment against actual statistics related to the
deal for the client? Its probably in everyones While this is always a possibility, Senekal health and general uptime of the systems.
best interest to pay a set amount per month says most integrators use well-known products If you cannot accurately measure this, then
(or annually), knowing what the cost is way in that have proven their reliability over time how can you have a strong contract that is
advance than to have to pay a lump sum for a and they have the experience not to play the fair to both parties? This is the Achilles Heel
surveillance project and then have the hassles margin cutting game which will see them and what I believe forms part of what Naxian is
of maintaining it and getting the service you making a loss. The true test on whether an bringing to the broader security market
want from your suppliers. But what are the integrator runs back and forth to sites is in the as a solution.
pitfalls? quality of the installation and the associated While managed services contracts
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked Bernard infrastructure, as well as the policies created increase revenue for integrators, they also
Senekal, MD of Naxian, about the benefits of at system level to ensure that system users are lead to a similar growth curve in expenses.
managed services. not enabled to break the system. Essentially, the more sites you need to service,
Typically, these type of contracts are In our experience, the best strategy in the more technical resources, vehicles and
capped at a specific monthly rate with a clearly keeping demanding clients happy is to ensure associated costs you will have.
identified scope of which activities in the that client relationship management forms a At Naxian we have a Smart Services
maintenance and service level agreements are big part of the overall strategy. Moreover, the Platform that is built specifically around this
included, and which will incur ad hoc charges, SI (systems integrator) must also make sure pain point and ensures that SIs drastically
explains Senekal. In many cases these contracts they have the system tools that allow them to reduce their cost of servicing sites, thereby
make provision for an annual increase based on act in a preventative instead of reactive way to enhancing overall net profits and changing
either an agreed percentage or inflation. The system health issues. the shape/enterprise value of their businesses
customers benefit because the cost of owner- for the better. We will be launching articles in
ship of the investment is kept inline against Breaking the chains Hi-Tech Security Solutions on our Smart Services
approved budgets and without nasty surprises. In the real world, despite everyones best inten- Platform over the coming months.
tions, sometimes deals go sour and one of the
The right deal? parties involved (or more) want to end the For more information contact Naxian,
From the integrator perspective this can also contract. This in itself is a major undertaking,,
be a good deal, but not always. Any person as some parties may be happy with the way +27 (0)87 820 0620 CCTV Handbook 2017 45


Something old, something new

By Andrew Seldon.

Budget conscious surveillance buyers can upgrade in phases if they do their h

There are constantly new surveillance products to be established by understanding interoper- Analogue still in the game
hitting the market and eager sales people ability between legacy and new technologies. The interoperability he mentions does not only
wanting to sell them to you, but is it really Ensuring that your VMS supports the newly apply to IP cameras and supporting infrastruc-
necessary to have the latest and greatest? introduced products as well as technologies ture. Van den Berg explains that Bosch offers
Given the advances were seeing in technology, such as edge-based analytics, compressions etc, hybrid solutions that enable analogue and
the answer is yes, but in these economic times, will allow the user to realise immediate benefit. network video cameras to be used in combina-
ripping and replacing your old surveillance tion and to ensure an easy transition to full
equipment to get the benefits of new technol- Best of breed? network solutions.
ogy is not always possible. In an ideal world, the user will not be restricted Regarding backward compatibility specifi-
If you listen to all the people talking about to a brand, but will be able to choose best-of- cally, Van den Berg says Bosch Security Systems
integration today, you would think the option breed products from various suppliers to meet works with common product platforms (CPP)
of mixing and matching newer technology their specific needs in different areas. While this across its network video portfolio. All IP
with old is a viable, cost-effective option, but can naturally be done today, the question of products that share the same platform are
is it? Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked Quintin integration and collaboration between prod- easily maintained, backward compatible over
van den Berg, regional product manager: video ucts needs to be considered as the full range of multiple generations and future proof due to
systems at Bosch Security Systems SA, for his functionality from all the products the customer the possibility of enhancing or adding new
opinion on the pros and cons of upgrading or chooses may not be available in a hybrid features via firmware updates.
staying with what you have. installation. For those looking at tighter budgets while
While it may be tempting to try to integrate Another issue to consider is whether the requiring better performance and functional-
existing surveillance technology that may be vendors products chosen will function effec- ity from their surveillance systems, the key is
three to five years old with the latest offerings, tively when combined with newer technologies. homework. Understanding which products will
will customers still obtain the functionality and Some manufacturers make a concerted effort deliver the functionality and performance you
performance they require from the new and to support backward compatibility for multiple require, as well as which products are designed
the old systems? versions of their products, while others may according to accepted industry standards is
Yes and no, says Van den Berg. In many not see this as a priority or claim compatibility the starting point to finding what you need in
cases it comes down to budget versus the where it really is limited to the basics. a best-of-breed solution.
need for todays latest offerings. Many of If a best-of-breed solution is sought using Of course, it goes without saying that
todays technologies allow the customer multiple brands, it is always advised to consider the customer will need to ensure that the
better insight and effective operational control interoperability, notes Van den Berg. ONVIF- standards manufacturers claim to adhere to
than what was available three to five years compliant products ensure a certain level of are actually adhered to in full and not in name
ago. However, where a user can identify and interoperability between multiple brands. only. The same applies to backward compat-
prioritise areas to deploy the latest technol- That being said, depending on customer ibility. The manufacturer must have a standing
ogy, it can often be used to bolster the efficacy needs, more specific integration may be policy regarding backward compatibility that
of legacy sites. In doing so, the customer can required and backward compatibility may is recognised in the industry, as opposed to
gradually migrate the system to the latest differentiate from one vendor to the other. a vague promise of compatibility or special
technology in a phased approach based on Initiatives such as the Integration Partner development if required.
operational requirements. Program from Bosch promote integration
However, he cautions that simply adding between best-of-breed technologies. Bosch For more information contact Bosch Security
new technology will not in itself guarantee works with common hardware platforms that Systems South Africa & sub-Saharan Africa,
optimal performance. As always, careful plan- enable most products to be maintained easily +27 (0)11 651 9600,
ning is required. A clear migration path needs and upgraded via firmware updates.,

46 CCTV Handbook 2017


ADI Global Distribution

Category: IP
Supplier: ADI Global Distribution
Brand: Hikvision
Camera name: Hikvision DS-2DE4A320IW-DE
Maximum resolution: 2048 x 1436
Lighting capabilities: Colour: 0,05 Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON); B/W: 0,01 Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON).
Software provided with camera: Free iVMS-4200 client software to live view, record,
playback and manage the camera.
Onboard storage: Memory card slot supporting microSD/ SDHC/ SDXC, up to 128 GB.

Onboard intelligence: Line crossing, intrusion, entrance/exit and face detection; smart tracking.
Additional security features: User and host authentication, HTTPS encryption, IP address filtering.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: These network IR mini PTZ cameras adopt a 1/ 2,8 progressive scan CMOS chip. With 20x optical zoom lens,
the camera offers more details over expansive areas. This series of cameras can be used for a wide range of
high-definition applications, such as rivers, forests, roads, railways, airports, ports, squares, parks, scenic spots and large venues.
Contact: ADI Global Distribution,, +27 (0)11 574 2500

ADI Global Distribution

Category: IP
Supplier: ADI Global Distribution
Brand: Hikvision
Camera name: Hikvision iDS-2CD6810F/C
Maximum resolution: 640 x 960
Lighting capabilities: N/A
Software provided with camera: Free iVMS-4200 client software to live view, record,
playback and manage the camera.
Onboard storage: Memory card slot supporting microSD/ SDHC/ SDXC, up to 128 GB.

Onboard intelligence: Supports separate counting of people entering, exiting and passing by.
Supports low bit rate, low latency, ROI enhanced encoding.
Additional security features: Three-level user authentication management; user and password authorisation;
security certificate as HTTPS; lock user IP after failed login attempts.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF (profile S/ profile G), CGI, PSIA, ISAPI protocol
Description: This dual lens, dual CPU people counting camera supports stereo views. Its specialised people counting
function supports separate counting of people entering, exiting and passing by.
Variations in range available: Flash memory storing people counting data; support for PoE. Lenses: 2,0 mm,
horizontal field of view 100; 2,8 mm, horizontal field of view 82.
Contact: ADI Global Distribution,, +27 (0)11 574 2500

Akhanani Distributors
Category: IP
Supplier: Akhanani Distributors
Brand: Bosch
Camera name: Autodome IP 4000 HD
Maximum resolution: 1080p
Software provided with camera: Bosch Video Client
Onboard storage: Memory card (up to 32 GB microSDHC / 2 TB microSDXC).
Onboard intelligence: The camera uses intelligent dynamic noise reduction which actively
analyses the contents of a scene and reduces noise artifacts accordingly.

Additional security features: Three-level password protection; HTTPS with a SSL certificate stored
in the camera.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF Profile S
Description: When used in combination with the Video Security App from Bosch, the camera supports dynamic transcoding
technology, which allows for streaming high-resolution H.264 video, to pan/tilt/zoom the camera, and to search recorded clips
remotely through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, all on a low-bandwidth network connection.
Variations in range available: Choice of 720p25/30 or1080p25/30 resolutions.
Contact: Morne v.d. Helde,, +27 (0)11 613 7299 CCTV Handbook 2017 47


Akhanani Distributors
Category: IP
Supplier: Akhanani Distributors
Brand: Panasonic
Camera name: WV-S2131L
Maximum resolution: 3 MP
Lighting capabilities: 0,012 Lux (colour), 0,006 Lux (B/W) at F1.6
Software provided with camera: No
Onboard storage: Optional SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card, up to 128 GB
Onboard intelligence: Intelligent Face Compression provides high picture quality at

face best shot area while reducing other non-important areas.

Additional security features: Encryption and alteration detection functions.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: Extreme Super Dynamic technologies inside the WV-S2131L deliver 144 dB wide dynamic range, while its Intelligent Auto (iA)
feature provides increased discernibility even in environments with poor visibility. H.265 compression and smart coding technology
realise high image quality streaming at low bit rates.
Variations in range available: N/A
Contact: Morne v.d. Helde,, +27 (0)11 613 7299

Axis Communications
Category: IP
Supplier/brand: Axis Communications
Camera name: AXIS M3105-LVE
Maximum resolution: 1080p
Lighting capabilities: WDR and IR illumination, colour at 0,2 lux, BW at 0,04 lux
Software provided with camera: AXIS Companion VMS is designed for small businesses
needing to monitor their premises, people and assets. It is a future-proof solution that
scales seamlessly up to 16 cameras per location.
Onboard storage: Support for microSD and dedicated NAS.

Onboard intelligence: Supports video analytics such as video motion detection, active
tampering alarm, cross line detection and digital autotracking.
Additional security features: Password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1X, user access control.
ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: The AXIS M31 Series provides built-in IR illumination in an attractively priced series of mini domes. The cameras feature
Axis HDTV video quality from 720p to 4 MP and include advanced technologies such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Zipstream.
Variations in range available: Indoor and outdoor range as well as variations in resolution depending on the model.
Contact: Vanessa Tyne,, +27 (0)11 548 6780

Bosch Security Systems

Category: IP
Supplier: Refer to dealer locator at
Brand: Bosch
Camera name: DINION IP starlight 7000 HD
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080
Lighting capabilities: 0,0069 lux colour, 0,0008 lux mono
Software provided with camera: Bosch Video Client
Onboard storage: Supports up to 32 GB microSDHC / 2 TB microSDXC
Onboard intelligence: Intelligent Video Analytics with added capacity to deliver the highest level of accuracy and enhanced

with 17 video analytics algorithms.

Additional security features: Three-level password protection, protected web browser access and firmware updates,
Trusted Platform Module and Public Key Infrastructure support.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF Profile S, Q and G
Description: High-performance IP box camera for IVA-optimised, mission-critical, HD surveillance in low light conditions. The latest sensor
technology, combined with sophisticated noise suppression, provides excellent light sensitivity. This camera offers excellent dynamic
range of up to 120 dB, frame rates of up to 60 ips and video analytics at the edge.
Variations in range available: 1080p or 720p models @ 60 fps
Contact: Quintin van den Berg,, +27 (0)11651 9600/4

48 CCTV Handbook 2017


C-Video Concepts
Category: IP
Supplier: C-Video Concepts
Brand: inMotion
Camera name: in6100S12 TigerShark2
Maximum resolution: 1920x1080 @ 60 fps
Software provided with camera: Admin and management tools
Onboard storage: Dual microSD card slot max. 32 GB
Onboard intelligence: Motion detection, zone detection, other analytic features optional.

Description: High-end TrueWDR (140 dB) outdoor vandal (IK10) IR dome with motorised lens control.
The TigerShark2 engine provides optimal pictures in any given light situation, and 60 fps capture allows crisp
images of fast moving objects. Full featured with 12 V/ 24 V/ PoE, 2-way audio, alarm and dual microSD slot.
Sun cover is standard.
Variations in range available: Optional lens: 7 22 mm motor control TDN lens.
Optional version: NightTiger (Super LowLight with WDR).
Contact: Clint Holloway,, +27 (0)31 309 1048

C-Video Concepts
Category: IP
Supplier: C-Video Concepts
Brand: inMotion
Camera name: in7100S20
Maximum resolution: 1920x1080 @ 60 fps
Software provided with camera: Admin and management tools
Onboard storage: 32 GB microSD card
Onboard intelligence: Motion detection, zone detection, more analytic features optional.

Description: The high-end outdoor IR bullet camera in7100 series offers 60 metres of IR range and is powered by the new NightTiger Super
LowLight WDR engine. which provides colour at night and full dynamic range in the sun. The motorised lens control allows easy setup while the
POE adaptor provides for easy connection.
Variations in range available: in7100 with TigerShark2 engine (TrueWDR 140 dB), -in7100 with TigerShark2 engine and 6 22 mm lens with
100 metre IR range.
Contact: Clint Holloway,, +27 (0)31 309 1048

Dahua Technology
Category: IP
Supplier/brand: Dahua Technology
Camera name: DH-IPC-PFW8601-A180
Maximum resolution: 4096x832 @ 30 fps
Lighting capabilities: 0,007 Lux/F1.8 (colour), 0 Lux/F1.8 (IR on)
Software provided with camera: SmartPSS remote software
Onboard storage: microSD card 128 GB
Onboard intelligence: Tripwire, intrusion, object, abandoned/missing
Additional security features: Illegal access restriction, SSL

ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: Both

Description: This three-sensor panoramic camera is ideal for bigger installations in malls or stadiums, and for areas that
are more at risk of terrorist attacks, such as airports, which need intensive video surveillance.
Variations in range available: None.
Contact: Fritz Wang,, +27 (0)72 628 6810 CCTV Handbook 2017 49


Forbatt SA
Category: IP
Supplier: Forbatt SA
Brand: Kedacom
Camera name: DSJ-U1-L/W
Maximum resolution: Up to 13 MP depending on camera
Lighting capabilities: IR LED
Software provided with camera: No
Onboard storage: 16 GB or 32 GB ROM; up to 128 GB microSD card
Onboard intelligence: No

Additional security features: No

ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: Neither
Description: H.264 body-worn camera with built-in touch screen displays as well as physical
buttons for push-to-talk functionality, audio recording, snapshots and event tagging. They offer
GPS functionality as standard, dual streaming at 1080p at 25 fps, secondary stream at D1 at 25 fps,
standby time of up to 48 hours and a recording capacity of up to six hours.
Variations in range available: Replaceable 2700 mAh battery
Contact: Gino De Oliveira,, 27 (0)11 469 3598

Hikvision South Africa

Category: IP
Supplier: Hikvision South Africa
Brand: Hikvision
Camera name: DS-2CD4D26FWD-IZ(S)
Maximum resolution: 3 MP
Lighting capabilities: Maximum 30 m IR. Colour: 0,005 Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON). B/W: 0,0005 Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON)
Software provided with camera: Free iVMS-4200 client software to live view, record, playback and
manage the camera.
Onboard storage: Maximum 128 GB microSD/SDHC/SDXC card .

Onboard intelligence: Line crossing, intrusion, region entrance and exiting, unattended baggage, object removal, scene change and face detection
Additional security features: Password activation, three-level user authentication, user and password authorisation, IP address filtering,
fixed MAC address.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: The Darkfighter Lite cameras are capable of capturing high-quality colour images in dim light environments, offering full
HD resolution, 120 dB WDR, auto-iris, PoE, defog, EIS, 3D DNR, 6 behaviour analyses, 1 exception detection, and face detection to
meet a wide variety of applications.
Variations in range available: S model comes with 1 audio input (line in), 1 audio output, 1 RS-485, 2 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs.
Contact: Bill Xu,, +27 (0)10 035 1172

Hitek Security
Category: IP
Supplier: Hitek Security
Brand: Provision ISR
Camera name: I4-251IP5VF
Maximum resolution: 5 MP
Lighting capabilities: 45 metre IR, 0,001 Lux
Software provided with camera: No
Onboard storage: SD card, up to 64 GB
Onboard intelligence: Basic analytics such as line crossing,

missing object, camera tamper and sterile zone detection.

ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: Provision ISRs I4-251IP5VF is a 5 megapixel, real-time IP camera
with a 2,812 mm lens and featuring dark range design for the project market.
It records at 30 fps and features H.265 compression, CVBS out, alarm I/O and Power-over-Ethernet capability.
Variations in range available: N/A
Contact: Hitek Security Distributors,, +27 (0)21 946 3344

50 CCTV Handbook 2017


IAC Industrial Automation and Control

Category: IP
Supplier: IAC Industrial Automation and Control
Brand: Mobotix
Camera name: Mobotix V25 Vandalism Camera
Maximum resolution: 6 MP
Lighting capabilities: Day: 0,1 lux (t=1/60s) 0.005 lux (t=1/1s); includes moonlight technology.
Software provided with camera: Full featured, intelligent video analysis and management software is provided.
Onboard storage: microSD card (4 GB card pre-installed); up to 128 GB
Onboard intelligence: Shock detection, video sensor, event recording, MxAnalytics (heat map and people statistics),

alarm notification, two-way audio option.

Additional security features: Custom password, encryption, certificates, user defined access rights and anti-bot settings.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: No
Description: Vandalism indoor camera, supported with two vandalism kits including a stainless steel protection ring and reinforced dome
cover. Ideal for installations in public buildings, prisons and military premises. Supports ultra wide to distant tele lenses and can be adjusted
both horizontally and vertically.
Variations in range available: Ceiling or wall mounting; optional on-wall audio kit.
Contact: Yusuf Hassim,, +27 (0)12657 3600

Category: IP
Supplier/brand: IndigoVision
Camera name: HD Interceptor PTZ Camera
Maximum resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
Lighting capabilities: Day: 0,0013 Lux (colour); night: 0,0008 Lux (mono); 30 IRE.
Software provided with camera: No
Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: No
Additional security features: No

ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF

Description: With integrated white and infrared lighting, flat glass and 129 mm lens, the
IndigoVision HD Interceptor PTZ camera delivers 1080p video regardless of ambient light with Sony
STARVIS technology. Ruggedised, with IP68 and IK10 rating, and with an operating temperature
range of -40C to 60C, the Interceptor can easily cope with the most challenging environments.
Variations in range available: Models available with IR illuminators.
Contact: Alex Penhaligon,, +44 131 475 7200

Naxian Systems
Category: IP
Supplier: Naxian Systems
Brand: Uniview
Camera name: IPC6252SL-X33UP
Maximum resolution: 1920x1080 @ 60 fps
Lighting capabilities: Starlight 500 m laser IR distance; colour: 0,002 lux and 0 Lux with IR;
smart IR support of up to 30 m.
Software provided with camera: EzView provides a mobile and desktop application, ONVIF support,
up to 256 channels, synchronised playback, multi-channel export and video analytics support.

Onboard storage: 128 GB

Onboard intelligence: Auto object tracking; people counting; cross line, intrusion, motion, face and audio detection.
Additional security features: Forced password change, RTSP basic and digest authentication,
ARP binding to MAC address.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: While offering enterprise-grade quality, reliability that allows for a 3-year swap out warranty, and security features that comply
to the highest expectations of information and data security professionals, this camera is price positioned in the mid-range market.
Variations in range available: Available in a range of speed dome cameras.
Contact: Duncan Gordon,, +27 (0)87 820 0620 CCTV Handbook 2017 51


Naxian Systems
Category: IP
Supplier: Naxian Systems
Brand: Uniview
Camera name: IPC3234SR3-DVZ28
Maximum resolution: 2592x1520 @ 20 fps
Lighting capabilities: Day/night with auto switch IR cut filter; colour: 0,02 Lux (F2.0, AGC ON) and
0 Lux with IR; smart IR support of up to 30 m.
Software provided with camera: EzView provides a mobile and desktop application, ONVIF support,
up to 256 channels, synchronised playback, multi-channel export and video analytics support.

Onboard storage: 128 GB

Onboard intelligence: People counting; cross line, intrusion, motion, face and audio detection.
Additional security features: Forced password change, RTSP basic and digest authentication, ARP binding to MAC address.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: While offering enterprise-grade quality, reliability that allows for a-3 year swap out warranty, and security features that
comply to the highest expectations of information and data security professionals, this camera is price positioned in the mid-range market.
Variations in range available: Non-motorised vari-focal and fixed focal lens options.
Contact: Duncan Gordon,, +27 (0)87 820 0620

Category: IP
Supplier: Reditron
Brand: Avigilon
Camera name: Avigilon 16L-H4PRO-B
Maximum resolution: 4944 x 3280 (5K)
Lighting capabilities: 0,005 lux (at F1.4), dynamic range 70 dB
Software provided with camera: Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software gives control over a workstation
with a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls, and customisable features that improve multi-person interactions.
Onboard storage: SD/SDHC/SDXC slot - minimum class 6; class 10 and 64 GB or better recommended.

Onboard intelligence: Advanced video pattern-based algorithms recognise the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles, while
ignoring any activity that isnt relevant.
Additional security features: Password protection, HTTPS encryption, digest authentication, WS authentication, user access log, 802.1x port
based authentication.
ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: Tier 1 product ideal for large overview areas of interest using only one or two cameras. Examples include casinos, mines, airports
and huge parking areas.
Variations in range available: Lens mount EF (SLR-style bayonet); many lenses available.
Contact: Jacques Bester,,

Regal Distributors SA
Category: IP
Supplier: Regal Distributors SA
Brand: Hikvision
Camera name: PanoVu 360 16 MP Camera (DS-2DP1636Z-D)
Maximum resolution: Up to 2 x 4096 x 1800 @ 30 fps
Lighting capabilities: Ultra-low light 0,005 Lux @ (F2.2, AGC ON)
Software provided with camera: IVMS-5200 Professional is a centralised video management
software available for the full Hikvision product range. It provides a complete working solution
for all applications with its powerful features.

Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: 3D intelligent positioning; intrusion, line crossing, region entrance/exit detection.
Additional security features: Three-level authentication management, user and password authorisations, IP address filtering.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: The PanoVu DS-2DP1636Z-D panoramic and PTZ camera can capture panoramic images as well as close-up images.
The panoramic images are captured by eight sensors, which together offer 360 panoramic monitoring. The design of this model
with its high speed PTZ offers fast detail and positioning over a panoramic area.
Variations in range available: Available as a 180 panoramic camera, 8 MP.
Contact: Michael Collier,, +27 (0)11 553 3300

52 CCTV Handbook 2017


Regal Distributors SA
Category: IP
Supplier: Regal Distributors SA
Brand: Hikvision
Camera name: 2 MP Darkfighter Bullet Camera (DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZ/P)
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 fps
Lighting capabilities: Ultra low-light technology, IR 50 m
Software provided with camera: IVMS-5200 Professional is a centralised video management software
available for the full Hikvision product range. It provides a complete working solution for all applications with its powerful features.
Onboard storage: SD card 128 GB

Onboard intelligence: Licence plate recognition, defog.

Additional security features: Three-level authentication management, user and password authorisations, IP address filtering.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: This Darkfighter ultra-low light smart camera is capable of capturing a high-quality colour image in
low-light environments. Its complete set of smart features is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including
LPR (licence plate recognition).
Variations in range available: 2,8 12 mm lens or 8 32 mm lens models available.
Contact: Michael Collier,, +27 (0)11 553 3300

Regal Distributors SA
Category: IP
Supplier: Regal Distributors SA
Brand: Hikvision
Camera name: 2 MP Darkfighter PTZ Camera (DS-2DF8223I-AEL)
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080
Lighting capabilities: Ultra low-light technology, IR 200 m
Software provided with camera: IVMS-5200 Professional is a centralised video management
software available for the full Hikvision product range. It provides a complete working solution for
all applications with its powerful features.

Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: 3D digital noise reduction; smart detection, tracking and recording; defog.
Additional security features: Three-level authentication management, user and password authorisations, IP address filtering.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: The Darkfighter DS-2DF8223I-AEL Smart PTZ camera is capable of capturing a high-quality colour image in low-light
environments with its cutting-edge low illumination level of 0,002 Lux (colour image). It also features a wide range of smart functions including
facial detection, intrusion detection, line crossing detection and smart tracking.
Variations in range available: None
Contact: Michael Collier,, +27 (0)11 553 3300

Stahl Esaco
Category: IP
Supplier/brand: R. Stahl
Camera name: EC 940 - AFZ
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080
Lighting capabilities: 0,03 lux (1/30s, F1.6, 50 IRE)
Software provided with camera: No
Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: No
Additional security features: None

ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: Both

Description: This camera features an Ex e connection chamber for easy
installation, and is suitable for use in Zone 1 / 2 / 21 / 22 at temperatures between -55C and +65C.
It is IP66 rated, comes in a stainless steel enclosure, and carries ATEX / IECEx approval.
Variations in range available: Viewing angle of 62,8 degrees (W), 2,23 degrees (T).
Contact: Preshan Moodliar,, +27 (0)11 608 3120 CCTV Handbook 2017 53


UTC Fire and Security

Category: IP
Supplier: UTC Fire and Security
Brand: TruVision
Camera name: TVB-5405
Maximum resolution: 2592 x 1944
Lighting capabilities: DWDR, true day/night, 50 m IR, 3D DNR, motorised IR cut filter.
Software provided with camera: TruVision Navigator allows connection of the latest generation of IP cameras and viewing
of recordings, live video, as well as receiving and validating incoming events.
Onboard storage: 128 GB SDHC card

Onboard intelligence: Face, audio exception, intrusion, de-focus, scene change, cross line, advanced motion, region entrance and exit,
and object removal and left behind detection; electronic image stabilisation; region of interest; defog; object counting.
ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF profile (G,S), PSIA, CGI
Description: This IP bullet form factor camera leverages the latest H.265 video compression to bring state of-the-art, high-definition
pictures to the mass video surveillance market. Equipped with advanced technology and signal processing capability, it effectively
captures video under challenging conditions.
Variations in range available: 2 MP, 3 MP and 5 MP. Bullet or dome, all with VF lens
Contact: Randhir Seodutt,, +27 (0)11579 7300

Category: IP
Supplier/brand: VIVOTEK
Camera name: SC8131
Maximum resolution: 2560x960 @ 15 fps
Lighting capabilities: None
Software provided with camera: Seamless integration with video content analysis reports in
VIVOTEKs VAST. The metadata is displayed in comprehensive graphs and line charts, making the
SC8131 ideal for retail analytics.
Onboard storage: Yes, capacity dependent on microSD/SDHC/SDXC card.

