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Cook 1

Kayla Cook

Mrs. Reid

English I Honors

12 February 2015

English Narrative

A flood of snowflakes showered down over our car, and gusts of wind whipped us around

side to side. My fingers were solid ice, regardless that the heat was on in our car. I was

exhausted. I kept nodding off, but as soon as I got close to a snooze, a blast of wheezing wind

would shake me wide awake. I sighed. 11 hours crammed in a van with 5 people and a dog

definitely has its cons. My sister was bundled in blankets next to me, and my brother was playing

a video game, Mom was configuring the GPS and translating its directions to my weary father. I

listened to the fuzz of the radio as I gazed out the window at the black and white world. The

snow blurred everything out there, and whatever figures I did see appeared to be colorless and

gray. Its beautiful, I thought to myself, but I cant wait to get home.

Oh no.

My eyes darted to the front of the car. The words had come from my father.

A worried, What? fell out of my mouth.

Our oil light just came on. Thats a bad sign, especially when were travelling in this

weather. Well have to stop for the night to stay safe.

Cant we just fix it? my sister, Nicole, asked, almost in an annoyed tone. She wanted to

get home too. I could tell.

Nothings open today, sweetie; Its New Years Day. Were gonna have to stop and

check it out and we might have to stay the night out here, Mom explained with a half-hearted
Cook 2

smile. She was probably attempting to hide her worry in her voice, but she couldnt fool me.

Finding a place to stay in the middle of the West Virginia Mountains wasnt going to be a walk

in the park. I hadnt seen anything for miles.

What about Faith? I nodded my head towards a wet-nosed pup with worried yes. Even

she seemed to know we were in a tight spot.

Mom looked at Dad slowly and then turned back to us, Were just going to have to leave

it to God to work it all out. Right now we need to be looking for a hotel motel anything.

Keep your eyes peeled.

My eyes searched my surroundings, but all I could see through my car window was a

white haze. I felt like our car would explode at any moment; I didnt really know just how

dangerous an oil leak was, but I didnt want to be inside a car with one. How could we possibly

find anything in this

Hey! Look! Dad was nodding towards a neon sign ahead. I couldnt believe it.

There was more than a few words on that sign, but only three of them mattered to me:

Motel. Pet Friendly. Thank the Lord.

We swerved into the motels vacant parking lot. When Dad finally parked, I could hear

our car sigh with relief along with the rest of us. Dad hopped out and peered under the car.

Well, its a good thing we stopped; oil is spilling out of our car.

We all hopped out and looked. The snow that our car had driven over was streaked with a

black line of oil, and underneath our car an oily lake had emerged. Well were definitely staying

the night, I said under my breath. I looked up to examine my new home for the day. The motel

was definitely living up to its stereotype: creepy. It had rusted windows its brick exterior seemed
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to be rotting away. To top it all off, the motel was next-door neighbors with an eerie graveyard.

Regardless, I preferred the motel to my leaking car that probably wouldnt make it another mile.

Not long after that, we had checked in and carried our bags into a motel room that wasnt

much larger than my own room at home. The room had a damp smell, and the air was thick. How

we were going to fit five people and a dog in there for a day, I did not know. However, I did

know that I was starving. My stomach groaned. What are we going to do about dinner? Mom

and Dad exchanged a look.

Twenty minutes later I found myself out in the snow bundled up like an Eskimo. We had

no car, which meant we were going to walk to dinner. We only had to walk for 10 minutes,

thought it felt like hours. When we got inside the Applebees, I was greeted with toasty warmth

and the aroma of cooked food. A smile grew over my numbed face.

One hot meal later we were back at the motel. All the energy had been drained from my

body. I knew that must be true for all of us, including the dog. Despite being crammed into a

stuffy room with my whole family, I passed out just as soon as my head hit the pillow. Just

before I slipped into my dreams, I wondered if wed make it home the next day.

I slowly opened my eyes. I turned over to see the clock. 8:00 am. A voice rose from

across the room.

Great! Thanks so much! the voice belonged to my Dad. I strained my neck to see out

the motel window. Out in the parking lot I saw Dad shaking hands with a bearded man in a

AAA uniform.

Is it fixed? Can we go? I thought to myself.

The man trotted over to a AAA van and wheeled away in it while Dad made his way

inside. A minute or so later Dad swung the door open and announced The car its fixed!
Cook 4

Id never seen five people pack up their things so fast. Before you could say ciao, our

car was packed to the brim and our car was swinging around the corner.

We sped through the winding mountains of West Virginia. While the man may have

fixed our car, none of use trusted it. We were just fighting the lengthy drive and mammoth

mountains to get home. Our car was a marathon runner gasping to finish the race. As the hours

passed by, I became as stiff as a statue. I was afraid that if I barely moved, the car would give

out. Then I heard two words that made my heart almost stop: Oh no. My dad had said it.

No, no way. Not again! My mind screamed.

The dashboard just lit up. It lit up like a Christmas tree, Dad looked horrifically at the

dashboard, which to me looked like a light show. I didnt know so many things could be wrong

with a car at once.

Mom swiftly phoned Dane, our family mechanic and friend. Dane, our cars dashboard

just lit up. Weve already had to stop for an oil leak.

Just get home, his voice fuzzed over the phone. Ill fix it, but just try to make it


Id never sat more still. Even Faith seemed to freeze in her crate. Just an hour and a half

til we were safe at home. We could do it right? I closed my eyes and whispered a prayer:

God, get us home please! It began to get a little later, and all I could stare at was the

headlights of other cars in the dusk. I closed my eyes and waited and waitedand

Hey kids! Moms voice sounded a little livelier than it had been during the ride home.

I opened my eyes. This seems familiar, I thought, I know this place! Were

Were home.

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