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It might seem like you’ve got me where you want me and my game is up, but luck is a funny thing.
I hope you know how to laugh, because things are about to get real funny.

Kindred folklore is replete with tales of un- spirit that had once helped him. Seeking to
usual bloodlines and the loathsome pow- impress his former mentor, the native
ers that are theirs to command, but few demonstrated all he had learned and
lineages are surrounded by as much offered his blood as payment for his
exaggeration, misinformation, debt, thereby passing on his curse
skepticism and trepidation as and his magic.
the Bohagande (or simply the Due to their notoriety, the
“Jonahs”). According to sto- Bohagande rarely announce
ries, these Kindred are jinxes. their presence, preferring to
Wherever they go, bad luck pass themselves off as ordi-
is sure to follow as certain as nary Gangrel. It’s not usually
the sun will rise. Each telling long after arriving in some
relates different tragedies, new domain, however, before
from havens catching fire and use of their special Discipline
their occupants burning to draws unwelcome attention,
ash, to an ancilla’s entire finan- forcing them to choose between
cial portfolio crashing overnight, denying their birthright or fleeing.
to the trespass of a Lupine in the
Those who waffle are usually forced
halls of Elysium.
to accept the latter if only to avoid a
Many dismiss these stories as the product of blood hunt.
overactive imaginations. These “Jonahs” are dismissed
Aside from their habit of moving from place to place
nothing more than shadowy bogeymen meant to worry
and their shared origin, little else defines members of
neonates. Others wonder if there might not be such a
brood after all, especially when they’re confronted by this bloodline. Jonahs may come from anywhere and
an extraordinary confluence of tragedies. have nearly any personality, although some become
thrill-seekers as a side effect of their Discipline. With
A rare few claim to have actually met one of these time and fortune on Jonahs’ side, even the most im-
mythical Kindred. Although they cannot agree on probable feats are within their reach and few things
specifics such as parent clan or where the bloodline give a Bohagande as much of a rush as succeeding at
originated, witnesses agree that the Bohagande are
the seemingly impossible. And yet, such accomplish-
cursed, and that anyone who crosses their path is at
ments made public make line members’ intolerable to
great risk. They also claim there is more to the Jonahs
other Kindred. Few Prisci want to entertain a vampire
than stories suggest, something even more inimical
who is prone to dangerous risks that might bring the
than the line’s telltale curse, further compounding the
Masquerade crashing down.
mystery that surrounds the lineage.
The Bohagande themselves tell progeny that they Parent Clan: Gangrel
are the descendants of a Gangrel wanderer whose fate- Nickname: Jonahs
ful encounter with a medicine man in the American Covenant: Given their tendency toward anonymity
West led to their creation. According to the most and the response they can expect from many Kindred,
common account, the medicine man was cursed for a Bohagande tend to avoid involvement with covenants.
terrible crime against his people. Wherever he went, When they are drawn to the supportive and philosophi-
an ill wind blew and those around him suffered. Forced cal benefits that a society offers, it’s usually to those
into exile, he sought revenge upon those who had that recognize the value of these dangerous undead.
cursed him, and he called upon the ancient spirits of The Circle of the Crone may boast the most Jonahs,
the land to help him. One came to his aid, teaching but even then that number might be counted on one

him how to turn his curse to an advantage by taking hand. Some Acolyte stories are reminiscent of bloodline
the luck lost by others. When the medicine man met origins, and curious Jonahs may explore a connection
the Gangrel, the mortal mistook the vampire for the between their own Discipline and Crúac.


Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2

Physical traits are a close with the image of a crow figuring prominently in rival to Mental. bloodline. gamblers. a few opportunities and angles that can Bohagande have adopted the practice of tattoo. the vampires take rare is the Jonah who’s so driven what they can get. People over its competitors. construction. moving on at a moment’s notice it’s unlikely that they’re aware of it. Despite trouble. Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . be brief. those who are able to by politics to risk all by joining simply slipping into the earth to avoid these blatant free-thinkers. A Jonah’s are typically chosen. the opposite may actually be the challenge? Mental Attributes and case. Background: The majority of Bo- thian ranks could be a powerful hagande are individuals who value weapon if directed properly. due to their extraordinary luck. Anyone can have the Bohagande especially prize those people as a silver tongue. be perceived. grifters. In fact. who cherish their freedom giving the covenant an edge and who are drawn to risk. Jonahs tend to seek out the most practical Merits that lend themselves to and least complicated havens possible. Sanctified would view her as an abomination. although Those include Direction Sense. plots and schemes ing themselves — even beyond the grave — with to pull from which the lineage’s Native American iconography as a way to at least trademark can be used to es- forge some identify with their semi-mythical past. an means of escape in case the local Sheriff or Hound extra dot of Blood Potency initiates him. but it’s not unheard of for a Jonah to choose. Neither of these groups would those who find a thrill in putting welcome a jinx in its midst. Unseen Sense and be flush with cash and decide to live it up for a time Fleet of Foot. a By and large. a Bohagande in Car. homes and structures are typical choices. some members may Danger Sense. the better to maintain down on her luck. and the vored. simply for the the decoration. given the role the Shoshone played in first Skills are respected more for the casting the hex that the line still bears. cape. The kind of place where an or to transcend their curse. privacy. Some choose a location that bohagande to Bohagande who hope to might pose serious risk to interlopers. dilapidated high-rise or a place undergoing tion through self-denial. unlucky trespasser may find himself in a The Carthians may harbor very uncomfortable position. the Bohagande prefer to simple roadhouse waitress who’s remain unaligned. extreme athletes and cursed by God and perhaps even an agent of fugitives make up the bulk of the the Devil himself. like a shed their line’s reputa. backup they provide in getting Haven: Knowing that in most cities their stay may out of a scrape. say. It almost Character Creation: Mental traits are perhaps admired most always does. killers. Even so. these undead invariably go to great If a Gangrel Embraced to the line seeks to lengths to ensure that they always have at least one explore the potential of his blood early on. the sun’s rays. there is little evidence to suggest that and survival. 2 The Ordo Dracul can be alluring comes calling. who have nothing to lose and who If the Invictus or Lancea have no problem packing up and Sanctum harbor a Bohagande. so where’s the childer. Daredevil membership depends on how well she can keep her types are not uncommon. in prospective line members. Appearance: A typical Jonah appears While Social traits are definitely no different from any other Gangrel who’s helpful in getting into and out of Embraced in the United States. plying them makes for some connection to Native Americans in line mundane means of interaction origins. Abandoned solitary survival are also prized. but or rural environments. their cover and to pick-up and leave easily should the need arise. Social Merits don’t in a penthouse apartment. and true nature hidden. In suburban a couple of these pariahs. choose to stay. Still. No matter where they usually qualify among such traits. The First Estate it all on the line are similarly fa- would see it as a threat to stability. Drifters.

The more they feel the call of the Jonahs are found most frequently in North America Beast. Rappahanocks. Cherokee. are accorded special status among the bloodline. If that hap. experiences and his advice to his progeny exists and is but their numbers dwindled and many tribes were only passed from Bohagande to Bohagande. Protean. Bohagande are permanently marked by is still the challenge of avoiding the wrath of undead their accursed legacy. who travel to a distant land may find it easier to hide tion to surprise (see p. Harwood had spent the bulk of his unlife prowl- given time. such as avoiding blood unless she wishes to challenge the elder. Because few claim to know where he is Americans. small-time grifter. Few from successes. recognize this as the radiance of someone best avoided. Still. carefree rock guitarist. increasingly urbanized masses. by adopting less nomadic and paranoid ways. but his voice carries those he perceived as his mortal counterparts: Native special weight. and the more and generally outside large cities. Yet there In addition. hunts. thrill-seeking biker. And yet. with the sire-childe bond the them anything more than entertaining folktales. the more bestial they become. blerie. 151 of the World of Darkness their true nature and may even fit into vampiric society Rulebook). providing just enough history One Jonah in a given city can cause enough trouble. preying on the than reality. persecution. Given of residency. somewhere on the edge of the hellish ex- Bohagande who has gone the longest without being panse known today as Death Valley. Harwood was most tempted by wield any authority over his brood. One only one that’s commonly observed. More fable than dogma. The line’s numbers are few. the eldest chooses a single test of luck in which son. professional Jonah image might suggest some kind of rampant dia. Their auras appear not unlike who suffer chronic bad luck. (The latter part of this weakness does Kindred outside North America have heard stories of not affect dramatic-failure rules. Sunnikuse to the bloodline and are perhaps its strongest connec- Weakness: Jonahs are subject to the weakness of tion to its origin. A hominy. Chicka- through reverence to the words ascribed to him. The In 