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In World War II The U.S.

Dropped Nuclear Bombs onto two cities and killed tens of

thousands of innocent people and some people think that it was okay but i think

otherwise I believe that dropping the bombs onto two innocent cities did not satisfy the

U.S. today. World War Two Wasn't Really Hitler's Fault Either Hitler was Partially

Responsible By Default.

In 1933 the German people voted for a leader named Adolf Hitler, who led a political

party in Germany called the National Socialists or Nazis. Hitler promised to make his

country great again and quickly began to arm Germany again and to seize land from

other countries. In my opinion I wouldnt have voted for Adolf hitler and i think you

already know why but hes a dictator. I know shocking right? Not really, Adolf Hitler is

the one who started the war and you can't even blame Adolf Hitler it's all blamed on the

german people for voting for him.1

World War II started September 1, 1939 it was started by Germany in an unprovoked

attack on Poland all because Hitler wanted more space for the Aryan race which is

basically a race for just german people, In my opinion that is the dumbest thing i have

ever heard to make up a race just for the people who live in germany but i still cant

blame adolf hitler because the GERMAN PEOPLE voted for him so they should have

expected this. Britain and France declared war on Germany after Hitler had refused to

abort his invasion of Poland & That was September 1, 1939 at 4:45 am.

World War Two was very intense fight and a lot of soldiers were dying or injured. But

the U.S. wasnt in the fight yet, not until December 7, 1941. The U.S. Joined the war for

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a good reason, they joined because the Japanese bombed pearl harbor and after that

they joined the war. Pearl harbor was Dock For Boats. Japan attacked pearl harbor

because of the Japanese Empire's need for oil, which conflicted with the United States's

global strategic goals and contributed to the breakdown of negotiations between the US

and Japanese at the time.

After The United States Joined World War 2 The Battle Was Very Brutal And Chaotic,

There were mini wars inside of the big war there was an invasion by Japan can it is

known as Invasion of Manchuria. The Japanese invasion of Manchuria began on

September 18, 1931, when the Kwantung Army of the Empire of Japan invaded

Manchuria immediately following the Mukden Incident. The Japanese established a

puppet state called Manchukuo, and their occupation lasted until the end of World War


Although the Kwantung Leased Territory belonged to China, Japan enjoyed almost total

sovereignty over it. This influence included management of the South Manchurian

Railway. Chinese Nationalist troops were stationed nearby at the Mukden Garrison, but

they were instructed to follow a policy of non-resistance to Japanese actions; the

Nationalists needed to conserve their energies for fighting the Communists. Some

Japanese Kwantung Army leaders observed this situation, and began to form a plan to

take control of greater Manchuria.

In World War two they used many different kind of vehicles some highly dangerous.

Tanks, Tracked and heavily armored, they were originally designed to break the trench

stalemates in WW1, but by WW2, they had turned into highly mobile weapons. Armored
Cars, Armored cars were lightly armed and wheeled, often used as command or

reconnaissance vehicles, though they saw their share of combat. Self- Propelled Guns

and Artillery, Whether an anti-aircraft gun, or anti-tank gun, or rocket artillery, these

self-propelled guns offered much greater flexibility than their towed predecessors.

During World War two that is when the best weapons were invented. The First one

invented was the rocket. Solid-fuel rockets had been used in warfare before WWII, but it

was only during the course of the war that rocket-based weapons were developed to the

point where they bestowed a significant tactical advantage. Widely fielded examples

included the German Nebelwerfer ground-based multiple rocket launcher, which

entered service in 1942, and the British RP-3 air-to-ground rockets that were fitted to

numerous aircraft types in the latter years of the war. Probably the most iconic

solid-fueled rocket of the war was the bazooka: a shoulder-launched, man-portable

weapon that was used by the U.S. Army from 1942 onward.

The Most Dangerous Weapon WITHOUT A DOUBT was The Atomic Bomb. But you

will learn about that towards the end.

World War two might have been the worst war. Not because the battles within the wars

or the weapon not even the vehicles that they used, It would be what stopped the whole

war, The Atomic Bomb. The Atomic Bomb was the most notorious weapon of WWII was

the atom bomb, which utilized the recently discovered process of nuclear fission to

produce hitherto undreamed-of explosive power. There was approximately two of the

bombs but at the end of the war there were none, The U.S. Army's top secret
Manhattan Project developed two bomb designs, both of which were used against

Japan in 1945. A "Little Boy" uranium bomb leveled the city of Hiroshima on Aug. 6,

while a "Fat Man" plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki three days later. Both

bombs had a power equivalent to tens of thousands of tons of conventional high

explosive. The bombs were just supposed to be used as a threat they werent really

supposed to actually be used unless it was actually necessary but the planned git

changed shortly after.

Nobody believed that the Nuclear Bomb would actually do anything harmful, So the

United States Had no choice but to drop both of the bombs onto TWO cities full of

innocent civilians, and that is wear i totally disagree if the United States apparently Had

no choice but to drop it then why did they decide to drop it on actually people they

couldve dropped it into the ocean or a river or maybe even an abandoned village.
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