Onboard intelligence: Yes

Additional security features: None
ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: The SC8131 is a stereo counting camera, armed with VIVOTEKs 3D depth technology and video surveillance functionality,
providing real-time, precise tracking video and high accuracy counting up to 98%. The stereo camera generates data information
such as people counting, giving business owners key metrics to effectively make operating decisions and increase ROI.
Variations in range available: None.
Contact: Jackie Wu,, +886-2-8245-5282

54 CCTV Handbook 2017


Stahl Esaco
Category: Analogue
Supplier/brand: R. Stahl
Camera name: EC 710
Maximum resolution: 795 x 596 (PAL) ; 811 x 508 (NTSC)
Lighting capabilities: 1,5 lux (F1.2, 5600 K)

Description: This compact camera is designed for harsh environments and

minimal space requirements. IP69K protection allows easy cleaning of extremely
soiled cameras by using a high-pressure cleaner. The temperature range of -40C
up to +75C allows worldwide operation without additional enclosures. The
light weight (0,44 kg without cable) and the diameter of only 55 mm allow easy
Variations in range available: Lenses with viewing angle of 81 degrees (H),
61 degrees (V).
Contact: Preshan Moodliar,, +27 (0)11 608 3120

Bosch Security Systems

Category: Thermal
Supplier: Refer to dealer locator at
Brand: Bosch
Camera name: DINION IP thermal 8000
Maximum resolution: 640 x 480
Lighting capabilities: N/A
Software provided with camera: Bosch Video Client

Onboard storage: Supports up to 32 GB microSDHC / 2 TB microSDXC

Onboard intelligence: Intelligent Video Analytics with powerful features including simple calibration, false alarm reduction
and extended range identification.
Additional security features: Three-level password protection, protected web browser access and firmware updates,
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support.
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF Profile S
Description: DINION IP thermal 8000 combines thermal imaging and intelligent video analytics at the edge, making it suitable for
mission-critical applications that require video content analysis over longer distances up to 762 m. Designed for outdoor use, it
ensures early detection of objects up to 5850 m in environments with limited visibility.
Variations in range available: Various lens (7,5 mm, 9 mm, 16,7 mm, 19 mm, 35 mm and 65 mm) and resolution options (VGA & QVGA).
Contact: Quintin van den Berg,, +27 (0)11651 9600/4

Hikvision South Africa

Category: Thermal
Supplier: Hikvision South Africa
Brand: Hikvision
Camera name: DS-2TD2136/66
Maximum resolution: 640x512
Lighting capabilities: N/A

Software provided with camera: Free iVMS-4200 client software to live view, record, playback and manage the camera.
Onboard storage: Maximum 64 GB SD card
Onboard intelligence: Line crossing, intrusion, audio exception, region entrance and exit; reliable temperature exception; advanced fire
Additional security features: Password activation, user authentication, IP filter, MAC address filter, lock user and lock IP
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: The thermal network bullet camera is applied for perimeter defence and fire prevention purposes in critical infrastructures
such as airport, railway, prison, power station, 4S stores, and so on. The pre-alarm system helps discover unexpected events immediately
and protects from property loss.
Variations in range available: Various lenses as optional extras
Contact: Bill Xu,, +27 (0)10 035 1172 CCTV Handbook 2017 55


Category: Thermal
Supplier/brand: IndigoVision
Camera name: BX Thermal Bullet Camera
Maximum resolution: 640x512 pixels
Software provided with camera: No
Onboard storage: microSD (up to 128 GB)

Onboard intelligence: Motion detection, hooded, tripwire, intrusion,

abandoned, missing object, temperature detection and alarm
Additional security features: No
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: The BX Thermal Bullet Camera with VOx uncooled thermal sensor and a thermalised focus-free lens,
provides an all-in-one intelligence driven solution for extreme outdoor thermal security, with high thermal sensitivity
(<40 mK) to capture more image details and accurate temperature measurement over long distances combined with
powerful, built-in intelligent video and edge analytics.
Variations in range available: 640x512 or 320x256 sensor options and lens options of 7,5 mm, 13 mm,
19 mm, 25 mm and 35 mm.
Contact: Alex Penhaligon,, +44 131 475 7200

Category: Thermal
Supplier: SecuExports
Brand: FLIR
Camera name: FC ID
Maximum resolution: 640 x 480
Lighting capabilities: Thermal
Software provided with camera: No

Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: The FC ID series comes with onboard analytics for high-performance intrusion detection.
Additional security features: None
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: FLIRs FC ID thermal camera combines best-in-class thermal image detail and high-performance edge perimeter
analytics together in a single device that delivers optimal intrusion detection in challenging environments and
extreme conditions. Typical application areas include critical infrastructure, nuclear power, petrochemical, ports and
borders, commercial and residential.
Variations in range available: None
Contact: Charles Harrison,,

Stahl Esaco
Category: Thermal
Supplier/brand: R. Stahl
Camera name: EC 840S - TIC
Maximum resolution: 640 x 512 (PAL) ; 640 x 480 (NTSC)
Lighting capabilities: N/A
Software provided with camera: No

Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: No
Additional security features: No
ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: The EC 840S TIC is a high-resolution thermal imaging camera for monitoring changes in temperatures in processes or indoor
spaces. Featuring an Ex e connection chamber for easy installation, it is suitable for use in Zone 1 / 2 / 21 / 22 at temperatures between
-55C and +65C. It is IP68/69 rated, comes in a stainless steel enclosure, and carries ATEX / IECEx approval. The camera is available in
IP and analogue versions.
Variations in range available: Viewing angle up to 32 degrees (H) ; 26 degrees (V)
Contact: Preshan Moodliar,, +27 (0)11 608 3120

56 CCTV Handbook 2017


Dahua Technology
Category: Speciality (HDCVI)
Supplier/brand: Dahua Technology
Camera name: DH-HAC-HF3805G
Maximum resolution: 8 megapixels
Lighting capabilities: 0,001 lux/F1.2 (colour), 0,0001 lux (black & white),

Software provided with camera: iDMSS on Android, gDMSS on iOS,

Smart PSS on Windows for local and remote control.
Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: Privacy mask, people counting, tripwire, intrusion.
Additional security features: None
ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: Neither
Description: The HF3805G, an HDCVI box camera, is the first HD-over-coax camera to achieve 4K ultra HD (8 megapixel) and supports long
transmission distance up to 700 m. It features Starlight capability and 140 dB ultra WDR, and supports intelligent functions for evidence collec-
tion and analysis. It is ideal for mid-to-large-sized projects in critical areas.
Variations in range available: Box camera, IR bullet, dome and fisheye cameras.
Contact: Fritz Wang,, +27 (0)72 628 6810

Elvey Security Technologies

Category: Speciality
Supplier: Elvey Security Technologies
Brand: Kedacom
Camera name: IPC525
Maximum Resolution: 2 MP, 19201080

Lighting capabilities: Laser, Colour: 0.001Lux / B/W: 0.0001Lux.

Software provided with camera: Free CMS which can manage up to 128 NVRs simultaneously,
regardless of NVR models, multiple functionalities, such as Live View, Playback and E-Map.
Onboard storage: 128 GB
Onboard intelligence: Motion detection/tampering/enter guard area/object left/object removal/gathering/audio surge.
ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: The IPC525 is a long-distance Laser PTZ camera designed for elevated environments. The camera is a companion for day-to-night
video-based supervision and during emergency events. It has been deployed within, but not limited to, high altitude scenarios including safe
city, urban fire control, urban-focused target monitoring, forest fire control, and air defence security.
Variations in range available: 32x optical zoom, 15.6~500 mm lens, 2000 m laser distance; 60x optical zoom, 12.5~750 mm lens, 2x Barlow
lens, 3000 m laser distance; 60x optical zoom, 16.7~1000 mm lens, 2x Barlow lens, 5000 m laser distance
Contact: Johan Opperman,, +27 (0)11 401 6700

Forbatt SA
Category: Speciality - Software
Supplier: Forbatt SA
Brand: Kedacom
Product name: ZCS-KDCA1-6: Data Docking Station Management Software
Maximum resolution: 1920x1080

Onboard storage: Supports 3 x 3,5 hard disk (hard disk drawer, 1 x 4 TB

hard disk included. Maximum 24 TB (up to 8 TB each). RAID 1 supported.
Description: 13,3 touchscreen platform which can be used to dock up to
24 body worn cameras simultaneously (6 slots default). It supports extended
module, record downloading, automatic charging, time correction,
automatic upgrade and data export. The system provides 3 slots for
3,5 hard disks and supports up to 24 TB storage with RAID functionality
(1 x 8 TB HDD included). The cameras battery charges when docked.
Variations in range available: None
Contact: Gino De Oliveira,, 27 (0)11 469 3598 CCTV Handbook 2017 57


GeoVision SA
Category: Speciality
Supplier: GeoVision SA
Brand: GeoVision
Camera name: GV-LPR1200
Maximum resolution: 1280 x 720
Lighting capabilities: IR included; accurate recognition in any light conditions.

Software provided with camera: Licence plate recognition software, includes access control
software. Free VMS included.
Onboard storage: 32 GB
Onboard intelligence: Licence plate recognition
Additional security features: Password, SSL encryption, HTTPS and IP filtering
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: Both
Description: The GV-LPR1200 is capable of recognising licence plate numbers with the built-in LPR
processor. It can compare captured licence plates either with a standalone database created on the
GV-LPR1200, or a database downloaded from the access control software GV-ASManage.
Variations in range available: Other options for licence plate recognition are available.
Contact: Jacques,, +27 (0)12 664 0411

Category: Speciality
Supplier: Jablotron
Brand: Jablotron
Camera name: JA-120PC (bus wired); JA-160PC (wireless)
Maximum resolution: 640x480

Software provided with camera: Communicates directly with JA100 control panels
Onboard storage: 4 GB SD card
Onboard intelligence: N/A
ONVIF / PSIA: Not applicable
Description: The JA-120/160PC is the wireless component of the Jablotron 100 system.
It serves for the detection of human movement in building interiors and visual
alarm confirmation.
Contact: Bruce Lang,, +27 (0)11 615 3675

Category: Speciality
Supplier: SecuExports
Brand: FLIR
Camera name: PT-602CZ
Maximum resolution: 640 x 480

Lighting capabilities: Thermal and visible light imaging

Software provided with camera: No
Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: No
Additional security features: None
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: The FLIR PT-602CZ pan/tilt, multi-sensor security camera delivers thermal imaging
from a long-life cooled, midwave thermal detector that delivers a lower cost of ownership and provides excellent
long-range perimeter intrusion detection and surveillance. Typical application areas include critical infrastructure,
nuclear power, petrochemical, ports and borders, commercial and residential.
Variations in range available: None
Contact: Charles Harrison,,

58 CCTV Handbook 2017


Category: Speciality
Supplier: SecuExports
Brand: FLIR
Camera name: PT-Series
Maximum resolution: 640 x 480
Lighting capabilities: Thermal and visible light imaging.

Software provided with camera: No

Onboard storage: No
Onboard intelligence: No
Additional security features: None
ONVIF/PSIA standards compliant: ONVIF
Description: FLIRs PT-Series of high-performance, multi-sensor cameras bring thermal and visible-light imaging together in a system that
gives video and control over both IP and analogue networks. The PT-Series precision pan/tilt mechanism provides accurate pointing control
and fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functions. Typical application areas include critical infrastructure,
nuclear power, petrochemical, ports and borders, commercial and residential.
Variations in range available: None
Contact: Charles Harrison,,

UTC Fire and Security

Category: Speciality - Hybrid
Supplier: UTC Fire and Security
Brand: TruVision
Camera name: TVB-2406
Maximum resolution: 8 megapixels

Lighting capabilities: True day/night, 100 m IR, 3D DNR,

motorised IR cut filter, WDR
Software provided with camera: TruVision Navigator allows connection of the
latest generation of IP cameras and viewing of recordings, live video, as well as receiving and validating incoming events.
Onboard storage: N/A
Onboard intelligence: N/A
Additional security features: N/A
ONVIF / PSIA standards compliant: N/A
Description: These cameras offer a combination of performance and resolution. The bullet and dome provide motorised lens control which
facilitates installation and image adjustment. From the TVR12HD/44HD the installer can remotely control the focal length and precisely adjust
the camera focus, simplifying both installation and maintenance.
Variations in range available: Bullet or dome, all with VF lens.
Contact: Randhir Seodutt,, +27 (0)11579 7300 CCTV Handbook 2017 59


Type of device NVR NVR NVR

Supplier Akhanani Distributors Axis Communications Refer to dealer locator at http://africa.

Brand Panasonic Axis Communications Bosch

Product name WJ-ND400 AXIS Camera Station S10 Recorder Series DIVAR network 5000 recorder

Description MPEG-4 and JPEG multi format AXIS Camera Station S10 Recorder 32 IP channels with 320 Mbps incoming
Up to 64 network cameras can be con- Series constitutes a series of network bandwidth
nected without extra licence fee video recorders for reliable high defini- 2 MP IP camera support for view and
200 Mbps high throughput; best match tion surveillance. AXIS S10 recorders are playback
with Megapixel i-Pro network cameras preloaded with all necessary software Real time live display for 16 channels
Various recording modes: manual, sched- including licences and are preconfigured @1080p or 4 channels @4k
ule including event (pre/post), emergency to minimise installation time Extended rack-mount unit with advanced
Panasonic camera control: pan/tilt, zoom, connections
focus, brightness, preset position, auto Separate Internet and IP camera
mode (depending on camera model) networks

Embedded or PC based Embedded PC based Embedded

PC operating system supported Windows 10

Maximum number of cameras 64 64 32


Maximum video resolution 4K 4K 4K


Maximum video resolution across 1080p 4K 16 channels @ 1080p, 4 channels @ 4K

all channels simultaneously

Remote management & viewing ASM300 i-Pro Management Software Apple and Android applications free with Web browser; Windows Desktop; Android;
apps/technologies software iOS; Bosch Video Management System

Maximum number of concurrent 16 No software limitation 128


Type of protection & levels User/host authentication, 4 programmable Password protection, digital watermark
user levels

Additional security features 16 user priorities and user-camera Activation GUI password setup
view/control partitioning. Up to 32 user

Hardware format Rack mountable Rack mountable, standalone 1,5U rack mount

Storage type SATA SATA SATA, JBOD, RAID 1 or 5

Maximum storage capacity 54 TB 24 TB 24 TB

External storage & HDD extendable Up to 270 TB Yes eSATA-connected storage device

Backup options USB External Flash, external HDD, DVD (optional), web
client software or video client

ONVIF compliance No Yes Yes

Video inputs 64 0/16 ports (optional)

Camera configuration & A variety of features are supported Full management client HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, IPv4/IPv6, UPnP,
management features RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS/
DDNS, IP filter, PPPoE, FTP

Camera video & stream protocols RTSP H.265/H.264/MJPEG

Data export formats JPEG ASF and jpeg

Physical video outputs Up to 4 Up to 4 VGA, HDMI

Physical user interfaces Joystick, keyboard and mouse

Alarm or analytics services 32 x terminal inputs, 64 x camera alarms, Essential or Intelligent Video Analytics,
Panasonic alarm protocol Motion + and video loss, motion detection,
input alarm, system alarm

Integration with other systems No Software integration via Bosch SDKs

Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years inclusive HDD

Contact Morne van der Helde Vanessa Tyne Quintin van den Berg
+27 (0)11 613 7299 +27 (0)11 548 6780 +27 (0)11 651 9600/4

60 CCTV Handbook 2017


Type of device NVR NVR NVR

Supplier Dahua Technology Elvey Security Technologies ADI, Elvey, Eurobyte, PinnSec

Brand Dahua Technology Kedacom Kedacom

Product name NVR616-128-4KS2 NVR1822-32HDA NVR1821

Description 4K & H.265Ultra series NVR 4 x 1080p@30fps/9 x 720p@30fps video 9 to 16 channels

Supports POS overlay decoding capability Resolution: up to 8 MP
Supports smart tracking, people counting 6 MP video supported Max. 48 TB
and heat map Up to 32 channels Alarm input/video lost/motion detection/
Supports fisheye dewarp and IVS Up to 160 Mbps incoming bandwidth system alarm
Supports N+M fail over Max. 4 HDDs up to 24 TB storage Free CMS (NVR Station), supports 128
Integrates with LPR system NVRs simultaneously

Embedded or PC based Embedded Embedded Embedded

PC operating system supported Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 Windows/Mac Windows/Mac

Maximum number of cameras 128 32 64


Maximum video resolution 12 MP 6 MP 4 x 4K @ 30 fps / 16 x 1080p @ 30 fps

supported video decoding capability

Maximum video resolution across 1 MP across 32 channels are in use 6 MP, 5 MP, 4 MP, 3 MP, 1080p, UXGA, 90 to 320 Mbps incoming, 256 Mbps output
all channels simultaneously 960p, 720p, XGA, SVGA, D1, CIF, QCIF

Remote management & viewing gDMSS on Android, iDMSS on iOS, Smart CMS (NVR Station)/Web/iOS app/Android iOS, Android, Web
apps/technologies PSS on Windows for remote control app

Maximum number of concurrent 128 64 64


Type of protection & levels Operates from -10C ~ +55C, ~ 90% RH, Password protected NAT, Socks5, multiple network access,
N+M, RAID 0/1/5/6/10 packet loss recovery, auto network

Additional security features Forced password change Password protection and digital watermark

Hardware format Rack mountable Rack mountable Internal

Storage type SATA, mini SAS (external) 4 SATA Ports e-SATA, 8 x 3,5 HDD

Maximum storage capacity 128 TB 24 TB 48 TB

External storage & HDD extendable 128 TB with external storage server +2 TB IPSAN 16-bay external storage

Backup options USB, websites USB, network

ONVIF compliance Yes Yes Yes

Video inputs Network port 1 x Gigabit network port, RJ45 interface/ 2 x Gigabit network port, RJ45 interface
32 Channels

Camera configuration & Configuration of all camera functions Free CMS supports 128 NVR and 6
management features including smart functions screens simultaneously

Camera video & stream protocols ONVI/Dahua PRIVITE ONVIF, RTSP, KEDACOM H.264, H.265

Data export formats DAV, ASF Native, AVI

Physical video outputs 2 x HDMI,VGA HDMI and VGA HMDI (up to 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz), VGA
(up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz)

Physical user interfaces Web and local operating menu, mobile app 2 x USB 2.0

Alarm or analytics services Intelligent function including tripwire, Alarm input/video lost/motion detection/ Alarm input, video lost, motion detection,
intrusion, scene change, face detection tampering/guard line/defocus/scene change/ system alarm
Motion and alarm enter guard area/exit guard area/ object left/
object removal/gathering/audio surge

Integration with other systems Dahua, Arecont Vision, AXIS, Bosch, ONVIF E-PTZ, scheme, polling, TV wall (optional)
Brickcom, Canon, CP Plus, Dynacolor,
Honeywell, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung,
Sanyo, Sony, Videotec, Vivotek and more

Warranty 3 years 3 Years

Additional information This NVR is project based, and supports

4K and H.265, hot standby, N+M, ANR
and RAID 0/1/5/6/10

Contact Fritz Wang Johan Opperman Gino De Oliveira
+27 (0)72 628 6810 +27 (0)11 401 6700 +27 (0)11 469 3598 CCTV Handbook 2017 61


Type of device DVR VMS NVR

Supplier Communica, Rull, TPA GeoVision SA Hikvision South Africa

Brand TVT GeoVision Hikvision

Product name TD-2732TC-C GV-VMS DS-76/7700NI-Kx/P

Description TVI / AHD 2.0 video input GV-VMS is a comprehensive video Entry-level 4K and H.265+ NVR
1080p/1080p lite/720P/WD1 recording management system that records up to 64 H.265+ codec ensures economical
Advanced SOC technique ensures real- channels of GeoVision and/or third-party IP recording and streaming
time recording on each channel devices. The live view and playback layout 4K output displays more detail
Supports 32-channel video input, 4-chan- can be easily adjusted with the intuitive Dual OS design and ANR technology
nel audio input, simultaneous 16-channel drag-and-drop function. GV-VMS comes ensure high reliability of system opera-
playback with a variety of intelligent video analytics tion and video recording
Multi-mode recording: manual/timer/ to oer precise monitoring and to reduce
motion/sensor the need for manual supervision

Embedded or PC based Embedded PC based Embedded

PC operating system supported Windows Windows 7, 8, 10 and Server Windows/Linux/Mac OS

Maximum number of cameras 32 64 32


Maximum video resolution TVI/AHD 2.0 1080P, 720p, WD1 real-time 12 MP 8 MP


Maximum video resolution across HDMI x 1: 1920 x 1080. VGA x 1: 1920 x Panel resolution up to 4K 8 MP
all channels simultaneously 1080; BNC x 1: CVBS

Remote management & viewing iOS, Android GV-Center V2, GV-Vital Sign Monitor, HIK-Connect App/Web/iVMS-4200/
apps/technologies GV-Dispatch Server, GV-Control Center, iVMS-5200 TCP/IP, HIK Cloud P2P, SMTP,
WebCam, GV-Mobile Server, GV-Edge DDNS, HTTPS, SADP
Recording Server (Windows /Mac), GV-Eye
for iPhone/iPod/ iPad

Maximum number of concurrent 10 32 128


Type of protection & levels Multi-level password protection and expira- Password activation, three-level user
tion, SSL encrypt connection support authentication, user and password
authorisation, IP address filtering, fixed
MAC address

Hardware format Standalone PC tower, NVR Lite, mobile PC Rack mountable

Storage type SATA x 4, max 6 TB per HDD HDD, external HDD, NAS SATA HDD inside and network storage

Maximum storage capacity 24 TB Unlimited 6 TB per HDD

External storage & HDD extendable U-disk, USB removable HDD Up to currently available

Backup options U-disk, USB removable HDD HDD, NAS, CD, DVD, ZIP, JAZ, Blu-Ray USB, CD-RW

ONVIF compliance No Yes Yes

Video inputs BNC 32 Network Maximum 256 Mbps video input bandwidth

Camera configuration & Remote control via IE or CMS; preview, Object/people counting; face, motion, OSD, image setting, motion, privacy,
management features playback, backup, PTZ and configuration crowd, scene change, unattended/missing mask, video tamper, analytics, camera
object detection; intrusion alarm; privacy network configurations etc.
mask; heat map

Camera video & stream protocols MJPEG, H.264, H.265 H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264/MPEG4

Data export formats AVI or DAT format for footage AVI, JPEG, EXE, GV-Viewlog application MP4, JPEG

Physical video outputs HDMI, VGA, BNC HDMI, DVI, VGA VGA, HDMI

Physical user interfaces PTZ or keyboard GeoVision VMS GUI Two-way audio, LAN, RS-485, RS-232, key-
board, USB2.0, USB3.0, alarm in and out

Alarm or analytics services Manual, sensor, motion, exception Analytics included free, I/O modules can Motion detection, video tampering, video
be added exception alert and video loss alert func-
tions, line crossing, intrusion, audio excep-
tion, region entrance and exit

Integration with other systems Point of sale/weighbridge integration

Warranty 2 years 3-5 years 2 years

Additional information Supports PTZ preset and auto cruise, NAT All software and firmware upgrades are
function and QR code scanning free and we have no annual licence fees

Contact Gino De Oliveira Clive Cumberlege Bill Xu
27 (0)11 469 3598 +27 (0)12 664 0411 +27 (0)10 035 1172

62 CCTV Handbook 2017


Type of device NVR NVR NVR

Supplier Hitek Security Distributors Naxian Systems Reditron

Brand Provision ISR Geutebruck Dahua

Product name NVR5-641600(2U) G-Scope/8000-IP16 DHI-NVR5416P-4KS2

Description 64-channel rack mount NVR 128 IP channels H.265/H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4 decoding

Real-time recording at 5 MP on all 64-bit G-core with GPU acceleration Max 320 Mbps incoming bandwidth
channels at 25 fps per channel Solid state Raid 1, mirrored hard drive for Up to 12 MP resolution preview and
Maximum 8 x 6 TB HDDs operating system, metadata configuration playback
4K HDMI out information 2 x HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output
Bandwidth outgoing 320 Mbps, incoming Raid 6 failover and redundancy for video 3D intelligent positioning with Dahua PTZ
320 Mbps Redundant: power supply, NIC, fan camera

Embedded or PC based Embedded Embedded Embedded Linux

PC operating system supported All Windows Server 2012 R2 Essential Windows, Mac (through Smart PSS software)

Maximum number of cameras 64 128 64


Maximum video resolution 5 MP 4K 12 MP


Maximum video resolution across 5 MP on all channels Depends on client viewing station or video Max 320 Mbps
all channels simultaneously wall processor

Remote management & viewing Web browser, Provision CAM2 for iOS/ HTML5 based, OS agnostic remote man- Smart PSS software
apps/technologies Android agement, viewing & playback application

Maximum number of concurrent 10 users online with professional authority Realistically, 10 concurrent users given 128
users management modern processor capability

Type of protection & levels Password protected with dierent levels for Bitlocker, Virtualisation, 256-bit encrypted
each function video file formats

Additional security features User security levels, forced password Active directory integration for user and group Password protected
change management, forced password changes

Hardware format 2U rack mountable Rack mountable Standalone

Storage type SATA X8 + e-SATA X2 SATA, break out using DAS, NAS or SAN 4 x SATA 3.0 ports, up to 6 TB for each HDD

Maximum storage capacity 48 TB internal + e-SATA size 256 TB 24 TB

External storage & HDD extendable Via e-SATA and via network; no limit Yes 8 x HDD eSATA
to size

Backup options DAT/AVI Various industry standards supported Flash memory or external HDD (FAT32),
DVD (optional), web client software or
video client

ONVIF compliance Yes Yes Yes

Video inputs 2 x 1000 Mbps 64 channels over network 128 64 channels

Camera configuration & Full integration with ONVIF protocol and Supported onboard
management features various third-party camera manufacturers

Camera video & stream protocols Provision and ONVIF RTSP, RTP, ONVIF, M-JPEG, H.264, ONVIF 2.4, CGI conformant
H264CCTV, ready for H.265

Data export formats AVI/DAT GBF, AVI, MPEG4, JPEG AVI, JPEG

Physical video outputs HDMI, VGA HDMI ports and IP based video matrix 2 x HDMI, 1 x VGA

Physical user interfaces Keyboard and mouse, PTZ controller

Alarm or analytics services Basic analytics; depending on the camera Activity detection, scene validation, Motion detection, video loss and tampering,
automatic LPR, perimeter analysis alarm input, relay output, IVS

Integration with other systems Integration with Provision CMS or any Various third party access, alarm, fire, Integrates into Paxton Net2 access control
device that supports RTSP building management, RFID, etc.

