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The Statewide Online Education Program

The Statewide Online Education Program SOEP providers enroll students only course-wise, and students are not eligible for addi
(SOEP) allows students not regularly en tional services from the provider, including sports, extra or co-curricular participation,
rolled in an online school to earn 9th12th or graduation services.
grade graduation credit. All online course Throughout the period that the student is enrolled in online courses, the student main
providers are public schools accredited for tains regular enrollment at their boundary school, home, private school, or other school
9th12th grade education. SOEP allows stu of choice.
dents online access of up to six (6) credits per
each school year. While a student is not required to attend courses at a local school to access SOEP cours
es, it is likely that a student will want to take advantage of the academic and extra cur
ricular offerings of the primary school of enrollment regardless of participation in SOEP
SOEP participation allows a student to experience the best of both worlds by choosing
the extent to which he/she wishes to participate in each school.

Who is What if I want to How do Where do I get informa Further information or

eligible? graduate early? I register? tion about the courses
I can take through the

Students are eligible to A student may be eligible Enrollment is requested DR. CORY KANTH
Statewide Public Educa
participate in the State to earn more credits in a using the SEATS web ap- Statewide Online Educa
tion Online Program?
wide Online Education year than the number of plication provided online tion Program Specialist
Program if they are en credits he/she may earn by the Utah State Board More information can Telephone: (801) 538-7660
rolled in a Utah public, by taking a full course of Education, at https:// be found at http://www. E-Mail: Cory.Kanth@schools.
private, or home school load during the regular
and wish to take 9th school day in their local When a request is filed, line. This Utah State Board UTAH STATE BOARD
12th grade coursework. high school in accordance the students counselor of Education (USBE) web- OF EDUCATION
Online credits replace with an approved edu and the provider are no- site contains links to on 250 East 500 South
and do not supplement cation/occupation plan tified via email, so that line courses, contacts, P.O. Box 144200
courses taken at the stu (SEOP or CCRP). they can review the re- and other information. Salt Lake City, 84114-4200
dents primary school of quest. Once a request is
enrollment. approved, the provider
will contact the student
by e-mail to explain how
the student can log in

and begin to participate.