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Section 17 Quiz

(Answer all questions in this section)
1. Which of these SQL functions used to manipulate strings is NOT a valid regular
expression function ? Mark for Review
(1) Points

2. _________________ are special characters that have a special meaning, such as a
wildcard character, a repeating character, a non-matching character, or a range of Mark for Review
characters. You can use several of these symbols in pattern matching. (1) Points

Alphanumeric values
Reference checks
Clip Art
Meta characters (*)

3. REGULAR EXPRESSIONS can be used as part of a contraint definition. (True or False?)
Mark for Review
(1) Points
True (*)

4. Which keyword would you use to grant an object privilege to all database users?
Mark for Review
(1) Points

5. To take away a privilege from a user, you use which command?
Mark for Review
(1) Points

True (*) False Correct 8. She logs into the database and issues the following statement: GRANT ᅠselect ON ᅠscott_king. Scott King owns a table called employees. Correct Section 17 Quiz (Answer all questions in this section) 6. He issues the following statement: GRANT select ON employees TO PUBLIC. He must grant each user the SELECT privilege on both the INVENTORY table and INVENTORY_V view. Mark for Review (1) Points Allison Plumb has been granted CREATE SESSION by the DBA. (*) He is not required to take any action because. True or False: Allison's statement will fail. User CRAIG creates a view named INVENTORY_V. CRAIG wants to make this view available for querying to all database users.employees TO jennifer_cho. by default. Mark for Review Which of the following actions should CRAIG perform? (1) Points He should assign the SELECT privilege to all database users for INVENTORY_V view. which option would you include to allow the grantee to grant the privilege to another user? Mark for Review (1) Points WITH ADMIN OPTION FORCE PUBLIC WITH GRANT OPTION (*) Correct . He should assign the SELECT privilege to all database users for the INVENTORY table. Which of the following simplifies the administration of privileges? Mark for Review (1) Points A view An index A role (*) A trigger Correct 7. When granting an object privilege. which is based on the INVENTORY table. Correct 9. all database users can automatically access views.

The following table shows some of the output from one of the data dictionary views. and then creates a view EMP_VIEW which shows only the FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME columns of EMPLOYEES. GRANT SELECT ON emp_view ONLY TO rudi. Which privilege should you grant to BOB? Mark for Review (1) Points The ALTER USER privilege (*) The CREATE USER privilege The DROP USER privilege The CREATE PROFILE privilege Correct 13. You want to grant privileges to user CHAN that will allow CHAN to update the data in the EMPLOYEES table. User RUDI Mark for Review needs to be able to access employees' names but no other data from EMPLOYEES. User SUSAN creates an EMPLOYEES table. Which view is being queried? Mark for Review (1) Points USERNAME PRIVILEGE ADMIN_OPTION USCA_ORACLE_SQL01_S08 CREATE VIEW NO USCA_ORACLE_SQL01_S08 CREATE TABLE NO USCA_ORACLE_SQL01_S08 CREATE SYNONYM NO USCA_ORACLE_SQL01_S08 CREATE TRIGGER NO USCA_ORACLE_SQL01_S08 CREATE SEQUENCE NO USCA_ORACLE_SQL01_S08 CREATE DATABASE NO user_tab_privs_recd (lists object privileges granted to the user) role_sys_privs (lists system privileges granted to roles) role_tab_privs (lists table privileges granted to roles) . You want to grant user BOB the ability to change other users' passwords. (*) SELECT * FROM emp_view FOR rudi. Correct 12. (1) Points Which statement should SUSAN execute to allow this? CREATE SYNONYM emp_view FOR employees. GRANT SELECT ON emp_view TO rudi. Which type of privileges will you grant to CHAN? Mark for Review (1) Points Administrator privileges System privileges Object privileges (*) User privileges Correct Section 17 Quiz (Answer all questions in this section) 11. 10.

The user BOB is assigned the same privileges as user JIM. Evaluate this statement: Mark for Review (1) Points ALTER USER bob IDENTIFIED BY jim. A new password is assigned to user BOB. A new user JIM is created from user BOB's profile. Which statement about the result of executing this statement is true? The user BOB is renamed and is accessible as user JIM. user_sys_privs (lists system privileges granted to the user) (*) Correct 14. (*) Correct . Which of these is NOT a System Privilege granted by the DBA? Mark for Review (1) Points Create Index (*) Create Session Create Sequence Create Procedure Correct 15.