1848. these tales are important ience. since there’s no With regard to dice pools based on Intelligence and significant advantage to siring given the conflicts that Wits Attributes. rare is the Jonah who actually considers temporary organization. fear- or even if he still exists (and fewer still can honestly say some medicine and savagery in battle struck a chord and they have actually met him). eerie fortune teller. Members found elsewhere ditionally. albeit in no fixed a shadow of what they had once been. where they avoid their minds become those of less principled animals. There’s some Lucas Harwood met a man who changed the Savage disagreement as to the identity of this figure at any forever. their parent clan. any 1’s that come up on a roll are subtracted are true rarities. stock market “day” trader. small towns that had arisen between the Atlantic and ticularly deserving of respect. or on their cousins in the The founder of the line is also recognized as par. The younger must leave immediately. bohagande body of stories about Harwood’s travels. Jonahs not apply to dice pools involving perception or reac.) This weakness does the Bohagande and the curse that follows them. Harwood longed 3 Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . Ad. the specifics of their creation pale by compari- pens. art thief. Those who go unbeaten long enough shared identity. story is as good as any. but they have a distinct advantage. their more pressing concerns. the eldest may claim the right fabrication. There are hardly enough History line members as a whole to constitute anything that Few Bohagande are terribly concerned about their could resemble a formal gathering. form. Lucas Harwood does not the Mississippi. a similar story is passed on to new members each competes. escape. The Bohagande are who they are. Their primitive ways. freelance photographer Organization: It’s rare for more than one Bohagande to be found in a single domain. The Shawnee. which it is after a fashion. wandering preacher. Lenape. the 10 Again rule does not apply. street vigilante. Those able to perceive traveling carnival act (The Luckiest Lady in the auras do not need to be familiar with the Bohagande to World!). a Gangrel named bested is given the title Storm Crow. respect is usually shown drew him to their rich blood. or to the Resolve Attribute. ancient roots. card sharp. Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism. Saponi. black holes. The winner may stay and the loser is if for no other reason than to provide some sense of bound to depart. The bloodline holds that whenever members admitting that he may be guilty of more than a little encounter one another. arise with one’s own childe. Resil. his personal Chicora and other tribes became his favored vessels. Even though they tell similar (or different and concerns preclude all but the most informal and stories). to answer the most nagging of questions. others in a unsettling manner. and some claim the position is more rumor ing the burgeoning cities of the East. Even those The presence of two or more could result in catastrophes who claim to be familiar with the bloodline’s founder that even the luckiest Bohagande might be unable to exhibit skepticism about the details of their origin. seeming to soak up the colorful auras of Concepts: Drifter. Their proclivities origins.

He had Spirit held for him. a rugged scout of tried to grab the bird. far from his people. he struggled to survive and railed against Crow. you let it ence. prostitutes. Harwood stalked natives for the chal. Before who took him in. judged guilty and sentenced to exile quite old because of his hair. dreamed. Angered. proved himself to be younger and more capable than robbing the man of his identity and thereby denying Harwood guessed. and any named Seeing Star for his knowledge of the heavens. swearing revenge. Wher- and sanctuary in the nation’s western reaches. tually he even learned to take the form of a coyote and Then Crow took flight. the medicine man He traveled with a single retainer. had lost. The myriad dangers that Harwood then faced did new path. Harwood maintained into the wastelands to meet whatever fate the Great his feathered seeming and prepared to escape. himself before the wise spirit and begged Crow to show tence of the creature that harried them. I know why you have Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . Each of those Shoshone land. it on the ground to rot. offering everything he had some braves tracked the Gangrel by day and discovered as payment. curse upon him so that bad luck would come to any his unquenchable hunger overriding caution. Laughing. adventure “What some call bad luck is only luck’s absence. Perhaps this mortal had from his people. but you leave For a decade. the better to go where he pleased. exacting his revenge. other who crossed his path found catastrophe to be her the man was now an outcast. and because they suffered under no The suffering of others could be his strength. Once elders that had condemned him met their end. Everywhere he him as if he was an old friend. When the with it I have had my revenge. you could take of his Requiem. they did not hesitate to accept the exis. Crow showed his pupil a fate. the name Seeing Star was stripped from him. He also gave the man a new name — White not deter him. the man turned and Finally. Only the be to one day teach the spirit something that the man Disciplines of his parent clan saved him from a similar had learned. Harwood was enslaved by the experi. but stretched to the distant shore. charlatans. he was no longer Shoshone and was forced man might be a Lupine or worse. spent enough time around the tribes to understand na- Word of the curse and its nameless bearer spread tive tongues. settlers.” Crow said. Left to places deemed “Many seasons have passed since we last spoke. entrepreneurs and fugitives seeking fortune. Your gift steals the luck they all carry with them. the tribal homeland. The native was grim and exuded a him the power he once commanded. The spirit told the wretched Shoshone Meriwether Lewis’ own lips of lands and people that that he was not laughing at the man’s misfortune. brutally murdering his retainer. men around you are the cursed ones. come out here. That is why I laugh he had caged for so long. Harwood approached. Crow accepted. He thrilled to solitary existence Star. their luck and have it for yourself. desolate. a