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A woman’s place

Elisabeth Moss on why the haunting fiction
of The Handmaid’s Tale feels all too real
10-16 June 2017


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Greenwich Woyzeck
Dances 2017
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and workshops The Space Lady he revealed in a
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have a gothic the slipperiness covers of popular Now he’s a leading
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new adaptation an evening of all need a bit of her a Casiotone stage, too, as
of Daphne du food and moves magic (and ribald MT-40 keyboard currently proved
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with Weisz as Entertainment; a combo this Las complete with in Jack Thorne’s
the mysterious, and, on 27 June, Vegas duo have baffling Viking production of
possibly murderous a discussion with been trotting out helmet (below). the revolutionary
titular seductress dance trio Nora for more than 40 Now a celebrated work Woyzeck,
and Claflin, her (below) about years now. They’re outsider artist, she the tale of a
revenge-seeking diversity in dance in Manchester brings her eerie young soldier
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Kingston Chapman come together moving book was upon Thames. additional songs Thick and Tight – their Animal Farm- on the council with more than by Kathryn Joseph AKA Eleanor Perry inspired Manchester With Love Ignition dance festival 2017 Another highlight of the dance calendar. while housing crisis.. Henge. and Manchester’s it’s a play. then Thatcher’s Right Weaver.5 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 the 10 Get in the 10 If you have an event that we need to know about. Cora Gordon (pictured. with cabaret show inside there’s focusing primarily emergency fund. house deficit 100 artists from and the play’s and Daniel Hay-y Two Legsg Bad. Ratio. Ignition’s Following last Room fourth edition CASS Presents: week’s benefit is at the Rose Jake and Dinos concert. Maxine Manchester With room with only Wayne McGregor in the gardens of Peake narrates Love compilation their imaginations or Sleep here. Available from 19 Various venues. (detail below). Instagram filters funds for those film in 2015 and showcasing new at the ready: killed and injured won numerous works from seven sculpture enfants Dispossession: in the bomb attack awards for its specially selected terribles the The Great at Ariana Grande’s sensitive portrayal “mid-career” Chapman brothers Housing Swindle Manchester gig. Four Legs Good abject misery part. citizens. the ways Britain Bipolar Sunshine. once again to raise adapted into a this Friday. Paul Sng’s film Sphere. Artists Bissett. for thousands. musicians Emma Donoghue’s Theatre. contact us via the10@ theguardian. Jun via Bandcamp to 20 Aug and Boomkat . Now from avant-garde Goodwood. announced so Rep from Tuesday Starting with far include Jane to 17 June. has spectacularly Matthew Halsall failed to house its and Herron. at Dundee above). have installed All proceeds from son locked in a You could very their three large- Screening this the upcoming purpose-built well spot a future scale copper dinos week. p36 tragically traces Penguin. Illum 22 July. Cass Sculpture a doc that lays album will go to and each other such as the duet Foundation near bare the UK’s the Red Cross for company. A Certain Dublin until to Buy scheme. GoGo See Theatre. that has caused the city taking director. of a mother and choreographers.


They are also reduced person to boggle at most writers look like toddlers to simpering puddles when a struggling to hold a pen. gets satire that. her to conclude: “They’re just ‘A about anything for “The only micro-aggression kids. hooked up to the Reverend’s achingly funny. And her years spent turning a crank crucially. it’s still properly. out the iniquities of a system was forced to wear 19th-century Austin then presents Kimmy – stacked against them. Oh brother. who police their peers’ just the tiniest bit nauseous. said ‘boy’.” 10 seconds. in the last 10 the doomsday cult Savior Rick’s ‘man’? Boy.” one coos. Kimmy may be makes her the ideal person to valiantly undimmed. who. than most dresses and do “weird sex stuff”. hero of Netflix comedy another sighs. having built up the same standards that they superhuman stamina during demand from others. and the smartest gags feminism by her new college are the ones that make you feel chums. Oops. the LOLs in abduction. even after inexperienced in the business of boggle at the preciousness of two seasons getting to grips with relationships.” reckons was when he called us ‘guys’. she also lands a doesn’t shrink from holding rowing scholarship to Columbia contemporary feminists up to University. this and can-do spirit remains form for sex. while wearing crippling heels for political fire-pit. “He is so woke. Kimmy is left tying seem unconscionable to which is back for a third season. No doubt it 15 years in a bunker at the mercy equality: “Man. Kimmy is tutored in lie under its impossibly sweet ILLUSTRATION: JULIA SCHEELE the ways of “seventh wave” surface. Tall kids with big words. young white-girl entitlement. Wayne Gary Wayne – leader of guys ‘guys’. lest we forget. has done more to celebrate Spooky Church of the Scary. As male student. though.” Of course. this is hard. 7 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 television The other side Fiona Sturges is impressed by the feminist-skewering Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt person can stand just party. you guys are so will also be seen by some as a of the “Reverend” Richard smart. Unbreakable who forced her into marriage Kimmy Schmidt is audacious during her incarceration. Naturally. and point Pocalypse – during which she After precious little preamble. Fey makes injustice. but the weirdness campus culture and skewer the real world. power generator. her new girlfriends quacking has the nerve to throw itself However. it’s a rare series that acclimatised to 21st-century life. the smartphone. discomfort and subversion There. she is mostly It takes a night out listening to Even so. And can I say Tina Fey. herself in knots trying to master those for whom everything It’s a mantra that got her through the semantics of modern-day is “problematic”. taking the piss Kimmy. Really. out of young feminists will Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Austin. Now I years. her past comes back to about owning their sexuality so enthusiastically into the haunt her when the Reverend. In better news. Having mastered of the exchange isn’t lost on her. Sorry. as well as locating in touch to request a divorce. every utterance for perceived Tina Fey is the ideal Even on a bad day. I just called you betrayal by the series’ co-creator. Help me!” women of all stripes. who. is a victim feminist theorists manage in Kimmy’s relentless optimism of sexual abuse – with a consent a lifetime. As ever. invites the preciousness of Kimmy would say: she’s gosh- them to an anti-Valentine’s Day campus culture darn fudgin’ awesome I .

Dd-dd Month 2015 guide 8 .

34-year- a highly respected copywriter old Moss has dramatically – a meme that perfectly cast off her iconic Mad Men . until now. looking blood-red robe and the secretary who smashed white. and the split-screen shows Peggy how glad we are that we’re not in sashaying down the corridor that. “And I wish we were past 12 months. though the glass ceiling of the As Offred. we are sitting in emancipated womanhood. underneath “2017”. Next the library of a London hotel. winged bonnet.” in mouth. cigarette conversation.9 guide Dd-dd Month 2015 The Handmaid’s Tale – intentional feminist treatise against Trump or science fiction that got real? Star Elisabeth Moss and showrunner Bruce Miller explain all to Jane Mulkerrins ‘We have to speak up now’ e live in a different time encapsulates the colossal ‘W than we lived in a year leap backwards that half the ago. it shows and I am showing the actor – Moss in her latest on-screen who. because we have a female at McCann Erickson for the president. shades on. the epitome of Instead. to it. sitting here talking about this Under the caption “2016”. the protagonist in advertising industry to become The Handmaid’s Tale.” says Elisabeth population has suffered in the Moss. dystopian fictional world. I wish that were the last time. clad in an archaic- known for playing Peggy Olson. has been best incarnation.

yes. The elite of the so. different now. have been taken Islamic terrorists. a breeder. opposed to who are forced to bear children She pauses: “I play a fucking what they saw as the corruption for the barren wives of the sexual slave. child trafficking.” Atwood. women in Gilead festival in April. it is prescience is the idea we could under threat in a way they have a feminist story’ casually sleepwalk into disaster. authoritarian regime that has capabilities. Moss was asked Mad Men. a feminist work. playing what became are now no longer even allowed whether she considered it to be considered a very feminist to read or write. takes place in the ruthlessly divides women women. . “As a be able to persuade readers that woman. the frenzy is. refusal to claim the F-word. who is also a producer on the show. SEE-SAW FILMS a coup that had transformed ‘I play a sexual to own it [feminism] in a way an erstwhile liberal democracy that you never have before. “What I meant to The Handmaid’s Tale. A far-right religious assigned to them as Handmaids. Dd-dd Month 2015 guide 10 character of seven years. “But then.” dictatorship?” a woman without What is perhaps most That would appear no longer terrifying about the show’s to be a question. thanks to the political context in which it is being consumed lending it a truly chilling level of prescience.” says Moss. she is keen to clarify that we don’t take any joy from. putting the blame on identified only by the man they and friends. Book Review: “Back in 1984 human rights.” she said.” extremist group. feminism on the Margaret Atwood novel to virtually zero. that makes my overthrown the United States regime have fertile females characters and the work that government. and all of her family Congress. It’s a human constantly being asked about recently in the New York Times story because women’s rights are feminism. And while there are numerous elements contributing to the febrile excitement about the new series.” She leans forward that they haven’t been in our in indignation at her apparent across the plump red sofa we are lifetimes. based have reduced the birth rate say was that. I do human stories. “You have HULU. things got very. “Our rights are rights – so.” she implores. They host.” says Moss. “Men and fictitious Republic of Gilead. in large part.” The internet exploded anticipated.” she says. “There are themes that we thought were going to be relevant. So. And I could have. a in modern society. environmental toxins that point. an according to their reproductive women are both humans. rising rates of infertility. away. and all women were fired from at New York’s Tribeca film “I spent seven seasons on their jobs. Or certainly. human trafficking. “I was As Atwood herself commented not a feminist story. “I never at that time. me – fairly outrageous. very relevant.” That. you have to speak the United States had suffered up. “And that is something In the world imagined by Today. yes. They then serve – Offred is “Of Fred”. She has nothing. now. for me. “For me. much closer to home than we could have ever never been before. for me. in my country. Would I is no longer the case. It is into a literal-minded theocratic slave. a woman for whom all of the president and slaughtered are stripped of their names. I play a breeder. said what I said at [when she began writing it]. and Gilead is equal rights for men and from 1985. suspended the constitution At the show’s premiere. her rights. like genital mutilation. global warming.” she continues. assassinated Commanders of the Faith. it’s character. she now knows. feminist. sharing. it is a feminist story. the expected to play Offred as a Tribeca and it would have been main premise seemed – even to fine.

” he tells me. but Handmaid’s Tale. tourists pay become normal? How long does happens. I was apathetic. into the existing the norm. and filmed during the turbulence of the election and inauguration – would of course. infiltrates itself into Tale. women in developing countries it take before we stop noticing. that was purely coming from a sexist place. That’s how we let If it seems overly dramatic decision that legalised abortion it happen. around? People have to stay loudly. The suppression of freedoms to become surrogates. shaking her head regime. That Roe I’m awake to the world. My worst fear is that control have been introduced Woke”. in order to conclusion in The Handmaid’s walked past men carrying take over. Early in the first episode. “When does that they make the flip. is a very real threat. for quite a while before parties are held in New York by in horror. be consumed in a different context. didn’t look up from our phones political climate.” Since the beginning of 2011. issued 29 executive Later this summer. “I have had too many “Margaret [Atwood] talks about which is taken to a horrifying instances recently when I have how a new regime. to draw such close parallels in the US in 1973. the show – which was written before the US primaries even began. Moss would At the other end of spectrum.” she says. many will be seen in the second .” And as Moss. Elisabeth Moss in Bruce Miller. conjure the the writer Margaret political climate in which they Atwood’s cameo with were announced. “If Hillary had won. points out.” the government. including (below) he did not. some parts of the world. who campaigns on behalf of Planned Parenthood.11 guide Dd-dd Month 2015 Blessed are the meek of which aim to curtail the rights Scenes from The of swaths of minority groups.” v Wade. Moss awake. and “baby and we no longer ask why there in the US did not begin on 20 farms” have been reported in are men with machine guns January 2017. alone. who created episode one The Handmaid’s Tale for the screen. There is no on abortion and access to birth US post-election mantra to “Stay time later. “Considering the venom with which she was attacked. until it was too late … also like you to consider this: the commodification of fertility. but not necessarily one of equality. it would have been those on the right that felt there was some sort of evil empire in charge.” I quote this to Moss. Egg-freezing cocktail she continues. Offred states: “Now people become complacent. Trump may have. and the coup profit-driven clinics. the Supreme Court asleep before. “The rolling back of reproductive rights is not a new concept in the last six months. and across the country. orders in his first 100 days. And after you wake up. when many aggressively anti- choice lawmakers swept into statehouses around the US. could be who continues the line: “We between Gilead and our current reversed. in you should get out of bed and hundreds of new restrictions language eerily resonant of the start doing things. again. has become somewhat machine guns down the street. believes that even if Clinton had won. that would only have become more virulent had she been in office.

“There are men like and Offred.” he can’t say it out loud. “I am literally as a real-world example of should absolutely be allowed working with all of the same that happening already. would be the The fact that prostitution is Top of the Lake. “The feedback we the table rating the girls who for homosexuality.” she the practice of forced.” Moss is detailing her extensive lifestyle. “In the book. 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 12 What Elisabeth did next Top of the Lake: China Girl Once more. Back in the hotel library. illegal points to interracial adoptions continues. 9pm. in which hashtag for Gilead. disease and murder. it becomes pornography. it is an all-white The Handmaid’s Tale. both as punishments responses. But I don’t think that good stories are stories “have some aspects of Gilead”. necessarily believe that a lot of that reflect ourselves back at us. they want to lead.” says China Girl Moss. I just communities. “Maybe female genital mutilation and to mixed. world. Moss developed the legal prostitution often include himself in creating the show. they rate the women. those women are choosing that and each other. and they even recommend where there is good instalment of BBC2’s award.” she doing the trafficking. horrible examples we can use. where there are plenty of that. (below) Moss in that.) Miller that is very foreign to me. and to live the life intentional on my part. however. to do whatever they want with subjects. says. Because look at Handm The Handmaid’s Tale deals with colour. possibly To of the Lake: Top to me to have a world where thinking about its C China Girl airs fertility trumps everything. the first known carrier of consultants for the show report called the ‘nightmare’ of history”. “They go online. show herself from a book and human trafficking. Jane [Campion. winning neo-noir miniseries Moss and I agree. he says. were the legal in Australia is something one storyline also features regime on social media.” laughs Moss.’ says. a miniseries the high-ranking Australian the book that had not already based on the story of Typhoid detectives who served as happened in what James Joyce Mary. don’t world. It was more interesting She grins. but you definitely You ca we? You can’t just say. “One of the biggest things it’s also just insane and m Not any more.” he continues. that she season of The Handmaid’s Tale. “I think that people surrogacy.” I summer . she must also contend with the horrifying misogyny displayed by a group of men who gather in a Sydney coffee Dress code shop to compare and rate The meme of their experiences with local Moss as Peggy prostitutes. often shockingly sexist it’s not the men sitting around hanging. through society. typhoid fever in New York in that the ugly byproducts of Miller made the same rule for the 1900s. popularity. “It’s not even in evangelical Christian their bodies.” we changed is the way our show dumb. but we all women. what has happened with h continues on Channel 4. the show’s Top of the Lake: creator] got it from fact. Detective Robin Griffin (Moss) must endure the deep-rooted sexism of the male-dominated Oceanic police forces.” Sund Sunday. opportunities. “My jaw dropped to o have to take re responsibility so you should look to the real the floor. andd ‘That’s not my problem. which. “They can on BBC2 this and see how that resonated go fuck themselves.” She notes that “would not put any events into but also Fever. especially the women Atwood recently revealed list of upcoming projects. This time around.” (#FertilityFirst. “If you start got from some networks was are committing the crime and inventing cruelties towards that it was ‘a bit female’. which who are from poorer countries that she adhered to a rule when includes not only a second and don’t have many other writing the original text. parking around that brothel. drugs. which includes the practice of shopped it around the studios. You can think actio for our actions.


Pop. a coterie she says calmly. and we Aquarius. in action.” she says. I will make music afford to live in Los Angeles. her parents – Zimbabwean- a handful of pop-R&B bangers has no time for negativity. various can swap it for one of her own. barely charted. Enrique Iglesias) have screams in mock horror. certified bop Player. life so far. 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 14 nterviewing Tinashe label RCA’s west London offices. 18 months ago. As the acting roles piled up. her career has takes. Singles have and it will stay like that until she including a recurring role on come and gone. Despite being hailed as ‘the new no Aaliyah’. erm. end goal. was a lot of misplaced jealousy.” she says of the the next Aaliyah. and being hailed by want to flip a table in frustration. immigrant father Michael (the DJ Mustard co-produced “Things haven’t always gone and Danish mother Aimie 2 On. AKA her determination has defined more.” To prove her point. but I knew we couldn’t Joyride. “I’m never it out. the parents are from Iowa. I know I will get to my pressure. collaborations (Tinie Tempah. has sat unreleased by background image on her phone were barely getting by in LA. my parents and our financial the likes of NME and Pitchfork as I suggest. Michael Cragg finds out what happened PHOTOGRAPHS: GRAEME ROBERTSON FOR THE GUIDE . Or at least I am. “We always figured unquestionably stalled. the follow-up to going to stop. “It’s been like that for years!” she Tinashe quit school. – uprooted from Kentucky to of elegant. according to my original plan. slowly working her way dancer from the age of five. “There KDA.” Any normal Los Angeles to keep up with her jams (all of 2015’s Amethyst person in this situation might auditions. and here we are. “However long it situation. A budding actor and patience and resolve Tinashe. “but that’s life. 24-year-old Tinashe Kachingwe’s I in 2017 is to witness quietly fuming. so-called alt-R&B and things change. In 2007.” (TinasheMomma on Instagram) current single Flame).” she shrugs. Tinashe’s career has stalled after one album.” her label since it was announced is a generic picture of a Grammy. Such unshakeable so I didn’t want to be there any in the belly of the beast. My 2014’s critically lauded debut forever. sitcom Two and a Half Men. “I was very aware of mixtape). Despite releasing through an English breakfast tea.

months after Joyride’s whose greatest achievement was announcement. “Male sexism in the music business. part of the hold-up was down Tinashe’s focus towards music.” Despite high-profile nods from YouTube tutorials. “I sent that message. studios.” she says. It also gave her an early insight AKA the newly solo Zayn Malik. to have an opinion. “There’s a lot of more generally. she taught herself Pro Tools coat. In group briefly signed to Columbia early 2016. “I learned how to record in big I know it is’ that RCA was focused on Zayn? studios and how to engineer and They were! But I have nothing create songs. Tinashe. I know it is. into the world of production: for male artists. emerged claiming that Being in a band streamlined sexism in music. “A lot of sexism. and has been a have been less supportive.” hand-picked by Janet Jackson to coincided with the realisation That studio-based sexism perform at her 2015 BET awards that her thirst for knowledge is something she feels also tribute (“I died … Dead”). 2012’s In Case engineers … when you’re in these with Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. in her home studio.” After they split in creases in her floor-length silk against him.15 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 she joined the Stunners. and if they justice . for Tinashe. a girl artists. We Die. and being with RCA.” factor in her stop-start career so artists don’t really co-sign female she says. it’s all men. more power to 2011. “It’s so much easier for male artists like that. apparently from dates of his first world tour. It is so rare collaborations with Britney That helped her to land a deal that they’d not even expect me Spears (“An icon”). a Twitter opening for Justin Bieber on 20 ‘There’s a lot of message. It’s so much easier to her label focusing on “Zany”. calmly flattening the far. she wasn’t always going to be seen permeates the music industry feels that her male counterparts as a positive. yeah. As far him. creating as female producers or female of respect via tour support slots her first mixtape. which.

“It’s hundreds of [male] rappers that very apparent.” she was like. NBC .” Despite all these setbacks. A shrug. perpetuated recently by performer with a handful of though I see myself as a black warring Twitter fan-tribes.” at any given time. who was in high wasn’t enough room.’ I don’t think that’s sport. all these things she can’t control.” she nods. which is once thought of quitting. definitely been discouraging. years. I really woman. springs forward. “Yeah. ‘Why not Tinashe’s mixed-race heritage.” successful black female artists I suggest. you’re either Beyoncé or sometimes I feel like I don’t fully like her music. “Recently.’ but in a way that Beyoncé’s an amazing artist. confusing sometimes. “There are the black community. album. and fucking?’ It’s never. She is also calling bullshit on Ciara – another all-round they don’t fully accept me. Rihanna. “But Tinashe. 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 16 do it’s always like. and at SXSW (top) and a benefit in LA (right) KEVIN WINTER/GETTY. “I’d agree. It’s very.’ Then my friend they’re all very different!” I don’t know if it was personally posed the question. ‘I’m taking that be a fan of both?’ It’s kind of like which was used “as another from Tinashe. But it’s back to pick a side. ‘Are they the same. very strange. and she was like: ‘I’m a true. also remains an issue.” she says carefully. her default laid. or someone from her of a friend. Ciara’s an amazing artist. ‘Oh. that sound “It’s about trying to find a balance and I have days where I’m less Livin’ joyride (Main pic) Tinashe sings on Jimmy Fallon. and says with typical breeziness. That disconnect is there’s only room for a couple of similarly through comparison. that’s true. ‘So I can’t be a fan of Rihanna’s an amazing artist. which isn’t team. all look the same. and briefly swiped it for her own fan of Kehlani.” fit into the black community. people feel like they have example of why I was different” how it worked. but if you’re a black where I’m a mixed woman. even the idea.’” Rihanna. too. “I am what I am.” Suddenly she during those difficult school now. like. that stone-cold bangers – has suffered woman. “It felt like they almost had to She confirms the rumour that my cousin was with a friend sacrifice someone because there Rihanna. back demeanour temporarily “There’s colourism involved in she’s adamant that she’s never out of the window. heard Joyride’s title track school.

she had a minor As for Joyride. seat. Late last year. Nightride’s her lack of an undeniable. Tinashe plays it.” She notices my tortured gestation.” She shuffles in her and luxuriate in critical acclaim.” doing a solid few more months the likes of Dev Hynes and the. Considering Joyride’s Tinashe’s delayed ascendancy is it out this year. but – having grown up on pop in.” she says. one that would “hopefully”. it’s breakthrough when RCA released she says. anyone but yourself. “It’s going to be “I think by setting the scene fully capture RCA’s attention and great. ‘I’m going to thought: I’m going who makes R&B-tinged pop work in a mall. Perhaps at the core of recording then hopefully getting Dream. Did it feel like the label coming. yeah. keep that I’m going to get to where I chucking out low-key mixtapes need to go.” she states. shuffle her up the pecking order to be the best songs!” I this is not ‘the album’ – it made (at No 24 in the US. companion album Nightride. stars such as Michael. (below) a duet with Britney at the Kiss FM Jingle Ball in December 2016 . fide smash hit. minimal-sounding same time they’re aware that my improving. Britney because you look to someone deprecation seep and Christina – she’s aiming to blame and you can’t blame in but I’ve never for superstar status. like. Soon(ish). in theory. but at the it’s always getting better and after-hours. “They’re going differently for the label – like. “There’s doubt that seeps ‘Doubt and self. 2014’s 2 On Flame is out now. bona involuntary eye roll at that word release felt oddly hassle-free.’” is her highest-charting single to KOKO. an little bit of that.17 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 confident.’” to work in a mall’ music. ‘OK. but at the end I know date). there’s self-deprecation.” she says adamantly. ever thought. “It’s not like Joyride’s hastily announced was appeasing her? “There was a it’s sitting in a vault locked up. it’s just a project. 29 Jun Pop life (Right) Tinashe on the left as one-fifth of the Stunners. but I’ve “I consider myself a pop artist never. “I plan on stop-gap collection featuring fanbase wants new music. NW1. She could. well.

” he says. even if you don’t know his name.” he remembers. beyond the usual art crowd. Beyoncé Don’t Touch My Hair and for sure. project with Jay Z. the and an upcoming people are. “But in Lemonade. daze. mean. film white guy … I walked over to and social media elements mean him and I said: ‘Excuse me. Scott with 60s civil rights the kind you suspect has more demonstrations. this its mix of photography. the prime example of someone A cinematographer and whose work you probably know A-list collaborator. It splices the 2015 that guy. that it’s likely to court visitors I just came out of that movie. sweatshirt with artist Martine has spent his career challenging Syms’s Mundane Afrofuturist himself to do just that. an energetic speaker. Death. Lauren Cochrane meets him King Arthur rthur Jafa. He manifesto. remembers vividly the first It’s possible that may change time he saw Stanley Kubrick’s this month with Jafa’s first UK 2001: A Space Odyssey. and Drake on stage worked with Kubrick on his last followed by Malcolm X. and said: ‘Son. . which was later studied dubbed it “required viewing”. and In short. growing up in Mississippi. Eyes Wide Shut. the manager of the theatre. In the back of my head. The New film Daughters of the Dust. artist. the Message is I’ve been looking at it all week. Stanley on videos for Solange’s shot down like dogs. Jay Z.You might not know Arthur Jafa’s name but you’ll recognise his work with Beyoncé and Kubrick. literally in a A Series of Utterly Improbable. that’s Kubrick. sir. Serpentine Sackler Gallery. is certain fashion and Spike Lee. Jafa. “and I see Yet Extraordinary Renditions. by Beyoncé for the visuals in her Jafa himself is reticent. a seven-minute film and I don’t have a clue. 56. Titled “I come out of it. The film. Beyoncé ideas in a minute than most dancing on a balcony in a KALE people have in their lifetime. aged solo exhibition at London’s 11. and with his angry narrative of the African- ex-wife Julie Dash on her 1992 American experience. “I film-album Lemonade. and. the Message. We are treated in a Solange. it’s very much obviously Jafa takes Other credits include concerned and preoccupied (Clockwise from director of photography with black people being left) Arthur Jafa. Beyoncé’s Formation how magnificent black Love is the Message.’ That collage set to a soundtrack film was so deep that it levelled of Kanye West’s Ultralight the differences between me and Beam. Cranes in the Sky. er. can you tell me what it Jafa first rocked the art was about?’ He just looked over world last year with Love is his newspaper. the Yorker called it Jafa’s “crucial story of a Gullah family in South ode to black America” and Carolina. footage of a white police I was thinking: ‘How do you officer shooting unarmed generate that effect on people?’” black 50-year-old Walter Jafa. work on it’s also obviously about Eyes Wide Shut. with Spike result is an immersive and Lee on Crooklyn. you know? Message is Death.

” These days. Jafa has increasingly moved into visual art. And I think the way we respond is superhuman. what works for him. The film has been rediscovered – and is back in cinemas 25 years after its release – thanks to Lemonade. Jafa moved into film- making for Daughters of the Dust. however. Where the ability to actualise one’s capacity has been arrested. with two black artists included in the Turner prize shortlist and a Black Power exhibition opening at Tate Modern next month. Yet Extraordinary Renditions is at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. his success is part of a wider shift suggesting the art world’s closed doors are opening just a crack. I mean.” he says. when Dash struggled to find financing. “I’m also not speaking to white people. which became the first film by an African-American woman to be distributed across the US.” I Arthur Jafa’s A Series of Utterly Improbable.we respond in a certain fashion. Jafa’s point of view as a black artist addressing black issues in a typically white arena is. that’s a core secret of everything I do. rues the years of obscurity. Jafa. “I hope I’m being as radical as I can about people’s assumptions about what black people are.” Originally training as an architect. “It’s about black potension. ultimately. with the odd foray into video-directing for members of the Knowles-Carter clan. I never speak to white people. I always speak to black people. Arguably. “like ‘potential’ and ‘tension’ as a word.” he says. W2 to 10 Sep . and Moonlight director Barry Jenkins who credits it as an influence. He has a theory about why someone like Dash failed to launch when a young white director might have succeeded.


Steve Rose . Batman movies. bomb and Marvel keeps chucking menace. only Sherlock Holmes (playing a found work playing another their careers goodbye? steampunk Tony Stark) but does superhero (The Atom. All right. a ground for superheroes once they fate lies in store for him when he washed-up superhero actor. playing a non-superheroic tempted by the comic-book and the middle ground they once MOVIESTORE/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK dad to a maths-prodigy daughter. you’ll be dumped right If only we had a crack team of times less than the last Avengers. not quite. but recover that respect. pictures really do get small after Or can he get out of the game but he must be thankful he’s got you do a comic-book movie. save in Spider-Man: Homecoming. playing. as be condemned to the Hollywood Hugh Jackman is now working as Norma Desmond would say. etc. ever need to work again but. quick. He has another superhero strikes indiscriminately. Can no one stop them? US and made approximately 20 obscurity. only to be drawn This has always been the case. in Arrow anyone remember Due Date? and Legends Of Tomorrow). The Judge? So here he is as Stark Michael Keaton roamed the E Good manual worker. universes. Oh. are every time. From Chris Evans to back into the Marvel machine Who can dissociate Christopher Tobey Maguire. Employment before another Avengers. If you’re a their wake but underfunded indie it got middling reviews in the virtual unknown plucked from movies. entity rampaging across cinema. hang on … I But it feels as if he’s spent a good money at you to do another one. Name a There are some lucky It’s as if superhero movies decent role he’s had apart from survivors. again. you’ll probably never thrived in. er. After hang up their capes. mentoring Tom Holland wilderness for decades after his Will sweep floors. the wilderness like Tobey Maguire? a cruise singer. 21 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 film film Curse of the superhero being Iron Man. Not that they casts off the spider-suit. back into obscurity once the gig’s heroes with complementary gifts Same with Robert Downey Jr. Will he nearly 20 years as Wolverine. x-superhero for hire. Brandon Routh. Downey’s had a bit Reeve from Superman? His caped crusaders kissing of success with Guy Ritchie’s successor. five years promising to give up it’s easy to get stuck. bucks. And when your civilian roles who could unite to resist this He’s brilliant. before staging cats. leaving nothing in Evans is as likable as ever. but the curse of the have become this all-consuming Captain America. Young his comeback in 2014 Oscar options tend to be thin on the Tom must be wondering what winner Birdman. like Andrew Garfield? the musicals to fall back on. up. Take Chris Evans. we can all agree. stab this coming Friday with If you’re a respected actor devouring all the decent actors Gifted.


princess. • Wilson (15) (Craig Johnson. Gal Gadot is the Amazonian led into the first world Extraordinary silent Life in a small orphanage is war and “the world of men” by epic exploring life. Cousin Rachel Aus) 116 mins. set pieces. You’ll have to forgive some marriage to an Alpine the truth is more complex. it’s a different kind of spectacular. continue to work well on screen quite sure if he’s trapped in the • From the Land of the (Rebecca. Woody Harrelson struggles to flesh out comics writer Daniel Five of the best Clowes’s middle-aged misfit. Ger) 98 mins. 2016. deceptively cheerful and Steve Rose . 1921. US) a new arrival’s struggle to fit The Mummy (15) (Alex 132 mins. and no expense is spared on this the Creator (in the form opening entry. What could have been a standard abduction horror is artfully stretched out into something more ambiguous. US) 110 mins. handled with unsentimental pilot Chris Pine. Norman: The Moderate Rise negotiates the high-adrenaline • My Name Is Lenny (15) (Ron Scalpello. which black. at the estate of her cousin with a reputation as a murderess 4 Jenkins. An Australian tourist finds the wrong kind of adventure in Berlin when she meets a charming local. It’s hardly new territory Josh Helman leads a Another fine role to add to but. 2017. US/Chi/HK) 141 mins. • The Shack (12A) (Stuart motion animation. She arrives. UK) 3 and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer (15) (Joseph Cedar. but there’s plenty • Der Müde Tod (PG) My Life As a Courgette to enjoy in this refreshing (Fritz Lang. We’re never awkward family reunion. tenderness in this singular stop. Bereaved father Sam in among the misfits after the death of his alcoholic mother. as Dr Frankenstein would NICOLA DOVE biopic of East End Richard Gere’s late-career revival: say. Following Hazeldine. 5 Kurtzman. Swi/Fra) 66 mins. 2017. Isr/US) 118 mins. whose discovery My Cousin Rachel (12A) (Roger cheerfully deceptive. and it’s hard to think of intrigue or expertly negotiating it. Brighter and Death (in person) and the toughness and moving funnier than previous DC outings. bare-knuckle fighter he plays an old-school New York Lenny McLean. love. Now). emotionally its new monster-movie franchise. 23 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 film Out now Kissing cousins? Rachel Weisz and • Berlin Syndrome (15) Sam Claflin in My (Cate Shortland. blockbuster. 2017. chancer. 118 mins. 2017. 2017. US) 92 mins. having disturbed a havoc-wreaking ancient Egyptian 90 mins. 2 (PG) (Claude Barras. Fra/Bel/Can) a better proto-femme fatale for but he’s a delight to watch. possibilities of cinema. it’s alive. The Birds. Tom Cruise ably of Octavia Spencer). 2017. of judgment. Universal is betting the farm on Worthington gets a it’s an empathetic. who latches that he has a teenage daughter prompts an 1 Michell. takes her from unhappy and a seductress but. 2016. Don’t Look web of political/religious/financial Moon (15) (Nicole Garcia. personal audience with intelligent story. nonsense plotting and lapses sanatorium. this Cornish mystery than Rachel Marion Cotillard suffers Weisz. 2017. UK/US) 106 mins. shrouded in Wonder Woman (12A) (Patty passionately in this French weepie. of course. Daphne du Maurier’s books on to a rising Israeli minister as his ticket to success. 2016.

cinemas nationwide – learns the superhero introduced by John before taking part in ropes in Spider-Man: Landis. a Q&A at Curzon Soho Homecoming… Ryan powered The Italian Job. and the Mini.. After its UK premiere In three weeks. Nick In two weeks.. find love in Hampstead… chase-heavy Baby Driver Labyrinth and Mean Girls.. including to be similarly complex. he exposes is revealed and Brendan Gleeson Hot Fuzz director’s car 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 24 Coming soon Booking now film festivals and events Out from Friday… Nick Broomfield lifts the lid Edgar Wright Presents The Luna Cinema Whitney: Can I Be Me on Houston’s problems Car Car Land Reactivating this week. Malick’s Song to Song… Thu to 19 Jun Curzon Soho. Among them be broadcast to 140 In a month… Tom Holland are The Blues Brothers. Various venues. To celebrate the to Chatsworth House cryptic fate of Whitney Transformers: The Last upcoming release of the – in order to screen a Houston.. Wed to at Sheffield Doc/Fest Wright’s car-chase movie curated a mini-season of 8 Oct on Sunday. Anthony adrenaline-fuelled kicks and bucolic locations Broomfield turns his Hopkins joins Mark vicariously through action – from Leeds Castle focus to the less overtly Wahlberg and co in films. Having already made in Whitney: Can I Be Me… Growing up in sleepy the itinerant outdoor docs about Kurt Cobain Brian Cox prepares for Somerset. yet the tragedy Knight… Diane Keaton Shaun of the Dead and selection of crowd. W1. the following evening. Gosling in Terrence BFI Southbank. Broomfield Baby Driver… Gru meets the top gearhead films will discuss the film – a his long-lost twin brother that influenced him as conversation that will in Despicable Me 3… a child. Wright has Various venues. SE1. Sun. Edgar (pictured). Edgar Wright cinema sets up shop and Courtney Love and D-day in Churchill… was forced to get his in a series of unusual Tupac and Biggie. Mon .

though. It’s basically Like Gorillaz’s one-off. 25 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 music Damon’s day? Gorillaz onstage in London. gather the tribe. Then n posit positive associations.” Night & Day is effectively a were quite happy to turn up to Despite what we’re told about the headline set from the band. As Lawrence Goulding is left explaining why this weekend.” future or a cynical fad? mind. make their quota of hopelessly cut-throat nature of hand-picked supports. And no one wanted money in the first year at least. roughly the Enterprise culture was treated in 2015. Demon Dayz rgate’s has sold out Margate’s neur network of a neural is at Dreamland Margate.” Disclosure’s Guy Lawrence But are these events actually nce. In Sussex Good Charlotte). people would have less “It’s an insight into the artist’s faith in our festival. we will see what” and corporate connotations. Crewe for 24 hours with only nters a day with 35. there’ll if we were to release a dogshit festivals: is this the be an Icelandic edition in July.tival. to help them develop Airport. Sun Dreamland. a festival. more cynical a generation raised on startup festival is a chance to set the promoters are typically only a few culture wants to lean-in at context in which you’re seen steps behind any trend. It can’t boardroom level. it’s also an opportunity thousands of punters have been Rudimental’s Wild ild Life punches for fans to “get to know you”. there’s the xx’s Night Al All fine. Wild Life has they ran it as seven nights at the on to the next Pieminister zone. In March onstage welly bants and head festival economics. you were basically “Obviously. then Wild Life is at Brighton City JOSEPH OKPAKO hosted by Gorillaz. you come up with the rest of the having already been to London. and-a-half nights at the O2. plus a festival. For bands. so long as Gavin Haynes . musicians were explains. album. “I’m sure throwing their own Portugal and Germany. Now. and (below) music Disclosure Whose fest is it anyway? Musicians are now & Day. having your own Either way. three toilets. we’d expected to lose but cannily dodging its sterility Bob Geldof. Sat & Sun. “People feel more fests.000 punters i also it l drid iives bran drives brand engagement. or just big outdoor gigs? O just workshy. Disclosure and points out. financially connected to the act. to be Bob Geldof. If you put on biggest surprises. (often left to chance in a field of be long before the UK gets its first Artist-curated festivals are cidered-up morons waiting for Fyre debacle.” says Lawrence. which is so popular that. And when Ellie bigger than ever. In stranded on an airfield outside in the upper-medium dium size bracket the langu language of marketing gurus. while today’s Festiva estivals are a way to bespoke grovelling looks like I Demon Dayz festival. been profitable since it started Brixton Academy. “That was one of the numerical equivalent of one- with suspicion. the xx’s illiterate types who the music from our iTunes. Notes Lawrence. goods.


singer Zara Larsson is all set to bring her tropical 2 Like Gorillaz. over into the pot. Thu. Witness the evolution on Bristol). tour will surely prove Manchester. 4 Perhaps not the obvious choice to kickstart the O2’s spectaculars.27 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 music Booking now Love them The 1975 reconvene for From his underground outdoor frolics hit Dem Boy Paigon to a track-stealing turn on Stormzy’s Gang Signs & Prayer album. The O2. for Katy Perry. plunderphonica Jamiroquai and Ed Sheeran heroes the Avalanches are almost follow until 24 June in more house and Scandi-pop identity-less – something that predictably bombastic style. 10th-birthday week of shows. the mumbly Leeds-formed band (14 to 25 Jun. Finally. Prepare for mind expansion as 5Manchester’s kings of blissed- out Brit rock may not have been the Aussie crew hit the UK. Fri (15 to 28 Oct. Fri. her recent derived – ironically – from 80s Olympia Theatre. they play Parklife ahead of two Irish shows. Belfast. Belfast. Dublin. Belfast. Fri. Find out if there’s any genre he can’t 1 Frontman Matty Healy might have the narcissistic rock star the years they’ve also swapped their original emo-punk for nail on these upcoming act down to a T. Heaton Park. Ormeau Park. and expand the possibilities of The Stone Roses Rachel Aroesti what pop music can sound like. there is joy to be found in cringey world. synthy pop (tempered dates (1 to 15 Nov. touring to 17 Jun bring their strange and intricate The O2. the Manchester Waterfront. Shows from Céline Dion. but the 1975 gleeful. SE10. Fri. by concocting a view). Tue. collaboration with à la rock and 80s R&B. In fact. primarily their upcoming nationwide tour. His rapping jumps from trad grime to something Auto-Tuned and half-sung that nods to both dancehall and trap. Unfortunately magnetic strain of pop. blend to these shores allows them to splice genres. touring 3 Paramore are a restless band: to 24 Jun not only does this Tennessee outfit’s lineup tend to change on Rachel Aroesti . touring mode rap group Migos group have established to 22 Jun only served to highlight themselves as one of the most how un-hip her campy pop consistently brilliant acts in the Alt-J has become. Still. Paramore SSE Arena. SE10). quality of their 80s output on their Olympia Theatre. tour are anything but showboating slightly by a still-angsty world starts O2 Academy poseurs. indie to the world’s busiest music burly voiced Swedish The Avalanches arena. Thu. Sat. This week. Belfast). Five of the best Rock and pop gigs he throws the jazziness of old-school US hip-hop The 1975 an album-by-album basis. Common Sense. as her 2018 Parklife. able to resurrect the sublime The Limelight. two comeback singles to date but touring to 24 Jun this series of shows is sure to be transcendent nevertheless. tour starts baffle mental filing cabinets Waterfront Hall. tour starts Belfast. over his brief career Newham rapper J Hus (pictured) has proved he can mix grit with levity and idiosyncrasy with easily digestible fun. Dublin. And on his new single.


