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CHURCH AT STUDY - 9:30-10:40 a.m.

Announcements Calendar of Upcoming Events

Song Service.. Notifications 9. The Golden Agers are inviting all who are age 55 and
Opening Hymn over (and guests) for a tour of Clovermead honey
1. Welcome to worship, church family and farm 11302 Imperial Road Aylmer on Mon Jul 10th.
Scripture Reading.. Please meet there at 11 AM for a potluck lunch and to
guests! Today, while some worship at the park with our
Opening Prayer.. Childrens Ministry team, we will enjoy a word from Elder get the Group Rate. Please talk to Don Topper or Adrien
Bob Reeve. Intering for driving directions and more information.
Lesson Study..Pauls Authority and GospelClasses 2. Special prayer service: This Wednesday evening 10. ALL are invited to join the Adventurers at Pinafore Park
at 7:00 pm. Come and pray for our city, our churches, (95 Elm Street, St. Thomas) for a Family Fun Day &
10:50 Personal Ministry Picnic on Sunday July 16th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00
and the people God will touch through Mission Possible.
p.m. Please contact Sophon Bailey, at 519-694-6029, for
WORSHIP HOUR - 11:00 am more information.
3. Youth Bible study group meets every
Introit.. Congregation Thursday at 7pm @ Ferreiras home, 785
11. The Childrens Ministry department is accepting
Nadine Avenue. For more information, please
*Invocation..........................Pastor James Rooney donations in the form of books as well as craft supplies
see Teresa Ferreira or Sheldon Bailey.
for Vacation Bible School (VBS) to be held July 24-29.
*Hymn of PraiseAbide With Me......................#50 If you are able to assist or be a volunteer please speak
4. Church Piano update: The piano has been
with Doris Van Leeuwen.
tuned and repaired. Please note, the
Congregational Prayer........................Simone Biggs
instruments on the platform are to be played by
12. The ABC Book Mobile will be at the London Church,
OfferingWomens MinistryBeatrice Kasule the musicians only, during Sabbath School and
Wednesday, July 26th between 8-9 p.m.
Worship hour.
Praise & Worship..Friendship
5. All volunteers for VBS are invited for a short meeting 13. October 27 November 11, 2017: London Evangelism
with Doris Van Leeuwen, Today immediately following 2017
Special Music.....Alisha Sealy
the divine service. Theme: Mission Possible; Evangelist: Bill Santos
Venue: Marconi Club of London located at 120 Clarke
*Scripture ReadingPhilippians 3:12-15..Aloma Martin
6. The North London SDA youth department will be Road.
Spoken Word.................................................Elder Bob Reeve conducting our AY program on Today, July 8 @ 6pm.
This promises to be an uplifting and empowering
But This One Thing I Do evening session. Please plan to come out in support of
our youth and our guests.
*Hymn of Consecration..Higher Ground#625
7. The Investiture/Graduation Service for the Friends of
*BenedictionElder Bob Reeve Jesus Adventurer club will be on Saturday July 15th
from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please come and show your
*Postlude support to our young children at this special ceremony.
.Legend: *Congregation stands
8. Pathfinders are looking for donations to help with the
Offering next week: Church Budget purchase of drum set Casing. Total cost is $500 for the
Elder on duty Elder Sheldon Bailey whole set. Any amount will valuable to cover the cost.
Please speak with Rixon Gultom for further information.
Sunset Today: 9:06p.m. Next Friday: 9:03 p.m.
Love Heals Many Wounds
Birthday Wishes for July
Jul 3 Carolyn Dowdell Jul 12 Lucy Simoes Jul 24 Bradley Mashoko
Jul 8 Renate Weidner Jul 16 James Rooney Jul 25 Chris Paul Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every
Jul 9 Kasha Reid-Kindness Jul 18 Jesse Reeve Jul 26 Julia Mahon one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 1 John 4:7
Jul 9 Matvey Pandaleke Jul 18 Nigel Carter Jul 26 Sheldon Bailey From the Christian standpoint, love is power. Intellectual and
Jul 9 Rachel Taylor Jul 20 Joaquino Sampaio Jul 27 Johnathan Ruhinda spiritual strength are involved in this principle. Pure love has
Jul 10 Maddison Pearn Jul 21 Marilyn Topper Jul 28 Akwasi Baah- special efficacy to do good, and can do nothing but good. It
Jul 11 Cameron Munro Jul 21 Sam Stajfer Frimpong prevents discord and misery and brings the truest happiness.
Jul 11 Kara Topper Jul 22 Jackie Lima Jul 29 Doris VanLeeuwen Wealth is often an influence to corrupt and destroy; force is
Jul 12 Gene Bernardo Jul 22 Viola Reeve Jul 29 Jincy Joseph strong to do hurt; but truth and goodness are the properties
Jul 12 Jaiden Munro Jul 23 Pat Carter Jul 31 Larry Tait
of pure love.
A man at peace with God and his fellow men cannot be made
May God bless you abundantly and grant you health and miserable. Envy will not be in his heart; evil surmising will find
happiness! no room there; hatred cannot exist. The heart in harmony with
God is lifted above the annoyances and trials of this life.
Communication Card That which Satan plants in the heart--envy, jealousy, evil
In order for us to serve you better, please complete this Communication Form, surmising, evil speaking, impatience, prejudice, selfishness,
detach and give it to the Pastor or place it in the Offering Plate. covetousness, and vanity--must be uprooted. If these evil
Name: _____________________________________________________________ things are allowed to remain in the soul, they will bear fruit by
Phone: ____________________________________________________________
which many shall be defiled. Oh, how many cultivate the
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________
poisonous plants, that kill out the precious fruits of love and
Is ill at home defile the soul!
Requests Visitation Only the love that flows from the heart of Christ can heal. Only
I want to be baptized Seeks transfer of membership
He in whom that love flows, even as the sap in the tree or the
Is in ____________________ Hospital
Is interested in Bible Studies Has a Prayer Request blood in the body, can restore the wounded soul.
Other: __________________________________________________________ Love's agencies have wonderful power, for they are divine.
The soft answer that "turneth away wrath," the love that
"suffereth long, and is kind," the charity that "covereth a
multitude of sins"--would we learn the lesson, with what
power for healing would our lives be gifted! How life would be 08.07.17
transformed, and the earth become a very likeness and
foretaste of heaven!
---From My Life Today, June 24

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