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7/6/2017 Fwd: Athletic Director - ahuns85@gmail.

com - Gmail

From: Nick Bruno
Sent: Thursday, July 6, 2017 4:52:32 PM
To: Bernard Viator; Keith Richard; Corey Lyon; James Malone; Todd Dooley; Lisa Vary midis; Steven Farmer;
Kevin VanDerzee; Patrick Hiltz; Pat Lambert; Tim Baldwin; Terrence De Jongh; Jeff Dow; Jason Dunavant;
Keyton Wheelock; Joni Stephens
Subject: Athle c Director

This is to inform you that Mr. Nick Floyd, Jr. has been selected to be our next Athletic Director. I appreciate your
taking time to interview and follow up with me as to your thoughts and comments.

I am sure I will be asked why was he selected? Every reference and some individuals who were not listed as
references the same responses were provided. He is a hard worker, a man of high integrity, loyalty and a
relationship builder. He has spent the last 34 years in athletic administration in various universities and at the
conference level.

I know you will join me in welcoming Mr. Floyd to ULM and work with him to build our program into one we are all
proud. Mr. Floyd’s first day with ULM will be 7/21.

Nick J. Bruno, Ph.D.
President 1/1