Thriller. Rae superstructure falls away. Sremmurd Perfect Pint leaving only an emotionally Despite the potentially charged a cappella. Little Band or Joey Baron’s Killer ent interlaces the potent Joey have to know a lot about pipes of Kwaye withth the mechanics of music – and veform 80s-inflected waveform then improvise on all that ess chords and a restless erudition. cocktail of potent cough assisted mellow-banger with Napalm Death co-founder syrup. body-zonking streamlined. N16. Ne-Yo Another Love Song Somewhere. Take That New Day Oxbow performing with a choir. a rubberband “wacky video time!” Jennifer Lucy Allan bassline and some Chic-y That means New Day – a Various venues. Rådström – a man who Hausswolff opens this year’s trap beat-handler Mike Will inexplicably doesn’t release Supersonic on Birmingham Town Made-It and his superstar tracks under that awesome Hall’s record-breaking organ: coterie raise their cups to a name – follows up his 6. ANGRYFACE EMOJI. sweet soda and hard that sounds surprisingly Nicholas Bullen celebrating the candy. steel-drum- It’s a vintage year for the festival. lovely and Howard in a pastoral and rhythm mazes of drummer. that Top 5 hit Sexual with a and ready for heavy business. The hot expert in playing Thelonious young London Monk’s groundbreaking music. huge UK crossover appeal. The result is an impish. Steve Cardenas is New Order guitar that sort of guitarist. Nokia (pictured) representing road-trip video. Supersonic festival the perfect pint in question Birmingham here has nothing to do with Neiked ft Mimi Call Me thirst-quenching lager on a Swedish producer Victor Experimental Anna von blazing bank holiday. Thu. Birmingham. Pints scorer Mike John Fordham Will (he made it. Thelonious quartet to mark the unique composer’s centenary. Mark to negotiate the hairpin turns Bane: that’s a lovely. London Dr Luke. the strategic spreadsheet sax.29 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 music This week’s tracks Graeme Virtue TRACK OF THE WEEK conspiratorial and sexy Mike Will Made-It ft Kendrick until eventually the synth Lamar. with plenty of guests) CBSO Centre. and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs cut that confidently layers his reached the box marked Pigs Pigs Pigs bringing the chaos. right up until you up with mandolins and Steve Cardenas notice it was co-produced by Mellotron flutes – gets an Birmingham. thing ably proves too. voice! After a languid paganfest. He plays with Hans Koller’s he can do soaring. It all sounds trudge artlessly gussied Thelonious with great. Japanese speed-pop duo R&B hitmaker returns with a outlining TT’s current album Melt-Banana playing a kids’ full-spectrum summery disco campaign and we’ve just show. incongruous promo where various horror-movie monster Jazz Guitarists good enough Kwaye Little Ones To quote knock-offs terrorise Gaz. wholesome considering it is 30th anniversary of the group’s skeletal cyber-hymn that mostly concerned with a 4am grindcore classic Scum. Instead. there is a Colin Stetson on his massive After a two-year furlough. it ain’t I led groups such as the late ble setting minute or so of table-setting Paul Motian’s Electric Bebop le Ones atmospherics. Vortex Jazz Club. well-mixed purple drank. Gucci Mane. and an line. Swoonworthy. mellow vocals. Princess now comes with an acid-fried booty call. Fri . Cheers! for the New York underground.000 pipes standing 32ft tall. Fri to 18 Jun guitar licks into one creamy platitudinal chain-gang pop Viennetta. mind-warping.

with staging of Debussy’s symbolist which recreates the 1808 Vienna Sarah Connolly as Gertrude. CBSO Centre. Paredes’s Son Dementes Cuerdas. Fri to 7 Jul concerto and the Choral Fantasy. and Horizont auf hoher Rain. Clayton takes the title role. Tenor Allan 5 The Philharmonia finds itself in the pit for Garsington Opera’s from the Royal Northern 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 30 Five of the best Classical concerts Birmingham Contemporary Arditti Quartet 1 Music Group Oliver Knussen conducts BCMG’s 4 Guitarist Eliot Fisk joins the group for the UK premiere of Hilda latest British-music showcase. Glyndebourne Opera House. which includes his own works Fisk also plays Luciano Berio’s alongside a selection by Harrison Sequenza XI. Wycombe. Jonathan McGovern concert that included the first Barbara Hannigan as Ophelia and Andrea Carroll play the lovers performances of four great and John Tomlinson as the ghost. The British debuts to Hugues Dufourt’s centrepiece is the world premiere Le Supplice de Marsyas d’après of Colin Matthews’s A Land of Titien. comprising settings of Hamlet by Younghi Pagh-Paan. W1. in Michael Boyd’s production. nr High sixth symphonies. gets its An end-of-season spectacular first performance. Sat 3 Baudelaire in English translations. The Sage Gateshead. masterpiece. Sat nr Lewes. Wed and based upon Shakespeare’s Pelléas et Mélisande 2 A Beethoven Feast most celebrated play. Birmingham. commissioned by Glyndebourne Wigmore Hall. Brett Dean’s new opera. fourth piano Neil Armfield’s production. Sun to 6 Jul Andrew Clements . while the Arditti give Birtwistle (pictured). Beethoven works: the fifth and Vladimir Jurowski conducts Wormsley Estate.

Thu . The funniest meal I’ve ever eaten too long you’d miss another Mon). Leeds. (Soho Theatre. Manchester. whole tomato. Yep I in the cafe came over and asked Sarah Kendall will be at what I was reading. SE11. told me. 25 Jul The funniest standup I’ve ever to 5 Aug). but I can remember the I remember laughing so hard at disturbing sexual ones. and watch scenes again. Meanwhile. And I don’t regret that. interviews with comedians are spent half an hour discussing why A-listers including Harry the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. His live shows consist of an outpouring of thoughts. He wanted The Wardrobe. She hugely influenced school. Australian maverick Sam Simmons (pictured) is one performer who pushes the scope of the art form to its limits. placed on a piece of toast. six weeks was funnier than five Hill and Stewart Lee His interview with Steve Martin is weeks. usually involving surreal characters. but specials. not Reiner. to go and buy whatever it was The Tommyfield. W1. songs and The funniest thing Sarah Kendall a bravura display of comic invention. I once ROSALIND FURLONG Stephen Fry’s autobiography dreamed that I grew a penis and Moab Is My Washpot. So in a sense. The funniest dream I’ve ever had I can’t remember any funny The funniest book I’ve ever read dreams. W1. I will be raising money one of my favourites. and the & Bucket. 31 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 clubs Booking now Standup offers enormous opportunities for creative comedy expression. She was definitely she’s still laugh-out-loud me when I first started because the funniest kid in school. The funniest number Carl Reiner out of the clash between reckons the funniest number is her classy aspirations and The funniest sketch I’ve ever seen 32. We Wed). James Kettle A boyfriend “cooked” me a cluster of jokes. so high I’d often have to go back hospital bills following 90s. that a guy it was an arthritic finger. There was a joke my friend tawdry reality (The Frog Martin Short does a character Carl. Stephen him on a short London run Fry owes me money. After lengthy debate. The funniest item of clothing The funniest TV show I’ve ever the veteran standup has I’ve ever owned I had a Who seen 30 Rock. funny: a blunt Manchester she made the whole thing look like girl who spins great gags a casual one-sided conversation. not that you’d necessarily know it from the hundreds of acts who stick to the tried-and-tested observational template. at the All-Star Comedy Benefit for Jim Tavaré. and his punchline was “six weeks”. tomato on toast. Before The Aussie comic on the things because of how much I was Edinburgh. Sat. Hayley Ellis seen My favourite would have The funniest person I know may have more modest to be Ellen DeGeneres’s HBO Probably my best friend from high creative ambitions. The gag rate was been landed with massive Farted? T-shirt back in the mid. If you a life-threatening US car allowed yourself to laugh for crash (Lyric Theatre. Just a raw. you can see that make her laugh the most laughing. agree that six weeks is funnier. called Jiminy Glick. Claire.

Lisa the Lives of Fonssagrives- the Virgin and Penn in a coat exhibitions Other Saints (1300-1305) by Balenciaga (1950) ▼ Raphael. Raphael followers such as Paco Rabanne Whitechapel Gallery. exhibitions 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 32  Da Rimini. Giovanni da 4 As a cinematographer. Walker only technically dazzling but survey. The glass panel 8 Oct black lives. this will change your the surrealistic inventions of is the starting point for a history mind. to created shapes influenced by his Giovanni da Rimini 3 Sep own Spanish heritage. he explores what Saints. in designs beginning of what would become the Renaissance. was in fact part of Duchamp’s Serpentine Sackler Gallery. reunited here with the an aesthetic that translated the Jonathan Jones . SW7. deliberately left to gather 3 This moving and revelatory exhibition brings together the Balenciaga dust as part of Duchamp’s creative process. which also features his Evans and Jeff Wall. The Heads and Hands of Two Apostles (1519-1520) Five of the best A Handful of Dust panel Scenes from the Life of sound of black American music 1 In 1920. including 2 COURTESY SHEELA GOWDA This exhibition reconstructs flamenco dresses and the a turning point in art: the Arthur Jafa paintings of Velázquez. Rimini’s altarpiece Scenes from Julie Dash and Spike Lee. masterpiece in progress The Bride Raphael: The Drawings to 10 Sep Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors. best drawings of the genius who brought the Italian Renaissance 5 A spiralling silk hat that looks like the Tower of Babel entitled Dust Breeding. This installation uses film. National Gallery. to 3 Sep emerges as an artist of rare soul. E1. high-fashion craftsman Cristóbal of modern dust involving such sensitivity and insight are not Balenciaga in this sumptuous artists as Gerhard Richter. Oxford. Arthur Jafa has worked with that outrageously defy nature. and Oscar de la Renta. and a dress shaped like an celebration of decay that literally If Raphael seems a staid classical envelope – or a tulip – are among finds beauty in the dirt. to recreate a feeling of “absence” Marcel Duchamp’s studio. Wed to that Jafa sees as looming over covered in dust. picture of a huge piece of glass rejected Byzantine austerity found footage and photography lying on the floor of his friend and started to paint real life. WC2. the surrealist photographer Man Ray took a Christ. ▼ Irving Scenes from Penn. As to 18 Feb the Lives of the Virgin and Other an artist. His sensuality and passion. Even. W2. is a beautiful insight into the moment when Italian artists into visual images might look like. The photograph. Victoria & Albert Museum. Here it figure today. profoundly humanist. is a gothic to its climax in the early 1500s. Balenciaga Ashmolean Museum.

recombining them lifes. SE1. is simply asking to be poetically Ikon Gallery. of human hair. traditionally and there. They included statues from Thailand and Mali. and Robert Clark while his portraiture. Fri to 3 Sep which mined character without likeness. where waste shown alongside his treasure is resonant with the assumes a resonant significance. so vital Street junk is embedded transfigured. While western art historians tended to view abstract art as something unprecedented. For Gowda. Zeid went on to gain recognition in 1950s London where she lived with her husband. The ways these plastic tarpaulins and incense. Gowda intuitively art is explored through made extensive sculptural use shifts her found elements here his lushly coloured still. Iraqi ambassador Prince Zeid bin Hussein. bright yellow and blue concrete slurry on their heads. a little bronze Buddha. W1. His collection adorn car bumpers to ward off setting. each symbolic recycling. Gowda’s art is a ritual of of African sculpture is perilous spirits. wear and tear of its past use.33 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 exhibitions Booking now Opening this week To the casual eye. and compared of Bangalore. the objects that kept Matisse company in his studio were nothing special. 5 Aug to 12 Nov) will explore. RC Tate Modern. able to plumbing pipes. formally trained as an artist in Skye Sherwin Istanbul. pictures”. This first UK retrospective recognises her abstract works as undeniably eye-dazzling. refashions flattened metal to places he wouldn’t Wandering about her home city oil drums into semblances stay long. she comes across of the bowls used by female them to actors. For one recent were his objects that he with the traceries of human piece here. appearing in Sheela Gowda Birmingham paintings throughout his life. Yet as the upcoming Matisse in the Studio (Royal Academy. even histories for Sheela Gowda. Indeed. she painstakingly travelled with them. radical take on the nude. is shown Fahrelnissa Zeid London alongside the simplified carving of tribal masks and One of the first women to be a medieval head of a saint. cow building site workers to carry “play a role in 10 different dung. African textiles and Spanish glassware. old doors. for the artist they were the essential red thread for his creative process. Tue to 8 Oct . Coming from a background in objects influenced his One celebrated recent piece painting. where recurring donated by pilgrims as a temple according to how their look and stars include a glass offering and rewoven as rope to feel is revivified by their new vase. Zeid’s paintings fed off an inheritance of Byzantine. Islamic and Persian abstraction.

 partly connected to all the simpering sweetness and overblown fantasy Fifty shades nudes”. are hardly “heroic role in religious ageing Peter Pans. they female nude’s goddess among the David Zwirner. and revenge for an English attack fortresses in its defensive chain. men or melting their master techniques suggest sculpture. High and low There’s a double- satire at work here. to 3 Sep . DAN BRADICA/COURTESY DAVID ZWIRNER with ships at the major military this exhibition pairs art and base in Chatham unarmed and artefacts from Dutch and English crewless. exhibitions 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 34 Anatomy of an artwork Lisa Yuskavage’s Déjà Vu. Yuskavage traditionally used on the woman. knocking off who masterminded the raid. to the trashy however. 2017 Seriously cute  Body of The woman at evidence Yuskavage’s the centre of Lisa painting nods Yuskavage’s Déjà to kitsch. Is Currin. paintings depicting the burning on West Terschelling. England was also in sources. mixing the girly cuteness of 1970s Sarah Kay illustrations with a voluptuous body to rival the Paleolithic-era figurine Venus of Willendorf. characters in one to painting itself. It was an ships in battles from the Anglo- Dutch seized the opportunity unprecedented low. As the recently described around. recorded by Dutch war (pictured). As part of the expense of the fire of London county-wide 350th-anniversary draining national funds. supernatural about female demons. W1. to 28 Jul Breaking the Chain Chatham In 1667. commemorations exploring the England’s navy was languishing. the term and mythological though the artist boobs and bums The group of used to describe painting. men of classical there is something series as succubi: Like her peer John grey painting sculpture. and kitsch. far-reaching impact of the defeat. faces to shadow? SS on their heads Betrayed by their seems to be She appears like a Part of Lisa by applying them love handles. SS to send a squadron up the the diarist John Evelyn as the The Historic Dockyard:  river Medway and attack the “greatest dishonour to befall No 1 Smithery. a red velvet briefcase of the second Anglo-Dutch war. whose she dreaming these has turned old church interiors to Bad romance eyes are closed. Vu is one of the classical leading New York mythology and the painter’s typical supernatural weird babes. including Evelyn’s peace negotiations at the end diary. Yuskavage also refusing our gaze. owned by the Dutch admiral To move things along and get English navy. and partly hippy dudes here the idealised naked title suggests. recall grisaille. playing with the heaven-sent sex Yuskavage. the one link at a time. with the massive an Englishman”.

under an M4 Its rhythm is hyper groovalistic that was a banger not linked to flyover. as ferociously minimal producer Recondite The track I always play to rescue The ideal festival track Cypress arrives to play live (Sub a dancefloor Akin Nathan and the Hill Insane in the Brain A classic Club. NW1. 35 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 clubs Booking now Raime’s blend of dub. post-punk and industrial clubs sounds makes them one of the UK’s best underground acts. Thu). fans of their Our Harangue the DJ Clap! Clap! Versions of Their Version cassette will know their The Afrocentric DJ and producer The track that’s been unfairly tastes run to the rugged. up with. meanwhile. Sonny is my so that I could play it out! It real-life hero deserves a pull-up every time Clap! Clap! plays The Camden I drop it – sometimes twice. but name techno and tech Nigerian disco-funk from 1980 involving people coming from house stars such as Ben with a dangerous bassline. Pender Street Steppers DJ set with Bloko Maranhao This collection has made a mark and Harvey Sutherland. Chinoiseries. Fri). now they’ve launched an equally brilliant side- project. was released this year and I but expect the clouds they have the perfect groove to hope everyone gets a chance to to roll into Glasgow get people dancing. to start with batucada rhythms. One of those rare songs 2 festival. a deep. EC1. listen to it. slang. Sat). In particular. his psychic record bag Song This is from the third and The lo-fi house combo last chapter of Onra’s amazing of Omar-S (pictured). Klock and Tale of Us (Boston Manor Park. I found this on a rare Cheb musicians that were taking Latin MANUELA MELONI Khaled cassette and immediately orientations like Charles Mingus had to make my own master or Sonny Rollins. Fanfarranhao Fanfarranhao is on beat-making culture. Pure a specific culture or genre. He also plays Jubilees Oja Ni K’Aiye I’ve got an that my generation has grown earlier on at Junction amazing 45 record of this gem. and as Raime will also play a dancehall set at Peckham’s Rye Wax (SE15. The track I’ll be opening my next and iconic series. The final chapter party (Hope Works. It’s a crazy cover version jazz scene. different musical styles. I’ve a secret weapon and difficult to always been interested in the share. They’ll give it a live London debut this week (Electrowerkz. Yally. home to stop-start junglism and brooding breakbeat techno. with a smashing dynamic. Assembly. I love rare sound. most rewinds Cheb Khaled Don’t eclectic tastes Sonny Rollins St Ben Beaumont-Thomas Stop ’Til You Get Enough This is Thomas As a saxophonist. are perfectly an adaptation of a classic track crazy research of awesome old aligned to bring the sun played by the batucada rhythm Asian samples and Onra’s unique out for a Sheffield street section Bloko Maranhao. and there are some of Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop artists who fit crazily well into ’Til You Get Enough in Algerian modern music sets. The track that currently gets the The track I’d play to show off my Brentford. from Italy empties the contents of slept on this year Onra Pearl vintage end of the style. with other big. Sat). Thu . Sat).

Bissett for the National Theatre of Scotland. has the advantage hours in the company of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. both a menace and a victim. directed by Cora 1 There is something very satisfying about spending seven what is left unsaid and unseen. Tue to 17 Jun. Bristol. SE1. touring to 21 Jun seem genuinely constrictive. abandoned by his dad. SW11. as Reagan began his 3 In Bea Roberts’s modern- day reworking of Madame perspective and the power of the imagination to escape captivity. But this Lyn Gardner . Wed. SW1. to 24 Jun constructed piece in which the kept captive has already been building of a wall becomes a a novel and a movie. The Free Admission Tobacco Factory. second term of office and Aids Bovary. Denise Gough without any spoken dialogue. and when they are as rich as Tony uses animation and other theatre Kushner’s are in this epic Infinity Pool techniques to explore both play. Alan is a make a better future for all. Davey is a teenager. Emma Donoghue’s story O’Riordan. Set in the US in the mid- 1980s. Told Killology boasts fine performances from Andrew Garfield. theatre 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 36 History boys Andrew Garfield and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in theatre Angels in America Five of the best Angels in America metaphor for what is voiced and stage version. touring to 22 Jun curl around each other in a raw and compassionate exploration have to purchase a ticket – but Room of parental love and masculinity. entirely using social media. particularly Thu to 17 Jun. 4 HELEN MAYBANKS you do get plenty of unforced Inspired by the story of Josef impressively staged by Rachel revelations from its creator Fritzl. laptops and encourages players to kill as US history and asks how we can projectors. to 19 Aug fulfilment into a true tragedy. It’s a cleverly about a mother and son who are Royal Court. admin assistant in a plumbing to 22 Jul this memorable and wildly supplies company on an imaginative drama in two parts industrial trading estate. Colchester Arts Centre. Emma is recast as an Dundee Rep. of being able to make the space same characters. who’s Battersea Arts Centre. turns her humiliation and lack of on his mind. Wed to monologues in Gary Owen’s play 2 There is no actual free admission to this show – you will 17 Jun. 5 Paul is the cocky millionaire creator of an online game that and Nathan Lane as it charts phone messages. the story magnifies creatively as possible. touring devastated the gay community. Ursula Martinez. the mundanity of her life and father with nothing but revenge National Theatre: Lyttelton. Sat.

doing the chores and caring for not to say quirky. Terror London Handbagged Keswick Rose Theatre. The play has and pathos by been staged across the pre presenting both world. He created A 24-Decade Disgraced at the Bush. Terror is Morg Morgan. Thu to from Henri Oguike. geddit?). Maria Yacoob. night. who 2 This year’s festival opens with an intriguing Walk Across America for Mother had great success with the US hit Choreographers Platform Earth. songwriter of Doctor Who and Broadchurch beautiful and compelling and alternative performance fame) returning to his family works (pictured). in the meantime. Peter two did in the bars of Buenos Lyric Hammersmith. this Although he has been described comedy about masculinity and setting of Steve Reich’s as Ziggy Stardust meets Tiny Tim.000 spectators. Nadia Fall. MC later in life. creator of Aires. while Ignition dance festival The Last Two People on Earth: An his brother has. and gender identity features in the rather the best more succinctly titled Hir (him. pilot is on trial for murder the monarch’s Nottingham. with short works History of Popular Music. femininity subverts notions of Music for 18 Musicians there’s no one quite like Taylor the typical US family. her. choreographs an lawyer and writer Ferdinand von cam up with The came idiosyncratic and elegant Schirach. imagining take on a rich tradition. Mac prefers to identify with the Three of pronoun “judy”. having. in which a fighter Aud Audience. which Mark Cook specially commissioned re-enacted and reinterpreted The Bush Theatre. De Keersmaeker’s most he’s a writer. shot we weekly private Edinburgh. and has also performed in Brecht’s Good Person of Szechwan for New dance York’s Foundry Theatre. actor. Kingston upon Thames. Fri to 17 Jun Channel 4 recently aired The Not many writers would be Trial: A Murder in the Family. against orders. Apocalyptic Vaudeville and The changed sex. MC la Lyric Hammersmith. Guilty the same device but or not guilty? Who decides? com combines comedy You have to. titles such as her stroke-affected father. and brave enough to put the Queen M¡longa now another example of fictional and Margaret Thatcher in the court proceedings involving same pla play but in 2013 3 Inspired by the late-night tango scene the public as jury opens at the di so. A Pulitzer prize nominee. a beady eye on American culture where his mother has stopped Tue & Wed who writes things with grand. Thu to 8 Nov . this 1 Last seen in London 15 years ago. with conflicting wo women in their verdicts in different yo youth as well as countries and cultures. and finds a is one of Anne Teresa Mac. Fri & 17 Jun was heading for a football by Moira Buffini Judith Mackrell stadium packed with (pi (pictured). which has its UK Rain Hir London premiere at the Bush Theatre. Sadler’s Wells. uses 70. Dane 240 years of US history (an hour 22 Jul Hurst. Set somewhere in California.37 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 theatre Opening this week for each decade). W6. marine (played by Arthur Darvill. down a hijacked plane – me meetings with her Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sat. W12. EC1. Tim Casson and others. killing 164 passengers – that PM Handbagged. artist with a distinctive voice and home to find a new frontline. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui a courtroom drama by German Netfl Netflix’s The Crown. PMs. Theatre by the T Wed to 15 Jul L Lake. directs. Tue & Wed.

Fowler has gone kayak. which he’ll discuss here in The Guilty Feminist London co-host confiding doubts about relation to the V&A’s Pink Floyd: If you let out a chuckle of their feminist credentials (see Their Mortal Remains (to 1 Oct). former Gardeners’ World presenter Alys the months the urban-nature Fowler came out in her Guardian gardening column lover spent exploring the canals of her home town of Birmingham in an inflatable An Evening with Alys Fowler Since then. as the Bible. Why not warm up mouthed head recalling Francis are you’ve listened to Deborah with a wade through the archive? Bacon’s screaming popes – who Frances-White’s (pictured) Guilty Past gems include the no-holds. Skye Sherwin by the comic and Danish standup Phoebe Waller-Bridge discussing Victoria and Albert Museum: Sofie Hagen. but up with comedian Bisha K Ali and a parade of goons – from the I thought The Feminine Mystique Inside Amy Schumer’s Aparna marching hammers to the open- was a famous perfume”. he brought feminist. Fri Manchester. it kicks off with sexuality. Last year. Gerald Scarfe’s style is instantly recognisable. For decades in work for the likes of the New Yorker and Sunday Times he’s packed in Goya’s mix of terror and black comedy with the trippy sensibility of 60s underground Deborah Frances-White’s confessional comedy magazines such as Oz. This podcast runs the gamut of female experience reached a high in his animations for the 1982 film Pink Floyd: The Wall. be discussing this week in Waterstones – Deansgate. or “I’m a feminist. after Discovery. recognition at the mention of previous) before launching into Expanding upon his artwork confessions such as: “I’m a chat that runs the gamut of the for the 1979 album. W1. chances Nancherla. she lost The link between sexuality as: “Why are there holes in and found herself in these and horticulture may be as old the rhizomes of my bearded neglected industrial waterways. Sat Lecture Theatre. Itching for a change Manchester from answering questions such she hadn’t yet named. Frances-White teams and totalitarianism to life with knuckles”. but Alys Fowler iris?” to “When did you know Introspective adventure has got to be the only writer you were gay?” Disliking the memoirs aren’t exactly in scarce to have ever come out in a hetero bias inherent in the latter supply these days. Scarfe’s drawings mix talks horror and zany comedy Gerald Scarfe London Whether he’s drawing Donald Trump vomiting out of his bum or the monsters in Disney’s Hercules. question. is an account of Last year. For this live its themes of social isolation on my hand because I shaved my recording. have left an indelible stain on Feminist podcast. but today I had a wound female experience. Co-founded barred periods episode. which she will cans. Gwendolyn Smith The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Frances-White and a guest Soho Theatre. but there © THE GUILTY FEMINIST gardening column. talks 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 38 From Disney’s Hercules to Donald Trump. Bella Todd 13 years of marriage to a man. she has answered it is something lovely about the the former Gardeners’ World in the delightfully unexpected BBC’s former head gardener presenter wrote in Guardian form of a canal travelogue. and pop culture. SW7. discovering herself amid the Weekend that she had fallen Hidden Nature: A Voyage of brambles and floating lager in love with a woman. Thu .





it means – Vers Versailles aside – you’ll no longer lo have to wait until the t colder months fo for a costume drama fix. Andrew Mueller (AM). Mark Gibbings-Jones (MGJ). As well as preventing anyan clashes with ITV’s Vic Victoria (as happened laslast time). David Stubbs (DS). Sophie Harris (SH). 9pm. Jack Seale (JS). Sun. Hannah J Davies (HJD). havin having moved to a summer slo slot. John Robinson (JR). tv & radio TV Top 10 Our essential countdown of this week’s must-watch telly DON’T MISS Poldark Hurrah! The third t run of the shirt-ripp shirt-ripping drama starring Aida Aidan Turner begins. Jonathan Wright (JW) Film Choice all reviews by Paul Howlett . Ali Catterall (AJC). Ellen E Jones (EEJ). Sharon O’Connell (S’OC). 9 BBC1 Previews by Ben Arnold (BA). Graeme Virtue (GV).

Universal The Americans A fifth season for the reds-under-the- bed thriller about Russian spies living in US suburbia. conspiracy and This powerful doc surveillance abound analyses what was. Thursday. which delves deeper into Norman Bates’s and Mother’s backstories than any Hitchcock spinoff that’s gone before. McCrory as a Tuesday. 9pm. 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 44 Jo Cox: Death of an MP A year ago this week. NBC/UNIVERSAL. namely. Psycho- inspired series. with Elizabeth and Philip taking on new roles. First up: a yacht explosion throws her character Georgina’s world into chaos. the dark underbelly of their gilded world. ITV Encore . and remains. Tuesday Tuesday. 10pm. MP Jo Cox was murdered in her West Yorkshire constituency by an attacker who Fearless screamed the words Questions of “Britain first”. RICHARD ANSETT/DAVE KING. a which stars Helen surreal tragedy. Sky Atlantic ROBERT VIGLASKY. 9pm. Monday. But could the police and intelligence services be conspiring to stop her figuring out the truth? Riviera Monday. 9pm. 9pm. BBC2 lawyer trying to overturn what he she believes to be a wrongful murder conviction. SHOWTIME/KOMANDIR Bates Motel The final ever episode of the brilliantly creepy. in this new thriller. Tonight. Norman and Dylan face off. ITV Julia Stiles returns to our screens in a drama about the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Mexico’s El Chapo was at large until this year. but this isn’t just Narcos part two. if you’ve enjoyed Escobar’s escapades. doesn’t Netflix already have a drama about a murderous drug lord from Latin America? The answer is yes. El Chapo Wait. For one. Netflix Wife Swap: Swa Brexit Special Remember Wife Swap? Rememb Remember the awkwardness Rememb of polar- polar-opposite families switching places? And remembe remember recent politics. From Friday. 9pm. this is for you. detailed portrait Viceland ever granted to a western interviewer. Thursday Thursday. Channel 4 Jungletown This new docuseries follows the creation of a sustainable town in Panama. Sky Atlantic . these two thing things are sure to make for TV go gold … or through- your-fing ngers viewing. and the nnation slowly jerking further fu right around the EU re referendum? When smooshe smooshed together. Monday to Thursday 2am. That said. US film-maker Oliver Stone delves into the controversial Russian leader’s world. 9pm. Is it possible? And is there a whiff The Putin Interviews of a cult in the air? Billed as the most Sunday. you say.

as Cold Mountain slightly dubious parallels blistering performance as well as dangers from (Anthony Minghella. but as Parisian magazine underworld. Mawle). the impossibly demanding editor of New York fashion mag Runway. 2006) tv films 2. Scott Graham’s 12. in Germany at the end of the second world war. Captain America defeated.20am. 1. and the researching an article crimelord is making a and general psychedelic landscape is hauntingly on student prostitution. In a Funnyman Mike Myers is debut feature is a dour Juliette Binoche is grim. Fernando spoof.10am. epileptic (Malgorzata Szumowska. BBC1 the safety of their grandmother’s home in Hamburg. but Meryl Streep’s performance as Miranda Priestly. 3.15am. The film never quite of Mystery ALLSTAR/MUSIC BOX. of Austin Powers. Channel 4 The satirical high heels aren’t as sharp as they might be. grainy depiction inspired in both roles in tale of loneliness and typically compelling of New York’s druggy this hilarious. lucrative killing. TURNCHAPEL/KOBAL/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK on a desperate odyssey matches the committed (Jay Roach. guilt-ridden country. Film4 Monroe (Nicole Kidman). expertly glosses over such weaknesses. In the remote Scottish who is barely surviving the secret agent Highlands. 2012) Tuesday. Cate Shortland’s affecting drama is set (Anthony Russo. drama nonetheless. 1971) his 1960s heyday and run a petrol station with Elles 1. shot by Yoliswa Gärtig. Minghella’s sombre.30pm. (Chris Evans) teams up with a luminous central performance from Saskia Rosendahl as Lore. own inadequate home subtle US civil war life. . teenager on Cold Mountain. Film4 The Winter Soldier Based on Rachel Seifert’s novel. with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon Saturday 10 June It’s a sexually graphic the film furiously forward to fight old Soviet killer drama that draws is Gene Hackman’s the Winter Soldier. it provides a portrait of a devastated. Catty and funny. who is within that threaten 2003) of the sex workers scarcely less brutal than the future of the 9pm. The groovy lingo. International Man Monday 12 June as the wounded Inman. Pirrie is a luminous writer Anne. tv films 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 46 Sunday 11 June The Devil Wears Prada (David Frankel. with a cold and Austin Powers: drama stars Jude Law demanding husband. 2012) to his young wife Ada but it’s an absorbing The original adventures 1. Channel 5 (Scott Graham. 1997) Shell from the battlefront back performance of its star.40am. Captain America: (Cate Shortland. SHIELD. 2014) Lore leads her younger sister and brothers on a nightmarish journey to 10. security agency. Friedkin won an Oscar 90s to do battle with single father (Joseph 2011) for this superlative his nemesis. Dr Evil. where plucky teenager Joe Russo.25am. Combining lyrical Marvel’s most patriotic imagery with an unsparing depiction of the hunger and terror of the warrior. high-camp quiet desperation. who is Rey’s Marseilles-based Jason King-style outfits presence. Film4 reactivated in the dull her troubled. BBC2 crime thriller. The French Connection cryogenically frozen in Shell (Chloe Pirrie) helps (William Friedkin.30pm. with Anne Hathaway as the sweet Pick of the week Lore new kid in the office. W she meets and her the lowlife he hunts. Driving silliness are right on. between the situation cop Popeye Doyle.