Warranty 3 years swap-out 2 years, extendable to 5 years 3 years

Additional information No recurring licence fees, free SDK, 24 hour The NVR features multiple fisheye dewarp-
technical support, local sales & support ing modes to make viewing video easy,
whether its live or during playback

Contact Hitek Security Distributors Duncan Gordon Jacques Bester
+27 (0)21 946 3344 +27 (0)87 820 0620 CCTV Handbook 2017 63


Type of device NVR Hybrid

Supplier Regal Distributors SA UTC Fire and Security

Brand Hikvision TruVision

Product name Blazer Express Series TVR15HD

Description 16 or 32 channel models Hybrid recorder that accepts standard

Pre-installed operating system and pre- analog, HD-TVI and IP cameras
activated IVMS 5200 Can control OSD menu of HD-TVI
Built-in ANPR and POS analytics cameras and control TruVision HD-TVI
PoE interfaces supporting plug-and-play PTZ cameras via coax
functions for network cameras Plug-&-play solution for analog and
Easy and efficient single point solution HD-TVI
for video surveillance with software 100% IP possibility on all channels
management. Build-in SIA/XIA alarm receiver for UTC
IP based alarm panels

Embedded or PC based PC based Embedded

PC operating system supported Windows

Maximum number of cameras 16 or 32 4/8/16


Maximum video resolution 2 x 4K/9 x 1080p 5 MP


Maximum video resolution across 4 MP Full HD

all channels simultaneously

Remote management & viewing Web browser interface, IVMS 5200 client TruVision Navigator
apps/technologies software, Android Mobile, iOS Mobile

Maximum number of concurrent 32 Unlimited


Type of protection & levels AES-256 encryption, digital watermark Available on request

Additional security features Three-level authentication management, Available on request
user and password authorisations, IP
address filtering

Hardware format 19 1U and 1,5U 1U desk-based chassis, rack ears included

Storage type SATA SATA

Maximum storage capacity 16 channel (2 x SATA bays) 32 channel (4 Up to 4/8/12 TB of embedded storage
x SATA bays)

External storage & HDD extendable SSD support (64 GB) 2 x SATA interfaces

Backup options USB or CD-RW DVD burner support via USB, quick local
archiving via USB

ONVIF compliance Yes ONVIF Profile S

Video inputs 2 x RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps self-adaptive HDMI/VGA video outputs, BNC event
Ethernet interfaces monitor output and V-stream

Camera configuration & Plug-and-play PoE Ports, IPv4, IPv6, Over-the-coax control for TruVision HD-TVI
management features DHCP server, NTP server, UPnP, SNMP fixed and PTZ cameras

Camera video & stream protocols MPEG-4, H.264, H.264+ Up to 4 MP IP camera support, up to 5 MP
HD-TVI camera support

Data export formats MPEG-4 AVI, MPEG, JPEG

Physical video outputs 1 x HDMI/1 x VGA 4/1 audio inputs/output

Physical user interfaces Mouse Icon based front panel, RS-232, RS-485,
1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0. multiple alarm
inputs and relay outputs

Alarm or analytics services LPR and POS functions, alarm inputs, Intrusion integration via built-in SIA/XSIA
alarm outputs, line crossing, intrusion and alarm receiver
motion detection

Integration with other systems Lenel Onguard, Advisor Management, TVR

Mobile, TruVision Navigator, Truportal

Warranty 3 years 3 years

Contact Michael Collier Randhir Seodutt
+27 (0)11 553 3300 +27 (0)11 579 7300

Considering a remote
off-site monitoring
By Roy Wyman, Remote Off-Site Monitoring.

Roy Wyman advises on what goes into a

remote monitoring control room.
When considering starting a remote monitoring facility, there are a few
fundamental items that should be well thought out before you jump
into action.

The control room

The location of your proposed control room is critical. Are you
considering placing it in a high-risk area where your own security The managers and supervisors must also be very IT-literate, so they can
risk is greater than the clients you want to monitor? Can your assist with small day-to-day problems.
surveillance staff get to work after hours and on weekends or during As training is not a fixed syllabus due to ever-changing security
strikes or on public holidays? Is there a good landline telecommunica- requirement, it is impossible to train an operator to a point that he/she
tion infrastructure in place, is it also covered within wireless broadband knows everything. Training never ends.
Control room layout
Connectivity When designing your control room, it is important to take the
Connectivity is the most important factor when designing your facility, SAIDSA specification for CCTV control rooms into account. From an
regardless of all the effort put into the rest of your facility if you dont operational point of view, it is also a good idea to separate your
have good connectivity your control room just cant prosper. surveillance operational area from your IT area. Air-conditioning
and air-flow is also critical to ensure your equipment and staff dont
Redundancy overheat.
Redundancy is also a critical factor. Unfortunately South Africa does not Your operator console design is also important for workflow.
have a great track record when it comes to critical infrastructure such as A well-designed console will ensure an easy workflow for the
constant, clean electrical supply and telecommunication. Therefore, it surveillance operator, enabling them to view and respond to a
is of utmost importance that you consider dual or triple redundancy for situation with the necessary tools to complete the job with ease.
the following systems: The availability of a phone, stationery and workbooks within reach
Uninterrupted mains incoming power. while an eye is kept on the monitors is also important.
Telephone communication infrastructure.
Copper-based digital data connectivity. The field equipment
Wireless-based digital data connectivity. Once again, there are a few fundamental items that should be well
Connectivity server, firewall or VPN switch. thought out before you consider selling or installing a remote off-site
Video monitoring server and EMS software (event management monitoring system at your prospective client. A few of these items
system). include the following:
User station with associated software.
Transmission and or recording unit
Training How will you send the images from your clients site to your monitoring
The second most important factor when considering a control room station? It is important that the product you select for remote
is the training of your surveillance operators. Unfortunately, there is not monitoring has both recording and transmitting capabilities as well
a pool of well-trained surveillance operators in the security industry. as transmitting-only capability. The reason for this is that your clients
When considering employing operators, some of the most important site may have existing cameras and a recorder, thus he does not
factors are computer literacy, observation skills and communication need you to sell him an additional DVR a transmission-only
skills. system would suffice. It is also vital that the product you select has
A well-organised control room will always consist of shift bi-directional audio and alarm inputs and outputs.
supervisors and a good, suitable control room manager. The managers
and supervisors must know all your clients site instructions by heart, Software
to ensure your controllers get maximum benefit from their knowledge. It is important firstly that the software used to monitor your clients site CCTV Handbook 2017 65


is not just a network remote viewer applica-

tion, but a fully integrated server-based Event
Management System (EMS) with unlimited
workstation access.
The EMS software must interface between
your clients site and your operators, allowing
them to access sites randomly and manage
incoming alarm events. The EMS should have
the ability to manage twenty simultaneous
connections consisting of incoming alarms
and live connections. A very important factor
to the software is good local support and guarantee and must have the ability to be From a budget point of view, excluding the
flexibility to suit your exact needs. repaired instead of thrown away. A good building, to set up an acceptable level of control
housing and bracket will ensure the stability room will cost you in the vicinity of R1,2 to
Communications system of the camera during windy times and shield R1,5 million.
Although it seems that the services provided the camera from rain and fog. Going cheap
by telecommunication companies are and nasty for remote monitoring purposes Remote Off-Site Monitoring
improving, you can never rely on only a single is not a good idea, knowing that your (ROM)
service provider. Consider your secondary technical team will have to visit your clients Alternatively, there are suitable monitoring
option, 3G, Neotel, I-burst, or was that your site every week to repair or replace cameras facilities out there which would gladly
first option? When a site fails due to the while theft is an ongoing problem for your facilitate you inside their existing facility,
communication infrastructure failing, a client. giving you a dedicated console or even an
secondary option is vital. In the event of a entire area which you can advertise and
communications breakdown, your system Motion triggers sell as your very own. The advantage of this
needs to automatically switch between your Video motion detection (VMD) is generally is that there is no upfront capital outlay and
primary and secondary options, resulting in a very unstable, thus using VMD to trigger you can generate income from your first
seamless transition. alarms to monitor the site is not a good idea. client.
You should rather consider passive infrared Remote Off-Site Monitoring (ROM)
Cameras detectors and infrared beams to trigger an specifically caters to this need, as well as
A wide variety of cameras are available alarm situation. Your local alarm supplier can remote monitoring for numerous installation
from models produced all over the world. assist you with selecting the correct product companies as well as guarding companies.
Cameras are installed to assist the controllers for your unique application. ROM also has the understanding that if you
viewing the site. Why then install a camera We live in the 21st century where the want to start your own monitoring facility
on which the focus and aperture cannot be availability of technology is wide-spread. once you have enough clients at ROM, you
set? You, as the monitoring company, will Security technology is now setting new may leave with your clients, without prior
have to deal with the explanations when standards to ensure criminal activity can be notice.
there is an incident. No client wants to hear reduced. In the event of off-site monitoring, Please feel free to come and visit ROMs
that when you did the installation you only ensure that you can provide your client with facility for a deeper insight into remote off-site
thought of cost and not image quality. The the best technology available on the market monitoring.
main purpose of off-site monitoring is to rather than failing to ensure the greatness of
detect, view and respond to a situation remote off-site monitoring. For more information contact Remote Off-Site
before it results in damage or loss to your With this all considered you will now have a Monitoring, +27 (0)11 425 0146,
client. better insight to what is required to ensure you,
Cameras should carry a manufacturers can supply an acceptable service to your client.

66 CCTV Handbook 2017


Latest trends in control room design

By Brett van den Bosch.

Aesthetics and ergonomics are key to an efficient operation.

The name says it all: a control rooms main this usually means accommodating special
purpose is the same today as it has always requirements with a custom solution/unit.
been. What has changed, and continues to Companies have also become more aware
evolve, is the functionality at control room of ergonomics, she says. Some of the most
staffs fingertips, and the types of human- important ergonomic features commonly
machine interfaces they use. installed include wrist rests for mouse and
Keeping pace with the technological keyboards, typing stands, footrests, adjustable
advances has been a growing modern awareness screen brackets and ergonomically designed
of the importance of aesthetic and ergonomic Roos goes on to explain that the technical chairs. It is also important that worktop space is
properties to an efficient operation. Progroup attributes are always vital in terms of what sufficient for specific job requirements, that the
Manufacturing specialises in the design and companies are looking for. Some of the typical desktop height is correct, that monitor distance
making of exhibition stands, shopfitting and considerations include effective cable manage- and height are optimal for viewing angles, and
security consoles, and the companys Angelique ment with no exposed cabling, and the need to that reflections from surfaces are minimal.
Roos provides insights into some of the latest ease access to equipment for maintenance and Taking into account that operators are at
trends in control room design. technical personnel, without interfering with their workstation for 10 to 12 hours or more, a
In our experience the main theme in con- daily operations. Naturally, clients also want comfortable working environment increases
trol room design nowadays is a clean, modern- a durable solution for the long term, and its productivity and decreases operator downtime
looking environment incorporating the clients important to stick to SAIDSA bylaws. All in all, and errors, Roos concludes.
corporate colours, personalised graphics and the design of a modern control room is about
lighting. The use of good quality materials and facilitating task performance and improving For more information contact Progroup
introducing touches of wood grain make for an productivity by ensuring the layout assists with Manufacturing, +27 (0)11 493 1545,
appealing work environment, she says. the flow of information, says Roos. Ultimately,

Empowering the CCTV installer

Differentiate yourself by offering remote monitoring as a service.
Research in the field of closed-circuit television All South African consumers have preferred software is completely hardware agnostic
(CCTV) shows that more than 200 000 new suppliers with whom solid and often long-term so our partners can continue selling their
cameras are being installed in South Africa relationships are maintained. We want to preferred hardware brands and we simply bolt
every month. Of these, the rate of cameras empower our partners to offer these additional onto it.
being monitored offsite is increasing at benefits to their new and existing client base, Of the benefits offered by WMS, the rental
500 percent per year. The CCTV industry is Jaffe explains. option is a game changer. Instead of a sig-
growing at a rapid rate, and this growth spurs The trend in the market is to move away nificant once-off installation fee, often out of
competition, further aggravated by a low from manpower towards technology. Human reach for smaller clients, installers can offer a
barrier to entry. beings are simply not designed to stay awake rental option as the ideal solution to clients
There are few regulatory or accreditation all night patrolling a perimeter or stare at without an available lump sum, who will likely
requirements in this field and the market is monitors onsite, says Jaffe. We believe that be far more agreeable to a monthly fee.
heavily biased toward widely-known hardware threat detection should be undertaken by the Experts in their field, installers understand
brands, therefore the same products are used system, while the human element plays its that ensuring a high standard of quality
across the sector, and by all suppliers. role in effective access control and response on installation work and building positive
The increase in competition in the CCTV services. relationships is key. Partnering with WMS
sector begs the question of how installers can Offsite CCTV monitoring is currently offered enables the installers customer to reduce
differentiate themselves in a saturated market. by companies who target the end-user, with a their spending on security guarding and save
Rael Jaffe, general manager at Wholesale handful of companies attempting to educate money while home owners and business
Monitoring Services (WMS), believes the the market about the many advantages of owners feel secure with an affordable
answer lies in offering auxiliary or bolt-on effective offsite monitoring services often monitoring solution at a fraction of the price.
options to customers. CCTV installers with poor results. The South African offsite monitoring
core competencies are excellent sales and Offsite monitoring is simply putting market can only grow once trusted installers
relationship keeping, and installing and the video of interest (VOI) in front of a offer and support a solution which actually
maintaining equipment of a high quality. We competent person in real time. We have found works. WMS combines technology with
feel that offering offsite monitoring via a rental that the best way to achieve this is by using specialised monitoring systems at the forefront
option can add value to your customers and machine-learning software which self-learns of modern-day safety advancements so that
help bring ongoing monthly revenue to your any environment and prioritises VOI to a installers can offer their clients an effective,
business. control room, says Jaffe. Our video analytics progressive CCTV package.

68 CCTV Handbook 2017 CCTV Handbook 2017 69

Management platforms in view

By Andrew Seldon.

It goes without saying that the VMS is critical to surveillance installations. Also, with the rise of cyber security risks affecting the physical
However, which VMS to choose is always an issue. Some are saying that the security market, organisations will put more focus on establishing
days of the smaller VMS solutions are over because you get a free VMS with rigorous risk assessment and product lifecycle programmes in order
almost every camera, although the capabilities can be somewhat limited. to benefit from the latest technology available to counter those risks.
If you look at the larger VMS solutions, open systems seem to be key, Organisations will then be much more demanding on manufacturers
but no-one wants to be too open as that restricts your ability to charge and system integrators regarding the solutions they are installing on
although there are open source options that do it all for free (almost). their network.
Hi-Tech Security Solutions approached some of the leading VMS providers
and asked them for their input into whats happening in the world of Scagell: There are two main categories. VMS solution providers
video management platforms. (software vendors) who provide specific VMS solutions based on
Our interviewees are: licensing, and seats of use. The second solution is camera and hardware
Brent Cary, regional sales manager, Genetec. manufacturers who provide simplified or specialised solutions specific
Gary Scagell, MD, Visec International. to their camera hardware.
Graham Goldridge, regional director, Middle East and Africa, NUUO.
Peter Ainsworth, director of EMEA marketing, Tyco Security Products. Goldridge: Yes, I definitely agree that there is that distinct division
within our market. However, even though the initial outlay is at times
Hi-Tech Security Solutions: Would you agree that the VMS market is a lot less going the free route, there are significant downsides too.
being divided into the free solutions provided with cameras for a Firstly, being stuck with a specific brand, which may not always have the
limited number of cameras with limited functionality, and the large technology needed for all your needs. Secondly, a lot of free solutions
systems able to handle enterprise projects? How do you see the allow for certain other brands to be pulled in at a cost, but only allow
VMS industry evolving over the next couple of years? for ONVIF support, which, lets be honest, isnt always the best and most
reliable solution, especially if its paid for.
Cary: We expect 2017 to see a continued rise in the importance of I see that there is a growing demand for these free solutions and they
subscription and managed services, with end-users in security placing will keep a specific portion of the market. Due to the unique and specific
emphasis on term, or outcome-based ownership versus perpetual needs of this region, there will always be a need for open paid platforms
licences. In addition to the significant cost savings and flexibility in which different brands and specialised solutions can be added and
associated with this type of ownership, moving more data and incorporated seamlessly with true integration, and not haphazard ONVIF
computing to the cloud will allow organisations to transfer a big piece support.
of their cyber security risk to companies who have global teams If more time and effort is poured into free solutions, only then I
dedicated to maintaining data security. Continued on page 72

70 CCTV Handbook 2017


Continued from page 70 short and simplified lower-cost solution may the industry will be facing in the next year.
believe it will be a true threat to the paid be better and reduce the barriers to entry. The fact is that we have more IP devices and
solutions, especially to solutions that do not However, a customer may graduate from this systems that are improperly secured and the
yet have their own cameras to offer. lower cost basic solution to a more enterprise- responsibility for cyber security doesnt fall
level solution. only on IT departments. Every player in the
Ainsworth: Sort of, but I see it being three tiers. physical security market, from manufacturers,
Free software, a basic appliance/box, or highly Goldridge: Hands down, the company that to consultants, integrators and end users will
scalable/federated server solutions. At some focuses on what they know, being the VMS have a part to play.
time in the next 12 to 24 months, I also expect solution, and integrates with other third parties So, the challenge is going to be one of
cloud offerings evolving to where they will that specialise in their own field is the best education: we will need to inform customers
serve the mid-tier (basic appliance/box space). solution. My opinion is based on experience on what is insecure, teach them how to avoid
in the trenches. I find that the VMS platforms pitfalls and how to protect themselves, and
Hi-Tech Security Solutions: The two options that dont try to spread themselves too thin show them how to better manage the risk of
users seem to have in the VMS market is trying to develop a million different solutions deploying non-secure security devices and
either a system that is designed and devel- and rather focus on what their own solution systems.
oped by a single company, or one that can offer are far superior and provide a better 2017 will also be a year of awareness
provides a basic solution with the ability to solution in totality. This also allows for a better about cyber accountability. The burden of
plug in third-party applications for what- offering and experience, and opens doors for responsibility needs to rest with the people
ever functionality you require. Which option better and new ways to integrate. who make us think we are secure when in
do you see as the best and why? fact we are not. Rising cyber crime and its
Ainsworth: I would opt for a hybrid of the increasing threat to businesses has organisa-
Cary: Over the years, Genetec established two. Proprietary end-to-end is no longer tions taking direct action to mitigate their risk.
strong alliances with like-minded technology acceptable. Customers demand a flexible, yet As a result, we expect to see a greater demand
partners who equally thrive on innovation. tailored solution. This means that you need to for cyber security malpractice insurance in
Our technology partners build products that build it with end-to-end in mind, but be open the physical security space. This will become
enhance and maximise the features of our enough that you can incorporate best-of-breed table stakes for integrators who are working
video surveillance and access control systems, or niche solutions. Designing with end-to-end on projects in critical infrastructure, large-scale
so that together we deliver the best solutions in mind ensures a tight user experience, but enterprise and government projects.
and offer boundless application possibilities to flexibility allows the freedom to adapt off-the-
various markets. shelf products to be customised as required Scagell: For IoT to be successful, there must be
Each customer comes with unique security by end users. a strong level of consumer confidence. Without
requirements. When leading organisations this confidence, the technology will not be
partner to enhance existing product offerings, Hi-Tech Security Solutions: The problem of adopted. The top problems we see with IoT are:
we open doors to new applications and cyber security and the dangers of unde- Ubiquitous data released from these devices.
infrastructures that answer these needs. Our fended IoT devices has received a lot of Personal identifiable information (PII) from
customers benefit from the largest selection attention lately. What does your VMS do consumers easily accessible.
of integrated best-of-breed solutions, trusting to deal with the potential cyber security Increased security risks.
completely in the reliability and performance threats they may face? Or, is this something A successful IoT solution requires not
of our joint offerings. the device manufactures need to deal with? just the IoT manufacturer to secure the
device, but companies, including VMS
Scagell: The solution that works for the end Cary: We believe that cyber threats will providers to build security into their VMSes and
client is the best solution. In the beginning, a continue to be one of the biggest challenges network interfaces that connect to IoT devices.

72 CCTV Handbook 2017


A great example is the payment industry. focused our efforts on our Linux solutions. Most Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What mobile
In the credit card industry, for example, end users and VMS manufacturers put all their access do you provide to your platform?
it was found that many supporting ancillary focus on internal security and completely forget What features or functionality do users
devices from routers, to terminals themselves that there is a far more serious threat externally. want via their mobile devices? Is it as secure
were often set with the default passwords Our Linux offering is designed with that in as access via a control room?
without being changed. This setup was then mind, leaning on the power and extremely high
replicated into multiple stores countrywide (in security within Linux. Coupled with our propri- Cary: Responding to incidents or emergencies
some cases thousands of stores). Breaking into etary software and encrypted Linux chip, we in the field often requires operators to be away
these stores was as simple as using the default make sure our data is protected from within and from their workstation. Security Center Mobile
PINS or passwords. above all, from any external attacks. equips security personnel with unified mobile
Visas response to this was to create a We have taken great lengths to keep our applications for their phones and tablets,
Qualified Integrator & Reseller (QIR) pro- Windows offering as secure, supporting all allowing them to remotely connect to their
gramme. Basically, anything relating to the major firewalls and protection software, but security system and receive instant event
credit card network now requires a certified SIs are still relied upon to implement such notifications at all times. No matter their
integrator approved in the QIR programme. measures. I do believe that the industry needs location, security personnel can monitor their
The programme focuses on many items with to take a page out of our book and take a more video surveillance and access control systems,
security and good practices from configuration serious look at this problem. receive and acknowledge alarms, and even
of equipment to managing day-to-day security. stream live video from their phone back to
This programme ensures the installer is well Ainsworth: We use a six-step development- Security Center, effectively extending their
aware of the latest standards. to-commercialisation methodology which not capability to react to any situation.
The IoT may evolve to similar certifications only ensures that we do not make avoidable Like desktop applications, mobile and web
one day where businesses, for example, may be mistakes from product inception, but also apps are increasingly prone to cyber attacks.
required to have certified partners and installers proactively notify customers (who choose to In defining your mobile device strategy,
before these devices can be deployed. know) when vulnerabilities are announced on advanced encryption for communications
what/how/when they are affected, the pos- and video streaming, user authentication, and
Goldridge: NUUO has been at the forefront of sibility for workaround and expectations for detailed authorisation mechanisms need to
the embedded Linux market for many years, resolution. [Tycos cyber security programme is be readily available to ensure that hackers do
and this is one of the many reasons we have discussed in another article in this publication.] Continued on page 74

Continued from page 73

not get access to your sensitive data and video.
In addition, the ability to pull user and device
activity reports and remotely disconnect
devices will equip you with additional tools to
safeguard against loss or theft.

Scagell: Mobile devices are clearly taking over.

In fact, most people coming online for the first
time are doing so from a mobile device. Visec
has built all interfaces in a responsive manner,
utilising the latest bootstrap framework (which
allows web pages to render in a friendly
manner on their devices), we are also working
on new mobile friendly apps.

Goldridge: We have both iOS and Android

offerings available, covering just about every- way of managing unplanned events. We have By helping them to harden their systems
thing: live view, playback, push notifications, already moved well beyond the paper-based against criminal cyber activity, protect privacy,
I/O control, PTZ control, audio etc. Security instructions usually found in a large binder. develop business strategies that utilise the
is essential and tight user rights can contain Mission Control will offer methodical and auto- data collected in their systems and collaborate
it, but using advanced routers with proper mated benefits of integrated SOPs, which will with other organisations, we will continue to
routing is essential to become truly secure. As continue to advance in the years to come. support all our end users as they protect the
for data protection, unfortunately, if rights are In addition to work efficiency, cost and things that matter to all of us.
given there are leaks which cannot be protected compatibility advantages to be gained when an
against for any VMS. SOP is integrated with a decision support system, Scagell: Visec has built the first African cloud
Mission Control can also measure reaction time linking cities into an easy to use surveillance
Ainsworth: They range from apps that connect and monitor how precisely the security opera- system. Our growth has been enormous and
directly 1-to-1 to NVRs, to apps that connect to tor followed SOP guidelines, to help learn from it brings with it challenges of technology, big
your entire Victor ecosystem and see all the NVRs. operational experience as a key advancement in data and machine learning. As such, Visec has
security and business intelligence. assembled a global team of the brightest to
Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What are the In addition to Genetec Mission Control, create powerful technology on the back end,
latest developments in your VMS platform Genetec also released a new evidence manage- yet simplified user interfaces on the front end.
that have been recently released or are ment system. With the amount of digital content The end users have no idea of the CPU and
going to be released soon? related to security operations and increasing at processing power of what happens when an
an exponential rate, security departments and event is triggered. They just know everything
Cary: In January, Genetec introduced a Retail law enforcement are always looking for tools that works and the system can be trusted.
Business Intelligence system that will offer help them manage and share data, and this need
insightful people counting, flow-management will continue and expand. Genetec Clearance, a Goldridge: Some of our latest features include
and customer retention data. Significantly, cloud-supported subscription system will help NUface facial recognition, VM Crystal and cost-
the system will include analysis features that meet this need in 2017 and beyond. effective storage solutions, and up to 80 TB of
provides end users with easy-to-read reports Genetec Clearance helps manage the storage (NUUO Storage). We are also focusing
on their business. increasing amount of digital case evidence more on third parties this year, so we tied in
In 2016, Genetec released Mission Control, from PDF documents, audio recordings of Lenel, Tyco, Gallagher and Paxton to offer
a decision support system that will meet the interviews, captured video from surveillance clients more from one solution.
industrys continued need to support security and body-worn cameras, and the many
professionals in an increasingly complex world. additional digital assets shared by public and Ainsworth: We have recently made new
Mission Control provides excellent operational private contributors. It allows for the secure products available in the fields of LPR (licence
intelligence by offering a clear path to better collection, management and sharing of evi- plate recognition), SD Card Trickle/NVR backfill,
decision-making with tools that analyse and dence from different sources. And it facilitates and more PoE NVRs.
qualify data from thousands of sensors and collaboration between security departments,
security devices in real time. outside agencies and the public to help law For more information:
Mission Control is designed to help security enforcement overcome issues relating to sharing Genetec:
professionals be professional and calm when and protecting data, and also speeds up NUUO:
dealing with incidents, unplanned events investigations in a cost-efficient manner. Tyco Security Products:
or emergencies, by taking human emotion After 20 years of innovation, Genetec
out of the equation in high-stress situations. remains an independent, private company Visec:
The system can integrate standard operating committed to providing our end users with Refer to Hi-Tech Security Business Directory
procedures (SOP), and will play a big role in intelligent, unified solutions that help keep ( for further details on these
offering each company its own customised their assets, people and information safe. companies.