curse that turned his hair white. and was surprised when the man spoke to across Sogobia. not journey showed the vampire things he could not have you. inspired by his hair — to restore the power he and honed his predatory abilities to new heights. he could shift form and pounce. Although again haunt them. Instead. but Crow had luck on his side French extraction who claimed to have heard from and escaped. at you. He had slain an innocent new companion. The fearsome kine were not easily The medicine man realized the truth in Crow’s words. child in order to work a great rite. him how to master his curse. White It was in bird form that he came upon a lone Star quickly mastered what he had learned and went mortal one night. who had cursed him died in a terrible accident. The deal struck.” lenge they posed. Trusting his guide to keep because the outcast was too blind to see the powerful him from harm. led by the Beast that fall through your fingers like sand. If you knew how. leaving the medicine man crow. The ever you go. saying that the price would his haven. Harwood joined the flood of wide-eyed gift he had been given. Seeing Star was brought before still in the form of a crow. and dangers that nearly sounded the last note leaving them empty. high upon a rock overlooking among men again. however. which had been When Harwood alighted on a bluff near White Star. the three wisest of the tribe laid a wary of some hidden danger. Skilled hunters.” the man said. soldiers. the spirit told his former hunting grounds and set off for the unsettled his petitioner that he did not possess the power to West to quench his desire. The cine man — a bohagande in his own language. He roved across the land. bohagande civility. The individual was a gifted medi. disaster was at his side. caught off guard. went. 4 to drink from a well undiluted by the taint of European man was at wits end and with nowhere else to turn. no longer eager for death’s comforting welcome. From that point power that belied his calm demeanor. and so in the early 1830s he turned his back on Crow agreed to aid him. Fearful that the forward. You shake the fruit from the tree. “Your medicine is strong and the heavens themselves. To ensure that the medicine man would never a desire with which Harwood was familiar. to seek a vision. “There is no such thing as bad luck. He threw Masquerade. prospectors. Even. forbidden by his elders. remove so great a curse. he first thought the man was a tribal gathering.

suggesting how a victim gardless of the form the spirit took. Tell me what you wish to learn and I you by teaching you what you have lost. Bohagande are forced to be as care- man still there. but caution kept a victim is likely to lay blame outward his tongue. The curse Gangrel’s chagrin. but the he sank into the cold earth. When two Bohagande cross fered his own interpreta. The outcast bohagande awaited rather than inward. and when the Savage lunged and Culture again. first rays of sunlight shone across Being so lucky as to survive such a surprise is the flat land. but without one Harwood was confused. an answer. Har. he was alone. White Star wood didn’t know what to do. stealing his return. so focused as practical as it is irresistible. When the a Prince’s law may descend without warning. So it is younger wishes when you wear the to challenge. Harwood. you have to command the young- bohagande forgotten who you er to move on. but cine as Crow had once taught him. his foot caught on a of the bohagande and the medicine of stone and his wicked claws barely grazed Crow were now his. the Bohagandes’ and the assailant was almost sent over Requiem is like no other. I shall repay agreed. still luck they need to survive. To the time. by their fellow Kindred. Crow. members are addicted to the rush of stealing When the Gangrel crept from another’s fortune.” the stars wheeled in the heavens and Bat Startled by the mortal’s manner. Jonahs therefore on his intended prey. many line desperate for nourishment. the ground the next sunset. Again the Beast had other plans. he of. surprise. The vampire the sun rose and once more Harwood slept shed his winged guise before the man’s beneath the desert. What should special Discipline is difficult to resist. however. but when none came. as vessels containing not only blood. Because you have forgotten. When he awoke this eyes and leapt for his throat. Bohagande thus finds a gimmick that fits her Harwood pushed his hunger as far personality and special talents as a cover for her down as he could and sat across larceny. But the medicine them to accomplish the seem- man was favored by fate once again ingly impossible. from the Shoshone. He was showed Harwood how to use spirit medi- intrigued by the prospect of a gift. His Beast Treated like lepers and hounded enraged. Now White Star was ready. chased Moth across the valley. It is time for me to repay you as I long. Unwilling to repeat the luck is a good way to call down persecution. Our bargain was not tion for ill events. Howling his frustration. Such deceptions are for my life. yet pos- mination and made what would surely sessed of a power that enables be a killing blow. “Ah. Harwood snarled his deter. The a precipice. her modus kill him. the elder has the right tion. “I had promised to teach you as operandus provides just enough justifica- you had taught me. come back now. White Star still she might use straightforward psychology as believed that Harwood was Crow.” certainly not necessary. A same mistakes of the night before. and invites bad luck and then offering proof.” As shall teach it. wanted to know why Crow had tried to Whatever method she uses. Indeed. clearly awaiting ful as possible. She might stick to something overt. the best subterfuge. Simply going around. respectful of the like engaging victims in a game of chance. he was Since use of Sunnikuse does not go entirely amazed to find the white-haired unnoticed. his blow went wild. was taken by tend to view others. drawing only a trickle of blood that the attacker Society licked clean. have been the simplest thing was a especially knowing that the hammer of harsh lesson in futility. his intended victim. the skin of another for too older declares a con- 5 Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . Kindred and kine alike. Misfortune plagued the temptation to exercise the line’s vampire’s every move. re. If the are. paths. or man’s evident power.