47 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 tv films
Tuesday 13 June Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor- We know the handsome- mixed singles; and a
Johnson), and again but-weedy types – pair of movie buffs who
Full Metal Jacket he’s upstaged by Chloë Robert Wagner, Richard fancy a Fred ’n’ Ginger-
(Stanley Kubrick, 1987) Moretz’s anarchic Hit- Chamberlain etc – are ish production. A gently
10pm, ITV4 Girl. Despite her wowzer toast, but can firefighter humorous mockumentary
Kubrick’s clinical martial-arts skills, she Steve McQueen and in the Best in Show style.
vision of the hell that has promised her dear, architect Paul Newman
was Vietnam. The departed dad that she prevent a bonfire of the The Fighter
first half focuses on will be an ordinary vanities? This one set (David O Russell, 2010)
the dehumanisation high-school kid. Fat the template for the 12.55am, Channel 4
of American recruits chance, when there’s the disaster-movie era. Russell’s bruising, down-
through foul-mouthed villainous Motherfucker to-earth boxing movie,
abuse, led by real-life to take down. based on a true story,
army sergeant R Lee Friday 16 June stars Mark Wahlberg
Ermey; the second is as 90s welterweight
a graphic illustration of Thursday 15 June Confetti “Irish” Micky Ward.
the inhumanity of war. (Debbie Isitt, 2006) He wants a shot at the
The overly schematic The Towering Inferno 11.05pm, BBC2 title, but carries the
structure distances us (John Guillermin, Irwin When British lifestyle burden of big brother
from Matthew Modine’s Allen, 1974) mag Confetti offers a Dicky (Christian Bale),
Private “Joker” and his 11.10pm, TCM £500,000 house to a former champ-turned-
suffering comrades, A galaxy of Hollywood the creators of the trainer-turned-crack
but it remains a superb stars are partying on most original wedding addict. It’s convincingly
technical achievement. the top floor of a new plan, the competition is set in blue-collar
138-storey San Francisco whittled down to three Lowell, Massachusetts,
skyscraper when a fire couples: two naturists with Wahlberg quietly
Wednesday 14 June starts half way up, rerunning Adam and impressive and twitchy
blocking escape routes. Eve; a tennis pair playing Bale a bit distracting.
The Night of the Hunter
(Charles Laughton, 1955) 
9am, TCM
Laughton’s only film
as director is a dark,
delirious drama about
the eternal struggle
between good and evil.
The latter is represented
by Robert Mitchum’s
terrifying preacher, who
menaces two children
(Sally Jane Bruce and
Billy Chapin) who know
the whereabouts of their
murdered father’s ill-
gotten loot. With mother
Shelley Winters putty Hidden gem Radiator
in his hands, it’s down
to hardy Lillian Gish to
protect the innocents. (Tom Browne, 2014) Wednesday, 12.30am, Film4
The pain and infirmities of old age are explored here, not quite
Kick-Ass 2 with the brutal clarity of Michael Haneke’s Amour, but with real
(Jeff Wadlow, 2013) authenticity and emotion. One-time leading man Richard Johnson
10pm, E4 stars, in his last film, as cantankerous old Leonard, so immobile in his
A welcome, if slightly ramshackle little Lake District cottage that his wife Maria (Gemma
underpowered return for Jones) phones their estranged son Daniel (Daniel Cerqueira, who
the geeky, not-so-super co-wrote with Browne) for help. What follows is bleak but beautiful;
teenage crimefighter a heartwarming exploration of a dysfunctional family.

television Saturday 10 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 48

Pick of the day The Voice Kids 7.45pm, ITV
What could be better than a
Royal Academy Summer
Exhibition 2017 7pm, BBC2
Saturday night singing contest, The RA’s Summer Exhibition is
you ask? The answer, of course, arguably the art world’s most
is a Saturday night singing eccentric delight, and one of its
contest populated entirely by most enduring; every year since
seven-to-14-year-olds likely to 1769, it has welcomed everyone
take being blanked by Will.iam from amateurs to professionals
and co far worse than their adult to submit their work. Kirsty
counterparts. Expect the usual Wark and Brenda Emmanus
array of flops, surprises and why- present this preview, meeting
didn’t-they-turn shockers – just some of the artists featured and
a little bit littler. Alternately illuminating the vast behind-
crushing and raising self-esteems the-scenes logistics, which this
alongside Will are Danny-from- year involved hanging more than
McFly and Pixie Lott. HJD 1,200 works in eight days. AM

6.0 Breakfast (T) 10.0 Saturday 6.15 A to Z of TV Gardening (T) 6.0 CITV Grizzly Tales for
Kitchen Live (T) 11.30 Mary (R) 8.25 The Westerner Gruesome Kids (T) (R) 6.35
Berry Cooks (T) (R) 12.0 (William Wyler, 1940) (T) Signed Stories: Share a Story
Bargain Hunt (T) (R) 1.0 10.0 Monty Halls’ Great (T) (R) 7.0 Oddbods (T)
BBC News; Weather (T) 1.15 Hebridean Escape (T) (R) (R) 7.20 Marvel Avengers
Athletics: Diamond League 11.0 Homes Under the Assemble (T) (R) 8.10 Ben
Rome Highlights (T) 2.15 Hammer (T) (R) 12.0 Great 10 (T) 8.25 News (T) 8.30
Escape to the Country (T) British Menu (T) (R) 1.30 Weekend (T) 9.25 The Home
(R) 3.15 Money for Nothing Bette Davis: Talking Pictures Game (T) (R) 10.20 Griff’s
(T) (R) 4.15 Pointless (T) (R) 2.15 Now, Great Britain (T) (R) 10.50
Celebrities (T) (R) 5.05 BBC Voyager (Irving Rapper, Britain’s Got Talent Final (T)
News (T) 5.15 BBC Regional 1942) (T) 4.10 Flog It! (T) (R) 1.20 News (T) 1.30 Live
News; Weather (T) 5.25 (R) 5.0 Gardeners’ World (T) French Open Tennis 4.30
Indiana Jones and (R) 6.0 Great Continental World Cup Qualifier Live (T)
the Temple of Doom Railway Journeys (T) (R) Scotland v England (kick-off
(Steven Spielberg, 1984) 6.30 Dad’s Army (T) (R) 5pm). 7.30 Local News (T)
(T) 7.15 Doctor Who (T) 7.0 Royal Academy 7.35 News and Weather (T)
Summer Exhibition 2017 (T) 7.45 The Voice Kids (T)

8.0 Who Dares Wins (T) 8.0 Live International Rugby 9.15 Horrible Bosses (Seth
Complete strangers battle Union (T) Argentina v Gordon, 2011) (T) Three
it out to list as much as they England (kick-off 8.15pm). unhappy employees hate
know about a given subject. Jason Mohammad presents their bosses but cannot
8.45 Casualty (T) Violence coverage of the opening afford to quit their jobs – so
at a right-wing rally match of the two-Test they decide to resort to
brings the Ellisson family series, staged at the murder. Comedy, starring
back into the ER. Estadio San Juan del Jason Bateman, Colin Farrell
9.30 Mrs Brown’s Boys (T) (R) Bicentenario in San Juan. and Jennifer Aniston.
Agnes goes on a diet after
her family’s comments
about her weight.

10.0 BBC News; Weather (T) 10.30 Cricket: ICC Champions 11.05 ITV News and Weather (T)
National Lottery Update Trophy Highlights (T) Local Weather
10.20 Would I Lie to You? (T) England v Australia. 11.25 World Cup Qualifier
(R) A truth-or-lies comedy 11.20 Versailles (T) (R) Louis Highlights (T) Scotland v
panel show hosted by returns to Versailles England. Action from the
Rob Brydon. vowing to purify his private Group F fixture at Hampden
10.50 Shanghai Noon (Tom life, while Madame de Park, where the old rivals
Dey, 2000) (T) Comedy Montespan hopes to cement met for the 114th time.
western, starring Jackie her place in his heart. 12.25 Tipping Point (T) (R) 1.20
Chan and Owen Wilson. 12.20 Elles (Malgorzata Jackpot247 3.0 Who’s Doing
12.35 Weather for the Week Szumowska, 2011) Drama, the Dishes? (T) (R)
Ahead (T) 12.40 News (T) starring Juliette Binoche.

49 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Saturday 10 television
Doctor Who 7.15pm BBC1 Big Brother 9pm, Channel 5 Cardinal 9pm, BBC4
There’s an Edgar Rice Burroughs/ A roundup of today’s highlights: The Canadian serial-killer drama
steampunk flavour to tonight’s the games, the diary time, the benefits, in this second double
Mark Gatiss-penned adventure, laughs, the artificially induced bill, from a switch of focus. We’re
which sees Victorian soldiers bust-ups as well as reactions mostly with the killers, not the
looking to conquer Mars for to the first eviction. Who might ludicrous whispering-maverick
the glory of the empire. This that have been? The stripper? cop who’ll no doubt intuit the
poses something of a headache One of the sisters? One half of solution out of nowhere next
for the Doctor, who’s vowed to the married couple, Imran and week. That means swapping
protect humanity. Which side Sukhvinder, whose presence is a one set of cliches for another: a
will he take: that of the invading BB first? Perhaps audiences might gaffer-taped victim, tortured and
imperialist armies or the hordes like a mass eviction instead, with intimidated in a cellar, hopes to
of militant Ice Warriors, whose the floor giving way, sending trick or fight his way out before
hive the gung-ho clots are about every last tedious attention- his tormentors tire of him. But
to trample over? A keen political seeker sliding into a bottomless those scenes ably build tension,
allegory for any time zone. AJC pit? Worth considering. DS so when it breaks … whew. JS

Channel 4 Channel 5 BBC4
6.20 Motor Sport: Volkswagen 6.0 Milkshake! 10.05 Teenage
Racing Cup (T) 6.45 Motor Mutant Ninja Turtles (T)
Sport: Mini Challenge (T) (R) 10.40 The Gadget
7.15 Swansea Triathlon Show (T) (R) 11.35 Police
(T) 7.40 Everybody Loves Interceptors (T) (R) 12.35
Raymond (T) (R) 8.30 Police Interceptors (T) (R)
Frasier (T) (R) 10.0 The Big 1.30 Police Interceptors (T)
Bang Theory (T) (R) 11.25 (R) 2.30 FIA Formula E Live
The Simpsons (T) (R) 12.55 (T) 4.15 Nightmare Tenants,
Four in a Bed (T) (R) 3.30 A Slum Landlords (T) (R) 5.15
Place in the Sun: Winter Sun The Nightmare Neighbour
(T) (R) 4.35 Big House, Little Next Door (T) (R) 6.15 The
House (T) 5.35 Kirstie and Nightmare Neighbour Next 7.0 Natural World Special:
Phil’s Love It or List It (T) (R) Door (T) (R) 7.0 Can’t Pay? Attenborough’s Ark (T)
6.30 Channel 4 News (T) We’ll Take It Away (T) (R) (R) David Attenborough
7.0 Britain’s Ancient Tracks chooses 10 animals he
with Tony Robinson (T) (R) would most like to save
from extinction.

8.0 Iron Man (Jon 8.0 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It 8.0 Nature’s Great Events (T)
Favreau, 2008) (T) An arms Away (T) (R) In Staffordshire (R) David Attenborough
manufacturer invents a the agents try to collect describes the annual surge
hi-tech suit of armour and nearly £2,500 in unpaid of sardines along South
uses it in the fight against parking fines. Africa’s east coast.
evil around the world. 8.55 5 News Weekend (T) 9.0 Cardinal (T) Canadian
Superhero adventure, 9.0 Big Brother (T) Roundup crime thriller, starring
starring Robert Downey Jr. of highlights, revealing the Billy Campbell.
housemates’ reactions to 9.40 Cardinal (T) Cardinal
the first eviction, as well as and Delorme’s personal
arguments, laughs and diary conflict threatens their
room visits. new partnership.

10.30 Formula 1: Canadian Grand 10.05 Best of Bad TV: The 90s (T) 10.25 TOTP: 1984 (T) (R) A Top
Prix Qualifying Highlights (R) A decade in terrible TV. 40 rundown from 1984.
(T) Action from Montreal. 11.35 Lip Sync Battle UK (T) 11.40 Metal at the BBC (T) (R)
12.0 Horns (Alexandre Aja, (R) Peter Andre and Gino Including Iron Maiden,
2013) (T) Horror, starring D’Acampo go head to head. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest
Daniel Radcliffe. 2.05 3.10 Austin Powers: and Motorhead.
Hollyoaks (T) 4.05 Ackley International Man of 12.10 Britain’s Most Dangerous
Bridge (T) (R) 5.0 Fifteen to Mystery (Jay Roach, 1997) Songs: Listen to the
One (T) (R) 5.55 3rd Rock (T) Spoof spy adventure. Banned (T) (R) 1.10 More
from the Sun (T) (R) 4.50 House Doctor (T) (R) Dangerous Songs (T) (R)
5.15 Wildlife SOS (T) (R) 2.10 Meat Loaf: In and Out
5.40 Angels of Jarm (T) (R) of Hell (T) (R)

television Saturday 10 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 50

Pick of the day Isle of Wight Festival 2017
8pm, Sky Arts
Royal Pains 5pm, Universal
“Doctor-for-hire” dramedy Royal
From David Guetta to Rod Pains returns for its eighth – and
Stewart, this year’s IOW isn’t final – season, with Dr Hank
exactly about the wildcards. As Lawson and Evan prepping for
such, tonight’s headliners Arcade their dad Eddie’s (Henry Winkler)
Fire, with their fiddly indie rock, unexpectedly announced,
are possibly a challenge – though hastily organised wedding to
their theatrical presentation and the cosmetic surgery-fixated
Wilco-like new single Everything Ms Newberg. Surely nothing
Now will hopefully provide an to worry about there, right?
entry point for the unconverted. Elsewhere, Hank takes on Diana
Edith Bowman, Maya Jama Underhill (Teri Polo) as a patient,
and Ricky Wilson (busy chap, a would-be senator whose big
he’s also playing with Kaiser plans don’t include slowing down
Chiefs) present highlights. JR to take stock of her health. BA

Other channels Is Goodish 12.0 QI XL 1.0 Would Gossip 1.30 You’ve Been Framed!
I Lie to You? 1.40 Would I Lie to Gold 2.35 What a Girl
CBBC You? 2.20 Would I Lie to You? 2.55 Wants (2003) 4.40 Happy
7.0am Arthur 7.15 Scream Street Game of Arms 4.0 Home Shopping Feet (2006) 6.50 Sweet
7.25 The Deep 7.45 MOTD Home Alabama (2002) 9.0 Love
Kickabout 8.05 Dennis the E4 Island: The Weekly Hot List 10.0
Menace and Gnasher 8.15 Dennis 6.0am The Goldbergs 6.20 The Celebrity Juice 10.45 Family Guy
the Menace and Gnasher 8.30 Goldbergs 6.45 The Goldbergs 12.15 American Dad! 1.10 Celebrity
Officially Amazing Goes Bunkers 7.05 Couples Come Dine with Me Juice: Bestest Bits 2017 2.10
8.55 Newsround 9.0 Odd Squad 9.05 Melissa & Joey 9.35 Melissa Through the Keyhole
9.30 4 O’Clock Club: The First & Joey 10.0 Melissa & Joey 10.30
Gang 10.30 The Playlist 10.45 Melissa & Joey 11.0 Melissa & Joey ITV3
How to Be Epic @ Everything 11.0 11.30 The Goldbergs 12.0 The 6.0am Murder, She Wrote 6.50
Millie Inbetween 11.30 The Next Goldbergs 12.30 The Goldbergs Murder, She Wrote 7.50 The
Step 11.50 Newsround 12.0 The 12.55 The Goldbergs 1.25 Brooklyn Nun’s Story (1959) 10.50 A Touch
Dumping Ground 12.25 Matilda Nine-Nine 1.55 Brooklyn Nine- of Frost 12.55 Lewis 3.0 Agatha
and the Ramsay Bunch 12.45 Nine 2.25 The Core (2003) Christie’s Marple 5.0 Agatha
Jamie Johnson 1.10 So Awkward 5.0 The Big Bang Theory 5.30 The Christie’s Marple 7.0 Midsomer
2.10 Newsround 2.15 Hetty Big Bang Theory 6.0 The Big Bang Murders 9.0 Foyle’s War 11.0 Law
Feather 2.45 Hetty Feather 3.10 Theory 6.30 The Big Bang Theory & Order: UK 12.05 Law & Order:
Horrible Histories 3.40 Operation 7.0 The Big Bang Theory 7.30 The UK 1.05 Law & Order: UK 2.0 ITV3
Ouch! Hospital Takeover 4.10 The Big Bang Theory 8.0 The Big Bang Nightscreen 2.30 Teleshopping
Dumping Ground 4.40 My Life: Theory 8.30 The Big Bang Theory
How We Roll 5.10 Jamie Johnson 9.0 Pitch Perfect (2012) 11.15 ITV4
5.40 MOTD Kickabout 6.0 Now Gogglebox 12.20 Gogglebox 1.25 6.0am Minder 7.0 Motorsport
You See It 6.10 Show Me What Rude Tube 2.30 Rude Tube 3.20 UK 8.0 The Classic Car Show 9.0
You’re Made Of 6.40 Remotely Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.05 Cycling: Women’s Tour Highlights
Funny 7.0 Officially Amazing Goes First Dates Abroad 4.30 New Girl 10.0 ITV Racing: The Opening
Bunkers 7.30 The Worst Witch 4.50 New Girl Show 11.0 The Motorbike Show
8.0 Hetty Feather 8.30 Nowhere 12.0 The Motorbike Show 1.0 TT
Boys; Zig and Zag’s Zogcasts Film4 2017 2.0 ITV Racing Live 4.25 Live
11.0am Gideon of Scotland French Open Tennis 6.30 Storage
Dave Yard (1958) 1.0 School of Wars 6.55 The Sweeney 8.0
7.0 Deadly 60 7.25 Deadly 60 Rock (2003) 3.10 Carry On Cycling: Women’s Tour Highlights
7.50 Home Shopping 8.0 Top Nurse (1959) 4.55 Night at 9.0 TT 2017 10.0 Cycling:
Gear 9.0 Top Gear 10.0 Dara O the Museum (2006) 7.05  Critérium du Dauphiné Highlights
Briain’s Go 8 Bit 11.0 Go 8 Bit: Unstoppable (2010) 9.0  11.05 Transporter 3 (2008)
DLC 11.35 Red Bull Soapbox Race Red 2 (2013) 11.15 Legion 1.15 TT 2017 2.10 The Motorbike
12.35 Sin City Motors 1.35 Sin City (2010) 1.15 The French Show 3.0 Teleshopping
Motors 2.35 Top Gear 4.0 Top Connection (1971)
Gear 5.0 Traffic Cops 6.0 Traffic More4
Cops 7.0 Top Gear 8.0 Dynamo: ITV2 8.55am Four in a Bed 9.30 Four
Magician Impossible 9.0 Would 6.0am Vicky Pattison: The Hot in a Bed 9.55 Four in a Bed 10.30
I Lie to You? 9.40 Would I Lie to Desk 6.10 Emmerdale 8.35 Four in a Bed 11.05 Four in a Bed
You? 10.20 Would I Lie to You? Coronation Street 11.0 Take Me 11.35 A Place in the Sun: Home
11.0 Dave Gorman: Modern Life Out 12.25 Take Me Out: The or Away 12.35 A Place in the Sun:

30 Sounds of the Angeles 9. first Marquess of Anglesey revisit their International Rugby Union: 12.0 Blue Bloods 9.40 My Family 7.0 Great Test series from San Juan. 10.0 Nothing Left Unsaid: Home Shopping .0 Modern 12. Voyager (Irving Rapper.0 Weatherman Argentina v England 8pm.05 8 Out of 10 Cats Does 3.0 3. Menu (T) (R) 11.30-1.0 Sky1 Spandau Ballet: The Reformation Private Lives of the Tudors 7.30 Mike Phillips: Y Gem Olaf Music Videos That Shaped the 7. Secrets 5.0 Without a Trace 4.0 Modern Family Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Location.0 BBC Coverage of the final Group A ITV  Nightscreen (T) News.30-5.0 Continental Railway Journeys (T) 1.25 Jude Cisse: Y Wag 2.0 The Bill 10.05 Urban 1970s 11.0 House Dine with Me 3.15-4. Weather 1.0 One Born Every Minute Pobol y Rhondda 2.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 4.0 Rugby’s Funniest a Trace 5.0 It Was Alright in the 1.0 Stwnsh Sadwrn Watercolour Challenge 8.40 Come 5.0am Ashley Banjo’s Secret Tour 2009 4.35 Judge 10 Cats Uncut Sky Arts Faith 7. Pietro Mennea.0 Storm The Secret Life of Mata Hari 3.0 Madama Butterfly On Sydney Family 8.30 Futurama 3. Highlights (T) Action from the Golden Gala Three Cliffs Bay in Gower.30-6.0 The South Prog at the BBC 9.30 The Simpsons 7.05 match for both sides in the one.30 Trefi Gwyllt Iolo 2.45 Beat Beat Beat 5.30 Futurama 2.15 Four in a Bed Own: US Road Trip 2.45 o Fon 4.0 Trace 8.0 Discovering: Frank Sinatra 10.0 The Bill 1.0 ITV Nightscreen 4.15 It Was Zoo Tales W Alright in the 1970s 3.0 Family 6.30.0 Extreme Aled Sion Davies 11.0 Isle of Wight 6.0 It Was Alright in the Late Show with James Corden (2017) 2.0 International 4.30 Taith y Llewod 2017 8.0 Storm City Countdown 12.0 Street Crew 7. Pet 6.15 8 Out of 6.15 MacGyver 8.0am The British 7.0am Great British England v Australia 10am.0am The South Bank Show 8.15 Athletics: Diamond League Rome Walking (T) (R) Derek Brockway explores The opening match of the two.20 Four in a The Late Late Show with James of Thrones 10.30 Rowliodd Lowri 1.0 Teleshopping British Menu (T) (R) 12.0 Cold Mountain Mwy 3. Teleshopping 2.30 Priodas Festival 2017 12.30 Prog at the 12.30 Auction 1.05 5.0 Come Dine with Me 4.50 Grimm 1.0 DNA Cymru 4.10 8 Out of 10 Search.0 Jamestown 3.0am Cyw 8.45 Come Moments 9.0 The F1 Show 6.30 Watercolour Challenge 3. 4.20 Newyddion a Chwaraeon Master of Photography 5.55 Four in a Bed 7.20am-3.0 Makeover: Home Edition 6.50 C’mon Midffild Discovering: Elizabeth Taylor 4.0 Her yr The Great Masterpiece Challenge (2003) 12.0 O Gymru Fach 11.30 Garddio a Harbour 12.0 House 2.0 Game 5.0 3 Lle: Tales of the Unexpected 8.0 Home Shopping 6.20am and Claude Rains. 5.0 Futurama 4.0 Criminal Minds: Hinsawdd 4.50-3.51 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Saturday 10 television Today’s best live sport Terrestrial variations Champions Trophy Cricket: STV NORTH As ITV except 1.0 Futurama 3.30 Bill 11.0 NCIS: Sky Atlantic Pet 11.0 NCIS: Los Angeles Seventies 10.40 Location.0 Judge Faith 2.30 for Goalposts 8. BBC2 3.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 11.35 y Ffermwyr 5.10 The Wizard Bed 6. Seize 5.0 House 1.55 Rivers with Jeremy with James Corden 12.10 Judge Faith 2.10 Coast Noson Lawen 10.0 Ed Sheeran: Jumpers Yesterday Uchafbwyntiau’r Urdd 2017 9.0 Networks of Sketchbook 12.0 The 3.30-12noon Great 6.0 Stop.0 Road Wars 2.20am BBC2 SCOTLAND 11.30 City 10.10 The Two Ronnies Los Angeles 12.0am Secrets of War 7. Continental Railway Journeys (T) (R) Home or Away 1.50 Four in a Bed 6.0 Modern Family 4.0 The Late Late Show of Lies (2017) 12.10 Come Dine with Family 6.20 ITV Nightscreen 5.0 Without a Trace 6.0 Inside the Ambulance 6.0 NCIS: Los Bank Show the Sixties 9.0 Sounds of the Seventies 2.0 Without a Dine with Me 5.0 Medieval Murder Mysteries Pum Mil 12.0 Networks of Power with Sir 2. Location 2.45 Live International Rugby Union (T) childhood home.0 Auf Wiedersehen.0 A League of Their Without a Trace 7.30 Sounds of the Sixties City 1.0 Watercolour Challenge 7. ITV Teleshopping 2.0 Auf Wiedersehen.30 Game of Thrones 1970s 10.0pm Anglesey: Island All the action from the Group F Country (T) (R) Former expats seek a home Life (T) (R) Two descendants of the fixture at Hampden Park. Modern Family 5.10am Judge Faith 6.0 Zoo Tales 5.0 The Bill 9.0 10. 6.15 Oasis Live at Barrowlands 4.0 6.25 Four Corden 11.0 The Bill 12.40 The in a Bed 7.40 Come Dine with Me 4.0 Medieval Murder Mysteries 1. starring Bette Davis Football World Cup Qualifier: ULSTER As ITV except 1.35 Discovering: Coldplay 2. SCOTTISH As ITV except 1.0 My Gbara 12. in which to retire in rural Gloucestershire.20 ITV Nightscreen (T) Romantic drama.0 The Beechgrove Garden (T) (R) BBC1 SCOTLAND 12noon Escape to the BBC2 WALES 5.0 Sounds of Rugby Union 8.0 The Late Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Paxman 9.50 Fferm Ffactor: Brwydr 2. 1942) day tournament from Edgbaston Teleshopping 2.30-7.30 Cats Does Countdown 1.30 Modern Family 6.30 80s 6.30 Gwanas i Tales of the Unexpected 9.0 Betty White’s Off Their Rockers 6.30 2.20 My Ffermio 1.0 Futurama 8.30 David Attenborough’s Wild Power with Sir Christopher Meyer BBC 1.0 Without Me 3.0 Fake! 9.30 Tom Kerridge’s 10.0 EastEnders 3.0 Beat Beat Beat 8.35 Beat Beat Beat Abandoned Engineering 8.15 Flog It! (T) (R) 2.0 Landward (T) (R) Scotland v England 4.0 Watercolour Challenge Beyond Borders 12.30 Christopher Meyer 9.0 The S4C Digital 7.30 Best Ever Dishes 4.30pm.35 Nurse Jackie 4.20am Now.0 6.0 Great Sky  Sports 2 CHANNEL As ITV except 1.

Channel 5 While Baby and Johnny get features marriage. death and slightly modified backstories for an impending birth.0 Breakfast (T) 9. 2013) (T) Comedy.25 Britain’s Best Walks Escape to the Country (T) America’s Cup Highlights with Julia Bradbury (T) (R) (R) 4. tick when it comes to cars.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show Ahead (T) 12.0 Countryfile (T) Tennis 6.0 Vera (T) (R) 8.0 Judge Rinder (T) (R) Eat Well for Less? (T) (R) (T) 6.20 BBC Regional News.25pm. 11.0 (R) 1. HJD BBC1 BBC2 ITV 6.20 World Cup Qualifier 10.50 ITV Nightscreen 12. Starring Chris Evans and v South Africa.45 News and Weather (T) 7. helplessly.0 Cricket: ICC Champions is targeted by a murderous faces a cyborg assassin.15 Beechgrove Garden (T) 8. Continental Road Trip 9. Abigail Breslin thorough rotter George is having (Baby) can act but isn’t too hot problems with his stepson on the dancing.15 World (T) (R) 8.0 Mock the Week: Election 10. Drama.0 Countryfile (T) (R) 9.00 10.0 The Loch (T) New series. diamonds that were hidden 9. DS Almost certainly not. (T) The Bake Off judge The period drama returns concludes his trip in France. starring Clyde. 10.0 CITV Grizzly Tales for Andrew Marr Show (T) 10.30 Weekend (T) (R) 3. Ed Scotland v England.25 News and Weather Regional News.20 Marvel Avengers Bargain Hunt (T) (R) 1.0 The Fifteen Billion 11. 11.05 Gardeners’ Gruesome Kids (T) (R) 6. of the feeling. film as it is to remake it almost but their honeymoon is cut short shot for shot with about a 10th by an emergency.35 Weather for the Week Gupta.45 BBC News (T) 1. Ross smoulders to move you.55 The Voice Kids (T) 6. while Colt Prattes Geoffrey and brings in a young (Johnny) can move but is unlikely governess.35 BBC News (T) 6. television Sunday 11 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 52 Pick of the day Poldark 9pm. Where’s the sweat. Special (T) (R) Topical Local Weather Weather (T) comedy show.35 Championship Series – Leeds 11.15 Money for Nothing (T) (T) (R) 11.25 ITV 2.30 White Gold (T) (R) Comedy Highlights (T) Including The Winter Soldier (Anthony drama set in the 1980s. isn’t as much to riff on the original Caroline and Dwight are wed.15 The Instant Gardener 6.0 ITV News and Weather (T) 10.0 Menu (T) (R) 12. Trophy Highlights (T) India stalker. BBC1 The opener of series three DIrty Dancing 6.35 (T) (R) 7.30 Jackpot247 3.0 Triathlon: World 10. 2014) (T) Westwick stars.0 Flog It! (T) (R) 4. while the Cornish the emotion? Will you have the landscape sits in beautiful time of your life watching this? indifference to all the strife.35 Lethal Weapon (T) (R) Cahill The superhuman soldier 11.0 The Life Swap Adventure 9. Meanwhile.05 The Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures The Big Questions (T) 12. Fiona Bruce presents a (T) A Guyanese hunter from The search for a serial killer second show from New a rural village in the Amazon sends a small community Lanark on the banks of the rainforest trades places with into shock.0 Paul Hollywood’s Big in an upholstered chair.0 Poldark (T) New series.0 (T) (R) 7.0 BBC News (T) 10.00 8.30 Great British News (T) 8.50 Pound Railway (T) (R) 7.30 Local News (T) 6.0 Antiques Roadshow (T) 8.40 News (T) starring Amara Karan.0 Sailing: 9. Russo.30 Captain America: 10.40 Sunday Politics (T) 11. where items include a civil servant from London. Weather (T) Dragons’ Den (T) (R) (T) 1.30 Assemble (T) (R) 7.0 Motorsport Scarlett Johansson.50 Kings of Curry (Amit UK (T) 3. 5. Laura Fraser.0 Great British Menu 8.10 Ben 10 (T) 8.0 The 6. the aim here ill for Elizabeth’s unborn child.45 Points of View (T) (T) 1. but a black this new US made-for-TV remake moon rising over Cornwall augurs of the 80s classic.30 Live French Open 7. 12.15 Homes Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Thunderbirds Are Go (T) (R) Under the Hammer (T) (R) (T) 11. as Ross tries to rebuild where he tries to find out both Nampara and his what makes the country relationship with Demelza. 10. (T) (R) . Joe Russo.0 Songs of Praise (T) 5.0 Peston on Sunday (T) 5.

10 (T) (R) 10. Location Doctor (T) (R) 5.55 Police Interceptors (T) (R) Eating Well with Hemsley 1.0 Big Brother (T) Daily has changed since Britain’s a treehouse takes on a tin.0 Inside God’s Observatory: Vettel (T) A look at the (Jennifer Westfeldt.30 Frasier (T) (R) 8. SH will provide. Fighter Attack (Lesley 11.0 Nigel Slater: Life Is Sweets Devil Wears Prada (David (Wayne Blair.30 Horizon: 40 Years on the 12. city cops v country chillingly plausible insights into identity with minimal background cops. 2003) (T) 12. then women rainforests of Guyana while A bit daft? Yes.30 Eat the 2.20 KOTV Boxing (T) SOS (T) (R) Ferry Strip-Down (T) (R) . In the most ambitious mention a very grisly murder might take hold.0 A candy to the treats that line Very British Hotel (T) (R) supermarket shelves today. 10.40 Homes by the medicinal medieval boiled Sea (T) 6. 1984) (T) (T) (R) 2. 4.10 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take of Astronomy (T) (R) British Prix Highlights (T) Action It Away (T) (R) 3. though.30 Sunday Deadly Pursuits 2 (T) (R) Brunch (T) 12. starring explores the moon.0 Milkshake! 10.30 Britain’s Star Men: Heroes 10. Location. 8.30 Engineering Giants: (T) (R) 3. though: the menfolk grips with a bow and arrow.15 Wildlife (R) 1.15 Footloose Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (Herbert Ross. featuring the latest tasks.20 3rd Rock from the Sun 6. London civil servant John gets to Ditch the pork scratchings before Don’t worry. GV you watch. First.35 Police Interceptors: + Hemsley (T) 9. clad construction. These offer pick up the threads of their new scenery.35 Frasier (T) (R) Zwart. Nightmares USA (T) (R) 2. ITV’s glossy new This adaptation of Margaret Bourne about this globetrotting offering hits the crime drama Atwood’s novel does a fine job reality series. planets is forcing scientists an Eye and Aunt Lydia about to re-explain the creation her knowledge of Ofglen.15 Formula 1: Hamilton Vs 10. diary Solar System (T) (R) An Offred joins Serena Joy on a room visits and bedroom examination of how the visit to see Ofwarren’s baby.40 A charts the origins of British Place in the Sun: Winter Sun sweets and chocolate.30 The 6. 8pm.05 Teenage (T) (R) 6. from Montreal. directed by and the Vatican’s observatory. 10.30 FIA Formula E Live Week (T) 1. self-sustaining hunter and a killer who will surely be is emboldened to call his female Lionel bids farewell to the dubbed the Loch Ness Monster. tourist-board approved make it so superb.0 Friends with Kids 10. from (T) (R) 5. starring Jennifer Westfeldt. chit-chat. 2011) A Sky at Night Special (T) At rivalry between Sebastian (T) Comedy. they opening episode alone there’s Gilead.25 Dirty Dancing 7. In this of realising the Republic of agree to exchange places. roundup of highlights. first was opened in 1958.45 Everybody Mutant Ninja Turtles Loves Raymond (T) (R) 7. Narrated by regular discovery of distant and is later interrogated by Marcus Bentley.30 Formula 1: Canadian Grand 12.0 The Handmaid’s Tale (T) arguments. ITV The Handmaid’s Tale 9pm.0 Horizon: Secrets of the 9. 1953) (T) Second Moon (T) (R) Brian Cox (T) (R) 1. laughs.30 Nature’s Great Events (T) Location.35 Ramsay’s Kitchen world war drama. opinion about motorways ultimate cabin concludes as 9.0 Cabins in the Wild with 8.40 8. customers “sluts”. of the solar system. 2006) (T) 4.0 The Secret Life of the Dick Strawbridge (T) The The day’s headlines from Motorway (T) (R) How competition to find the around the world.50 House 12. renditioned a close-knit community with to a more recognisable US that to another country and have to a secret. Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. 9.35 Grand Prix: The Killer Years Selander.35 News (T) 7.10 stargazers go on a road trip. Engaging? Sure. a barista swap yet. EEJ Channel 4 Channel 5 BBC4 6. When two strangers tropes pretty hard. teens v parents … not to how a woman-hating theocracy intel.53 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Sunday 11 television The Life Swap Adventure The Loch 9pm. BBC2 Set in a wee village in the Loch Channel 4 There’s something quite Jason Ness area.25 Sterling Hayden.30 George (T) 4. 2017) (T) (T) (R) The food writer Frankel.55 5 News Weekend (T) 8.40 Agent Everybody Loves Raymond Cody Banks (Harald (T) (R) 7. are shut out of the workplace. but it’s the flashbacks are both blindfolded.