74 CCTV Handbook 2017


Crisis management with a wall

Effective crisis management depends on making the right information
available to the right people at the right time.
What happens when a security crisis hits an cumbersome user or account setup required. Features of the Crisis Wall
organisation? Is the right information immedi- This allows the Crisis Wall to be shared with User and presenter: Different users can be pro-
ately available to the right people to coordinate first responders and other security profession- moted to presenter, providing them the control
a quick and accurate response? Cutting-edge als outside of the organisation who need to of cameras, along with the layout of the wall
technology provides security teams with the collaborate on the response. being shared with everyone.
tools they need to effectively collaborate, coor- Large integration library: Leverage the vast Chat: Users can chat back and forth as they
dinate and manage a security crisis in real time. integration library to connect a wide variety of coordinate response to the event.
The Immix Crisis Wall is a new addition to the different cameras systems. File drop: Want to share the evacuation plans
Immix CC (Immix Command Centre, (see sidebar) Multicast video streams: Immix connects with everyone? The Immix Crisis Wall allows users
a platform that allows for seamless collaboration once to a camera system and then multicasts to drop and share any file, helping to coordinate
between disparate groups responding to a this to everyone accessing the Crisis Wall. and simplify the response to the event.
security event or crisis. It allows security pro- Audit the crisis: Everything the users saw, Configure the layout: The layout of the Crisis Wall
fessionals to share an information wall that said and did is recorded in the Immix multime- can be changed at any time, and up to 25 individual
includes live video, mapping, event information dia audit trail for forensic review, post event. tiles can be configured per wall. Individual tiles can
and more, from a simple web interface. Any event: An event wall can be created for be resized, moved or the content of the tile can be
scheduled events where users want to easily changed from video, to a map, the alarm queue,
The Immix Crisis Wall collaborate across organisations or groups. alarm clips, or an operators real-time audit trail.
Any invited user: Authorised Immix users simply No software to install or manage: Any users
send an e-mail invitation to anyone they want can access the Crisis Wall via a web browser, For more information contact VantageMDT, Jayne
to join their wall. The invitee simply clicks eliminating the need for IT to maintain and Nel, +27 (0)72 948 2017,,
on a web link and provides their name, no support remote software.

Managing event information

By Howard Griffiths, MD, Security Service Consultants.

The management of security-related data and information acquired

in CCTV control rooms.
Increasingly sophisticated and obviously well risk assessments for their organisations and the control room. These onsite features are
planned physical or electronic breaches of thereafter the second phase installation of then supported by an external armed, rapid
supposedly infallible commercial or industrial well-considered and selected integrated risk response team.
security installations continue to create news management systems. CCTV cameras are installed because they
headlines around the world. South Africa is Modern risk management systems cater for arguably provide the most efficient and cost
not exempt in this respect and the current the essential integration of all those effective surveillance tools available and can
shared wisdom of IT and security profession- components of an enterprise which can and be installed in a wide spectrum of locations.
als is that associated defensive strategies do generate incidents from a variety of security Equally common, unfortunately, believed to be
should assume and provide for the reality risks impacting enterprise assets. These com- in as high as 75% of situations, is the fact that
that attempted breaches either internally or ponents can, for example, relate to physical, when an incident occurs, recourse procedures
externally motivated will be made. financial, employees, reputational, stock or IT are typically found to be inadequate because
Security officials in most organisations, related assets etc. These components can the backup CCTV records have expired or been
regardless of size and specific operational risks, and do generate risk and losses via criminal overwritten or not correctly filed.
are increasingly faced with significant admin- behaviour, substance abuse, health and safety
istrative problems. These problems are directly lapses, breaches of IT and data/information Logging and finding evidence
associated with the need to cost effectively security policy, internal or external hacking or Very often, if the incident record being
and efficiently acquire, store and subsequently cyber attacks, labour unrest, general security searched for is historical, it cannot easily
retrieve essential security-related data and issues, perimeter breaches etc. be found because of the frustrating and
information. Organisations that choose to Invariably, a well-considered risk manage- widespread occurrence of incidents being
maximise the benefits of having readily avail- ment system provides for the installation of discovered some time after they occurred
able, properly structured and easily accessible strategically-placed (overtly or covertly or and no search or audit supporting evidence
data with responsibilities clearly defined, a mix of both) CCTV cameras and physical is available via, for example, a manual system
invariably create the ability to provide superior access-limiting features protecting monitoring comprised of a diligently and accurately
risk mitigation benefits for the organisation by screens in a control room either onsite but completed logbook, which itself, when full and
avoiding data and information chaos. preferably offsite which allow for immediate replaced, is correctly filed for rapid recovery.
response procedures to be followed when an The obvious solution to the inefficient
Risk assessment and management illegal incident is observed. Control rooms are even when well-maintained manual log-
This article assumes that responsible security usually allied with permanent onsite security book procedure is the now increasingly used
or risk executives have completed or are guards with handheld communications equip- electronic logbook. The electronic logbook is a
considering appropriate first-phase security ment linking each guard to the others and to database and search engine system which can
be standalone or electronically linked to the
CCTV camera procedures.
Security professionals managing CCTV
control rooms, either in standalone situations
or for several clients in one control room instal-
lation for cost-sharing purposes, are finding
electronic logbook systems essential, espec-
ially when tailored in a bespoke manner to
match specific client site requirements. This is
because, to a significant extent, they avoid the
inefficiencies and human dependency weak-
nesses of now outdated manual systems.
The primary purpose of an electronic
logbook facility is to allow for passive CCTV
systems to be made proactive or turbo
charged. An electronic logbook is not a generic
product. It is usually a platform which enables
the rapid development of unique bespoke
Photo by vxla, Flickr Creative Commons ( solutions for a variety of client sites, each with

76 CCTV Handbook 2017


different security-related requirements. The a specific security category being sought,

bespoke data and information architecture is regardless of when it was originally reported
designed in conjunction with clients. and captured.
This design collaboration enables the cre- All captured records are stored indefinitely.
ation of a personalised Integrated Knowledge Hard copy and/or online statistical reports are
Platform (IKP) for each client. By applying generated providing graphical representations
analytical data processing to the sourced of trends and patterns based on previously
information in the database, the client is able reported data and information captured. The
to identify and select key security features use of heat maps and the storage of critical
embedded in the information that can be used information such as videos, snap shots and
to mount effective and focused operations. The voice clips can all be added, providing the user
proactive features are enabled via the real-time with additional tools to create and implement
online access and reporting features. effective security measures based on actionable
and timely intelligence.
Customised IKP Once developed, access to the IKP is
The in-house IKP process enables clients to typically made available to a select group of
rapidly develop their own unique security data approved employees /gatekeepers in the client
management solutions such as investiga- Howard Griffiths, MD, Security Service environment who are thus empowered to
tions diaries and security occurrence record both access and encouraged to enter informa-
keeping, together with many other uses. required inputs and which, for accountability tion from a variety of sources not just CCTV
Although the basic system and search engine purposes, log the identity of responsible cameras on a daily basis. These gatekeepers
is highly sophisticated, the bespoke version for employees concerned. are usually the only authorised individuals
each site is made incredibly easy for the end Each bespoke system not only stores all given access to the system. However, they do
user to use. A key feature is an initial process required data in a secure environment, but not automatically have overall insight to all the
to minimise misinterpretation on input and also enables the accurate and timeous recall data and information inputted.
therefore avoid the classic garbage in garbage of historical data at the touch of a button.
out problem. Continuous data and information The powerful search facility allows for the For more information contact Security Service
capture requirements are enforced by the mining of historical data via a cascading drill Consultants, +27 (0)82 449 0317,
bespoke design characteristics which prompt down capability to the exact incident within,

A market on fire
By Andrew Seldon.

Thermal cameras are shrinking, as are their prices.

Thermal cameras have made their mark in the of digital sensors that deliver the same quality have negative impact on the overall quality,
surveillance industry and are now in use in a as earlier models at dramatically lower cost. for instance the sky. ROI based AGC allows to
variety of environments, from military instal- Unlike video cameras that use a megapixel exclude those areas eliminating their negative
lations to residential estates. But for todays rating for image density and to a degree impact on the overall quality of the image and
needs, simply seeing a blob on the screen isnt quality, thermal cameras use a Noise contrast levels.
enough. Equivalent Temperature Difference rating He adds that new, uncooled thermal
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked three ther- (NETD) which is expressed in millikelvin. camera offerings include improved optics with
mal experts what was happening in the world Gilbert Muller from Pelco by Schneider functionalities that until recently were only a
of thermal cameras and what we could expect Electric agrees that the price of these cameras part of higher-end high-cost cooled models
to see coming up in the future. In particular, is coming down, making thermal technology (that are commonly used for military applica-
we wanted to know what developments there more affordable with broader use than ever tions) with the best example being continuous
may be in the thermal world to assist operators before. In addition, we are seeing resolutions optical zoom.
in finding intruders and identifying if they are improving, although the mainstream market is
human or not, providing a mechanism to track still using resolutions of 640 x 480 and below. Software is still the key
them as they move about and assist ground As thermals evolve, Muller sees more As useful and usable as thermal cameras
personnel in finding them quickly and safely. suppliers introducing dual-head cameras with have become, this market reflects the visible
Starting at the beginning, Mobotix AGs two sensors, one for visible imaging and one light camera market in that users want more.
Bevan Vorster explains that traditional thermal for thermal imaging. This has the advantage Having someone stare at a screen is not always
imaging cameras use special sensors behind of combining the detection capabilities of the optimal solution for security requirements
a special lens made of germanium or sapphire, thermal and the identification capabilities of and the ability of software, either on the
which allow long-wave infrared waves to visible imaging. camera or as part of a management system,
pass through, unlike the blocking nature of Ron Grinfeld from a pioneer in thermal to do the looking in place of humans has
traditional glass lenses. The combination of cameras, Flir, elaborates further on the become a necessity in the thermal world.
a complex sensor, precision lenses and more evolution of these devices, Thermal imaging Flirs Grinfeld explains that recent software
exacting design requirements that in some advances include image quality enhance- enhancements are introducing new standards
cases require special cooling units have all ments on the core level with better and more in thermal solution offerings, and include both
combined to make thermal imaging cameras advanced techniques in areas such as Digital camera side and server side developments.
run into the tens of thousands of Rand per Detail Enhancements (DDE), Image Uniformity On the camera side, the main advances
unit, especially for ultra-sensitive models. Optimisations and various modes of Auto Gain are the addition of sophisticated intrusion
Moving to the more current innovations in Control (AGC) including region of interest (ROI) detection analytics that includes features such
thermals, he says the most significant advance based AGC, which is extremely important in as automatic calibration, long-range detec-
within thermal imaging is newer generations cases where irrelevant areas within the image tion capable of dealing with sophisticated

78 CCTV Handbook 2017


intrusion scenarios, and target handoff from

Uncooled thermal station operational, and avoid losses to bring
stationary thermal cameras to multi-sensor PT them back online after failure has occurred.
systems that can lock on the moving targets cameras in commercial When using radio-metric imaging or ther-
and autonomously track them while operating
security applications were mography, more systems can be configured
their pan and tilt engines (PT auto-tracking). to receive alarms. This is especially important
On the server side, he says there is a major worth $245m in 2014 and when measuring and monitoring invisible
shift to end-to-end solution offerings that not
will grow to nearly $500m gases and being notified when an image
only provide seamless integration points and exceeds a target temperature.
certified procedures for analytics alarm and by 2019. This should not be surprising, however,
event management, but also offer a superior as Muller notes that analytics are particularly
user experience. Some of these experiences Moreover, he notes that these alarms can effective on thermals because there is much
include bulk configuration of the thermal be triggered without the need for a centralised less noise than with visual image cameras.
and analytics settings from the VMS, unique control room or additional software, which This means more reliable detection of people
viewing modes such as Picture in Picture (PiP) is vital to rapidly detect potential fire, gas or and objects versus visible light imaging. Even
with multi-sensor PT systems, and high end other issues that register temperature change in total darkness, you can get a clear under-
capabilities including click and track function- as a danger signal. standing of threats.
alities allowing operators to click on targets As thermals become part of almost every Additional analytical applications that
within the VMS control interface, initiating PT surveillance landscape, Muller sees far better add value to thermal cameras and their users,
auto-tracking. integration of thermals into video manage- according to Vorster, include solutions that
Vorster adds that the newer generations of ment systems and says the analytics used for could be applied at any time of the day, for
thermal cameras are able to generate digital thermals is continuing to improve. For example, example, in retail environments. Mobotix
images that can take advantage of decentral- power stations can use thermal imaging not thermals are also able to now run functions
ised technology. This innovation allows the only to detect intruders, but to also keep track such as people counting, or to track and
cameras built-in processing power and software of conditions that require preventative main- provide data on the direction and speed of
to handle image manipulation and analysis tenance, which are often revealed by thermal people and objects.
that can generate automatic alarms defined by hot spots. By addressing developing problems An emerging use case is for thermal
temperature limits or temperature ranges. before failure, power providers can keep a Continued on page 80

Continued from page 79 form factor will become more common at is fully waterproof and IP66 rated with a thermal
camera deployments in areas where security under the 2000 dollar price point. sensitivity rating (NETD) of 50 mK along with a
needs to be maintained but personal privacy Grinfeld echoes the two, noting that from 6 megapixel optical camera available in a wide
is still an issue, says Vorster. For example, on an application standpoint, the current usability range of lens configurations.
a shop floor where a traditional video security of thermal imaging in the security market is The built-in thermal technology can pro-
camera would be inappropriate, thermal images just the tip of the iceberg. The glass ceiling vide independent temperature measurement
can still detect people and allow operators to is mainly price points of thermal cores and to for up to 20 zones. In addition, the camera
determine if there is a problem, but without some extent physical characteristics, and size. can be set to automatically switch between
invading the privacy of individuals. However, there is no question that this is thermal image where privacy is guaranteed
only temporary since thermal core pricing and and the optical high-resolution image where
Looking ahead physical and size barriers are going through all details are visible.
When looking at what we can expect from the revolutionary breakthroughs. The result would This unique Mobotix feature combines two
thermal market in the coming years, Muller be adaptation of thermal technology in many aspects, respecting privacy and at the same
says we can expect to see these cameras new applications, verticals and alternative ROIs time optimal video surveillance. The IP-based
becoming more affordable and we can also once price points and new form factors allow. PoE compatible unit also has a 4 GB internal
expect to see resolution improvements. DVR which is upgradable using MicroSD
Additionally, we have already seen an Whats available now? cards and comes with a full software stack for
increase in combination thermal/visual Looking at the current offerings of the three VideoMotion, external signals, temperature
cameras and we can expect more of these interviewees, Grinfeld says Flir has a new PT-HD: sensor, microphone, shock sensor, notification
to hit the market, allowing operators to gain multi sensor system that combines an extreme via email, FTP, telephony (VoIP, SIP), video alarm
more security information from a scene. For low light, Full HD visible sensor with 30X optical management, Multiview and event search.
example, operators may use thermal imaging zoom and a thermal sensor. This range is offered While they may not get all the attention
for situational awareness in a wide field of view both in cooled and uncooled versions and is that visible light cameras do, there can be no
and then use a visible PTZ camera to zoom in also available with a 4X continuous zoom lens. doubt that thermal cameras are undergoing
and see the detail. Customers can also find end-to-end as much technical innovation as we see in the
Of particular interest, Muller says we should integration between the Flir thermal portfolio IP world. And given the utility of cameras that
also look out for varifocal lenses on thermals in and the companys UVMS line, as well as the are near impossible to hide from, lowering
the future, as opposed to the current majority FC-Series ID line of fixed thermal cameras for the price and decreasing the form factor will
of fixed-lens devices. perimeter fencing that include on-board high- serve to make this market one that will deliver
From a Mobotix perspective, Vorster end intrusion detection video analytics. impressive growth rates for some time to
says that while the entry-level space of new Muller says Pelco offers a full line of ther- come, while appealing to customers by adding
uncooled thermal cameras is still modest, it is mal fixed and pan-tilt cameras that are well value to both the security and operational
expected to grow rapidly. According to IHS, integrated with Pelco and third-party video functions on business.
uncooled thermal cameras in commercial secur- management systems with a full analytics suite
ity applications were worth $245m in 2014 and with thermography solutions. For more information:
will grow to nearly $500m by 2019. As volumes Finally, Vorster notes that the Mobotix S15 Flir:
increase and newer radiometric sensors, that are FlexMount is the worlds first flexible dual Mobotix:
smaller and cheaper to make, enter the market, thermal camera that has two sensor modules Pelco by Schneider:
both the size and cost of thermal imaging cam- that can each be connected to the camera Refer to Hi-Tech Security Business Directory
eras is likely to drop and models that include housing with a cable of up to 3 m for installa- ( for further details on these
both visual and thermal within an ultra-small tion flexibility. The S15 with thermal capability companies.

80 CCTV Handbook 2017


Power management for surveillance

By Brett van den Bosch.

Power management is a critical element of surveillance solutions.

Having a safe, reliable source of power is crucial the power is typically out when they have an Wyk, but the best you can do is to avoid installing
for the continuous operation of any electrically interruption, so for example when the average equipment that will draw the lightning to you,
powered piece of security equipment, and for is one day we will at least triple that figure and for example if you plant a camera pole in an
the integrity of the overall installation. Given design a system to those requirements. open field, opt for a wooden pole to avoid the
that the electricity supply incoming from Eskom Clearline Protection Systems Vernon Kyzer lightning striking that pole.
is often unreliable, it is imperative that security suggests either installing an online UPS or Vernon Kyzer further recommends that
installers make adequate provisioning against AVR (automatic voltage regulator). With a proper earthing is done, backed up by one of
disturbances to that supply. UPS, one has to see what load (wattage/ Clearlines surge arrestors, which can further-
Broadly speaking, disturbances fall into current) the system is pulling, then only will more be brought to the company for testing to
three categories: brownouts, spikes and black- you be able to determine the type of UPS to ensure the unit is still in good working order.
outs. Brownouts occur when the voltage of the use, he elaborates. As for a long term outage, Vizcarra goes so far as to say that for high
incoming supply falls below a threshold which is the more batteries you add the longer you incident areas such as Johannesburg, surge
adequate for a device to function correctly. The have power. Similarly, with generators one has protection should be a standard requirement,
classic example of this, and one which most of to see what load the system is pulling before attached to each camera and every piece of
us will be familiar with, is when the lights dim or deciding what generator to use. The longer the equipment. For more extreme cases, he says
flicker for a short period, and certain appliances expected outage, the more diesel the generator lightning poles mounted above cameras to
may even switch off or reboot. must be filled with. divert energy away from the cameras may also
Spikes can be caused by fluctuations in the Roberto Vizcarra from Eurobyte Technology be an option.
AC electricity supply, which power utilities have says the specifying process depends on the As for maintenance, For any enterprise
systems in place to guard against but sometimes type of electricity irregularity that must be or commercial systems, I would recommend
slip through the net nevertheless, and by surges catered for. Short, intermittent cuts can be procurement and risk managers insist on a
induced by lightning strikes, which are much resolved by using a quality online UPS, or a SLA (service level agreement), and I encourage
harder to protect against and much more devastat- system consisting of an inverter plus battery system integrators to insist on it.
ing in their effects. As for blackouts, suffice it to say bank, he explains. These would need to be Van Wyk concurs on the importance of an
thats like what happens during load shedding. charged from the grid and could provide SLA. I would say if it is a big system, sign an SLA
power for a good couple of hours depending with the company that installed the system so
Rules of thumb on how much battery storage you have. they can service and test the equipment on a
While it may be out of the hands of security end For more intense outages, most profes- regular basis. For example, we recently installed
users to guarantee a reliable electricity supply, sionals would recommend a battery bank a system at a mine where the environment is
there are some key aspects that they can, and system which would be connected to the grid, very harsh, so there is a maintenance team on
should, exercise as much control over as they as well as alternative energy sources to assist site every day working on a strict schedule to
reasonably can. These include the use of high- power stability. This could include a variety optimise the systems performance. I would
quality power supply and backup equipment, of options such as generators, solar or, in less say one has to calculate the service intervals
and employing trusted, reputable and profes- frequent cases, wind turbine technology. based on the environment where the system is
sional installers and system integrators. While installed.
not set in stone, there are also some rules of Protection and maintenance
thumb that can aid the decision-making process Especially for equipment that is located outside, For more information contact:
when planning and specifying equipment. a key consideration is the avoidance, or at least BT-SA:
According to Pieter van Wyk, project leader at mitigation, of lightning damage. Beyond that, Clearline Protection Systems:
BT-SA, You have to run the camera/system on an maintenance is essential to ensure that equip-
uninterrupted power supply (UPS), for example ment is in optimal working order at all times, Eurobyte Technology:
batteries and a solar system, or a UPS with a and to obtain the best working life out of it. Refer to Hi-Tech Security Business Directory
generator system. Each area is different so we do You will never be able to stop the massive ( for further details on
some research in that area to find out how long voltage spike of a lightning strike, states van these companies. CCTV Handbook 2017 81


360-degree perimeter protection

Military-grade technology keeps intruders in sight.
Mining security and safety has become a critical results were immediate, revealing the stagger-
focus area across Africa. Today it is directly linked ing numbers of illegal miners entering the site
to production targets, and ultimately profit. One on a daily basis. This has enabled the mine to
of Africas greatest safety challenges is illegal implement a process to find and remove these
miners who do not understand the potential miners from site immediately.
hazards on site, and as a result find themselves Their intruder capture rate has improved
in safety-compromising situations. and the risk for security personnel is lower. In
Secu-Systems offers mines a security solution addition, because all footage is recorded, the
that guarantees a significant reduction in illegal client can ensure that the entire incident from
mining activity, specifically in the open cast capture to handover of the intruder is handled
mining sector. strictly according to security policy, explains
Secu-Systems was established to provide Charles Harrison, MD of Secu-Systems. At peak
high-end turnkey solutions for the mining sec- times, arrests reached a staggering 75 to 100
tors, ports and harbours and border controls. Its intruders per week.
robust, mobile and advanced security solution,
named Spotter, allows companies to overcome Designed for zero-infrastructure
perimeter breaches quickly and with the least operations
danger to employees. The Spotter security solution is designed
Spotter has already proven itself in three of specifically for remote regions with no support-
the worlds largest gold producers at mines ive infrastructure. It is based on a standalone,
in Tanzania, Guinea and South Africa and can self-sustaining green system comprising a wire-
deliver similar safety/security benefits to any less, mobile 20-foot container which securely
open cast mining facility. houses all peripheral intrusion and detection
Once the Secu-Systems solution was equipment.
installed and operational on site in Tanzania, the This includes external, passive infrared

82 CCTV Handbook 2017


detectors; high-pressure pepper systems that

trigger on activation of the security systems
or can be remotely detonated upon verifica-
tion, as well as FLIR thermal cameras that
can detect motion within a 6 km radius from
nominal ground level.
The military-specified container solutions
are fitted with their own power reticula-
tion, which includes solar panels mounted
to the roof of the container and battery
banks installed within the container. Security
systems are integrated with the camera solu-
tion and include wall-top and/or additional
freestanding electric fencing with energisers
operating off the internal power reticulation.
All sides of the container are equipped with
nozzles and high-pressure hydraulic piping.
This includes wireless communication back to
a centralised control room (as long as line of
sight can be attained).
We describe our solution as a completely
self-sufficient, virtual perimeter camera solu- The streaming cameras can easily detect hide and are followed throughout the loca-
tion which tracks real-time movement using movement in as little as four pixels. Moreover, tion until removed, thus giving management
thermal cameras on a moving background. where conventional perimeter intrusion complete 360-degree situational awareness
It uses Movement Target Indicators (MTI) detection systems (PIDS) detect intrusions at and peace-of-mind.
software developed in Australia for military the perimeter only, Spotter can track intruders
aircraft, adds Harrison. By comparison, tradi- from the perimeter and throughout the mine. For more information, contact Secu-Systems,
tional analytics work on a fixed background With high-powered, single PTZ thermal +27 (0)11 794 7834,,
with a static camera. cameras placed on high sites, intruders cannot

Body-worn cameras to surge?

By Andrew Seldon.

