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1. Upselling 1. Cork screw
2. Soft selling 2. Serviette
3. Hard selling 3. Food tong
4. Suggestive selling

1. Say 1. Scrape
2. Shout 2. Segregate
3. Smile 3. Stack

1. Refill the condiments
2. Revisit the table
3. Check the guest if they take the food
4. Remove and change the necessary and unnecessary utensils
5. It’s time for the guest to complain

1. Prepare the dining room or restaurant area for service
2. Welcome the guest and take food and beverage orders
3. Promote food and beverage products
4. Provide food and beverage services to guest
5. Provide room service
6. Receive and handle guest concern

1. Check the condition of tables and chairs
2. Check the condition of menu book
3. Check the floral arrangement – must be arranged properly and clean
4. Table appointment must be clean, sanitized and polished
5. Table cloth must be clean and sanitized
6. Check the condiments

1. Door knob menus are placed inside the guestrooms by room attendants.
2. After filling up the door knob menu, the guest will hang it in his door knob to be picked up by the
room service waiter.
3. Captain must counter check the room number with that indicated in the door knob menu to
prevent mistakes in the delivery or orders.
4. Collected door knob menus are to be endorsed to captain or order taker for the recording and
preparation of receipts.
5. Door knob orders are endorsed to waiter for the mise-en-place preparation.
6. Captain should closely monitor the service time and see to it that the delivery of order is done on
the time requested, especially for door knob orders.

Bishop’s hat 7. Pyramid 6. Fish bone setup 6. Informal setup TABLE NAPKIN FOLDING 1. Water Goblet Fan 11. Crown 4. Theater style setup 4. Flor de liz 12. Candle 13. Banana 5. Fan 8. E-shape setup 7. Birds of Paradise 2. Class room style setup 2. Rose Bud 3. Double candle with fan PHONETIC ALPHABETS A-alpha N-november B-bravo O-oscar C-charlie P-papa D-delta Q-quebec E-echo R-romeo F-foxtrot S-sierra G-golf T-tango H-hotel U-uniform I-india V-victor J-juliet W-wiskey K-kilo X-x-ray L-lima Y-yankee M-mike Z-zulu STEPS IN HANDLING GUEST COMPLAINTS H – hear or listen E – emphatize A – apologize R – response T – take action F – follow-up the guest complaint concern . U-shape setup 5.7 TYPES OF TABLE SETUP 1. Conference style setup 3. Slide 10. Sail 9.

offer PD 856 – CODE OF SANITATION OLDEST WINE – Speyer Wine 350 AD 1867 EXPENSIVE WINE – Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 EXPENSIVE CAVIAR . hear or listen and follow-up the guest needs.If serving Café Espresso and Brewed Coffee (served in the bar already. HOW TO HANDLE GUEST COMPLAINT CONCERN To resolve the complaint of the guests allow them to complaint and emphatize. clear at the right FRENCH SERVICE . ASUNCION March 31. 2017 . Shape and Color SERVING TEMPERATURE OF WHITE WINE  8 to12oC same of sparkling wine SERVING TEMPERATURE OF RED WINE  15. open at 5 o’clock) . replace.Serve food at the left. Size. clear at the right SHOWPLATE – 11 to 14 inches DINNER PLATE – 10 to 11 inches FISH PLATE – 8 to 9 inches SALAD PLATE & SOUP BOWL – 7 to 8 inches DESSERT PLATE – 6 inches BREAD & BUTTER PLATE – 5 inches Prepared by: CEASAR RYAN G. FRENCH WORD OF BUFFET IS? _______________________ FRENCH WORD OF MUSHROOM IS? __________________ WHY DO WE NEED TO UPSALE?  To increase the salary profit STANDARD PROCEDURE OF BUSSING OUT  Decoy. 5 o’clock) . apologize.Serve food at the right.If serving Cappucino and Hot Chocolate (close at 7 o’clock.5 to 18oC or 60 to 65oF TABLE APPOINTMENT INCLUDES  Chinaware.Beluga ABV – Alcohol by Volume RUSSIAN SERVICE . Glassware and Flatware BANQUET EVENT ORDER (BEO) A contractual agreement which explains the objectives and details of function between the guest and the catering facility club or the… A LA CARTE MENU – specific menu with specific price TABLE D’HOTE MENU – set menu with fixed selling price 86 – CODE FOR OUT OF STOCK –apologize.FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICES Most fastest. expanding business not only in the Philippines but in the whole world.

