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Transforming the Purchasing Function to

Become the Most Efficient International
Bank in the World
Challenges Solutions Results
• Incredibly distributed • In 2007, outsourced • Achieved the best Banco Santander/ Aquanima
organization, with over purchasing function to efficiency ratio of all
190,000 employees in dozens Aquanima (fully owned by international banks Profile
of countries Grupo Santander) • Drove significant cost Global Banking Group/
Full-Owned Global Spend
• Purchasing function was • Transformed purchasing reductions through
Management Outsourcer
extremely transactional with organization to a spend increased sourcing volume
reduced spend under management function and effectiveness Ariba Solutions
management • Aquanima leveraged ♦ Averaged over 500M € in
 Ariba Buyer
 Ariba Sourcing
• Very manual processes – lack Ariba’s technology, savings in each year from
 Ariba Analysis
of e-procurement integrated with SAP and in 2009 – 2011  Ariba Contract Workbench
close coordination with
• Descentralized payment’s
Banco Santander
♦ 13-14 percent average  Ariba Network
function sourcing savings
♦ Ariba Sourcing™
♦ Over 60 percent spend
solution to drive awarded through e.-
effective and sourcing mainly in
high-volume e-sourcing, services categories
leveraging global
spend volumes • Negotiated savings driven
to bottom line through SAP
♦ Ariba Buyer™ solution
integration and close
to ensure compliance coordination with new
against contracts spend management
and realize function
negotiated savings
♦ Ariba Network to

speed time to value
and collaboration with
supply base

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