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Ninja Sexual Power


Daniel J. Cardona, M.D.

Copyright 2009 by Cosmic Mysteries School

Revised edition Copyright 2010 by Cosmic Mysteries School
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To my wife, Patricia, whose love and support are a gift from God.
Endless thanks to Zen Master Matt Furey, my mentor, coach and
friend whose lessons and friendship have extended to every area
of my life. Many, many thanks to my editor and graphics artist,
our daughter, Diana, whose artistic viewpoint is nothing less than
beautiful. To Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men for his instruction and
guidance into the ceremonial initiations of the Maya. To Miguel
Angel Vergara Calleros for starting me on the path to Sexual
Alchemy. To Peruvian Incan Chasqui, Willaru Huayta. Special
thanks to the Ninja Spirit of Takamatsu Sensei. And to the many
martial arts Masters, Shaman, and Warrior-Healers who have
shared their secret knowledge and wisdom with me, for which I
am forever grateful.

The author of this book and the Cosmic Mysteries School are not
responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury, physical or
psychological, which may occur through reading and following the
instructions and advice contained herein.

The exercises and advice contained within this book may be too
strenuous or dangerous for some people. Therefore, it is
important to consult a physician or other health provider before
using any of the exercises and advice contained in this book.

Note: The information, exercises and advice contained in this book have not been
evaluated by the FDA for the treatment or diagnosis of any disease or condition.

The cultivation and use of the Sexual Energy has been among the
highest teachings of spiritual practice on this planet dating back to
the beginning of human history, both oral and written history.

Because the sexual energy is among the most powerful energies

in the Universe, these teachings have been deliberately made
available only to a select few. Master teachers have guarded
these teachings in every possible manner.

These teachings are still guarded today. One can go to any

bookstore, either online or brick and mortar, and find tons of
misinformation. Sometimes this misinformation is a deliberate
attempt to ward off all but the most determined students, and
many times this misinformation has been handed down from
teacher to student unintentionally.

Some of the most profound teachings cannot be taught by a

teacher. The master teacher points the student in the correct
direction, and student begins and continues his practice, noting
his experiences and inner lessons. These lessons must be
learned through direct experience. However, only those students,
who know there are deeper teachings, understand that their own
research is necessary and deliberately ask the Higher Self for
those deeper lessons.

Those who have some knowledge and understanding of Ninja

Sexual Power Secrets will recognize the teachings as belonging
under the guise of Sexual Alchemy.

What is Sexual Alchemy?

Sexual Alchemy has had many names, throughout every culture

on the planet, at different times throughout the ages, and
continues to be practiced as a spiritual discipline for the purpose
of evolving the mind, body and Spirit in every one of these

The word Alchemy generally means The Art of Transformation.

Throughout history, Alchemy has been described as a philosophy,
science and practice of transforming the mind, body and Spirit
toward the goal of infinite wisdom and immortality through raising
the vibration of the 3rd dimensional self.

In short, Sexual Alchemy contains the highest teachings for

transforming the human being into a Super Human.
Although deliberately kept secret, the most basic forms of Sexual
Alchemy are practiced right under our noses, without most people
giving it a second thought.

For example, nearly everyone, whether or not there is interest in

the sport of boxing, knows a male boxer is vehemently told by his
trainer, if his trainer is worth his salt, to absolutely abstain from
sexual activity of any kind for several weeks before a fight.

Nave people think a boxer is kept away from his female

partner(s) in order to maintain discipline and focus. But boxing
trainers know, either consciously or subconsciously, abstaining
from sexual release is a means of maintaining a boxers strength
of mind, body and Spirit. Keeping the sexual energy within the
body keeps the mind focused and the reflexes lightening fast.
The body will also maintain the muscle power and stamina to stay
in the fight regardless of the brutal pounding from the opponent.
The boxers martial Spirit will also maintain a desire to win
regardless of the mental and physical challenges during the fight.
It is the martial Spirit of the boxer that drives him to win. The
most adept boxing enthusiasts can identify the winner even
before the fight begins. The winner walks into the boxing ring with
the most powerful fighting Spirit.
Using a boxer in training as an example, I outlined a simple
summary of some of the benefits of Sexual Alchemy in its most
elementary form. The famous French composer Chopin, also
known for his sexual prowess, maintained sexual abstinence
when composing a new piece of music, in order to conserve the
creative mental powers. In the book, Think and Grow Rich,
author Napoleon Hill included a chapter on Sexual Transmutation,
in which he briefly mentions how sexual energy can be
transmuted to accumulating wealth, although he provided no

However, true Sexual Alchemy is NOT and has NEVER been

sexual abstinence, i.e., celibacy.