Which one do you prefer Sir? . Please excuse me.Your __________________ will be served in a few minutes. our washroom is on that way.Please seat for a while. Please excuse me. near by the window and smoking area.For your information Sir. BLUE MARGARITA. Is it okay with you Sir? Please follow me this way. etc.? . may I suggest to you our aperitif or “abre gana”.Is it smoking or non-smoking area? . Please excuse me. Please follow me this way. if you want to use our restroom.Are you done picking up your food Sir? Can I take your order now? . . I will check your reservation at the Front Desk. here is your cold. Good day Sir. Please follow me this way.Good for how many person Sir? .Since you don’t like our aperitif.Where would you like to be seated? Near the bar? Near by the window? or center of the dining area? . I apologize but the table you requested is not available. If table preference is not available . There’s available table good for two.Before I take your order. peanuts. 3. If “NO” . please seat for a while.Your food server will be here in a few minutes. . may I suggest to you our cold beverages.Excuse me Sir. It’s my pleasure to serve you. . May I lay the serviette on your lap? PRESENTING THE MENU . We have……Which one do you prefer Sir? . our fire exit is on that way. If “YES” . .Thank you for patiently waiting Sir. your food server for today. near by the entrance and non-smoking area.Is this table okay with you Sir? Please have a seat. If you want to wash your hands.Good day Sir! Welcome to First Academy Restaurant! Do you have any reservation? 1. I’m ____________. .Thank you for patiently waiting Sir. . In case of emergency. 2. We have BLACK RUSSIAN. Please excuse me. it is on that way. good for two. here is your food menu for your food selection.Thank you for patiently waiting Sir.Excuse me Sir.Sir __________. non smoking area. DRY MARTINI and GRASSHOPPER. may I know if you have any food allergies like garlic. refreshing service water.May I know your name please? . SEATING THE GUEST .SEQUENCE OF TABLE SERVICE WELCOMING THE GUEST . May I suggest to you a table near by the bar. You want me to pour this on your glass or you want a bottled water? TAKING ORDERS . SERVE APERITIF WATER SERVICE . Your reservation is already set.While picking up your food. I will check the availability of your table. good for 2. .

it is more creamier and delicious.5% alcohol by volume. we have white meat and red meat. may I know if you’re a vegetarian? Since you are a vegetarian. It contains…Our special dressing is…)  MAIN DISH (For your main dish Sir. It’s my pleasure to serve you. Can I take back the menu? Please excuse me. Can I open it at the top of your table? Open wine.Excuse me Sir. . Can I complete your table appointment? SERVE APPETIZER CLEAR APERITIF – Excuse me Sir..May I present to you your white wine.where do you want me to put your rice/starch Sir? Together with your white meat or red meat? How many cups?)  DESSERT  HOT BEVERAGES (Would you like to complete your meal with hot beverages? If brewed coffee – single or double? Do you want to add creamer and sugar? . Novelino. say “I will inform the kitchen staff not to include any garlic on your food. If yes. it is freshly picked from our farm. are you done with your appetizer? Can I buzz it out? CLEAR APPETIZER SERVE SOUP CLEAR SOUP SERVE SALAD – I’ll be back for your salad dressing SERVE SALAD DRESSING CLEAR SALAD SERVE WHITE WINE . your sommelier for today.. May I know the doneness of cooking?)  WINE (To accompaniment with your red/white meat. Is that okay with you Sir?” . Would you like to try it Sir?)  SALAD (By the way Sir. we have red/white wine…In glass or bottle?)  STARCH  RICE (For your rice Sir. Do you want HALAL foods?  APPETIZER  SOUP (Good choice Sir but may I suggest to you our Soup of the Day _____________. COMPLETE TABLE APPOINTMENT . I’m ______________. SERVE BREAD & BUTTER . present the cork .Excuse me Sir. we have…For our red meat. we have. Your food will be served in 15 minutes. While waiting for your food. it contains 4. Did I repeat your order correctly Sir? . May I repeat your order Sir… . here is your complimentary bread and butter. For our white meat Sir. we have…Which one do you prefer Sir? May I suggest to you our Specialty of the House – Rib Eye Steak 100% pure beef tender and juicy. . made in the Philippines. Is that okay with you Sir? .Excuse me Sir. may I suggest to you our Greek Salad. vintage since 1995.

can I scrape the table? . 2017 .How’s the ambiance? . Please excuse me. Your total bill 1500Php. I’ll be back with your change and receipt.Are you done with your complimentary bread and butter? Can I buzz it out? SCRAPE THE TABLE . may I present to you your bill. may I clear the table? .Thank you for the compliment Sir! SERVE DESSERT SERVE HOT BEVERAGES CLEAR DESSERT CLEAR HOT BEVERAGES PRESENT THE BILL . your credit card and your acknowledgement receipt Sir. May I take back the cork Sir? SERVE WHITE MEAT CLEAR WHITE WINE CLEAR WHITE MEAT SERVE RED WINE SERVE RED MEAT CLEAR RED WINE CLEAR RED MEAT CLEARING THE TABLE . Hoping to see you for your next visit. How’s the taste? You’re a good conizer! Serve wine . Here’s a little amount for you to taste . credit card and your acknowledgment receipt for you to sign.Excuse me Sir.Thank you for dining with us. If cash – I received 3500Php. If credit card – Since your mode of payment is credit card. Please sign it Sir. .Excuse me Sir. BIDDING GOODBYE . I’ll be back with your valid ID.How’s the food Sir? .How’s my service? . How’s the smell Sir? Pour a small amount of wine .Excuse me Sir. I received your valid ID and your credit card Sir. Please excuse me. Thank you and have a good day!  Prepared by: CEASAR RYAN G. If credit card – Here is your valid ID. Thank you for signing Sir. . If cash – Here is your change and your receipt Sir. ASUNCION March 31. . . . may I prepare to you your one valid ID and your credit card please.