Body-worn cameras have become popular around the world,

but South Africa is lagging.
The consumer market has seen a dramatic are local, producing their own devices and the USA and Europe, providing evidence of
uptake in wearable technology over recent software, while the third is Kedacom, a Chinese whether police officials act within their
years, and in the security market we are seeing company that recently launched in South boundaries, in SA the safety conditions are
a similar trend. Body-worn cameras are becom- Africa with considerable fanfare. much worse and providing evidence after-
ing must-have accessories for police forces the When focusing on the area of body-worn wards is not the ultimate requirement.
world over, with numerous studies showing cameras, one must ask why this technology Zou says that in South Africa, real-time
their efficacy in reducing crime and unwanted has not seen as much traction in South Africa, alarms and protecting police officers or
conduct, both from the public and the police. both in terms of public and private security security staff is much more important. Thats
Unfortunately, in South Africa these devices services, as it has in America, Europe and the reason body-worn cameras have not been
have not taken off as one would have hoped. Asia. Keith Lawrence, CEO of local designer widely adopted in SA yet.
Nevertheless, the potential of body-worn Betatrac Telematic Solutions admits it is taking Yet, its not simply a matter of not wanting
cameras is enormous and the market has a bit longer for local people and companies to use body-worn cameras or not seeing value
reacted to this growing trend. Technavio is a to accept that body-worn cameras are great in them. Kevin Croft from Body Cameras South
market research company and it published products for assisting and supporting security Africa, another local player in this market, says
a report into the global wearable security service providers in gathering information. that in his experience, both private security
devices market, and its results say that the However, while we do receive more enqui- companies and government organisations are
market will see a compound annual growth ries into body-worn cameras as we go along, excited about the technology and clearly see
rate of about 19% by 2021. there are concerns that the video data is not the potential benefits, but are not yet ready to
Of course, as in all surveillance operations, live to enable real-time reaction, for example. spend the money.
the body-worn camera market does not only However, he says it does not have to be live, as Some benefits Croft sees from body-worn
depend on the devices themselves, but also on long as the data is accurate, safely stored upon cameras include:
the communications technologies, the storage, manual download and managed, and that all Evidence collection is far more cost effective
the mechanism for downloading and working the evidence for a post analysis is available. Protection for the public against rogue police
with the video data, and most important of all, Moreover, he says that there are different officers and other security personnel
the people involved. body-worn models for different situations and Protection for security officers and police as
To find out more about these devices, those situations that warrant live video feeds it helps them justify their actions (such as the
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked three body- can easily be catered for. use of lethal force)
worn manufacturers operating in South Africa Sam Zou from Kedacom (distributed in Procedure compliance as officers tend to
for some insights into the market and what South Africa by Forbatt SA), says that while follow procedures properly
they offer. Reflecting the potential of the local body-worn cameras are being adopted to There have been some very successful pilot
body-worn market, two of the companies record the process of law enforcement in projects (for example, CCID in the Western

84 CCTV Handbook 2017


Cape), but businesses are reluctant to be first Croft agrees that streaming video continu- Zou adds that certain scenarios, like jails
movers when significant investment (of both ously is not required, but that there must be for example, would be ideal for Wi-Fi cameras.
time and money) is required in the current occasions when it can be done reliably and A WI-FI network offers good coverage in a
economic environment. The other potential in real time. One of the products we sell only restricted area such as this, meaning users
concern is that legislation tends to lag starts streaming when the control room logs dont need to worry about the transmission
technology. In other words, how do security into the camera. This ensures that there is issue. Kedacom also used H.264 to compress
companies and/or police officers successfully no unnecessary expenditure on data, even the video its body-worn cameras transmit and
make use of the evidence collected from body- though the video stream is compressed while will be making use of H.265 in future, which
worn cameras without clear legal guidelines. the local recording stays at full resolution. promises even better compression without
Another question is what impact does Lawrence concurs that, in general, a live- quality loss.
legislation like the PoPI Act have on the streaming body-worn camera would have com- Kedacom also provides an innovative
collection and use of video surveillance files? pression technologies such as H.264, which helps technology called KWTP (Kedacom Wireless
in reducing the size of the data streamed. In SA, Transmission Protocol), which is able to
The bandwidth bugbear unfortunately, our [cellular] networks are among dynamically adjust the frame rate, size and
One of the issues with body-worn cameras, the highest in the world on data charges, and this time gap of each packet. This makes wireless
and mobile security solutions in general is is a dampening and limiting factor of implement- transmission more stable and smooth.
that the costs of transmitting video while on ing live body-worn cameras.
the move can be enormous. As noted above, The question of coverage is also a concern Finger trouble
some environments dont require live stream- as tests have shown that even when a mobile Another issue many have with using body-
ing, but the benefit of these devices is that the operator claims there is 3G or 4G coverage in an worn cameras is that of theft and damage.
wearer can push a button and alert a control area, as soon as one starts streaming you find These devices are a tempting target for
room when something goes wrong. In these very poor quality images. To overcome this thieves, while people wearing them may
instances, the controllers need to see what is problem, Betatrac created a Wi-Fi real-time video decide to drop them or damage them in some
happening so they can react and send assis- streaming body-worn camera, says Lawrence. way to hide what they are up to.
tance or do whatever is required. Therefore, The requirements of a Wi-Fi setup with great All of our cameras are password protected
some form of live transmission is normally signal and bandwidth with a sufficient footprint and have built in memory, says Croft. This
required, even if it does not entail continual area is all that is required. This type of installation ensures that recorded footage cannot be
live streaming. saves hugely on network data charges. Continued on page 86

Continued on page 85 many aftermarket software packages to assist

erased from the device and users cannot acci- in the storage and filing of these video clips.
dentally lose the memory cards. Our top of the Body Cameras South Africa does not
range unit has a built-in GPS with live tracking dictate what storage solutions must be used
and this enables control rooms to track the in conjunction with its product. We do supply
physical location of the camera. media management software (at no additional
Additionally, all our cameras are designed cost) and our live view and tracking software is
to be inconspicuous, unlike some other purpose built for our cameras, but the storage
products that could draw attention to them- of mass data is something that each customer
selves (and potentially endanger the officer) by must decide for themselves in terms of what
making use of an outward facing screen. makes the most sense for them, says Croft. We
Kedacoms cameras are also GPS enabled can consult on the issue and help them decide
for real-time tracking. They are also designed to what to do, but ultimately this decision must
prevent accidental erasure of footage, and they tie into their data retention policy.
are built to withstand a drop of up to two metres.
Live streaming cameras generally have a Products available now
GPS and some modules accommodate a panic While the ins and outs of body-worn cameras
button with supportive software to be able to is a subject we will no doubt be hearing about
monitor the location, adds Lawrence. This is for many years to come, each of the companies
obviously not required when live streaming is represented here have their own solutions to
not used. Betatrac has developed a hybrid to offer the market.
overcome these shortfalls (more on this later). Body Cameras South Africa offers a range of
And its not all about technology, notes products from an entry level camera through
Croft. What happens if an officer wants to lose to a fully connected system. All of our cameras
or destroy their camera? We always advise our have video and audio recording in various
clients to implement any new technology in resolutions, infrared night vision and laser
conjunction with a built-for-purpose SOP guided focus, explains Croft. Our entry-level
(standard operating procedure). This document model comes with a spare battery, while the
needs to outline the users responsibility and more advanced cameras boast up to nine and which allow companies to install versatile apps
the consequences for failing to adhere to it. ten hours of continuous recording time. for surveillance monitoring. In addition, the
Our top of the range model has built in company also provides invisible cameras such
Integration is integral GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE and Bluetooth. Our cam- as button cameras and ear-hook cameras for
Its all well and good to talk about the prod- eras are currently being used in the following clandestine recording.
ucts and their benefits, but since body-worn services/ situations: cash-in-transit, armed In the mid-end, Kedacom provides a
devices are a fairly new idea in South Africa, response, firearms training, the police, mining docking station for recording downloading
the reality is that most companies looking at and private investigations. recorded video and video management, while
adopting these systems will already have some For Betatrac, Lawrence says, Our at the back-end the company provides a VMS
security solution in place. The ability to inte- RapidCam-100 system is a historic playback for central management and storage.
grate the new body-worns with the existing via SD card solution. What makes our system The central management software is used
infrastructure is a critical buying decision. so unique is by adding our eGuard Armband for real-time management and communication
If the system is not plug-and-play with which utilises telematics over the GSM net- among multiple persons, with snapshot and
existing equipment, there must at least be work. We have now created a unique hybrid audio functionality available, Zou says. This
some way in which the body-worn data can be solution with a real-time position update every equipment is deployed in a private network
integrated with the other security information 30 secs, plus the advantage of having a panic rather than public network, which makes the
the company collects. button, with all the audio and video data avail- system safer.
Kedacom provides its own docking station able upon manual download. For small to medium-sized clients, we
and uploading solution that is easy to use Our RapidCam-200 is a Wi-Fi live streaming provide a solution-based NVR for real-time
and secure, however, Zou says it also provides system, provided there is Wi-Fi footprint to take transmission and video management. And
standard compatibility through ONVIF or RTSP advantage of live streaming. It also comes with the body-worn cameras themselves can be
streams that can easily be directly integrated a panic button. Our RapidCam-300 is a combi- integrated into normal surveillance systems for
to other vendors systems. The company also nation of Wi-Fi and 3G/4G live streaming. The unified management.
provides its software development kit (SDK) for system defaults to Wi-Fi, but if not available
deeper integration. it automatically switches to 3G/4G. It comes For more information:
When it comes to integrating live streams, standard with built in GPS, a panic button and Betatrac Telematic Solutions:
Lawrence says these body-worn systems are supportive monitoring software. Body Cameras South Africa:
generally supplied with their own monitoring Zou says that Kedacom has a range of
software. To integrate into other database or solutions that cover the devices on the edge Kedacom:
VMS systems, some minor development will to the control room and servers. On the front Refer to Hi-Tech Security Business Directory
need to be applied to allow a plug-in. As for end, apart from body-worn cameras, Kedacom ( for further details on these
historic playback SD storage systems, there are also provides body-worn surveillance phones companies.

86 CCTV Handbook 2017


Power over Ethernet primer

By Brett van den Bosch.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a hit in the surveillance world, with still
more improvements in the works.
The continual push towards ever faster data designed and manufactured according to a
transmission is a phenomenon with which we robust regime of electrical principles. To
are all familiar. In a relatively short space of meet the growing power hunger of modern
time, Internet speeds have increased from the applications, the IEEE is busy working on a
bad old days of dial-up, through the advent of new standard aimed at supporting up to
ISDN and then ADSL, to todays rapid uptake 100 W using all four pairs of balanced
of fibre and the proliferation of wireless. In twisted-pair cabling, in addition to achieving
parallel with these developments has been lower standby power and specific enhance-
a commensurate evolution in the speed of ments to support IoT applications such as
Ethernet, which forms the backbone of a lighting, sensors, and building automation.
typical offices or factorys local area network. That standard IEEE 802.3bt is expected
Governed by the IEEEs (Institute of to be ready early next year, and silicon chip
Electrical and Electronic Engineers) 802.3 makers have products available to support
grouping of standards, Ethernet speeds have equipment vendors that are already doing
climbed from 10 megabits per second (Mbps) R&D and looking to become early adopters.
when it was introduced in 1983, to the As Power over Ethernets power limits have
1 gigabit per second (Gbps) and 10 Gbps increased, so too has the number of potential
rates commonly deployed today. In one use cases. What began as a solution adopted
aspect, though, for a long time traditional mainly for voice-over-IP phones, Ethernet
telephone systems had Ethernet licked: they switches and IP cameras, is now becoming
could transmit power as well as voice signals. more widely used in the security industry,
That changed in 2003 when the IEEE 802.3af according to Rob Anderson from consulting
standard (Power over Ethernet, or PoE) was firm Adamastor Consulting. It has grown
ratified. rapidly over the last year, he says. Nowadays
Based on the same 48 V d.c. voltage used switches, CCTV, access control and LED
in plain old telephone service (POTS) analogue lighting all form part of the PoE/PoE+
Rob Anderson.
circuits, the first PoE standard provided for ecosystem.
the transmission of up to 15,4 W over the enhances the flexibility and adaptability of Although he says it is generally the case
same category network cable used for data. Power over Ethernet deployments by meeting that equipment from different vendors play
Since category network cable has four pairs the power requirements of a broader variety nice with each other, Anderson warns that
of wires, and only two are used for data of devices. the biggest problem is surge protection.
transmission, the remaining two are available Although power sourcing equipment (PSE) We have witnessed massive damage to data
to carry power. such as PoE-enabled network switches are connections during the year. It seems that
The reason for the 15,4 W power limit is the intended to support plug-and-play according not all the suppliers of surge protection have
wires inside category network cables are very to the IEEE standards, not all are created equal. found the magic solution for a cable carrying
thin, and therefore cannot carry much cur- For example, one can expect cheaper PSE to power and data. There is lots of work to do in
rent before their internal resistance starts to have inferior internal power supply circuitry, this area.
significantly inhibit the flow of energy through which may result in less than the necessary Anderson summarises by explaining that
them. Whats more, attempting to carry too power being available to the powered device the choice of whether to use Power over
much current through the cable poses a risk of (PD) at the other end of the cable. It is also Ethernet in a particular installation depends
overheating, and ultimately a fire hazard. The not uncommon, even in more expensive and on several factors, chief among which are
same consideration is behind the use of 48 V, higher-quality switches, that the rated output cost versus savings in labour. He also warns
rather than the 12 V and 24 V more commonly power cannot be supplied by every PoE- that there is lots of pushing the envelope to
used throughout the security industry: the enabled port, or all those ports at the same increase the power available and the distance
higher the voltage, the less current is needed time. of power transmission. There will be some
to supply the same amount of power. Some vendors are also pushing power burnt fingers I am sure.
In 2009, a second PoE standard IEEE boundaries by offering products that can
802.3at doubled the power ceiling to 30 W. supply up to 60 W using all four wire pairs For more information, contact Adamastor
Called PoE+, it is governed by the same in a Cat5e cable. While this is more than the Consulting, +27 086 099 5269,
100 metre distance limit as any other modern current standard allows, it is not an absolute,
Ethernet cable (PoE included) but greatly no-no provided the device is meticulously CCTV Handbook 2017 87


Analogue still pushing higher resolutions

By Andrew Seldon.

High definition analogue may not get much attention, but its a reasonable
alternative for many installations.
HD analogue technology seems to be given supporting up to 8 MP and 4K HMDI output.
the cold shoulder by many of the leading Its a HD-TVI camera, but is compatible with
surveillance brands the world over, but these other HD analogue standards. It also supports
solutions have found a home in the lower PoC (power over coax), to further simplify
end of the market. Their adoption is partially installation and save on costs.
due to the low cost of HD analogue systems Dahua, on the other hand, supports
and partially to the interoperability with older HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video
analogue installations. Interface), which was developed by the
When HD analogue first appeared on the company. In 2016, Dahua released HD-CVI
scene, it offered high definition images (just), 3.0 with the core values of full compatibility,
which for a short time was impressive for ana- simplicity, Ultra HD and intelligence. We
logue. However, the technology has advanced launched the very first HD-over-coax technol-
to where it is today and its not uncommon to ogy that achieves 4K Ultra-HD (8 MP) and the
find 3 MP or 4 MP systems. Of course, tech- transmission distance now reaches up to 700 m.
nology never stops evolving and the various Matthew Guo. Furthermore, HD-CVI provides full compat-
manufactures are still at work, with some now ibility with almost all popular formats on the
boasting 4K resolution. in the HD analogue world, Hi-Tech Security market.
Today there are basically three players in Solutions asked three vendors for some insight The final contributor is Tomer Elhadad, CEO
the HD analogue field: into the field. We spoke to Dahua, Hikvision of HiTek Security. He advises that Hitek sup-
Analogue High Definition (AHD) developed and Hitek Security (a company that sells the ports the AHD format, which now offers 4 MP
by Koreas NextChip and sold by OEMs such as ProVision-ISR brand). cameras and DVRs.
Samsung and ProVision, among others.
HD-CVI (Composite Video Interface) was Which to choose? The compatibility question
developed by Dahua and has since been While HD-TVI has been Hikvisions HD ana- In many cases, the prime target for the HD
licensed to a few others, such as FLIR and logue format of choice, when asked about analogue kit would be those companies that
Honeywell. what standard it supports and the latest devel- have analogue solutions installed and are
HD-TVI (Transport Video Interface) developed opments in this format, Matthew Guo, techni- looking to upgrade to megapixel video, but
by Techpoint and sold by Hikvision and other cal director for Hikvision Africa says, The main want to save on the cost of IP video and make
smaller companies. HD analogue solutions include TVI, CVI and as much use of their existing kit as possible.
In the CCTV Handbook 2016, we mentioned AHD. The developments in these technologies But how realistic is this?
that the jury was still out as to which HD have seen the resolutions available reaching Is it simply a matter of putting down a
analogue technology would be the eventual Ultra-HD, 3 MP, 4 MP, 5 MP and 8 MP, and also new camera and off you go? Or do you need
winner, and it still is. However, it seems the to the convergence of those technologies as to change DVRs and some of the other little
various formats of HD analogue have decided they become compatible with each other. things people never consider when costing an
to cooperate rather than compete. The Hikvision HD analogue solution, installation?
To find out more about what is happening Turbo HD, goes to ultra-HD according to Guo, Elhadad says that most of the Provision

88 CCTV Handbook 2017


cameras and DVRs of up to 2 MP still support Market uptake Looking ahead

analogue input, so users can upgrade the DVR As noted above, the primary market When asked what we can expect from their
and use old analogue cameras or buy AHD HD 2 for HD analogue has been smaller products in the near future, Guo says Hikvision
MP cameras and use them as analogue systems. installations. At the same time, the uptake will soon release its latest generation of Turbo
Dahua says that with the deployment of of IP surveillance continues to grow. HD solution, the Turbo HD 4.0. This solution
HD-CVI systems, customers are able to seam- However, according to Dahua, there is still will offer Ultra 4K output, 8 MP resolution,
lessly upgrade traditional analogue systems a large group of customers staying with PoC, and the range will also include models
simply by replacing their DVRs and some or analogue systems because of its simplicity, incorporating Hikvisions Darkfighter technol-
all of their analogue cameras. Current cabling information security and good cost- ogy, providing ultra-low light illumination.
can be preserved, whether it is coaxial cable, performance ratio. It will also feature enhanced encoding
UTP or Cat 5 cable. The company also sees high demand for technology based on H.265, which is touted
Moreover, users need not be concerned upgrading traditional analogue systems to to reduce bit rate and bandwidth by over 50%
with power cabling because HD-CVI supports HD analogue around the world. The HD-CVI compared to H.264, without compromising
PoC and, according to the company, HD-CVI system is a better choice, especially for image quality.
has very good tolerance to imperfect cable applications where it is inconvenient to Elhadad says the AHD models Hitek sells
conditions and guarantees long-distance change the cabling. Based on our statistics, have moved away from 1.3 MP systems and
transmission. It supports up to 700 m for sales of HD-CVI solutions keep rising year on standardised on 2 MP. In addition, in a few
4 MP/4K UHD, 800 m for 1080p Full HD video year. months the 4 MP systems will be available as
via coaxial cable, and up to 300 m via UTP Guo adds that IP and HD analogue will still the standard. While from Dahua we have a
cable. co-exist for a long time. For price-sensitive 4 MP HD-CVI system as well as a 4 MP Fisheye
Guo notes that Hikvisions Turbo HD solu- customers and those with limited technical HD-CVI camera available.
tion also supports PoC as one coaxial cable skills who still require high resolution, HD
carries both the video signal and the power analogue is a very suitable and cost-effective For more information:
supply. That means the existing cables can solution. Dahua:
be well utilised, users only need to replace the In Elhadads experience, in the mid-market Hikvision:
devices without the trouble of re-cabling. This AHD is the preferred option due to price and Hitek Security:
translates to reduced installation time, which value for money, but at the corporate level Refer to Hi-Tech Security Business Directory
also translates to a reduction in both installa- and for complex installations IP is still the first ( for further details on these
tion and material costs. option. companies. CCTV Handbook 2017 89


The multi-sensor advantage

By Andrew Seldon.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to Johan Crause, regional manager for Arecont Vision
in Africa, to find out what makes multi-sensor cameras a must-have.
Multi-sensor cameras are growing in popular- right solution is based on the following:
ity as the benefits of what amounts to multiple 1. Find a reputable manufacturer.
cameras in the same housing, supported by 2. The ability to have this product integrate
advanced viewing software, deliver the goods into most VMS applications.
in specific surveillance situations. But what 3. The ability of the product to have inter-
makes these devices different when there are changeable lenses and sensors and to be
already so many options when it comes to moveable in order to ensure the customer
camera selection? can view the correct scene optimally.
Johan Crause, regional manager for 4. The maturity of the product. Normally,
Arecont Vision in Africa, says multi-sensor cam- generation one products are not as reliable
eras have unique benefits that differentiate and versatile, so relying on products that
them from high-resolution or Fisheye alter- matured over a period of time is important.
natives. With Arecont Vision being the first
multi-sensor technology in the industry with Stocking up
multiple registered patents, the advantages of Highlighting Areconts current offerings,
these devices are twofold. Crause says the company has various models
Firstly, the ability to cover multiple seg- that are available to the market at present
ments of the scene with one camera, which mostly in their third generation. A selection
Johan Crause.
means one cable, and one licence, cuts costs includes:
significantly, he explains. The second is that either stitch or give them the ability to play 1. The omni-directional four-sensor panoramic
a traditional PTZ records what it sees. In our each sensor in a different salvo, which makes camera in both 8 MP, 12 MP, 20 MP and
case, a multi-sensor camera is recording the viewing simple and highly configurable. 40 MP derivatives.
whole scene permanently, which eliminates 2. 180-degree panoramic cameras in both
the possibility of an incident occurring in one Where is the sweet spot? 8 MP, 12 MP and 20 MP, as well as 360-
area when the operator panned and zoomed There may be only on cable and one licence, degree panoramic cameras
in another. but multi-sensor devices are more expen- 3. The latest addition is the Microdome Duo,
For those companies that have experience sive. So where would they be the better which is a two-sensor camera that looks
using fisheye cameras, the dewarping software choice when designing a surveillance solu- after corridors and many other applications,
is critical in enabling proper control room sur- tion? Crause says multi-sensor technology is it is available in 4 MP, 6 MP and 10 MP form
veillance. Without it the image is too confusing required in virtually every application these factors with interchangeable lenses.
for an operator to understand what is going on days. They give the integrator the opportunity 4. The third quarter will see a third-generation
and respond appropriately in good time. With to optimally design and implement faster, and omni-directional camera that will have a
multi-sensor cameras, this is not an issue. based on pixel density, users are able to cover mechanical head and remote focus lenses.
Crause explains that Arecont has no need more with less. However, the correct resolution The installer will not need to open this head
to dewarp with multi-sensor devices. These and functionality is highly dependent on what as the software will drive the configuration.
cameras operate a scene as a typical dome the client actually wants to see.
camera would, however, the more pressing If the requirement is to be able to see a face For more information contact
ability to stitch the scene together is vitally or a number plate, the distance would be a Arecont Vision, +27 (0)82 553 9338,
important. With many of our VMS partners we factor and the lighting conditions would play,
have native integration and are thus able to a role. His recommendation for selecting the

90 CCTV Handbook 2017


Public surveillance security

Maximum coverage and situational awareness to proactively address crime.
Around the world, many countries have simply not technically possible to create satis- implemented system required only two instal-
stepped up the use of video security technol- factory solutions. lation points for comprehensive coverage of an
ogy for public safety and security in recent The technical capabilities of Panomera area of 8.800 square metres around the citys
years, not least due to the threats posed by technology initiated a shift in crime preven- cathedral and train station. It did not take long
international terrorism. However, there is also tion. The multifocal sensor system in Panomera for the success of the new surveillance concept
ongoing discussion, for instance in Germany, was specially developed for the all-encom- to show:
about whether or not the use of more video passing video surveillance of expansive areas. While a high number in criminal offences
technology in public spaces can be an effective With Panomera, huge widths, as well as areas in that area tarnished the celebrations on
instrument for preventing the more common with large distances can be displayed with a New Years Eve 2015, the festivities took place
types of crime faced by police and authorities. completely new resolution quality, in real time without incidents in 2016.
The inevitable question is if more or higher and at high frame rates of up to 30 fps. Video security technology has been in use
resolution cameras really offer more security With Panomera, a huge area can be sur- across South Africa for a long time. Given the
by either preventing or at least aiding in the veyed from a single location, and depending continuously high overall crime rate and the
investigation of crimes. Large open spaces on the requirements, the resolution can be need for effective public spending, it would
in urban areas are particularly challenging to scaled nearly limitlessly. Hence, one Panomera, seem prudent for authorities to consider
keep a watch on. equipped with eight sensors, is sufficient to investment in economical, low-maintenance
Until now, it seemed that the only logi- replace 35 standard megapixel cameras. video systems, such as described above, that
cal way to guarantee full coverage of such When police in the German metropolis of provide maximum coverage and situational
open spaces, which often include sections Cologne decided to revise their security con- awareness.
with impaired visibility, was to set up large cept, especially with regard to securing large,
systems with as many cameras as possible. open spaces, German manufacturer Dallmeier For more information contact Dallmeier
Unfortunately, in most cases it was found designed and installed a video monitoring Southern Africa Office, +27 (0)11 510 0505,
that such an approach could be prohibitively solution based on the Panomera technology.,
expensive. At the same time, it was often Instead of numerous individual cameras, the CCTV Handbook 2017 91


Wireless works for CCTV

By Andrew Seldon.

Wireless networking is a reasonable choice for surveillance, as long as one uses the
right technology and plans correctly.
Wireless networking is nothing new. Its been used Planning is critical
for years in various fields, including the surveillance Riaan Graham from Ruckus Wireless agrees
market, but it hasnt always had the best reputation. that wireless networking is on a growth path.
There is also often some misunderstanding about Ruckus handles wireless communications
what wireless actually means. for offices, campuses, residential estates and
Most people understand wireless as Wi-Fi, the so on. However, Graham says the important
network you set up at home or in the office to make aspect of a wireless solution is planning.
network and Internet access available to anyone. Whether you are providing Internet
While Wi-Fi certainly has it uses, and may even be access to the residents of an estate or office,
perfect for a few cameras in your home, it is not a or adding CCTV to the same network, plan-
robust communications medium that companies ning is the most crucial aspect of the project.
can rely on for critical surveillance installations of Understanding the environment and how to
multiple cameras. ensure good coverage is available where its
Moreover, Wi-Fi has a range of about 100 m, needed makes all the difference. If you dont
excluding any walls or other obstacles in the way do that, you, as the installer or IT department,
which will reduce the range, which isnt really end up making many trips to find out why
enough for most surveillance installations. Of course the network is down or why specific areas
is can be extended, but the performance does not continually seem to give trouble. A properly
match what one wants from a critical surveillance Nick Ehrke. planned wireless system will not only cover
infrastructure. mission-critical rollouts, according to Ehrke is that, everything it is supposed to over, it will also
The wireless networking were talking about in while cables can be cut to disrupt a wired network, provide failover should one access point fail or
this article is robust, reliable and able to transport wireless is somewhat harder to cut. Apart from be switched off accidentally.
multiple high-definition video streams over varying that, its also much easier to install and presents In addition, when something does go
distances. And perhaps most important of all, it is fewer environmental challenges. It is also more wrong with the network itself, unlike cables
secure. cost effective. which are generally hidden, its easy to find
Radwins Nick Ehrke says the uptake of wireless For long-haul networks, where some people where your wireless points are and to deter-
networking for surveillance projects has been grow- promote fibre over everything else, wireless mine which one is misbehaving. He also notes
ing for many years and shows no signs of abating, networks can be installed, in a matter of hours or that it is harder to cut the cables when there
quite the contrary. Wireless is proving its worth in days without requiring any digging or other time- arent any.
multiple markets, from city surveillance to residential consuming tasks. In cities where wireless solutions And on the matter of security, tier-one
estates and even mining. In these instances, it is used cant yet deliver the same bandwidth as fibre, wireless networks are definitely not the same
for voice, video and data transmission. these solutions are often used as bridging solu- as the open Wi-Fi networks in your favourite
The benefits of using wireless communications in tions while fibre is being installed or maintained. coffee shop.

92 CCTV Handbook 2017


Security built in
Miros Marco de Ru says users today can rely totally on their wireless networks.
He says that most outdoor wireless systems are encrypted, with even mid-range
systems using 128-bit encryption and the high-end solutions using up to 256-
bits. Some of the higher-end systems even run on proprietary protocols so you
cant even see them unless you have the same equipment that is able to detect
the network is there.
As far as reliability and bandwidth is concerned, De Ru says that using TDMA
networks divides the radio into timeslots so that each camera (or whatever
device) gets the opportunity to communicate with the base station. This switch
is sub-second in timing so each camera gets to use all the bandwidth during its
turn. Today these networks are able to support networking at up to 1 Gbps.
Another problem one can come across when using wireless communications
is interference from other networks in the vicinity, which can cause problems.
Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this, such as Active Frequency Filtering
and others. This ensures only the right radios talk to each other and ignore any
Ehrke adds that in Radwin installations, only Radwin stations can see each
other. There is no SSID or naming convention so if you arent a Radwin tech-
nology you wont even know its there. Additionally, the communications are
encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, so even if someone does manage to log
in somehow, they wont be able to see anything.
Radwin also offers it new Jet Air wireless communications solution for
the residential market. The Jet Air PtMP series includes a base station that
delivers 250 Mbps (or up to 750 Mbps) and is built on Radwins bi-directional
Beamforming technology which has been adopted by tier-1 carriers worldwide.
Jet Air enables service providers to deliver bandwidth-demanding services such
as TV streaming, gaming and online applications for consumers without having
to install cables.
For point-to-point networking, De Ru says Beamforming technology forgoes
forming a wireless cloud and aims the communications beam at a receiver,
which can be kilometres away, depending on the technology chosen. In these
scenarios, interference is also eliminated as the transmission only sends and
receives from certain registered radios and not to or from anything else. To cater
for the growing demand for wireless networking in the surveillance industry,
and in other markets, MiRO offers wireless networking products from Radwin,
Ligowave and Cambium.
In the case of Ruckus, Graham says the company creates a mesh network in
certain environments to boost the reliability and robustness of the network. This
means that even if one access point is down or busy, the network automatically
reroutes the communications via another route to still get to the intended end
He adds that, using specific Ruckus systems, users can get up to 1.7 Gbps. In
the 2017 State of the Nation Address (or chaos, depending on your perspective),
Ruckus provided communications solutions and made about 270 Mbps available
to broadcast the fun and games to the world.
Wireless networking is more than simply and option in the surveillance world,
today it is able to handle almost anything surveillance installations can throw at
it. However, like any part of a security installation, planning is vital to ensure the
network is designed to handle what is thrown at it in a reliable, robust and secure
manner. Wireless planning is not any different to planning for camera place-
ments, anyone can do it, but you need someone with the training and experi-
ence to do it so that it works as required and is reliable and robust enough to
avoid having technicians employed fulltime fixing randomly occurring problems.