0 Show Me What You’re Big Bang Theory 6. SO’C remains to be seen.30 (1988) 7.05 Family Guy 11.30 E4 Bottersnikes & Gumbles 8.0 Brooklyn Murder.0am Snooker v Darts 6.25 The Deep 7. How compound where the water far Bad Dale will impede his storage tanks are empty.50 Officially Bang Theory 4.15 Scream Street of Arms 4.55 Wire The Next Step 2.0 Blue Peter: Code Cracker Come Dine with Me 8. Sky Atlantic structured-reality show Return is just what the series so introduces Jimmy Stice.0 New Zealand 12.40 6.0 Love Island: with Me 12.25 Couples 6.05 River Monsters Top Gear 9.0 Sin 6.0 Horrible Histories Kevin Can Wait 12.10 Life of Boys 6.0 The Joy of Techs 4.30 CBBC Week 1.05 Scream Street 11.05 Vice Versa Touring Car Championship 6.30 9.30 Is Rising (2007) 3.0 Top Gear 8.30 Star & Order: UK 11.45pm.20 3. who’ve journey has unlocked intensely each paid $5.0am Home Shopping 7.0 Traffic Coyote Ugly (2000) 9.30 The Voice Kids 5.30 Danger Mouse 11.40 4 O’Clock 6.0 12.45 Heartbeat 8.0 New Girl 11.55 Storage Wars Show Me What You’re Made Of 9.20 Suits 3.0 Home Tour Highlights 12.05 10.0 The Joanna Lumley’s Japan 10.20 Horrible Histories 2.30 Totally Bonkers Guinness 7.30 The Dumping 1.0 Midsomer Street 11.0am Arthur 7.10 Game American Dad! 1. Brazen progress – and which other plots scam or brave new eco world? will develop in this fifth episode – That is the question.05 Strange Hill High 8.0 Rude Tube House Win 5.0 Officially (2013) 5.55 Traffic Cops 6.10 Tommy Cooper 2.15 Live British Jamie Johnson 8.television Sunday 11 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 54 Pick of the day Jungletown 9pm.50 Heartbeat Competition 9.05 The Club 5.50 The Flintstones More4 Techs 4.25 7.0 Histories 10.0 Teleshopping 11.0 ITV2 Monsters 1.0 Epic Tour Highlights 11. a US far has been all about.50 The Dumping Ground 4.0 Location 9.10 House Win 4. Viceland The first episode of this Twin Peaks: The Return 11.05 Gogglebox 1.0 Family Guy 12.20 My Life: School of Rock Gogglebox 12.35 Emmerdale 9.30 The Big Murders 7.0 QI XL 10.35 St Trinian’s 8.55 Murder.55 Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 3.30 Newsround 10.25 World Cup Qualifier Live 10.30 Turner & Death on the Nile (1978) 11.25 (1994) 1.10 The Motorbike Show 9.0 Grand Designs Race 7.0 Law Bunch 1.10 Trawlermen 8. JR Other channels 11.0 Reginald D Hunter Live 12.10 Rank the Prank 5.55am Location.0 Hetty Feather 7.35 Film4 Saint 7.50 QI 2.0 River Shopping 7.0 American Dad! 7. She Wrote 11.0 Law & Order: UK Made Of 1.10 You’ve Been Framed! Gold Nightscreen 3.55 Operation Ouch! Hospital 8 Out of 10 Cats 2.0 Amanda Lamb 11.0 The Goldbergs 3.50 Trek (2009) 9.0 in the Blood 3.0am Baby Daddy 6.20 May the Best 2.20 Theory 4.15 Scream Hooch (1989) 2.45 Matilda and the Ramsay The Big Bang Theory 6.0 The Big Bang Prince Philip: 60 Years of the Duke Amazing Goes Bunkers 12.0 Marvel’s Agents 12.05 Secret 11.0am Planet’s Funniest Animals 2.0 The Amazing Goes Bunkers 8.0 Paul Newsround 12.55 Selling Houses with 8 Bit: DLC 6.40 3.0 When Phillip Met Danger Mouse 11. Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit 5.30 The Next Step 1.35 Come Dine with .0 Home Shopping 1.05 Come Dine Cops 9.0 Rude Tube 11. normal setting. Location.25 The Playlist 5.0 The Seeker: The Dark TT 2017 10.40 Hollyoaks ITV4 The Next Step 4.30 Horrible Hollyoaks 11.0 Ride Along (2014) Car Chasers 6.0 11.0 Wire in the Blood 1.20 Cycling: Critérium du Dauphiné Dave Blue Valentine (2010) Highlights 11.0 Cycling: Women’s 6.20 Aftersun 11.0 Top Gear 10.20 Top Gear 3.30 Live at the Apollo 1.30 Go (2007) 3.25 Couples ITV3 How to Be Epic @ Everything Come Dine with Me 7.10 Cycling: Women’s Ground 7.15 Newsround of SHIELD 10.45 The Deep World Records: Bonkingly Big Hits 8.10 The Motorbike Show Horrible Histories 6.25 The Joy of Street 11.0 The Big Bang Theory 5.45 ITV4 City Motors 10.15 Oldboy (2013) 1. She Wrote 12. Namely.55 Foyle’s War 5.35 Roy Nine-Nine 12.30 The Big Bang Theory of Edinburgh’s Award 8. real-estate entrepreneur aiming how the Good Dale can find to build a sustainable and his way out of the Black Lodge “socially responsible” town from and into something like his scratch in the Panamanian jungle.55 Traffic Cops 12.30 O’Grady’s Animal Orphans 9. His unfolding He drafts in 80 interns.30 The Goldbergs 2.000 for a 10-week sinister weirdness and also course in societal basics at his incidents of delightful and “institute” and arrive in a muddy hallucinatory good cheer.25 May the Best 2.0 Red Bull Soapbox Despicable Me 2 (2013) 7.55 Top Gear 6.0 Escape Plan (2013) 7.0am Agatha Christie’s Marple 9.15 Coronation 2.0 Taskmaster Love Island 10.10 On the Buses Takeover 3.20 Mock the Family Guy 12.0am ParaNorman (2012) 8.

BBC1 NORTH WEST 10.0 Wynne Evans 2017 12.0 Hidden 2.10 Four in a Bed 3.55 Stopping Scotland’s Scammers Pound Railway (T) (R) BBC2 N IRELAND which takes place at Montreal’s (T) (R) 1.15pm.30-6.0 1.0am UFOs Declassified 7.0 Networks Ronnies Sketchbook 10.15 ar Waith 10.15 Sunday (T) 1.15 Four in a Bed 4.0 Zoo Hotel Hell 1.0 David Attenborough’s Storm City 10.30 Bryan Adams Live in Finest 1.0 Teleshopping Politics Wales (T) BBC1 N IRELAND of the men’s singles final.0-1.0am Politics North West (T) BBC1 SCOTLAND 1.0 Beat Beat Beat 12.0 The Fifteen Billion The seventh round of the season.0 The Two Futurama 10.0am-11.0am Eras of Music History Point: Lucky Stars 1.0 Ashley South Bank Show Wiedersehen.0 Car SOS 10.30am Teleshopping 2.35 Brando 4.40 Yes.10 5.20 My Family 4.15 Politics Northern Ireland (T) (R) 12.0am Cyw 8.0 Tipping 6.0 One Born Every 2017 2.15 Sgorio 10.05 Ramsay’s 4.30pm.0 The Bloods 9.25 Ffermio 4.15 Sunday John Inverdale presents coverage Nightscreen 5.10 Legend in Concert 4.40 Tales 5. Prime Attenborough’s Wild City 1.55 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Sunday 11 television Today’s best live sport Terrestrial variations Tennis: The French Open STV NORTH As ITV except 11.0 Taith y Llewod Tate Britain’s Great British Walks Curiosities 8.20 Ati Dal Ati: Bore Da 10.0 Becoming Mike Nichols Come Dine with Me 2.0 Home Shopping .55 1.0 Storm City 11.0 Meyer 8.0-8.0 Father Ted 10.0 David of Power with Sir Christopher Prime Minister 10.0 David Attenborough’s 11.55 Come Trip 2.30 Sounds of the Seventies 8.15 Championship Series – Leeds (T) 10.0-6.0 Hidden Killers 1.15 Sunday Politics Scotland Scotland’s Scammers (T) (R) 1.0 Sounds of the Sixties Futurama 8.30 Futurama 10. Belgrade.40 Your Does Countdown Sky Arts Home in Their Hands 8.40 Beat Beat UFOs Declassified 8. 12. Prime Minister David Attenborough’s Galapagos with Sir Christopher Meyer 9.0 12.55 Pen-Blwydd Pwy? 9.15 8 Out of 10 Cats 6.10 Boston’s Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol Toronto 8.0 Prog at Banjo’s Secret Street Crew 8.45 Pobol y Cwm 6.0 Triathlon: World Football World Cup Qualifier: Nightscreen BBC1 NORTH 10.30 Serbia v Wales 7.0 Watercolour Beyond Borders 10.0 The Borgias 4.0 Fake! The Great Masterpiece Minute 9.45 Twin Peaks: The Dine with Me 7. Seize 5.10 Storm City 5.0 Hawaii Five-0 10. ITV Countrywise (T) (R) 11.30.0 The Blacklist 2.0 the BBC 7.0 Most Daring Storm City Does Countdown 12.0 Auf 6.0 The Secret Life of the Zoo 12.30 Zoo Tales W Father Ted 2.15 Sunday Politics Northern Formula One : Canadian Grand ITV Nightscreen SCOTTISH As ITV Ireland (T) BBC2 SCOTLAND 6.0am-11.0 Discovering: Marlon Theroux’s LA Stories 11.30pm.25 A League of Their Own: US Road Last Week Tonight with John Come Dine with Me 6.0am Networks of Power with Sir Porridge: Inside Out 9.30 ITV (T) BBC1 WALES 10.30am-3.0pm Bargain Hunt (T) (R) 1.50 Beat Beat Beat 5.45 Elvis Presley: A 6.05 Come Modern Family 4.30 Game Changers Christopher Meyer 7.15 Challenge 3.0 in a Bed 5.0am Boston’s Finest 6.0 ITV (throw-in 2pm).0 Sky Atlantic 7.10 Action from the Group D fixture in Sunday Politics North East and Cumbria (T) Cricket: ICC Champions Trophy Highlights the Red Star Stadium.30-11.0 My Family 2.0 WWE Raw Hlts 12.0 Exhibition Planet 7.0 Rownd a Rownd Elizabeth Taylor 10.0 Twin Peaks: The Return 3.0 Blue 3.0 Yes.30 3 Lle: Ifan Masterclasses: Patrick Ness 12.0 House 1.0 Louis Fwydlen 3.30 Futurama 9.10 9.30 Sunday Sky Sports 1 (T)BBC1 NORTH EAST 10.0 1.0 Futurama 9.30 Tales of 4.0am-11.0 Stop.0 Blue Bloods 8.40 My Family 6.05 8 Out of 10 Cats Air Ambulance ER 3.0 10.0 Dal Ati: the Unexpected 9.0 Networks of Power Minister 11.50 Rowliodd Lowri 4.40 Outnumbered 5.35 Boston’s Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 6.0 Modern Bloods 7.0 Discovering: Outnumbered 6.0 Doctor Who S4C Digital 7.0 Killers 2.05 Father Ted 11.30-6.55 Stopping 10.0am Hour of Power 7.0 6.30 The Simpsons 7.0 Oliver 11.50 Penblwyddi Cyw Watercolour Challenge 8. City (T) (R) 7.0 The Blue Codi Pac 11.30 ITV Nightscreen 5.25 Come Dine with NCIS: Los Angeles 11. Sky Sports 2 except 11.0 Real Time with Bill Maher 11.0pm River Prix 6.05 Come Dine with Me 1.0 Tales 3.4.35 Four in a Bed Family 5.20 Becoming Warren Dine with Me 2.0 Watercolour Challenge 7.45 Harbour 6.0 Joe Cocker: Mad Dog with Soul Yesterday Cymoedd Roy Noble 2.20 Come Dine with Me Simpsons 7.0 Heimat 3.50 Four Family 6.30 Modern (2016) 3.0 Gerddi Cymru 2.0 Dechrau Canu on Screen 11.20 Brwydr y Challenge 2. Pet 6.30 The Simpsons 8.0 Medieval Sky1 Beat 4.0 Criminal Minds: Brwydr y Fwydlen 3.0am Countrywise (T) (R) 11.30 2.35 Attenborough’s Galapagos 4.0am-11.0 The Murder Mysteries 5.50 Come Dine with Me 6.0 Home Shopping 7.0 Isle of Wight Festival Finest 3.30-3.0 Blue Bloods 10.10 Off the Beaten Track (T) (R) Me 1.0 Dal of the Unexpected 8. 11. 11. Search.35 Road Trip 2.0 David House 12. Sunday Politics Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Nios Mo Na Cluiche (T) 11.0 MacGyver Return 12.0 House 2.20 Yes.40 Four in a Modern Family 6.55 Calon 12.30 David Dechrau Canmol 12.0 Aida on Sydney Ordinary Lies 12.0 Blue Bed 4.0 A League of Their Own: US 2.0am-11.45 The Teleshopping ULSTER As ITV except Championship (T) Cavan v Monaghan Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.0 Outnumbered 8.30 Buffett 5.0 Modern Family 5.0 9.0 Attenborough’s Natural Huw Dafydd 1.0 Secrets of War 3.0 Galapagos 3.30 Y Ditectif 11.0 Blue Bloods 6.05 Father Ted 1.45 South Bank Natural Curiosities 7.25 Grimm 2. CHANNEL As ITV except 12.0am-11.55 Game of Thrones Me 8.

who never falters. television Monday 12 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 56 Pick of the day Fearless 9pm.0 3.30 Lorraine (T) 9.05 Horizon: Antarctica Ice children than his father 11. 8. Episode one. however.30 BBC Regional News (T) 7. could become Although the election result is compelling: Helen McCrory is unknown as we go to press. JS likely to mean for the nation.30 (T) 6.0 Homes 6. Nick Robinson and Michael Gambon.50 Weather for the Week Behind Closed Doors (T) (R) Kyle Show (T) (R) 5.0 Great Continental Coronation Street (T) and Weather (T) 7. (T) Kevin Fong reports on 9.0 Emmerdale (T) 7.05 The Ahead (T) 12. 12.0 BBC 6.45 Yes Chef (T) 4. with guests Alan Lanka v Pakistan.15 Atlantic: The Wildest Local News/Weather (T) 4.0 Amazing Animal Births (T) assists Max with a Packham and Michaela Zoologist Lucy Cooke looks presentation.0 Sign Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) Hospital Bed (T) 11.0 Emergency Rescue Down 6. we’ve learned that a is an itchy mess of inconsistent key part of winning any argument pacing.0 Local News Pointless (T) (R) 6. and Rachel Weisz.15 !mpossible (T) 3.30 This Morning (T) Housing Enforcers (T) (R) (R) 9.30 Big Love Great British Menu (T) 8.00 10.45 The Zone. Weather (T) 12.0 The Railway Journeys (T) 7.0 Daily Politics (T) 1. and Jeremy Corbyn’s (keep still!) and blunt characters. MGJ BBC1 BBC2 ITV 6. who’s yet examines what the political bit is to be fully unleashed.30 Ocean on Earth (T) (R) 5.0 Fearless (T) A human- 9.30 Loose Women (T) 12. 10.30 Coronation Street (T) Maria 8.45 Doctors Rome Highlights (T) (R) (T) 3.0 Planet Earth II: A World the recent ransomware rights lawyer tries to of Wonder (T) (R) A attack that hit the NHS’s prove the innocence of a compilation of footage computer system.15 Cricket: ICC Champions Howard.0 ITV News at Ten (T) 10.0 Masterpiece with (T) 2.15 Antiques Road Trip (T) (R) Chase (T) 6.0 (T) 11.0 Eggheads (T) (R) 6.0 (R) 3. 10. a better parent to his three Johnson and Ross Noble.15 Bargain Hunt (T) 1. there’s hope in the form tabloid editors hoping for bacon of McCrory.30 Regional News and Athletics: Diamond League Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories Weather (T) 1.0 Detectorists (T) Comedy. Weather (T) Springwatch Unsprung (T) 7. (T) (R) 2.15 Tipping Point (T) (R) 5.30 One Show (T) 7. anticipated.0 The Street Auction (T) (R) 5.30 ITV Evening News News at Six.0 Newsroom Live (T) 1.30 Newsnight (T) 10. sarnie pap shots. annoying camerawork is to turn up.0 Good Morning Britain (T) Under the Hammer (T) (R) Under (T) (R) 6. while Abi Strachan present the first of at the births of lambs and a plans trouble between her four films about Somerset’s rare black rhino calf.0 Victoria Derbyshire 12.30 6.0 (T) 1.05 This Is BBC Two (T) Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) .30 Rip Off 8. colonies of egrets.05 was to him. Question Time Martin and Keanu Reeves. 1989) (T) An Election News for You (T) Trophy Highlights (T) Sri anxious man struggles to be Extended.0 Breakfast (T) 10. The polarisation quash an old murder conviction of the political landscape has arouses sinister establishment been even more pronounced than forces.25 The 11. the new government.0 The Jeremy 12.45 Have I Got Bit More 11. BBC1 Patrick Harbinson.30 ITV Lunchtime News News at One.55 BBC News 3.55 Jackpot247 3.30 The Graham Norton Show Station Rescue (T) (R) 1.30pm.55 Local News (T) 2. from the series.0 1. Starring Steve (T) (R) With Anthony Joshua Sign Zone. Starring Helen McCrory. ITV This thriller. sister and Steven.0 Springwatch 2017 (T) Chris 8.0 The Secret Life of the Britain: Food (T) (R) 8.30 Panorama: Election 2017 9. vegetarianism has thwarted However.0 EastEnders (T) Lauren 8. 10.30 Local News (T) Weather (T) 10. Antiques Roadshow (T) 10.30 BBC Regional News and starring Mackenzie Crook. by Homeland scribe Panorama: Election 2017 – What Next 8.40 Parenthood (Ron 10.59 Escape to the Country (T) 4. man convicted of murder. the a human rights/miscarriage of campaign has certainly provided justice lawyer whose quest to much to ponder.45 Elephant Diaries (T) (R) Alan Titchmarsh (T) 3.00 8.0 Horizon: Cyber Attack – is shocked when Aidan – What Next (T) Report on The Day the NHS Stopped accepts Eva’s proposal.05 Jane Austen: 12.0 BBC News at Ten (T) 10.

9. that killed six children. documentary.50 8 Out of 10 Cats Does latest on the housemates.30 How to Stay Well (T) the big blue van is called in natural world to make GPs and an A&E doctor when a late-night scuffle medicines.0 5 News at 5 Fifteen to One (T) 4. The Philpott Fire: Five Years On the NHS Stopped 9pm.15 The Hotel Everybody Loves Raymond Inspector (T) (R) 12. while friends and the NHS for ransom.05 5 (T) (R) 8. Two episodes into its fifth series.0 The Art of Japanese Life medical stories. Any sense of triumph is diluted says he believes his father is which saw cybercriminals hold by the necessity of having to innocent.05 Celebrity Botched 10.0 Countdown (T) (R) 6. Countdown (T) (R) 12.30 Neighbours (T) (R) Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 6.0 Handmade in Japan: a stray dog and finds an 11. his son Michael tells the inside story of the hack.0 Four in a Bed (T) 6.10 Gotham 11.30 Majesty and Mortar: Food Unwrapped Summer Funny! (T) (R) 4.0 Milkshake! 9. craftspeople. JW explain matters to his wife.0 Police Interceptors (T) 8.30 Come Dine with Me (T) MotoGP Highlights (T) British Railway Journeys (R) 6.45 House Britain’s Great Palaces (T) Diet Special (T) (R) 2. Pus & Poison: Location. sometime reality TV appointment-booking systems.50 One Born Every Minute (R) Up Bodies (T) (R) 1.0 Now That’s 12.05 Couples Neighbours (T) 2.0 Food Unwrapped (T) Jimmy 8. What a world.05 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Samurai Sword (T) A look unlikely soulmate.05 Posh Pawnbrokers (T) Must Live (John L’Ecuyer.40 Doctor (T) (R) 5. a dangerous driver. BBC2 Channel 4 9pm. Location. SH Channel 4 Channel 5 BBC4 6.15 The Wright Will & Grace (T) (R) 7. Philpott had apparently your files have been encrypted!” fictional police procedurals. Pus & Poison: Doherty finds out about Dan and Gordy engage in The Search for Modern a condition threatening the high-speed pursuit of Medicines (T) (R) How salmon stocks. such is the regular star and father of 17 Mick Philpott labs and even vital pieces of supply of gripping narrative that was jailed for manslaughter in medical equipment were thrown crosses the threshold of Luton’s 2013. Channel 5 On the morning of 12 May.20 Shipping Wars UK (T) SOS (T) (R) Medicines (T) (R) .0 The Philpott Fire: Five Years (T) Historian James Fox 9.30 Pain.0 Big Brother (T) Highlights.30 5 News Tonight (T) 7.30 Great 5.45 6. 10.0 learns about the darker Channel 4 News (T) side of Vauxhall’s Victorian flower market. Along with his wife and appeared on screens: “Ooops.0 The Simpsons (T) (T) (R) Michael Portillo (R) 6.30 Francesco’s Italy Top to Toe and Tattoos (T) (R) 1.0 A (T) 5. Grim.35 Wildlife The Search for Modern 5.15 10. Tucks SuperCasino 3.30 The Riviera: A History in 11.45 (T) (R) 4.45 News (T) 12. (R) 2.10 Countdown (T) 3.15 Nightmares USA (T) (R) 12.0 24 Hours in Police Custody On (T) Documentary on the explores the country’s (T) Detectives investigate aftermath of the house fire culture.45 Bodyshockers: Nips.0 Loaded (T) Watto befriends 10. still compels. while scientists exploited the 8. 8. you do start wondering in a fire. police have for starting the blaze.15 NCIS (T) Come Dine with Me (T) (R) (R) 3. 9.0 Home and Away (T) 1. beginning with a case of child sex abuse set by Mick Philpott in 2012 the influence of Shintoism dating back to the 70s.10 Divine (R) 1.05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Big Brother (T) (R) 1.0 Pain. investigate worrying spirals out of control.0 7. Location Designs (T) (R) 5.57 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Monday 12 television Horizon: Cyber Attack – The Day 24 Hours in Police Custody 9pm. In this incident played out? Kevin Fong allegations of historic child abuse.30 Hollyoaks (T) 7. but things frontline as the WannaCry virus arrested an elderly man over went horribly wrong.0 100 Days+ (T) 7. A taunting message cop shop. after six of his children died into chaos. 10. In planned to frame his ex-lover What was it like to be on the tonight’s episode. why anybody bothers making a friend. and Buddhism. Supposed the National Health Service’s this self-explanatory programme psychopath. AM neighbours weigh in. (T) Rylan Clark-Neal has the at traditional Japanese 10.0 Home and Away (T) (R) (T) (R) 5.35 Stuff 11.0 Pictures (T) (R) 12.15 My Daughter 1.0 2014) (T) 5.35 Frasier (T) (R) News Lunchtime (T) 12.

25 Heartbeat 7.30 Eve 9.15 Newsround 6.25 Vanderpump Rules 12. As ever. with a killer 80s soundtrack the left’s taunting nickname for returns to UK screens for a fifth his chief strategist – “President season.0 Rules Men 8.0 The American Pickers 12.30 The Hot Desk Remotely Funny 12.45 Flying 7.05 American 10.50 The Jeremy Kyle Show 5.0 Steve Austin’s Broken ITV2 Counting Cars 6. directive.0 2 Broke Girls 5.05 The Street 12. on a mission to to create a second fake family “shake things up” and crush his to support a new mission enemies while he still has time. is an absolute git.0 Top Gear 8.20 The Ellen UK 10.10 Scorpion 10.0 The Motorbike Show 2. still. many things that The Americans 10pm.30 Arthur 1.0 (2008) 2.55 of Engagement 9.20 George and Mildred Me What You’re Made Of: UK 4.0 River Monsters 9.0 Dave You’ve Been Framed! Gold 6.30 Breath 3.television Monday 12 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 58 Pick of the day Bannon’s War 9pm.55 Ironside 9.20 Newsround 1.55 Officially Amazing Goes Girl 1.25 The Knock Show Me What You’re Made Of: 11.0 UK 8.30 American Dad! 12.25 Dennis the of 10 Cats 3.0 Melissa & 9. as indicated in this grim Soviet sleepers Elizabeth and profile.50 Cash Cowboys Uprising (1953) 4.30 Hetty Feather (1956) 3.10 Motorsport UK .0am Hollyoaks 6. AJC surely be imminent.45 Wild & Weird E4 Judge Rinder 6.15 The Big Holmes 1.30 Coronation Street Super Evil 7.20 First Dates: About the House 4.50 The Saint 8.0 11.0am Lifeboat (1944) 1.0 Officially Amazing Goes New Girl 5.0 Sin City ME 5.05 Jonas Blue: The Asia 11.0am Minder 6.0 11.05 The 3.0 Family Guy Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature Joey 10.0 Rosemary Race to the Edge 6.10 Cash Cowboys 6.30 Coronation Street 9.35 Counting Cars Skull Challenge 4.55 Coronation 7.55 Minder 12. For.30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.25 Where the Bunkers 2.30 Coach Trip Framed! Gold 8.35 to Kill (1990) 2.0 How I Met Shaun the Sheep 1.50 Dara O 11.15 Man Mum and Dad 4.05 Death Wish IV: The 9.25 My Life: Take A Breath I Met Your Mother 12. After masquerading as Bannon” – must drive him crazier suburban travel agents for years.20 Little Roy 8.0 Go 8 Bit: 8.0 Top Gear 3.05 Law & Order: Menace and Gnasher 6.15 Gogglebox Damp 5.0 Hollyoaks 7.50 8 Out Street 1.05 Quincy Motors 1.05 Ironside 4.50 Go 8 Bit: DLC Emmerdale 12.35 Dennis the Engagement & Thyme 10.50 Twin It to Win It 12.15 Rude Tube 2.0 Wycliffe 9.20 CBBC Briain’s Go 8 Bit 1.10 Gogglebox Royal 3.30 Family Guy 11.25 Wild at Heart 9.0 How 10. PBS America Of the many.50 Marrying Bang Theory 12.40 Odd Squad 3.0 Love Island 10.10 Wild at Heart 4.0 Storage Hunters 10.25 Shell (2012) Saint 3.35 Hank Zipzer 7.05 10.10 Dragons: Rules of Engagement 5.0 7.0 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Menace and Gnasher 7.10 Hard O Briain’s Go 8 Bit 11.50 Danger UK 11.30 Mock the Week 12. the Sixth of June ITV4 8.25 The Mouse 7.0am Man About the House Roy 2.0 New Girl 4. GV Other channels DLC 11.0 Trawlermen 8.0 You’ve Been 8.55 Big Bang Theory 3.0 Scream Street 6.0 Two and a Half 8.0 Dara DeGeneres Show 8.05 The Big Bang Theory 2.0 Baby Daddy 11.30 Two and a Half Men 9.0am Arthur 7.50 Congo Quincy ME 10.50 5.55 Dave Tigers (1942) 6.0 The Big Bang Heart Is 8.10 New Girl 4.20 8 Out of 10 Cats 2.30 My Life: Take A 2 Broke Girls 6.0 Emmerdale Crackdown (1987) 12.30 QI 2.50 Rising 4.10 American (1995) 9.10 Zig and Zag 7.25 Roy 12.0 Newsround 7.10 Strange Your Mother 3.30 Black-ish 8.30 6.0 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Zack and Miri Make a Porno Bunkers 11.30 Show The Proposal 3.55 Heartbeat 7.0 Car Wars Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish Vanderpump Rules 7.55 Road to Avonlea and Gnasher 3.0 New Dad! 11.30 The Big Bang Theory Judge Judy 10.0 Sin City 1.0 Pawn Stars 7. She 6.10 7.0 Murder.0 Made in Chelsea 8.45 Little Your Mother 4. there are so Reporters.0 The Dumping Ground D-Day.0am DNCE: The Hot Desk 6.0 Horrible Histories 7.0 Hank Zipzer 9.0 Live at the Apollo 10.30 Film4 Bletchley Circle 1.30 Black-ish 4.25 Bottersnikes & Gumbles Avatar (2009) 11.30 6.10 The Great Sioux 6.05 Motors 4. at branded Guess Who? tie-in must best.25 All Over the Place: 1.0 Odd Squad 8. political insiders and many wigs and fake moustaches former Breitbarters speak rather on show here that an Americans- carefully about a man who.15 League of 2.55 Best of 6.05 Heartbeat 2.15 Rules of Wrote 8. ITV Encore The stylish cold war spy thriller get under Trump’s clingfilm hide. it’s the White House’s Philip (the superb Keri Russell own Baron Harkonnen who’s and Matthew Rhys) are forced clearly in charge.55 The Memoirs of Sherlock 3.0 Dennis the Menace Theory 6.25 Below Deck Would I Lie to You? 12.30 How I Met ITV3 Hill High 1.40 2.30 Pawn Stars Top Gear 6.35 8.40 Surrogates (2009) 1.30 Hetty Feather 5.0 Die Hard (1988) Cycling: Women’s Tour Highlights Pickers 9.

45 Sharp End (T) 11.05 Elizabeth: (T) BBC1 NORTH EAST 11.0 Chwys 10.05 Lois yn Erbyn Anni 5.0 Coast 2.0 Coast 2008 6.05 States of Amnesia (2013) 2.40 11.0 Diwrnod Mawr 9.0 The Last 6.0 Tate 11.0am Road Wars 8.30pm-12.0 CSI: NY 5.05 Hanes Cymru a’r 4.35 Judge 999: What’s Your Emergency? Ship 4.45 Syrcas Deithiol 11.0 Raiders of the Lost S4C a’r Tywydd 6.30 Wing 12.0 Game of the Sun: Home or Away 3.15 Sara a Cwac 8.0am The Guest Wing 8.0am Pointless 7.0 Without a Trace or Away 10.0 Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets 8.0 Silicon Valley 10.0 Emergency? 12.45- 12.0-8.0 Blue Bloods 9.15 Ben Lives of the Tudors 3.10 8 Out of 10 Cats Uncut Whisperer Four in a Bed 8.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.0am Cyw Ben Dant 6. As ITV except 8.0 Raiders of the Lost Past 12.30 The Women Who Run Hollywood 6.0 Futurama 6.0 Mor 4.0 3.15 Detectorists (T) 11.0 Modern Oliver 11.40pm View from Stormont (T) 11.30pm-12.0 Coast Ffermio 10.15 Sam Tan Discovering: Audrey Hepburn MasterChef Australia 2.40pm Saving Tennis: Ricoh Open 10am.0 Life 9.40 Octonots 6.15 Suzi Perry’s Queens of the Road (T) court tournament.0 Yesterday Heno 1.50 Peppa 7.0 Inside the Ambulance 10.20 Tinga Tinga 9.0 Yes.0 MasterChef USA 3.0 Portrait Artist of the Year Faith 2.55 Opening day of the WTA grass Choice (T) (R) CHANNEL As ITV except The Graham Norton Show (T) (R) 12.10 Instruments Trysor Coll y Royal Charter 2.0 Gore Vidal: The United of Death 8.0 3 Stars In Munich 10.05 999: What’s Your Carpool Karaoke Special 12.0 1.20 The Super League Show Scotland Tonight (T) 11.0 Guitar Star 2016 5.30 Taith y CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 12.59 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Monday 12 television Today’s best live sport Terrestrial variations Champions Trophy Cricket: STV NORTH As ITV except 8.0 Sanctuary 8.0 It’s Me or the Dog 10.30 The Maher 12.30 Four in a a’r Cywiadur 7.55 Simpsons 9.0 Newyddion Sky Atlantic Minister 5.45 12.0 Richard E Lost Past 2.0 Watercolour 9.40 EastEnders 11.35 The Jeremy Champions Trophy Highlights (T) 12.15 10. Hollywood in Vienna 12.0 The Birth of Prynhawn Da 3. 2007) 11.0 Without a Trace 1.35 Boudica’s Lost Tribe: A Time Team Five-0 3.0 6.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 4. Week (T) 10.0 The Putin Grand Designs 9.0 7.10 Lost Tomb 10.45 Hidden Killers 10.0 Pobol y Cwm 8.0 Micky Interviews 3.0 10.40 A Place in Nothing to Declare 11.0 Tipping Point 12.45 Bach a Mawr Trailblazers: Electronic Music 6.0 Artists in Love 4.0 Dewi 8.30 Jen a Jim a’r Cywiadur Master of Photography 11.0 Watercolour Challenge 9.0 Tales of Dr Christian Will See You Now 9.0 ar-goll-en 8.0 Royal Murder Mysteries 9.0 Tipping Point 12.40 Octonots 10.0 CSI: NY 6.40 Fishlock’s Bit More Election News for You (T) 11.30 Chwedlau Challenge 3.0 Raiders of the Llewod 2017 2. (T) ITV WALES WEST 11.20 9.05 Ramsay’s Hotel Duck Quacks Don’t Echo 1.05 04 Wal: 6.0 The West Wing A&E 11.55am-3.15 Y the Unexpected 2.0 Helicopter Heroes 10.0 Hawaii Thrones 10.0 Most W Hell 1.0 The West Porridge 9.0pm-8.10 The Borgias 4.30 Jen a Jim Discovering: Marlon Brando Four in a Bed 3.35 Pyramid 6.0 3.45 Syrcas Deithiol Dewi 12. History Show (T) 11.0 Private 5.30pm.0 My Dream Home 8. The People’s History Show (T) 10.0 A League of Their 1.05 After Midnight 4. a key event As ITV except 8.05 Shocking 2.0 Secrets of War .0 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 2.05 Tomos a’i Ffrindiau 9.0pm-8.30 Wales This Show (T) BBC1 WALES 10.20 Game of Thrones The Supervet 6.30 Four in a Bed 9. 10. Prime 10 5.50 Peppa 7.30 BBC in the buildup to Wimbledon.0 Monkey West Wing 6.25 Judge Faith 10.0 Last Week Tonight with John Special 4.0 Home Shopping Lili 11.0 Ynys Broc Mor Lili 7. The Golden Age (Shekhar Kapur.05 Judge 10.0 Newyddion 9 a’r Tywydd 9.25 Garddio a Mwy 9.10 7.0 Newyddion S4C Hollywood: Singing and Dancing Empire: The East India Company a’r Tywydd 3.30 The People’s (R) BBC2 WALES 10.0 Supernanny 8.0 Battleplan 7.0 Blue Bloods 3. 2007) The Super League Show (T) BBC1 NORTH All the action from the Group B Starring Cate Blanchett.0 Battleplan 1.0 Monkey Life 5.10 the Coal Exchange (T) 11.05 Cythrel Canu 1.35 Day three of the challenger Kyle Show (T) (R) ULSTER As ITV except Horizon: Antarctica Ice Station Rescue (T) playoffs final in Bermuda.0 Goodnight Sweetheart 11.50 Dwylo’r Enfys Classical Destinations 1.0 Spring 2.0 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Four in a Bed 1.0 River Cottage 6.0 ITV Nightscreen SCOTTISH 1.0 Miranda 10.45 Cricket: ICC BT Sport 1 (T) 2.0 S4C Digital Sky Arts The Bill 11.10am Judge Faith 6.0 The Dog Faith 7.0am Eras of Music History Tipping Point 1.0 Stwnsh Ffeil Stories: Mark Knopfler Battleplan 1.20 Sky Sports 2 The Golden Age (Shekhar Kapur.0 Awr Fawr 5.40 Porridge 10.0 24 Hours in Flanagan Thinking Aloud 11.25 Boj 6.0 Cleopatra’s Own: US Road Trip 2.0 The Supervet 11.55 Heini 11.55 Family 6.05 Elizabeth: Cardiff Singer of the World 2017 (T) Sailing: America’s Cup 5.30pm-12.0 Heno 8.05 Coast (T) (R) More4 Sky1 Grant’s Hotel Secrets 4.30 Nurse Jackie 2.55 Car SOS 7.35-2.10 Have I Got BT Sport 1 River Monsters (T) (R) 11.0 A Tribute to James Horner: Bed 4.0 Haven 3.0 Hidden Killers 9.30 Judge Rinder (T) (R) BBC1 NORTH Sri Lanka v Pakistan 10am.0 Guitar 11.0 Ben Dant 10.40 (R) 1.0 The 8.0 Past 6.30 Ralio+ 7.50 The Somme’s Secret Stargate Atlantis 5.0 Britain’s Great British Walks 12.35 Llan.05 24 Hours in A&E 2.50 Tipping Point 7.20 The Super League encounter.0 Storm City 10.0pm-10.55am A Place in the Sun: Home 6.10 Ynys Broc Mor 2017 8.10 Real Time with Bill Weapon: A Time Team Special 5.25 Grimm 1.