eventually convincing any but the most Jonahs hope to challenge and defeat him. The name is writ. a normally fortunate Jonah may bloodline’s unique ability to direct the hand of Fate. but most Avus are loath to part may discover the presence of another of his bloodline. whether it involves named Becky Finch. Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . a century-old Jonah future confrontations. luck does run out. rumors her bad luck. the line in order to give themselves an advantage in Shortly after entering a city. it’s a weapon that seems to inflict harm to use Sunnikuse against each other before and during indiscriminately. Successive uses That doesn’t stop some Bohagande from actively seek. an individual. A normal Every Bohagande possesses a secret that he protects success suggests that there is some vague connec- over and above all else. actively ten on the newcomer’s chest in the Avus’ blood. There is no shame in the neonate acquiescing name may not know the power that comes from shar- without a contest. situations to their advantage. These competitive her sensation. Anyone who learns this name bohagande The challenge can take nearly any form. but details about this little-known figure. is somehow behind her sense of doom. contests. a character suitable for yarns and emulation. Should a betrayal be traced back. It’s also perfectly acceptable for participants To others. discover herself robbed at the worst possible moment. and use that knowledge for their est Kindred walking the earth. however. Used properly. more powerful the impression received. Perhaps the vampire is even caught held as the true father of the line. Sunnikuse (or “medicine”) is the a challenge. even for members of stealing luck from others. Few if any outside the lineage are aware of this terribly bad form to withdraw prematurely. Thus. or that her doom. who’s complicity. Some stories claim that own good. Upon a Gangrel’s initiation. these two Kindred. Gifted in the art of Eventually. and even hoarding Besides Lucas Harwood. it’s not un. the current Storm Crow is a particularly feral Gangrel Every application of Sunnikuse. tion between the Bohagande and the bad luck. Most of the time. Some disagree. leaves a victim with a discernible sense of ing that she was finally bested by another. particular test of skill. with a hand in the proverbial cookie jar. with the winner claiming the right of domain. Equally motivating. Ultimately. An a sire or Avus bestows a Shoshone name that makes exceptional success fully exposes the Bohagande’s the new Bohagande known to the spirit Crow. 6 test. Even if the over the subject. say. the ultimate criterion hinges Some Bohagande seek out the names of others of on whether or not luck can prevail. The Bohagande regard their inheritance in much the more dangerous the contest the more respect the the same way that a man living on the frontier winner receives. effectively robbing from them of their own move on. whose use of Sunnikuse against that contest requires substantial physical exertion or a individual is compromised. but doing something strange near or in regard to the is never again recorded or spoken. (Evil Eye). Unless the senior Bohagande simply wishes to revealed. Given the risks involved. Wits + Occult is Would-be usurpers hope they can learn these tricks rolled for the subject to recognize that the Jonah for themselves. he can challenge the younger and declare the power. not even between intended victim. The victim may not always know the source of claim was never legitimate. of Sunnikuse against the same subject only amplify ing out a master of luck. Bohagande are as deadly and feared to claim any special recognition is the one known as as any gunslinger of old. identity of the Storm Crow. so long as and understands it for what it is has a powerful charm its outcome depends primarily on luck. The challenge might be as simple as a game of Rus- sian Roulette or as outlandish as a 100-mph race in the Sunnikuse wrong direction on a busy highway. twisting the outcome of this line. the only other Bohagande good fortune. Each time Sunnikuse is used. might have viewed his rifle. Achilles’ heel. the sinking feeling (most Bohagande seek to camou- The name Cameron is bandied about as the possible flage their depredations with some justifiable charade. This individual has supposedly never ability to sense the presence or absence of luck in been defeated in a challenge and is deemed the lucki. claiming obtuse victim that a Jonah is somehow responsible for the title for themselves. They have an uncanny the Storm Crow. Other Kindred who discover a Jonah’s Shoshone terms. but few can agree on any such as a game of billiards or Three Card Monty). it can common for Bohagande to meet Final Death in these be the difference between unlife and Final Death. the to most. the moll of a successful Kansas a simple touch (as with Jinx) or a momentary gaze City mobster before her Embrace. with such knowledge. ascribe strange powers of Sunnikuse to a Storm Crow. the she always experiences a terrible sense of unease and concept of Storm Crow is more tall tale than reality impending failure. but if he does accept it’s considered ing it. a neonate who has made his haven there for a dozen they run the very real risk of having their own names years. The greater the potential loss. as dangerous as this practice is.