For more information:

Refer to Hi-Tech Security Business Directory ( for further details on
these companies. CCTV Handbook 2017 93


Wi-Fi for
large surveillance
By Ian Keys, MEC Security.

Wi-Fi network deployment can provide

up to 50% financial savings compared to
wired solutions.
Surveillance systems, even though they have financial saving if compared to a wired solution to name but a few. These access controllers
become almost a necessity in todays world, and installation time can be cut by as much manage the security of the overall network
are and will always be a grudge buy. At pres- as 80%. with a temporary secure public-key encryp-
ent, in a market segment where there is no With the limitations of data transfer rates tion which scrambled the keys using a hashing
choice because real-time surveillance is an and limited security features, Wi-Fi surveillance algorithm to prevent tampering.
absolute necessity, e.g. the entertainment has been implemented only in domestic or Enterprise mode still has vulnerabilities.
industry, because of tradition and lack of very small systems. That is the main reason the Hackers can setup a fake AP and Radius server
understanding of the security offered by Wi-Fi quality of Wi-Fi cameras supplied for surveil- in hopes of obtaining login credentials. With
systems, users stick to the deployment of wired lance purposes are below the standard of IP-COMs AP Access Controllers, rogue APs can
equipment. wired IP cameras. Enterprise wireless addresses be detected and stopped from connecting and
The deployment of wired equipment is all the issues that the surveillance has for not broadcasting on the network. By providing
lengthy, costly and fraught with difficulty when fully deploying surveillance systems on a wire- permission to only certain devices and remov-
considering the infrastructure requirements less network. ing the ability to authorise new servers from
and the enormous cost associated with main- Firstly, every IP device can be Wi-Fi enabled users, these attacks can be prevented. All the
tenance and replacement of infrastructure by connecting a client AP (access point). Data necessary protocols to protect the informa-
over a period of time. In other market seg- throughput on dual-band access points can tion on your network has been implemented.
ments, surveillance systems are the Cinderella handle up to 2.2 Gbps and enables dense However, the critical element would be the
of all the security installations and therefore deployment of multiple networks. Multi-level correct configuration to protect against all
are always the last segment of any project that authentication and isolation makes it easy to threats.
receives the necessary attention. The result is a manage network security, which is a serious Enterprise Wi-Fi management features
limited budget and extremely tight timelines. concern when implementing a CCTV system. would provide an absolute game changer for
In turn, service providers must sacrifice on Data security should be a top priority when service providers in managing and maintain-
quality just to be able to make a profit and implementing a wireless surveillance system. ing their systems. Make network changes up
ensure the future of their businesses. Wireless signals often propagate beyond physi- to 98% faster, save up to 80% on operational
This reality is something that is giving the cal barriers, which makes the risk of someone costs, and detect threats in hours instead
security industry a bad reputation due to poor breaking in to your wireless network an immi- of days. These are a few of the multitude of
service delivery as well as unrealistic expecta- nent threat. Simply securing a wireless network advantages that these systems provide.
tions of clients from low budgets. The question using authentication and encryption just isnt In conclusion, every surveillance service
that arises from this is very obviously, what can enough. Enterprise WLAN security tools can provider should be willing to look at deploy-
we do to ensure the quality and reliability of our help mitigate these threats. ing enterprise wireless infrastructures to stay
systems and save customers money and time? WPA2-Enterprise generally requires a competitive. Apart from the financial savings
Radius server which handles all the authenti- that can be experienced, the additional man-
Enterprise-grade wireless solutions cating access. Products like IP-COMs AP Access agement features and simplicity these sys-
Why has the surveillance market not made Controllers are dedicated devices that not only tems should very quickly become the market
the transition to Wi-Fi deployment of the manage the authentication of users, but will standard.
infrastructure network? Wi-Fi networks have also provide additional network management
two distinct advantages that can address the functions like intelligent user load balance, For more information contact MEC Security,
problems in the surveillance market. Wi-Fi auto channel and power assignments, full +27 (0)11 794 8689,,
network deployment can provide up to 50% WLAN analysis and user access management,

94 CCTV Handbook 2017


Addressing smart city communications

Yossi Nissan, director of product marketing at Radwin.

Smart and safe cities depend on a reliable communications infrastructure.

The concept of a smart city has always been
associated with a comprehensive approach
to synchronising and organising the many
aspects of urban life through the use of
information and communication technology. It
includes a broad spectrum of interconnected
applications such as infrastructure, education,
healthcare, transportation, households, social
services and others.
Making a city smart entails interconnectiv-
ity, with the ultimate goal of improving its
citizens lives, work, leisure and sustainability.
These goals are becoming more important as
we see that currently about 50% of the worlds
population live in urban areas, and this is
expected to rise to about six billion by 2045.
With these smart city goals, the Internet of
Things (IoT), the network of objects that are
able to collect and interchange data, is now
more important than ever. And the number of
IoT devices is growing exponentially. A study
by Machina Research in 2016 predicted that a
Radwin 5000jet.
projected number of 20 billion devices will be
in use by 2020. bring connectivity to a myriad of services and projects such as in Moscow Metro, connecting
devices. over seven million passengers in transit to the
Low power, wide area While fibre may have traditionally been Internet every day, as well as in bus networks
Many of these devices connect using Lower seen as the optimal delivery method for broad- in South Africa.
Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies. LPWA band connectivity, more and more govern- When deploying any wireless broadband
can be used in many applications, such as the ments and municipalities are recognising the solution, smart city planners need to take
transportation sector, in traffic congestion importance of wireless broadband in the smart into account the way the technology copes
sensors, smart parking meters and vehicle city mix; particularly in the mobility sector, but with interference in a dense urban environ-
fleet communication. Environmental, air and increasingly in fixed wireless applications too. ment. Radwin was one of the first companies
weather sensors, as well as energy and solar to address this with its smart beamforming
panel monitoring. Other applications could Get the mix right antenna, making it immune to interference
include waste management, fire detection and Our research and development in fixed, in congested unlicensed spectrums, enabling
smart lighting. nomadic and semi-nomadic applications mean for the first time guaranteed service-level
The future IoT landscape in a smart city Radwin has developed a comprehensive array agreements (SLAs) which is vital for use in
will rely on LPWA networks, but it will also of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) solu- mission-critical applications.
require higher speed broadband communi- tions and deployments in over 170 countries.
cation for big data transmission. This will be Radwins carrier-class solutions are in use For more information contact Radwin,
based on a mix of fibre, cellular and wireless to in many of the worlds biggest connectivity +27 (0)74 114 2805, CCTV Handbook 2017 95


Do you have a plan for data storage?

Storage is the biggest surveillance cost, so choosing the right solution is vital.
One of the most important (and often over- 4K camera technology and storage choice and beyond. The shift to digital, using mega-
looked) aspects of any successful surveillance becomes a topic you just cant ignore. All of that pixel cameras, makes higher resolution image
system is choosing the most appropriate type data has to be kept somewhere. The problem is, capture at faster frame rates possible, and that
of storage. if not planned properly, inadequate storage can puts increased pressure on storage system
We are in an age of Big Data, a term which leave a system unfit for purpose. infrastructure.
relates both to the volume of information that In this article, we find out about the key Historically, the digital video recorder (DVR)
modern solutions are required to receive and considerations behind surveillance data storage was the obvious (and possibly only) choice for
manage, and the content itself. For example, from Synectics product and technology direc- video storage. But its limitations in terms of
integrating to third-party systems is no longer tor, David Aindow, and IT product manager, finite source inputs, frame rate and typically
an aspiration, it is a necessity; data from secur- Sean Kettlewood. fixed storage capacity, make it unsuitable for
ity, operational and emergency systems for many of todays evolving IP needs particu-
an entire site (or multiple sites) is now often What current trend has had the larly in terms of protecting against failure and
collated, monitored, and controlled through a biggest impact on surveillance data managing scalability. Previously, adding a
single surveillance management platform. storage? new DVR might have been a relatively simple
Add to this the introduction of HD IP Kettlewood: Without a doubt that would task, but multiple devices did not easily come
cameras and more recently the arrival of be the transition from analogue to IP with HD together to create a single unified system.
Instead they performed as separate devices
independently of one another.

Aindow: NVRs (network video recorders)

with either internal storage or DAS (Direct
Attached Storage) devices have become
more prevalent, as they can offer greater
data throughput, and dont have the physical
(geographic proximity) restrictions of DVRs.
They typically afford much greater levels of
scalability, significantly higher resilience possi-
bilities, and perform as a single, holistic system,
regardless of the quantity of devices deployed.
With the digital surveillance revolution, and
the trend for whole-site systems integration
unifying video, audio and operational data
inputs into one platform new storage tech-
nologies have entered the market and deserve
consideration. Users now have the choice not
only between DAS, but also Network Attached
Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network
Sean Kettlewood. David Aindow. (SAN).

96 CCTV Handbook 2017


Whats the difference between DAS, If there are a number of storage

NAS and SAN? options available, why is planning
Aindow: Put simply, DAS and NAS systems ahead so important? Cant
attach file-based storage either directly to the organisations just adapt what they
host device (NVR) or to an existing network. SAN have as they grow?
offers increased block storage capacity through Kettlewood: The need to plan storage is more
a separate network which can be accessed via a to do with what an organisation wants to achieve
server. All enable storage to be shared or scaled with its surveillance system (and by when), than
up as required. it is about the storage solutions themselves.
At the moment, DAS and NAS are more In the next five years, how many cameras
commonplace solutions for storing surveillance will I need? Do I want these to be all IP/HD (even
related data. There are a number of reasons for 4K) or will a hybrid system still fulfil my needs?
this, but the biggest one has been the need for Will I have more sites in different geographic
high transmission speed from the host device locations to cover? What other systems on my
(NVR) to disk. Until recently, SAN systems just sites do I want surveillance to integrate with and
couldnt cope with the throughput demands of how much data will this involve?
real-time video storage. In the past 18 months The answers to all these questions will
or so thats changed, and most SAN systems can dictate purchasing decisions that need to be
now transfer data between servers and disks made now in order to make the right long-term
at the similar peripheral channel speeds as if storage investments.
directly attached.
Whereas DAS and NAS devices can be added What storage developments are we
to a network with minimal impact on system likely to see in the future?
infrastructure (no potential data loss, need for Kettlewood: While DAS and NAS applica-
system downtime or extensive reconfigura- tions are likely to remain the common choices
tion), SAN implementation is relatively more for surveillance-only storage along with an
demanding in terms of updating infrastructure increase in the adoption of SAN for large-scale
and personnel training its a solution far more integrated data solutions more interest
familiar to IT departments than surveillance in cloud-based surveillance data storage is
personnel. It is highly unlikely you would deploy inevitable. Naturally, concerns regarding data
SAN purely for video data storage. It lends itself security will inevitably require consideration.
to those applications where there are multiple
data stakeholders all with storage requirements Aindow: The truth is there will never be a one
such as an airport where operations, surveil- size fits all answer to storage, simply because
lance, risk management and other systems all it depends on the specific security, operational
have vast amounts of data to manage. and analytical requirements in play. Its why
SANs strength is in data depth. Fibre chan- keeping up to speed with the latest options is
nel technology typically allows data transfers so important.
at 8 Gb/s to accommodate enterprise volumes
of data to be stored with high levels of redun- For more information on storage for surveil-
dancy. Its why we are increasingly seeing it lance projects, contact sales@synecticsglobal.
used in large-scale applications such as airports, com, or download Synectics guide to Storage
oil and gas plant monitoring, or other forms of Area Networks (SAN) at
critical infrastructure protection. san-wp.

Synergy 3 receives validation dedicated surveillance storage depository.

Synectics has announced that its Synergy 3 Synergy 3 is a flexible, open architecture
command and control software is certified software platform that enables video, alarms
as fully compatible with Dell EMC storage and events, third party subsystems, trans-
solutions. actional and process data to be monitored,
The certification achieved by meet- managed and recorded from a single, unified
ing strict performance criteria specified interface.
and tested by EMCs dedicated Surveillance Its third-party integration capabilities and
Validation Labs means organisations using uncapped scalability make it a leading solu-
an EMC storage area network (SAN) solution tion for large-scale, complex environments
can adopt Synergy 3 as their chosen digital with demanding security and surveillance
recording and video management solution needs in sectors such as oil and gas, critical
without needing to implement a separate, infrastructure and transport. CCTV Handbook 2017 97


Axis supports the first fully

automated drill fleet in Africa
Sedna Industrial IT Solutions supplies Axis cameras for real-time monitoring.
Kolomela Mine, situated in the Northern Cape allows for more accurate pressure control and no cabling infrastructure. The robust, mobile
in South Africa, is Kumba Iron Ores newest more rapid response to drilling anomalies. device is solar powered and locates positional
operation. It mines lump iron ore, which is Combined with visual monitoring through information or tracks a moving object with
in high demand from Asian-Pacific as well high-definition cameras, a single person can GPS. The camera communicates via industrial
as European steel markets due to its excel- operate multiple drills from a control room on wireless LAN and can be controlled (pan, tilt,
lent physical strength and high iron content. a 24/7 basis. zoom) remotely, allowing for remote monitor-
Kolomela boasts an estimated life expectancy The remote command of mining equip- ing operations.
of 29 years, with around 23 years remaining, ment relies on line of sight through remote Part of our solution to Kolomela was to
and has potential for further expansion. drill monitoring to honour the guidelines of install seven Geo-Cams, which were equipped
Kumba cemented its position as an the Mine Health and Safety Act, specifically with the Axis Q6115-E network camera as the
early adopter of new technologies when guidelines towards Trackless Mobile Machinery base platform for drill and bench monitoring,
it implemented automated drilling on the (TMM). And, as the preferred supplier to while the Axis Q8722-E network camera was
Kolomela Mine. This project was the first Kumba Iron Ore, Sedna Industrial IT Solutions used as the base for the six thermal GeoCams
fully-automated drill fleet in Africa and aimed (Sedna) were asked to provide visual monitor- for drill and bench monitoring in poor light or
to increase utilisation, improve safety and ing to support this. high dust conditions.
performance, boost reliability and productiv- Axis Development Partner, Sedna, special- We installed outdoor Axis P3905-RE
ity, and save costs. ises in mining systems. Peter Dormehl, director network cameras on the drills as theyre ideal
Flanders was commissioned to supply the of Sedna, has partnered with Kolomela over for onboard surveillance. This is recorded and
autonomous blast hole drilling control system, the years on technical mining solutions, and managed on a Milestone platform with the
as they are renowned for engineering best-in- therefore understands the requirements and Geo-Cam software, explained Dormehl.
class solutions to overcome mining operation client preferences. The drill project deployment was rolled
challenges. The system promised to improve Dormehl commented, In making our out over eight months by a strong, compe-
safety, optimise blast-hole planning, generate recommendations to Kumbas team, we put tent team of experts who helped contribute
more predictable fragmentation, and enhance Axis forward as the IP camera partner of towards ensuring that our automated drilling
the performance of the drilling fleet. choice. Sedna has worked with Axis for almost delivers against an ambitious growth strategy,
a decade and were confident in their products concluded Sipho Mathonsi, manager, engi-
Remote drill visual monitoring support. We know their hardware can survive neering at Kolomela mine.
Automated drilling presents many benefits as demanding environments as weve deployed
it promises to increase efficiency and reliability, their cameras in mining operations worldwide. For more information contact
while improving safety, minimising downtime A few years ago, Sedna built a Geo-Cam Axis Communications, +27 (0)11 548 6780,
and lowering operating costs. It is best suited for monitoring operations within environ-,
for remote and inaccessible locations, and ments such as opencast mines, where there is

98 CCTV Handbook 2017


VIVOTEK drinks to success

Beverage company makes the move from analogue to IP surveillance.
The Pepsi bottling plant, Varun Beverages, having analysed the situation; along with management software used to operate the IP
said to be one of the largest franchisees of Network Technology, we suggested alter- surveillance solution is VIVOTEK VAST, which is
PepsiCo outside the USA, experienced a ing their analogue surveillance solution to IP connected to various camera models, including
number of grave issues, despite being under surveillance solution. 5-megapixel 360-degree surround view fisheye
analogue surveillance. Its issues included We gave them a complete end-to-end camera FE8180, the Full-HD speed dome camera
everything from theft to operational inefficien- solution from general surveillance to various SD8363E, 3-megapixel outdoor-ready 180-degree
cies by workers. Helping the company realise check points in the plants. The deployment of view fisheye camera CC8370-HV, 2-megapixel
the shortcomings of analogue surveillance, VIVOTEK solutions transformed the operational 15-metre IR illuminator fixed dome camera
VIVOTEK brought the plant up to par with the scenario into a more productive and secured FD8169, and two bullet-type cameras IB8369 and
evolving security landscape. one. They are satisfied by the video and image IB8367.
VIVOTEK, along with its partner Network quality in their current security surveillance The installers also segregated the camera
Technology altered its analogue video surveil- system. for multiple site types on the basis of lens types
lance solutions to IP surveillance solutions The IP surveillance system has significantly such as fixed lens camera; vary-focal lens camera
for improved video and image quality and improved the control over the entire produc- for different applications. Post the deployment
enhanced Field of View (FOV). tion process and administrative areas of all of IP surveillance, Varun Beverages managed to
Commenting on the successful com- our production facilities. The solution enables prevented thefts in the warehouses and plants.
missioning of the project, Sanjeev Gulati, an efficient and centralised security through The workers and operation staff, being well aware
country manager India & SAARC, VIVOTEK, which the manager can remotely monitor, any of the enhanced security surveillance in the vicin-
commented, Despite their existing security time and anywhere promptly and effectively. ity, now stick to the company protocols and live
surveillance arrangements, Varun Beverages, VIVOTEK has been really helpful during the up to company standards in terms of hygiene and
suffered a number of thefts. Adding to their planning stage and in providing technical sup- effective and efficient operations.
distress was the poor image quality and lim- port, which exceeded our expectations; were
ited coverage area of their existing analogue looking forward to providing them with more, For more information contact VIVOTEK Inc.,
surveillance solutions. Their daily operations as their business expands. +886 2 8245 5282,,
suffered, owing to such drawbacks. After Adding to the technical insights; the video

Ringmaster Security
access control, fire detection and intru-
Established in 2010 by Vince Botha (MD), sion detection products; Bosch Smoke
his sons Jason and Dale, and Robert Detection and CCTV systems; Impro Access
Kgatle, Ringmaster Security provides control systems; Boomgate Systems; Regal this element of the companys portfolio,
integrated electronic, risk, safety and electronics; Sensor Security & Duxbury the service division is currently in a growth
security solutions to medium and large CCTV Systems, and Nemtek Electric Fencing phase.
enterprises. The company offers a quality products. The company is an authorised
turnkey security service to the dealer for Mustek, Pinnsec/Devtrade, Elvey
commercial,industrial, retail, residential Security Technologies, Hikvision, Sensor
Reference sites
Ringmaster Security has completed a number
estates, educational, hospitality and Security and Nemtek.
of noteworthy contracts including Key West
allied industries. By handling all work
shopping mall, Festival Mall, East Rand Mall,
in-house, Ringmaster is able to attain
higher levels of quality management,
Maintenance services Village Square, East Rand Value Mall, 14th
Maintenance of projects forms a large Avenue shopping mall, Sunnyside Office
a philosophy that has seen the
part of Ringmasters offering, with a Park, Milpark Hospital, Various Growthpoint
business grow and achieve a high
standard one-year warranty in place Properties sites including Hatfield Gardens,
degree of customer retention and
for all clients. Thereafter a service level Lakeside Centurion and Constantia Office
repeat business.
agreement is compiled for a further period Park.
of time and generally entails quarterly Ringmaster currently installs integrated
Supplier partners checking and servicing of all installed equip- security systems on a number of windfarms
Ringmasters suppliers include ADI CCTV, ment. As a result of the success of around southern Africa.

For more information contact Jason Botha,,

+27 (0)79 482 0474, CCTV Handbook 2017 99


Protecting residents at Eldoglen Estate

By Allyson Koekhoven.

Eldoglen Estate implemented a comprehensive surveillance security system.

Location, amenities and value for money, all critical in achieving the required specifications light of the high incidence of lightning strikes
elements that homeowners consider when in line with a cost-effective budgetary solution, in the areas as well as its ability to continue
they choose a house in a residential estate. says Gary Swart of Rhyco Risk Projects. operating efficiently in the presence of rolling
Added to this is a need for a sense of personal The project, which comprised three phases, blackouts, was another deciding factor.
safety and security. The management of the was discussed with all residents to ensure Some of the benefits to be delivered by
upmarket Eldoglen Estate in Eldoraigne, complete buy-in for the process. The team this solution included the provision of an early
Centurion, are all too aware of the impact that explained that the solution would provide warning system in the event that the perimeter is
inadequate security can have on the sense of homeowners with increased security, which in breached. Coupled with this is the ability to have
wellbeing experienced by its residents. turn would increase the value of their prop- full control and management of the system.
Home to 701 residential properties, includ- erty since the estate would be deemed an
ing 37 townhouse complexes and communal appealing place to live by outsiders. In addi- The solution
property that consists of three swimming tion, should the cameras detect events taking The solution was planned around a fibre
pools, sports facilities, gardens and entrance place on public property outside the estate, backbone from Cathexis, with an array of FLIR
gates, Eldoglen Estate is a sought-after destina- alerts are sent to the SAPS to assist them and thermal cameras combined with Hikvision
tion for hundreds of residents. In 2016, estate Business Against Crime in reducing crime in PTZ cameras and Hikvision static HD cameras.
manager Jimmie Pugh approached consultant the neighbourhood, thereby further positively Rhyco installed 33 cameras in the first phase of
Andy Lawler, from Sentinel Risk Management, contributing to the reputation of the estate. the project, which saw cameras located along
to undertake a risk assessment and design a the 3 km-long perimeter wall. The thermal
surveillance security system for the estate. Security for the neighbourhood cameras, with a range of up to 300 m were
Lawler explains that apart from a few legacy In essence, we communicated the benefits to the located on the long clear stretches along the
surveillance cameras situated at the entrance/ residents by pointing out that security compliance perimeter; while the static HD cameras, with
exit gates of the estate, there was little in the adds not only to the desirability of the estate for its a range of 80 m infrared, were deployed on
way of perimeter surveillance coverage. In residents personally, but also to the neighbouring shorter stretches of the perimeter.
addition to the existing technology limitations, community at large. The sense of personal safety Finally, the PTZ cameras, which have a
the perimeter and communal areas were very that would be imbued by the system deploy- range of up to 200 m infrared, were placed in
vulnerable. A closed tender process was insti- ment resulted in residents agreeing that the small strategic locations. All cameras are equipped
tuted and Rhyco Risk Projects was appointed to increase in levies was justifiable due to the imme- with video analytics to ensure that an alarm
supply all surveillance cameras and to integrate diate value added benefits. Residents were also is triggered and relayed to the onsite con-
any existing technology wherever possible. assured that the cameras would in no way infringe trol room, should there be a breach on the
Due to the fact that quite an extensive on their privacy, says Lawler. perimeter.
system was required, we elected to install new He adds that other factors that played a Phase 2 involved the calculated placement
cameras where there was no current installation role in convincing the residents of the advan- of 14 cameras in the common areas, such as the
and to try and re-use any legacy equipment tage of upgrading the system included the clubhouse, tennis court and swimming pools.
where it was deemed conceivable to do so. fact that it would not impact on the aesthetics Phase 3 involved the upgrading of the
Working closely with Lawler, the estate manager of their properties or the estate as a whole. surveillance system at the three entrance/
and the security manager, Riaan Halgryn, was Furthermore, the robustness of the system, in exit points, with one section traversing a main
road. A total of 40 cameras are situated at the
entrance/exit points, with the retention of
most of the existing cameras and the addition
of a few new cameras. This effectively reduced
the cost to the client, while ensuring that qual-
ity and reliability was not compromised.
Swart says that leveraging Rhycos previous
experience on other large residential estates as
well as on commercial client properties where
large perimeter surveillance was involved,
ensured that the project was completed seam-
lessly and to the satisfaction of the consultant
and estate management.

For more information contact Rhyco Risk

Projects, +27 (0)12 661 1496,,

100 CCTV Handbook 2017


Hardened cameras watch the pier

By Andrew Seldon.

Hardened, explosion-proof cameras employed to watch dangerous areas.

