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Fairy Tail.

This is modified version of vintage shawl pattern, popular in USSR in 70-80th. You can use any tipe
of yarn from lace to aran (or bulky – why not?) and a hook recommended to your yarn.
For mine shawl I used 4,5mm hook and acrylic yarn (45 yrds/20 g).

Shawl body.
There is a mistake in chart: you have to chain 4 in every odd row, not 3.

Chain 9 st, join into the ring.
Row 1: Ch 4, work 8 tr (counts as 7+1). Ch 6, turn.
Row2: Tr in 2nd tr of previous row, 6 tr in next 6 tr, ch 3, tr in the last st of ch4. Ch4, turn
Row3: 7 tr in ch3 space, skip 3 tr, (tr, ch2, tr) in next tr, skip 3 tr, (7+1 tr) in ch6 sp. Ch6, turn
Row4: Sk 1st tr, 7 tr in next 7 tr, (tr, ch3, tr) in ch2 sp, 7 tr in next 7 tr, ch 3, tr in the last st of ch4.

ch1. ch1. skip 3 tr. repeat ** to the end. (dc. continue to the opposite side of the shawl. *skip 1 sc. Block softly. ch1) in the corner. skip 3 tr*. Sc row: Ch1.dc. Row 5: *7 tr in ch3 space. turn. turn. (tr. ch2. repeat from * to * 1 more time. Row 3: Rep. End on row 4. repeat ** to the end of the side. (7+1 tr) in ch6 sp. tr) in next tr. dc in next sc. dc in every st.dc. turn Repeat rows 4-5. row 1. Shawl is ready! . Make tassels in every 3rd mesh of the last row. 7 sc into the ring. 5dc in the corner. turn. Do not cut the yarn! Border. Ch6.Ch4. Ch 3. Row 1: Ch4. Sc to the corner of the shawl (4 sc in every ch4 and tr). Row 2: Dc in every st of previous row. ch1*.