she is easier to affect with Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Sunnikuse the Discipline. a to determine Humanity and degeneration. of Sunnikuse is in the vicinity of such circumstances Cost: 1 Willpower or performs such actions. This cursed ability can wreak all manner of havoc while the Storytelling System may call for a dice roll on a victim. as is another Willpower point. The next action the Bohagande performs in The following is a list of some factors that might make this scene is failed automatically. The power of Jinx lasts only one measure of defense against bad luck. –1 Target has a lucky rabbit’s foot or mouths a Exceptional Success: Similar to a normal success. breaking a mirror. assume that contact and circumstances — crossing the path of a black can be made automatically under some context. but contact is required again. and can see him directly. as well as ex. on him. the greater the protection that scene. There are ways in which a potential victim can pro.) A Bohagande can snatch small amounts of luck Cost: 1 Vitae bohagande from others that he can then use for himself. (Looking through a TV or at a photo doesn’t apply. she • Jinx can turn the Evil Eye on him. If a subject stumble. walking under a ladder — are as through a handshake. so if the Bohagande takes no further actions or complicated the charm. luck does Bohagande no longer needs to touch her victim to af- not play a factor in whether a character retains his fect him. the benefit is forfeit. he receives no benefit or cursed from Jinx. If +2 Target is under a ladder the action normally calls for a chance roll. If a target does not resist. Failure: No effect. Some Jonahs exploit these superstitions Action: Instant to touch target. not the object itself. items is used. By making physical contact with another — even the Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Sunnikuse lightest touch is sufficient — the character can Action: Instant 7 Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . 157 of the World of in the power of the charm. Luck stolen through use of Sunnikuse cannot come from or later be used for Humanity or degeneration rolls •• Evil Eye made for either the Bohagande or a target. sleight of hand or seeming to ascribed with the power to cause bad luck. expressions or practices provide a matically succeeds. while the Bohagande’s next action auto- that certain items. In essence. power may be made. Suggested Modifiers Success: A subject is jinxed upon being touched. A successive attempt to use the amples of charms that can undermine the Discipline. even if only momentarily. Roll Results ness and to provide sources of blame for the ill fortune Dramatic Failure: The character’s Jinx is turned back that befalls a victim. It is this belief that Darkness Rulebook to determine if a Jonah successfully staves off disaster. makes contact with a resisting target when this power To a Bohagande’s benefit. the victim’s next tect herself from this Discipline. reflexive to activate power and try to arrange for such ill omens to be present when they use this power. It’s important that the individual truly believes “Touching an Opponent” on p. such cat. the victim +3 It’s Friday the 13th automatically suffers a dramatic failure. So long as she is in close physical proximity morality or sanity. Consult the rules for granted. while the Bohagande’s same day next action is automatically an exceptional success. The next roll made for him is an terrible would happen this evening automatic success. protective prayer except the stakes are much higher. miraculous powers Once it’s fulfilled. and a Bohagande can have no more –4 Target has a rare artifact that legend ascribes with than one “unused” success at his disposal at one time. If he attempts no further actions +5 The victim is already convinced he is jinxed for the remainder of the scene. Most cultures believe action fails. it easier for a Bohagande to use Sunnikuse. By drawing on the power of her Vitae. a host of events. activate this power. this power must be activated again –5 Target knows the Bohagande’s secret name to acquire a new guaranteed success. he is spared failure. both to increase its useful. –3 Target knows the truth about what the Bohagande A subject can be under the influence of only one use can and cannot do of Jinx at a time. however. Bonus Condition The next roll made for the subject is automatically a +1 A black cat or broken mirror is nearby failure. If the subject attempts no further actions in Penalty Charm the scene. The more involved scene. The victim’s next ac- –2 Target received a blessing from a holy authority that tion results in a dramatic failure. The Bohagande +4 A fortune teller told the victim that something fares much better. If successful. regardless of how improbable that might be.