Esaco was recently commissioned to design a well as an analysis of different CCTV suppliers power). The Axis Q6045 was chosen
surveillance solution for an onshore shipping for hazardous areas, Esaco decided on R. Stahl 2 x Axis 1355 HD day/night cameras for drive-
pier for tank ships used by the oil, gas and equipment as it offers the most flexible solu- way tanker pier and office areas.
mining industries. The task required replac- tion for surveillance systems usable in hazard- Axis video encoders with fibre optic output
ing the old analogue system, which was slow ous and industrial locations. for the EC-750 cameras.
and produced poor picture quality, especially Esaco works with R. Stahl Camera Systems Fibre-optic network for long distance com-
after dark. The analogue system included older GmbH, which develops CCTV solutions tailored munications and to avoid interference.
cameras, some of which were broken and to the specific requirements of the oil/gas Video management software (VMS) from
almost useless. industry and chemical/pharmaceutical plants, SeeTec, pre-configured for the customer.
The client required one combined system to provide maximum surveillance coverage of Commissioning of the Stahl camera and VMS
and one responsible contact for the project. all areas and processes in hazardous environ- training of users.
More importantly, it wanted to gain a better ments, explains Preshan Moodliar, process Although Esaco specialises in R. Stahl IP
overview of its environment, for example, to be automation engineer at Esaco. The company cameras, the Open CCTV System Solution from
able to see intruders at the pier where the tank provides not only hardware and software, but the German company makes it possible to
ships are and the rest of its operational areas all relevant services such as project design, combine hazardous or thermal cameras with
clearly, no matter what the light conditions. project engineering, system configuration, safe area cameras to ensure an integrated
The surveillance solution required some documentation, FAT, commissioning, SAT, and customised solution. Making use of this
normal cameras, but also hardened cameras service and maintenance. The only thing the functionality, the zone 1 stainless steel EC-750
designed for hazardous areas. Esaco specialises company does not do is installations. dome cameras with IP68 ratings were installed
in surveillance projects requiring hardened Moodliar explains that Esacos role in the and fully accessible from the control room.
cameras and systems that operate in hazard- project was to design and source the equip- The result of the project was an integrated
ous conditions. ment for the full solution, summarised in part and open surveillance solution that can be
The full project required IP cameras as follows: expanded as required. It also provides the
to cover the perimeter surveillance of the A dedicated IP camera network. company with better visibility over its opera-
operational area, pier and tanks. For the pier 12 x Zone 1 Stahl EC-750 dome cameras (18X tional environment with clear images 24x7.
area, hardened stainless steel cameras were optical zoom) connected via video encoder.
required by the customer to ensure operations These cameras are explosion proof. For more information contact Preshan
even in the case of an emergency. Having 5 x high-speed dome, 32X optical zoom, Moodliar, Stahl Esaco, +27 (0)11 608 3120,
completed an analysis of the environment as 1080p Full HD IP dome camera, PoE (high, CCTV Handbook 2017 101


Security for South African school

IP camera surveillance keeps an eye on the high school, both day and night.
It seems there isnt a week that goes by where From idea to reality One additional bonus is this models Smart
some type of horrific school-related incident is In essence, administrators wanted a CCTV IR capability and 150 m of IR range, a tool that
in the news. This phenomenon isnt linked to solution that would provide surveillance is definitely of use during the night, to give
any country, but the unfortunate script usually over access control and the schools gen- us security even if students are not present,
includes someone often a student arriving eral grounds. To turn this idea into a reality, Bekker added.
on campus intent on doing harm to fellow Hikvisions official South African distributer,
classmates and faculty. Sensor, and South African security installer Box cameras indoors
While this represents the absolute worst- Cam Live Vision combined to design and install Hikvision box cameras were chosen for indoor
case scenario, there is also a less dramatic a solution to address these goals. locations and specific outdoor areas. The DS-
variety that has recently received a great deal Ben Bekker, director of Cam Live Vision, 2CD864F-E(W) 1.3 MP Network Box Camera
of traction: bullying. noted, It became clear in the initial stages that was combined with Hikvisions TV0309D-MPIR
A great deal of effort has been put into the the specifications of the client, combined with lens to view the indoor school hallways, indoor
elimination of student bullying. Much time has school budget concerns, required that very cafeteria, and outdoor courtyard space. As this
been spent on the best possible methods to specific cameras were used. We had to be very courtyard is largely covered, weatherproofing
reduce this phenomenon, and one tool that is intelligent about designing a solution that was not an issue.
gaining popularity is the usage of professional addressed these often disparate goals. As with the previous speed dome, great
CCTV solutions. megapixel resolution was also necessary.
In South Africas Western Cape province PTZ for close and far However, with the addition of the TV0309D-
lies the town of Strand. Known for its beautiful Bekker opted for a PTZ model to cover the MPIR lens, spaces that experience inconsistent
beaches, the town also has academic facilities, school grounds (including playing fields, lighting are properly addressed. This is due
with one of these being Strand High School. outdoor cafeteria, and parking garage), as well to the lens varifocal IR function and auto iris
Fortunately, Strand High School offers a as school entrances and exits. providing clear images in quickly changing
peaceful learning environment to provide an Specifically, Hikvisions Smart PTZ lighting environments.
excellent Afrikaans school education for its DS-2DF7284 Series 2 MP Network IR PTZ Dome One example is Strand High Schools
student body. Recently however, as a proactive Camera was chosen. With units placed on the interior hallways, said Bekker. These hallway
measure, school administrators drew up plans front and back of the school building, PTZ doors open directly to the outside, so when a
for a security solution that would: functionality offers full 360-degree coverage. door is suddenly opened, normally dark areas
make sure that school rules and regulations However, this PTZ functionality is only one are immediately saturated with bright sunlight,
are adhered to. piece of the puzzle. Another was a 20x optical requiring this Hikvision lens and IR functional-
decrease occurrences of bullying. zoom that provides the coverage needed. ity when returning back to the dark.
offer clear video surveillance of school Its the DS-2DF7284s 2 MP resolution that
entrances and exits. allows the school principal and vice principal A sense of security
monitor any individual entering or leaving. to accurately identify an individual regardless Since Strand High Schools Principal and Vice-
offer clear video surveillance over athletic if they are at the main front entrance or behind Principal use their PCs to monitor this IP solu-
fields and general school grounds. the rugby field, explained Bekker. tion, Hikvisions iVMS Software was combined
with the DS-9632NI-ST Embedded NVR. This
NVR supports 32 IP camera channels and is an
excellent tool to allow these administrators
access to whichever camera that is currently
needed. This comes in particularly handy
during peak hours, such as the morning (with
students arriving) and the afternoon (with
them leaving for the day).
And the results are already in: after only
one week of using this solution, instances of
bullying decreased. Bekker noted this was con-
firmed by both students and the principal.
Importantly, everyone entering and exiting
school premises is closely monitored bring-
ing Strand High School both security and a
sense of confidence during these changing
modern times.

For more information contact Hikvision South

Africa, Evan Liu, +27 (0)10 035 1172, support.,

102 CCTV Handbook 2017


Entertaining surveillance
Over 550 cameras and over 70 TB of storage for entertainment complex.
IndigoVision has been awarded its largest ever US
contract to supply an integrated IP Video system
for the new casino complex at the Mardi Gras
Racetrack and Gaming Centre, Hollywood, Florida.
This IndigoVision solution is being deployed in full
compliance with Florida Gaming Board regulations.
IndigoVisions IP video technology was chosen,
following evaluation of several digital video solu-
tions. Redundancy and reliability of the system
was an important factor in choosing IndigoVision.
Gaming Board regulations dictate that the casino
can only use a gaming table or slot machine if video
is being recorded; therefore any downtime would
have immediate commercial implications.
The key factor for IndigoVision was the perfor-
mance guarantee that all video would be DVD-
quality, 4SIF, 30 fps and that no frames would be
dropped. This was a fundamental requirement of
the Gaming Board and the casino operator. Any
dropped frames within a video clip could hide
fraudulent or criminal activity and make any cus- Control Center provides control, administration For more information contact
tomer disputes more difficult to resolve. and viewing of the live camera feeds and recorded Management and Supply of
The system will consist of over 550 cameras video over the IP network. Video recording will Security Solutions (MASS), +27 (0)12 142 0000,
controlled by Control Center, IndigoVisions enter- be achieved with eight server-based networked,
prise video and alarm management software. video recorders (NVRs), with over 70 TB of storage.

and remain competitive in a world of increas- along aerial and trenched pipe routes
ing competition and pricing pressures. Surge and lightning protection
BT-SA is a specialised network infrastruc-
BT-SA owes its success not only to its dedi- Fire detection and suppression systems
ture company that focuses on providing
cated and skilled labour force, but also to its Precision and ambient cooling systems
high-level turnkey solutions that meet the
commitment to personal service, quality and Raised flooring, underfloor and overhead
stringent demand of modern business.
its focus on customer satisfaction. cable routing systems
Combining various technologies, state-
Telephone and Voice over IP cabling systems
of-the art solutions are achieved that not
Uninterruptible, standby and alternate
only meet, but exceed customer needs Additional services energy power supply systems
within budgetary constraints. Technology BT-SAs service offering does not end with the
Wireless communications RF, laser,
is implemented to support the business supply and installation of products; it also
rather than tailoring the business to fit the offers technical consultation regarding the
product. design and implementation of ICT facilities/
Being a system integrator, it is clearly infrastructure such as: Reference sites
understood that network cabling, wireless Access control and surveillance solutions Some of BT-SAs most notable clients include
communications, access control, monitor- Cabling systems UTP, STP, FTP and SFTP the likes of:
ing and all other aspects of integration, is Data centre design and construction Vox Telecom
a vendor-independent process that must Electrical system design and installation BCX
meet business needs, linking islands of pro- Environment monitoring and building man- StorTech (Vodacom)
cessing power and users to form a cohesive agement systems AVI Limited
platform upon which businesses may grow Fibre optic systems, including blown fibre, Mustek Limited.

For more information contact BT-SA, 0860 105 183,, CCTV Handbook 2017 103


Surveillance is a fishy business

By Neale Strauch, MD, Techsec Security Services (T/A The Lab).

Security technology used to assist in creative farming.

Having been in the security technology field the dams. The water carries nutrients for the It could be argued that a simple trigger
for over 20 years and seen the technologies plants, which is cleaned up by the roots and on the cable holding the ball would do the
come and go, we got involved with aquapon- returned as clean water to the fish, and this in same, but we now have the video footage at
ics some three years ago. itself makes the water even more valuable. our finger tips to review. The use of the video
Aquaponics is the combination of aquacul- During the building and testing of the progressed to a point where floating objects
ture in a recirculating system and hydroponics aquaponics farm we were constantly faced such as fish now also trigger an alarm. Once
to utilise the nutrients released by fish to grow with water leaks, unbalanced pumps and again, for the sake of the sceptics and the
crops in the same system, the crops in turn blockages. This is generally sorted out quite aquaculture guys, the fish dont always come
clean the water for reuse by fish. easily and as we progressed to commercialis- to the surface when dead, but at least we know
There are many advantages of Aquaponics ation where 4000 fish and 6000 plants are when they do.
as compared to aquaculture, hydroponics or dependent on a balanced system, the normal General surveillance is used and we also
farming crops in soil. These include higher water leaks were sorted out, but the odd flood- record our water and air temperatures where a
production levels, fewer disease issues, ing and consequent losses of water just seem camera is aimed at the digital readouts thereof
superb taste of the crops and shorter period to be inherent in systems such as this. giving us information that we did not previ-
to first harvest. Furthermore, as aquaponics is There are many products on the market ously have utilising one technology that was
intrinsically a natural and healthy method to that could give warning and stop pumps but already available in the system
produce the crops, we have the opportunity these are all designed for water management Gathering information about plant growth
to utilise soft and environmentally appropri- systems and the cost is just too high, never has now become a simple video review func-
ate treatment methods to address pest issues mind the retrofitting thereof. tion where we compare the footage of the
that affect the crops, thereby enabling us In such systems, it is reasonably normal to plants size two weeks ago, with today.
to produce a wholesome, organic product, lose a fish or two but if there is a major prob- Controlling access to the facility is naturally
along with distinctly more intense aromas and lem with water quality or the loss of dissolved done by a biometric system, with an in and
flavours of aquaponically grown crops. oxygen where an air blower or pump has failed out reader and an interlock where footwear is
During the installation of our commercially one could experience drastic losses within a to be cleaned in a shallow foot bath. Simple
rated system in the suburbs of Pretoria, we few hours. time-related readouts give us the time and
embarked on a challenge that stimulated our Being a security technology company we attendance, time spent inside the facility, time
technical expertise where simple problems then looked for solutions within our baseline in the footbath area and time away.
that are encountered in such systems around technologies and started testing. Having Driving forward with the process of a
the world need measured solutions. During cameras that were a natural part of the instal- sustainable farming entity where power, water,
the early stages, water overflow and the loss of lation during the building of the system, we resources and time are contributing factors
water needed to be managed. Being in a city readjusted and realigned the cameras with the we embarked on a green journey hoping to
where the only source of water is municipal aim to utilise the analytic function which was not only bring down overheads but also to
and what could be harvested from our roofs intended to give us warning when something prove to ourselves and possibly the market out
when it rains, made the loss of water a priority. changed. In this instance, it was the depth of there that green is possible. The first choice is
Searching the market, we found wonderful the water in a 3,5 m fish dam. of course the utilisation of a solar system to
systems, which came at a price, of course. We were aiming at the inner edge of the run the power-related segments such as the
In a recirculating system, water is of utmost dam at water level, hoping to receive a trigger pumps and air blowers. A 6.5 kVA solar system
importance, not only is it the basis on which when the water level drops or rises. The toler- was installed and this runs the total farm.
the system functions, which fish and plants ances were so tight and alarms were popping
both depend on, it is a scarce commodity and up all the time, and then the penny dropped, For more information contact Neale Strauch,
could become costly. place a ball hanging in the centre of the dam Techsec Security Services T/A The Lab,
Aquaponics uses 90% less water than which will float with a top and bottom param- +27 (0)12 654 5985,
traditional farming because it is recirculates eter set. When the ball rises too high the alarm,
from the fish dams to the plants and back to triggers and visa versa.

104 CCTV Handbook 2017


Extreme performance with new chipset

Hanwha Techwin has launched the Wisenet X series with an embedded, image. Bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 99% compared to
self-developed chipset. The Wisenet 5 chipset used in the Wisenet X current H.264 technology when WiseStream II is combined with H.265.
series, is the most important component to date developed by Hanwha The Wisenet X series offers many useful analytics. The audio analy-
Techwins core technologies. sis function recognises critical sounds, such as gunshots, explosions,
Wisenet 5 is our latest chipset. Its at the core of Hanwha Techwins screams, and broken glass, and then immediately raises an alarm.
competitiveness, said Lee Man-Seob, president and CEO of the Hanwha Among other analytics, queue management is also an important feature.
Techwin Security Business Group. Wisenet X series is our first prod- It can analyse queues generated in a shop or bank for more efficient
uct range to use this single chip solution. Our new 5-megapixel and management.
2-megapixel camera line-ups will offer much faster image processing Using the USB port, the Wisenet X series can connect cameras and
and upgraded functions. mobile devices through Wi-Fi. Viewing angles can be checked immedi-
Wisenet X series offers 150 dB WDR, image stabilisation using ately while installing using a smartphone. Dual SD slots allow up to
gyro sensors and delivers sharp images 24 hours a day with improved 512 GB to be saved automatically to the camera, safely keeping data in
low-light performance. The 150 dB WDR uses four frames to create a the event of an unstable network.
more natural image, while new technology has been developed to There are many other benefits to the new series, including a variety
remove blurring, a critical weakness of existing WDR, and provides clear of on-board analytics. Additionally, with the new chipset used in the
images. Gyro sensors have been added for more accurate stabilisation. Wisenet X series and Hanwha Techwins lens technology, images can be
Stabilisation comes into effect when a camera is disturbed by wind or monitored in colour even in low-light environments without IR LEDs.
vibrations, resulting in more stable images. Hanwha has now established a full line-up, from an affordable entry
Using WiseStream II, Hanwha Techwins unique compression technol- level, to competitive high-performance products that will satisfy the
ogy, the Wisenet X series delivers a bandwidth friendly camera range. needs of projects and customers in all vertical sectors.
The Wisenet X cameras feature H.265 compression and WiseStream II, a
complementary compression technology dynamically controls encod- For more information contact Jaco De Wet, Hanwha Techwin
ing, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the (formerly Samsung Techwin), +27 (0)79 843 4051,

Smart Car Park Solution

In the last two decades, global economic growth has led to a tre-
mendous increase in the number of vehicles in almost every corner
of the world. Reports showed that in cities, most high-rise apart-
ment buildings have difficulties managing their parking spaces.
ID card issuing, billing, entrance control and payments made the
entrance procedure very inefficient. Traditional smart card manage-
ment system limits the access to those who hold an allocated smart
Dahua has launched a new intelligent car park solution based on
video surveillance and video analytics technologies. It is integrated
with the companys background smart analysis system DH-DSS4004-
EMS. The entrance control function of the smart park saves labour
costs and delivers a much easier and safer entry experience.
The Dahua Smart Car Park Entrance Control Function is designed
with four essential components.

Digital entrance control via ANPR camera Smart management

Efficiency is enhanced using ANPR technology. Authorised vehicles Based on Windows management software, the background smart
will be identified by the camera which reads car licence plates and analysis system DH-DSS4004-EMS is especially designed for the man-
controls the gate. For visitors, the VTT201 video intercom is used. agement centre. It is cross functional, easy to use, and cost effective.
The management centre can respond to emergency calls from the
Real-time entrance surveillance through ANPR intercom, support search of video and image by date/time/licence
The ANPR cameras have a recognition rate higher than 95% and plate number from storage.
cover all licence plates of European countries. No loop in the system The Entrance Control Function of Dahuas Smart Car Park Solution
also simplifies the installation. delivers high efficiency and safe entry for residential compounds. The
solution is also scalable and able to expand with infrastructure growth
Fuzzy search of plates via 4K NVR camera and is flexible enough to handle technology upgrades.
The Dahua NVR5208-8P-4KS2 supports 4K ultra HD resolution (3840
x 2160) recording, live viewing and playback. If you use the refined For more information, contact Dahua Technology, +86 571 8768 883,
search function, information including the vehicle picture, licence,,
plate, entry and exit log, and video will be displayed. Tel: +86 571 8768 8883, Fax: +86 571 8768 8815 CCTV Handbook 2017 105


UTCs integrated video road show

By Andrew Seldon.

UTC (United Technologies Corporation), held a road show for

its customers and partners in Cape Town, Durban and Midrand
earlier this year. The purpose of the road show was to provide a
comprehensive overview of the companys solutions and capabili-
ties in the security market, with displays and presentations that
focused on product lines for surveillance, fire, alarms and intru-
sion and access control.
Hi-Tech Security Solutions was invited to the Midrand event
where we were given a brief introduction to some of the technol-
ogy innovations the company was demonstrating. This article Intrusion events from recorders can be reported and searched
will focus on the surveillance solutions the company highlighted, for.
while the other sectors of the security market are covered in the USB joystick support.
April issue of Hi-Tech Security Solutions, which will be distributed 4K resolution support.
at the same time as the CCTV Handbook 2017. TruPortal integration.
UTC provides the full range of surveillance products, from net- Logical view of device tree.
working and transmission solutions, through to a broad IP camera IFS switches discovery.
portfolio, including speciality cameras such as thermal and ANPR TVRmobile is the application for smartphones and tablets.
(automatic number plate recognition) devices. It also provides Some key features include:
HD-TVI high-definition analogue cameras. Connect either directly to DVR/NVR or to IP camera.
As would be expected from a serious surveillance operator, Use the sub-stream for low bandwidth.
UTC also provides video analytics solutions. These include cross- Control relay outputs.
line, face, intrusion and defocus detection, among others. There
are also image enhancement functions, such as a defogging UltraView Enterprise
capability. UltraView is the high-end surveillance solution from UTC. The
As with its full range of products, the company focuses on pro- UltraView Security Centre is an intuitive GUI (Graphical User
viding reliable and cost-effective software to enable its partners Interface) used to manage daily operations in a control room,
to integrate a range of products into its surveillance platforms, including recording and managing surveillance tasks, and ensur-
from third-party surveillance products to a host of additional ing operators take the appropriate action when an alert is raised.
security products. The goal is to allow for easy installation and It is scalable to any level to meet the needs of large, distributed
management from a single console. organisations, and is open to allow for integration.
For example, the system is designed for reliability and continu-
TruVision ous operations, and can handle up to 20 000 cameras. It runs on
TruVision is the brand name for UTCs commercial line of recorders Windows or Linux platforms, and handles all the needed surveil-
and management software for small to mid-range installations. lance functions a platform should, from monitoring, storage,
The recorders offer users a unified interface and ease-of-use, analytics, events and alarm management and so on.
which is standard across the range. The recorders are managed The system runs a series of robust recorders complete with
by TruVision Navigator and can be accessed via mobile devices hot-swappable drives, redundant power and continuous health
with the TVRmobile application. For those companies wanting to monitoring by the UltraView operating system.
integrate a complete security solution, the TruVision range offers For companies requiring analytical applications from third par-
integration capabilities with UTCs ATS8600, TruPortal and Lenel ties, UTC supplies a PDK (plug-in development kit) which allows
OnGuard. Third-party integration is also available through UTCs these applications to perform at the same level as UTCs analyt-
SDK (software development kit). ics. With UTC cameras running analytics on the edge, system
TruVision Navigator is the management software for the resources are conserved until an event occurs, at which time the
full TruVision range and is provided at no cost with the brands event and associated video streams and metadata are stored
recorders. It offers a range of functions and benefits, including: together for easy access.
Backward compatibility. UltraViews distributed architecture is designed to make the
Multi-screen display. most of customers computing infrastructure by running the
Bandwidth optimisation. analytics on the camera, with more complex multi-device analyt-
Digital zoom on live and playback. ics done on UltraView gateway subsystems, and the complex
Tampering monitor. big video forensic analytics handled at the server. This structure
Client 360 camera dewarping. ensures the clients resources are used to optimal efficiency.
Graphical maps.
Event monitoring. For more information, contact UTC Fire & Security,
The latest version of the software, version 7.0, adds to the list +27 (0)11 579 7300,,
of features. Some of the key features of version 7 include:

106 CCTV Handbook 2017


Directory of CCTV product, solution

and service providers
Disclaimer: The information in this publication is furnished for the exclusive use of subscribers and is based on the most reliable data avail-
able to Technews P ublishing. However, the information was obtained from sources which Technews Publishing does not control and, although
every effort has been made to verify it, the data is volatile. In furnishing this information, Technews Publishing in no way assumes any part of
the users or suppliers risks, does not guarantee its completeness, timeliness or accuracy and shall not be liable for any loss or injury whatever
resulting from the use of or reliance on the information, or from negligence.

4C Technology Akhanani Distributors

Installer/System integrator Distributor/Supplier

4C Technology is an electronic security Akhanani prides itself in selling high-

technology integration company wholly quality equipment and accessories to
dedicated to the security needs of medium the market. Its product range includes CCTV, fire, evacuation,
to large enterprises. It designs, supplies, installs and maintains elec- intrusion, conference, and access systems, as well as cabling
tronic security systems for customers on a capital and rental basis with options. Akhanani is a preferred supplier of Panasonic and
contracted service level agreements in place for maintaining systems. Bosch solutions. Offering project-based expertise and over 60
years of experience in the market, the company boasts a one-
14 High Street, Modderfontein stop solution.
Tel: 0861 42 8324 118 Merino Avenue, City Deep, Johannesburg Tel: +27 (0)11 613 7299
Contact: Paul Frewen
Contact: Morne v.d. Helde

Access and Beyond

Anco Technologies
Access and Beyond specialises in IP based Installer/System integrator
surveillance and access solutions, and is a dis-
tributor of Impro Technologies, XTime, Nedap, CCTV system specialists for industrial,
Morpho, Hikvision, Arecont, Exacq and Seagate. The company partners commercial and medical environments.
with its customers and works closely with a wide network of installers The company supplies, installs and main-
across Africa, assisting with designs ranging from basic installations to tains systems for CCTV cameras and video
complex multi-site integrated solutions. surveillance, CCTV internet and mobile
configuration, IP surveillance, digital video
99 Intersite Avenue, Unit 1, Umgeni Business Park, Durban recorders and network video recorders.
Tel: +27 (0)31 263 1487 140A Kelvin Drive, Morningside Manor, Sandton, Gauteng
Contact: Christo Myburgh Tel: +27 (0)82 600 6022
Contact: Anthony Mansour

ADI Global Distribution

Distributor/Supplier Arecont Vision
ADI Global Distributions portfolio offers an
unparalleled product choice for intrusion, fire, Arecont Vision is a leading
CCTV, networking solutions, access control, building management, as manufacturer of megapixel CCTV cameras.
well as a comprehensive complementary range of accessories.
425 E Colorado Street, 7th Floor, Glendale, CA
5 Platinum Drive, Longmeadow Business Estate, North Gate, 91205, USA
Modderfontein, Johannesburg Tel: +27 (0)82 553 9338
Tel: +27 (0)11 574 2500 Contact: Johan Crause
Branches: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Distributors: Access and Beyond, ADI, E-Thele,
Kenya Pentagon CCTV Handbook 2017 107


Axis Communications CKR Consulting

Manufacturer Engineers
Axis is a market leader in network video. The company invented the worlds first
network camera back in 1996 and has been an innovator in video surveillance Consulting engineering services
ever since, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to relating to the design, specification, contract adminis-
meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world. The majority of Axis sales are tration and commissioning of CCTV systems catering
generated by the video product area; network cameras, video encoders, accesso- to hospitality, residential, retail, commercial and data
ries and application software. centre developments.