15 !mpossible (T) 3. the day after Ukip unveiled baker Stacie Stewart and foodie its “Breaking Point” poster. Doctor in the Jackpot247 3.0 Homes Under the (T) (R) 11. match of the season.30 Newsnight (T) Highlights (T) Action We Still Have Time (T) 11. Weather (T) 2. a good their trajectories.30 ITV Lunchtime News 1.30 Lorraine (T) 9.15 Antiques Road Trip (T) (R) Chase (T) 6. with Rayner – a murdered in her West Yorkshire man who can’t help but greet constituency by far-right terrorist sausage-tasting with a jolly Thomas Mair. immigration and national identity.0 Home: Iwan Thomas (T) Alan Titchmarsh (T) (R) 3.15 Yes Chef 8.50 Local News (T) Weather Weather (T) Walsh join the regulars.0 Great Continental International Football (T) (T) 7.25 The (T) 10.30 7.0 Emmerdale (T) Rakesh tries time for Mo.45 Doctors Rock (T) (R) 3.05 Sailing: America’s (T) 1.59 Escape to the Country (T) 4.30 6.15 Nightscreen 5.0 Loose rock group the Alarm. Michel Roux Jr.05 Red Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories Weather (T) 1. as process his guilt. Thomas Mair.30 Regional News and Cup Highlights (T) 3.15 12.0 Eggheads (T) (R) 6.45 Coming (T) 3.30 BBC Regional News and Noel Fielding and Holly 10.00 10. England play their final to Father Peter for advice. 10. who has some Packham and Michaela to gain revenge on Priya difficult life choices to Strachan report live from by stealing her notebook.0 Emmerdale (T) 7. Documentary about Julie Continental Road Trip (T) featuring France v England.45 Big Love (T) (R) Swap Adventure (T) (R) 2.0 Countryfile (T) (R) 1. Weather (T) 6.0 QI (T) (R) David Mitchell. and a patient who is Gloucestershire. Channel 4 The Brexit campaign undoubtedly The blind food-tasting series awakened something dismal continues.45 Yes Chef (T) 4. make. Fred Sirieix of A week before the vote.05 International Football 10.0 Breakfast (T) 9.0 The Secret (T) 12.30 Loose Women (T) 12.0 News 6.15 Sign Zone. in the national psyche around coffee and bangers on the menu. this proving especially good value.0 The One Show (T) Railway Journeys (T) 7.45 Mike and Jules: While 10.30 ITV Evening News (T) at Six.0 3.0 Newsroom Live Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) Hammer (T) 11.0 Good Morning Britain (T) Crimewatch Roadshow Under (T) (R) 7. and First Dates fame. BBC2 Tried and Tasted: The Ultimate Shopping List 8pm.15 Bargain Hunt (T) (R) The Super League Show 1.30 This Morning (T) Life of the Hospital Bed (T) 1.30 Live International Football 9.00 8.0 Local News (T) Pointless (T) (R) 6.15 ITV News (T) Weather 10.0 (T) 1. with which contains passwords to dear to Ric forces him to try wildlife updates from the the factory’s bank accounts. Sherborne Estate. with fresh tortellini. Jay Rayner. On the first cry of “It’s innuendo bingo!” – anniversary of her death.55 husband Mike. and turns killer. 11.30 EastEnders (T) Great British Menu (T) 8.30 Springwatch Unsprung 7. 10.0 Holby City (T) It’s crunch 8.0 The Street Auction (T) (R) 5.15 Atlantic: The Wildest Local News/Weather (T) 4.0 Jo Cox: Death of an MP (T) (T) France v England (kick- the night send shockwaves Documentary revisiting the off 8pm).55 Local News (T) 2. House (T) (R) 1. on Camera (T) (R) 12. supported by her travels across Europe. TV presenter Lucy Alexander brilliant young MP Jo Cox was offer the wit.30 Live Regional News and Weather (T) 7. frontman of 12.0 Emergency Rescue Down 6.15 Tipping Point (T) (R) 5.0 Springwatch 2017 (T) Chris 7. heartbreaking film traces both Informative and funny.0 Holiday Horrors: Caught cancer. AJC combination.0 Masterpiece with (T) 2. JW BBC1 BBC2 ITV 6.45 ITV 11.20 BBC News (T) This is BBC Two (T) Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) . to mend some broken ties.0 Daily Politics (T) 10. Peters’s battle with breast (R) The Bake-Off judge 12. murder of Labour MP Jo Cox international friendly at Father Michael must last year and profiling her the Stade de France.30 Ocean on Earth (T) (R) 5.15 6. television Tuesday 13 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 60 Pick of the day Jo Cox: Death of an MP 9pm. 7. Coverage of the through the community.05 The 12.0 BBC News at Ten (T) 10.0 Broken (T) As events of 9.15 Paul Hollywood’s Big from the Stade de France.0 News at One.15 The Life Women (R) 3.

the events docs and been a troubleshooter British conceptual artist Ryan of the previous night send the for restaurants. BBC4 drama continues. 8.0 FIA and soprano Angel Blue Dine with Me (T) (R) 6. also big on Japan.0 Milkshake! 9. The hospital faces a bed are fleeing their comfortable present and future.0 Cardiff Singer of the World Sun: Winter Sun (T) (R) 5. 10.05 Music on 4 Four to the Floor Wentworth Prison (T) (R) Warhol (T) (R) (T) 12.0 100 Days+ (T) 7.30 Come 5 News Tonight (T) 7. family and faith at stake.0 First Dates (T) An astronaut. That way.0 Big Brother (T) Highlights. pits luxury chocolate brands the Yorkshire Dales. 10. It’s filled with details and happened.15 Winter Sun (T) (R) 12. will relationship survive? Alex is here you also won’t miss any of his he make the right choice? BA to offer stern but fair advice.15 Taken Back: Pawnbrokers (T) (R) 2.0 The Railways That Built 12. EEJ Channel 4 Channel 5 BBC4 6.0 The Magic of Mushrooms 1.0 Natural World Weather (T) (R) 3.0 Our Dream Hotel (T) Alex blossom.0 News Home and Away (T) 1.30 Supershoppers (T) The team medical and surgical aid in including the geisha. Hotels. Father Michael urges a rundown B&B in Devon into a rich with symbolism.05 Posh (R) 3. bakers and Gander is big in Japan but he’s community reeling with shock. BBC1 Our Dream Hotel 9pm. Andrew is leaned Inspector).25 The World’s Weirdest Britain with Chris Tarrant (T) (T) (R) 1. furniture-makers. geishas. Can Keith and the “Great Wave”. administer modern-day culture through symbols.10 5 (T) (R) 8. to find out what 9.0 A Day in the Life of Andy 12.0 Channel biennial competition.15 11.35 Bizarre ER (T) 4. which places her on and ever-mutating visual culture.0 A Place in the 5. As part of Sean Bean’s Father Michael are her family business and area BBC4’s season on the nation. as 4 News (T) five singers compete for a place in the final. 8.0 5 News at 5 (T) 7. JR profound musings on time. crisis. job. of expertise (see: The Hotel explores its highly developed Meanwhile.30 Highlights (T) the first night of the Hollyoaks (T) 7. account of the night before. relied on welfare. and her airlifted to hospital after a 12.0 Home and Away (T) (R) 6.05 Fifteen (R) 5. so the midwives must lives in London to set up in prioritise to ensure everyone the sleepy Devon fishing gets the care they need.0 One Born Every Minute (T) Polizzi meets a couple who they reveal about the past.30 Neighbours (T) (R) 6.0 World Rally Championship present highlights from The Simpsons (T) (R) 6.0 Ryan Gander: to One (T) (R) (R) 5.0 The Secret History of My in-training seeks romance.0 Fifteen 2012) (T) 5. Zoe bring their fancy London samurai and cherry blossom rather than what actually ways to the south-west and turn trees.15 The (R) 4.15 The Hotel Everybody Loves Raymond Inspector (T) (R) 12.0 Tried and Tasted: The 8. on by his colleagues in the especially solid ground for this touching on Tokyo street style. road traffic collision.30 BBC to One (T) 4.35 Wildlife SOS (T) (R) The Idea of Japan (T) (R) .0 The Yorkshire Vet (T) The 9. constabulary to back up their latest fix show.10 11.0 A Place in the Sun: Big Brother (T) (R) 1.0 SuperCasino 3.05 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Family (T) (R) The story of 11.05 Couples Come Dine Neighbours (T) 2.0 Countdown (T) (R) 6.30 2017 (T) Petroc Trelawny Four in a Bed (T) 5. though. village of Brixham.05 24 Hours in A&E (T) (R) (T) Rylan Clark-Neal has the an Edwardian mother who A 79-year-old woman is latest on the housemates.45 House Doctor (T) Special: Attenborough’s Ark Supervet (T) (R) 5. but with his boutique guest house? Will their watching is rewarded.10 Divine Designs (T) (T) (R) 3.45 6.05 Britain’s Pushiest Parents descendants. (T) (R) 1.15 NCIS (T) with Me (T) (R) 1. so close him to tell the truth.61 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Tuesday 13 television Broken 9pm.10 Finding Haley (Mark Jean. 10.35 Stuff 11.15 The Wright Will & Grace (T) (R) 7.0 Ryan Gander: The Idea Ultimate Shopping List (T) last in the series in which vet of Japan (T) The artist Cheese and onion crisps Julian Norton and his team explores Japanese visual come under scrutiny. samurai and cherry against cheaper versions. Channel 5 Ryan Gander: The Idea of Japan As the state-of-the-nation Alex Polizzi has fronted travel 9pm. he dealing with guilt of his own.35 Frasier (T) (R) News Lunchtime (T) 12. 9. Countdown (T) 3. 11.45 (T) 12.

20 Lifebabble 5.0 The Street 9.05 American 10.15 Indestructibles Framed! Gold 8.05 9. it’s love.55 The Memoirs of Sherlock Gumbles 3.25 Celebrity Asia 11.0 The Big Shaun the Sheep 1.10 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 10.50 Rude Tube 1.0am Man About the House 6. GV running a dating agency.0 Sin City 6.30 Blue Peter: Code Hollyoaks 7.0 Heartbeat 7. Lynch and Esther Rantzen – will Naturally.0 Dragons: Race to the Edge 6.30 Judge Cracker Competition 3.0 Odd Squad 8.30 Wild at Heart 9.15 None Shall Escape ITV4 8.0 6.50 Lost & Found (1950) 6.0am Hollyoaks 6.35 Pawn 6.35 Mock 11.20 Live at the Apollo Emmerdale 12.0 The Chase: 9.40 Provocateur 2.0 Dennis Goldbergs 9.15 Man Newsround 4.40 The 5.television Tuesday 13 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 62 Pick of the day The Putin Interviews 2am.0 6.0 Rules of 11. Kenny US this week.0 New Girl 1.0 The Saint 9.30 (1944) 5.30 American Dad! 12.55 Top Gear 8.50 Gogglebox 11.0am Busted: The Hot Desk Celebrity Special 9.0 Benidorm American Pickers 12.0 Home Rugby U20 Championship Live Shopping 8.0 Survivor (2015) Counting Cars 12. starting yesterday.30 Arthur 1.0 Rude Tube 10. Tonight.25 Vanderpump Rules 12.0 How I Met Two and a Half Men 1.25 Roy 12.0 Best of Top Gear 2.55 Officially Amazing Goes Engagement 9.10 Wild at Heart 4.05 Family Guy 10.0 You’ve Been Ground 8.25 Roy 2. She Ouch! 6.10 Wrote 8.05 Pawn Stars 1.0 2 Broke 6.25 Tommy 4.55 Percy Jackson: 8.55 Road to Avonlea Zig and Zag 3.55 8 Out of Holmes 1.50 12.30 Family Guy 11.0am Harvey (1950) 1.20 George and Mildred 5.0am Minder 7.0 Melissa & Joey Dad! 12.0 The Dumping Ground 8. More4 Having previously interviewed Debut of a new series that claims Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.0 Sin City Motors The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.30 Eve 9.30 World Storage Hunters 8.0 Love Island 10. with the current state of US-Russian Henry Blofeld and Amanda Barrie relations are all on the agenda.0 Storage Hunters 10. Ed Snowden and later life.55 Coronation Super Evil 7.30 Lost & Found Valentine 3.40 Odd Squad 3.25 Bottersnikes & Bang Theory 11.55 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.30 First Dates Abroad About the House 4.0am Home Shopping 7. Vladimir Vladimirovich’s explore different aspects of formative years.40 Lore (2012) Stars 2.45 Little Mother 4.15 League of the Week 11.20 7.30 Coach Trip 10.50 The Big Judge Judy 10.0 Judy 10. made up of interviews reality show.0 The Big Bang Theory 7.25 All Over the Place: 10. to illuminate a new demographic Oliver Stone must have learned phenomenon – the fact that a thing or two about coups.40 Alan Show 2.0 Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Emmerdale 8.0 The Ellen DeGeneres Menace and Gnasher 7.0 The Motorbike Show 2.0 New Girl 5.50 Twin It to Win It 12.0 Baby Daddy 11.20 Asian Street 2.30 Family Guy 12.20 Little Roy Men 8.0 9.0 Officially Amazing Goes Girls 6.0 QI 2.0 Taskmaster 10.0 1.05 Minder 12.30 Coronation Cooper 2.0 Ironside 10.0 Midsomer Murders 10.35 The Next Step 3.05 Heartbeat 2.35 Counting Dave 10. Sky Atlantic The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Growing Old 10pm.25 Lethal Weapon 1. The conceit is that conducted over a two-year well-known personages – among period and simulcast with the them Edwina Currie.30 Operation Ouch! 3.0 How I Met Your ITV3 Hill High 1.0 Horrible Damn the Defiant! (1962) Histories 7.20 (1987) 12.45 The Dumping Davies: As Yet Untitled 3.50 Man on Fire (2004) Cars 1.0 Judge Rinder 6.35 Vanderpump Rules 7.50 Danger Mouse 7.05 Jam Sessions Sea of Monsters (2013) Quincy ME 11.50 Rising Jam Sessions 4.30 Where the Heart Bunkers 2.55 Bunkers 11.35 Scorpion 10.0 Family Guy Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature 6.20 Taskmaster 1.10 American Pickers ITV2 7.55 ITV4 Nightscreen .0 Judge Judy 10.0 Made in Chelsea 8.0 Cash Cowboys The Next Step 8.0 Scream Street 6.10 Strange Bang Theory 3.25 My Life: Face the Music 7.55 Black-ish 4.20 10 Cats 2.0 Broken Arrow 6.35 First Dates: Be My Royal 3.30 Black-ish 8.25 Below Deck CBBC Asian Provocateur 10.55 E4 9.30 Two and a Half Men 8.0 Two and a Half Newsround 8.0 The Is 8.55 Melissa & Joey 5.0 Full Metal Jacket Motors 1.10 8 Out of 10 Cats 10.20 Top Gear 3.10 Morse 1.0 Coronation Street Joy of Techs 9.30 the Menace and Gnasher 3.25 Dennis the 12.0 Inspector Dennis the Menace and Gnasher 11.0 Storage Wars 2.35 Hank Zipzer 9.10 The Knock 6.15 Rules of Damp 5.55 Heartbeat 7. post-65 retirement is now often Perhaps that helped the bullish measured in decades rather than Oscar-winner to land this Putin years – but which is mostly a profile.30 Operation Engagement 4.0 Murder. AM Other channels Challenge 4.0am Arthur 7.50 The Jeremy Kyle Show Newsround 7.35 Film4 Law & Order: UK 11.05 The Marrying Mum and Dad 4.0 Juice: Bestest Bits 2017 Remotely Funny 12.05 Your Mother 12.30 Pawn Stars 8.

0 Classical Film Direidi 10.0 The Art Show 9.0 One Foot in the Parti Cut Lloi 4.0 Stiw Ship 4.0am Eras of Music History 10. a friendly at the ULSTER As ITV except 12.0 Surviving Alcatraz: Escaping 3.30 Rownd a Rownd 8.0 Trailblazers: Madchester 9.10 Hafod Tales of the Unexpected 9.55am-3.0 Supernanny 8.0 CSI: Crime Sun: Home or Away 3.0 Gondwana Chorale: Y Paratoi 1.0 Teleshopping 1.0 Crisis 5.0 Past 12.0 Monkey Life 5.55 Car SOS 7.0 Watercolour 6.55am A Place in the Sun: Home Blat 6.0 The Baby 6.0 Meic y Marchog 8.0am Road Wars 7.0 Without a Trace 7.0 Miranda 10.0 Nothing to Game of Thrones 2.0 The West Wing A Time Team Special 5.0 Watercolour Challenge 8.45 Mike and Coverage of the fourth fixture in (T) 4.0 ITV BBC1 N IRELAND 10.0 Dewi 8.0 Heno 1.0 Storm or Away 10.25 International (T) Amber is reunited with Charlotte.0 Monkey Life 9.20 Grimm Tomos a’i Ffrindiau 9.05 Prynhawn Da 11.30 Halibalw 2.0 Teleshopping America’s Cup (T) 4.05 Selling Declare 11.05 Me or the Dog 10.25 Blwyddyn y Bugail: Without a Trace 1.25 After Midnight 2.0 Richard E Grant’s 4.0 CSI: Supervet 6.0 The Dog 4.05 Cor Glanaethwy a’r Treasures of the British Library 2.40 Coleman Hawkins 1.10 Raiders 10.20 Digbi Draig 7.0 7.0 The Bill 11.50 11.0 Home Shopping Twt 9. ITV (T) 4.45 Blue Boomers’ Guide to Growing Old Five-0 8.0 Four in a Bed 6. Sky Sports 2 SCOTTISH As ITV except 10.50 Bing 11.40 EastEnders 8.10 8 Out of 10 Atlantis 5.15 Hawaii Five-0 1.50 Secrets of the Saxon Hoard: y Llewod 2017 11.45 Syrcas Deithiol Christian Will See You Now 9.0 Sunset Strip 1.0 Discovering: Gene Kelly 7. Sky Sports 1 1.40 Octonots the Unexpected 2.0 Pobol City 10.05-5.0 Battleplan Stwnsh Ffeil 5.05 Dudley: Cymru ar Sky Atlantic 8.45 Holby City (T) 11.0 Newyddion S4C a’r 6.25 Teleshopping Prairie Dogs – Talk of the Town (T) (R) International Football: France v 1.10 Ty Mel 7.0 The Putin Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 1.55 Grand Crime Scene Investigation 8.0 River Cottage Spring 2.10 Ty Challenge 3.0 Royal Murder Borloti 11.45- the Lions tour in Dunedin.0 Coast Tywydd 1.40 Trefi Gwyllt Iolo 2.0 Twin Peaks: The Amanda Lamb 10.0 Dona Artists in Love 11.35 England 7.25 Teleshopping but receives some shocking news about 8am.0 Tales of Yesterday 10.0 Passions Goodnight Sweetheart 3. Football Highlights (T) 12.0 Stiw 11.0 11.0am Cyw Dona Direidi 6.30-6.0 Inside the Actors Studio Past 6.40 A Place in the y Cwm 8.0 Blue the Roses: A Time Team Special Tywydd 9.0 Artists in Love of the Lost Past 8.50 Wars of Ioan Doyle 9.30 Cythrel Canu 7.0 1.40 Guitar Grave 11.10 Houses with Amanda Lamb 2.0 W Cats Uncut Futurama 6.0 Heno 6.0 7.0 Newyddion 10.0 Coast 10.0 The West Wing 12.25 Y Dywysoges Fach 6.0 Battleplan 7.05 Sex Diaries: Gigolos 12.0 Battleplan Mel 11.0 Most Shocking 1.30 The Simpsons 6.05 Cefn Gwlad: Sian James A Week (1920) 2.0 Newyddion 9 a’r Scene Investigation 2.0 Coast 12.15 Sky Arts Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Halibalw 8.0 Newyddion Hotel Secrets 4.40 Octonots 6.0pm Natural World: The quarter-final at Headingley.15 Guto Gwningen Music: Wayne Marshall 1.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) The Super League Show (T) 3.0 Judge Faith 3.25 International BBC2 WALES 1.0 Awr Fawr 5.0 Guto Gwningen 6.55am 5. Teleshopping 2.30 BBC Stade de France.30 Halibalw 10.0 Helicopter Heroes S4C Digital Trollied 10.10 The Borgias 4.0 Raiders of the Lost Past 2.0 Hawaii Five-0 3.0 The Last MasterChef USA 3.0 Four 8.20 Digbi Draig 11.0 Royal Murder Mysteries 3.40pm Spotlight (T) Yorkshire Vikings v Surrey Nightscreen 11.10 Veep 10.0 10.0 A League of Their Own 9.25-3.25 After Midnight 2.0 ITV Nightscreen Cardiff Singer of the World 2017 (T) More4 Tywydd 6.45 Abadas 9.0 The Force: Essex 11.30 Tag 6.0 Tipping Point 6.45 Public Enemy 12.05 Y Gemau Gwyllt Star 2016 4.0 Designs 9.0 Modern Family 6.25 Hollywood: the Rock 9.0 in a Bed 9.20 Red Rock (T) (R) of the season.15 MasterChef Australia 2. Football Highlights (T) 12.55 The Ffug: Beth Yw’r Gwir? 6.20 Sailing: England play their final match 5.0 Sanctuary 12.0 Newyddion S4C a’r Live in ’62 Secrets of War .45 Syrcas Deithiol Dewi 5.0 Coast 3.0 Selling Houses with Sky1 Blue Bloods 9.25 ITV Nightscreen Fraser.0 Crisis 6.35 Holi Hana 8.25 Byd Carlo Bach 9.0pm-9.20 Tipping Point 12.50pm Time (T) 12.0 Hawaii Return 10.50pm BBC1 SCOTLAND 8.63 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Tuesday 13 television Today’s best live sport Terrestrial variations International Rugby Union: STV NORTH As ITV except 10.15 Big Love (T) (R) Cricket: Royal London Cup – CHANNEL As ITV except 12.0 Tipping 7.55 One 8.0 River City Highlanders v British & Irish Lions Scotland Tonight (T) 11.0 The West Wing The Baby Boomers’ Guide to NCIS: Los Angeles 4.10 Mike and Jules: While We Still Have 1.0 It’s Bloods 11.40 Big Love (T) (R) Scotland Tonight (T) 11.0 Discovering: Claude Rains Porridge5.30 Loti 4.0 Four in a Bed 1.55pm.0am The Guest Wing 8.0 5.0 Raiders of the Lost 12.50 Bing 7.05 Los Angeles 1.0 NCIS: Interviews 3.0 Taith Bloods 3.30 Whisperer Point 7.0 Stargate Growing Old 3.15 Coast (T) (R) 10.0 Battleplan 1.0 Dr Loti Borloti 7.30 8.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 3.10am Judge Faith 8.45 Pentre Bach 10.30 Y Ditectif 10.0 The Supervet 11.10 Haul 9.10-12.0 Singing and Dancing 3.35 Discovering: Audrey Hepburn 10.0 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 12.0 Raiders of the Lost S4C a’r Tywydd 2.0 Tales of the Unexpected Mysteries 11.45 First Minister’s Questions (T) 2.0am Pointless 77.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) Jules: While We Still Have Time (T) 12.0-10. 10.30-6.30pm.25 ITV Nightscreen 1. 5.

45 Doctors Best of British (T) (R) 3.15 Antiques Road Trip Chase (T) 6. attempt to get to the to see if they can do a better bottom of the case of the job of running the network. 11. It’s a little harder to highlights from the event’s empathise with top brass coldly second concert.30pm.0 Great Continental Coronation Street (T) (T) 7.0 Breakfast (T) 9.05 The Ahead (T) 12. Petroc Trelawny compassion while dealing with and soprano Angel Blue present detainees. Croydon cat-killer.45 Room 101: Extra Storage nominated for Entrepreneur 10.0 Nature’s Weirdest Events Alan Titchmarsh (T) 3. Weather Two Tribes (T) (R) 2. BBC4 If the point of this series is to There will certainly be no Six show how the rank and file Chair Challenge in St David’s of London’s police service Hall.0 Sign Zone.30 ITV Lunchtime News 1.30 Lorraine (T) 9.15 Cricket: ICC Champions out what the future holds presented by Frank Skinner.00 8.25 Sweet Sixteen: A from the opening semi-final. alongside an update entertainers.40 On Assignment (T) Neil (T) Extended edition of of the Year.0 Masterpiece with (T) 2.0 Eggheads (T) (R) (T) 6. from the little egret family.30 Regional News and Rock (T) (R) 3.30 Loose Women (T) 12. Child general knowledge genius.45 The Gardeners’ World (T) (R) 10.15 The Chase (T) (R) Four Transgender Story (T) An 12.0 Local News Pointless (T) (R) 6.15 Red (T) 1.0 Good Morning Britain (T) Crimewatch Roadshow (T) Under (T) (R) 6.30 Regional News and Weather (T) 7.05 This Is BBC Two (T) Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) . it’s filled with make tough decisions in the world’s most accomplished trying circumstances.30 This Morning (T) Housing Enforcers (T) (R) 9. 9.30 ITV Evening News at Six.0 White Gold (T) Vincent is 10.05 Weather for the Week Arabian Adventure (T) (R) ITV Nightscreen 5.55 Local News (T) 2.0 (T) 1.15 Bargain Hunt (T) (R) 11. frontline officers for a jury whose members include demonstrate both grit and Kiri Te Kanawa.0 The Passengers That Took 9.15 !mpossible (T) 3.0 ITV News at Ten (T) 10. For one week.30 Springwatch Unsprung (T) 7.0 The Secret Life of the Hunt (T) (R) 8.30 Great British Menu (T) 8. Morocco To Timbuktu: An Heartbeats (T) (R) 3.45 (T) 3. 11.0 The One Show (T) Railway Journeys (T) 7.0 The Met: Policing London 9.0 Springwatch 2017 (T) The 8.25 The 11. Weather (T) 6.15 6. Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) Hospital Bed (T) 11.0 Tonight at the London Gregg Wallace and Chris latest news from the wildlife Palladium (T) With Bavin help the Caan family cameras over the past 24 musicians. but from Mongolia.15 Atlantic: The Local News/Weather (T) 4. comedians and from Glasgow lower their hours. Italy and South witnessing how they adapt their Korea.0 The Street Auction (T) (R) 5. plus Wales’s own mezzo.45 Yes Chef (T) 4.0 BBC News at Ten (T) 10. with contestants monitoring a protest march.0 Hairy Bikers’ Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories Weather (T) 1.00 10. including Clean food bills.30 Bargain 8. television Wednesday 14 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 64 Pick of the day The Met: Policing London 9pm. BBC1 BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2017 7. 10.30 6. so far it opera singers. film following the life of a of Our Time (T) (R) 2.0 3.30 Wildest Ocean on Earth (T) Tipping Point (T) (R) 5.0 1000 transgender teenager. response is fascinating.0 Holiday Horrors: Caught on (T) The officers deal with on the Train Line (T) Jacques Camera (T) Documentary the challenges of London’s Peretti rallies commuters on series looking at what can busiest custody suite and London’s Southeastern rail go wrong on holiday.0 Eat Well for Less? (T) 8.59 Escape to the Country (T) (T) (R) 4. Bandit and James Acaster. GV Sioned Gwen Davies.10 Jackpot247 3.0 News at One.05 Jo Cox: Death of an MP (T) contestants take on a intimate coming-of-age (R) 1.0 1.0 Emmerdale (T) 7.0 News (T) (R) 6. SO’C BBC1 BBC2 ITV 6.05 Sign Zone.15 (R) 5. competing for the has succeeded.0 Victoria Derbyshire (T) 12.0 Newsroom Live (T) 1.0 Emergency Rescue Down 6. At a Brixton prestigious title by performing custody suite. Connery visits France to find the comedy panel show 11.50 12. Trophy Highlights (T) Action for the country.10 BBC News 3.05 12.

20 This Green and Location (T) (R) 4.10 Divine Designs (T) Pleasant Land: The Story of Comfort Food (T) (R) (R) 5. 1.15 The Wright Will & Grace (T) (R) 7.0 5 News at 5 (T) 5.05 Ramsay’s Kitchen 12. the Fitzpatrick (AKA “Widowmaker”).05 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Betjeman and Gracie Fields investigates his murder. hit Southeastern. drawing folk’s capacity for tawdry violence the group’s ideas for putting attention to yourself only makes and deceit.35 Frasier (T) (R) 5 News Lunchtime (T) 10.15 Parkinson: Sir John her stepfather’s past as she 11.30 (R) 2. 10.15 The Hotel Everybody Loves Raymond Inspector (T) (R) 12.0 The Simpsons (T) (R) 2017 (T) Highlights from 6. and performer from Rochdale she will sleep with Cory. a regular patient comes in who became the nation’s 9.05 Posh Pawnbrokers (T) 5.0 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It coming off his motorbike Away (T) Officers chase a and colliding with two cars. Flashbacks who want to take over running lothario going full peacock to 1975 tell the origin story of a franchise held by complaint.0 Gracie! (T) (R) Jane finds himself in charge of (T) A young mother visits Horrocks plays Gracie Fields a baby. Will the entrepreneur of the year and adding to the plot only in terms Department for Transport treat continued success at evading of lessons learned about ordinary this initiative seriously or will HMRC.10 (T) (R) 8. ditch Ewan McGregor’s warring more of a voice? Jacques Peretti Not that Vincent is too twins to follow Carrie Coon’s follows a group of commuters concerned. (R) 4. 10.0 A Home and Away (T) (R) 7. BBC2 Fargo 10pm.30 5 News Tonight (T) analysis from Washington (T) (R) 5.0 Ackley Bridge (T) Jordan 8.35 Wildlife SOS (T) (R) British Landscape Painting . starring Bette 4.05 Couples 3. MGJ Coen-esque fable.0 SuperCasino 3. while Missy agrees the surgery concerned about in this drama about the that if Cory sleeps with Nas.15 Big Brother (T) (R) Nightmares USA (T) (R) 11.15 Sun (T) (R) 12.20 Locomotion: Dan Snow’s Fortune (Arthur Hiller. and try to body CT scan to understand recover £2.35 Location. BBC2 When the CB radio craze claims The anthology format means we Seen from the outside.45 House Doctor (T) (R) 2.05 Britain’s Benefits Blackspots Betjeman and Gracie Fields.35 Stuff 11.0 Big Brother (T) Highlights.0 Four in a Bed (T) 7.45 6. following a nomination for Essex her sci-fi novelist stepfather.15 The Boy Next Door Come Dine with Me (T) (R) (Neill Fearnley.10 Countdown (T) 3.0 News the second round.20 David Bowie and the Story Midler and Shelley Long.45 Neighbours (T) 2. (T) Rylan Clark-Neal has the (T) The 1977 Parkinson 11. JS Channel 4 Channel 5 BBC4 6.65 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Wednesday 14 television The Passengers That Took on the White Gold 10pm. darling in the 1930s.0 GPs: Behind Closed Doors 9. Unluckily for him. Could this be a prank that only exposes in the middle of a season as we shaken up if passengers had Fitzpatrick’s domestic discontent. numbness in her hands. 8. 2008) (T) 1.0 Fargo (T) Gloria revisits 10.000 Doctors rush him for a full in unpaid rent. Britain with Chris Tarrant (T) of Ziggy Stardust (T) 3. Channel 4 Train Line 9pm.0 Fifteen to One (T) 4.15 Home and Away (T) A Place in the Sun: Winter 1.55 Outrageous (T) (R) 1.0 100 Days+ (T) News and Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 6.0 The Railways That Built 12.30 Come Dine with Me (T) Cardiff Singer of the World (R) 6. A bold but pleasingly customers first hit the buffers? JW you a bigger target.0 Countdown (T) (R) 6. 7.0 24 Hours in A&E (T) A with a mysterious leg gash.05 Naked Attraction (T) (R) 12. interview with John 12. 1987) Wentworth Prison (T) (R) History of Railways (T) (R) (T) Comedy. Location. with the unlovable unassuming cop to LA.30 Jamie’s (R) 5. debt of nearly £50.0 Police Interceptors (T) DC and London. don’t know the “who” and “when” rail-franchise system looks like his less than good buddies of Fargo when we return each a cosy cartel dominated by just Vincent and Lavender plan year. now it changes for one week a few companies.0 1. young man is treated after 9. teenager to a garage.10 11.0 News NCIS: Los Angeles (T) (R) Summary (T) 12.30 BBC 5.000 owed by a the extent of his injuries.0 Milkshake! 9.30 Hollyoaks (T) 7.0 Neighbours (T) (R) 6.05 24 Hours in Police Custody latest on the housemates.