the 10 Again rule to re-roll 10’s doesn’t on the roll. regardless of the number of successes actually achieved In addition. Both of these effects apply for the Failure: No effect. regardless of the hand. The action fails immediately. if successes rolled for the victim are lower than ••• Calamity those rolled for the vampire when this power was acti- A Jonah has honed his abilities such that he may vated. the victim’s action is cause victims’ efforts to have tragic results. usually by opening a small wound in his turns up a 1. 8 Roll Results Cost: 1 Vitae bohagande Dramatic Failure: The intended target is unaffected Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Sunnikuse and all rolls made for the Bohagande against that individ. Action: Activation is instant. in addition Success: After the power has been activated and to the proscription against the 10 Again rule. although successive attempts to remainder of the scene. regardless of how many successes are actually rolled. The Bohagande taints the object with his Four successes are achieved. easy victory. 1. Success: The victim suffers a –2 penalty on all rolls. If only one or two successes had been rolled the subject is plagued by disaster. on all rolls for the remainder of the scene. but successive at. Indeed. possession of the victim is needed to level this curse — Example: Three successes are rolled for a vampire using anything from a necklace to a comb to a lock of hair this power. A personal automatically a dramatic failure. hagande that scores even a single 1 is a dramatic failure. to a tooth. The vampire murmurs a few brief words and as four successes rolled. application can ual suffer a –2 penalty for the remainder of the scene. for the subject — less than the vampire’s three — and a 1 Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . activate the power can be made if the object is still held Exceptional Success: The victim suffers a –3 penalty and more Vitae is spent. a subject’s action fails A victim can be subject to only one use of this automatically if any die rolled for him ever turns up a power at a time. and a 1 turns up on a die. but a single die in the pool cursed Vitae. a dice pool is rolled for the subject. The victim is somehow robbed of an long as the character holds the bloodied item in hand. apply to the subject. Roll Results tempts to use the power on the subject may be made Dramatic Failure: The next roll made for the Bo- as long as he is in direct sight. the item is held by the vampire. Later on. be contested Failure: The power has no effect.

as in a combat attack. a dead father’s pocket watch). although successive attempts to neck). as does merely becomes three successes. or a Hound’s efforts across town to to affect multiple victims simultaneously. the victim does not have any simple failure. See “Disarm Op- An exceptional success can be turned into a failure. This can mean a homeless hand for even a moment. a Bohagande is unable to hold onto the results are declared. ponent” on p. suddenly does not. achieved in the power’s activation roll. a very haven! If increasing the degree of success of the Bohagande can utilize one such personal item at a time. if altering degree of success by category contact with the object and the effects of Calamity is too vague. So. assuming the unearth information about the Bohagande reveals his items are small enough. cial hint as to the source of his affliction. Multiple items from the same subject do not increase add three to any successes rolled against the vampire. from dra- in the roll. When how likely one is to fail miserably. If the effort is successful. Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Sunnikuse regardless of a character’s Initiative. but can affect the outcome for both. roll — five or more — can be added to or subtracted •••• Twist of Fate from those of the affected action. due to a lasting rela. actual successes achieved in the activation are terminated. except character (even one not nearby the Bohagande) that any 1 rolled for the subject indicates a dramatic failure is made to cause harm or disadvantage to the Jonah no matter how many successes are otherwise achieved is improved by one degree of success. Dramatic Failure: The very next roll made for any Exceptional Success: As per a normal success. This can be due to an Success: The result of the roll can be made more emotional attachment (a pearl earring given by a loved successful or less successful by one degree. 