In our example, the boxer maintains his mental, physical and

spiritual power through abstaining from sexual activity in order to
avoid wasting and depleting his sexual energy through ejaculation
of semen.

In contrast, Sexual Alchemists, male and female, amplify their

sexual energy through the use of sexual activity, especially sexual
intercourse. Sexual Alchemists, male and female, also have the
knowledge and training to fully enjoy the intense pleasure of
sexual activity without wasting the sexual energy through
ejaculation and/or an energy-wasting orgasm.

Ninja Sexual Power Secrets, also known as Sexual Alchemy, is

the ancient and modern method of amplifying ones mental,
physical and spiritual powers using sexual activity, especially
sexual intercourse, in which the sexual energy is conserved within
the body, and most importantly, shared and circulated between
the man and woman during sexual intercourse.

What is sexual energy?

Sexual energy in its resting form originates and is stored in the
first chakra, also called the root chakra, located in the perineum.
The perineum is that area between the genitals and anus, and
bounded by the coccyx (tail bone) and pubic symphysis (the front
most area of the pelvis).

All humans are born with a finite amount of sexual energy. This
sexual energy is actually Cosmic Energy originating from the
Central Sun and enters the human essence at the time of
conception. It is awakened for use at the time of puberty.

Sexual energy is the Energy of Life itself. In other words, the

sexual energy our parents used to create us at the time of
conception is the very energy that gave us life. We continue to be
alive, healthy and vital until our sexual energy is depleted.

Our sexual energy is depleted throughout life in many ways,

especially through worry, anger, sadness and negative thoughts,
but most quickly through un-trained sexual activity that leads to
excessive ejaculation in the male and energy-wasting orgasms in
the female.
Everyone understands that the loss of sexual vitality is associated
with aging and the steady decline toward death.

However, most people incorrectly believe that the loss of sexual

vitality occurs because of the aging process.

The truth is that the aging process occurs because of the loss of
sexual energy.

It has been through Sexual Alchemy that men and women have
maintained their mental, physical and Spiritual vitality for
exceedingly long periods of time. The so-called legends of
Immortality originate from the teachings of Sexual Alchemy.

The practice of Sexual Alchemy not only allows a man and

woman to conserve the sexual energy and therefore preserve
their healthy and vitality and increase their longevity, it also allows
the man and woman to increase their sexual energy and amplify it
benefit throughout the body, mind and spirit. Sexual Alchemy
transmutes the sexual energy into Life Force Energy with a higher
vibrational frequency.
Sexual Alchemists have taught and demonstrated for centuries
that when the body, mind and Spirit are bathed in increasing
amounts of Life Force Energy of higher and higher vibrational
frequency, the human becomes increasingly powerful. Mental
powers increase, the extra-sensory mental abilities emerge, the
physical body becomes more youthful and vital, negative
emotions are purged, the personality heals, and the Spirit
develops a stronger re-connection with the Original Source.

The transformation that occurs in a man and woman who practice

only Sexual Alchemy during sexual activity is miraculous.

As you look around, you will notice that the men and women who
are the most attractive are those with the most sexual vitality.
Those with the most sexual vitality are experienced as having an
abundance of charisma, sexual attraction and personal

This sexual energy for the most part resides in the first chakra
and quietly feeds the rest of our body, mind and Spirit. The more
sexual energy we have circulating through our energy channels
the more health, mental clarity, physical strength, vitality and
personal magnetism we have, and the more potential Spiritual
power we can develop.