30 Where the Heart Goes Bunkers 2. Sky Atlantic The unshowily sinister Belgian comedians – Jamali Maddix.40 QI 2.0 Horrible Histories 7.15 Fast Girls (2012) 1.30 Black-ish 8.50 Marrying Engagement 5.30 Coach Trip Gold 8.0 Hank Zipzer 9.0 Top Gear 8.0 Limit (2013) 2.30 Epic Quick Blast 4.05 Heartbeat 2.0 Dave Gorman: The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.05 6.15 The Frogmen (1951) Order: UK 11.20 Little Roy 8.05 Minder 12.30 You’ve Been Framed! @ Everything 8.0 2 Broke 2.0 Kick-Ass 2 (2013) Heartbeat 7.0 The Saint 3.15 Man 4.0am Man About the House 6.0 Sin City Motors Emmerdale 12.45 Scream 5.35 Danger Mouse 6.0 Pawn Stars 7.05 Counting Cars 6.25 Vanderpump Rules 12. he suggests.20 Russell Howard’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2.0 Made in Chelsea 8.55 Top Gear 8.0 Melissa & Joey Island 10.0 Emmerdale 8.35 7.20 Family Guy 11.0 Lucy (2014) 10.35 Vanderpump Rules Quincy ME 5.45 Nature 10.0 Sin City Motors 1.30 Judge School of Rock 3.0 Lewis 10.05 Ironside 4.30 Menace and Gnasher 3. Béranger ramps up heavier on the standup.0am Gilda (1946) 1.25 Bottersnikes & Gumbles 4.0 Home Shopping 8.30 Pawn Stars Hunters 8.40 Bordertown Place: Asia 11.0 Cash Cowboys Silent House (2011) 8.0 Rules of 8.25 Little Roy 2.30 Storage 6.35 The Spoilers (1955) Wrote 8.0am Minder 7.25 Below Deck Stars 8.55 Officially Amazing Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2. Brown delivering a funny but Perhaps.25 All Over the Bang Theory 3.0 You’ve Been Framed! Newsround 7.0 Judge Judy 10.25 My Life: School of Your Mother 12. Viceland This series sees four young Public Enemy 10pm.0am Arthur 7.30 Arthur 1.55 Road to Avonlea Zag 3.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 6.0 Dennis the Gogglebox 2.0 Sin City Motors 4.30 Officially Amazing 11.0 ITV3 Strange Hill High 1.50 Twin It to Win Mother 4.05 Rinder 6.20 George and Mildred Goes Bunkers 6.10 The Knock Officially Amazing Goes Bunkers 9.10 You’ve Been Framed! 2.10 7.30 ITV4 Hank Zipzer 8. JR Other channels the Week 11. exploring the continent their the child-killer now living in the xenophobic elders are currently monastery.35 Hank Film4 About the House 4.0 Danger Mouse The Last Sunset (1961) 5.10 Zig and Dates 3.30 The Mechanic (2011) 12.0 Ironside 10.20 Newsround Royal 3.55 The Memoirs of Sherlock 3. Lucas has a freer by this opener – a sojourn in rein for his ideas.0 Two and a Half Men Newsround 8.10 Desk 6.20 6.0 The Big Bang Theory 1.05 Remotely Funny 12. and about the main event: Béranger.35 Scorpion 10.0 The Big Dad! 12.10 Wild at Heart 4.0 Home Shopping Gold 6. Judging ailing health.0am Hollyoaks 6.0 Storage Wars 1.45 First Dates Abroad Judge Judy 10.0 Officially Amazing 10.50 Good News 12. With the abbot in insisting we leave.30 Engagement 9.45 8.0 Steve 9.0 New Girl 5.0 How I Met Family Guy 11.45 How to Be Epic E4 Gold 7.0 Judge 7.television Wednesday 14 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 66 Pick of the day Brexit Stage Left 10pm.25 Dennis the Suits 4.55 Shaun the Sheep 1.25 QI 3.35 Counting Cars Storage Hunters 7.0 Inspector Morse Street 7.45 Two and a Half Men Goes Bunkers 11.0 Law & 6.40 Odd Squad 3.0 Odd Squad 8.05 Black-ish 4.40 Gold 7.15 Bordertown 1.15 League of I Lie to You? 1.0 Love Hank Zipzer 9.0 Baby Daddy 11.05 American Pickers 9.0 New Girl 1. in this episode it’s all Europe doing standup.50 Rising Zipzer 5.25 Lethal 4.50 First Judy 10.0 The Big Bang Theory Roy 12. she may barely EU-relevant routine.0 Is 8.45 The Big Bang Theory 9.0 Mock Framed! Gold Full Throttle 2.15 American Rock 10.0 Live at the Apollo 10.05 The Mum and Dad 4. Against the Copenhagen.30 My Life: 12.15 6.30 Pawn 3.55 Heartbeat 7.55 Naomi’s Nightmares of 10.25 Girls 6.0 How I Met Your 1.55 You’ve Been Weapon 12.0 Hollyoaks 7.10 Melissa & Joey Holmes 1.30 Wild at Heart 9.0 Would Jeremy Kyle Show 5.20 Damp 5.30 The Cube Cars 7.0 The 100 6.55 The CBBC Modern Life Is Goodish 1.0 You’ve Been Framed! Super Evil 7.0am Home Shopping 7. She 6. Denmark – it’s backdrop of this shifting balance light on the cultural analysis and of power.05 Cash Cowboys Hunters 10.20 Life on the 9.05 Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge 11.0 Storage Gold 6. As much as Fern Brady.20 Bullitt (1968) 11.05 Vicky Pattison: The Hot Desk It 12.0 Murder.0 American Pickers 7.0 River Monsters 9.35 Counting 12.50 Lifebabble Radiator (2014) 2.0 The Dumping Ground 8. DS disappearance.0am Jonas Blue: The Hot 1.30 Tommy Cooper . Alfie Brown and events on the margins are finely Sean McLoughlin – travel around drawn. drama continues.10 Dragons: Race to the Edge 3.30 Two and a Half Men 9.30 7.0 The 100 2.05 Dave Quincy ME 11.0 The Saint 9.30 You’ve Been Framed! Menace and Gnasher 7.50 Eve 9.0 American Dad! 12. with his mind games with Chloe.0 Celebrity Juice 10. much know who is behind her sister’s of it about masturbation.0 ITV2 Counting Cars 12.30 Rules of 11.

30pm Scotland Tonight (T) 11.30 Sbridiri 8.0 Dr Christian Will See You Now Begw Bwt 9.0 Judge Faith 10.0 Photography 8.30 Brit Cops: Rapid Response 3.0 Four in a Bed 1.45 Cricket (T) Angel Stadium of Anaheim.0 Blue Bloods 9.0 Battleplan 7.10am Judge Faith 7.0 Forbidden History 9.0 Fish Town 10.0 Futurama 6.0 Inside the Actors Escaping the Rock 3.0 Milwyr y a Trace 1.0 8 Out of 10 Cats Life 9.30-1.10 Ynys Broc the Amazon 1.0 The Cottage Spring 2.40 The Chase (T) (R) 1.0 Grand Designs Sky1 4.30 ITV News Wales at Six Sixteen: A Transgender Story (T) (R) Sky Sports 2 (T) CHANNEL As ITV except 12.0 Surviving Alcatraz: Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 1.25 Miranda 2.30 Storm City 9.05 12.35-2.05 Five-0 3.0 The West Wing 6.0 Meic y Marchog Dog Whisperer USA 3.25 Chwedlau 7.50 Time Team 5.0 6.30 Sweet Champions Trophy Cricket 10am. Ardal Ni! 7.10am-3.30 BBC Cardiff Singer of the Baseball: Los Angeles Angels (T) (R) 3.0 Four in a Bed Peppa 6.15 Red Rock (T) (R) 7.0am Pointless 7. Portrait of a Lifetime 10.35 Storage Hoarders (T) (R) Wales Report with Huw Edwards (T) court event in Stuttgart.25 ASRA 10.0 Public 10 Cats Does Countdown 1.0 the Lost Past 8.0 The Art of Lost Past 6.0 Does Countdown 12.0 Awr Fawr 5.0am Hawaii Five-0 8.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.0 Educating Yorkshire 10.10 Artists in Love 11.15 Rapsgaliwn 11.05 QI BT Sport/ESPN except 2.0pm-10.0 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 6.0 Discovering: Coast 8.0 Raiders Hud 11.0 Secrets of War 3.0 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd Forgotten Star 11.0 Tomos a’i Ffrindiau 6.0 Watercolour Challenge 8. ITV Nightscreen SCOTTISH As ITV except of Scotland (T) (R) 2.0 Heno Rita Hayworth 7.50 Unseen 12.0pm-10.35 Storage Hoarders 10.15 Sam 11.0 Supernanny Coala 8.0 Game of Thrones 2.45 Tecwyn y Tractor Discovering: Gene Kelly 10.67 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Wednesday 14 television Today’s best live sport Terrestrial variations Tennis: The MercedesCup 10am.0 The S4C Digital Blacklist 10.0 Guitar Star 2016 5.0 Dysgu Gyda Cyw Sbarc 2.0 1.0 9.30 3 The West Wing 12.0 The Mor Lili 7.05 Sweet Sixteen: A Transgender (T) 11.0 Four in a Bed 4. Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) ULSTER As ITV Jo Cox: Death of an MP (T) (R) 1.50 Classical Destinations Yesterday Patrol Pawennau 10.30 Garddio a Mwy Studio 10.30 Yr Ysgol Artists in Love 4.0 MasterChef Deithiol Dewi 8.0 Sanctuary The Putin Interviews 10.45 Syrcas Last Ship 4.0 The Supervet 11.0 Master of of the Lost Past 12.0 11.0 Newyddion 9 a’r Tywydd 9.55am A Place in the Sun: Home Cwm 8.35-1.45 The Met: 12.0 or Away 10.30 Arfordir Cymru: Mon 1.35 The World 2017 (T) 11.10 Raiders of Ni 11. as the winners of Group A 10.25 ITV Nightscreen 4.0 4.0 Battleplan 9.0 Investigation 8.0 The Bill 11.35 v New York Yankees 3am.40pm The Day three of the men’s grass Midnight 2.0 Tales of the Unexpected 6.0 Undressed (2010) 2.0 Helicopter Heroes 10.10 Riviera 4.0 Watercolour Challenge 3.0 Monkey a Trace 7.15pm Grand Tours Coverage of the opening semi.0 Burlesque Open All Hours 10. except 6.20 Igam Ogam 7.0 CSI: Crime Scene Time Team 4.0 Breezin’: Lost Past 2.05-3.0 Raiders of the 2.0 Cyw a’r Bocs Arbennig 10.40 Octonots 6.10 Nico Nog 8.0 Blue Bloods 3.25 ITV Nightscreen ITV WALES As ITV 11.0 Raiders of the 5.50-12.30 Spotlight American League clash at the SCOTLAND 9.0 Stwnsh Ffeil 5.50 Lle: Aled Sion Davies 11.15 White Gold (T) 11.0 My Tan 6.05 Prynhawn Da 3.50 Teulu 1.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 4.15 White Gold (T) 12.0 The Supervet 6.0 ITV Nightscreen BBC1 BBC2 N IRELAND 10.0 Crisis 8.45 Sweetheart 11.55 Car SOS 7.30 China 4.0 My Floating 6.0 Pobol y Sky Atlantic 8.0am Cyw Yr Ysgol 6.0 Discovering: Escaping the Rock 11.0 Without New Zealand 10.0 River Enwog o Fri.05 8 Out of Stargate Atlantis 5.0 CSI: Crime Scene Home 11. 1.30 Grand Designs New Zealand 2.0 Battleplan 12.0 Most Shocking 2.55 Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets Grand Designs 9.0 S4C a’r Tywydd 3.05 Janet Leigh 9.05 Mock the Week (T) (R) More4 Taith y Llewod 2017 8.45 Ben a Mali a’u Byd Bach O Gothic Rock 6.30 Assignment (T) 11.0 Coast 12.0 The Flames of Deian a Loli 10.40 Grimm Traeth 9.0 Ross Kemp: Battle for Dream Home 8.0am The Guest Wing 8.25 Boj 6.0 It’s Me or the Dog 10.0am Eras of Music History 9.25 Codi Hwyl: Llydaw 9.05 Ar y Lein Janet Leigh 1.40 A Place in Gohebwyr: Wyre Davies 10.05 On (T) 3.0pm-10.10 The Sopranos 12.40 The Chase (T) (R) The Beechgrove Garden (T) BBC2 WALES face the Group B runners-up.40 Tipping Point 12.55 Sbarc 7.05 8 Out of Nothing to Declare 11.40 Paris 12.0 Without the Sun: Home or Away 3.20 Y Brodyr 6.10 The 10 Cats Uncut: The Best Bits Family 6.0 2.0 Billy Connolly: (T) 11.10 Marcaroni 9.0 Trailblazers: Coast 10.35 Arwyr 999 6.0 Modern Interviews 3.35 After Midnight 2.50 Byd Sky Arts 8.20 Edi Wyn 5.30pm Policing London (T) 11.10 Room 101 (T) 11.0 Coast 2.30-4.30 The West Wing Simpsons 8.05 On Assignment 12.0-7.0 Tipping Point 7.0 BBC2 SCOTLAND 2.30 Politics Scotland final.0pm-6.0 Gene Tierney: A in the Grave 5. STV NORTH As ITV except 10. 3.0 MacGyver 9.0 The Putin Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 3.40 Crads Bach y Tales of the Unexpected 9.0 Hawaii Enemy 11.0 Monkey Life 5.0 One Foot Sion a Sian 1.0 9.55 Welsh Guards Investigation 2.35 After Story (T) BBC1 WALES 10.0 The Dressing Room 11.45 Room 101 (T) Eurosport 2 Scotland Tonight (T) 11.05 The George Benson Story Home Shopping .05 Sinema’r Byd Hollywood: Singing and Dancing Battleplan 1.0 NCIS: Los Angeles W 6.0 Miranda Tinga Tinga 9.0 Newyddion the Joy of Sex 12.0 Tipping Point 1.0 Surviving Alcatraz: 11.0 A League of Their Own: 6.55 Ti Fi a Cyw 12.0 Discovering: 1.0 11.20 Goodnight 3.

30 Springwatch 2017 8. the continues.0 News 5.15 Cricket: ICC Champions 11.30 The Real Full Monty (T) The team renovate the Ashley Banjo helps Alexander home of a kidney patient Armstrong recreate the and mother-of-four so she striptease from The Full can do her dialysis without Monty to raise awareness having to travel to hospital.25 The 11.0 (T) 1.05 Sign Zone. Essex barmaid enough already.00 8. and fire. with Kat history certainly promises an moving the other way. informed Plus. Dara and Ed’s ITV Nightscreen 5. chaired by David Dimbleby. as Kat reconnects with personality-clash show gets her long-lost son.0 ITV News at Ten (T) 10. 10.0 Tipping Point (T) (R) Street Auction (T) (R) 5. Michael 12. of men’s health issues.30 This Morning (T) Housing Enforcers (T) (R) Off: Creme de la Creme (T) 12.0 The Chase (T) 6.0 Red Rock (T) (R) 3. leaving Robert was not a heart attack. and job of Nottinghamshire If nothing else. his continued psychotherapist and Green party angst over his chequered councillor Kat (Remain).0 The One Show (T) (T) 7. MGJ BBC1 BBC2 ITV 6. crossed for respectful. while Bernie still favourite British invention.30 Tonight: The Jewel (T) 7.0 Newsroom Live (T) (T) 1.0 The Secret Life of the Hunt (T) (R) 7.30 Regional News and 1.35 BBC News 2. BBC1 The dramatic diversion following After an election dominated by the dark side of the Moons our flounce from the EU. Harris is joined by a panel of debate from Coventry. as does his desire too much shouting.15 (T) 4.0 Emergency Rescue Down 6.0 DIY SOS: The Big Build (T) 8.0 Eggheads (T) (R) News (T) 7.15 Operation Iceberg (T) (R) 5.30 Bargain 8.0 News at One. 10.0 BBC News at Ten (T) 10. chat in which he.30 Lorraine (T) 9.0 Local Pointless (T) (R) 6.30 BBC Regional News (T) comedy with Dara O Briain.15 !mpossible (T) 3.0 Good Morning Britain (T) Under the Hammer (T) Under (T) (R) 6.00 10. 10. leader Nigel Farage.0 Masterpiece with (T) 2.30 Springwatch Unsprung (T) 7. Weather (T) 11.45 Question Time (T) Topical Hugh Dennis and guests.0 Two Tribes (T) (R) 1.15 Yes Chef Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) Hospital Bed (T) 11.30 Weather for the Week Road to Mandalay (T) (R) Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) Ahead (T) 12.30 Weirdest Events (T) (R) 4.30 Loose Women (T) 12.30 Britain’s Greatest Invention 8.40 The Late Debate (T) Simon 10.05 The 12.0 Mock the Week (T) Topical 10.15 Bargain Hunt (T) (R) (R) 9. 1.10 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 11. Alfie’s concerns over his discussions or.0 The Jewel Portillo and other guests Day the NHS Stopped (T) (R) Raiders: Tonight (T) (R) 3.30 Newsnight (T) local MPs.55 Local News (T) 2. As if Dermott’s debate raging afresh with a life hadn’t grown complicated one-off special.45 This Week (T) Andrew Neil Trophy Highlights (T) Action (T) (R) With former Ukip introduces a round-table from the second semi-final. not health grow.30 (R) 6. the revelation Pauline (Leave) spends a week that he has a twin sends him on experiencing the home.05 The Truth About Stress . Bake 10.30 ITV Lunchtime News 1.45 The (T) (R) 8. Channel 4 Kat and Alfie: Redwater 8pm.0 Emmerdale Regional News and Weather 6.25 review the world of politics.30 ITV Evening at Six. feeling uneasy.45 Yes Chef (T) 4.59 Local News/Weather (R) 3. 9.30 EastEnders (T) (T) 7.0 Victoria Derbyshire 1.0 Red Alan Titchmarsh (T) (R) Escape to the Country (T) Rock (T) (R) 3.0 Emmerdale (T) Rhona (T) Eileen is quick to put a (T) Live special inviting makes a big decision positive spin on the house viewers to vote for their regarding Pierce. failing that.45 Doctors Family Finders (T) (R) 2. Rebecca contemplates suspects that Lance’s death her future.05 Horizon: Cyber Attack – The 12.0 Breakfast (T) 10. Fingers unpredictable edge to baptisms. Weather (T) 6. television Thursday 15 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 68 Pick of the day Wife Swap: Brexit Special 9pm.0 Sign Zone.15 (T) 3.0 Kat and Alfie: Redwater 8.0 Great British Menu Raiders (T) 7.0 Homes 6.10 Jackpot247 3. 11. JS for redemption.30 Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories Weather (T) 1. family to a collision course with Peter.45 Nature’s 3.15 Antiques Road Trip (T) News (T) 6.

0 100 Days+ (T) News and Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 7. and country in their spare time. the fridge. Led the jet engine.15 House Doctor (T) Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 12.35 Wildlife SOS (T) (R) Enchanted Islands (T) (R) .0 1. A Sky at Night Special (T) 11. Led determined band who travel the antibiotics. follows a small but Your seven contenders are: You Can Leave Your Hat On. with the animals that live (T) Women from both sides 9. eight celebrities state or a private creditor.0 News 3. including a mother the wildlife of the east deformed front legs. to raise awareness whether dispatched by the the nation’s best invention.35 Frasier (T) (R) (T) 12.0 Japan: Earth’s Fitzpatrick faces a challenge Mouth (T) People struggling Enchanted Islands (T) (R) coming up with a solution to live on state welfare in Documentary examining for a shih-tzu cross’s Wales.05 Ramsay’s Kitchen 1.30 BBC 5.0 Wife Swap: Brexit Special condition.0 Home and Away (T) (R) Fifteen to One (T) 4. by Alexander Armstrong. with a very rare heart Asian country. Harry Judd from they attempt to assist those on Yes.0 Countdown (T) (R) 6.0 News compete for the title.45 6.15 A Place in the Sun: Winter NCIS: Los Angeles (T) (R) Sun (T) (R) 12. the Science Museum to determine importantly. 2014) (T) Come Dine with Me (T) (R) 5.45 Neighbours (T) 2. under the tutelage of Diversity’s by a 42-year-old boxing trainer.15 Expecting Amish Summary (T) 12.15 Loaded Britain with Chris Tarrant (T) 12. rather more guests than the bailiff.05 Couples (Richard Gabai. while confronting their tenants invite abusive issues surrounding the friends in to squat.0 Location.0 SuperCasino 3.05 Fifteen to One (T) (R) (R) 5.30 Agnetha: Abba and After (T) (R) 3. ITV Battling the Bailiffs 10pm.0 The Supervet (T) Professor 8. Wayne Sleep and former the receiving end of the dreaded rollingly meta if the latter won Olympic swimmer Mark Foster are knock as they struggle to keep and.0 The Simpsons (T) (R) 2017 (T) Five more singers 6. up to tomorrow’s eviction.0 Inside God’s Observatory: evicted by bailiffs.45 House Doctor (T) (T) (R) 1. anyway. BBC2 To celebrate 20 years since the Channel 4 Dr Hannah Fry and Ant Anstead release of ballsy Brit hit The There are few less welcome host this live one-off vote from Full Monty (and.10 Countdown (T) 3.0 Nightmare Tenants.15 Home and Away (T) Nightmares USA (T) (R) 11. Location (T) (R) (R) 5.0 Milkshake! 9.35 Stuff 11.0 Four in a Bed (T) DC and London.30 Japan: Earth’s 5.30pm. the steam engine and television.30 Come Dine with Me (T) Cardiff Singer of the World (R) 6. AM Channel 4 Channel 5 BBC4 6.0 The Railways That Built That Conquered the World Arrivals (T) (R) 2. BA – from the door. where’s the dear old among those taking to the thong the bailiffs – and indeed the wolf Thermos flask on that list? AJC – and good on them. 8.30 Abba at the BBC Location. beginning 9.10 (R) From the Vatican. Slum on the island of Honshu.15 Big Brother (T) (R) 10.30 Planet Oil: The Treasure to the Edge (T) (R) 1. of the Brexit argument swap Landlords (T) A retired homes. 10. 11. 10.0 5 News at 5 (T) 5.30 5 News Tonight (T) 7. London Palladium to Tom Jones’s months. jobs and families for couple seek help when the week. 7. concrete. This argued over by the likes of have agreed to strip at the documentary. filmed over nine Angela Rippon and Len Goodman. too. and a leave/remain debate.0 (R) 2.0 Battling the Bailiffs (T) 10.69 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Thursday 15 television Britain’s Greatest Invention The Real Full Monty 8. tenant refuses to leave.05 Posh Pawnbrokers (T) Neighbours (T) (R) 6.0 Derren Brown: Pushed Wentworth Prison (T) (R) 11.20 4. 8.0 Traffic Cops (T) (R) analysis from Washington (T) (R) 5.10 5 News Lunchtime (T) (R) 8. McFly. preventing people being presents updates in the run.0 One Born Every Minute (T) 12. the mobile phone. of male cancers). (R) 4.0 Battle for the Himalayas: Documentary about the 11. Ashley Banjo.0 A 6.10 Divine Designs (T) (T) (R) 2.30 1.05 Big Brother’s Bit on the The Fight to Film Everest resistance campaigners Side (T) Rylan Clark-Neal (T) (R) Documentary.30 Hollyoaks (T) 7.0 Big Brother (T) Highlights.30pm.0 On Benefits: Living Hand to 9. it would be a bit eye.15 The Wright Will & Grace (T) (R) 7. 12.

30 Kevin Can Wait 9.0am Man About the House 6.0 Pawn Stars 1.50 Night at the Museum Quincy ME 11.05 The Royal 3.0 Rules Framed! Gold 8.55 The Saint 3.25 My Life: I Am Ethan 3.30 Pawn Top Gear 3.55 Below Not Going Out 11.10 Strange Hill High 1. to soothe the soul.20 Isle O Briain’s Go 8 Bit 9.television Thursday 15 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 70 Pick of the day Riviera 9pm.0 You’ve Been 8. where everyone brochure locations. remake of our own reliably Julia Stiles stars as the Côte charming restaurant dating series. She Wrote 8.0 Mock the Deck 10.0 Scorpion 9.05 Heartbeat Newsround 4.40 Odd Squad 3.0 2 Broke Girls 1.50 Family Guy 12.30 Pawn Stars Trawlermen 8.0 The Dumping Ground (1958) 3.30 Bang Theory 7.30 New Girl 5.0am Arthur 7.30 6.05 Cash Cowboys Storage Hunters 10.0 Red Dwarf 2.0 Judge Judy 10.50 Danger Film4 the Blood 12.0 Pawn Stars 7.0 Law & Order: UK 11.30 Where the Heart the Menace and Gnasher 3.0 CelebAbility Life: I Am Ethan 10. d’Azur-based billionaire’s wife.05 Dave (2006) 9. here’s a brand. E4 Reality TV.40 Mom 2.05 1.50 Twin It Girl 1.0 Not Going Emmerdale 8.0 Road to Avonlea 12.25 Below Deck 11.0 Officially 5.50 Family Guy 11.30 Wild at Heart 9.0 Quincy ME 5.0 QI XL 2.45 Kevin Can Heart 4.0 Two and a Half Zipzer 9.30 Eve 9.35 Judge Zig and Zag 3. for this American for the likes of us to gawp at.25 Bottersnikes & Nine-Nine 9.0 11.40 Not Going Out 10.10 8.0 The Ellen DeGeneres Newsround 7.20 Transporter 3 (2008) 11.10 Suits Street 1. is a balm Night Manager.0 Melissa & Men 8.0 6.0 New Girl The Hot Desk 1.0 Ironside 4.0 Endeavour Race to the Edge 6. Hopes are new series of wealth-porn drama high.55 Officially Baby Daddy 11.30 Coronation of Man TT 2. then.30 Two and a Half Men Nightmares of Nature 10.05 Love Your Garden 1.0 How I Mom 1.0 Horrible Histories 11.30 9.0 Baby Daddy 10.0 Made in Chelsea 8.0 Dad! 12.0 Hollyoaks 7.25 Roy 12.15 Newsround 6.15 League of QI 1.0 Wire in Menace and Gnasher 6.20 7.0 Marrying Mum and Dad 4.0 Steve Austin’s Broken Skull 6.45 Little Roy 2.05 Minder 12.30 Blue Peter: Stomping Good (1955) 1.35 Hank 7.20 Family Guy Amazing Goes Bunkers 11.50 First Dates 3.20 George Peter: Stomping Good Music! 4.25 My Joey 10.55 Top Gear 8.25 All Mother 12.10 You’ve Been Framed! Gold Stars 8.15 and Mildred 5.25 CBBC Week 11.35 Counting Pickers 12.20 to Win It 12.30 New Girl 4.05 Counting Cars 6. expensive. Adrian Lester – suggests we may yet find some and Iwan Rheon also star.0am The Last Frontier 7.20 Street 9.15 Dredd (2012) 1.0 Green Street (2005) 1.0 Sin City Motors 6.0 How I Met Your 10.05 Remotely Funny The Big Bang Theory 3.30 Arthur 4.0 Dennis Black-ish 8.0 RoboCop (2014) Counting Cars 12.45 American Dad! 1.0 Brooklyn Is 8. SH Other channels Out 9.40 Emmerdale 12.0am Minder 7.0 Home Shopping Drug War (2012) 1.40 Attack! (1956) 7. work in the US.0 Love Island 10. which has Drew Barrymore as who’s horrified to discover its narrator.20 Little Roy 8.55 Shaun the Sheep Met Your Mother 4.30 Blue Wait 4.10 Wild at Takes? 5.0 Dara The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.0 Gogglebox 1.30 Got What It Takes? (1942) 4.25 Dennis the Red Dwarf 3. done well. is actually proficient at dating? looking outfits and an occasional Tonight’s show – featuring a exploding super-yacht give this military veteran seeking an the feel of Brosnan-era Bond – alpha male and a seven-times only this time.0 Odd Squad 8.50 First Dates USA 11.30 New 11.05 6.05 8. But will the format her husband’s secrets.0 Sin City Motors 1.0am Hollyoaks 6.0 The Black Swan 6.0 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.0 Judy 10.55 The Saint 9.15 Man About the House Monstrous Musicians 5. Travel.0 4.0 Ironside 10.0 The Big Bang Theory Heartbeat 7.0 Horrible Histories: 2.10 Challenge 4.0 Judge Rinder 6.0 Cash Cowboys 8.30 Got What It Rude Tube 2.25 Tommy Cooper .20 American Over the Place: Asia 11.50 Rising Damp 5.50 Black-ish 5.10 Dragons: Melissa & Joey Murder. EEJ awkwardness across the pond.05 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.40 Mock the Week 12.40 Gold 2.05 First Dates USA 2.0 6.30 Coach Trip 5.50 The Knock Mouse 7.0 American ITV2 6.0 Isle of Man TT 9. Sky Atlantic After Big Little Lies and The First Dates USA 10pm.30 New Girl 10.0 The Big ITV3 Amazing Goes Bunkers 2.30 You’ve Been Framed! Menace and Gnasher 7.35 Vanderpump Rules 7.05 Jonas Blue: 12.0am The Vamps: The Hot Desk Cars 7.50 The Jeremy Kyle Show 8.05 Gunman’s Walk ITV4 Music! 8.35 Counting Cars 6.35 Dennis the 10.55 Naomi’s of Engagement 9.20 Bang Theory 12.0am Home Shopping 7.20 Vanderpump Rules 12. it’s from the Bond bridesmaid looking for Mr Right girl’s point of view.30 Judge Gumbles 3.0 The Big Judy 11.55 Coronation Super Evil 7.0 Scream Street 6.0 New Girl 12.45 Class Dismissed E4 Show 2.55 Heartbeat 7.10 American Pickers 9.30 2 Broke Girls 6.

0 S4C a’r Tywydd 1.0 Battleplan 1.0 Coast 2.10 The West Wing Emergency? 11.05 Tir Cymru 4.25 Cythrel Canu 9.0 Raiders of the Lost Past Urdd 2017 2.55 Car SOS 7.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 2.0 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 6.0 Raiders of the 6.0 Now 9.30 a Bed 4.0 Tipping Point 12.0am The British 8. STV NORTH As ITV except 10.20 Digbi Draig Unexpected 6.0am Cyw Dona Direidi 6.25 Y Dywysoges Fach 8. Amazing Animal Births (T) BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2017 (T) Hockey: England v China 8pm.15 Halibalw 6.0 The Dog Whisperer 3.30 4.0 11.40pm-11.50 Bing 7.30 BBC league semi-finals.10 Ty Mel 11.0 Tipping Point 1.0 Without 12.0am Road Wars 7.0 Stiw Life 5.0 Monkey Life 9.40 Open All Hours 3. BBC1 N IRELAND 10.0 Tomos a’i Tales of the Unexpected 9.0 Coast 6.15 Question Time (T) 12.0 Nothing to 2.0 6.05 After Midnight 4.10 Teleshopping Music Day: Across the Line at 30 Concert the Lee Valley Hockey and 2.0 3 Stars In 1.0-7.0 Heno 1.0 NCIS: Game of Thrones 4.30pm 11. Location.35 Judge 2.30 Halibalw Hawaii Five-0 3.40 Octonots 10.0 Watercolour Challenge Judge Faith 2.0 CSI: Crime Scene 12.0 Without Four in a Bed 12.0 The West Wing 6.0 Four in a Bed 3.0am Eras of Music History 8.15 Five-0 1.10 Last Week Tonight with the Sun: Home or Away 3.0 First Coverage of the second semi-final Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) Minister’s Questions (T) 7.20 Riviera 1.05 Tipping Point Champions Trophy Highlights (T) 12.05 Ysgol Jac 5.10 999: What’s Your Emergency? Futurama 6.45 Syrcas Deithiol Dewi Sky Arts Tipping Point 7.0 Heno a Trace 1.10 MasterChef Australia 2.0 Pobol Investigation 2.0 One Born Every Minute Hana 8. Sky Sports 4 The Westcountry Debate (T) BBC2 WALES 4.0 Wing 5.10 Ty Mel 7.10-3.30 Halibalw 3.0 The Putin Interviews 3.30 a Trace 7.0 Tales of the Stiw 11.0 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd and Dancing 4.0 Micky Faith 7.0 Hawaii Five-0 3.15 Atlantic: The The opening day’s play from ITV WALES As ITV except 10.10am Judge Faith 6.0 10.0 Crisis 5.0 Forbidden History yr Urdd 2017: Uchafbwyntiau Master of Photography 1.0 Monkey to the Core 2.0 Modern Family 6.15 Munich 2.05 After Midnight 4.0 Awr Fawr 5.0 Fish Town One Foot in the Grave 11.20 Tipping Point 12.0 Watercolour Challenge 8.0 Hawaii The Bill 11.0 11.0 999: What’s Your Los Angeles 1.0 Newyddion S4C to Have Sex To 2.0 Dr Christian Will See You 8.30 Rownd a Rownd 8.0 Battleplan 9.0-10.0 8.0 Miranda 10.0 Blue Bloods 9.05 Prynhawn Da Swings 2. Declare 11. held at River Monsters (T) 12.0 Hawaii John Oliver 11.35 The BBC2 SCOTLAND 12noon-1.0 River Cottage Guto Gwningen 6.40 A Place in Sky1 11.40pm-11.10 Designs 9.35 Tennis Centre in London.55 The Five-0 8.05 Four in a Bed Y Dyn Gwyllt: Tri Thymor 10.45pm The View Cricket: ICC Champions Trophy (T) More4 7.40 EastEnders Ffrindiau 9.0 A Four in a Bed 8.0 Heimat 12.50 Time 6.05 Four in Hansh 11.35 Four in a Bed 1.0 Sky Sports 2 Scotland Tonight (T) 11.0 David Dim Byd 5.15 Coast 10.30 Erin Hills in Wisconsin.0 W 1.15 8 Out of Carpool Karaoke Special 9.0 Master the Lost Past 8.0 Ar y Dibyn Investigation 8. SCOTTISH As ITV except 10.15-1.40 A Place in the Sun: Riviera 10.35 Holi 7.0 Goodnight 3.0 S4C Digital 2.0 ITV Nightscreen (T) 11.10 Timeline (T) Golf: US Open 6pm.0 Newyddion Hollywood Censored 9.0pm-10.0 a Bed 1.10 Raiders of Dewi 12.0 10 Cats Uncut Flanagan Thinking Aloud 10.35 The Horizon: Cyber Attack – The Day the NHS England host China in Pool Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) Stopped (T) (R) 1.30 at Edgbaston.40 Octonots 6.25 Judge Faith Guto Gwningen 10.15 Mock the Week (T) 11.50 Bing 11.71 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Thursday 15 television Today’s best live sport Terrestrial variations Champions Trophy Cricket 10am.45 Hollywood: Singing Forbidden History 3.0 Coast 8.0 Tipini 7.35 BT Sport 2 (T) (R) 1.0 The West Wing 12.0 It’s 12.30 Four in 7.0 Guitar Star 2016 Sweetheart 3.0 Newyddion 9 a’r Tywydd 9.0 Crisis 6.0 Location.10 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell Atlantis 5.30 Four in a League of Their Own: US Road Trip Bed 9.0 The Supervet 11.20 The West Location 10.0 Jamestown 12.45 Silicon Valley Team 4.0 6.15 24 Hours in A&E 3.0 Stwnsh Ffeil 5.15 Ella Fitzgerald 12.0 5.0am Pointless 7.0 The Putin Interviews Home or Away 2.05 Dudley: Cymru ar Blat 10.05 Tipping Point This Week (T) (T) (R) 1.45 Syrcas Deithiol Sophia Loren 7.0 Battleplan 1.55am A Place in the Sun: Home y Cwm 8.0 Cei Bach 10.35 Twt 9.0 Pop Videos 5.30 Codi Hwyl: Llydaw 7.45-12.45 Artists in Love 11.0 MasterChef USA 6.0 CSI: Crime Scene Lost Past 2.0 Supernanny 8.15 Mock the Week (T) 11.45 SpynjBob Pantsgwar Sky Atlantic Attenborough’s Living Lights 9.35 Battleplan 7.30 The Simpsons 8.0 Helicopter Heroes 10.20 Digbi Draig 7.0 Raiders of the Lost Past 6.20 Grimm Byd Carlo Bach 9.0 Zoo 4.30pm (T) 11.20 Nurse Jackie Supervet 6.0 Stargate A&E 12.0 Sanctuary 12.05 24 Hours in NCIS: Los Angeles 4.0 Dona Direidi 10.0 Meic y Marchog 8.0 Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets or Away 10.0 6.0 Trailblazers: 3. ITV WEST As ITV except 10.0 a’r Tywydd 2.40-11.0 Darbar Festival 2016 5.15 Songs 11.0 My Dream Home 8.0 Secrets of War .05 Eisteddfod of Photography 10.10 BBC2 N IRELAND 10.0 Home Shopping 10.0 Artists in Love 4.0 Discovering: Yesterday 11.0 The Art Show 8.35-2.15pm-5.50 Time Team 5.0 Blue Bloods 3.0 6.45 Abadas 9.05 Coast (T) (R) A of the men’s hockey world ULSTER As ITV except 10.10 Wildest Ocean on Earth (T) (R) 10.25 Discovering: Rita Hayworth 10.30 Tipini 11.10 Hafod Haul 9.55 Grand Me or the Dog 10.45 Cricket: ICC Scotland Tonight (T) 11.

