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Chronicle. Architect. citizen activism ·············································· & solar energy .POLITICO (USA) FNAC (Spanish web) Amazon (English web) . PAU FAUS Barcelona. Catalonia SYNOPSIS ADA FOR MAYOR follows former activist Ada Colau for one year. Revolution. The intimate chronicle (featuring Colau’s own video diary) and the privileged access to the inner-workings of a new citizen platform reveal an extraordinary journey in which two prevalent themes are united: a historic victory illustrative of the political changes taking place in southern Europe. from her time spent organ- izing the anti-eviction fight in Barcelona to the day she is sworn-in as its mayor. visual artist & documentary filmmaker. and the inner struggle of someone who fears becoming what she has so often LINKS ON ADA COLAU UNIVERSITY FARES Ada Colau.THE NATION (USA) Ada Colau: Europe’s 5th most influential DVD AVAILABLE FOR GENERAL PUBLIC person . Spain (1974). where paufausinfo@gmail. activist. Barcelona’ first female major. Barcelona en Comu.ADA FOR MAYOR Watch TRAILER Watch TEASER a documentary film by Pau Faus ······························································································ Original Title: ALCALDESSA (Spain. www. a service for social movements to document their daily work that gives rise to his first medium-length film Sí se puede.EL MUNDO (Spain) Vimeo link or file to be sent. Former activist Ada goverment embraces coops.paufaus. Documentary. ADA FOR MAYOR is his first full-length film. New political platform. Is this the world’s most radical mayor? ·············································· THE GUARDIAN (UK) Barcelona’s new mayor wants to send CONTACT tourists packing . In 2013.BLOOMBERG (USA) Pau Faus (Film’s director) Welcome to sunny Barcelona. Video-diary. creates Comando Video. nueva alcaldesa de Barcelona Public screening* 250$/230€/200£ LA VANGUARDIA (Spain) Director’s Skype Lecture 150$/140€/120£ De líder contra los desahucios a primera (*) Using your own Dvd disc or asking for a temporary alcaldesa de Barcelona . 2016) | 85 min | Color | 16:9 | Catalan & Spanish (Eng Subs) | Distributed by Taskovski Films | Directed by Pau Faus | Written by Pau Faus & Ventura Durall | Produced by Nanouk Films FESTIVALS (Updated March 2017) : Festival de Malaga (Spain) | DocsBarcelona (Spain) | DOK Leipzig (Germany) Alcances (Spain) | This Human World (Austria) | FIPA (France) | CCFF (Denmark) | CineLatino (Tubingen) One world (Czech Republic) | ZagrebDOX (Croatia) | One World (Romania) | IberoDocs (UK) | DOXA (Canada) ······························································································ KEY WORDS Citizen activism. Seven days at the PAH Barcelona (2014) about the fight against evictions in Spain.

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