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Animal Farm .

Animal Farm. • All animals that confess are executed by the dogs. so no need for the song. • Animals begin rebuilding windmill • Harsh winter • Humans refuse to believe Snowball destroyed windmill. • Animals are sad afterwards.Hens sat in the rafters and dropped their eggs to the ground. Never through me shalt thou come to harm!” Animal Farm-Chapter 7 . The rest surrender. • Hens are starved out. • Animals run out of food • Now Hens must give 400 eggs/week to Mr. Rebellion is over. • Replaced with “Animal Farm. Snowball is blamed for destroying the windmill. Whymper • Hens rebellion. & everything else that goes wrong. The solution is to work harder. • “Snowball is sabotaging the farm at night!” • Snowball is accused of having been on Farmer Jones’ side the whole time. • Beasts of England = banned. • Some animals confess to crimes such as working with Snowball in secret to sabotage the farm. • Mass execution • Napoleon gathers all animals for a serious meeting. 9 die. • Boxer says something is wrong.

• Napoleon – In this chapter. Napoleon begins to take power by striking fear into the animals. & believes that the farm has gone wrong. He is blamed for sabotaging the farm at nighttime. Animal Farm-Chapter 7 . • Hens – The first act of rebellion since Animal Farm began was put into action by the hens. • Dogs – The dogs are the instrument of Napoleon’s process of terrorizing the animals into obedience. and is accused of having been Farmer Jones’s secret agent all along. He says that to fix it. He is disheartened after the mass execution. They refused to give their eggs away. • Snowball (mentioned) – Snowball is now blamed for everything gone wrong on the farm. They are his ruthless bodyguards. so they led an unsuccessful rebellion. They are the ones that killed the animals during the executions. he and everyone must work harder. • Boxer – Boxer inspires the other animals through his hard working spirit.

page 82-83) • When the hens rebelled. page 81) “When [Napoleon] did emerge.• Name calling – links a character to a negative symbol • “Snowball is a traitor” (Orwell. Napoleon used threats and starvation to stop it. it was in a ceremonial manner…” (Orwell. • Fear – warns of a disaster if one doesn’t follow a certain action • Napoleon used a mass execution to strike fear into all the other animals. page 78) Animal Farm-Chapter 7 . This also created a fear to rebel in the animals. giving him more power over them. page 75) • Treated Napoleon like an idol. page 76-77) • Bad logic – Logic is twisted in the favor of a certain party • “Whenever anything went wrong it became usual to attribute it to Snowball” (Orwell. • Glittering Generalities – links a person to positive symbol • “Our Leader Comrade Napoleon” (Orwell. Napoleon is associated with all good things. page 81) • Every bad thing that happens is associated with Snowball. Fear to rebel. (Orwell. (Orwell.