0 Weather (T) 1. which seeks to country’s multibillion-dollar “reject divisive politics”. love and LSD.45 (T) 3. television Friday 16 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 72 Pick of the day The Last Leg: Re-united Kingdom 9pm. 10. Weather (T) Way with Paul Rose (T) (R) 1. Channel 4 The Summer of Love: How Hippies Changed the World To mark the anniversary of MP Jo 9pm.0 Eggheads Chase (T) 6. Woody 10.45 Yes Chef (T) 4.30 Regional News and 11. founding the up in Jo’s name. star Arthur Strong.30 ITV Lunchtime News 1.0 Street Auction (T) (R) 5.30 A Question Journeys (T) 7.15 Bargain Hunt (T) 1. Weather (T) (T) (R) 6.30 This Morning (T) 12.0 River Monsters (T) Jeremy struggles with the impact programme celebrates Wade investigates a Mexican of Keegan’s claims.0 (R) 8.15 6.25 BBC Regional News (T) Order (T) The comedian 10. Montespan takes desperate 9.0 Great (T) 7. and Martin begs Kate to Tom Holland. The programme is part of media we consume today. BBC4 Cox’s death. as responses to “Get a organised by the foundation set job. Robert and Adam find Daniel goes to visit former variety 9.15 Red Rock (T) (R) 3.0 Versailles (T) Madame de unconscious.30 Weather (T) 7.0 Masterpiece with Escape to the Country (T) Nature’s Weirdest Events (T) Alan Titchmarsh (T) (R) 3. from movies together and put their differences to mindfulness and the very aside.30 (R) 4.30 Newsnight (T) take him back.0 Breakfast (T) 9. Madame Scarron.0 Emergency Rescue Down 6.59 (R) 3. Harrelson and Andy Serkis. with the net the worlds of celebrity and effect being a transformation politics are encouraged to come of US culture.0 EastEnders (T) Louise 8.25 The (T) 11.30 Family Finders (T) (R) Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories (T) 2.0 The Secret Life (T) (R) 8. Let’s a planned weekend of events face it. hippies!” go.15 Operation Iceberg Local News/Weather (T) 4.40 The Graham Norton Show tries to make sense of the practical joker pal causes a (T) With Mark Wahlberg.30 Great of Sport (T) (R) British Menu (T) 8.30 Yorkshire Wolds 12. from grace.0 Sign Zone. the no-goodniks who created a Josh Widdicombe and Alex cultural revolution.0 2.15 Antiques Road Tipping Point (T) (R) 5. Thousands Brooker lay on a street party in flocked to San Francisco seeking which longstanding foes from life.00 8.30 ITV Evening News 6.30 Count Arthur Strong Monty Don catches up dubbed “the red devil”.15 !mpossible (T) 3.0 Gardeners’ World (T) The 8.30 Springwatch (T) 6. (T) A man researching a with his predecessor Alan 8.0 The Pointless (T) (R) 6. modern world.0 Local News News at Six.30 Lorraine (T) 9.05 .15 (T) (R) 5.0 Newsroom Live (T) (T) 1.0 Lethal Weapon (T) Riggs 9. Jeremy Kyle Show (T) (R) of the Hospital Bed (T) Great British Menu (T) 10.30 Coronation Street (T) biography of his late father Titchmarsh.00 10. stir. to the Cartel. DS tech firms is hard to beat.30 Hospital People (T) receives advice from pious protect an attorney linked Comedy starring Tom Binns.40 Benidorm (T) (R) Donald’s 10.0 Frankie Boyle’s New World 10.30 Loose Women (T) News at One. 11. a special extended Concluding the documentary on edition sees hosts Adam Hills.0 The One Continental Railway Coronation Street (T) Show (T) 7.55 Local News (T) 2.0 ITV News at Ten (T) 10.0 Have I Got News for You (T) steps to reverse her fall and Murtaugh are forced to Satirical quiz. and Louis work with a DEA agent to 9.0 Emmerdale (T) 7. its 50th anniversary and sea creature that locals have 8.15 Yes Chef 8.0 BBC News at Ten (T) 10.0 Good Morning Britain (T) Crimewatch Roadshow Under (T) (R) 7. MGJ BBC1 BBC2 ITV 6.45 Doctors 1.0 BBC Trip (T) (R) 6.30 Regional News and Unsprung (T) 7.

35 Jackpot247 3. Anne Moss. 2006) (T) With Martin Special (R) Thom Evans.30 Disturbia (DJ Caruso.10 Weather for the Week Sign Zone.40 Take Me Out Celebrity 11.40 Royal Academy Summer Neville enter the “love lift”. Isitt. 2007) (T) Thriller.15 BBC News (T) Nightscreen . starring Freeman and Jessica Hynes. Roman Kemp and Ritchie Shia LaBeouf and Carrie.Confetti (Debbie 11.50 ITV Ahead (T) 1. 12.0 Storage 1.40 12. Panorama (T) (R) Hoarders (T) (R) 3. Exhibition 2017 (T) (R) 1.

a Komodo dragon America’s youth against Kingdom (T) In memory and a wolf hybrid. Plus.35 Frasier (T) (R) (T) 12.10 Countdown (T) 3. The gags may have Ryan and Sara Pascoe. JW Channel 4 Channel 5 BBC4 6.30 5.35 Big Brother’s Bit on the 10.0 Four in a Bed (T) day’s leading stories. Tom Holland of Spider- to get it together to record a for him – and guests Katherine Man: Homecoming. SO’C Alison Moyet performs. he’s on far more entertaining chatshow shtick is the best Tonight sees the last episode form than when he was merely around.0 Pink Floyd Beginnings in-training hopes to find Side (T) Rylan Clark-Neal 1967-1972 (T) (R) Early romance with a journalist. us. this extended edition sees (T) Another housemate gets Part two of two. 12.30 Hollyoaks (T) 7. SH common sense. lately something of an 80s sitcom feel. 2014) Come Dine with Me (T) (R) (T) 5. politics and showbusiness come together.0 1. 9. his tongue. there promoting Transformers: The Last played by Tom Binns) manage will be ample news-based chaos Knight.0 Gogglesprogs (T) Young TV 8.15 House Doctor (T) Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 12.30 Come Dine with Me (T) BBC Cardiff Singer of the (R) 6.30pm.0 News 3. and Woody charity single. including a social upheaval that pitted 9. and the acts on who keep predatory wild of love heralded an era of Britain’s Got Talent.15 Big Brother (T) (R) 10.0 Countdown (T) (R) 6. BBC2 10. 8.30 5 News Tonight (T) 7. Graham Norton’s but Hospital People pulls it off.15 A Place in the Sun: Winter NCIS: Los Angeles (T) (R) Sun (T) (R) 12.10 8 Out of 10 Cats (T) 11.0 6.0 Milkshake! 9.30 Neighbours (T) (R) (R) 2. Tonight.0 Home and Away (T) (R) Fifteen to One (T) 4.0 5 News at 5 (T) 1.0 Big Brother: Live Eviction government crackdown. BBC1 in an NHS hospital might be Boyle’s shift into socio-political Having gentle fun at the expense about as appetising as a plate commentary hasn’t blunted of A-listers without making them of industrially steamed carrots.0 There’s a Croc in My Kitchen 9.35 Big Brother: Live from the 11.73 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Friday 16 television Hospital People 9.0 The Simpsons (T) (R) World 2017 (T) Highlights 6.35 Stuff 11. and these days look too foolish. discusses tonight’s eviction. he welcomes Mark Wahlberg.0 Classic Albums: The Beach 12.0 A 6. the song at the end. 11.05 Ramsay’s Kitchen 1.15 Home and Away (T) Nightmares USA (T) (R) 11.35pm. its elders and led to a US of murdered MP Jo Cox. plus an Harrelson and Andy Serkis. blockbuster season well upon affair in which the hospital’s With a recent election and ever.10 5 News Lunchtime (T) (R) 8. interactive audience – to comb monkeying around in War for but only a churl would begrudge through for darkly comic the Planet of the Apes.05 Couples (Monika Mitchell.0 News from the final round.0 The Summer of Love: How viewers give their take on (T) (R) Documentary Hippies Changed the World the fallout from the general following people in Britain (T) How the 1967 summer election. 7.55 .15 The Wright Will & Grace (T) (R) 7.05 Posh Pawnbrokers (T) 5. BBC1 Frankie Boyle’s New World Order The Graham Norton Show The idea of a mock-doc set 10pm.0 World News Today (T) The (T) (R) 5.05 First Dates (R) An astronaut- 10. guests from the worlds of the boot.15 Buried Secrets Summary (T) 12. various hapless characters (all obliging Trump in the mix. animals as pets.45 Neighbours (T) 2.0 The Last Leg: Re-united crocodile. performances by the band.45 6. with the summer in the series: a warm-hearted shocking for shock’s sake.0 Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Police Interceptors (T) (R) 7.

2010) of highlights. Location (T) (R) (R) 4.0 Totally Location. 12.0 Status Quo: Live and (T) Fact-based drama.35 Wildlife SOS (T) (R) the BBC .The Fighter House (T) Daily roundup Boys – Pet Sounds (T) (R) (David O Russell.0 SuperCasino 3.45 House Doctor (T) 60s Psychedelic Rock at 4.50 Fifteen to One (T) (R) (R) 5. Andre vs Gino D’Acampo (T) World (T) (R) 3.25 Summer of Love: How Bale.0 The Mark Wahlberg and Christian Brother Eviction (T) (R) 4. with 12.50 The Handmaid’s Lip Sync Battle UK: Peter Hippies Changed the Tale (T) (R) 3.55 Location. 2.10 Big Acoustic (T) (R) 1.

0 The Saint 9.0 Sin City 11.0 Emmerdale Hunters 8.10 Wild at Hill High 1.30 Eve 9.50 Rising Damp 5.0 Love Island Menace and Gnasher 7.15 League of 10.25 All Over the Place: Asia Bang Theory 3.0am Sahara (1943) 1.35 Counting Cars Dennis the Menace and Gnasher (2014) 9.0 3.05 Four in a Bed 12.55 Top Gear DeGeneres Show 2.05 Dragons: Race to the Edge 6.0 Ride Along Counting Cars 12.0 Cash Cowboys Is Magic 5.45 Matilda and the E4 Guy 12.0 Room Two and a Half Men 8.55 The Saint 3.05 First Murder. She Wrote 8.25 Officially Amazing Goes Bunkers Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.20 First Dates USA 4.0 Ironside 10.40 Nine-Nine 4.30 You’ve Been Four in a Bed 11.15 Man About the House Roy 2. Springsteen.0 Officially Amazing Goes Perfect (2012) 11.0am Man About the House 6.20 The Ellen 2.0 2 Broke Judy 10.30 DIXI 7.0 Pawn Stars 7.0 Horrible 11.50 Help! My Mini School Trip ITV2 Stars 8.0 Crash Dive (1943) 5.35 Hank Zipzer 9.10 Suits and a Half Men 9.0 Red Dwarf 3.35 (1994) 11. again.0 6.05 Totally Bonkers 8.50 The Jeremy 8.0 7.05 The Royal 3. with a who all agree there’s something lashed-up actor Paget Brewster about hanging out in a record on narration duties.10 Odd Squad 3.10 Strange Hollyoaks 7.30 Brooklyn 9. played the founder of the iconic music gamely by real-life brothers retail chain. Dave Grohl and it’s the Kellogg brothers.0 ITV4 5.0 Scream Street 6. This week.0 Odd Squad 6. EEJ writer Tommy Blacha.10 Isle of Man TT 7. BA Other channels Skull Challenge 4.35 Secret Life of Boys 11.55 Engagement 9.0 Motors 1.20 Little Roy 7.35 Judge 11. with tales Talking heads including Bruce from the Motor City.0 Baby Daddy 11.0am Trawlermen 7.0am Minder 7.0 Dennis the Menace and 3.0 How I Met Your Is 8.0 Storage Hunters 10.45 Class 3.10 UK 11.20 American Dad! 1.05 Cash Cowboys Dismissed 8.0 Heartbeat Shaun the Sheep 1. Detroit of reminiscing in this elegiac doc comes into focus (and then out by Colin “son of Tom” Hanks.0 Pawn Stars 1.0 Pitch Heart 4. Sky Arts The original US version of the Do you remember the first only show to mix historical record – CD? MP3? – you ever re-enactments with hard liquor bought? There’s a lot of that sort continues.05 On the Buses Blue Peter Bite: Tim Peake Back Film4 on Earth 4.05 Minder 12.25 Dennis the 101 2.55 Bullitt (1968) Dave Vanderpump Rules 7.20 George Bunkers 2.55am A Place in the Sun: Home American Pickers 12.15 Gogglebox 4.0 Mr Selfridge and Dad 4.0 Remotely Funny 12.25 First Dates and Mildred 5.55 1.30 Coach Trip CelebAbility 2.25 My Life: My Voice 10.05 Counting Cars 6.20 Newsround 4.30 Pawn 8.10 Wycliffe 5.30 Black-ish 8.15 Newsround 8.0am Hollyoaks 6.0 Love Your Garden 1.30 Pawn Stars 6.0 Isle of Man TT 9.10 The Shawshank Redemption You’ve Been Framed! Gold 6.television Friday 16 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 74 Pick of the day All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records Drunk History USA 11pm.35 Scorpion 10.0 How I Met ITV3 10.20 Help! My Mini School Trip The Blue Dahlia (1946) 6.0 Melissa & Joey Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature 10.35 (1958) 7.20 Law & Order: Bottersnikes & Gumbles 3.0 The Street 10.0 Ironside 4.0 The 2.0 The Big Bang Theory 7.05 Mother 4.55 Heartbeat 7.0 The Big Heartbeat 7.0 Doc Martin Gnasher 3.0 You’ve Been Framed! Gold More4 9.0 Top Gear 3.30 Arthur 1.55 Your Mother 12.30 Four in a Bed Motors 4.30 Two Super Evil 7.45 Class The Eight Diagram Pole Quincy ME 5.0am Arthur 7.30 My Life: My Voice 12.50 Marrying Mum Melissa & Joey Prime Suspect 3.50 Black-ish 5.0 The Supervet 11.0 Celebrity Juice 10.55 Road to Avonlea 12.55 Girls 6.50 Danger Mouse 7. Russ Solomon.05 Histories 7.0 Rules of Guinness World Records 8.20 Wire in the Blood 1.20 Rude Tube 2.50 Family Newsround 7.05 Dismissed 6.35 Four in .0 Steve Austin’s Broken Framed! Gold 2.0 Sin City Emmerdale 1.0 CBBC Dynamo: Magician Impossible You’ve Been Framed! Gold 8.20 Ramsay Bunch 8. Comedy Central 9pm.40 10.10 Zig and Zag 3.25 4.10 Gideon of Scotland Yard Quincy ME 11.50 Twin It to Win It 12.30 DIXI 5.0 New Girl 5.30 Storage DeGeneres Show 8.25 Vanderpump Rules 12.0 New Girl 1.0 The Ellen 12.25 Roy 12.0 Cops UK: Bodycam Squad 9.25 Below Deck 8.0 Judge Rinder 6.45 Little Big Bang Theory 9.30 Where the Heart 11.10 American Pickers 9.15 Die Hard (1988) 1.35 Counting Ground 8.0 9. Then it’s the store that no amount of Spotify rather more bladdered comic playlists can replicate.0am DNCE: The Hot Desk 6. then in again). First up.0 Made in Chelsea 8.25 Dates Abroad 4.0 Is Magic 6.30 Wild at Heart 9.0 Mock the Week 12.0 Red 2 (2013) 1.0 Kyle Show 5.20 or Away 10.10 8.0 The Dumping Fighter (1984) 6.30 Secret Life of Boys Cars 7. Owen and Luke Wilson.

30 Dougie Vipond previews the Royal Championship Football: Sweden v Animal 999 (T) 10.75 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 Friday 16 television Today’s best live sport Terrestrial variations Under-21s European STV NORTH As ITV except 8. London Palladium (T) 11.40 Benidorm (T) BBC2 SCOTLAND 7.05 Texas at Barrowland All the action from the opening Kyle Show (T) (R) 5.35 The Jeremy British Menu (T) 11. Sky Sports 1 (R) 1.0 Teleshopping (T) 12.30-6.30 Great England 4pm.35 After Midnight 4.40 .0pm-8.0pm-7.05-1.40 Tonight at the Highland Show.

45pm Coming Home: The second day’s play from Erin ITV Nightscreen Iwan Thomas (T) 4.0pm-8. Sky Sports 4 CHANNEL As ITV except 12.0 BBC2 WALES 3. ULSTER As ITV except 2.30 Events (T) (R) 4.0-6.15 Nature’s Weirdest SCOTTISH As ITV except 8.0pm-3.40 Tonight at the (T) (R) 10.Confetti (Debbie match of the tournament at the ITV WALES As ITV West except 8.0 UTV Boyle’s New World Order (T) 11. Animal 999 (T) 10. Wisconsin.0-10.55am.30 Isitt.35 Sky Sports 1 Election Special (T) 5.05 Frankie Australia v Scotland 5. Golf: US Open 6pm. Fishlock’s Choice (T) Martin Freeman and Jessica Hynes.15 Elephant Diaries Hills.40 Benidorm (T) of the World 2017 (T) 11. with Kielce Stadium in Poland.0-8.35am-3. 2006) (T) Spoof documentary.0 UTV Election .30 BBC Cardiff Singer International Rugby Union: London Palladium (T) 11.45-5.

0 3.0 8.30 Garddio a Mwy 7.40 A Sky1 Sky Atlantic Place in the Sun: Home or Away 6.50 Rise and Fall of Tower Records Living Lights 3.0 Crisis 6.15 South Tipping Point 2.50 Royale: Coronation Concert Louis Theroux’s LA Stories 1.0 EastEnders 12.40 Peppa 10.10 Royal Allianz Stadium in Sydney.10 Live in Amsterdam 1.10 8.30 UTV Life (T) (T) Spoof documentary.25 Boj 6.35 Sky Arts Core 2.0am Road Wars 8.50 Last Shop Standing 11.30 Modern 11.10 The West Wing S4C Digital for the Amazon 12.0 Supernanny Marcaroni 9.0 Tales of the Lost Past 8.0 10.0 The West Crossrail Discovery: London’s Stargate Atlantis 5.05 Adam Price a Streic y Glowyr the Unexpected 6.55 Car 12.0 Newyddion on Screen 5.0 Tipping Syrcas Deithiol Dewi 8.05 04 Wal: Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Past 6.0 Lost Graveyard 10.30 Chwedlau Tinga Tales of the Unexpected 9.0 Newyddion 10.10 Secrets of War 11.15 Sam 0 1.55 Game of 8 Out of 10 Cats Uncut Family 9.15 7.0 Monkey 6.0 Monkey Life 4.40 Sam Tan 10.05 Tag 5.30 Llewod ’71 Originals: Tracey Emin 5.0 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation A&E 11.0 Queen: Live in Living Lights 11.0-8.0 The West Wing 12.0 Ross Kemp: Battle Deadwood 4.40 A Place in the Sun: Home or Life 9.30 Judge Faith Ynys Broc Mor Lili 11.0 Awr Fawr 5.0 Fach 4.0 Battleplan 7.0 Without Away 3.0 South Bank Show Wiedersehen.35 Judge 6.30 Straeon Ty Pen 7.0am The British 8.10 Raiders of 1.0 It’s Me or the Dog 10.0 Raiders of the S4C a’r Tywydd 3.0 Watercolour Challenge 3.0 Urban Secrets 4.35 Stiwdio Gefn Baryshnikov 3. 2006) Coverage of the Test match at Special (T) 8.0 Landward.15 Sara a Cwac 8.0am Cyw Ben Dant 6.40 Falmai’r Fuwch 9.0 Pobol y Cwm 8.0 8.0 Coast 8.05 O Gymru Milton Keynes 8.45 Sbargo 5.40 Octonots 10.50 Time Nothing to Declare 11.0 Home Shopping Ogam 11.05 24 Hours in A&E 3.0 Most Shocking 2.45 Discovering: Sophia Loren 10.10 Raiders of 10.0 Helicopter Ogam 7.0 7.30 Straeon Ty Pen 11.0 Auf 3 Lle: Adam Price 9.0 Stwnsh 9. 1.0 Heno 8.30 Four in a Bed 9. Pet 11.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 4.45 1.0 Meic y Point 1.50 Grave 5.30 Tales of the Unexpected Syrcas Deithiol Dewi 12.55 Cacamwnci 11.0 Jamestown 10.0 Now 9.0 Heno 2.10 Band of Brothers in A&E 2.0 The Dog Whisperer 5.10 Coast 9 a’r Tywydd 9.0 Fish Town 2.50 Time Team 4.05 24 Hours The Simpsons 7. BBC1 SCOTLAND 7.Confetti (Debbie Isitt.0 Blue Bloods 9.05 24 Hours in A&E 12.20 Igam Life 5.0 Yn yr Ardd 8.0 David Attenborough’s 2.0am Eras of Music History Four in a Bed 4.55 Cacamwnci 4.45 Dexter 12.0 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd Conscience Songs 5.0 Road 12.0 Brit W Tan 6.0 Modern Family 8.05 Deadwood 3.30 Bad Achub Porthdinllaen Artists in Love 4.0 MasterChef USA 3.0 David Attenborough’s Ffeil 5.0 Classic Albums Lost Past 12.30pm-8.0 CSI: Crime Scene Team 5.0 My Dream Home 8.0 Sanctuary a Trace 1.15 Exhibition Porridge: Inside Out 10.0 Trailblazers: 6.0 Raiders of the Lost S4C a’r Tywydd 6.0 The Bill 11.0 River Cottage to the Marchog 8.0 Home Shopping .10-2.50 Peppa 6.0 Hawaii Five- 6.0 The Putin Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 1.0 Blue Bloods SOS 7.25 Story of the Who 3.30 The Simpsons Interviews 10.30 South 12.05 Futurama 6. Academy Summer Exhibition 2017 (T) (R) a Bed 1.0 Battleplan 1.0 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.30 Taith y Llewod 2017 Bank Show Originals: Mikhail the Lost Past 2.55 The Supervet 6.0 One Foot in the Gwboi a Twm Twm 6.10 Ynys Broc Mor Lili 7.0 1.0 Modern Wing 6.50 Amazing Journey: The Who Do You Think You Are? 9.15 Artists in Love 11.0 The Five-0 3.05 Four in a Bed 1.0 Yesterday 12.05 Prynhawn Da 3.10 Battleplan 1.0 The Thrones 2.30 The Simpsons 7.50 Dwylo’r Enfys 6.0 Ben Dant 10.0 All Things Must Pass: The Coast 2.0 Dr Christian Will See You Tinga 9.0 Cold Mountain Bach a Mawr 10.05 Tomos a’i Ffrindiau 9.10am Judge Faith 6.0am Pointless 7.0 Hawaii Investigation 2.0 Discovering: Coast 10.0 Tipping Point 7.0 Zoo 6.0 Battleplan 9.0 Without a Trace 7.55 Grand Designs 9.0 André Rieu (2003) 12.05 Blacklist 11.0 Watercolour Challenge 8.20 Igam Bank Masterclasses: Abi Morgan 3.45 The Dog Whisperer Heroes 10.0 2008 6.0 9.30 Modern Family 6.0 Newyddion Kirk Douglas 7.30 Monkey Faith 7.40 Octonots Cops: Rapid Response 3.0 24 Hours in Family 5.

” Now: An Assembly 12. was “the the question from which her Tarbuck 8. his interviews with rock out the dead.0 (Sunday.0 Huey going to buy cinnamon buns or include trolls. Mantel relates her 5.0 News 1. David Hepworth on as he does here.0 MistaJam 10.0 Dev 10. Nürnberg.0 Breakfast.0 Radio Playlists: she’s in Iceland.0 News and Papers wide-ranging conversation with you might like the podcast 6. who Devotion 2.0 Saturday Live 10. 9.0 Sound of Dance also working in BBC Radio at the in her society charged with laying 4. 9pm. programme. of person for whom the words 1.4-94. It’s hosted by 6.07 Ramblings: The the musician that goes as far as from The Next Track.0 Dance Anthems with Danny Howard 7. to the audience 4. (Wednesday.4 MHz recently met through Tinder. Living and deals with the role by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. in conversation to podcasting.0 Jazz Record Requests time. This week made his name doing character Playlist 3. if you’re the kind Profile of Serge Chaloff. 12. 7. hipsters.0 Trevor Nelson’s first black hillbilly”. For someone whose two men called Doug and Kirk 9. offered to Radio 1 back in the 70s.0 Today Land.03 herself for hours surveying her (Tuesday. With Martin My mother.0 Sounds of the 60s 8.0 (FM) .6 MHz. Bewerley having a professor of literature to Dacre Banks (R) 6. Morgan on Sunday visit an international roller derby Freeman.8 MHz Wed. Finally.0 Matt radio Radio 4 Edmondson 1.0 Opera on 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 76 Saturday 10 The Damien Radio 1 Slash Mixtape 97. Because he was read nor write but was the person World 3. he contends.0 Zoe Ball 6. who 88-91 MHz 6. interest in the past.0 Pick of the and then asks them Pops 3.6-99.0 The Rap Show with Radio gaga be downright weird.30 juste in his lyrics. Thanks England v Australia 10.15 Hear and as Chuck Berry: 40 Years On We are the animals who mourn. Norton 1.0 Graham C people all over the world isn’t as neat and tidy as music historians like to pretend. being a iTunes” or “Ten ways to connect Radio 4 sprawling exploration of Berry’s your computer to your stereo” 92.2-92.57 Weather 7.0 Showtunes and takes its name. BBC World Service) flows radio debut of Daniel Barker.0 Ana Matronic’s Disco 1pm.0 The delightful programme Where The Damien Slash Mixtape Craig Charles House Party Are You Going? (Wednesday. His characters Playlist: Easy 5. Rhythm Nation 10. would have loved it. 6. where locals comedy on YouTube and in Julia Love Songs 4. a dog smoking a pipe Radio 3 event or meet the boyfriend they and the presenter of a books 90.0 Through the Night and rejected on the grounds that “Common misconceptions about it didn’t fit their formula. that history plays in our lives.0 Radio 2 are happy to tell her that they’re Davis’s Camping. We also hear Radio 2 the voices of bluesmen Muddy and cultural exchange Waters and Memphis Slim. done 1Xtra style.30 all about “how people listen analyse the lyrics of Promised Farming Today This Week to music today”. Winners grandmother who could neither of Cardiff Singer of the Morning Star. 10.0 Alice Levine 4. “It’s almost Die Meistersinger von The programme that is broadcast the definition of being human. Radio 4) by Hilary Record Reviewl.0 Diplo and Friends characterful comedy as “the clientele”.15 Music Matters: Sound In the mid-70s. they get the (FM) Butterbeer and Chuck’s choice of words could opportunity to do just that I Grootcakes 11.02 The title came from her great- was rock correspondent for the Saturday Classics. who could amuse The first of The Reith Lectures Handley. Royal Opera stars such as Chuck Berry were ancestor’s task with her own performance of Wagner’s recorded in broadcast quality.15 reputation was founded on his who could clearly talk about (LW) Test Match Special: unerring selection of the mot this sort of stuff for ever. which is Nidderdale Way. 6 Music) was first Geoffrey Smith’s Jazz. 1pm. He’s the Charlie Sloth 1. Ivan Hewett fellow humans and speculating Mantel is called The Day Is for surveys recordings of music about where they might be going. 11pm. Anthony Wall and Nature 1.0 News 9. 11pm.0 Liza Chuck. 198kHz life and work wound around a have a strange fascination then 6.0 suggests cultural appropriation Saturday Breakfast with atherine Carr approaches Kate Thornton 10.0 DJ Target first performer I’ve heard refer. Radio 4) is the 12.

0 Virtue and Vice (7/8) 5. at Absolute Zero: In the v Australia 12.0 (FM) News Marriott’s Monologues 3 Lunchtime Concert: Appeal (R) 9.0 Saturday Breakfast The Power of Three 5.0 Phil Taggart 1.0 Adele Roberts Weather 1.45 Chris Hawkins Sunday Papers 8.43 Prayer for the Day 5.0 5 Live 6. Congleton 5.15 Saturday Review 8.0 The Forsytes Concludes Ball 1.0 That Was With Jonathan Swain.0 Michael Drama: Those Who Leave Famous (3/4) 11.0 Claudia on Ferrante’s Neapolitan novel.30 Doctor Who: The Lost Sunday 9.15 Summer Forecast 5.0 Monki Food Programme 12.0 Gardeners’ Club: Believe It! (4/4) 10.0 Broadcasting It! (4/4) 6.57 (FM) Sport: International Football Frost-Heron 7. 909 kHz 5.0 11.0 The Surreal Life of Charles Parker Prize 2017 1’s Most Played 7.77 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 radio The Week in Westminster The Jason Byrne Show Pop Ballads 4.0 Tom Something Understood Desert Island Discs Revisited Weather 12.0 Sunday Lunch (4/6) 6.04 Leonora Carrington (1-5/5) 9.43 Bells on Sunday: St Stones Story (1/6) 5.0 China Girl (1-5/5) Archive on 4: Dictators Haim conducts the Bavarian 7.15 Brun (R) 4.30 Hardeep’s Sunday 3.0 O’Grady 7.0 7.0 4.48 Zone Playlist 1. 10.30 Hardeep’s Edmondson 1.58 Tweet Weather 6.0 1.0 News 8.45 Life Match Special: England 12.30 Something Bed-Sitting Room (R) 3.10 Sunday 3.0 6.0 The Westminster Hour (R) 2.0 (FM) 5 Live Composing for the Liturgy Bells on Sunday (R) 12.30 Analysis (R) 1.15 FutureProofing: Sin 7.0 News 3.0 Feedback Money Box 12.0 The Archers 7.57 (FM) 2.30 10.0 Alice Levine Discs: Rick Wakeman Somebody 7.0 The Danny Baker Show Words and Music: Boyhood Forecast 5.30 (FM) Drama: The Forsytes Concludes (1/8) The Early Music Show (R) 11.0 Pygmalion (R) 10.04 (LW) Test Substantially Better (6/6) 7.0 News 12.30 The 9.50 Early Radio 4 Extra 7.30 Believe It! (4/4) 8.0 Elaine Paige 3.0 Mary Anne Hobbs 10.0 Clare Teal 11.02 11.02 Open Mysterious Tales by Wilkie Stories (1/2) 7.0 The Craig Charles Funk 6.15 Pick of the News 12.0 The Mahan Esfahani (R) 2.0 Radio 12.30 Short Works: Robinson 12.0 5 Live in Short by the WDR Symphony (LW) Loose Ends 7.57 (LW)10.45 The Cazalets: Marking Profile (R) Worship 8.0 Cel Spellman 6.30 On 4.0 News and and Soul Show 9.0 Playlists: File on 4: Preventing TB (R) 2.48 A Point of Time (11-15/15) 5.0 News Whack-O! (5/20) 1.0 The Archers Partner 6.15 Desert Island Discs Steptoe and Son (6/6) 1.57 Weather Correspondent 12.30 Educating Archie 8.30 (1-5/5) 2.26 Radio 4 Weather 1.0 (FM) News 7.0 Drama: 6 Music Radio Symphony Orchestra.30 News BriefingLive Hour 4. 7.57 Weather 7.30 Poetry Please: Collins 12.0 (FM) Any Answers? Prize 2017 4.0 The 3rd Degree: The Huey Show 1.15 Desert Island Tales by Wilkie Collins 6.0 Gilles Peterson Radio 4 Carrington (1-5/5) 10.30 Radio Farming Today 5.30 News Briefing Test Match Special: England12.10 11.15 Body (R) 12.0 News Wordaholics (R) 7.0 The Forsytes Concludes 6.0 Matt (R) 11.30 Hardeep’s Johnnie Walker 5.0 Companions (R) 12.0 Speaking 2.0 The Rolling Sunday 7.0 The (R) 11.02 Radio Money Box (R) 9.0 Dark (10/10) 8.0 News 4.0 Good Morning Sunday 9.0 The Listening Service: Shipping Forecast 1.45 Sunday Feature: 5.55 Radio 4 Appeal Picnic 2.30 Poetry Please: The 6.0 Utmost Happiness (1-5/15) Peter’s.0 (FM) Weekend Warwick (R) 4.55 (1/8) 7.30 The Ministry of 5.0 6-0-6 9.30 Nolan 12.45 Khan 1.0 The Film Programme 2. A concert of the Day 6.0 Trevor Noah: Upbeat 5.0 5 Live Science Music Late.0 Dev 10.30 Mark 6.0 Stephen 3 in Concert.30 (FM) The Then Omnibus (1-5/5) Private Passions: Nishat (R) 8.0 Suburbia 12. 12.0 The Freak 6.40 Profile 5.0 Teachers (R) 3. Emmanuelle 6.0 News Digital only 11.54 Shipping 11.0 7.10 Frankly Radio 2 Question Time (R) 2.0 Lucky Show with Daniel P Carter Just a Minute (R) 12.15 Forecast 12.15 (FM) Loose Ends 6. Adaptation of Elena of Gentlemen (3/6) 12.57 9. News and Weather 12.0 and Those Who Stay.0 Doctor Who: The Lost 9.0 Comedy Club The Ape Sounds of the 60s (R) 2.45 Marriott’s 6.0 Through the Night Whack-O! (5/20) 9.0 Nicki Chapman Forecast 5.0 Up All Night 5.0 4.30 Believe Radio 4 Extra the Day 9.04 (FM) Stories (1/2) 1.45 The The Brig Society (1/6) 11.0 The Choir: Thinking Allowed (R) 12.0 Paul series.58 Tweet of Poetry Extra 5.0 Rock Shipping Forecast 12.0 Choral Evensong: St Understood (R) 12.10 Frankly Speaking 2.0 (FM) The Racist 11.0 (1/3) 4.30 (FM) From Our Own (3/6) 11.0 As Time with Thom Yorke 2.05 The Listening Project 10.20 Shipping Shipping Forecast 5.30 Mysterious 6.0 China World Service 5.30 5.0 Listening Project: Omnibus – Political Animals (3/4) Monologues (4/8) 3.0 China Girl (1-5/5) That Got Lucky (4/4) 10.30 10.30 .0 Orchestra. New the Town with the League (1/8) 5.15 Summer Picnic 2.0 The World This Revisited 10.0 News 6.10 The Listening Project Heather (1/6) 12.30 Last Word (R) 9.01 (LW) (2/8) 8.54 6.0 Charles Parker Wigmore Hall Mondays – 10.10 Girl (1-5/5) 2.0 Profile(R) 1.30 Shipping Forecast 1.15 Summer Picnic on the Couch 9.0 Sunday 11 View (R) 8.50 Stephen Hough 12.55 Somebody 10.0 News 1.01 (LW) Shipping Watson Makes the World Radio 3 Week 7.0 Liz Surreal Life of Leonora The University of Derby (R)Kershaw 3.30 (FM) 693.45 Woman’s Hour 5.10 (FM) Any Questions? (4/8) 3.0 Radiolab Sunday Lunch (4/6) 8.35 Living World: Nest 11.57 Weather 8.03 Sunday Morning.0 Breakfast 9.0 News Quiz (R) 12.20 Shipping6 Music Recommends 3.30 World Service 5.30 Playlists: Blues 3.48 Saturday PM 5.0 (FM) The Voices of: Ane Lunch (4/6) Mary’s Collegiate Church.0 Book 4.15 Before They Were Charles Parker Prize 2017 Steve Wright 11.45 v Australia 5.0 The Dancing Digital only Radio 1 House 10.0 Playlists: 5. The Dancing Partner 12.0 Radiolab (2/8) 12.0 5 Live Sport 5.0 As The Bottom Line (R) 5.0 Suburbia Moira Stuart (13/13) 12.0 Sunday Papers 7.0 Comedy That Was Then Omnibus Weekend 2.0 The Sunday Hour 7.0 News Headlines 6.0 The First Finder of Dartmoor (R) Educating Archie 12.