When a person receives some sort of visual, physical or mental

stimulus or provocation that suggests the possibility of sexual
activity, energy from the root chakra (perineum) travels to and
awakens the genitals with sexual excitement and pleasurable

The word, genital, often used in the plural, genitals, originates

from the Latin word, genitalia, which is often used in medical
jargon. The genitals usually refer to all the plumbing and glands
of the male or female sex organ located in the pelvic region. Of
course, other areas of the body can also be involved in provoking
sexual energy to move from the root chakra to the genitals.

The Latin word, genitalia, also translates as to create or generate.

The genitals can create life, a baby, or can be used to generate
more sexual energy.

In Sexual Alchemy, sexual union between a man and woman is

used to generate and amplify sexual energy, which is later
transmuted (transformed) into Life Force Energy. It is the
increased amount and higher vibrational frequency of a persons
Life Force Energy that results in increased health, vitality, mental
powers, longevity and extra-sensory abilities.

There are three possible outcomes when the genitals are

awakened with sexual excitement and pleasurable sensations.

The sexual energy can be used to create a new life form, a baby.
Of course, male ejaculation is needed to create life, but also the
pelvic thrusts and genital contractions in the female during sexual
excitement and orgasm significantly increase the chance of

Another possible use of sexual energy is the indiscriminate

release and dissipation of sexual energy from the body as a result
of male or female ejaculation during energy-wasting types of
orgasm. Without Sexual Alchemy, we have a finite amount of
sexual energy at conception, and therefore indiscriminate and
excessive orgasm for the sole purpose of getting your rocks off
wastes and depletes the Life Force Energy. This outcome
produces a brief period of sexual pleasure at the cost of depleting
Life Force Energy, which dulls the mind and Spirit, weakens the
body and mind, and ultimately results in premature aging. As
already discussed, the aging body no longer has the ability to
enjoy sexual pleasure through sexual union.
In the aging male body, so-called male enhancement drugs for
erectile dysfunction cause further wasting of sexual energy and
Life Force Energy, all of which accelerates the aging process.

After the usual kind of sexual experience, the man and woman
experience a temporary afterglow of warmth and contentment
followed by a feeling of energy depletion. This energy depletion is
experienced as a feeling of hunger for sleep, food, more sex, or
drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, this also leads to a vicious
cycle of more orgasm/ejaculation and more energy depletion.

After an evening of energy-wasting orgasms many people

experience feelings of anxiety and/or depression or feelings of
disgust and resentment. These feelings are often misunderstood
as originating from guilt, but in fact are a direct consequence of
energy depletion in the brain and body.

There are many who are left with a sense of craving for more, in
order to restore the positive feelings of pleasure previously
experienced. This is very similar to cocaine addiction. Energy-
wasting orgasms and cocaine use both deplete the brain centers
responsible for producing pleasure in the mind and body. This
leads to craving and the potential for addiction. Many people
quietly struggle with sex addictions.

The third possible outcome is Sexual Alchemy. It is characterized

by intense, long-lasting sexual pleasure without the wasting and
dissipating of sexual energy from the body, with all the benefits
previously described.

For the following discussion, we will use the male sexual

processes for clarification.

Most males are taught or have taught themselves to equate

intense sexual pleasure with ejaculation of semen through the
penis. However, to the utter amazement and surprise of men who
hear this the first time, these two events are not actually linked

The Sexual Alchemist is able to fully enjoy intense sexual

pleasure without the wasting and depletion of the sexual energy
through ejaculation of semen. In addition, after sexual activity the
Sexual Alchemist feels invigorated, vital, and elated and notices
his mental focus and concentration are increased and his senses
are heightened. He looks in the mirror and notices his skin, face
and eyes are noticeably more attractive and youthful.

When the techniques and methods of Sexual Alchemy are not

used, the sexual energy becomes trapped in the penis and
testicles. This trapped energy causes the production of fluids in
the testicles and prostate gland that combine to form semen. As
the volume of semen builds, there is an increasing, irresistible
urge to increase the intensity of sexual stimulation to the point of
ejaculation in order to increase sexual pleasure and release the
pressure of the fluid buildup. If there is no release of the seminal
fluid, men experience the well-known phenomenon, blue balls.
As most men know, they will find a way to ejaculate one way or

The increase in intensity of sexual pleasure is occurring

simultaneously with the increase in pressure to ejaculate and
release the semen load. This causes men to think intense sexual
pleasure and ejaculation are physically linked and inseparable.