157 of the World of Darkness Rule- while a dramatic failure can become a regular success. as in a combat attack. Bohagande who excel at Sunnikuse one contestant. Twist of Fate can be used on only instant actions. add The Bohagande need not be able to see the victim or subtract a number of successes equal to those of this power for it to be effective. failure to success or success Should the Bohagande release the possession from to exceptional success. and does not Action: Reflexive count as the action the Bohagande is normally al- This power effectively increases or decreases the lowed that turn. the subject for it to be valid. Cost: 1 Vitae This power can be used at any time during a turn. a roll of one success becomes four. the victim or anyone else twist fate to such a degree that the result of the target’s can attempt to liberate the personal object from roll can be changed two full steps in either direction. The Bohagande’s player must declare the power in use immediately after a dice pool is rolled. The power can be used only once degree of success or failure of a single action taken by per turn. and a failure Gloved hands deny use of this power. The item must have a solid connection to Vitae is spent. subtracted from those achieved in the affected roll.” party. a success can be turned into an exceptional success tionship (a wallet owned for a dozen years. around the Failure: No effect. That is. It’s man’s feeble effort to resist the vampire is suddenly possible for more than a single item to be held in order overwhelming. the Bohagande or by any other character within direct ••••• Gift of the Crow bohagande sight. the fickle hand used on a contested action. a childhood or a failure. Calamity is dispelled. or because the object was actually part of to only a regular failure. If altering degree of success the target (a lock of hair). matic failure to failure. while a dramatic failure can be changed teddy bear). If a connection is somehow made (maybe Exceptional Success: The Bohagande is able to the Jonah takes credit). had turned up on another die. Thus. It must 9 Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . apply the power to other dice pools be made if more hagande. Rings are particularly sought after by the Bo. no matter how great one’s odds are or Extended and reflexive actions are unaffected. For each dot in Sunnikuse. the vampire’s grasp by grappling. but before Up to this point. Say. book. the effort would have been a Roll Results dramatic failure. if three successes were gained. having an object close by (in a pocket. the Bohagande loses As with success. effort by category is too vague. Sometimes. the intensity of this power over him. Even if A targeted roll that is reduced to zero successes is a near the Bohagande. up to three can be added to or The victim of Calamity does not receive any spe. by category is too vague. learn to control freakish turns of events for their Someone who should have won or lost the contest own purposes. one. the luck she steals for more than a brief time. the power is directed at only of Fate steps in. it’s not made a dramatic failure with overt way to identify the vampire as the responsible “negative successes.

as the character chooses. although successive attempts to acti- This luck comes at a price to someone else. he could bohagande of Fate. the dramatic failure is imposed for each success achieved on 9 Again rule applies for three nights. or three could plague one Each 8. These tragedies may all be heaped Exceptional Success: Similar to a normal success. this power cannot be activated. 134 of the World from others and use it to improve her chances of of Darkness Rulebook for details on the 9 Again and success on future rolls by taking advantage of the 8 Again rules. Now. effects of more than one use of this power at a time. befall three separate people. Failure: No effect. Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Sunnikuse If no one is in sufficiently close proximity to steal their Action: Instant. until the Dramatic Failure: The character does not steal any Jonah suffers a dramatic failure. luck. A Bohagande cannot be subject to the 9 Again and possibly the 8 Again rules. If a Jonah is not careful with this power. efit lasts a number of nights equal to the successes Roll Results achieved on the power’s activation roll. if three successes are rolled. however. Success: For each success rolled. if three successes at that point is re-rolled to improve the Bohagande’s are rolled. So. Someone within distance to carry on a normal conversa. or until the user is luck and is not subject to the 10 Again rule until the rendered unconscious or falls into torpor (whichever next sunset. 9 or 10 rolled by the player is re-rolled. whether alive or undead. comes first). So. from to hold onto her precious lot. Rudyard Bell (order #1425345) 2 . ex- upon a single victim or assigned to various victims within cept the Bohagande now has the benefit of the 8 Again range. If he comes away “lucky” Cost: 1 Willpower too many times. 10 be used quickly or be lost to the ever-changing winds victim. Three mishaps could rule for a number of nights equal to the successes achieved. the next three actions performed by others chances of success. Gift of the Crow allows a Bohagande to steal luck See “System Permutations” on p. This ben. the character understands how soon be at the epicenter of tragic events or pitfalls. which he emerges unscathed. are dramatic failures. others may notice. A valid victim must hagande who also uses Gift of the Crow be human or humanoid. resisted if used against another Bo. One such of the current one). Each 9 or 10 rolled the activation roll of the power. vate the power can be made if more Willpower is spent. of course. the 9 Again rule for one night (including the remainder less of how many successes are rolled for him. the character enjoys tion suffers a dramatic failure on his next action. regard.

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