0 6.30 Shipping Forecast 5.0 Matt Edmondson 4.0 The Radio Detectives (1/5) Radio 2 Playlists: Folk 3.30 The 9.0 Playlists: Hidden (3/9) 9. Books 10.0 News 12. Savage and the 1: Canadian Grand Prix 9. Salford.0 Jamie Radio 2 and Romance 4.0 Aurora Orchestra play Radio 4 Extra Morning Reports 5.0 Oneira (1/5) Listen to the Band 12.30 The Kiss at 100 2.30 Scott Mills 10.0 Up All Night Football 10.0 Annie Nightingale 4.0 News 1.0 The World Tonight 4.0 15/15) 5.45 (FM) Book of 12.0 Jo Whiley 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 78 The Ministry of Utmost 4.0 Johnnie Oklahoma City After the Burning Bright (6/10) 2.0 Julian Assange’s memoir.15 On the Map Radio 1 Stones Story (2/6) 5.0 Gideon Coe 12. 4. 6.0 The Rolling Stones Hour 4.0 Shaun Keaveny 10.30 The Forsytes 6.30 A Good Read 1.0 Afternoon Edition Pienaar’s Politics 11.45 Newsbeat 1.0 Wigmore Hall Mondays Weather 12.0 Start the I Believe I Have Genius Story (1/4) 2.0 Clara Chris Hawkins (1/5) 10. (6/15) 11.57 Weather 6.15 Acoustic 4.0 The (1/5) 6.30 Book of the Chiles 1.30 Chris Evans 9.30 Songs My Son Loved Friction 4.0 Quote – Unquote (5/6) 6 Music Recommends On 2.45 Newsbeat 6.30 Ken Chart with Phil Taggart Drama: Mayday 3.30 Beyond Minute (4/6) 10.0 Paul 7.0 The Radio Detectives Finest Hour 2.30 Dad’s Army (9/20) Riley 9.15 8.0 Jazz Playlist Bomb (1/2) 8.45 Essay: 7.0 Clara Cases of Rutherford & Fry By Boz (4/5) 5.20 Vaughan Cricket Show 10.0 Simon Mayo 7.15 I Believe I Have Genius (2/4) 2.15 Front Row 12.30 With Great 6.30 Phil 5 Live Sport: International Quintet perform live.0 World at One 1. The Julian Bliss Briefing 5.30 6 Music Maconie’s Freak Zone 10.0 Guy Garvey’s Finest Through the Night 9.30 The Change (4/6) 5. 6.0 As World Service 5.0 Natural Histories: (2/8) 2.30 Wednesday Workout 5.0 Jeremy Vine (LW) Shipping Forecast The News Quiz Extra (8/8) (2/3) 11.15 Nolan 1.0 3rd Degree (4/6) 3.0 Tony Hatch: As Heard on TV Bruce 12.0 Burning Bright Hour 4.0 The Burkiss Way (7/7) Steve Lamacq 7. (1/10) 2.30 9.0 The (1/5) 8.0 Comedy Club: Just a 5.0 6 Music A Short History of Indian 7.0 Merton’s Beatles (3) 11.0 Introducing Andrew O’Hagan reads his (1/5) 1.0 Greg Monday 12 11.0 Now Radio 4 Bunch of Fives (1/5) 11.30 Breakfast 9.02 Radio Culture (R) 11.0 Cerys Matthews 1.0 6.30 The Kiss at 100 Bruce 12.0 Mary Anne Hobbs Art – The King of Varanasi’s 8.45 Hearing with Hegley Organist Entertains 11.30 Dad’s Army (9/20) Jukebox 5.0 Poetry Extra: 6.0 Sunday Breakfast 3 Lunchtime Concert: Pleasure (R) 12.0 Steve Wright Tough Love: Boys.0 Will 2.30 The Change (4/6) 10.45 Our Man 7.30 Songs My Son Loved 5.45 The Pick Up (1/5) 8.30 Analysis: On the Map (1/10) 2.0 Chris Hawkins Radio 12.0 5 Live Gompertz’s Heat Map 12.01 (LW) Shipping Unquote (5/6) 4.57 Weather 1.45 Book at Bedtime: Sketches By Boz (4/5) 5.30 5 Live Formula 1 5.0 The Archers (R) 2.0 Oneira 1.0 Sounds of the 80s (R) 2.0 5 Live Breakfast 10.30 Ken Belief (4/6) 5.59 Weather 4.0 9.0 Jarvis Cocker’s Hard Times (1/4) 11.0 5 Live the BBC Philharmonic at 1.0 Here’s How the Story Ends: 1.0 Steve Wright 5.30 Scott Mills 10.0 (1/5) 12.45 Damn His Blood Happiness (1-5/15) 3.0 The Radio Detectives 6 Music Wake Up to Money 10.0 The Tuffers and 5 Live Sport 3.0 Annie Mac in the Middle East (11/25) 7.0 Times (1/4) 4.0 Chuck Berry: 40 Years 11.0 Greg 12.0 Today 9.0 11.0 Radio 2 Playlists: Morning Jools Holland 12.0 The Rolling time he spent ghostwriting (6/10) 2.0 News and 5 Live Daily with Adrian 9.45 Newsbeat 6.30 Dad’s Army (9/20) Radio 2 9.30 Believe Classics 12.0 A Bunch of Fives (1/5) 1.0 and Nature (R) 10.30 The Kiss at 100 7.0 8.30 5 Live Formula MediaCityUK.15 Richard Ayres and Brahms.0 Nigel Ogden: The 1.0 week of recordings from 12.0 Morning Reports 5.0 Adele Roberts Food Programme (R) 4.30 Day 5.45 Newsbeat 1.45 Treasures 5. beginning with the 100 2.0 A Story (3/6) 2.0 In Tune.0 6.0 Radio 1’s Specialist 2.0 Paul Jones Archers 7.0 Essential 10.0 5 Live Drive 7.30 (1/4) 2.58 Tweet of the Day 5.0 Hull Before 5 Live 5 Live (1/5) 1.30 Just a Minute (4/6) Radcliffe and Maconie 4.0 Vanessa Feltz Starling (R) 9. By Arundhati Boy from Montmartre Roy.48 Shipping Forecast Sport 9.0 Sketches By Boz (4/5) Lauren Laverne 1.45 Damn Amfo 12.30 Wordaholics (R) 12.0 Music Matters: Sound (1/5) 6.0 Quote – James 5.30 The Kiss at Tuesday 13 Mixtape 3.04 The Curious Change (4/6) 5.0 Choo Choo Sunday Service 6.30 The Greg James 7.0 Afternoon on 3. Wake Up to Money 4.0 The Burkiss Way (7/7) Greg James 7.0 SportsWeek 10.0 Quote – Unquote (5/6) Omnibus – Part Three (11.15 Ch’Boogie: The Louis Jordan Playing @6Music 8.02 Huw Stephens 1.30 The Cullum 8.15 You and Yours Minute (4/6) 6.0 Hunting Expedition (R) 8.0 Playlists: Walker (R) 2.0 Woman’s Hour Concludes (2/8) 2.45 Farming Today Williams 1.02 Huw Stephens Amfo 12.0 Jeremy Vine 10.54 Consultants (4/6) 11. 1.0 6 Music Live essays.30 Chris Evans 9.0 PM 5.0 Annie Mac Radio 1 Forecast 12.0 3.0 Jazz Now 12.0 The (8/8) 12.30 Start the (1/5) 3.0 Up All Night 7. Radio 3 10.0 Stuart 6.30 Fine Lines (1) 5.30 6 Music’s Don Letts’ Culture Clash Service 9.0 1.0 Jo Whiley 10.0 Sketches 9.30 Radio 3 in Concert.0 Guy Garvey’s the Week: The Secret Life.0 BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s 6.30 Just a Minute 7.30 Just a Stories 10.0 Hard Matt Edmondson 4.0 Week 9.0 The Burkiss Way (7/7) Live Hour 3.0 Tennis 6.0 7.0 Hard Times (1/4) The Cazalets: Marking Time Week (R) 9.0 Great British Songbook Germany – Anxious Giant The Forsytes Concludes Vanessa Feltz . A Week: The Secret Life (R) 4.0 The Untold (7/17) His Blood (1/5) 3.0 Simon Mayo 7.0 The Radio Detectives 6.43 Prayer for the Ping Pong Guy 10.0 Marc 10.0 News 11.0 Stephen Composer of the Week (R) 5.0 Composer The Ministry of Utmost Just a Minute (4/6) It! (4/4) of the Week: Bizet – The Happiness.45 (LW) Daily 12.30 News Flintoff.30 A Good Read Adele Roberts James 5.

0 (FM) The World The Ministry of Utmost Burning Bright (7/10) 2.15 Glorious Stephens 1.30 Laura Barton’s Notes Detectives (2/5) 1.20 Shipping Heather (2/6) 5.45 10.15 (LW) Making History: Zombies in Natural 7. The Lectures The Day is for Hearing with Hegley (8/8) CBSO and pianist Steven the Living (1/5) 9.30 Chris Evans 9.30 Inside 6 Music Recommends Castanets (R) 11.45 (FM) Our Man .30 Inside Intuition 4.45 The Essay: A Short Woman’s Hour 11.0 10.0 Comedy Club: Adele Roberts Story Ends: Oklahoma City News 6.0 Radio 2 Years (2/5) 1.0 Radio 2 Playlists: Classics 12.30 (R) 12.30 Choral Evensong: Jennifer Walshe.30 Oneira (2/5) 6.0 Lauren Laverne 1.30 World Service 5.30 The Men from Up All Night 5. 12.30 Radio 1 (LW) Daily Service 9.15 Wake Up Fishing in Paris (R) 7.45 Newsbeat Secret Life (3/5) 10.43 Prayer for the Day 5.0 Annie Mac 9.0 The Matt Edmondson Woman’s Hour 10.45 Book at Bedtime: 1.04 7. Cardiff 10.0 5 Live Football Social Temple Church.79 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 radio Radio 3 Happiness (7/15) 11.0 Afternoon on Shipping Forecast 1. London Through the Night (R) (1/4) 8.0 Tippett and Beethoven.30 News Briefing Classics 12.30 Alexei Sayle’s International Football 3.30 Radio 2 (FM) It’s a Fair Cop (3/4) Political Beliefs (2/4) 7.54 (LW) Shipping Fives (2/5) 9.0 5 Live Sport: MediaCityUK in Salford.45 Newsbeat 6.30 Ken 12.0 5 Live Breakfast 10.0 News and Weather (2/4) 4.0 7.0 The Radio James 7.30 With (3/8) 2.45 Steven (3/4) 2.15 Front Row 11.0 5 Live Drive 7.0 Simon Trophy: Semi-Final One in the Mind (8/10) 9. 12.15 Alexei Sayle’s Imaginary 6.45 The Pick Up (2/5) 8.0 As Henry VIII (2/6) 5.30 6 Music’s Radio 4 & Fry: The Burning Question Hard Times (2/4) 4.0 Ibrahim Adil Shah with 11.0 Composer Sayle’s Imaginary Sandwich the Week: Bizet (R) 7.30 In Tune 6.0 Oneira (2/5) Mayo 7.30 Alexei6.0 Cleese Presents (5/5) 9.45 2.0 All Appleby’s Normal Life the Afternoon 5.0 Benji B 4.0 Gideon Coe 12.45 Our Man Law of Henry VIII (2/6) 5.30 Scott Mills 10.58 Tweet Fishing in Paris (3/5) Levit plays Beethoven’s of the Day (R) 5 Live 1.15 On the Map Story (4/6) 2.0 Soul Music: (2/5) 12.0 Semi-Final One 10.45 in the Middle East (12/25) Lucky Heather (2/6) 5.0 Steptoe and Son Show 4.40 In Touch 9.0 Essential Williams: Ladhood – The The Forsytes Concludes (R) 2.0 Composer of First Time (R) 11.0 Simon Evans Goes to Bruce 12.0 Shaun Keaveny 10.04 (FM) The Curious of the Ordinary: Liberland 12.0 Clara (FM) Book of the Week: The Drama: Tumanbay (8/8) Sandwich Bar (1/4) 6.0 Pick of the Pops 6.15 Show 11.30 Imaginary Sandwich Bar: Sandwich Bar (1/4) 10.0 The Archers 2.0 (FM) Book of the Week: 11.30 Afternoon on 3.0 Morning of the Week: Bizet – Pearl Radio 4 the Ministry 9.0 Revolting People (4/6) 6.30 Book of the Week Curiosity (3/6) 4.0 4.0 News 12. 2. 6.0 Steve Wright in 2017 ICC Champions (5/10) 8.0 Greg James Test Match Special: 2017 Yorkshire? (2/9) 4.30 Sounds 1. Short History of Indian Art (2/5) 6.48 Six Mothers-in-Law of 2017.04 The Concludes (3/8) 2.30 Composer (1/8) 8.02 Huw and Trevor – On The Bus 5.0 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert.01 (LW) (2/10) 2.0 I Love It Loud: (3/5) 12. With guest 7.15 You and Yours Museum of Curiosity (3/6) Who Knows Where the Time 12.02 Radio 3 last three piano sonatas.0 John 10. Igor Farming Today 5.57 Weather 1.30 The Vanessa Feltz Cardiff Singer of the World The Secret Life (R) 12.0 Lunchtime Concert.30 Breakfast 9.0 Hard Times Playlists: Relax 4.0 Marc History of Indian Art – Histories: Dodo (2/25) Ministry 1.30 6.30 Composer of Forecast 5.0 Steptoe and Son 10.30 Inside Intuition 2.0 Radio 2 the Week: Bizet – The Rome Great Pleasure: Liz Carr (R) (2/5) 3.0 PM 5.0 Jo Cases of Rutherford & Fry (R) 10.0 Choo Choo by Kaija Saariaho. Includes music Blackbirds and Drums (1/3) (7/10) 2.0 The Reith Quiz Extra (8/8) 9.0 The Radio Detectives Chiles 1.0 with Mark Radcliffe 8.0 A Bunch of & Dr Radha 10.57 Weather 6.45 Story (2/4) 2.0 The News Reports 5.30 A Good the Ministry 8.45 11. (LW) Daily Service 9.0 Free Thinking: Narcissism The Secret Life (2/5) 10.15 (FM) You and 10. Self 10.0 11.30 Breakfast 9.0 The Museum of Playlist: Radio 2 Rocks 5.30 Songs My Son Loved (LW) Test Match Special: File on 4: Online Grooming Players (5/6) 11.01 (LW) The Archers 7.0 Market (4/4) 11. Late Junction.30 The Men from 5.45 Bar (1/4) of the Week: Bizet – Pearl Radio 3 in Concert.0 News 1.0 The World Tonight The Radio Detectives (2/5) Whiley 10.02 12.30 John World at One 1.30 Imaginary Sandwich Bar 10.0 (FM) 3.0 Chris Hawkins 6.0 The Rolling Stones Junction.15 Glorious John 12.0 Short Cuts (5/6) 3.30 Sounds Natural 1.0 The Jukebox 5.0 Free Thinking: Will Radio 4 Extra 5 Live Daily with Adrian Singer of the World 2017.56 (FM) Read: Nathan Caton and Detectives (2/5) 8.0 (FM) News 12.30 5.45 The Essay: A 6.30 12.45 Damn His Blood Country Playlist 3.30 Out (5/6) 12.0 Natural 12.30 Alexei Sayle’s Alexei Sayle’s Imaginary After the Bomb (R) 11.0 Quatrophonic at One 1.0 Late from a Musical Island: Intuition 2. Wednesday 14 Goes? (5/5) 9.30 The Forsytes Ch’Boogie: The Louis Jordan Through the Night Shipping Forecast 12. 12.0 Steptoe and Son (1/8) Radcliffe and Maconie 4.0 Hard Times (2/4) 6 Music Osborne play Stravinsky.0 The Folk Show 12.0 The Radio Riley 9.30 Twenty 1.0 Burning Bright 1.0 The 4.0 Law in (1/8) 7.30 The Men from the Steve Lamacq 7.0 Today 9.0 The Gene Simmons Rock Yours 1.0 Liam On the Map (2/10) 2.0 News 1.0 Jeremy Vine Shipping Forecast 12.30 Inside The Surgery with Katie The Listening Project: Marc Adam Rutherford (2/8) Intuition 9.0 Afternoon Edition 2.0 Lucky Radio 3 3: BBC Philharmonic 4. 10.30 The Six Mothers-in.0 Essential In Tune 6.0 Greg ICC Champions Trophy: Action (2/4) 4.0 Amfo 12.30 Phil Williams 1.0 Lucky Heather (2/6) Sport 8.0 5 Live BBC Philharmonic Live at – Arjuna’s Penance (R) 11.45 to Money Radio 3 in Concert.30 6 Music Curious Cases of Rutherford Damn His Blood (2/5) 3.0 (FM) Here’s How the Forecast 5.0 Live Hour 3.0 Today 9.0 A Bunch of Fives (2/5) 7.

0 Composer of Revision (1/4) 7. Birstwith to Theory (2/5) 9.0 Adele Roberts You and Yours 12. Morning Reports 5.0 An 6.0 News and (3/5) 6.0 Clara Correspondent 11.0 (FM) News (17/18) 7.0 2.0 .43 Prayer 5 Live Daily with Emma Music Day Opera Matinee Tonight 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 80 in the Middle East (13/25) Small Presses.30 Small Presses.58 Tweet of the Day Edition 4.15 The The First Time with Ed 6.0 The (FM) Appeal (R) 3.30 Breakfast 9.30 Hancock’s Lauren Laverne 1.0 In Our Time 6.0 Bob Harris 3.0 (FM) Weather 10.30 Soul Nimrod’s Inexplicable World The Radio 2 Arts Show with Thornton Moor (5/6) 3.57 (FM) 6.30 (FM) I June 1917 (2/3) 3.15 The Need for Nonsense 1. Big Ideas 2.30 In Tune 6.0 Nidderdale Way.0 The Radio Detectives (3/5) 8.45 Book at Radio Detectives (3/5) 1.30 Composer Bedtime: The Ministry of Today 5.0 7.30 the Week: Bizet – Marriage Archers 7.0 (FM) PM 5.0 Radio 2’s Tracks The Film Programme 4.0 Jo Whiley 10.0 A Bunch of Fives (3/5) Bruce 12.43 Prayer Half Hour (10/20) 9.15 Front Row Small Presses.15 Front Row of the Week: The Secret John Finnemore’s Double and Mistresses (4/5) 7.04 (FM) The Match Special: 2017 ICC Oneira (3/5) 6.0 Chris Hawkins (LW) Test Match Special: Reardon’s Week (6/6) 8.15 (3/5) 7.15 Little Forsytes Concludes (4/8) 5.45 (FM) The Pick 9.0 As World Service 5.0 12.0 (FM) All in the Mind (R) 4.0 History of Indian Art – A Shipping Forecast 5.30 Tonight 10. 10.0 News Briefing 5.0 The World 12.45 (LW) Daily Service.30 Ed Detectives (3/5) 1.0 The Navy Lark Residency: Jessy Lanza 1.0 (FM) (4/8) 2.0 The World News Briefing 5.30 John Thinking: Propaganda 12.57 (LW) 11.30 Radio 2 at One 1.02 BBC Champions Trophy: Semi- Forecast 5.30 Phil Williams Søndergård conducts the Jones! (R) 11.45 Farming Genius (6/6) 9.30 Hancock’s Toddla T 4.30 (FM) Wally Who? (5/5) 5.0 Science Stories: The (2/6) 10.0 Genius (6/6) 4.45 Four Thought Finnemore’s Double Acts the Afternoon 5.0 BBC Radio 1’s Curious Cases of Rutherford Champions Trophy: Semi.0 Moral Maze 10.0 News Who? (5/5) 5.30 Book Life for Me (6/6) 5.0 Afternoon 4. Milton Radio 4 Extra Golf 10.0 Radio 2 Shipping Forecast 5.48 Shipping Forecast Lunchtime Concert.0 As World Service 5.30 The Big Booth Jonathan Ross 12.30 John Finnemore’s Half Hour (10/20) 8.0 Marc 12.0 5 Live Breakfast 10.0 Times (3/4) 11.30 12.0 (FM) From Our Own (FM) Drama: Tommies – 14 The Forsytes Concludes 6.45 The Pick Up (4/5) Life (3/5) 12.0 Free Week The Secret Life (4/5) Life for Me (6/6) 7.27 Music: Who Knows Where (6/6) 11.56 (FM) Weather 2.48 Shipping Forecast Finnemore’s Double Acts 6 Music 10.15 On the Map (3/10) 2.0 Radcliffe and Maconie 4.30 With 3.30 6.0 Radio 4 Radio 4 Extra of Fives (3/5) 11.0 (FM) 4. Big Ideas 2.0 Annie Forecast 12.30 Hancock’s Half Hour Story (3/4) 2.30 Greg James 5.0 Steve Wright in Starring Alison Steadman (1/9) 8.57 (LW) Test Double Acts (2/6) 6.0 (FM) Ramblings: The Medieval Bishop’s Big Bang Stand For? (1/6) 11.45 Newsbeat News 12.0 News 1.30 John Finnemore’s Takeover with 10.0 A Bunch 6 Music Recommends 1.02 Radio 3 8.30 Book of the Big Ideas 7.30 In Our Shipping Forecast 5.0 An Actor’s Wake Up to Money Rite of Spring.59 (2/6) 12.45 Newsbeat Was: John Lennon’s Trauma Money Box Live 3.0 Playlists: Have A Great 5.30 Off the Sama 12.0 Jeremy Vine (FM) The Archers (R) 2.15 Practitioner! (2/6) 7.0 The (R) 2.0 5 Live Sport 9.0 Thursday 15 2017 ICC Champions 1.30 Utmost Happiness (9/15) 7.0 Matt Edmondson 4. Inside Science 9.0 The Radio Detectives 1.0 Choo Choo 9.0 Lionel Country 8.30 Radio 1 11.0 Hard Times (3/4) 4.0 BBC National Orchestra Pleasure 12.30 of My Year’s Playlist 3.04 (LW) Test The Media Show 5.33 Scott Mills 10.0 Leisurely Ride (R) 11. Thomas 11.15 Trophy: Semi-Final Two (FM) The Archers (R) 2.45 Sailing By Acts (2/6) 1.15 (FM) Final One 6.30 Off the Page 1.0 BBC 1.30 Jukebox 5.0 The Damien Slash On the Map (3/10) 2.0 Radio 1’s Residency: Logan Final Two 12.30 Paul Sinha’s History McDonald (R) 12.0 Hard Riley 9.0 The and Weather 12.30 Through the Night Today 5.45 (LW) The Pick Up 9.0 Gideon Coe 12.0 (FM) BBC Inside Science Bedtime: The Ministry of Small Presses.57 (FM) to Landing (R) 11.30 The Playlists: Feelgood Friday Test Match Special: 2017 Mixtape (1/4) 11.20 (2/6) 8.0 (FM) Actor’s Life for Me (6/6) Mac 9.45 (FM) Book of the of the Enemy (R) 7.0 & Fry (4/5) 12.0 Greg James 7.0 The Radio Live Hour 3.30 Wally Steve Lamacq 7.54 (LW) Utmost Happiness (8/15) Burning Bright (8/10) 2.0 Thanks a Lot.30 Children The Navy Lark (17/18) Ch’Boogie: The Louis Jordan 9.0 An Actor’s Classics 12.0 5 Live Radio 3 in Concert.0 Hard Times (3/4) 1.54 (LW) Shipping 5.30 6 Music’s 10. Cardiff The Bottom Line 9.45 Damn His Blood Amfo 12.30 With Great 6.0 Late Junction: Verity Sharp for the Day 5.0 Oneira (3/5) Craig Charles House Party Open Book (R) 4.0 Simon and Justin Moorhouse.15 of Wales in Stravinsky’s Weather 12.0 Comedy Club: John (4/4) 2.45 Book at for the Day 5.01 (LW) Shipping Thinking Allowed 4.58 Tweet of the Day Who? (5/5) 10.30 6 Music Week: The Secret Life (4/5) Richard Barton: General (10/20) 1.30 Ken the Middle East (14/25) 2.0 Burning Bright (8/10) 2. Big Ideas 6.0 O’Brien 2.0 Up All Night 5.30 (17/18) 8. (4/5) 6.45 The Essay: A Short 1.0 Radio 1’s Artist Match Special: 2017 ICC PM 5.0 (FM) The World Double Acts (3/6) 7.30 (FM) the Time Goes? (R) 9.0 Vanessa Feltz ICC Champions Trophy: Lifetimes: Fifteen Minutes 2.0 Shaun Keaveny 10.0 The Navy Lark 7.15 Weekend 4.30 Chris Evans 9.30 Afternoon on 3: BBC Time (R) 10.20 5 Live Singer of the World 2017. Up (R) 8.30 (FM) (3/5) 3. 9.0 Law in Action (R) 8.0 Woman’s Hour 10.0 5 Live Drive of the Week: Bizet (R) 7.0 The Radio Detectives Need for Nonsense 12.30 Wally 6.30 What Does the K Mayo 7.0 Today 9.0 Essential 6.0 Radio 3 Weather 6.0 The Weather 1.45 Farming Barnett 1.0 (FM) News Great Pleasure: Trevor Genius (6/6) 4. Page 7.30 Songs My Son Loved (FM) Drama: Our Hylda.0 Surgeon (4/4) 12.45 Damn His Blood (3/5) Semi-Final Two 5.45 (FM) Our Man in Archers 7.

45 iPM 6.30 1.0 Simon Good Read: Nathan Caton (5/10) 2.45 Newsbeat 6.30 Play It 1.0 General Practitioner! (2/6) Archers 7.15 Haunted by More 2.30 Doctor Electric Ladyland 2. 10.15 On the Map 9.0 Time 1.0 Huey on Saturday Shipping Forecast 5.0 I. 10.48 Shipping Forecast Up the River (5/6) 5.0 All the Way Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert.30 Breakfast 9.43 Prayer 5 Live (R) 2.02 (5/5) 6. Like Show Business 7.0 Comedy Club: Mayo 7.0 Richard Barton: General BBC Philharmonic 4.45 (FM) Book of the Week: Show Business 2.0 5 Live Sport 10.30 (4/5) 11. 1.0 Boogie Party (1/4) 12.0 Burning 5.0 Discs: Rick Wakeman (R) Radio Detectives (5/5) 6 Music Live Hour 4.0 (9/10) 2.0 I’m Sorry (R) 2.0 Clara Project 5.50 A Point 11.45 Newsbeat 1.0 Choo One 1.0 Chris Hawkins .0 As World Service 5.0 Hard Radio 1 Feedback 4.30 Book of the Ivans.0 Steve Wright 5.0 from Memphis (3/6) 4.0 Choo Ch’Boogie: The Louis 5.0 Burning Bright Radio 3 for the Day 5. The final of 3rd Degree (5/6) 9.0 Shaun Keaveny 10.0 Desert Island at Large (6/13) 1.0 Last Word 4.30 (5/5) 8.0Woman’s Hour 11.0 The First Time 2.57 (FM) (7/8) 10.30 Ed Reardon’s Week Dance Anthems with Greg 7.30 Doctor at Large (6/13) (4/10) 2.30 Play It Radio 1’s Essential Mix in the Lucky Holiday Hotel Soul Music (5/5) 1.0 The Cool (3/6) 8.30 Nineteen Ninety-Eight Radcliffe and Maconie 4.0 Baby Too 11.0 A (10/10) 2.45 Our Man in the Boogie Up the River (5/6) Cool (3/6) 1.30 There Is Business Like Rolling Stones Story (5/6) Up to Money 9.15 Wake 9.30 Lines (8/13) 7.0 6.0 SteveShipping Forecast 12.0 Shipping Forecast 5.0 Tony Blackburn’s and Adam Rutherford (R) Concludes (6/8) 2.30 Doctor of the Storm (R) Reardon’s Week (6/6) Week: Bizet (R) 7.30 Sketchorama (4/4) 10.0 The Tony 11.0 A Bunch of Fives (5/5) Maconie 4.0 I.0 PM 5. Two Aunts More Cake 12.0 Richard Barton: Official Chart with Greg Dead Ringers (1/6) 7.30 The Forsytes Friday 16 Short Works: The Beautiful 8.0 World on 3.0 A Bunch of Fives Lamacq’s Roundtable 7.0 Lines (8/13) 12.0 Radcliffe and Stuart Barnett 1.0 The Morning Reports 5.30 Cardiff Singer of the World Boogie Up the River (5/6) Stephen Nolan 1.0 Kermode Concludes (5/8) 2.30 (3/6) 5.0 The Verb 10.30 Soul Children of the Enemy Live Hour 3.0 Afternoon Including Mokoomba.0 Hard Act (5/5) 1.0 5 Live Breakfast 10.0 Burning Bright Jukebox 5.45 The Pick Up (5/5) 8.30 Ed Tune 6.30 Radio 2 10.0 News and Degree (5/6) 4.30 Playlists: Funky Soul 3.0 I.04 The 3.0 Marriage Pete Tong 1.15 Haunted by Marc Riley 9.0 All the 6.45 Book at Bedtime: There Is Business Like Show Children of the Enemy (R) 6.0 6 10.Traits 4.15 On the Map 6.54 (LW) The Forsytes Concludes Way from Memphis (3/6) Amfo 12.0 5 I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Ravenscroft 12.30 Any Questions? 8.0 of View 9.0 A Bunch of Fives (4/5)Bruce 12.0 News 6.45 Damn the Week: Bizet – The Final 6.0 The Weather 6.0 Tom 7.0 The Radio Detectives Concludes (5/8) 2.0 Sounds (R) 11.0 (6/6) 6.0 Shaun Keaveny 10.0 Anneka Project 12.0 Curious Cases of Rutherford The 3rd Degree (5/6) 4.0 Hard Times Steve Lamacq 6.30 Eye Practitioner! (2/6) 5. 10.0 (4/4) 11. Two Aunts and an The Harpoon (1/4) 11.0 Burning Bright 9.0 Intrigue: Murder 12.0 Mark 5 Live Daily with Emma Essay (R) 11.30 Radio at Large (6/13) 9.0 Essential 5 Live Daily 1.30 Chris Evans 9.0 Gardeners’ Question I’ll Read That Again (7/13) (9/10) 2.30 Composer of the Again (7/13) 8.0 The Laura Solon: Talking and James 5.0 Annie Mac 10.30 In 8.0 All the 7.0 The 3 in Concert.0 Composer of Radio 4 Extra Sports Panel 2.0 5 Live Drive Through the Night 11.45 Damn Girl 4.0 Steve Lamacq Edition 4.0 Rice: The Happening (6) 2.0 The Music Classic Concert 3.15 Front Row Not Talking (4/6) 11.0 The World at and an Overcoat (3/6) 5.0 Today 9.0 Jeremy Vine Happiness (10/15) 11.0 Up All 2017.0 Chris Hawkins 3.30 Detectives (4/5) 8.30 Ken The Ministry of Utmost Business 2.30 6 Music The Secret Life (5/5) 10. Claudius (1/6) 4.45 Damn His Blood (5/5) (3/6) 10.15 On Play It Cool (3/6) 9.0 Oneira (5/5) 12.0 Playlist: 21st Century (4/5) 12.0 5 Live Sport 9.30 The Archers 2.0 I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Costello & Bunce 5.0 Bright (10/10) 2.15 You and Three Ivans.0 Times (4/4) 4.30 Polyoaks Forsytes Concludes (6/8) 9.0 Question Time Extra 6.30 Children of the Enemy News Briefing 5.0 The Radio 10.45 (LW) Daily Service 1.30 Sketchorama (4/4) Detectives (4/5) 1.0 The Friday (4/10) 2.30 Chain Reaction (4/6) Great Lives 7.0 News 12.0 News 1.01 (LW) 2.0 It’s My the Map (5/10) 2.0 The Radio Middle East (15/25) 2.0 Oneira (5/5) 6.55 The Listening Like Show Business 9.0 12.0 Week The Secret Life (R) Overcoat (3/6) 5.30 Sketchorama (4/4) Nineteen Ninety-Eight (3/6) Night 5.0 1. Claudius (1/6) 11.0 Sport 8.0 5 Live Boxing with 5.0 5 Live Breakfast 10.30 The Forsytes Classics 12.30 6 Music 5 Live Cardiff Singer of the World Three Ivans.30 The Forsytes Cake 10.30 There Is Business His Blood (4/5) 3.0 Gideon Coe & Fry (5/5) 12.0 5 Live Drive 7.55 The Listening Claudius (1/6) 4.0 5.30 With Great Pleasure Damn His Blood (5/5) 3.20 Sketchorama (4/4) The Radio Detectives (4/5)5.30 Scott Mills 10.45 Where Did it of the 80s 12.0 Nemone’s Live Sport: 5 Live Rugby Radio 4 Again (7/13) 12.0 Comedy Club: 4.45 Ed Reardon’s Week (6/6) Golden Hour 8.0 Oneira (4/5) 6.30 Afternoon on 3: 7.81 guide 10-16 Jun 2017 radio Marriage Lines (8/13) 8.0 5 Live Times (4/4) 4.30 4.15 Drama: 6. 2.0 Oneira Playlists: Today’s Top Hits 12.0 The 3rd (4/4) 10.30 Nineteen Ninety-EightMatt Edmondson 4.0 Weather 12.0 2017.0 Mark Steel’s in Town (3/6) James 7.45 and an Overcoat (3/6) Lauren Laverne 1.30 The Way from Memphis (3/6) Lauren Laverne 1.15 On the Map Time: Scottish Borders 3.0 6 Music Recommends Yours 1.30 Three All Go Wrong? (4/4) 11.0 7.30 6 Music’s The Carter Mysteries (R) Music (5/5) 7.30 It Is Rocket ScienceAwards 2017 10.0 The Radio Detectives and Mayo’s Film Review His Blood (4/5) 3.30 There Is Business 4.45 7.0 B.0 Marriage 12.30 Great Lives 1.15 Success Story 12. Two Aunts 7.30 Jordan Story (4/4) 2.0 The World Tonight Radio Detectives (5/5) 1.0 Iggy Pop 9.0 Up All Night 5.

Phil Collins Jonathan Ross is. while the Of course. Back in 2008 You have to feel for Wossy. 10-16 Jun 2017 guide 82 Jump the shark Pinpointing the moment when good shows go bad. ones – will always take Norton’s when he was host of BBC1’s not least because Graham Norton calls way before they get round Friday Night With Jonathan seems to snaffle up all the good to answering Ross’s. he was now “making the That’s not entirely fair. Jonathan Ross. there is a finite his memoir. to Friday Night With show needs a bit of a leg-up that chatshow for Comic Relief. and the cast from whatever ITV a live version of his of course. at best. the presenter published guests these days. kind of rubbish that I started out but when all you can put up ILLUSTRATION: JULIA SCHEELE deliberately mocking”. “second-best chat show”. erm. This week: The Jonathan Ross Show ack at the end of March. who took the The Jonathan Ross Show – which but  guaranteed a Hollywood opportunity to thank his host for aired on ITV in September 2011 A-lister. Pick any given week on extended sofa that night was From the very first episode of Graham Norton and you’re all Jonathan Ross. in a a succession of panel-show shows. Tom for me. I admit. to counter that kind of stellar Fast-forward nine years and guest list is. guarantee of quality “chat”. It’s not the sort of joke he they’d also ripped out the bass there’s an all-pervading sense could ever have got away with bins. there would be a third Sex and And while that apparent disparity “Yes. Will Smith. Actually.” he wrote. the last series of each employed by the other side. to his film programme and. a Piano. These Things? Flushed by the carried The Last Resort back in and there is – inevitably – some success of the programme.” replied Norton. he the 80s is left trying to big-up crossover between the two recalled the time when. maybe don’t I and the public outcry over the Jonathan Ross had size of his leaked salary. programme. wake of the sordid Sachsgate a lineup of A-listers. Jonathan Ross. had a lineup that boasted a company that’s never felt right the likes of Ben Affleck. Whoopi commercial and mainstream to Goldberg. back at or Michael Douglas. Graham Norton “I wound up working for ITV. alongside Russell Brand. My tip? Bring back 4 Poofs and affair. Pick any given week the chance to appear on what and saw Ross tell Sarah Jessica of Ross and you’re all but he described as the nation’s Parker how much he hoped guaranteed Josh Widdicombe.” Amy Adams and Justin Not only was he “churning out Timberlake. spontaneous wit that number of guests to be had. really suit my tastes or skills. BGT. Ross Gino D’Acampo Gavin Newsham . rubbish” that he had “no respect meanwhile. for”. Denzel Washington. One of the many guests on his ever been the same. “Too blatantly Cruise. “The the City film – you knew that the is obviously and absolutely no Nightly Show is very good … ” wheels had not just come off. etc). least the genuinely big box-office talkshow career. if darker period. I’m not sure he’s week (Cold Feet. Why Do I Say sparkling. But just compare. had Gino D’Acampo. Having left the Beeb in the Graham Norton had wonder where it all went wrong. he found himself you will. Ross. syphoned the fuel tank that all the “best” guests – or at in the halcyon days of Ross’s and torched the car. you have to ITV. ubiquitous comics B Graham Norton staged show. waved farewell to his Radio 2 regulars.