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School Calendar 2017–2018

First Day of School Chancellor’s Conference Day
Early dismissal for non-District 75 for High Schools
Sept 7 kindergarten students only. Jan 29 High School students do not attend school,
Partial school time for pre-kindergarten except those enrolled at D75 school
public school students. programs.

First full day for non-District 75 Spring Term begins for
Jan 30
kindergarten students High School students
Sept 8
Partial school time for pre-kindergarten Lunar New Year and
public school students. Feb 16–23
Midwinter Recess (schools closed)
Elementary School: Middle School:
Sept 13 Mar 6–7
Parent-Teacher Conferences* Parent-Teacher Conferences*
Sept 21–22 Rosh Hashanah (schools closed) High School:
Mar 8–9
Parent-Teacher Conferences*
Middle School:
Sept 26 District 75 School Programs:
Parent-Teacher Conferences* Mar 12–13
Parent-Teacher Conferences*
High School:
Sept 28 Elementary School:
Parent-Teacher Conferences* Mar 14–15
Parent-Teacher Conferences*
Columbus Day Observed
Oct 9
(schools closed) Mar 30–Apr 6 Spring Recess (schools closed)
Election Day High School:
May 3
Students do not attend school. Parent-Teacher Conferences*
Nov 7
Chancellor‘s Conference Day for Staff Middle School:
Development. May 9
Parent-Teacher Conferences*
High School: Elementary School:
Nov 9–10 May 23
Parent-Teacher Conferences* Parent-Teacher Conferences*
District 75 School Programs: May 28 Memorial Day (schools closed)
Nov 13–14
Parent-Teacher Conferences*
Anniversary Day
Elementary School: Students do not attend school.
Nov 15–16 Jun 7
Parent-Teacher Conferences* Chancellor’s Conference Day for staff
Nov 23–24 Thanksgiving Recess (schools closed) development.

Middle School: June Clerical Day
Nov 29–30 Jun 11
Parent-Teacher Conferences* Elementary school, middle school, and
D75 students do not attend school.
Dec 25–Jan 1 Winter Recess (schools closed)
Jun 15 Eid al-Fitr (schools closed)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Jan 15
(schools closed) Regents Rating Day
Regent scoring day Jun 22 High School students do not attend school,
except those enrolled at D75 school
Jan 26 High School students do not attend school,
except those enrolled at D75 school
programs. Last Day For All Students
Jun 26
Early Dismissal.

*Parent-teacher conference dates are citywide however, some schools may hold their conferences
on alternative dates. Most schools will hold an evening conference for families in September
Chancellor Carmen Fariña and May. Please check with your school for specific schedules. For assessment dates and other
calendars, please visit