As the urge to ejaculate the semen load builds, the man begins to
struggle with controlling the urge to ejaculate. He knows that he
and his woman will experience his ejaculation as a show

Without Sexual Alchemy, a mans sexual pleasure eventually

turns into a fitful struggle to delay the inevitable ejaculation as
long as possible so he and his woman can enjoy sexual pleasure
as long as possible. A mans worry about controlling ejaculation
is often at the root of his fear of being with an intensely beautiful
or hot woman!

The Sexual Alchemist has the knowledge and know-how to be

sexually confident and fearless of beautiful women. And these
women notice!

The male Sexual Alchemist is able to enjoy intense sexual

pleasure with his woman as long as he wants without having to
fight the urge to ejaculate. He has learned the methods for
circulating sexual energy through the correct energy channels in
his body, rather than allowing the energy to be trapped in the
penis and testicles.

The female Sexual Alchemist simultaneously enjoys intense and

prolonged sexual pleasure as well as the benefits of circulating
amplified sexual energy through her energy channels. This
amplified energy is also cultivated, circulated and shared between
the male and female Alchemists during the sexual union.

The Alchemist Couple enjoys intense and prolonged sexual

pleasure together as well as the deep, loving connection that
naturally occurs when a man and woman share and circulate
sexual energy they have generated and amplified together.

However, there is an important level of responsibility nature has

given to the male Sexual Alchemist.
Some of the highest teachings in Sexual Alchemy reveal how the
female Alchemist temporarily gives up some of her precious
sexual energy to the male Alchemist so he can combine his and
her sexual energies, the two sexual elixirs, in his cauldron. But
it is the female energy that lights the fire. (Jim Morrison of the
Doors knew more than he realized when he sang, Come on,
baby, light my fire.)

It is the nature of our world that the female essence lights the fire
in the cauldron, into which the male Alchemist combines both
elixirs. As these elixirs are heated in the cauldron they are
transformed through Sexual Alchemy.

The male Alchemist is then given the enormous responsibility of

lovingly sharing this transformed energy with his female
counterpart so they both are transformed into more physically
beautiful and spiritually powerful human beings.

What is not known to most men and women is anytime a female

uses her physical (sexual) magnetism to attract and arouse a
male, she is giving up to the male some of her precious energy to
light his fire. She is taking a risk.
If she is using her sexual energy to attract a man who is a Sexual
Alchemist, then her investment grows exponentially with
compounded interest and she reaps her return on investment
through Sexual Alchemy, the sharing and circulating of the
energy. She gets back much more than she invested in him. In
fact, the Alchemist Couple creates mental, physical and Spiritual
abundance far greater than either could have created alone. This
is true amplification of energy and power!

However, if the male sucks up her energy, becomes sexually

excited and then wastes and dissipates their combined energies
through ejaculation, he has essentially stolen her energy for his
own brief sexual gratification. In the bargain, the female may or
may not have had some fleeting pleasure also. In the end, both
are left depleted and worse off. They are on a path to aging,
illness, loss of creativity, depression, and dissatisfaction with each
other and life in general.

In fact, young females have been socialized into wearing clothes

that indiscriminately and almost continuously cause her to give up
precious energy to whatever guy is eye balling her and sucking it
up for his own sexual excitement. In addition, leaving the naval
area, the lower Dan Tien, uncovered and unprotected causes
these young females to lose energy even more quickly. The rate
of depression and anxiety in young females from being depleted
is no surprise.

Women are natural Sexual Alchemists. They can enjoy intense

sexual pleasure and a loving connection with their partner without
needing and craving orgasm/ejaculation. Countless women are
left feeling depleted and unsatisfied by a man who is on a mission
to satisfy himself. Even when a man is dutifully focused on
bringing his woman to orgasm or ejaculation, she can be left
feeling empty and unfulfilled.

