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Students in Gr.

K-3 will love discussing the jobs they do around the have a complete collection can
house after hearing any or all 16 poems by Hope Vestergaard.The open- cause you to make inappropriate
ing "Bores" cites the title, noting,"! like my toys out on the floor -/ they're choices.
* easier to see:' and aching arms and back are the "Paint Complaint" when As always, this year's Caldecott
re-doing the fence as "This chore is getting stale' titles are wonderful, but the medal
Some chores are a mixture of drudgery and fun.The boy in "Wishes" winner, The Invention of Hugo
hates clearing the table but loves washing dishes, begging "Can I wear the Cabret by Brian Selznick and the
rubber gloves?" and when working "In the Garden" a girl asking to be honor book The Wall: Growing
allowed to water is told, "Look for weeds./If we don't, they'll spread their Up Behind the Iron Curtain,
seeds." The closing,'All Done:' mirroring the opening that offered help in written and illustrated by Peter Sis
exchange for assistance with room cleaning, finds the house smells great are not really suitable for primary
'And everything looks twice as nice/ because I cleaned with you" Carol students.The former,featured in the
Koeller fills the pages with colorful illustrations reinforcing the enormity School Librarian's Workshop, Fall,
of the task or the joyful exuberance in doing it. 2007, p. 9, was suggested for Gr.
5-9, while the latter, reviewed in
Special 19aye
School Begins, 2007, p. 13, was
Whitehead, Jenny Holiday Stew: A Kid's Portion of Holiday and recommended for Gr. 4-9. The
Seasonal Poems.Holt, 2007,63 p. ill. 978-0-8050-7715-5 Newbery in 2008 presented no
From the opening "Spring Fever"with allergy sneezes to an "End of the such challenge but the 2000 Honor
Year Party!," Jenny Whitehead's 80+ poems don't miss a single celebratory
Book, 26 FairmountAvenue by
occasion. She has also included some seasonal good times such as Tomie dePaola is meant for Gr. 1-3,
"Camping" when you have the taste of a s'more in your teeth and "Feel the while the 1998 medal winner Out
warmth of flannel blankets/ As you burrow underneath:' and the great of the Dust by Karen Hesse
idea of "Let's Go on a Hayride:' observing while going uphill,"Now, look to belongs in middle and high school
your left, there's a deer in the wood,/ And above you, a brown whippoor- media centers.
Whether it is'At the End of the Day ... (A Fourth of July Poem)" bring- On the 1orderline
* ing gasps even from the old when seeing "Splendid poofs/ of glitter gold:' What do you do when a review
or "On Teacher Appreciation Day" giving thanks "For good-morning hugs/ says the book is for Gr.4-6 and you
and feel-better Band-Aids:' there are always several possibilities for each are in a K-4 school? Do you pur-
month of the year.Whitehead's cartoon- like illustrations in gouache and chase a title that is for Gr. 6-9 for a
black pen fill the pages. She adds extra comments all around and even high school collection? With a limit-
throws in additional poems, including her dedication. Students in Gr. 2-4 ed budget, are you "wasting" money
will have loads of fun with this one. A by buying something for only a
..................................................................................... small percentage of your students?
:..o .................. ISSUES ON Obviously you shouldn't be
spending a high percentage of your
THE JOB -.....- funds on these borderline books,
but ignoring them is shortchanging
Difficult Choices students on the top - or bottom -
grades of your school. If your phi-
ook selection would be far less of a problem if you had unlimited losophy includes being student-
funds.Since that is never going to happen,you are confronted by reg- centered and promoting lifelong
ularly having to choose between what would seem to be equally reading, you have no alternative but
good titles. In making your decision you need to be guided by age-appro- to recognize that every segment of
priateness, the needs of students and your population deserves to be
the curriculum, and your philosophy. served. Choose carefully among
Award Winnere these titles, but make sure they too,
Elementary library media spe-
oegment of your are included in your collection.
cialists tend to purchase Caldecott population "Problem" iooko
* and Newbery winners without ques- deoerveo to 17e Sometimes you read a review
tion. Many language arts programs and red flag words alert you to a
have a unit on the former with Gr. I or potential problem. Whether it is
2 and the latter with Gr. 5.The urge to strong language, sex, or homosexu-
School's Out 2008.....................................

