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The fascist United States is threatening to employ violence in N.E.

Asia simply to impose its will upon humanity but the world must
stoutly resist this very very evil hitlerite threat.

North Korea has every right to develop top weapons to protect itself
from the huge evil posed by the US-S Korea military alliance which
is vehemently opposed to peace on the Korean peninsula.

The US propaganda machine has ordered the world to fear N Korea,

but it isnt the one responsible for demolishing Libya, Somalia, Iraq,
or Afghanistan, or Panama (the prelude to Iraq) or Grenada or Laos,
or Cambodia, or in Vietnam and in tens and tens of other places.

South Korea M U S T follow in the footsteps of Austria, which

embraced full neutrality in 1955, and kicked out all foreign troops
and all foreign occupation from its territory.

The UN Security Coucil must pass a binding resolution forbidding

South Korea (and N Korea ) from hosting foreign troops and holding
any kind of war exercises or war drills with foreign troops on its soil.

Without such a move, the evil US-S Korea military alliance will one
day ignite World War Three on the Korean peninsula ! ! !