The female Alchemist dreams of a man who can enjoy endless

sexual pleasure and a deep, loving connection with her, without
getting distracted and taking his attention off her because of a
futile attempt to delay ejaculation, the show stopper.

The interesting thing is that prolonged and intense sexual

pleasure is only a small part of the reward of successful Sexual
Alchemy. The list is long and cannot be adequately addressed in
this brief eBook. An intense feeling of sensual satisfaction, loving
connection with your partner, spiritual contentment, increased
mental focus and creativity, and intense cheerful optimism are just
a few of the immediate rewards of successful Sexual Alchemy.
Improved health, longevity, mental powers, and personal
magnetism as well as the development of extra-sensory and
Spiritual powers are just a few of the rewards given to those who
make Sexual Alchemy a regular practice.

Nature has given us the means to evolution of mind, body and

Spirit through the most powerful energy in the Universe, an
energy powerful enough to create life itself. It is the energy that
also sustains us with health and vitality throughout life. When our
sexual energy declines, so does the health and vitality of our
mind, body and Spirit. When the sexual energy within a couple
declines due to the wasting and depleting of their sexual energy,
so does the sexual attraction and magnetism decline within the

Without adequate stores of sexual energy, the body inevitably

becomes saggy, round and flabby.

Although women are natural Alchemists, much of the

responsibility is on the man to carefully receive the precious
energy from his woman, combine it with his own sexual energy in
his inner cauldron, and finally heat the two elixirs in his cauldron
to transform and refine the sexual energy, which he will share with
his woman and circulate between them.
Much of the responsibility is on the man to control this intense
sexual fire. He must learn to avoid boiling over and spilling
Hermes cup. This is a huge task that at first seems

Although the keys to Sexual Alchemy have never been written

down in their entirety for the masses, and never will be, this
treasure can be unlocked and revealed to those men and women
who have a sincere interest.

It is unfortunate that certain modern books, websites and

magazine articles on the subject of prolonging sex, delaying
ejaculation, treating premature ejaculation, and shooting your
wad further mislead so many men. They suggest male Kegel
exercises, pulling on the penis, pressing a finger into the
perineum, squeezing the scrotum or withdrawing the penis as
effective techniques. These so-called techniques only lead to
frustration and failure. At the very least, the mans focus is
distracted from making a sensual and loving connection with his
woman, and at the worst leaves him and his woman feeling
depressed, disappointed and demoralized from depleting the
brain and body of precious Life Force Energy.
However, men who are given the keys to unlocking his ability to
control the sexual fire through Sexual Alchemy will be able to
relax and enjoy completely the sensual pleasures and loving
connection with his woman for as long as he wants, whenever he
wants, throughout a life time, regardless of age.

Sexual Alchemy will not only increase his sexual power and
personal magnetism but will also increase the sexual attraction
and magnetism between the man and woman. In those men and
women who have been in relationship for many years, Sexual
Alchemy will restore the sexual attraction and magnetism that
brought them together in the first place by restoring and
increasing their sexual energy and Life Force Energy.

I have never known or heard of a woman who would not give a

kings ransom for the intense sexual pleasure and deep, loving
connection with her very own Sexual Alchemist.
To get maximum benefit and success from the information and
advice contained within this book, I strongly suggest you join my
private coaching. By tailoring advanced lessons, exercises and
authentic experiences to your unique history and needs, you will
achieve, as many men have, a level of success and satisfaction in
the area of personal magnetism and sexuality you never thought

For those highly ambitious men who have interest in the highest
teaching of Sexuality between a man and woman, the Sacred Art
of Sexual Alchemy, my wife, Patricia, and I offer private and
couples coaching.

The Ninja Doctor

Daniel J. Cardona, M.D., is The Ninja Doctor. He received his

medical degree from The University of Michigan Medical School
in 1987 and is ABPN board-certified in Child, Adolescent and
Adult Psychiatry. He has a medical practice in northern Kentucky.
He has been a continuous and devoted student of the martial arts
and healing/energetic arts for more than 20 years.

Copyright 2009 by Cosmic Mysteries School

Revised edition Copyright 2010 by Cosmic Mysteries School