. including one for the the site. Be sure to have books on different vehicles and means of transportation that they can . Being a library media specialist is ly consider adding it to your collection......english...not censorship. They watch a building slowly going up..978-0-8050-7724-7).... W EB SHAKESPEARE ILLUSTRATED A work in progress.... conducted research on his life and times. the story follows a boy's father through his workday.... Maryland 21676 include images of certain paintings on (Part I explored 12 other online Shakespeare sources......aslshakespeare........A. ill...... and finally reach the diner where they have breakfast together..... ..... as they eat...... The 6chool Librarian's Workehop . places for lesson involving students in group collab- SHAKESPEARE IN EDUCATION oration/activities is through web- This multimedia page contains links to sites designed to teach Shakespeare over the quests. A good place to begin on Shakespearean plays.. mail letters.. Graphic artist Nathan Clement debuts as a children's author and illus- trator with Drive (Front Street.. the two "talk about all sorts of things..Each two-page spread reveals varying perspectives (similar to Craig Frazier's works) along with half a sentence as the shiny big red rig makes its way along the highway and through crowded streets until the load is deliv- ered and Daddy returns home............. Introduction......The waitress knows what they will order and.... Part II paintings are organized by the plays th r h1cAfi n nr• h. nrtlctc .edu/educational....... and pro- ductions of Shakespeare's plays and their influence on one another....html The Internet Public Library's Literary Criticism Collection is extensive.... in order to create a * ...and Conclusion.... Click on Courses and Lesson Plans to find annotated plans and activities... Note the one below which is linked from this site."Students Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in both American Sign Language and English.. It can be Wel7quov searched by author.. and background on depth of the project http://www... title. Be sure you have a Board of not always easy Sometimes you Education-passed Selection Policy which is your protection.... unp.. Process... and by Criticism and Authors by Literary Period.htm Evaluation."Yaccarino has had this ritual with his own son since he was 3 years old..Ot. ill. this site features designed for a 9th grade class..... Freedom if a parent or others If you believe that students have the right to information and the book demand the book be removed.... unp. The All about the Bard.. ignore the rushing people. O century paintings..... . On that day of the week. you should serious.PreK-2....This is one that will grab the attention of young boys.... One of my favorite ways of http://www.... The steps consist of an Internet and in the classroom... LI U .edu/class • Elizabethan and Renaissance times... In addition... ality you know that purchasing the title might raise a challenge. .. criticism......ipl....m.... es/Shakespeare-Illustrated/Shakesp IPL:LITERARY CRITICISM COLLECTION eare. 2007.palomar... th. this explores 19th CITES . Students in Gr..emory.. 978-1-59078-517-1) about a day in the life of a truck driv- er for Gr........ the Task. is well-written and is age-appropriate for your students..... telling themselves it is book selection ... http://www.....l .. I... From an alarm going off at 4 a... 2008. One special day is highlighted as a boy explains what happens Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino (Holt.I.. "Some of the links are Library Media Consultant temporarily broken while Emory University secures permission to Wittman.... THE ASL PROJECT SHAKESPEARE WEBQUEST Designed at Yale by 2 deaf students and 2 English speaking students with other deaf This webquest on Romeo and Juliet was performers helping with the translation and the process... http://shakespeare.. A My Dad The place of fathers in children's lives needs to be celebrated and these two titles show the bond between Dads and their sons. many library media specialists choose not to buy the ALA Office of Intellectual those books... S..n VV|W by Dawn Ganss painted them.... have to make tough decisions. PreK-1 will enjoy sharing how they spend time with their own fathers.. no matter what the weather the two leave early and walk along the city streets.. but the treasure of art collected elementary level.. followed by several Read the Introduction to understand the excellent E webquests.) here is truly invaluable for instruction:' T e e first of the recommended sites are general.. Fearful of know that you can get help from facing such an issue..

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