The Crossing Office Park, 370 Main Road, Bryanston The Oval, Wanderers Office Park, 52 Corlett Drive, Illovo,
Tel: +27 (0)11 548 6780 Johannesburg Tel: +27 (0)11 217 7300
Contact: Vanessa Tyne
Branches: Kenya Contact: Logan Naidoo
Distributors: ADI Global Distribution, Duxbury Networking, Pinnsec Branches: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban

Bosch Security Systems

Clearline Protection
Bosch Security Systems offers a new generation of intelligent cameras and analyt-
ics that channel the constant flow of information captured and re-purpose it to aid
informed business decisions. This supports anything from monitoring presence to
Clearline Protection Systems specialises in the design,
reduce utility bills, to identifying patterns in customer activity to improving sales.
manufacturing and sale of lightning and surge protection
96 Fifteenth Road, Randjiespark, Midrand
Tel: +27 (0)11 651 9600/4
Corporate Park North (Roan Cres.), Old Johannesburg Road,
Tel: +27 (0)11 848 1100
Contact: Quintin van den Berg
Branches: South Africa (services Botswana, Congo (Brazzaville), Democratic
Republic of the Congo, Indian Ocean Islands, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland,
Contact: Vernon Kyzer
Zambia); Angola; East Africa (covers Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda);
Distributors: Nashua, Netfusion Botswana, PABX, Infinitron,
Bytes Technology, Telkom
Distributors: Refer to dealer locator at

BT-SA Crown Hyper World

System integrator Distributor/Supplier

BT-SA offers end-to-end security solutions that include design, installation and Distributors of DVRs, CCTV cameras,
maintenance of high-tech integrated products. Its in-house team of experts can biometric access control.
integrate all fire and security systems into a single platform with one-user inter-
face capabilities. These products include a variety of fire detection and suppres- 7 Crownwood Road, Crown Mines, Johannesburg
sion, evacuation systems, access control, CCTV and all intruder detection types. Tel: +27 (0)11 830 1452 or +27 (0)82 876 2373
59 Lechwe Street, Corporate Park South, Midrand, Gauteng
Tel: 0860 105 183 Contact: Muhammed
Branches: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Rustenburg, Witbank, East London
C-Video Concepts
Cathexis Technologies
Manufacturer C-Video Concepts sells analogue, IP,
HD-SDI, HD-TVI, thermal, fibre optic
Cathexis is a leading video management software and Ethernet products. It also assists
developer, specialising in surveillance solutions for the international market. with system design, specification,
Through its flagship product, CathexisVision, Cathexis has demonstrated how the commissioning and training, in
intelligent use of surveillance software can go beyond security management as addition to servicing and
a comprehensive business intelligence tool to enhance operational efficiencies. repairing all security-related
259 Montpelier Road, Morningside, Durban
Tel: +27 (0)31 240 0800 Tel: +27 (0)31 309 1048
Contact: Ross Joughin Contact: Clinton Holloway
Distributors: Cathexis Africa Branches: Western Cape, Gauteng

2017 2017

Dahua Technology Elvey

Manufacturer Distributor/Supplier

Dahua Technology brings high-value, full-service video surveillance and total security Elvey is one of the leading distributors
solutions to professionals globally. Dahua was ranked 4th in Security Top 50 by a&s of electronic security equipment in
Magazine, and 2nd in IHSs video surveillance equipment market share report in 2016. Africa. Since its inception in 1946, it has continued to drive the
Dahua has extended its footprint to South Africa to provide localised service and highest possible industry standards, while continuously
solutions. evolving to meet the changing needs of its customers.
Its product range provides both IP as well as analogue
21 Woodlands Drive, Woodmead, Johannesburg solutions.
Tel: +27 (0)72 628 6810 27 Greenstone Place, Greenstone Hill, Edenvale, Gauteng Tel: +27 (0)11 401 6700
Contact: Fritz Wang
Distributors: Elvey Security Technologies, Inhep Digital security IDS, Reditron,
Security & Communications Warehouse Branches: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port
Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Nelspruit,
Rustenburg, Polokwane, Vanderbijlpark, George, East London,
Dallmeier Southern Windhoek, Gaborone
Africa Office
EOH Security & Building Technologies
Dallmeier is one of the world-leading providers of network-based video surveillance
solutions, with more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufac- Installer/System integrator
ture of high-quality components for the CCTV/IP sector. With Panomera, cameras,
recorders, intelligent video analysis and video management, Dallmeier offers com- EOH SBT offers a full range of CCTV surveillance
plete systems from a single source. offerings including IP and analogue solutions for small and
medium enterprises as well as large enterprise solutions. By
PO Box 59, 2086 Fourways North incorporating analytics, HD, video management and remote
Tel: +27 (0)11 510 0505 off-site monitoring as well as a technology lease offering, EOH SBT can ensure the solution is designed, implemented and maintained to best fit the client requirements.
Contact: EP Smit
Distributors: ESS Engineered Systems Solutions, MASS, Modular Communications SA 239 Howick Close, Midrand
Tel: +27 (0)11 844 3200
Installer/System integrator Contact: Wayne Schneeberger
Distributor/Supplier Branches: Gauteng, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban

Datavision offers supply, installation, networking and maintenance of IP CCTV surveil-

lance solutions utilising state-of-the-art technology deployments to complement its
remote monitoring infrastructure. As a specialised systems integrator, the companys
Eurobyte Technology
aim is to protect industrial, commercial and private property by designing, customis-
ing, installing, maintaining and monitoring sophisticated electronic security systems.
Eurobyte Technology is a distributor of leading international
surveillance and network brands Geovision, Kedacom, Sunell,
3-5 Dalcrest Centre, Corner Roer and Tiller Streets, Dalpark Ext 1, Brakpan, Gauteng
Longse, Planet Networking and Cattex, as well as related acces-
Tel: +27 (0)11 915 6350
sories, cabling and enclosures.
Unit 7, Cambridge Commercial Park, 22 Witkoppen Road,
Contact: Sharon Newton
Paulshof, Sandton
Branches: Gauteng, Maputo
Tel: +27 (0)11 234 0142
Distributors: Datavision Retail Facility
Duxbury Networking Contact: Roberto Vizcarra
Distributor/Supplier Branches: Johannesburg, Cape Town

Duxbury Networking is a specialist distributor providing a broad range of products

and technical expertise in the fields of networking, wireless solutions, IP telephony, Forbatt SA
mobility, video conferencing and surveillance. The company believes that conver- Manufacturer
gence technology is key to the future of IT and should be incorporated into every
business. In this light, it builds and maintains a product portfolio that includes some Forbatt SA is an importer of security and surveillance
of the worlds most innovative brands. equipment.

66 Oxford Road, Riviera, Johannesburg 801, 4th Street, Wynberg, Johannesbug

Tel: +27 (0)11 351 9800 Tel: +27 (0)11 469 3598
Contact: Luned Lira Contact: Gino De Oliveira
Branches: Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town Distributors: Communica, ADI, Elvey, TPA, EuroByte, Pentagon,
Distributors/resellers: More than 2000 resellers; contact company for details Rull Technologies, Pinnsec, V-Cam
Handbook 109109

Frank Street Trading Hanwha Techwin

Distributor/Supplier Manufacturer

Leading importer and distributor of CCTV equip- Hanwha Techwin (formerly

ment in South Africa and a 100% BBBEE company. Frank Street Trading stock a com- Samsung Techwin) is the manufacturer of the WiseNet Samsung
plete range of CCTV equipment, access control, and specialises in intelligent surveil- range of surveillance and access control products. WiseNet
lance solutions, complete IP solutions, digital video recording, system integration and offers best-in-class performance across a network and analogue
CCTV design, allowing it to cater for all applications, large or small. lineup.

53 Crownwood Road, Ormonde, Johannesburg Hanwha Techwin R&D Centre, 319-6, Pangyo-Ro, Bundang-Gu,
Tel: +27 (0)11 496 2300 Seongnam-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 13488 Korea Tel: +27 (0)79 843 4051
Contact: Abie Ali
Branches: Lusaka, Zambia Contact: Jaco de Wet
Branches: Johannesburg
Distributors: ADI Global, Mia Telecoms, Reditron
G4S Technology
Installer/System integrator

G4S Technology designs, installs and maintains fully integrated surveillance security Hi Tech Laboratory
and life safety systems, protecting customers with various requirements. It secures Installer/System integrator
and protects a range of facilities including small stand-alone offices, schools, large
multi-national organisations and even high security government facilities. Its sector CCTV system specialists for industrial, commer-
approach allows it to tailor and integrate solutions for customers. cial and medical environments. The company
supplies, installs and maintains systems for
Byls Bridge Office Park, Building 11, 13 Candela Street, Cnr Jean & Olievenhoutbosch CCTV cameras and video surveillance, CCTV internet and mobile
Ave, Highveld Ext 73, Centurion configuration, IP surveillance, digital video recorders and network
Tel: +27 (0)10 001 4500 video recorders. 140A Kelvin Drive, Morningside Manor, Morningside, Gauteng
Contact: Tim Timmins Tel: +27 (0)82 600 6022
Branches: South Africa: Witbank, Klerksdorp, Rustenburg, Durban, Cape Town,
Boksburg. Rest of Africa: Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, CAR, Egypt, DRC, Gabon, Contact: Anthony Mansour
Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali,
Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
Hikvision South Africa
GeoVision SA
Hikvision is a world-leading supplier of video surveillance solu-
tions. Leveraging its strong R&D workforce, the company uses its
state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop
GeoVision holds technical edges in state-of-the-art surveillance software, intelligent
innovative CCTV and video surveillance products for any security
video analysis and hardware enhancements. GeoVisions award-winning GV series
surveillance products provide total security solutions for POS systems, LPR systems
and CMS. With its advantages in video surveillance techniques, the company is forging
Upper Grayston Block F, Cnr Linden and Ann Crescent, Sandton,
ahead to new fields of IP surveillance, access control integration and video security
Tel: +27 (0)10 035 1172
Unit 10, Central Office Park, 257 Jean Ave, Centurion
Tel: +27 (0)12 664 0411
Contact: Bill Xu
Distributors: ADI Global Distribution, Regal Distributors, Pinnacle
Africa (Pinnsec), Sensor Security Systems
Contact: Clive Cumberlege
Distributors/resellers: Representatives in various African countries. Contact the
company for more info.
Hitek Security
Graphic Image Technologies Distributor/Supplier
Hitek Security Distributors specialises in the distribution of
GIT distributes SerVision Mobile CCTV integrated electronic security CCTV IP/AHD, alarm and home automation
with driver and fleet management systems. It distributes FLIR thermal and visual secu- supply to the security industry and trade only.
rity systems with latitude advanced VMS and video analytics. Solutions include thermal,
4K, hemispherical 360 degree, analytics cameras, PTZ, PTZ tracking, perimeter protec- Unit 2, Eagle Street, Okavango Business Park, Brackenfell
tion, Safe City, PSIM and control room solutions. GIT are Level 2 BBEEE. Tel: +27 (0)21 946 3344
44 The Avenue, The Gardens, Johannesburg
Tel: +27 (0)11 483 0333 Contact: Chantel Branches: Cape Town, Northgate (CPT), Roodepoort, Randburg, Centurion, Edenvale, Port Elizabeth, Durban,
Contact: Laurence Smith Bloemfontein
Branches: Johannesburg Distributors: Namibia Security Supplies

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CCTV Handbook
CCTV Handbook
2017 2017

Honeywell Building Solutions IndigoVision

Installer/System integrator Manufacturer

A leading provider of full-lifecycle integrated building management IndigoVision is a leader of high-perfor-

solutions that promote innovative ways of working and deliver- mance, highly intelligent end-to-end video security systems where
ing real business outcomes. All solutions developed, installed and performance and stability go hand-in-hand. IndigoVision offers a
maintained promote safer, more secure, comfortable and cost-effi- complete end-to-end security solution, from management software
cient facilities. Proven global and local track record across diverse to cameras and storage to integrations. IndigoVision systems have
market segments. no single point of failure and provide the best quality evidence
using market-leading compression to minimise bandwidth and
Honeywell House Treur Close, Waterfall Business Park, Midrand reduce storage.
Tel: +27 (0)11 695 8000 3-5 Charles Darwin House, The Edinburgh Technopole, Edinburgh EH26 0PY, UK
Contact: Glen Baptiste Tel: +44 131 475 7200
Branches: Midrand
Contact: Alex Penhaligon
IAC Industrial Automation and
Distributor/Supplier ISDS
Installer/System integrator
IAC is a Level 1 BBBEE leading distributor of a
comprehensive range of state-of-the-art IP camera and surveillance ISDS brings specialised video analysis
systems including Mobotix decentralised IP and thermal surveil- and integration technologies to the African
lance cameras, network storage, professional visual displays, high- surveillance market.
quality control room systems, biometric and RFID access control,
perimeter intrusion detection systems, and ruggedised industrial 312 Kent Avenue, Randburg, Gauteng
networking equipment. Tel: +27 (0)71 642 1478
53 Landmarks Avenue, Samrand Business Park, Centurion
Tel: +27 (0)12 657 3600 Contact: Riaan van der Walt Branches: Johannesburg
Contact: Yusuf Hassim

iCam Video Telematics
Jablotron offers a sophisticated
hybrid alarm system with an innovative built-in camera that has a
Sales, rental, installation and sup-
flash in the passive. The company also offers a free cloud service to
port of CCTV video systems for commercial and private
the end user, and an outdoor camera compatible with the Jablotron
motor vehicles, ranging from dash-cameras to high end
system is now available in South Africa.
4-camera MDVR systems including vehicle telemat-
ics. Monitoring of these systems is provided by iCams
38 Boshoff Street, Southcrest, Alberton, Gauteng
bureau service.
Tel: +27 (0)11 615 3675
7 Viceroy Link, Route 21 Office Park, Irene
Tel: 0861 158 527
Contact: Bruce Lang
Branches: Gauteng, KZN, Cape Town
Distributors: Pyro-Tech Security Suppliers
Contact: Gary Wels

IDS - Inhep Digital Security JCM Technologies

Manufacturer Installer/System integrator

IDS provides robust video surveillance systems, JCM Technologies designs, installs and maintains
using high-performance HDCVI and high-resolu- comprehensive CCTV systems, with a number of
tion digital IP cameras to help customers maxi- successful installations for various industries under its belt, from
mise the effectiveness of their security system. The company offers retail shopping centres to offices. Its dedicated and experienced
products for everything from low-cost, small systems to high-end IP installation and maintenance team is on hand to satisfy every
surveillance solutions with intelligent analytics. security need.

91 Escom Road, New Germany, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Unit A13, Pinelands Business Park, New Mill Rd, Pinelands
Tel: +27 (0)31 705 1373 Cape Town Tel: 0861 115 359
Contact: Matt De Araujo
Branches: Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Port Contact: Peter Reed
Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein, Polokwane Branches: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban
Handbook 2017111
2017 111

Johnson Controls MiRO Distribution

Installer/System integrator Distributor/Supplier
MiRO is a leader in the wireless IP conver-
Security and fire is an integral offer- gence industry, and offers a wide selection of wireless, networking
ing within the portfolio of products, and fibre solutions that deliver cost-effective, fast and stable networks.
services and solutions Johnson Controls offers to its customers. With MiRO provides expert advice and assistance in planning surveillance
more than five decades of experience as an integrator, from simple to solutions, and offers a selection of IP cameras, viewing and recording
complex systems, the company provides state-of-the-art technology solutions from Uniview.
and solutions to protect people, safeguard assets, and create efficien-
cies within customers facilities. 9 Landmarks Avenue, Samrand, Pretoria, Gauteng
Tel: +27 (0)12 657 0960
42 Electron Ave, Isando, Gauteng
Tel: +27 (0)11 921 7100 Branches: Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban, Nelspruit
Contact: Marius Brits
Mobeni Integrated
Leaderware Installer/System integrator
Service provider
Mobeni Integrated Systems is a mature company that has been in
Human factors specialists in CCTV existence for 14 years. Well established in aviation security, the company
and X-rays, including selection, training, control room design and also offers smart retail solutions, CCTV solutions, queue management
human factor audits of security systems. Provision of internationally systems, facial recognition, IT data storage solutions and access control.
presented training in CCTV surveillance skills, behaviour analysis, and
incident recognition, management and supervisory control room man- Unit 30, Villa Valencia Properties, Corner Anemoon and Monument
agement training, and full body X-ray training. Road, Glen Marais, Gauteng
Tel: +27 (0)11 396 2616/7
76 First Street, Linden, Johannesburg
Tel: +27 (0)11 787 7811 Contact: Krish Deokali Branches: Durban
Contact: Craig Donald

Naxian Systems
Milestone Systems Distributor/Supplier
Naxian Systems provides in-depth engineering
Milestone Systems is a leader in skills for solution design, with a host of enter-
video management software, focusing not only on IP surveillance for the prise grade products at entry level to mid market
security industry but also beyond security. The companys IP surveillance pricing. The company specialised in agnostic
solutions enables businesses to become more efficient in their daily smart services that allow for preventative main-
operations. tenance on all security systems, saving its clients up to 60% on the cost
of servicing sites.
Stoneridge Office Park, Building B, 8 Greenstone Place, Edenvale
Tel: +27 (0)82 377 0415 14 Humber Street, Woodmead, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng Tel: +27 (0)87 820 0620
Contact: Armand Steffens
Distributors: Pinnsec, ADI Global Distribution, MiRO Distribution, Contact: Duncan Gordon
Compass Visual Security

Panasonic South Africa

Mimic Components Manufacturer
Distributor Panasonic provides industry-leading
solutions to capture, record, manage and analyse surveillance
Mimic Components supplies a complete range of custom CCTV control video. Its comprehensive lineup comprises video surveillance
desks, manufactured using the modular Alutech console system. The products and solutions that offer high picture quality, mission-
company also undertakes the supply of finished control rooms, pro- critical reliability and low total cost of ownership. Its motto is
viding walk-through 3D designs for customer approval and complete When it counts, you can count on Panasonic video surveillance
turnkey solutions. Mimic Components also supplies products such products.
as audible and visual alarms, security switches, control panels, mimic
panels in mosaic tiles, aluminium and Perspex. 1st Floor, Block L, Central Office Park, 400 16th Road, Randjiespark,
17 Ramsay Street, Booysens, Johannesburg Tel: +27 (0)11 312 7015
Tel: +27 (0)87 751 5000 Contact: Franz Kersten
Branches: Cape Mimics - Cape Town Distributors: Akhanani Distribution, Pansmart

112 CCTV Handbook 2017


Pelco by Schneider Electric Progroup Manufacturing

Manufacturer Manufacturer
Installer/System integrator
Manufacturer of superior video surveillance
products, including static cameras (both IP and Custom-designed control and security room consoles, specialised
analogue), PTZ cameras (both IP and analogue), desks and interior fittings.
speciality cameras for thermal imaging and explosion/Atex ratings, as well as feature
rich VMS platforms. 11 Broad Street, Park Central, Johannesburg
Tel: +27 (0)11 493 1545
23 Magwa Crescent, Waterfall City, Midrand
Tel: +27 (0)82 786 3762 Contact: Angelique Roos
Contact: Yvette Venter
Branches: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana
(through the holding company, Schneider Electric) RADWIN
Distributors: Africa: Balton Group, VDtec, Bow Dynamics Manufacturer
South Africa: Compass Visual Security, Ethele, Reditron
RADWIN provides a full suite of wireless point-to-point, point-
to-multipoint and broadband mobility solutions, powering
applications including backhaul, broadband access, private
Pinnacle Security Solutions network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as
(PinnSec) well as wireless broadband in motion for trains, vehicles and
Manufacturer vessels.
PO Box 3554, Rivonia, 2128, Johannesburg, Gauteng
With Pinnacle Security Solutions (PinnSec), Pinnacle brings exceptional distri- Tel: +27 (0)74 114 2805
bution to the Life Safety & Security industry. The company acts as a specialised
supplier and design / marketing support centre for a range of world-class CCTV,
public address, evacuation, access control, fire detection and gas suppression Contact: Nick Ehrke
products. Distributors: MiRO Distribution, Corex, Stratosat, Dimension
Data Advanced Infrastructure, Scan RF Projects, IMAXwireless,
702, 16th Road, Randjiespark, Midrand, Gauteng Regro
Tel: +27 (0)11 990 6000
Contact: MJ Oosthuizen
Branches: Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth,
Reditrons core business offering
encompasses CCTV surveillance,
video management services, accessories, repairs and technical
Procam services.
19 5th Street, Wynberg, Sandton
Procam is a dynamic CCTV wholesaler Tel: +27 (0)87 802 2288
located in the south of Johannesburg, specialising in all aspects of surveillance,
security cameras, IP cameras as well as security camera solutions for its clientele. The
company is also a distributor of Uniview IP products. Contact: Jacques Bester
Branches: Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit
12 Hennie Alberts Street, Brackenhurst, Alberton Distributors: Regal Exports
Tel: +27 (0)11 867 5419
Contact: Tasker Makings
Regal Distributors SA

Regal Distributors SA is a leading

ProDiS value added distributor of quality
Distributor/Supplier branded IP, high definition analogue (HDTVI) CCTV products and
technology-driven solutions for all market verticals. The companys
ProDiS offers advanced value added distribution extended services, accessible at 26 branches conveniently located
and supplier services, which enables its customers to increase their revenue, and nationwide, include system design, quality technical support, repairs
provides a competitive advantage by offering flexible solutions aimed to assist and ongoing product training.
customers in growing their business when delivering to their customers. The ProDiS
operations department offers access to resources, skills, experience and industry 26 Greenstone Place, Greenstone Hill, Edenvale
know-how. Tel: +27 (0)11 553 3300
823 Park Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, Gauteng
Tel: +27 (0)12 753 4491 Contact: Michael Collier Branches: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bellville, East London, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Pinetown, Vanderbijlpark, Nelspruit, Witbank,
Contact: Gerhard De Lange Polokwane, Bloemfontein CCTV Handbook 2017 113


Remote Off-Site Monitoring RR Electronic Security Solutions

Remote monitoring control room Manufacturer
Installer/System integrator
Remote CCTV monitoring company Distributor/Supplier
specialising in remote off-site monitoring
of both analogue and IP CCTV systems. It also installs and maintains CCTV, RR Electronic Security Solutions was established
access control, smoke detection, electric fence and turnkey projects. Potential to provide a complete custom-made electronic solution in the security and
clients are invited to take a tour of the companys monitoring facility to see surveillance industry. It is able to advise and implement any sized project,
how it can enhance their security. professionally and with as little disruption to business as possible, made up
of highly qualified and experienced teams. The company is also the sole
52 Windermere Drive, Benoni manufacturers of a 16-way, rack mountable, individually-fused AC/DC power
Tel: +27 (0)11 425 0146 supplies used for CCTV installations. Unit 12 Cycad, Savannah Office Park, Cnr of 9th Avenue and Rugby Road
Contact: Roy Wyman Tel: +27 (0)11 021 1071
Contact: Rivash Raghubir
Rhyco Risk Projects Branches: Gauteng, Western Cape
Installer/System integrator
Distributors: Mobeni Integrated Systems, AR Surveillance Projects Gauteng,
Condo Pro Security
Rhyco Risk Projects offers knowl-
edge and expertise to its clients
through consultation, planning, product sourcing and implementation of
tailor-made solutions. The companys drive is to create exciting new solu- SecuExports
tions in partnership with its clients, bringing together cutting edge integra- Distributor/Supplier
tions from planning to implementation. Rhyco specialises in CCTV, access
control, intruder systems, fire, PA and evacuation systems, as well as offsite SecuExports is an official FLIR distributor and spe-
monitoring. cialty distributor of electronic security equipment,
mainly to security companies outside South Africa.
Unit 11, Eco Square Park, Witch-Hazel Avenue, Highveld Techno-Park,
Centurion Unit 4, Cranberry Industrial Park, Cranberry Street, Laser Park,
Tel: +27 (0)83 306 5499 Honeydew, Johannesburg Tel: +27 (0)11 794 7834
Contact: Gary Swart
Branches: South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, UAE Contact: Charles Harrison

Rik Rhino Stahl Esaco

Distributor/Supplier Manufacturer
Rik Rhino offer wireless digital cameras
with a mobile application, available on R. Stahl Camera Systems can provide any type of
both Android and iOS platforms. The CCTV system suitable for hazardous areas. In order
mobile application alerts users of any activity detected by the companys to be able to provide the best possible video surveil-
various motion detection cameras. lance for each requirement, Stahl Esaco has devised the Open CCTV System,
which it uses to develop tailor-made CCTV systems.
Unit F5, Bayside Office Park, Table View, Cape Town
Tel: +27 (0)74 675 3969 61 Ronald Ave, Linbro Park, Sandton Tel: +27 (0)11 608 3120
Contact: Derik Engelke
Contact: Preshan Moodliar
Distributors: Explotech (Cape Town agent)
Ringmaster Security
Installer/System integrator
Distributor/Supplier Techsec
Installer/System integrator
Ringmaster Security offers a quality turnkey security
service to the commercial, industrial, retail, residential The Lab is a third-party specialist secu-
estate, educational, hospitality and allied industries. rity technology installation company with in-house crews that do all the
The company specialises in integrated security systems utilising fibre optic civils works, install fibre, design and install the systems, commission and
technology and the latest IP security equipment available. All installations are handover. The company operates as a full service provider to its blue
handled in-house by highly trained and competent staff. chip clients and does not tender against them.

12 Molope Road, Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg Shop 18 Valhof, 35 Hekla Road, Valhalla, Pretoria
Tel: +27 (0)82 922 9490 Tel: +27 (0)12 654 5985
Contact: Vincent Botha Contact: Neale Strauch

114 CCTV
CCTVHandbook 2017

Tyco Security Products VIVOTEK

Manufacturer Manufacturer

Tyco Security Products is a unified group VIVOTEK provides world-class IP sur-

of world-leading access control, video and intrusion brands. Its video veillance solutions, including network cameras, video servers, video
brands American Dynamics, Exacq and Illustra have security integra- receivers, network video recorders, video management software and
tion platforms, built by its developers, allowing customers to see more, PoE solutions.
do more and save more.
6F, No. 192, Lien-Cheng Road, Chung-Ho Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan
Unit 3, Thandanani Office Park, Invictor Lane, Halfway Gardens, Midrand Tel: +886-2-8245-5282
Tel: +27 (0)82 566 5274 Contact: Jackie Wu
Contact: Ernest Mallett Distributors: Rectron

UTC Fire and Security WD (Western Digital)

Manufacturer Manufacturer
The hard disk drives in Western Digitals WD
UTC Fire and Security offers a full Purple portfolios are designed specifically for
range of commercial and enterprise video surveillance solutions: local, video surveillance applications and systems
distributed and centralised digital recording, indoor and outdoor PTZ, (DVR/NVR).
dome and fixed cameras as well as all other accessories needed to build
analogue, hybrid or full IP video solutions. 3355 Michelson Drive, Suite 100, Irvine, California 92612, USA
Tel: +27 (0)83 277 7634
29 Angus Crescent, Longmeadow Business Park East, Edenvale, Gauteng
Tel: +27 (0)11 579 7300 solutions.html Contact: Kalvin Subbadu
Contact: Randhir Seodutt Distributors/resellers: Corex, Pinnacle, Sahara, Syntech, Frontosa
Branches: Johannesburg, KwaZulu-Natal, Cape Town
Distributors: Available on request

Wires & Wireless

Verifier Offsite CCTV Installer/System integrator
Monitoring Services
Service provider Wires & Wireless specialises in
integrated surveillance, access control and perimeter intrusion detec-
Independent black-screen offsite CCTV monitoring and related services. tion security. The company offers a VMS solution incorporating video
Multi-platform monitoring of estates, business parks, shopping malls, analytics and thermal camera solutions, in addition to IP and analogue
residential and commercial buildings, incorporating integrated systems, HD surveillance solutions.
video analytics and alarms. Leaders and specialists in ANPR monitoring
via cloud based database technologies. 129 11th Street, Parkmore, Sandton
Tel: +27 (0)11 883 6410
8 Coniston Way, Constantia, Cape Town, Western Cape
Tel: 086 111 6023 Contact: Andrew Hicks Branches: Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town
Contact: Simon Becker

Visec International Distributor/Supplier
Distributor/Supplier WMS offers offsite CCTV monitoring ser-
vices to installation companies, integrators,
Manufacturer of cutting edge-based soft- security consultants, guarding companies,
ware for licence plate recognition (LPR), with ISPs and IT companies for resale to their customers. WMS also offers
a complete VMS supporting over 2000 camera models. LPRCLOUDSA rental finance which enables its partners to offer monthly equipment
supports many LPR applications to real-time control room alert software rental contracts.
operating in the cloud. Visec specialises in edge-based LPR and facial
recognition. 16 4th Street, Wynberg, Johannesburg
Tel: +27 (0)11 568 1551
Sondelani House, 8 Coniston Way, Constantia, Cape Town, Western Cape
Tel: +27 (0)72 075 1908 Contact: Rael Jaffe Branches: Johannesburg, Cape Town
Contact: Gary Scagell Distributors: Revo Security Solutions, Guardam, Versatec, Spiralog
Branches: Cape Town, KZN, Gauteng Technologies, Protg Protection, Wires & Wireless, Digital Solutions,
Distributors: ADI, Sensor Security, Reditron, Verifier, Brandfin Trade Hoodlinks, Mirua Technology, DAC Direct Access Control CCTV Handbook 2017 115

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