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Safety Harness Checklist


Supervisor Date

In every case where a worker is required to wear a safety harness as required by law
for his/her protection, you must check the following:

Checklist Yes No
1. Has the worker inspected his/her CSA approved body harness and
lanyard before use as per enclosed inspection & maintenance
2. Is the worker wearing the harness properly?
3.Has the worker been assigned a shock-absorbing lanyard for his
own use?
4. Has the worker been assigned an approved travel restraint or life
line rope for his own use?
5. Does the worker have his own rope grab?
6. Does the worker have his own life line/travel restraint anchored to a
solid and approved anchor'?
7. Does the worker have his rope grab attached to the rope and
positioned in the right direction?
8.Does the worker have his lanyard properly attached to the rope
grab and to the center D-Ring on the back of the harness?
9. Does the worker have the rope grab positioned to restrict him/her
from being within 300mm from any edge, and/or is the rope grab
positioned on the vertical life line above the worker to restrict the
length of the fall to 0.6 metres as required by the Construction

Note: If all the answers to all these questions are not Yes, “STOP” until they are.

Health and Safety is Everyone’s Business