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Lesson #1: Addition and Subtraction Vocabulary and Operation Signs

Lesson Overview: This lesson will review addition and subtraction vocabulary words and their

relationship to corresponding operational signs.

Resources or Materials Needed

Teacher: promethean board and pen, white board, dry erase markers, word problem situation

worksheets for students, student word sort t-chart worksheets, addition and subtraction

vocabulary posters, Word Problem Situation video created

Students: pencil, scissors, glue

Performance Objectives

1. Given addition and subtraction word problem situations, students will determine the

correct operation needed to solve the problem in at least 8 out of 10 situations.

2. Given a t-chart, students will categorize addition and subtraction terms under appropriate

operation signs with an accuracy of 85%.

Time: 1 hour

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities

● The teacher will ask the students: How many of you know more than one language?

Well…there are many different types of languages such as English, Spanish, German,

Chinese, and Ukrainian. There are also many types of languages that we use everyday

that we may not recognize as a type of language. Math is one of those languages. It is

important for us to understand mathematical language in order to understand the

problems that we are asked to solve in real life situations.

● Using the internet. projector. and promethean screen. show the students the instructor created word problem situation video created ● The teacher will ask the students to look at 2 addition and 2 subtraction equations on the board and help solve each problem. ● Today we are going to learn how to categorize addition and subtraction terms and phrases with the correct operation sign. ● Generate a list together with students Addition Subtraction plus minus equals equals sum difference altogether fewer In all less than how long Left total remain increased by decreased by how many more how many less ● Discuss why each term belongs under the addition or subtraction category . ● The teacher will ask the students to describe how they knew how to solve those problems Step 2: Content Presentation ● The teacher will make a t-chart with one side labeled addition the other side subtraction. ● Ask students to raise their hands if they can think of any words that we use when solving addition or subtraction problems that apply to word problems.

sort. ● The teacher will help the students make sense out of the correct answers Step 4: Assessment ● The teacher will provide a worksheet to each student with 10 additional situations (See Appendix A). . and glue under the correct operation sign (See Appendix B). the students will be given additional word problem situations to translate and solve. The students will independently complete the activity. ● The teacher will put the following situations on the board: Identify Translate 2 plus 5 equals 2+5= 10 minus 3 equals 12 decreased by 6 equals the sum of 10 and 15 is ● The teacher will discuss what it means to identify and translate each of those situations ● The teacher will highlight the key operational terms in the first situation and show how those words translate into an equation Step 3: Learner Participation ● The teacher will ask the students to help identify the terms on the second example ● The teacher will ask the students to turn and talk to their groups about the third and the fourth example ● The teacher will monitor student understanding while walking around the room ● The teacher will review the group answers and list them on the board. ● The students will also be given a list of key words that they need to cut out. Step 5: Follow-Through Activities ● As a center.

The worksheet with ten word problem situations will also be used as a formative assessment to assess the students’ ability to identify key vocabulary terms and phrases and translate the situation to an equation using the correct operation. . ● Another center activity would be a vocabulary term/phrase sort using notecards Assessment and Evaluation Method The word sort will be used as a formative assessment to evaluate the students’ understanding of addition and subtraction operational vocabulary.